and im harry

when will i ever get over this passage in rise of the isle of the lost   ??

   “As if. You work for me, remember? Do I have to keep reminding you? I’m captain, you’re first mate,” said Uma, pointing a finger and stabbing his chest with it. 

   “First date if you’re lucky,” said Harry with a wink, pulling on his collar and strutting a little.

   “Shut up,” said Uma with a laugh. “And see to that sail.”

   Harry swaggered away chuckling. Uma knew, try as she might, she couldn’t hurt his feelings. It was all part of the game of question-and-rejection they’d played forever.

the answer is never

im just wondering how some of yall still to this day think liam is homophobic when he’s shown so much love and support for the lgbtq community countless times but since he’s not harry or louis yall will continue to be ghost which is nasty :/ 

okay but imagine harry making a group chat for his friends from hogwarts just because and draco is there too but he literally never talks because he’s all like “that’s a muggle thing phew” but really he didn’t know how to use that

AND the first time that draco actually talks in the group chat is to send a video of harry who stubbed his toe on a table and is lying on the floor curled up into a ball screaming “I DIDN’T KILL VOLDEMORT FOR THIS

and then the camera switches to draco’s bored face and with the most monotone voice ever he says “the boy who lived twice” and he’s holding a clock that shows 4:27am