and im happy you're you


11-11 is Pocky Day 

and dan covering his face from embarrassment is my ultimate aesthetic. 

  • You are enough
  • You have enough
  • You do enough

★ Happy Birthday to my sweet imouto Aria-chan! ★ °˖ ✧◝(◕ ヮ ◕)◜✧˖ °  ♬ 

Alright!! I’ve finished Nagisa finally! Aaah, I kinda rushed the painting a bit, so it may look a bit messy, but I like it enough! I hope you guys do too!
Again, this is free to use, and I’ll be making the rest of the Free! character lockscreens!! Rei and Rin will be next!

Makoto | Haru 


Happy Birthday for my amazing king Minji-chan! 26.2

I look for you everywhere. Even in places I know you won’t be. I still look because i keep hoping that maybe one day you just might come back to me.
—  D…

real or not real?

I mean, this kind of thing has been happening to me. Like there are chunks of time just…missing. Like there are times when I’m…not here.

smiley boys (≧◡≦) | more phan doodles here

this is a preview to another phan comic that i wanted to finish tonight but didn’t…despite that tho i’m v happy with this combination of two art styles i do :>

it’s nighttime i am standing on a hotel balcony in my pajamas eating rose flavored candy and watching the city below me and the wind is so warm and gentle it feels like silk against my skin and i’m supposed to be sleeping and the air smells like dust and something warm there are small bits of sugar in my hair and i feel so lighthearted and calm and carefree


Isana Yashiro || Happy Birthday to the sweetest cutie ever, Annie!!! (人*´∀`)+゚:。*゚+


S A K A T A  -  G I N T O K I ||  S H I R O Y A S H A 
Happy birthday Lulu!

HAppy BirTHdAY BuRdge! 
You’re so great! Hope you had an awesome birthday!

Inktober day 21

stop white washing—let them glow