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Day 1: Dragon

This is a bit late, but I still wanted to get this out for the start of Azula Week 2017! (inspiration)

do you think that when mary died. when her time on earth was up and she closed her eyes and smiled because she was going to be with her son and her god,,

do you think that jesus’ heart sped up and he loves us all with the same spellbinding and infinite love but this was his mother, this was his mother,,

do you think he knew it was the time and he ran through the streets and dancing throngs and he was there when she arrived and she saw him and smiled and there were tears in her eyes and she burst into sobs as she knelt and he knelt with her and held her in his arms and stroked her hair and kissed her forehead as she wept and fingered the holes still in his wrists and didn’t dare call him son only remember when she held him tiny in her arms,,

do you think that when he pulled her to her feet and gently touched her cheek and said the roar “well done, my beloved servant” she finally healed somewhere deep inside and she forgave her son for dying and thanked her god that he did,,


commissions are now open!!

!!please be aware!! 

-these may take a lot of time! i ask for patience! 

-i’ll only accept payment through paypal

-you can pay when convenient, and ask for updates whenever you want. i won’t do refunds, however i will make changes to the piece.

-prices may fluctuate, depending on the material and the number of characters. if i feel i need to change the price, i will discuss it with you.

-i am open to discussing prices in general, and i will take payments up to a week late from when the piece is finished. 

i will not do:

  • pedophilic/incestuous/abusive ships
  • nsfw (i am a minor)
  • fetish art

i will do:

  • a speedpaint for the piece (this will be about two to three dollars extra)
  • gore
  • ocs/character design
  • basic comics (prices for these can be discussed)

email me at to order/ask questions!!! thank you!!

FMA Mulan Fusion feat. Trans Woman Ed

so there’s a war. there’s always a war, now. say it’s the ishvalan war, except this time there’s nothomonculus, no country destroying plans, no dwarf in the flask. just a power hungry, racist ruler who doesn’t know when to quit. that also means there’s no philospher’s stone, so this isn’t a war easily won.

the east is dangerous, resembool is a dangerous place. and the elrics and rockbells, they’re dangerous too. winry continues her parents work, does what she knows they must of have done, and protects isvalans. heals the wounded, hides them and shelters them. and of course al and ed find out, and they help. of course they help, her two best friends.

and ed’s a girl. she goes by ed, it’s short for eden (trisha helped her pick it out when she was five). winry provides her with hormones so her body looks like eden wants it to, and she has a penis but tbh that doesn’t phase her much, because she’s a women so it’s a woman’s penis and that’s that. her and winry are best friends, and the cutest girls in the village. al gets in the habit of punching a lot of guys who try hitting on them, not because winry and ed aren’t more than capable of defending themselves, but because it’s kinda fun and they both ruffle his hair after. so these three children are doing everything they can to help stop a big war.

but then there’s a draft. a man from each household across amestris must join the military, and if a woman from the household has already enlisted it doesn’t count towards the draft. the draft is for men only. and the rockbells have no men, they are exempt. but the elric’s have one - alphonse. and they’re all devestated, and edward and winry are furious. if there’s anyone less qualified to be a soldier, they don’t know it. and it’s ed that comes up with a plan, and she ropes winry into it, of course. that’s what best friends do.

ed’s going to disguise herself as a man and answers the draft in her brother’s stead. “you have breasts, eden,” winry tries to argue when ed brings it up, fists clenched at her side because this war just keeps fucking taking from her, and she’s sick of it. “yeah, well, i also have a penis, so im pretty sure i’ll get away with it,” ed returns, smirking to hide the fact that pretending to be a boy when she’s a girl is going to kill her, slowly and completely, but it’s for al. there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her brother.

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im finally done learning cherry bomb :’) i’d like to thank my family, my friends *mark’s voice* and god for letting me pull through two hours everyday to learn it without giving up-

finals are over thank god… im finishing up my solo horizon piece and when im done with that im gonna start on another artist to author prompt with aria & tevos haha anyway i drew this for the return of ff12!!! it’s an awesome game and really different from what’s out there (looking at you gambits) plus the characters are the best!



oh my god im finally done with this piece please rest in peace my soul I took like 2 weeks+ on this im crying niagara falls

Somewhat a 250 follower thank you art on my main and a new fresh meme banner for my art blog! My apologies if this looked too crowded, tried my best to fit as many yogs as I could c: Can’t slot in most of the references sadly or it’ll get insanely crowded

my back hurts im not old yet not like this

aim and ignite.

Summary: Jacen Solo is eight years old when he decides to save the galaxy.   

“You’re both kooked,” comes Nik’s muffled, sleepy voice from somewhere amidst the pile of pillows on the other side of their bedroom. “The galaxy has like a zillion planets. No one c’n help ‘em all.”

“Don’t listen to him,” says Jaina, patting his arm wisely. “I think it’s an excellent plan.”

YOU GUYS. I WROTE IT. I WROTE THE FIC. I FINISHED THE JACEN FIC. THIS IS IT. MY MONA LISA. MY PRIDE AND JOY. O H MY G OD. anyway, please please please please give feedback. this is entirely in my own Nursery Verse canon, which, if ur new here, is not in the (old) EU canon at all mostly past like, the first half of the first junior jedi knights book, chronologically, so dont tell me i got characterizations off and such, aight, thanks. OTHER THAN THAT PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK IM SORRY THIS IS SO LONG BUT IVE BEEN WORKING ONIT FOR A YEAR AND ITS FINALLY DONE OH MY GOD @actual-leia-organa @cogito-ergo-dumb @hansolosbutt @weary-hearted-queen @official-star-babe thank you for ur endless support in this past year and @weaslayyy thank you for ur current support and encouragement. To Indy especially, know that this fic would not be finished right now were it not for your endless excitement. bless u, fam. anyhoops, <3 <3 <3 ENJO Y.

He’s standing in front of thousands of beings and his arms are positioned stiffly at his sides, elbows locked as he places his hands on the podium in front of him. The senate hall is suddenly much, much bigger than it’s ever been before, the domed ceiling so far up above him that he could lie and say it’s like it almost isn’t there. The sheer number of hovering podiums surrounding him is making his fingers tingle uncomfortably.

Mom’s voice is playing on repeat in his head, low and melodic and familiar: The trick is to not let them know you’re nervous.

He’s not nervous. Not exactly. He’s spent years working towards a Something that has finally turned out to be this, years of righteous indignation and self-doubt and scraped knees and bruised knuckles and hoarse voice and bright laughter, years of listening and learning and watching as his parents painted him a story of what once was (what can come to be).

And sithin’ hells, but he’s not even an official part of the senate (and never will be, he hopes – “Good thing too,” says Dad, squeezing his shoulder, “’cause you can make a helluva lot more difference when you don’t have to play by their rules,” and Mom rolls her eyes from the other side of the room but tells him, “Listen to your father, Jasa,” and “I guess there might be a head on his shoulders after all –”)

But here he is, about to open his mouth.

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All we ask for is an apology…