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sounds of thedas: FERELDEN

the people are proud and rough, the forests deep, the fields wide. the very hills themselves torn by war, both civil and foreign, and even in summer the night’s chill can only be chased away by a warm fire. but to many this country is home, and they will do anything to defend it.

featuring tracks from clash of the titans, robin hood, stardust, ori and the blind forest, how to train your dragon, the eagle, & dragon age: inquisition


your divinity stems from the needle
you thread through your lips
to hold back the violence gathering like a storm
at the port of your tongue.

lightning flashes against your teeth and thunder
rumbles through your throat.
there is power in the sound and you hold it
in your mouth like a kiss not yet given.

your divinity begins between your ribs,
where your heart creaks, pumping ichor
through veins like water through a river system.
it stretches to the ends of your hair, curled soft
like snakes against your shoulders.

you press fingertips to dirt,
each grain like a garden growing outwards,
each tree a network, a brain of firing synapse.
you are naked within the grasp of the Earth
no, you are naked
and you stand with the Earth in your palms,
you are in no ones’ grasp but your own.

your hands are steady and warm
and they hold the world with more ease
than Atlas’ shoulders could dream.  

GODHEAD // l.s.



I should honestly have an online portfolio and a website….

especially since i’m apparently a pro now

( SO I’ve been reaLLY open to playing a new muse just to write with more blogs and try something refreshing in terms of character headspace. I WILL still have warren to rp with a select handful of my favs ( half moved to discord already ) but otherwise I want to get out there and meet new muses, and just, TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT? I’m CRAVING it, but other than nux from mad max: fury road, I have NO IDEA who my new muse would be. I need someone I can recklessly fling into multiple verses!! maybe I’ll give it shot once I’m feeling game. )

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i was tagged by @apricityofthedamned to say 5 nice things about myself yikes (thank you love ❤️)

1. my art is pretty okay!
2. i like the fact that i try to see/know both sides of a situation, but am always certain of my own opinion. its good!
3. my sense of style is pretty a1 ;)
4. this might be a different view than what ive had before, but i really do think im strong. ive thought about giving up too many times already.
5. im lowkey cute!! feelin it

thank you girlie :D im not tagging anyone though, sorry!! u can do this if u want to

i stg all i can think about is the cat i havent gotten yet like
idk what you look like or how we’ll get along but im already mentally cuddling you and giving you food ugh just show up in my life already i cant wait till march


lms if u cried a bit

what would i do without your smile now..

Wow.. i feel like i just fell in love with fluttering feelings all over again.. I never imagined a manhwa could make me feel this emotional. 

No-rae getting hurt was a really unfortunate thing but i think the deeper meaning behind this chapter is, you really have to be grateful for just being alive.. Life is so very fickle, there are accidents everywhere waiting to happen, and there is always a chance you’re unlucky enough to be there at the wrong time.. 

A brush with death would definitely make one distraught and lost but watching No-rae reaching out for the umbrella at that moment made me sob so so hard. She must have been so tired and lost and hurt but she kept reaching for the umbrella, Seol-a’s umbrella. Almost seemed like the thought of losing that last memory of Seol-a would mean the end of her.. 

When No-rae called Seol-a, it looked like she merely wanted to let Seol-a know she was okay, but i think a greater part of her just wanted to hear Seol-a’s voice.. 

After going through so much, she still tried so hard to reassure Seol-a, i can’t imagine how much willpower it must have took, telling Seol-a not to come, though Seol-a proved to be much more stubborn.

No-rae tried to be strong when Seol-a arrived, maintaining a neutral expression, but being comforted by the one she loves broke down her strong front. When the both of them finally really looked at each other, the relief overwhelms No-rae and a lone tear escapes. 

Seol-a was worried about No-rae the whole time but something definitely changed in the last few panels, she seemed at a loss, after looking No-rae in the eyes.. like she finally realizes how close she came to losing the girl in her arms.

After such an emotionally draining encounter, i really hope they both realize what the other really means to each of them, and act on it, because life is truly unpredictable.

does anyone else feel like tomorrow upd8 (with karkat, vriska, and kanaya) might also have some davekat tease like…the two already shared their bit on dave and karkat’s quadrant-ambiguous relationship…. and with the way hussie has been just repeatedly teasin the clarity about their relationship is just… and the questions about love and kissing from roxy…and dave still not saying anything…im in Real Pain ™