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T'CHALLA putting a sign on the Cryo saying don't tap the glass. Meanwhile Steve sees the sign and presses his face against the glass because it's not tapping. Then the sign says, no tapping,licking,breathing,smashing face against glass, crying, or being too gay to the glass.

steve @ tchalla:

while bucky – muffled – from inside the cryo chamber:

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Oikawa deciding to go to a college in Tokyo, and he meets Kuroo and/or Bokuto, and one day Daichi just receives a selfie with all of them together and that's the day he decides to leave Japan forever

He replies to the selfie with a picture of his international flight tickets 

A Hit and A Miss

Scorpius Malfoy falls down into the seat, wand in hand, and stares. It’s obvious he has no idea who you are. After a second, he smiles and extends his wand  hand. 

Scorpius: Hi, I’m Sco- Malfoy. Scorpius Malfoy. As in last name Malfoy, first name Scorpius. 

Scorpius: ‘m sure you’ve met him. Brown hair, prefect pin, big glasses? his hands are really soft and I’m not really sure how he keeps that way. But, anyways, he was supposed to meet me ten minutes ago– 

You smile and shake your head. Scorpius leaves. 

Barely a minute later, Albus Potter falls down into the same seat, out of breath. 

Albus: Hello, um, you’re a fifth year right? Sorry I didn’t mean to drop by while you’re doing something. Are you busy? 

He drops the books onto the seat and glances away. 

Albus: Did Scorpius drop by here? Blonde hair, big scar on his nose? You’d have to recognize him. We’re meeting here in ten minutes, I think, and I supposed he’d be here already. 

bts fansign (vid cr; @smurfbts)

JH: Can everyone at the back see well? (*army 1st heart flutter*)
JH: You can’t see?
ARMY: Yes!!  (JK: We can see you ((*army second heart flutter))
JH: Even though we can see you (laughs)
JM: You’re lying since we can see youu ~ (*army 3rd heart flutter at his tone) We can only see you well~ you really can’t see?
ARMY: Yes!!

trans cr; @hobuing​