and im going to like one of the shows omg

Weird four am fever dream stuff?

I had like some weird Guzma head canon ideas/dream thing while I was trying to fall asleep @ four am like, Guzma making his grunts go places in pairs so they don’t get lost they gotta have a buddy at all times if they not in a group. Also idk but also thought of Guzma giving his grunts a talk about safe sex?? Like he was doing that thing where u put a condom on a banana to show how to put one on and he said some shit like “Ok I’m using a banana because I am sure you kids don’t want your boy wiping his dick out.’ idfk but also Plumeria helped with the safe sex talk too n stuff. It was weird.

Another thing was Guzma having to help his Grunts with different problem’s like one of em was gay but nervous to tell his crush his feelings and Guzma noticed him being all weird an he just ‘Do ya like that guy kid?’ and he just ‘WHAT NO-’ but they ended up having a talk and Guzma ended up convincing him to just say his feelings and he did and it went all good cause the other grunt liked him back and they became a couple.

The other one I really remember too was Guzma having to deal with one of his grunts self harming? He wasn’t pissed off he was just worried and they had a long talk and it was all emotional n stuff? Just reassuring her it was ok and that the team skull fam is there for her? And just be careful n stuff. He gave her one of his bracelets to tug on or snap if she felt like she needed to cut again.

And the last thing I remember before I had to get up was the two Gay grunts where older and gonna get married and they invited everyone in team skull to their wedding and they were worried that Guzma wasn’t gonna show up for some reason but of course he showed up to his kids wedding, he was very proud and the wedding went great.

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hi im going to tell you about the person that i like because i need someone to tell!!! so we are in a show at my school together and one of the lines in the show that we always kind of make fun of is "i dont want ////the woman that i love//// kissed by an actor". so today we were just talking in a group and he starts saying the line and when he gets to the "woman that i love" part he turns and looks at me all soft and said it so kind and my heart is beating out of my chest right now!!!! ok bye


Honestly tho this fandom is starting to sound just like the booksnobs yall claim to hate.

I can understand the uproar with episode 7, but there was nothing wrong with episode 8.

Yes it had mentions of suicide, but its definitely not the first show to ever do it.

I know everyone hates Isabelle and Raphael but I doubt it will turn romantic

And im so sorry people are fucking butt hurt because magnus’ cat eyes reveal didn’t go your way omg

Stop being whiny little brats and just stop fucking watching if your just going to complain.

No one is asking you to watch this, and the show needs to stop being demonized when there are hundreds of shows making worse mistakes daily.

You all are a bunch of prissy fucking shit heads.

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omg i have no one to tell this but i showed my dad not today teaser and he literally got shook and said "yo dude this will be LIT i am sure" and im like thanks dad 0.0 and he admires the work of company and bangtan put in those trilogies and videos and like thats a huge achievement to their effort. also congrats on going to the concert! hope u have bestest time!

ur dad is my favourite army

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(Date thing) im nearly 15, have floofy blond hair + blue eyes, im about 5'4ish and I'm agender (any pros, dfab) and I like literally anyone except boys (ie i would totally date a trans girl but not a boy) no word for it ig? i like to draw and dance. Id probably go for a science museum date (specific but there's one in walking distance from me with a real live shark; i love to show her off)

Omg u sound really cool!! I wish I could meet u!!
-mod Henri

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1,4 and 14!! :D

Thank you for the ask!
1: apart from tumblr, what do you like to do in your spare time?

*sweats* uh, i usually dont have a lot of energy to do things, but if i dont have access to internet i usually draw or read! Tbh i mostly read fanfic now, but i still have really good reading comprehension and speed so im not concerned

4: name a favorite of each: book, movie, tv show

Ive read so many books omg i cant think of just one but I’ll go with Pendragon bc thats the last one i read, Pacific Rim/Lego Movie, and Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood (as you can all probably tell)

14: what are five things you absolutely have to have in your dream house

A water slide that goes into a pool, at least 5 secret rooms, a giant aquarium, a helicopter landing pad, and theater sized tv screen

Leave a Mark - Jimin X Reader

Leave a Mark – Jimin X Reader

anonymous asked:

Are there any spots left? If there is can you do a jimin x reader where he pretends to not know how to do a style in art (you can choose whatever you want 😁) just so he can talk to the girl he likes who is an artist. Thank you~ 😚

I honestly had no idea how to write this one (It’s probably really bad omg)

Genre: Floof

Word Count: 1464

It all started at the beginning of the semester. Jimin was a new student at your school and of course you had to show him around for being in the same TA. But you didn’t know that he was going to be in most of your classes as well.
He was shy and quiet, but had a great sense of humor and was quite attractive, at least, according to all the women in the school. He had great grades but all he ever did was draw in class. It made the students wonder why and how. Some thought that he swooned his teachers, persuading them -in some way- to give him the best marks.  

You liked drawing in class too. And you did happen to notice Jimin, how could you not? He pulled and tugged on your curiosity, making you want to talk to him and ask him all the questions that have been bugging up in your mind. But you didn’t budge.
You occasionally talked about music or art since there was nothing else you thought you had in common with him.

But boy were you wrong.

Everything you liked, he liked too. All except for one.
In your art class, you and Jimin sat at polar opposites of the room. That was, until your teacher said you were starting a charcoal sketching unit. That’s when you saw a wave of a hand, the only one you haven’t seen all year, fly up. The room went quiet as everyone stared at him until the teacher walked over.
“Would it be possible to move closer?” Jimin asked, his voice like an angel, “I’m not very good at this stuff and I would really like to see how things are done” he smiled gently. You could practically feel half the girls in the class sigh and swoon over him right there, which just made you roll your eyes.
“Sure… Sit wherever you want” The teacher said as he watched Jimin smile, taking all his stuff from where he sat, and moving closer and closer towards you until he took a seat right beside you.
You looked at him with wide eyes but he only smiled at you, “Hi Y/N” He said happily.


“You’ll be sketching or painting a picture of a person. It can be anyone, from the person beside you to someone in the movies. The project will be due next week, it’s worth 20 marks. You may begin planning today” Your teacher spoke. You smiled happily, this was one of your best styles of art. And what makes it better is that you were quite fond of drawing people.

You were happily writing and sketching down ideas, music filling your ears as your head bobbed to the beat. Until you were disturbed by someone tapping your arm.
You pulled out your earphone to see Jimin looking right at you, perhaps even a small blush on his face.
“Huh?” You said almost right away.
“I said, you’re really beau-I mean- your drawings are really beautiful” He said shyly. You snorted a bit before smiling gently, “Thank you, I’m sure your drawings are great too… Can I see?” You asked as you placed a hand on his sketchbook. Then he grabbed it back with two hands, “You Can’t!” He said in a defending tone, causing you -and the rest of the class- to look at him in shock. You felt embarrassment rise on your face as you stuck your earbud back in, muttering a small “Sorry” before going back to your work.
At the corner of your eye, you watched as his mouth opened as if he was going to say something, but then he closed it and rested his head in his arms on the desk, hiding his face.
He sat in that position for the rest of the class and it made you start to worry about him. But at the same time, you were curious as to why he would hide his drawings like that. Were they bad? Was he embarrassed about them? Was there something he drew that he didn’t want anyone to see?
When the bell rung, signaling the end of the class and the end of the day, you watched as people left the room. You packed up your stuff, but Jimin still sat there. Finally, you took out your earphones and tapped him on the shoulder. He didn’t look. Was he sleeping?
But then, something else caught your eye. It was his sketchbook that was thrown across him to the other side of the table. You looked at him before looking back at his notebook. You slowly grabbed it, careful not to wake him, and you flipped it open, starting at page one.

His drawings were beautiful. You didn’t understand why he would want to hide something like that. You kept flipping through the pages, watching how his sketches changed over time. Instead of objects, he began drawing people, and really good drawings too.
But then one page you flipped to amazed you. It was a drawing that looked like you. You started flipping faster and all of them were full of drawings of you.
“Oh” you said quietly, making sure he wasn’t awake. You flipped to the last page which was a picture of the two of you holding hands and you blushed. Did Jimin like you?
You heard him groan and you quickly closed the sketchbook and placed it back onto the table.
He brought up his head and ruffled his hair as he blinked to adjust to the light, “Huh? What time is it?” He asked, looking at the clock. He looked around the room, noticing everyone was gone, “Am I still dreaming?”
Then you cleared you throat and his head snapped towards you, “Y/N?! W-What are you doing in my dream? Are you real?” He said as he stood up and poked your cheeks.
“Fuck. Your face is so soft… and cute… like always” He whispered as he was about to touch them again.
“Jimin” You coughed, stopping his movements. He froze in place, “…Y/N?”
“Jimin?” You said again. You would have laughed, but your heart was beating too fast.
“Shit. This isn’t a dream is it…”
“Oh my god. I’m so sorry!” He said as he panicked, grabbing his notebook and rushing out of the classroom before you could stop him.


The next day, you didn’t bump into Jimin at all. You even tried looking for him and he was nowhere to be found. You grew worried once again, but this time you wondered why. Sure Jimin was nice and a great person, but did you really swoon over him like those other girls? Yeah you’ve caught yourself thinking about him every now and then and man when he sat down beside you that day, your heart was beating at an incredible pace.


So maybe you did like him. And maybe you needed to see his sketchbook to figure that out. That pushed you harder, giving you the energy to go and find him. It was after school, but you still looked for him. And eventually, you found him sitting on the rooftop, his head up against the wall, eyes closed.
“Jimin!” You yelled, out of breath. His eyes snapped open to face you, “Y-Y/N? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be on your way home right now” He said, eyes still wide.
“Yeah? Well. So are you” You said as you walked over to him and sat beside him, catching your breath, “Jimin…” You started.
“Look, I’m sorry Y/N… That was so embarrassing and I- I don’t know what to do. I-”
“Jimin” You said plainly, just smiling, “I saw all those drawings you did” you said quietly. You noticed the blush on his face rise.
“There’s nothing to be ashamed of! You’re an amazing drawer! Even better than me probably” You giggled.
“What? No- wait. You saw my sketchbook? That means…” He said as he had a look of horror on his face.
“Yeah… I really like that last picture you drew” You smiled as you rested your head on his shoulder. He was flustered because he didn’t know what to do with his hands. Should he wrap them around you? Did you even like him back? You had to, right?

“You mean, the one holding hands?” He asked as you nodded, grabbing his hand and intertwining it with yours. His thumb rubbed over your hand, feeling the soft touch of it and smiling widely.
“I like you too Jimin” You smiled, placing a kiss on his cheek.

“This better not be a dream or else I’m going to kill myself” He said.
“I don’t know, pinch my face and maybe you’ll find out” 

~Admin Luna 




Im laughign omg what if Marco still wears that fanny pack…so many good things could come out of it

Like he gets stabbed with something in the stomach area and he’s like “OOF…”
Star gasps and shes crying and stuff like “Marco!! Please stay with me here…don’t go into the light..please don’t die…”

He’s like “What? They just hit my fanny pack. It’s like full of emergency chicken nuggets.”

He has his hands full one day while he and his friends are out and he’s like “oh hey Star can u get my money please?” and Ferg and Alfonso just see Star unzip something and reach down there for a sec and they’re all like “OMG STAR WTF NOT IN PUBLIC!!!”

Shes holding his wallet and just going ???

So this episode was beautiful and amazing. And I actually really love that Lydia woke up because she sensed that one of her friends was dying. And I love that it was Malia, because lord knows that girl needs more love.
But for people who think it’s bad for Stydia or anything, I really think it was more to show banshee powers, and the only one who was going into a situation in which they could die was Malia. I don’t think it was a big “she woke up BECAUSE of malia” I think it was for her friends in general, and Malia happened to be the one in immediate danger.
But this episode awakened my need for Malydia scenes I wanna see them being friends like OMG

otp prompts i need tbh

  • “i need a lawyer bc i was accused of something i didn’t do and now i might go to jail for it and oh of fucking course the only lawyer that will represent me is my ex wife/husband and our marriage ended so badly we got it annulled im so going to jail goodbye world”
  • “im siting at a bar drinking the night before my high school reunion and i was originally supposed to go with my gf/bf but they dumped me last minute so now im gonna show up like a loser who said they had a plus one and had a seat reserved but now has no one and its going to be embarrassing and ill have to explain to people that my date broke up with me if they ask and sound all pathetic and i hated everyone in my class and reunions are the time to show off how successful and happy you are which is what im not and iM GONNA BE MISERABLE FML and omg hi you’re a cute bartender if i give you a really good tip, will you go with me and pretend to be my bf/gf??? no one will know pLS IM SO DESPERATE”
  • “my best friend and your best friend are dating and they brought us along to the october ‘haunted’ fair in hopes we will hit it off and maybe date too but its going horrible bc we dont get along at all in fact i want to hit you over the head with that giant sledge hammer thing for those games and im pretty sure you feel the exact same and we were forced on a haunted ride together bc its a two person one (of course) and we got stuck on it for hours bc the universe thinks its funny but we ended up bonding even if we were surrounded by fake dead corpses and bloody hanging limbs and i guess you’re not so bad after all (maybe we made out too….a lot)”
  • “we both have a mutual friend that invited us to a thanksgiving family party and we both got drunk and took over the kids bouncy house and we were tackling eachother and shoving one another into the walls bc we are mentally five and ended up accidentally tipping it over whoops but now we are laughing so hard we can’t breath and wow i love your eyes and your lips are getting closer and- nice
  • “im a journalist interviewing you, an inmate at a prison, for a column but you’re actually a pretty decent human being even tho you’re in here but i chose a rlly bad day to come bc the prison got breached and the prisoners got out and all hells broken lose and shit im so utterly fucked but then you end up helping me and protecting me the entire time so i gained an inmate body guard??? idk what i did to get on your good side but im sticking with you dont let me die pls”
  • “im a bartender at a popular club and i can read minds and you’re ‘date’ is actually planning on murdering you when they bring you home so i know this is weird for me to tell you but your ass needs to run as fast as you can, ill help you get out of here and we will call the cops, trust me i know a serial killer when i read their mind, why do you think i got this job? I save people like you from falling to be any kind of victims, places like this are notorious for people like them, im like a secret vigilante, gotta use this gift for something right?”
Cherish These Episodes Before It All Ends....((Rant))

I hope you guys do know that tmnt 2012 will never be that angst, heartbreaking, dark, drama stuff you guys are always wanting, Nick can only go so far with this show, I honestly think its dark enough, it doesnt need to get darker. There doesnt always have to be drama, dark, angst, and heartbreak in a show to be good. Just saying, im kinda over the whole “Dark raph wasnt even long” or “OMG what a rip, thanks a lot nick.” Dont start, dont you even, we all should of known that this dark Raph wasnt gonna last more then one episode. I know theres always negativity, theres always hate, but my god, stop sounding like your whiny four year olds ((And this is not to all of you)) Nick tries their best, the writers work their hardest to make this series good, and shit, it is good, its the best cartoon I’ve ever seen since….well hanna montana came along and screwed up TV forever…

The nick series goes darks as possible, but they do have limits, sadly, if you really want someone to blame, blame the people who put censors on cartoons, not the writers, not ciro, not nick, not the animators, the people who censors the cartoons before they are made. 

Just so done with the whining, every episode, EVERY episode. Im seriously surprised that i havent seen nasty comments on the muckman episode, but soon i will, soon enough. I’d rather appericiate what im given then want more, we all should be that way cause this series can end just like the 80s series did, just like the 03 series did, but worse….the nick series can end like teen titan go… ((For me that show is an abomination, i only watch it a few times due to greg cipes, no hate to those who love the show))

Just picture it…our great characters…ruined….and they become so dumb…they cant even function on their own….

So again…I say love what we have, dont take it for granted, and cherish every episode, before it all ends….


taylorswift PLEASE NOTICE ME I NEVER GO ON TUMBLR BUT I HAVE TO BECAUSE IM SEEING YOU ON MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY IN LA AND SATURDAY IN SAN DIEGO!!!!! Hopefully you will see us at one of the shows we are dressed like Suns hahaha! This is my friend fearlesskatia is my ultimate concert buddy and we can’t wait to see you omg omg omg omg ahhhh!!!! WE LOVE YOU TAY!!!