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hey! so I’ve been seeing a lot of blogrates on my dash lately so I just wanted to post this:

your blog is your blog. what you like is what you like. if you like your icon, that’s amazing!! if you like your theme, fantastic! if you think your url is hella amazing, that’s wonderful!! what matters is what you like because it’s your blog. if someone doesn’t like your icon, url, theme, or blog, try to not let it bother you. ofc it does slightly hurt, but just remember we all have different taste. please don’t feel bad about your blog because it doesn’t look like someone else’s, or if it doesn’t get someone’s approval. ily <33

Never Get A Break - Jaehyun

Requested: OMG adm Finn the jaehyun make out was soo perfect kyaaaaah~😙 your writing is amazing, like a professional, it’s so good! 👍👏👌Now I need the hot steamy makout with Jaehyun too lol.😁 Tysm ily 💜💛💚💟✌

A/N: Sorry, it’s probably not as steamy as you wanted, it’s rlly fluffy :’)
Also it’s 3AM so I apologize for producing garbage ^^;

**suggestive language**

Word Count: 485

Your back pressed to the granite counter, a gentle laugh escaping your plush lips. Your fiancé’s hands wandered under your sweater, his calloused fingertips setting your skin ablaze. He smiled, his soft dimple showing as his lips brushed your cheek.

“I missed you” he murmured.

His fingertips prodded at your ticklish sides, making you squirm.

“No!” you giggled, pushing at his chest gently.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it” he whispered, pressing his frame flush to your own.

Jaehyun stopped his antics, instead pulling your waist closer. His gaze softened, his smile fading. He leant down, tilting his head gently. Your eyes fluttered close, your heart throbbing. You waited expectantly, slowly peaking an eye open after a few moments. Jaehyun’s gaze met your own before he drew back, laughing obnoxiously.
You pouted, stalking past him.
He grasped your elbow, guiding you to lean against the counter once again. He leant close once again, his tall frame obstructing your view.

“Is this what you wanted?”

He smiled, knowing your irritated façade would soon fade. He caressed your jaw gently, leaning down to capture your lips. A muffled sigh escaped you, your heart fluttering. Endearingly, his lips slowly coaxed yours to dance.
Your small hands gripped his sweater tightly, pulling him closer. His gentle caress soon became a controlling grip. His starved lips devouring your own hastily.
Gasping, you peaked and eye open as he pushed you onto the counter, knocking over a glass of water. You drew back, your gaze stern.
He ignored you, his lips trailing over your exposed collarbone. Your fingers wove into his soft hair, yanking harshly. He met your gaze, wincing slightly.

“You have to clean this up-”

“Later” he mumbled, chasing after your lips once again.

You smiled into the kiss, moaning quietly.
Jaehyun’s large hands moved to your thighs, agilely guiding your lithe legs to wrap around his slender waist. You shifted, your core pressing to his confined manhood. His lips stuttered, parting in awe. You introduced your sly tongue to his own, draping your arms over his broad shoulders.
Suddenly, a phone rang loudly, the obnoxious cry making you knit your brows together. You reached into the back pocket of Jaehyun’s jeans carefully. His lips left your own, his stature straightening.

“It’s Doyoung” you remarked.

He snatched his phone from you, hugging your head into his soft sweater, smothering you.

“Hey” he casually answered, ignoring your pathetic writhing.

“My hair!” you hollered, your hands quickly finding their way under his sweater.

Desperately, you attempted to tickle him, grinning as he let out a weak laugh, releasing you.

“What are you doing?” Doyoung questioned.

You slid from the wet granite counter, pouting as your moist jeans rode up uncomfortably.

“Nothing-” Jaehyun assured, “You should see (Y/n) right now… she’s so wet.”

Jaehyun snickered quietly as Doyoung stuttered.

“I never get a break” you muttered quietly, striding toward the bathroom, rolling your eyes.

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I’m back with another follow forever!! I wanted to do this not only for the holidays coming up but also because I reached another milestone for my blog~~ I want to thank all of you for following me and sticking around! I never thought that I would gain as many followers as I have and I’ve also gained a lot of new friends that I really appreciate~~~

All of you are amazing!!! ♡

Thanks again~~ I love you all and I hope that the new year is great and that you’re all able to meet your bias one day!!!

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I recently hit 700 which is amazing and ily all a lot so for the first time ever I’m gonna do blogrates/Harry Potter aesthetics! Woo! 

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hi it’s me!! and i was gonna wait until i hit 10k but i’m impatient so we’re doing this now

all these people are wonderful & amazing! fave blogs are italicized and if you’re a mutual let me know bc i’m so bad at that sort of thing and i want to be friends!!

thank you for brightening my life with your blogs and hope y’all enjoy xx


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To celebrate hitting 200 followers, I’m doing my first follow forever🎉🎊💕👀

I would like to thank you all for those amazing 6 months🎉I met so many amazing people that I bonded over with on more than just kpop. I treasure you all so much and for mutuals, even if we don’t talk a lot I always read your tags when you reblog from me and check stalk👀 your blogs from time to time to see how you’re doing and all, ily❤️❤️

please excuse my shitty banner, I just played around with photoshop options

so without further ado, here we go:

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Follow Forever

I hit 1K followers 2 days ago (and now 1.1k! which is a completely insane number for me) and to celebrate that I decided to make this first follow forever that includes some beautiful blogs y’all should follow. I’m really amazed by how many people follow me. I joined this fandom at Christmas eve and I don’t regret it! What an amazing time! Thank you so much! ♡


I also want to do some blogrates! :) format:

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All the other special blogs:

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my favorite group blogs:

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Michael Latta #4

Requested by Anon:  hiiii! i love your blog so so so much and i was wondering if i could request one?? pls don’t feel rushed about writing it, like you could put it out a year from now and i’d still be excited to read it bc you’re AMAZING. maybe one with michael latta where you get your period/get sick at his house or when you’re with him and you’re all embarrassed but he’s rlly sweet about it and takes care of you?? sorry if that’s kind of a weird request. anyways ily!!!

*Thank you so so much, I love you!! I really really wish you like this. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 853

Originally posted by lattsandhags

The couch is not white and that’s the most important thing in your life right now. Second most important thing: do you or do you not have tampons with you? You rummaged through your bag to find those tiny little suckers but you’re out of luck. No tampons, no pads, no sex.

You have nothing except stains and some laundry to do, apparently.

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Okay guys, I actually hit 3k followers a few days ago (and already 3.1k today ahhh) and because I love you all so much I want to do some things to celebrate this !  Again, thank you all for following me and just for being such amazing people (and ily all very much) !



  • + two characters/ships/friendships/houses/anything for a make me choose edit (from one of my fandoms please)
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anonymous asked:

Heyyyy I love your blog sm akdjshsj I was just wondering if you could give me some skam blog recs? Thanks ily💙

Aaahhh omg thank you!!! I haven’t been in the Skam fandom for that long, but I have a few blogs that I know

First of all, @isakneven and @koninginnen write AMAZING headcanons. I have to prepare myself before reading their headcanons, because I know that I’m going to die from the feels

I find myself low key stalking @tarjeiandhenrik because they seem really nice and just have an overall great blog

@skamz writes really great fanfics and headcanons! I’ve read a few of their fics multiple times because they’re sooooo good

Also a shoutout to @ravenclawisak @lesbianvilde and @evenskardemomme I absolutely love their blogs!!!!

Honestly I could go on and I’m probably forgetting people but these are some of my favorites:)

anonymous asked:

Hi I love you and your blog and visit it nearly daily cuz again I love you and your blog you single-handedly made me ship about 93% of all my ships THANKS A LOT BTW but anyway hope u had an amazing birthday cuz u deserve it ok ily kthnxbai

OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS SO SWEET OF YOU! <3 My birthday was just fine, and my birthweek continues to be fantastic thanks to lovely individuals such as yourself!! (Oh, and I’m glad my ship-spam is more persuasive than obnoxious, at least in your case… I always assume the latter.)

THANKS AGAIN!! What a wonderful way to start the day~

Just because I can

I wanted to tag the people that I consider my friends that make me happy and try to help me when I’m panicking or down. So, here goes.

@tallasstrees ily Becky thank you for being so nice to me and listening to me babble about my problems. I’m glad I found your blog 😊

@anotherfestivephangirl Cat, babe, you’ve helped me so much, and I’m so grateful for it. Thank you so much 💖

@eyeslikebrokenchristmas-lights Leah, I’ll never forget that day when I was super down and you talked to me about it. Thank you loads 😊

@iamthedragonmaster AND @trash-of-the-fandoms for the whole thing today. Thank you both so much for trying to calm me down and saying that you’ll beat him up 😂. Also all the funny videos and ranting about spn in the chat 💖💖

@natijada9 thank you, Natalie, for staying friends with me every single day after the first day of seventh grade. BABY KOALA 🐨

@undynepml because without you, Becca, I wouldn’t have met Becky or Cat because you’re the reason why I’m in the Phandom in the first place. You hardly ever go on here, but thanks 😊

@just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms because you always listen when I need someone to talk to, and you’re so nice and shit about my writing. Your encouragement is probably the reason why I started writing again. 💖💖💖

I know there are more people, and I appreciate all of you, but I can barely keep my eyes open to type this. I wanted to get it out before I went to bed because I feel I don’t say thank you enough 💖💖💖

anonymous asked:

KPOP ASK THINGY !!! 11-Astro 18-VRomance and 34 ily - squish

11) Your bias in ______?              

In Astro? (They’re all cinnamon rolls) But it has to be Jinwoo /JinJin :D So soft :P (I’m a sucker for soft aesthetics)

Originally posted by whosrocky

18) Favorite MV by ______?       

Vromance did so well in their “I’m Fine” MV. It was so very emotional and I genuinely cried when I first watched it. I was so proud of them and Chandong’s amazing acting T-T

34) How did you get into kpop?      

Well, here’s a funny story. Basically I had followed this one blog for years, like literal years! probably since about 2013-2014, and they had started posting / reblogging about Mamamoo. (c-plaus is the blog name). Mamamoo really appealed to me in terms of music and stuff, but I’m never picky about genres.

As a music student I really really love the actual production of music in the industry, as it seems very well layered and the different melodies that they come up with. It has much higher quality than most western songs, as even those ‘acoustics’ aren’t as ‘acoustic’ as one would expect.

This got pretty long but if you guys ever wanna discuss music in general I’m happy to do it :D

Thanks for the ask Squish, you should get back to your studies!!! And good luck on those exams <3 <3

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seraphicalum  asked:

first of all im so mad ive literally spent the last like 3 days stalking your blog religiously, your aus are bloody amazing I'm so emotional. anyway, plEaSe can you write an au where mckirk are dentists/ orthodontists bc i would cry lmao ily

Geez, I have close to a 100 AUs written for y’all that’s a lot of reading you did! Glad you enjoyed it though :) and anyway:

  • Jim’s a pretty big shot dentist in his local community in Riverside. It’s also pretty much the only dentist around, so it’s not that hard to make it big when you’re the sole player in the industry. And people love him. He’s done a great job in reducing that ‘fear of dentists’ anxiety that prevents people from actually going, and business is doing really well.
  • Until another dentist opens shop. Almost right across the street, too. McCoy Dental & Orthodontics. McCoy isn’t even a name from around here. And when Jim speaks to the guy for the first time, his accent isn’t from a neighboring town either. And initially, Jim thinks it’s okay. Most of his patients are loyal ones, anyway.
  • Except they’re not loyal. Humans are humans, after all, and McCoy’s beating Jim with cheaper prices AND he can provide the local kids with the braces they need so they don’t have to drive to the next town over. Well, two can play this game. Jim lowers his own prices to beat Leonard’s, and he visits patients he’s lost to try and persuade them back. Big blue eyes, charming smile and a little light flirting goes a long way.
  • “You realize how much Red Bull damages your teeth, right?” Leonard’s voice catches Jim off guard, and he turns around. He’s really just stopping for gas, and that means he usually ends up buying half the gas station’s shop worth of sodas, ice creams, chocolate and chips. Because dentist or not, Jim has a sweet tooth, and he’s not going to stop enjoying the little things in life. “My teeth are fine,” Jim says, “and so are my clients.” He means for that to be a burn, but Leonard just laughs it off. “Okay,” Leonard says. “Enjoy all your vegetables, Mr. Dentist.” “Enjoy your sugar rush,” Leonard replies, “Mr. Dentist.”
  • Jim’s newest patient catches his interest, though, because a few days later, it’s Leonard who sits down in his chair. “Didn’t expect you here,” Jim replies, and Leonard shrugs. “I can only check up myself so much. Plus, I chipped a bit of tooth away in the back a few days ago. I can’t fix that by myself.” “Fair enough,” Jim replies, “I’ll have a few x-rays taken-” “I already have them with me.” “I prefer taking them myself,” Jim says, matter of factly, and it’s not up for discussion. He checks out Leonard’s teeth, which are perfectly maintained, of course, and fixes up that little chip immediately. “So, when are you swinging by my practice so I can check you out?” Leonard asks when Jim’s done, and Jim laughs. “Never. My teeth are fine.”
  • And they usually are, until one day his Red Bull suddenly hurts. He checks out his own tooth the best he can, and it’s clear he needs to have that cavity filled, but he’ll get to that after his shift. It’s painful all day, though, and he can’t quite reach it himself and his assistant’s already left. So he stumbles his way over to Leonard’s practice. “We’re closing down,” Leonard says, glancing at Jim in his waiting room. “I know, but can you just real quick fill me up?” Jim asks, and though Leonard wants to decline, Jim still ends up in that chair. “Drill me, doctor,” Jim says right before Leonard gets to work, and Leonard laughs. “That’s a new one.” He’s done fifteen minutes later, and Jim instantly relaxes when that dulling ache is gone.
  • “So why’d you move to Riverside?” Jim asks when he catches Leonard in the local bar. He’s warming up to the other dentist a little, despite their rivalry. “I needed to get out of Georgia.” Leonard said. “It’s a big country, Riverside’s not even on the map.” Jim pries a little further. “My mom has family around here, so I figured I could move here. Open up my own practice, and do some honest work.” Leonard explains, and Jim nods. “Though, you’re stealing my patients.” Jim says. “It’s still honest work,” Leonard replies with a grin.
  • They’re both very drunk when they stumble into Jim’s office. And it’s definitely Jim’s bad idea to take some of that laughing gas they use to treat clients. Both of them sit on the floor, high off their rocks and laughing at the world for a little while. Jim’s fairly sure Leonard’s tried kissing him at some point, because Jim’s kissing him too, but that could also just be the drugs talking. And the alcohol. Which, really, they shouldn’t be combining in the first place.
  • He’s definitely sure they kissed when he wakes up the next morning, because Leonard’s right there next to him. Very naked under the warm comforter. But as long as he’s asleep, Jim’s gonna take advantage of that and press himself up against the other body, an arm circling around Leonard’s waist, and he dozes off for another while.
  • When Leonard does wake up, the silence between them is comfortable. Not awkward. That’s something entirely new for Jim. He turns around in Jim’s arms and Jim is woken up by gentle lips brushing against his jaw. “Are you hungover?” Jim asks, and Leonard shrugs. “Nothing I can’t handle. I could do with a fancy breakfast, though.” “Who says you’re getting breakfast? Maybe I just wanted a shag, and you’re still here.” Jim says, and Leonard laughs again, swatting his side. “Please, like you’re gonna kick me out when there’s a potential round two.” “Potential?” Jim asks, curiosity spiked. “Yeah,” Leonard says, “make me breakfast first, though.”
  • Leonard sells his practice a few months later, and Jim changes his own practice to Kirk & McCoy, instead of just his own. There’s no more rivalry over patients when they’re all treated under the same roof. And initially Jim is worried that seeing Leonard at work is going to make seeing him at home very boring very soon. But Leonard’s such a dedicated dentist, he doesn’t even see him much until they leave work together and walk home. “I still can’t believe I just wanted a lay and I ended up with a boyfriend and business partner,” Jim complains, though it’s barely a genuine complaint. Leonard grins, sliding an arm around Jim’s shoulder, and he kisses the side of his head. “Please, you were into me since day one.”
✧・゚:* Blog of February*:・゚✧*:

It was wayyyyyy more difficult to decide than I thought! All this month’s entries were incredible so I just had to pick a runner-up. The page is here

The winner is….

@nbdraco! Your mobile theme was the deciding factor really and I really like your content. Your updates tab is great and the colour scheme is really nice. DM me to discuss prizes :3

The runner-up…

@slytherindragonfly (you know ily) Basically your theme is really nice and your content is amazing and yeah…I really struggled to decide.  

Runner-up prizes:

  • personal moodboard or character/place moodboard
  • my eternal love and friendship (you already have haha)

Entries for March now open! Just drop an ask saying ‘May botm’ or something :3

You can re-enter if you wish.

Thanks to everyone who entered this month <3

thank you all for 1k 💓

wow so i just hit 1k and i want to thank all of my followers for following me !! ahh it means so much and you are all such amazing, talented people?? your excellence is honestly astounding and you are all overwhelming beautiful. i never thought this blog would even come close to 1k so this is like wow!!!! again thank you all ily!!!!!

equaticns  asked:

I love how you post all sorts of content on your blog, i could literally scroll through your blog for hours together 😂 although I just found your blog today, its easily one of my favourites (✿◠‿◠) Hope you have an amazing day/night ahead :D

This message is too sweet! Thank you! As I said in the ask I just answered, it really means a lot since I keep having existential crises over my blog (and life in general). I cherish every message like this that I receive <3 I hope you have an amazing day/night yourself!

anonymous asked:



Ok, this one goes out to people I haven’t written a whole lot with or a all, but I truly look up to && admire their writing && honestly they’re just amazing wonderful people who deserve all the recognition. 

1. @ncglect  - you were one of the first 12′s I ever wrote with && gosh I’m just awestruck by your blog && the fact that you have that many muses floating around in your head && manage to get them down so perfectly!!
2. @fairbeing - Cass you’re one of the most creative people on this whole website && Ella is the sweetest lil cinnamon roll. You’re also an incredibly positive influence here. ily <3 
3. @prcphvcies- ayy my fellow Aussie! I love how much effort you put into creating Cael && your dedication to history && you’re just such !!! a talent writer