and im gonna end my night


This blackout marks the end of an era for me. I moved to Japan on December 6th 2013 and it’s been a surreal 3 years of recovery, challenges and self exploration. But now I guess it’s time for the next chapter of my life, whatever form that takes. 

On May 1st I’ll move back home to Ireland, so here’s to my final 2 months in Japan.

Thank you. It’s been great.

Derek hale imagine

“18, 34 and 42 with Derek Hale please. Really would love if it is the first time Derek and Y/N meet. Thank you!”
18. “How are you so pretty?”
34. “Help me up asshole”
42. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
Scott had made you a part of his pack about 2 months ago when he found out you were a banshee

Lydia didn’t like you to start off with mainly for the fact you were like her but with one conversation you found out that you had a lot in common and she soon accepted you into the pack

Along with mason, liam, stiles, malia and kira

Scott was happy that everyone accepted you and you were happy they did also

You were currently walking outside as it was the last line for the day and you had it off, planning to head home you started walking when you bumped into somone

“Woa- y/n?!” Scott said as he grabbed you and your book’s before either fell

“Hey!” You said standing straigh and getting your vision right

“We have somone we want you to meet so come with us” stiles said with a distast in his voice thinking about this person

“Okay” you said as you got in stiles jeep

You plans to go jome and binge watch the vampire diaries was now thrown out the window
“This is where they live? Underground?” You asked as you walked into what seems like an underground tunnel

“Yeah, hes pretty..ah misterious? I guess.” Lydia said as your arms were linked as she lead the way

“Wrong way” she said puslling you to the left as you were making your way down the right

“Oh yeah” you said embarrassed

“Were here” she said as she raced off infront of you

“Yeah ok-” you were cut off by bumping into what felt like a wall and falling on your butt

“Watch where your going” you heard a deep and rough voice say

Looking up you saw the hottest guy ever

“Help me up asshole” you smirked causing him to frown but reach his hand out anyway

Grabbing his hand you felt sparks sly as he pulled you up and grabbed your waist steading you

You faces were so close to each other theat you were nearly kissing

A couch interupted you from behing and the man pulled away from you letting you go, wich upset you a little

“Ah..y/n this is derek,  derek this is y/n” scott said sitting on the couch with the others

Lydia and stiles were sat playing some sort of racing game as the others cheered

Scott moved and started cheering woth the others

“Nice to met you gorgeous” derek said with a smirk

Blushing you smiled

“Nice to meet you too. Asshole.” You said not letting your gurd down

This guy was absolutely gorgeous but he was a dick at the start so

“Want a drink babe?” He asked opening the fridge

“Beer.” You said causing him to look at you and nod passing you a beer

“How old are you hun?” He asked

“19. I was dropped back a year as i skipped a lot of class.” You said shrugging

He nodded

“How are you so pretty?” He asked you

You raised an eyebrown

“Why so flirty all of a sudden?” You asked

He cleared his throught

“No reason.” He said as he walked past you and slapped your ass smirking

“Oh my god…” you heard the rest gasp as you turned and went after derek tapping his shoulder

“What do you think your doing?” You asked causing him to flash his yellow eyes and smirk

“I like you.” He said growling slightly

Wrapping his arms sround you his face went straight to your neck

“Your his mate. His anchor.” Scott said smiling

“What?” You asked confused

“Your basically my soulmate babe” derek said looking at you

“Oh..” you said looking at his lips

“Just kiss me” derek whispered causing you to smash his lips against yours

He soon dropped his beer and lifted you up backong you up against the wall

“Were just gonna….ah go” you heart liam mumble as you could hear all their feet scatter across the floor and the door slam

“Im gonna make you scream my name babe” he said kissing along you neck and lifing you up and walking you into his room.

Lets just say you both ended up screaming each other’s names all night long.

so you might remember these two posts right? so i did some digging around livejournal and i found out some more about this night??

so. this whole thing happened the night of september 29th, 2008 in new york. panic were about to start the rock band live tour with dashboard confessional, and to decide what other band would be joining them on the shows, they did a contest, in which brendon, ryan and some dude from dashboard confessional were the judges. which is what was happening this night!!

so far i’ve found two people’s recaps of the night and they mention that

-brendon was missing for the first two bands

-when brendon got there he was really energetic and started drumming on ryan’s leg. thats fine

-all the judges had a notepad, u can see ryan has his on his lap here

-ryan kept writing mathematic equations on his for some fucking reason but whats more important brendon kept writing stuff on his and showing it to ryan. nobody saw what brendon was writing 👀👀 we should ask ryan

-apparently after the fourth corona zack took brendons drink away and he pouted like a babby

-brendon tripped and almost fell on ryan but zack caught him

ok so thats the info that ive been able to gather. i know this is not like. official ryden lore and there isnt much evidence but i think we can all agree that they were excessively cuddly on this night for no fucking reason. to illustrate my point im gonna put all the videos and pictures i have from this night under the cut. if i end up finding more info ill add it 2 this post!!

anyways in my Heart i know it. i just know that this night when they went home ryan fucked brendon. ryden was real

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Scared Omega Headcanons

-If an Omega is scared they will wrap up in a blanket and either tuck themselves up in their nests or drag a bunch of blankets under their bed and hide out there

-An Alpha convincing their Omega to play a scary video game and getting really excited when they know a jump scare is coming because the Omega literally shrieks and almost falls right out of their chair every time

-An Omega walking home from their Alpha’s house at dusk and after a few minutes they hear someone running up behind them and they tense up right before they take off sprinting. As they run their panic starts rising because the person behind them keeps getting closer…and then the Omega trips. They curl up on the ground gasping for breath and so terrified, and then someone drops down next to them and wraps them up in their arms and the Omega startles when their Alpha is suddenly crooning and scenting them and the Alpha’s heart is racing from the thrill of chasing an Omega. The Omega is so relieved that they start crying and sputtering out a “what the hell was that?!” and the Alpha sheepishly hands the Omega a sweatshirt, “you left this at my house and it’s cold out and I thought I could run and catch up to you but then you ran and I couldn’t help chasing you…and yeah” and the Omega wants to yell at the Alpha but they are too busy trying to breathe

-A pregnant Omega going through a phase of constantly being afraid to go outside because they think something bad will happen that could harm the babies, so they stay in the nest where they feel safe

-An Omega’s Alpha getting really into Halloween and convincing their mate to listen to old ghost stories. The Omega reluctantly agrees and pretends to not be at all effected by the stories but later on when they are trying to sleep they keep startling because they think they hear footsteps or stairs creaking and finally the scent of their distress wakes their Alpha who just sleepily rolls over and tucks the Omega firmly under their body, resisting the urge to tease their mate as the Omega finally drifts off to sleep

-An Omega hearing about people dressing as clowns and chasing people around local parks and they become so incredibly paranoid that their Alpha thinks it would be really funny to leave a clown nose on the Omega’s doorstep one night before ringing the doorbell and running off…the hysterical crying on the phone at 2 AM wasn’t very funny and neither was the enraged screaming once the Alpha explained their prank

-An Omega waking up to a weird noise and then shaking their Alpha awake because it sounds like someone screaming outside the window and the Omega is really scared so the Alpha checks and then laughs because the “screaming” was just an angry cat, the Omega is relieved but pouting about being laughed at

-Omegas are most afraid when they think something is wrong with their mate or child

-If an Omega mother is scared they will tuck their children into a nest with them because it reassures them that everyone is safe

-A lot of Omegas low key disliking the Halloween season because everybody thinks Omegas are easily frightened so they always end up being targets for pranks and scares

Hello Tumblr~!
I just wanted to share with you this beautifull thing I have made by Fuki_ink 
It means world to me. Every single thing in this tattoo is important to me somehow. I dont have to say how much I love this piece of art!It’s gonna stay with me to the end of my days and I’m very happy about that. 

Pukwudgie headcannons

- they are over the top drama queens about everything but mostly their home remedies
- everything might as well be a drug transaction
- “hey, pshh, hey you, you want some drugs?” “are you talking about those pills that get rid of my cat’s allergy” “man you really know how to kill the mood”
- “i got the stuff” “just give me my damn ibuprofen”
- feeling ill??? drink tea, lots of tea, with honey,
- “do you want a jar of honey?” “why???” “fucking flu season, it’ll kill you if you don’t get your shit together”
- they have an endless supply of everything
- pocketfulls of homemade cough drops
- current theory is that the real pukwudgies act as suppliers for anything the pukwudgie students need
- “why don’t you just buy the stuff instead?” “not everyone has there ass full of money kevin, plus i profit off of this”
- they are sharks, if you borrow money or owe them anything they will hunt you down
- a thunderbird went missing
- they were found and still in one piece but still
- the older pukwudgies will fucking murder anyone who makes their younger housemates cry
- they know alot about poison, stuff that’s not even allowed at ilvermorny
- the wampus house has a betting pool and if there’s trouble getting money they call a pukwudgie
- they are all about ‘good vibes’
- “you’re really killing my vibes”
- except the ones who aren’t who respond with “are you fucking high or something, what are you gonna do next??? start throwing peace signs around”
- they do, ironically of course (it’s not ironic, at least not any more)
- contests on who can drink the most coffee, no one ever really sleeps after that
- late night conversations that are so random
- “once a penguin bit my finger” “ what the hell???”
- “who thought chocolate and peanut butter was a good idea??? bc man were they right"
- “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?” “378” “what the fuck?”
- “im really gay” “that’s nice, me too except im really bi”
- they always end up laughing so hard that their sides hurt
- pukwudgies who tell you to get your shit together and don’t sugarcoat anything
- “my boyfriend wants to go out but im not feeling it” “then dont”
- “there’s just so much going on” “then take a break”
- putting their foot down and telling you to take care of yourself first, that it’s okay not to hang out with friends and it’s okay wanting to be alone
- they give the best advice but that’s only bc the real pukwudgies have a soft spot for daytime tv and the student pukwudgies end up hearing about all the morals of the story
- some pukwudgies are not really into the whole home remedy thing and instead get hella cool archery lessons from real pukwudgies and watch over their younger housemates
- profits from selling home remedies are split evenly throughout the house (there’s a lot of money to go around), or used to buy things for the common room like a tv so when real pukwudgies visit they can can watch all the tv they want
- the pukwudgies are really fond of the other pukwudgies, both sides deny this but it’s the truth


I need a sleepy Yuri calling Viktor “Vitya”

Like sleepy late night cuddles on the couch where Yuri feels so comfortable and safe in Viktor’s arms. Viktor tries to get Yuri to get up so they can go to bed together but all Yuri can do is nuzzle closer to Viktor and being all “Mmmm Vitya…but you’re so comfortable.”

Viktor is so smitten that he ends up carrying his Kitten to bed in his arms.

Viktor kisses the top of his head and tells him he loves him.

“Mmmmm love you too, Vitya….”

When I was 19 I was trapped inside a sensory deprivation tank for 48 hours.

I was encased in total blackness with nothing but my own thoughts to accompany me for two entire days. From August 22 to August 24th I was trapped in hell, and I will never forget what happened in that tank.

About a year before these events, I met a kid I’ll call “X.” X was my best friend. Throughout my entire teenage life I found it very hard to make friends. So when I met him in my first semester of college I was thrilled to have someone to hang out with. We shared the same mildy offensive (sometimes unintentionally overboard) sense of humour, liked the same video games, and just had the same general interests. Now X also was like me. He never scored in the friend lottery either, so I could imagine he was equally thrilled to have my company.

As our friendship began to evolve, I eventually was invited to X’s pad. To my amazement he was apparently an heir to a very wealthy fortune. I knew he was somewhat well off when I saw that he drove a Nissan GTR, but I never realized that he was that level of rich. He had an at least eight thousand square foot apartment. It was the entire floor of the building. His rooms were populated with some of the most up to date tech and clothes you could think of. It was around this time, I thought I hit the best friend jack pot.

As college went on I did begin to notice that there was a little something off about X. There was this one time around the end of second semester where he was acting a little funny. I was staying the night at his place, and he asked me if I believe in demons. I told him that I wasn’t really sure if I do, but I could tell he wasn’t to concerned about what I thought. He then explained to me that he sometimes sees them when he sleeps. He said it horrifies him. I basically tried to talk him out of his beliefs and try to steer him back to reality. I said it’s just a bad dream, and knowing how insane we’ve been studying for the last couple months it’s no wonder he’s seeing crazy shit.

For the last couple weeks of school we didn’t really talk much because of the intense exams and such. He did invite me over in mid August to hang out though, and that’s when I noticed his newest buy. There was a huge black tank in the middle of his living room. Puddles of water coated the floor around it. I didn’t know what the hell to think. I jokingly asked him if he began tanning. He explained to me that it was a sensory deprivation tank. To those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s basically a big sound absorbing, pitch black tank filled with salt water that you lay down in. It closes like a casket, and you float in the water staring at total darkness. It deprives you of all you senses.

He never really talked about it again. He just kind of brushed it off and attempted to change the subject. We then began to do our normal routine, which is playing Mortal Kombat and drink beers. That night though, I drank more than usual. I actually don’t even remember much. I only remembered what happened when I woke up.

That night I had a dream I was trapped In an iceberg. I couldnt breath. Then I woke up in panic. I was floating in water. My body must have somehow flipped over while sleeping and I was unintentially drowning myself. I was trapped in total darkness. Quickly realizing that I must have done something really stupid last night, I called for X to let me out. There was no response. After what seemed like half an hour of yelling and pounding on the hatch, I realized that he’s probably passed out on the couch still. My body was in total panic mode. I could hear my heart beat begin to echo within the tank. I tried to calm my nerves and just relax.

After what felt like at least an hour, my fingers had become wrinkled like raisins, and my skin began to feel sore. Around that time I heard footsteps creaking on the floorboards.

“Hey X. Let me the hell out of here. I think we partied too hard last night.” I jokingly yelled out.

“I’m sorry. This is the only way I can prove to you I’m not crazy. Im gonna show you the demons” He said.

It was at that point I knew I was royaly fucked.

I began pounding that shit out of the hatch in hopes of somehow breaking it. Floating in the salt water really hurt my momentum, so I ended up just wasting precious energy.

“Youll see them soon.” He said from what sounded was from across the room.

I eventually lost my energy and just stared into the black abyss. I began to see shapes form in my peripheral vision. I thought I could hear voices coming from under the water. I was shaking with anxiety, but I knew if I give into my fears I would go insane. I was in a state where I didn’t know if this was a dream or I was awake. Maybe I was still drunk? I tried slapping myself to wake up, but I soon realized that this is my dark reality.

The quiet and calmness was menacing. I could hear rumbles underwater, the thumps of my heart beat, and what I thought where whispers. This was around when I began seeing the face. It starting forming like a eye floater, you couldn’t quite focus on it, but it was there. From what I could make out of it, it was half orange and half white skin. It had huge completely white eyes, and a great big smile. It wouldn’t get out of my vision. I tried rapidly blinking but it was there whether or not my eyelids were open or closed. At this point I had lost total track of time. Night and day were a thing of the past. I tried counting to keep track of time, but I lost the will to around the third hour.

The face began to make sounds. Like a hissing sound almost. Over and over. Each hiss getting louder. It began getting more and more aggressive. Screaming at me, looking right into my soul. I felt like something was under me. Lurking in the water. It was just a bad dream. I hoped to God it was just a bad dream. I was so hungry.

Then there was a sound. It was distinct. It was coming from beyond the tank. I heard the creak of a door, and steps on the floorboards. Then a scream. A woman’s scream. I couldnt make out the words, but I knew something was very, very bad. I began rapidly banging on the hatch of the tank in hope that she would hear me. Her crying stopped and I heard her walking towards me. A rush of cool relief expanded all over my body at that moment. Right then and there, I knew I wasn’t going to die. Something heavy was pushed off the hatch and that’s when the light shined in.

Everything was so bright and hard to make out. She pulled me from the water. I couldnt see anything, but I could make out that she was covered in red. She layed my cold, shrivelled up body out on the floor, and told me an ambulance will be here soon. I just remember laying there as my vision slowing adjusted. I could see more and more red. And a faint blur of orange and white. There was a figure also on the floor beside me.

It was X. He slit his throat, and blood pooled all over the living room floor. Knife still in his dead grips. As my vision finally adjusted, I could finally see to my horror what was on the wall.

It was the face. DID YOU SEE IT? DID YOU SEE IT? THE DEMON? DO YOU SEE IT NOW? DID YOU SEE IT? Writing was all over the wall.

After a week of hospitalization I learned the Woman who rescued me was in fact X’s aunt. She told me that his parents died and all their money was donated to him. She said she was really greatful for me trying to be his friend. Apparently he was really messed up by his parents deaths and refused to take his medication to cope with his traumatic loss.

I still see that face. I see it all the time. When I blink. When I sleep. I just want it to go away.

Crazy or not. X was right. I saw the demon, and its face is orange and white.

  • me: im gonna get a full night of sleep tonight
  • me @ 3 am: I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. This is where it gets me on my feet the enemy ahead of me.If this is the end of me, at least I have a friend with me weapon in my hand, a command, and my men with me. Then I remember my Eliza's expecting me... not only that, my Eliza's expecting. We gotta go, gotta get the job done gotta start a new nation, gotta meet my son! Take the bullets out your gun! What? The bullets out your gun! What? We move under cover and we move as one through the night, we have one shot to live another day. We cannot let a stray gunshot give us away. We will fight up close, seize the moment and stay in it.It's either that or meet the business end of a bayonet. The code word is 'Rochambeau,' dig me? Rochambeau! You have your orders now, go, man, go!
What should you know about me?

My name is Cecilia, my friends often call me Ceci or Cece. Its actually my middle name, because my first one is unpronounceable for non-spanish speakers (Eugenia)
I was born in May 14th 1992, Im a Taurus, though I dont really believe in horoscopes. My numbers are 4, 8 and 19.

The number 4 is for February 4th 1998. The date my best friend was born, my little sister. Is a really bittersweet number, because life has taken her from me in the most ruthless way someone can possibly imagine.

With 8 is the same, She died June 8th 2010, its a number that haunts me, that I want to make sense to it but I never can. Is the number I have tattooed on my arm non thinking specifically on it, I thought I was getting an infinite symbol. But a kid in school once told me, “you have an 8 there”, and he is right, I have it, and I cant erase it from my life.

Why the infinite symbol? it wasnt because it was trendy, though I love it. It is because I have emotions that run wild, emotions that are rollercoasters, limitless. I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I am infinite. My emotions are, my happiness, My sadness, my love, everything that I feel I feel it so deeply, so intense it burns and it freezes and it crushes and spins my whole world. I am infinite.
And 19. 19 is my love number. Is a number so magnificent and so simple. Is the date I met the love of my life. And also happens to be the number of his birthday. it happened to be the year I moved out permanently from my parents home, and it adds up 10. 1 + 9. And somehow, in all the chaos that I feel arround all the time, I feel that conforting.

Thats why I feel 13 conforting as well, it adds up 4, my sister’s number. My best friend number, and even if i always sucked at maths, every time i encounter this numbers, or someone named Lucia or Lucy (My sister’s name) I know somehow im going to be ok. Everytime I had surgery there was a nurse, a doctor or a psychologist named Lucy, so I just know, Im being taken care of properly by my sister.

I do not know if I believe in heaven. I was raised atheist as my parents, and believing God is a human construction for our own shelter and protection, to feel less alone and vulnerable, to feel we have something greater than us. I want to believe that, but its hard to think that this God almighty, this benevolent super man would take away something so fragile and beautiful from so many souls. My soul died with my sister. Now im living trying to put the pieces together, trying my best to deal with post traumatic stress disorder because what I faced was death and horror and heartbreak in the worst kind of way. But back to heaven, I just want to believe there is something more than this, I want to believe that somehow Ill see my sister again. That Ill get to smell her hair and hold her overly warm and sometimes sweaty hands. I want to stare into those black eyes again, and hear her voice that now is long gone and I forgotten. We never think about all the things we have to pay attention to.

You also have to know Im a kind person, and that I always want to help, but I get used very easily so I have to shelter myself from people that only lay their problems out on me and wont be there when I need an ear.

I have bad health, i get sick really easily, mostly because of how depressed I get and my inmune system shutdowns leaving me alone and vulnerable.

You should know I love to sing and paint. And that Im fairly good at both things and I have many friends encouraging me to do those activities more each day, which is amazing because Ive always lacked of something called self esteem, I was severely bullied at school and with my mental disorder is just too hard for me to find a stable ground.

You should know Im an open person, a hopeless romantic and that I wont judge you for any of your choices, that if you are a good, nice and sincere person, I will stand by your side.

You should know I get frustrated easily, and that life hasnt been exactly easy or conforting for me, and when I see people complaining for things that I wouldnt even dare to imagine to have, I tend to be a lil rough. But I dont mean any harm, I just want to let people know that they should appreciate all the things they have and how hard it is for some others that werent so lucky to be born in a nice country or to have access to certain things.

You should know I love Taylor Swift and that she has been my only friend besides my sister for a long time, and that I found confort and explanations of my own feelings in her lyrics, as if I was reading my own diary.

I experieced rejection, bullying, hearbreak, love, happiness, and she was by my side. All this years.

She got to be the only one listening to my crying when my parents were living 400 kms away with my sick sister and I had to stay alone in a house, and “man up” at 15 and just be an adult even though I wish I never grown up.

She got to sing me 22 in my 22nd birthday, and She explained me that even in the toughest moments, he was the best thing thats ever been mine, and that we wont make my parents mistakes.

She got to serenade my mom and me with Best day, feeling those years when barbies and dressing up as a princess were the main activities of the day

She got to be in front of me in Tampa, in 1989 world tour, singing a song of a movie about two sisters whose love was greater than any winter. She got to sing that song to me. Yes, it is naive to think it was for me, but is also conforting and sweet, and somehow I just feel it was ment to be, for me and my sister.

You have to know im passionate, and that I will never ever stop trying to meet @taylorswift and tell her about my lil sister Lucy. I will never ever stop trying to meet her and hug her for all those endless nights crying myself to sleep next to her. I will never ever stop trying to thank her for giving me a reason on 2015 to stay alive and not try to end my life again and for helping me get the proper treatment I needed. Ill never stop trying

Those are things you should know about me, if we are gonna be friends.

Twelfth Night Characters as @dril Tweets

Viola: startling how im the only person on this site with an actual human soul. You would think the other guys on here have one, but no

 Orsino: my watch beeps whwich means its time to stand in front of my ex-wife’s house and play “Hit The Road Jack” while dancing and licking her mail

 Olivia: Im not horny but, lets face the facts people… if youre a girl im gonna click on ya

 Sir Toby: priest plugs my coffin in at the end of the funeral. “MILLERTIME” lights up in neon on the side, desecrating my corpse & sending me to hell

 Sir Andrew: Sword’s. The only blade known to man

 Malvolio: did I just piss myself? No. these are mood jeans that change colour when I am sick of putting up with jokers such as your self

 Feste: Welcome to the citadel of eternal wisdom. Behold, this crystal contains the sum of all human knowledge – Except Rap and Country

 Maria: I put years of hard work into getting my torture degree at torture college & now everyones like “oh tortures bad” , “its ineffective” fuck off

 Sebastian: ;I help girls now

 Antonio: I just looked up the stats and the number of meaningful relationships ive formed is less than the number of public restrooms ive Screamed in

consider this:

Guang-Hong and Leo Skyping each other over the weekends.

These two nerds doing homework together because personally I see Leo as this straight(lol)-A student, and Guang-Hong must be focusing on his NCEE now that he’s seventeen, right?? That is, assuming he wants to go to college despite being a pro skater (which, lemme tell you, is prolly a yes because his parents would push for it, and because the shelf life of a pro skater is woefully short).

Kinda guesstimating here, but the time difference is around 12-14 hours between them, so Guang-Hong might just get a random call in the middle of the day like, “Leo! What are you doing up at two in the morning!”

(He’s memeing. Leo has a tumblr and shitposts all day you can fight me on this.)

Leo’s great at math and practical sciences while Guang-Hong is actually really good at languages. There’s a joke between the two of them that he speaks better English than Leo does, and Leo always goes to him to help edit his college essays. Whenever Guang-Hong is stumped with a calculus problem, though, Leo can always give him the right answer.

Sometimes they just do their work in silence and don’t even talk to each other, but occasionally their eyes will meet and they’ll smile at each other and go back to doing whatever it is they’re doing.

When neither of them can focus on their work, Leo will just say fuck it and spend the rest of the night spamming Guang-Hong with cat videos and vines.

And sometimes they’ll coordinate programs halfway across the world from each other and post them online jointly. All the fans following them are split into the shipping and friend-zoning fandoms. One time Leo uploaded a video of him trying to get Guang-Hong to sing karaoke with him and sparked a fandom war.

I like the idea of them being in a LDR; they can make one work, and because they’re in the same career field, one will know what the other has to go through. Of course they’ll struggle—the time differences make it hard to spend a lot of time together, and on top of that there’s also skating and training times to work around, not to mention academics. It’s frustrating for them, but they IM each other all the time and have Sundays off. It becomes a ritual for them to video call each other the night before either has a major competition, and they always take forever to end the call.

Guang-Hong, sweet star prince that he is, is always on SNS. Because of Leo, of course—never know when he’ll get a message, so that thing about quitting social media? Lol not gonna happen (unless Leo finds out and stubbornly refuses to talk to Guang-Hong while he trains). But all jokes aside, they make a really nice couple. I ship them with all my heart.

I have to work in a illustration for my Institute today but I’m pretty sure I will be ready and free today at night, and I have all the intention of draw a comic/arc today for the blog.

[Yes i know im still sick and dizzy and i just wanna stay in bed but i got responsabilities too]

So far, in my “to do” list that is not an ending (??) I got:

-Possession Part 2 [Scott takes control of Dark/The Fright AU]
-Foxy Story [Nightmare Foxy’s origin story/Nightmare World AU]
-The first night Part 2 [First time Ft Freddy met Clem/The Spin Set AU]

If you can tell me what you wanna see first, you would help me a lot =v=~
And as a Bonus, im gonna do Mary’s first night at work in the Candy’s Restaurant.

But first the work and then the drawing

Thats it~ 🐰

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Relationship Status: single!

Favorite Color: This is difficult, i want to say brown but i also love beige

Pets: none but i do pet two cats from my neighourhood! Teko and Meko!

Wake Up Time: usually 9am

Love Or Lust? Love

Lemonade Or Iced Tea? Iced Tea

Cats Or Dogs? Aaaaaaaa im gonna go with cats, sometimes dogs tend to tire me

Coke Or Pepsi? coke

Day or Night? Night

Text Or Call? Text

Met A Celebrity? Yes. My fave being Anamika Khanna whos one of my fave designers

Light Or Dark Hair? black hair

Short Or Tall? Very short 154cm

Chapstick Or Lipstick? Lipstick

City Or County? City

Last Song You Listened To: Glassy Sky (tokyo ghoul ost) by Donna Burke

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Enough to warrant me going on a mini-rant that really doesn’t matter but it does keep me up at night. It’s not the only problem with the end, but it’s the one that really just rustles my jimmies. I do have to say, I didn’t play the game until a year after it was released so I wasn’t as shocked at the ending having heard about it before hand.

Obviously, gonna be spoilers for the mass effect Trilogy and specifically the ME3 ending.

You know that little visions that the starchild gives you for each of the choices, to show you the animation before you do it. There’s the Illusive Man for Control, Anderson for Destroy. Well the one that bothers me is that Shepard does Synthesis. When clearly this is a bad choice for several reasons.

One, the obvious, it’s imposing a choice on the player character. In a game that was designed to have you make choices, I know that choices really don’t matter in the ending but they were pretty good at that.

Secondly, which super bothers me and keeps me up at night with how enraged I am that they missed this opportunity, it should be Saren in that vision. He is the first main character to propose synthesis,  “The relationship is symbiotic, organic and machine intertwined, a union of flesh and steel, the strengths of both, the weaknesses of neither!”.

He was indoctrinated, you say, he probably didn’t believe that. So was the Illusive man, that’s a major part of the third game. 

Saren’s goals, before he was fully indoctrinated, was for Reapers and organics to work together. He saw it as the only way to survive the cycle if they can prove their worth they’ll be kept alive. 

“Sovereign is a machine. It thinks like a machine. If I can prove my value, I become a resource, worth maintaining. There is no other logical conclusion”

I would say that they just forgot about Saren but Shepard does mention him to Hackett during one of their chats, and they could have had a picture of him somewhere to show new players.

It just feels like missed potential, and they could have been like yeah we totes planned this from the beginning and didn’t just throw this together

That’s just what I thought when I finished the first time, it still bothers me.

oh no i just remembered i wont be there this weekend ToT im sorry to everyone participating to the event i suck at doing it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA im gonna answer some after work i guess…  oh fun i just remembered i was going to start night classes too …………………………… someone end my life : -)

EXO Reacting to having to share the bed with their friend (you)

Suho: “Okay y/n, but I sleep half naked hope you don’t mind ;)”

*Sudaddy mode activated* 

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Sehun: “Come here y/n it’s time to cuddle”  

“but I don’t wanna cuddle, I just wanna sleep”

“My bed, my rules.” 

“Fine, gonna sleep on the floor then.”

*sleeps on the floor with you and cuddles eventually*

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Chanyeol: “Wait, you mean like the same bed? You. Me. one bed?”

“Yeah that’s what I said Chanyeol…”

“Omgomgomgomg! kjuhudhrfhsskuhfshf” *Giggles like a teenage girl* 

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Baekhyun: “Can’t wait for bedtime to cuddle with you y/n” 

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/And during bedtime—

/Attacks mercilessly *Byuntae Baek activated*

(sorry not sorry hehehehe)

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Kris: “Kris, I’m sleeping in your bed tonight.”

“Haha! good one y/n good one!”

“I’m serious Kris, I have no where else to sleep in.”

“H-huh… okay then. ha ha ha.” *Nervous af/smiles like a fool* 

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Xiumin: “Fine, I’ll let you sleep in my bed y/n but what do I get in return?” 

*suggestive Xiumin* 

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Lay: You wakeup in the middle of your sleep to see Lay completely naked sleeping next to you

“DAMMIT LAY DO YOU STRIP WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING? PUT ON SOME CLOTHES GODDAMMIT!” You shout throwing a pillow at him to wake him 

“What? Oh okay…” *completely oblivious*

“ummm do you think you can get me my clothes y/n?” 

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Kai: “Can I share the bed with you tonight Jongin?”

“Sure y/n, I’ll be happy to share my bed with you!” 

*During bedtime* 

“y/n!!! I can’t sleep!!!! *infinite whining* Can I get a kiss goodnight please?! Pretty please?!” 

*You kiss him on the cheek*

“Do you think I can get one on my lips now too? y/n?! did you sleep?” 

*Ends up whining all night and does not let you sleep.” 

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D.O: “Kyungsoo-ya! Do you think I can sleep here tonight? I had a nightmare and Im scared to sleep alone…” *you pout*

“Of course y/n come here” *pats the bed and make a space for you to sleep next to him* 

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Luhan: “What do you mean share my bed with you y/n?”

“Where else should I sleep then? The floor?” *You glare at him* 

“Alright if you say so” *Suggestive husky low voice* 

“Luhan. I’m just gonna sleep. Stop yourself.”

“Oh.” *Awkward*

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Chen: “What’s taking you so long y/n! I’ve been waiting since you told me!”

“Chen. I told you this afternoon.”

“Yeah exactly! Now come here already!” *Whines* 

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Tao: “Sure y/n, we can share my bed… we can share a shower too if you want ;)”

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Thanks shistaa for giving me this idea <3 

So! do you guys think I did good for my first reaction? XD 

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