and im going next year and you wont be there

hi my names nick n im 17 and i draw furries i guess

so as many of you know, im having a really difficult time at home. it involves. all kind of stuff but the end point is that my parents have disowned me and are kicking me out of the house next year and i’ll have no way to support myself.

this is all i have to my name. im in the process of searching for a job but so far nothing has turned up. i really really need to be able to support myself when the time comes so im going to start doing commissions .

prices (examples are linked)

line art - $5

flat color - $10

full color/shading - $15

+ $4 for every additional character

what i will draw:
people / furries / fursonas / original characters / ponies / sfw / softcore gore / softcore nsfw

what i wont draw:
hardcore nsfw / hardcore gore / mecha

if youre interested, you can contact me on my tumblr @feeenie , or my email,

im really struggling right now so any kind of help is appreciated. thank you so much!!