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{PART 14} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (Ft. Jackson & Jinyoung)

Genre: Angst

Summary; Things between Jaebum and Jackson turn full circle, and Jaebum has nowhere left to run.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating - (violence in this chapter)

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 13} {Part 14} {Part 15}

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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 5]

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Chapter 5 of Too Right To Be Wrong

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4

Series Genre: Smut/Fluff/Angst

A/N: Contains Text Images. POV switches between 3rd party narrator and Y/N’s POV

Mark woke up the next morning, replaying the question Jinyoung had asked him the night before.

If Jaebum found out, there was no telling what he would do in retaliation, everyone knew he had a problem with his temper. But on the other hand, he couldn’t picture his life without you now. Things couldn’t go back to the way they were. He could never watch you be with another man again.

He knew deep down that if faced with the choice, he would abandon everything he and his group had worked so hard for. He would give up his friendship with JB in a second if it meant being with you, and that scared him.

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// Im replaying Jumin’s route for the first time in so long and I forgot how cute he is when you laugh at or enjoy his jokes oh my goodness


- He doesn’t go on youtube too often, but he does have a channel that he’ll update sometimes. It’s not too big, around thirty thousand subscribers but still! Totally would have more if he uploaded more.

- Which is why he doesn’t recognize you at first, so you’ll need to show him a few of your videos.

- He thinks they’re really funny and it’s pretty amazing you have so many subscribers?? Damn he has some competition with all those fans.

- With video games hes not amazing, but he’s not bad either. He’d love to be in your videos with you if that’s okay!


- What is a ’ Lets-Player? ’

- You’ll need to tell him what that is, he doesn’t get how people find entertainment from it but he’s fine with it.

- Play Grand theft auto with him!! He likes that game.

- He doesn’t really like to be in your videos too often because he feels like he ruins them with his “monotone personality” but he’s adorable to watch, the little pout he gets on his lips when his character gets wasted is adorable and your fans think so as well. He enjoys playing with you too.

- Spoils you with really nice equipment and lighting.


- AAA!!


- He’s seen your videos before thats you?!

- A nervous wreck honestly, he loves video games but you’re a master at them! He’ll be too shy to go on your channel at first but eventually he’ll open up and come on sometimes, even starts his own channel doing LOLOL tips and tricks.

- It’s not as popular as yours but he fanboys over you a lot, even in the relationship. You’re basically a celebrity, he’s dating someone famous?! Never in a million years would have thought he would.

- He loves doing challenges with you!! Like the chubby bunny, drawing challenges, photobooths. They’re always really fun.


- He knew since he hardcore stalked you did a background check on you and binge watched your videos that night instead of working.

- Will LOVE making videos with you, especially playing horror games. When you squeal he thinks it’s the cutest and promises to protect you from the scary virtual monsters.

- He’s such a meme in your videos it’s highly requested that he makes his own channel.

- If he did it would be bullshit memes like we are number one but every single one is replaced by carl wheezer

- or the bee movie in 7 minutes because he thinks things like that are hilarious


- He mainly watches cooking tutorials on youtube so he doesn’t recognize you at first

- But he’ll watch some of your videos and comment on what a cutie pie you are, no wonder people love to watch you as much as he does.

- If you’re an american youtuber it’s hard for him to be in your videos because speaking english is hard for him.

- It’s not that he doesn’t know it, he can write it and everything it’s just his accents rather strong and when he speaks sometimes he’ll get his words jumbled up.

- And he’s not the best at video games but it’s fun to see him try his best!! He has a really nice time and he’s great around a camera so he doesn’t act stiff at all which your fans like to see.


- He’s watched people on youtube play horror games before but he’s never heard of you whoops

- He thinks your videos are rather cute, when you play horror games your reactions are funny and adorable.

- Prefers to not go in your videos often, but sometimes he will.

- If you’re American he’s a lot like V, his english speaking isn’t the greatest but he tries!!

- He doesn’t even jump at horror games more of less cringes at lines or graphics half the time.

- If it’s a really well made horror game he’ll be a little scared, says he’s not but you can tell in his reactions that he’s is a bit jumpy at everything but he’s pretty good at hiding it.

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Tale Fell sans and Swap Swapfell Papyrus losing their s/o to a reset please

* y u do dis 2 me :’(

Note: “adding onto my previous ask the tale fell sans and swap swapfell papyrus meeting their s/o after a reset and realizing they remember them”


He becomes apathetic. The moment he opens his eyes and realises he’s back in Snowdin, he completely shuts down from grief and longing. That entire timeline, he doesn’t come out of his room. What does it matter anyway, when no actions, neither happiness nor sadness, progress nor regression are just going to rewind? He nearly wants to kill himself, coping instead by replaying every memory he built with his S/O. Even when nothing has permanence, he will not leave his brother alone.
He meets his S/O right outside the barrier where they have been waiting for him. He teleports straight to them, shaking with relief and love. No one can tell if he’s laughing or crying, probably both. In the aftermath of too tight, teary hugs, Sans is extremely clingy, having at least one point of physical contact with his S/O at all times.


He spirals into a haze of grief, longing, anger and blame. He’s angry at Frisk for resetting, at himself for allowing himself to fall in love, at his S/O for being so lovable and he’s trying to decide where to put the blame for all the emotional turmoil. The first thing he does is have a panic attack, then he hunts Frisk down and kills them a dozen times before they can even explain, then a dozen times more after. He drinks himself into a constant stupor, becoming more aggressive than ever.
He meets his S/O at New Grillbys where they immediately went to look for him after it set up and he’s already smashed. He teleports away when he sees them, thinking they don’t remember him and not wanting to deal with that. Eventually, they find him and once things are made clear, expect rough angsty reunion sex.


He becomes ten times more cynical. He manages to hold himself together better than Tale Sans for his brother but he’s quieter, more withdrawn and prone to disappearing for hours to the point where Swap!Sans knows shit is up. In those hours, Pap sits at the edge of Waterfall, letting the abyss stare back at him as he thinks about all the what ifs, all the could haves, all the if onlys. Sometimes he’ll see something that reminds him of his S/O and he’ll have to force back tears.
He meets his S/O on the street, accidentally bumping into them on the crowded walkway. They stare at each other for a long moment, both worse for wear, before they launch themself into his arms with a disbelieving, “Pap!”. He’s unable to react for a moment, standing stiff in their grip before he holds them so gently like they’re about to shatter. Despite his height, he curls himself over them, not bothering to withhold his tears anymore.


He’s never snapped at anyone until now. Pap adopts the good ol don’t think about it and suppresses everything the best he can, refusing to even think about his S/O. He becomes bitter and irritable, snapping at his brother for the first time when Sans nagged. He was reputed to be one of the more patient monsters so when he snaps at typical asshole monster behaviour, everyone is surprised. He’s even more slack than usual at his duties and refuses to listen to anyone who points it out. He picks up tobacco in place of marijuana.
He doesn’t meet his S/O, his S/O comes looking for him. They show up at his doorstep, having tracked him down, and greet him with a kiss. Pap doesn’t react, only half believing this is actually happening. He’ll push them away, very gently. He needs an explanation before anything happens. After all is said and done, don’t expect him to leave their side for a while… or the house. 

Mod: well i was thinking of doing an update or drawing another random pone i got sent into my inbox when i asked for em before, but im afraid ill be ded even more fo now

the reason u see is, my bday was on da 16th, i turned 19 and wanted to treat my self with a gift that i was dreaming about for so long and wanted so badly 

and well ive go it today! i finally bought Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt GOTY edition

and man it feels so fucking g8 to finally own the game and enjoy it

so ye dont expect any sort of updates from me for a good fucking while cuz this game is so fucking long and has so much replay value that i dont think of ever getting out of this hole i fell in

hope ya’ll have a g8 day/night w/e the fuck it is at ur place, peace bitches, im off to do contracts ♥

a good way to start the day

I found myself this morning replaying this sentence in my head from @beanarie fic while dropping off one child and smiling - I could so hear that pathetic nnnnn

 Watson.“ He drags out the N, urgency crossing into the realm of pathetic. 

and then while waiting in the parking lot to drop off the second nibbling, I caught sight of @amindamazed fic and started reading* only to have to stop when I hit this sentence …

Uh,” he started, and then cleared his throat to shift his voice back to its usual register. “I think the jacket’s a little higher up than that, Watson,”

….cause I started laughing and didn’t want to explain why.

Thank you both. What a good way to start the day for a change!


*the nibbling was on his phone si wasn’t being too rude by scrolling tumblr while we waited


I’ve been laughing for the last 10 minutes while replaying this nonstop ^^

are you alright? (c.h)

inspired by this video bc calum just looked so sad and tired and i just wanted to give him a big ol’ hug, my poor precious :((

(this is all gonna be lowercased because im too lazy and tired to do all those shifts and shit lololol)


as calum sat there between ashton and michael, he wondered how long this interview was going to take. he couldn’t do his day like this. the interview overall was going good until the interviewer took it a bit far. even though it wasn’t mentioned in the video as the boys watched it back, calum still remembered it, as it constantly replayed in his head.

“so calum, word has it that y/n won’t be joining you on the slfl tour. or even to any shows at that,” and there it was. calum’s mouth opened slightly and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his eyes starting to tear and his breathing start to hitch.

“y/n,” michael says bursting in, sitting up, allowing calum to cower back into the seat, “is a very successful person and even though we all wanted her to come, she can be really busy at time. we would really like her to come, but she has her jobs, like we do ours.” michael smiles and he leans back, wrapping his arm behind calum and patting his back, looking at him worryingly. calum smiles and nods his head, staring at the ground. the interviewer smiles and she moves onto the next question.

but, throughout the whole interview, calum couldn’t bother to answer any of the questions, let alone comment on any of the others. he was just too focused on her. too focused on them. he looks at his boot covered foot, resting on his right leg and he starts to zone out, slowly blocking out the boys sounds and slowly started to hear hers.

“calum, i told you i can’t come,” y/n says, sitting in her outfit, ready to leave. ready to leave him.

“but,” he paces about the room, tears in his eyes, his hands roaming through his nappy hair, “i can’t focus without you there.”

“you can barely focus with me there. plus, when i’m there, you normally block me out to be with the boys,” she says, tears falling down her face as she looks down at her glove covered hands.

“thats, thats not true, y/n.” calum rushes to her side, grabbing her knees, the cold touch that lingered through her leggings as she lifts her face up at him. “i can’t be without you. i can’t..” he starts to tear and he bites his lip, hoping to hold back the sob that was building in his throat. y/n takes a hand to his face, wiping the tear that slowly falls down the side of his cheek and grabs his t shirt, colliding into his body, burying her face into the crook of his neck, his face into her shoulder. calum wraps his arms around her, like a child clutching onto its stuffed animal for protection. calum tightens his grip, hoping to stay like this forever. y/n sniffles into his shoulder, inhaling the minty and musky aroma, and she slowly pushes him off, knowing she had to go. she had to leave.

“you’ll do amazing,” she says, smiling, starting to get up. calum’s face turns even more worried, his chest rising up and down, his mind filled with “no’s”.

“please don’t leave me,” he says, the tears now falling down his face. his hands start to shake and his legs started to feel weak as he watched her carry her duffel bag in hand.  

“i would never,” she says. she gets on her toes and places a warm kiss upon calum’s tear stained cheek, secretly using her thumb to scratch at her index finger, a habit she picked up, to hide her pain and to keep her from sobbing. she then starts to walk down the cold hallway and out of the door, leaving calum in her apartment, the apartment she was going to leave behind for 7 months. he looks around and something in him just sparked, throwing picture frames against the wall, along with empty, dirty glass cups. tossing pillows and flipping over the couch, punching the walls multiple times, ignoring the physical pain. he just hoped to get rid of the emotional pain.


“are you alright?” he saw ashton mouth in his peripheral vision. he didn’t answer. he just didn’t want to talk to anybody, really. he also saw ashton give up, sucking at his cheek, knowing that calum really didn’t want to talk. but it was just too obvious. he knew he zoned out for a whole minute, and the thing that took him out of that trance was michael poking him in the back, smiling at him. he let out a sigh and uncrossed his arms, watching the interviewer start to put up her notebook, knowing this was going to be the end.

“well thank you for having this small interview with us, and asia looks forward to see you on your world tour,” she says, standing up to shake the boys’ hands as they walked back to their dressing room, ready to leave for the next interview/show they had to be at.

“hey cal,” ashton said, running up to calum, who was far ahead of the others, ready to leave.

“yeah what’s up?”

“what’s up? you were as dead as roadkill, mate. what’s wrong?” ashton says, opening the door to their room, watching as calum goes over to his stuff and starts to pack up, ignoring the question.

“hey, i know it’s hard,” ashton says, placing his hand on his shoulder. that was it. calum sniffled and shook his head, tears starting to form.

“fuck man, i just…” he said, his voice cracking, trying not to cry in front of his best mates. he turns around and punches the wall behind him, groaning at the pain, luke coming up behind to calm him down.

“hey man, it’s going to be alright,” luke says, patting calum on the back. calum shook his head and laughed at luke’s cliche attempt to make him feel better.

“it’s never going to be alright.” he said, sighing, continuing to pack up his bag.

“she wanted to come,” michael said, the others going to pack up as well.

“THEN WHY DID SHE LEAVE?” calum yells, not even bothering to hold it in. he grabbed the attention of all the boys and bryana, who stood quietly beside ashton. calum didn’t even notice she was in there. “IF SHE WANTED TO COME, SHE COULD’VE CAME. she…” his slams his hands onto his suitcase and turns around, his legs resting on the table, his hands roaming over his face and through his hair.

“calum,” he heard bryana’s small voice say. he looked up to see her worried, her hand on his shoulder, “you know she wanted to come. she begged to come. but, that school in england is strict. you know that. she couldn’t leave.” bryana was right, but calum wanted her to be wrong. he knew he let his selfishness come through, but he didn’t care. he didn’t want anything more than to sit down with her, her hair constantly falling onto her face, her “sweet pea” fragrance from bath and body works filling his nose as they cuddled together on the plane.

he turned away from bryana and closed his suitcase, zipping it shut. “are we going yet?” he said, all of the others worriedly looking at him. ashton nods his head and they all continue to pack, ready to leave.  

To answer most of your msgs, YES!! 😍😍

Yes I do have videos and pics 😉

they just not allowed by Tumblr policies so it will have to be a trade on a different platform, dropbox, google drive or such, I prefer links trade if you like different method let me know

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I’m going to take a small break and seriously start writing ORCHID BALLADS and replay Golde//n Poem of Fate/Ext**la. I will try to finish first chapter in a week or less. Depends on my schedule. Chapters will come out really really slow, so I do apologize for that. However, if you wish to be the first one who will get the straight link to the fanfiction, I ask of you to like this post, so, once I will finish the first chapter and publish it — I will send the link to you via IM.