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AAayyy- look how pathetic I am right now :‘DDD Anyway I’m PLANNING on something SO POINTLESS AND PROBABLY STUPID!! SO WHO WANTS TO JOIN????

Here’s some info/rules to keep in mind:

- Read all the rules!!

- You need to draw a digital art

- It’s your choice if you want to draw your persona, oc or anything else.. But furrys are more preferred

- I only need 1 character from each person but if you want to do more, then remember I can’t do more than 2

- But if there’s not enough characters then you’re allowed to draw more.. If you want of course.. Write “Back up” if you would like to do more drawings

- Need full color and clean line art!!! No sketches, no color aren’t allowed (unless your character is dressed in black and white, that’s fine c:)

- No nswf kind of stuff..

- Must be kind of cute/chibi

- Reblog this to join

- If you have read all the rules then write in your reblog “Legendary Lettuce” xD

- I’ll check some of your arts before I’ll let you join

- If I accepted I’ll message you myself with more info on what exactly to draw

I need REALLY a lot of people to join this.. So when I get to that certain number I’ll reblog this and tell you if it’s closed yet or not.. When I get enough people to join this I’ll tell when the deadline will be..

Anyway I think this is all.. Oh and remember this is for FUN!!! So please don’t murder me if you find the idea too stupid.. Join only if you want ^w^.. (I’ll be a bit inactive too.. So I’ll probably be doing this only..)

Frankly, I’m beyond annoyed with the evak stans who are complaining about this season of skam. I’ve seen people continuing to express disappointment that even isn’t the main and some have been whining about this season being “boring”.

I’d first like to point out that, so far, this season has been objectively good with drama already brewing within the girl gang and Sana and Yousef exchanging meaningful glances (god knows I’m already hooked!). The fact that some of you are complaining about how uninteresting the story is despite this is really telling. It’s clear that some of you came to skam for your fix of cute white boys kissing and now you’re unreasonably bitter that they are not the central story.

I’m not denying that isak’s story was important because it was! However, it’s really frustrating that some skam fans are disregarding how important and groundbreaking this new season is! How often do you see a Muslim girl as the face of a globally successful show, having her depicted as a regular teenager going through relatable teenage experiences?

Sana deserves this season and the millions of young Muslim women around the world like Sana deserve this season.


Black & White + Nic & Worick Official Artwork Wallpapers [540x960]

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Hey guys so I was just watching the sneak peek scene with Spencer and Mr Hastings for tomorrow’s episode “Power Play” and I could not help but notice that the private investigator Mr Hastings hired to find Mary Drake was Maddie Harper who has the same initials as a certain sister in rosewood.

Melissa Hastings.

Could she be A.D?

I personally think there are many clues leading to some involvement on Melissa’s part either in Charlotte’s death, Wren or being A.D herself.

As we know Wren broke up with Melissa during the time jump when he found out about her involvement with Bethany’s death and thanks to Marlene we know Wren kinda leads the liars to A.D in the finale.

It is a bit of a reach but im bored of trying to figure out who A.D is so could this be a subtle clue about Melissa?

She is one of the few characters on the show that would actually have a good enough motive to be A.D and it wouldn’t be a huge disappointment if she was.

She has always been there lurking in the shadows should we say and has proven can be real shady, devious and has many secrets of her own.

In particular Marlene has said to watch from after the time jump for clues and even though she only appeared in 6x13 “The Gloves Are On” and 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage” there was that whole incident with Spencer and Caleb explaining how she broke the handle of her suitcase which was obvious lies..

Either way she is hiding something and the good news is she appears in the finale 7x20 “Til DeAth Do Us PArt” as you can see above she is giving Spencer some real shady looks which is suspicious.

I honestly think Torrey Devitto would pull it off amazingly..but the only issue is that she has other commitments on her show Chicago Med. Did she have the screen time to pull it off? Only the writers and cast know for now but thankfully we will know soon and giving that the last 3 episodes have been boring and lacking of answers im taking the “Maddie Harper” as a clue.

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i dont know im just a bit tired of “humanoid designs are inherently boring and bad” followed by some suggestion for a more alien design that ive seen like 5 billion times and/or changes nothing and/or is just a furry