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Otp prompts for misophonia? ^^

disability/disorder au’s: misophonia! 

consulted by: living-with-miso

  • “you are always losing your noise cancelling headphones and i swear to god if i find them around your neck one more time i will choke you with it”
  • “its amazing how you cant stand someone eating crunchy cheetoes and yet you will listen to lil wayne screaming shit in your ear 24/7″
    • “let me live my life ok”
  • “as it turns out we both have misophonia so now all the sudden we’re competing against who used the best/worst makeshift earplug when in a movie theater/public place” 
    • “do you not bring a spare pair wherever you go??”
      • “no i had to use toilet paper from the bathrooms like some goddamn animal”
  • “every year i gift you earphones and every year you somehow “lose” them and tbh if you had kept the first pair then i wouldnt have to keep making them bigger and bulkier man idk its just how it works” 
    • “I look like i work on an airport freeway”
  • “i live in this shitty ass apartment and every night im driven to insanity by this faucet that wont stop dripping so can i pls just stay with you—i know ive lived next to you for years and have never spoken a word but this is dire to me”
  • “I swear once i find out who keeps stealing my gum from my bag im going to kill them—thats that good expensive shit” 

I just, I can’t wait till I’m on t and I’ve had top surgery and I’m wearing clothes I really like and I’m happier, like I’m so ready for it to all happen I just have to get the ball rolling you know?

it wont always be bad. sometimes we have bad days and thats okay! sometimes we have bad weeks and thats okay! heck this year was bad but! im still looking forward to next year because its a new year and we have so much ahead of us! just remember! every day is a new day full of new possibilities! you can meet someone new, you could see a brand new show and it becomes a huge interest! you could find the love of your life! you never know what the day holds! keep on going because i know things cant always be bad! theres always good things too! i know that youll find good things soon! 

I just love some people are like “I won’t watch next season of ouat!!!” but then are the first to scream “they better not make one of those girls Killian’s love interest!!!!!” like….. you’re not going to watch anymore, why do you care???? don’t start to bring unnecessary drama (especially for something that didn’t even begin!)

Hiatus notice.

So my parents need my tab back now, and i wont be able to use this for the rest of the year.

This is gonna be a long hiatus till the end of the school term ;-;
I’ll try use my computer every saturday but im not sure.
But im only allowed for 3 hours, and right now i wont be able to do the rest of gzly.
So im gonna go now,

Y'all have fun! owo
Cya next time.

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do u have any advice for balancing school and fun? im going to be a college freshman next year and im really scared that i'll end up screwing myself over w the newly found freedom ill have in a few months.. im usually pretty ok in school but ive been partying alot lately and it really worries me that i wont be able to make the right choices when im on my own.. :'-(

I don’t know if it’d be the best advice, but try and prioritize what’s more important. School outweighs partying. Try getting your work done early and study during breaks in your classes (if you have any) or go like an hour early to school and get some work and studying out of the way. Also staying an hour after school and going to the library to lighten your workload is your best bet. Try not to stress about it too much. There’s always time for fun, but school is important so try and prioritize that a little more than partying. But yeah, just get things done early and you’ll have more free time. 

thinking of leaving tumblr. just putting it out there. if im gone one day, i just couldn’t put up with this feeling anymore. rp’s been my escape for years but lately, it feels like it’s doing the oppostie. reminding me of reality. how selfish and fake people are. i feel rather unworthy and not good enough atm. it’s going to be my birthday on tuesday so i’m going to be busy starting monday and my show ends at the end of next week which means i wont be around much anyway. maybe a break is what i need. idk. no one is probably reading this but that’s fine. if you are, hi. 

So ive been avoiding making this post for a while because ive been trying so desperately to make money on my own. Ive done surveys, ive done featurepoints, ive done random local jobs, and ive even taken up camming. I never wanted to start camming but i got so desperate that i gave in. But none of this is bringing in enough money to make a huge difference.

Another problem that has arisen: my mother has decided this is just the absolute best time to kick me out. She told me “the family has decided you need to find somewhere else to go.” My brother looked me dead in the eye and said “i dont even care if you end up on the street because a stranger or one of your friends will pick you up and take you in anyway.” Because im a stray dog right? I was in essence told if im not willing to be my mothers live-in unpaid nurse and housekeeper 24/7 then i need to leave. I got her to give me approximately a year to figure my shit out and find somewhere to go by telling her a bunch of half truths about how ive “found some work” and “ive got a friend whos willing to let me move in with them a year from now.”

Ive got a lot of people in different states who say to me, “you can stay with me and ill help you get on your feet but you have to find a way to get to me.” Problem is i have 60 cents in my bank account and 4 dollars in my wallet.

Now my mom is telling me shes withholding the food stamps card from me and she isnt allowing me to go grocery shopping or buy food.

My mom has multiple sclerosis and its in its end stages. Its starting to eat away at her mind. Id like to think what shes doing to me isnt really her. Especially since she used to tell me all the time about how she would “never kick me out no matter my age or the circumstances” and that because she “put me through such a shitty childhood she would try her hardest to do better for me now as an adult.”

I wish i could be around and stick with my mom knowing that its unsure when she could go. I wanted to cherish her and spend as much time as possible with her while shes still with me but its becoming abundantly clear that she isnt gonna let that happen.

I cant stay here anymore. My mom is only 56 but i genuinely believe shes already reaching senility. Shes violent, shes hurtful, she says things she doesnt mean and throws insults around willy nilly, and our relationship has deteriorated to absolute nothingness. I cant be in this environment anymore. My mental and physical health are deteriorating. I do not have the knowledge, money, or capabilities to take care of my mother.

I dont have a license or a car, i dont have any money, i dont have anything. Im at the end of my rope and im doing all that i can to survive. I tried to do a gofundme to get a vehicle but now with these new developments with my mom kicking me out, i dont think i can use that money for a vehicle. I need to use that money to find somewhere to go.

You dont have to offer me a place to go, i have prospects but i need money to follow through with them. I also really really dont want to be out of florida. I wont leave the state. I need to get out of this house but i still dont want to be so far away that i cant get back home if my mom takes a turn for the worst.

If you can donate to my paypal please do. I need food this month and i need to save up to find somewhere to go before my year here is up. Im gonna keep doing the surveys and the camming, im gonna keep reapplying to the gas station next to my house. Im not gonna give up. But i NEED help.

My paypal is

If you cant donate please signal boost. And thank you so much for your love, compassion, and care.

hi my names nick n im 17 and i draw furries i guess

so as many of you know, im having a really difficult time at home. it involves. all kind of stuff but the end point is that my parents have disowned me and are kicking me out of the house next year and i’ll have no way to support myself.

this is all i have to my name. im in the process of searching for a job but so far nothing has turned up. i really really need to be able to support myself when the time comes so im going to start doing commissions .

prices (examples are linked)

line art - $5

flat color - $10

full color/shading - $15

+ $4 for every additional character

what i will draw:
people / furries / fursonas / original characters / ponies / sfw / softcore gore / softcore nsfw

what i wont draw:
hardcore nsfw / hardcore gore / mecha

if youre interested, you can contact me on my tumblr @feeenie , or my email,

im really struggling right now so any kind of help is appreciated. thank you so much!!


Sungjong –  [pic: 100x1525]


All our inspirits, I think this photobook can be used to make you feel like we’re on vacation together in the states. I hope you can treasure this. Thank you, I will always love and thank you!

>> Must need items for when you go outside the country?

Cellphone and Ipad, Face mask pack, MP3

>> A long trip to America, what do you do during the flight?

I listen to music, pop song, new songs, I listen to piano songs a lot or OSTs like ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’. I feel safe and very happy. You feel energized when you’re tired.

>> First destination America, how do you feel?

To step into a place I’ve only been able to see through movies and photos made it that much cooler for me. I bought some things as I bought a new pair of sneakers, so I was really happy while I was shopping. It was really fun and the food was good as well. When we were shooting the music video, catered food was waiting for us. Eating charcoal grille meat, steak, salmon and sushi helped me gain strength. The foods with grease especially helped during the [synchronized] dance scenes. 

>> What did you do when you first arrived?

I unpacked my luggage at the hotel, and the first days are always the most free days of our trips so I went out looking around while drinking some drinks [he means soda. don’t get me wrong why am I even explaining this] The moving time to get to the photoshoot spots were long so when I had the time, I always rested. I swam at the hotel’s pool, I’m that great of a swimmer but I enjoy the water. I want to try scuba diving and snorkeling and different water sports.

>> When you go to America again, with whom and with what purpose do you want to go?

Close people. Members are fine and so are company family members. I want to enjoy everything through a tour. I [also] want to watch the ‘O Show’ as well.

>> Do you have any places, scenes etc. that you remember well?

Hollywood and art street! All the cosplayers were amusing and the fact that I was shooting a photoshoot was like a dream to me. It was tiring because I couldn’t get much sleep but there were more fun times.

>> A hero you really wanted to see in Hollywood?

Superman. People might laugh at me when they hear this but, the many memories of him making my heart flutter with his red cape is equivalent to the amount of times his cape flapped when he was up in the sky. The red underwear on top of the pants were a bit burdensome for me but he was a normal guy before he transforms. I can’t even tell you how charismatic and cool for me to watch him take off his glasses then transform. Superman ~

>> If you didn’t become a singer but took a road of a different kind of artist?

I might’ve become a designer. I don’t want to specialize in hair, make-up, wardrobe, editing, etc. or any of the small areas, I would’ve become the one who overlooks everything; a visual director. It’s a new thing but it’s been growing these days so I want to hurry and try it one day. If I want to get greedier, I want to personally launch a fashion brand in my name. Would that be too much?

>> How was Las Vegas?

I got to see the greatest live show. It was a show where the size and work was so big that the only thing I could say was “How did they dare [to]”. The ‘O Show’ I went to see with everyone was one of the shows from and I got to experience the beauty of the Water show. It was so cool that it would be a big regret if you took your glasses! To be honest, before we got to see the show, we watched the movie on the plane but how could it beat the live? The ‘O Show’ was such a high quality show that it became the meaning of Las Vegas to me. It was that good!

>> If you wanted to take a memorable vacation with your members, where would you go?

Australia. I want to spend time there by going to see famous places, streets, and try the food. I want to go to the zoo, take a lot of pictures and make a photo book. I want to buy a photo album and put all the pretty pictures our fans took. I don’t know what expressions I had then but if I put all the pictures together, I can reminisce all the times and go “these were the days”. I want to want to try different lay outs as well. Step design, vertical, horizontal, etc. I want to study design as well.

>> Where is a place you really want to go as a vacation?

We got to go to Jakarta this time but we didn’t get to go the Bali. I want to go see the Turtle Island in Bali and try different good foods and get massages. I heard that Tahiti’s Bora Bora Island is number one though. I heard that it’s a must-go spot because it will sink soon. I want to go to the Maldives, with my family.

>> What is the directionality of this photobook in Sungjong’s mind?

Super special cool looks! I want people to realize, ‘Ah, I didn’t notice this but, Infinite has these charms”. I want them to have some healing as they look through this cool layout and nice pictures. I want it to be a healing photobook where people absentmindedly go “ah!” when they’re sad. I want it to be a photobook that has so many things that all the fans want to keep it forever with them.

Infinite, To my loving members

Sungkyu hyung, I want to thank you for leading us so well with you leadership, please take care of your health. It’s time you took care of your health yourself…. Health is always first! Dongwoo hyung, you always look so cool up on stage, the gazes in your eyes are always good, and I thank you for always doing your second hyung duties so well. Don’t ever lose that bright smile and continue to go on. Woohyun hyung, it’s good to see your confidence overflowing, I think that’s the best for you! Hoya hyung looks so cool when you’re dancing on stage and it makes me want to try harder. You leg is hurt so be careful and take your vitamins! Sungyeol hyung, I thank you for always listening to my problems and saying nice stuff to me. We’re doing well right now so hwaiting! I will always be behind you and cheer you on. Myungsoo hyung, our so handsome Myungsoo hyung, sometimes you’re like my friend and sometimes like my trustworthy hyung. Thanks for always hanging out with me. I hope that you’ll always be next to me like right now. I thank all the hyungs and I will show you a good maknae side of me. Let’s go together for a long time!

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"Remember that one night out?" A Bad Boy Harry Styles Fanfic

“Dumb ass!” I shout to myself as a car cuts me off. Ugh. I hated driving on the highway with a bunch of idiots. I’m on my way to my friends flat to hang out because of my recent breakup with my douche ex boyfriend, James. James was a dick, he was self conceited and always did what he wanted to do. It was his way or no way. I stayed with him because i kept telling myself that he would change. It was every typical deal with the girl thinking she could change a bad boy but it failed miserably. The girl always gets hurt in the end. I turn off my exit and drive down the first neigbourhood street. Down Mayberry St. the third house off the end. I park on the side walk and go to the boot of the car. I pick up a small back pack. That was all i could get during the fight before i stormed out. I walk up the driveway and bang on the door. “POLICE OPEN UP!” i joke. I hear things clatter before the door opens. Heather opens the door. Suprised it wasnt the police she laughs. “Stupid! I was so scared !” i laugh together and go inside. Her house was always warm during the winter and i loved staying there. Its always so cozy and nicely decorated. I go to guest room and set my things on the queen sized bed. The room was an aqua blue with an orange ceiling. It had a beach theme, there are beach signs like “CLOTHES OPTIONAL BEYOND THIS POINT” and other rad things like that. The bed was a white thick blanket with blue linings and the pillows were blue and orange. I walk out and go to the kitchen and search her fridge. “Sorry babe I didnt go shopping yet, I was just about to go to the store wanna go?” she says walking out of the living room. “Sure” i say. “Lemme pee first” I sprint to the bathroom. “I"ll be in the car!” heather shouts closing the front door behind her. *toilet flushes* *door closes* *running footsteps* *front door closes* *door locks* I hopped in the car and we drove to the nearest market. In the car ride we started talking about random things. “Hey remember that one really hot guy that one night we went out?” heather says. Immediatly I knew who she was talking about. His name was Harry. He was tall and had the gorgeous green eyes. His hair would be considered long and it had messy curls. He was wearing black jeans and a black t shirt with a leather jacket. I could see the tattoos peeking from under his shirt and some coming on to his hand out of the jacket .Ugh. Just thinking about him made me want to melt. He was so hot. I began to fade into a ‘daydream’ and relived that entire night. That night at the bar we would keep making eye contact finally I went outside for a some fresh air. He followed to have a smoke. He was right behind me the whole time i felt his heavy eyes on me the entire path to the outside. Outside we talked while he smoked. “You smoke?” he asked. “No, not anymore.” i return. he nodded. “Its a disgusting habit.” he says. “and yah i know i say its a disgusting habit yet, i do it.” he says again. I laugh “hmm” i mumble. We both smile. “You wanna get out of here?” he asks. Normally I would never ever go anywhere with someone I just had met at the bar. but with him i felt comfortable but i didnt let him know that. “I dont even know your name?” i say. “Its Harry, Harry Styles. ” he answers. “Okay that helps a little but youre still a stranger,” I say. “What is your name?” he questions. “Y/N” I answer. “See now were not strangers.” He shakes my hand and smiles. I nod and laugh. We begin to walk together. We find a little cafe that serves hot chocolate. He opens the door for me and motions with his hand for me to enter. I smile and giggle. We are greeted by a waitress. and she leads us to a booth. We both just look at each other, I make a weird face a he smiles. His smile was so perfect. “Is this a date?” he asks. “No,” i say “this is too boring” i joke. he scoffs. “So you think im boring?” he questions smiling. “well if this is the best you can do then yes.” i laugh. He takes my hand and pulls me out of the booth. “Where are we going?!” i shout. “Some where not boring!” he shouts back. He leads me to a chained fence and begins to climb it. “Should we be climbing over this?” i ask. “no” he says nonchalantly. i was confused but kept climbing. He started running through the field ahead. I followed. Soon I saw this abandoned shack near the shore. “Come here” he says. Walking up i see some blankets and one pillow and a camping lamp. “This is probably where you bring every one of your girls that you try to have a one night stand with.” you say insulted. “No its not.” he pleads. “liar, this is exactly what it looks like pillows, blankets, what do you expect me to think?” I say my voice raising. “Trust me Y/N this is a place where i go to think, i wouldnt lie to you.” Inside my head i was like of course you would lie to me you dont even know me. “I have never taken anyone here.” he pleads again. “How am i supposed to believe you?” i ask “you just have to.” he says. So what do i do? Should I stay with this really hot bad boy or should i just take my instincts and not believe him? but what if he is telling the truth? I stay with him. I sigh and say “fine.” he smiles and takes my hand. he brings me inside this little shack. it was so beautiful and peaceful. the roof was gone so we could see the stars. i could hear the was crashing on the rocks. “Where do i sit?” he looks to the blankets on the floor. I shrug my shoulders and sit on the floor. “Why did you take me here if you have never shown anyone this place before?” i ask. “I dont know, you said that the cafe was boring and this place, to me is the coolest. So,i- i didnt want you to be bored i wanted to let you see this place and maybe you’d enjoy it as much as i do.” he says quietly. I dont know why but when he said he didnt want me to bored made me smile like he didnt want me to leave, like he wanted to impress me. He sits down next to me hugging his knees. “So tell me about you? I want to know.” I smile and shrug I dont know what to say. “I get embarrassed telling people about myself i feel like I’d bore you” i say. “You wont.” he assures. I sigh again but smile. “okay, im 19 years old, i live on my own in a nice flat, i work as a bartender at the bar we were just at, I dont have any kids that i know of-” i joke “ and i like to go fishing.” he nods like he approves. I laugh. “I love your laugh” he says. I feel my cheeks burn as i blush. I cant do anything but smile, i hated that i always smile when i start to get shy. “and your smile” he says staring at me. Ah fuck why is he doing this to me. I bet i look like a fucking tomato smiling like a weird person. Finally i cool down. “okay now your turn.” i say in retaliation. “I 21 years old, i also live on my own, i also dont have any kids, that i know of. ” he laughs “and i like to sit in this shack and make shapes in the stars” we both look up at the stars in sync. he looks at me again and just stares. why the fuck does he keep staring at me? is there something on my face? in my nose? my teeth? ugh what is it?. “Why do you keep staring at me?” i finally ask. “oh, sorry i just I dont know.” i half smile. “is there something in my teeth?” i ask seriously. he laughs at my question. “No theres nothing wrong on your face or anything your perfect.” no one has ever talked to me like this or stared at me when there was nothing on my face or my teeth. I dont know what to do. “do you want to dance?” he asks. I give him a weird face and look around. but what the hell why not. “sure.” I smile yet again. “but theres no music.” “ yes there is ” he says he turns on this little cd player. Dare You to Move by Switchfoot starts playing. We go out of the shack and start slow dancing in the sand. I rest my head on his shoulder. “I love this song” i whisper. “Me too” his deep voice whispers back. suddenly he kisses me right as the guitar solo. I got chills. The kiss ends as the song ends. I look at him in the eyes and then kiss him again. we move back into the shack he lays me on the floor. we start kissing again. his hand reached under my shirt in the back. -Y/N! Y/N! I woke up out of my day dream as heather yells my name. “what the fuck is wrong with you ?” she says “Oh aha sorry i was just thinking about someone.” “well that was weird dont do it again, oh and hey whatever happened between you and that Henry guy.” “Harry” i correct her. “And i dont know,” “didnt you guys have to breakup because you were thought you were holding him back from something.” she says. “yah ” i say looking down at my phone. “hm” she says. i find a contact that says 'Harry Styles’ “hey” i text. immediately i get a response. “its about time you texted me.”