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with all the appreciation post request that has been happening recently.... I was wondering if you could make one for taemin's tummy... Like is that not the purest thing in the whole world? Anyways, I love your blog, you are amazing and ily <3 <3 <3

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Hey if you need a prompt to write I really like the idea of Lance with synesthesia. I find synesthesia reeeeeaaallly cool and it could make for some interesting stories. Also I live for langst and I've been going though your blog looking at your past stories and amazing cosplays like all day and you are like my new favorite person on tumblr. Hope that's not too creepy. ❤️


I had to do a lot of research on this so I hope I brought it justice. 

Slight Reference to Bullies 

Lance was around 6 when he realized that he didn’t see the world the same as everyone else. He saw things differently. He tasted things differently. He smelled things differently. 

Lance never talked about what he experienced until one day he told his mom that he didn’t like the word ‘Blue’ because it tasted weird. 

Lance didn’t quite understand why she laughed at him when he said that. Everyone can taste words right? 

Lance had never been more wrong in his life. 

After a few months of being picked on by his siblings and the laughing stock of his parents he was finally diagnosed. Synesthesia.

It wasn’t anything bad, just made him very different from other people. 

Lance didn’t mind, he simply started to learn what made him uncomfortable. 

The words Blue and Pineapple were a no go for him. It made his mouth feel weird and he was always had an awful taste in his mouth when he said them. 

The number 17 was always yellow. 14 was purple and 349 was vibrant pink. Lance didn’t mind the colors and numbers that much, only when the colors were with there right number. It would always make him slightly uncomfortable when he saw 17 in pink or 14 in green. It just wasn’t normal to him. 

The sensations that moved over his skin likes waves, were the worst. Everytime Lance smelled broccoli or raw meat his skin crawled. He couldn’t get it to stop until he was away from the smell. 


Lance grew used to bullies throughout his years in school. It didn’t take long for people to notice what made Lance uncomfortable. Once they did, they would use it against him. 

They would write numbers in the wrong color, they would trick Lance into saying blue, they would eat broccoli right next to him. 

Lance couldn’t escape it. Not even at the Garrison. 

Lance thanked every God under the sun that he got a understanding roommate, a boy named Hunk. Hunk was very supportive of him and tried to make Lance’s days as easy as possible. No broccoli or raw meat, no horrible words, no wrong color numbers. 


When Lance joined Voltron, he was faced with 5 new people that knew nothing of his situation. 

Lucky Lance never had to look at numbers but sometimes the food goo would smell a little too close to broccoli. Those meals were always the hardest for Lance, he couldn’t exactly get up and leave the table. 

Even when Lance was on Earth his mother would serve broccoli and tell Lance to suck it up when he started to shift in his seat and rub his arms. 

Of course Lance had to pilot the Blue lion, and he had to say the word ‘Blue’ more than he ever wanted. 


Lance eventually started to use his  synesthesia to his and the entire team’s advantage. He was able to remember certain passcodes due to the colors that he familiarized with certain numbers. He never knew the code perfectly but he would see pink in his head and know the number. 

Lance was also more creativity than his team so he found himself helping Pidge and Hunk come up with new machines. 


He still hadn’t opened up to his team (excluding Hunk) because of his fear of how they would treat him. However after living with the team for a few months he didn’t care what they thought or how they reacted. 

Lance entered the bridge where everyone was standing, Lance filled his lungs with oxygen and spoke loud and clear. “I have something to tell you all.” 

Sorry it took so long! 

I can see why you’re interested in this topic! Once I started to research I couldn’t stop <3 

I hope you like it!

Thank you <333

Also I’m happy that you like my blog! 

so i have 200 followers which is amazing seeing as this blog has only really been active for abt a month and i am eternally grateful for you all!!! youre all lovely and deserve the world :^)

im gonna tag all my fave blogs, some r mutuals but a lot r just ppls blogs i rlly love !!!

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Naruto and Sasuke AMV ☯ オレ唯一の友よ |ナルトとサスケ |

Late… I should be more disappointed, but somehow I don’t really feel bad because of it? Haha, I’m getting used to being late to all the events, it seems. So, now that it’s 27th on the planet already, I can’t really say this is my contribution to SNS week, yet I started this AMV only because of that week and @bahare-uzuchiha, who did a great job organizing it, so I’m still tagging it as so… Sorry and thank you! I hope you’ll see it, because I wanted to make it kinda a gift to the fandom and you ‘cause you’re awesome, and no, not only because you created the week… Ily and your blog, honestly, even tho we don’t talk, and also to make everyone remember why we love these two boys. 

Happy (late) SNS week! And happy late birthday, Bahare!

honestly you guys i litearlly can’t even believe that we’re seeing this day?? especially since i literally revived this blog in like october the fact that i’ve just hit 2k followers is absolutely crazy to me tbh!! you know i’m sappy but i’m honestly just sooo speechless so i hope y’all know how much i love each and every one of you!! (p.s. check out this lovely banner made by the lovely @domlnique, thank u Jes!!)


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halla!! first off, i would just like to say a thank u to everyone who has followed my blog and has reblogged my gifs and edits and drabbles and such. it really means a lot, you’re all angels. now, i havent done a follow forever in a long time and im not going to be putting it into alphabetical order (sorry bubs) but again, thank u all so much!! now, lets get onto the good stuff :’)

first, im gonna mention some great friends of mine. they were my first actual skam pals and i love them to bits and pieces and they are absolutely amazing. they’ve given me great feedback on re-starting my writing career here on tumblr and they are angels;

@yousefsanas - agus!!! bub! you were my first skam pal here and honestly i love our friendship so much :’) you give me so much confidence in my writing and give me so much great feedback and i appreciate it and take it to heart (in a good way!!) you’re an amazing friend and ily <33

@valtermeme - megan you have no idea how much i adore you and your aus/headcanons. you have some of the best ideas i’ve ever seen, you would be a fantastic writer!! i love our friendship bc we cry over everything together, including gullruten and skam. i appreciate you and your existence <33 you’re amazing and ily

now onto skam mutuals!! i dont talk to many of my mutuals but they are all rad and so are their blogs <33

@sanaandthesun // @soothingeven // @alterloves // @skam-noorhelm // @skamly // @noorautiful // @br1skeby // @savage-lukas // @the-edge-of-emotional // @treiiser // @takkevak // @adorablevak // @evenvxltxrsxn // @sunshine-evak // @sanadear // @isakisalittlepuppy // @isak-walshea // @isakschili // @evakvaltersen // @fallingevaks // @isakismyson // @slut4sana // @evenbakkas // @lilvaltersen // @the–rogue // @maelillie // @softskyphilkas // @sakvaltersen // @evakposts // @issyandevi // @tarjeisbubbles // @valterbechheim // @soyellowcurtainsthen // @parallel-univers // @charminghenrik // @skamborghini // @isakgolden // @eivseank // @smol-isak // @evennies // @tarjei-sandvikks // @tarjeitrash // @skamyears // @happilyevak // @skamaddicted // @evenslittle // @ultraisak // @henrikholmz //  @isaksaltereven // @tarjeihenrikevak // @eternallyevak // @snugglyevak // @tarjeivalterssen // @evenbechnaeshiem // @rosyevak // @wrappedaroundevak // @artsyeven // @valtersehn // @sweetevak // @skampov // @ttarjei

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again, thank u all so so much for 500 <33 500 and counting!!! i love u all <3

look how soft dan’s selfie looks :((

thank you guys so much for 1.5k !!

i remember when i had barely reached my first hundred, and all around me i saw people with five hundred and seven hundred and one thousand, and i never dreamed of getting past two hundred. and here i am, making my ff for 1.5k! i love all of you so much, and i can’t believe my blog has grown so much in only two months!

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(everyone on this list is fantabulously amazing tho ://)

and to all the anons who’ve kept asking me for blog recs: here you go!

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so i hit 7k for some reason lmao why? so i just wanted to take this chance to thank all of you so much for thinking that my little blog was worth following. i though this might be a good way to thank and bring recognition to some of my favourite blogs and people on this hell site that we’ve all sold our souls to, so first of all my friends (yes plural, suck on that high school):

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Live With Me

Originally posted by donnierrito

Michelangelo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: THANK YOU FOR BEING SO SWEET NONNIE ILY (you don’t bother me at all) <3 btw I’ve never been to New York so I don’t know the names of any streets pls don’t yell at me. and if i haven’t done a good job at writing mikey pls tell me my loves

Prompt: “Hello (: I don’t mean to bother you but I was just wondering could you write a Michelangelo x reader story were the reader lives alone and Mikey wants them to move in with him and the turtles? Please? Your amazing and I love your blog!” 

Word count: 718

Warnings: Swearing,

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Living alone had its perks. You got to eat what you wanted, go to bed when you wanted, go out and come back whenever you wanted. You enjoyed it, but you lost the sense of family being alone.

You moved out to New York, and expected for things to be easy, because that’d how they seemed on TV and in movies. But it was the exact opposite. The rent was astronomical, you could sometimes hardly afford to eat and the neighbours were anything but friendly.

To help pay for bills, you’d gotten a part time job at a pizza place. That’s where you met your boyfriend, Mikey.

He’d ordered the strangest combination pizza, and as the new-be you had to be the one to deliver it. Apparently the boy’s regular deliverer, Kevin, was off sick that day.

All they told you was to wait on 39th street. He’d jumped out at you from nowhere, a giant grin on his face. Evidently, he scared the living day lights out of you, and you almost dropped the pizza, but you managed to grab it and compose yourself in no time. Hopefully he didn’t notice how shocked you were at his sudden appearance.

You remember he called you dudette, and that was honestly the cutest thing you’d heard. He’d given you a $5 tip, and asked for your name.

Kevin was now replaced. Take that, Kevin.

The more you saw him, the more you learnt about him. He was -quite clearly- a mutant turtle, and he told you about his brothers, and his dad, and how he was made into a mutant. Soon enough, you trusted him enough to give him your address.

He visited as often as he could, climbing up the fire escape of your apartment building and knocking on the window. It was 3 knocks, he’d told you. Mikey wanted you to feel as safe as possible with him.

One thing Mikey hated though was where you lived. It was a dangerous area, thugs everywhere. Not to mention, the apartment itself was horrible. Dingy, bad lighting, most of the walls were damp and the furniture already in the apartment was either broken or non-functional. Your stove didn’t even work properly, how were you meant to make him mac and cheese? You were his girlfriend and he needed you to be safe, and living in decent conditions.

“Dudette, you can’t live here, like this. It’s worse than the sewers!” you’d laughed at that, raising your eyebrow at him before walking over to him. He was sitting on a stool in your kitchen but he was still significantly taller than you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his chin (which was as far as you could reach on your tip toes).

“I’ll be fine Mikey, where would I even go anyway?” you giggled, resting your head on his plastron. It was almost like a light bulb went off in the young turtles head as he grinned at you.

“Come live with me, babe!” he jumped up, startling you. “You could bunk with me and Raph! Or Raph could go room with Leo or Donnie and me and you could share a room.” He grinned mischievously, winking at you as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “If you know what I mean…” He nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck; you were still laughing at his suggestion.

“Babe, I can’t just pack up and retreat to the sewers.” He lifted his head, pouting at you.

“Why not?”

“I- I-”

“Exactly, dudette, time to get packing!” With that, he disappeared into your room.

“Mikey!” You could already here him opening up all of your drawers

“Babe! Where’s your suitcase?”

Husband Taeyong

Request: heey :) could you please do a husband!taeyong? i loved the one with yuta. your blog is amazing aha bye

  • my third husband request hehe
  • and it’s been long since i did a taeyong scenario so this is perfect!!
  • i remember he was my first bias and now idek where he is in my bias list im sorry taeyong ily
  • but maybe check out boyfriend taeyong first?
  • i’d die for husband! taeyong because he’s so husband material i love him
  • let’s start

  • i feel like he’d be a die hard romantic and be all cliche,

  • as compared to yuta & johnny
  • especially since he invited you to a five star restaurant like what??
  • who sells a plate of dishes for like 20$ each
  • and at first you’re like
  • “babe what are we doing here, we could just be eating mcdonalds right now??”
  • “you’ll know later”
  • and he’s all dressed up super formally, probably wearing a suit and all
  • and he bought you a dress too
  • which you had no choice but to wear because it was too pretty and it fits you perfectly
  • so you try your best to order the cheapest meal there
  • but taeyong stops you and asks you to order the things you WANT to eat
  • and to not care about the price
  • and he gives you the stern look™ so you have no choice but to listen to him
  • so dinner goes past like usual
  • with him sharing stories of the other members and what they did at practice
  • like how yuta got all emo because winwin couldn’t turn up & how doyoung was just laughing at him the whole time
  • that’s another story, let’s focus back here
  • suddenly the waiter walks up to taeyong and leans down to whisper something
  • then taeyong nods his head and gives him some kind of signal
  • and you’re just sitting there like what?? is?? happening??
  • and taeyong knows you’re going to ask him so he just stares at you and gives you this cheeky shy smile
  • the waiter arrives with a big plate of chocolate cake which looks super expensive
  • and there’s small little box beside it
  • the lights suddenly get dimmer
  • and there’s some sweet and slow music playing in the background like??
  • all the workers are staring at yall with their hands intertwined
  • taeyong gets up from his seat and goes over to you
  • he grabs the box
  • but he hugs you and he whispers into your ear
  • “will you marry me babe”
  • and then he opens the box and it’s the cutest wedding ring ever because it’s unique??
  • it has taeyong’s name engraved on it but also your birthday
  • and you’re like too speechless to say anything
  • you just stare at him and nod your head, on the verge of tears
  • he notices and he hugs you even tighter and gives you pecks all over your face
  • everyone is cheering!!
  • turns out he had been planning this for months
  • and thanks to the members they helped him plan it too
  • this child at heart actually wanted to fold a paper ring for you until yuta scolded him and told him to ‘up his game’ a little
  • how cute
  • okay but him as a husband, he’s really sweet and protective?
  • he has your back for everything
  • and would do anything to make you happy!!
  • he feels that it’s his responsibility to take care of you, so he usually does all the work
  • like housework, cooking, driving you to work amd so forth
  • you live for his cooking because it’s different everyday like how?
  • he cares and loves you so much he nags a lot
  • which you tease him about it all the time
  • “why didn’t you make our bed this morning”
  • “it doesn’t matter babe, it’ll be messy again anyways”
  • “no, you have to be neat”
  • “if you’re gonna be this naggy, i pity our kids next time”
  • “hey! come back here you-”
  • “i love you hehe”
  • “i wouldn’t mind having kids now though-”
  • “taeyong stop 👀”
  • y'all still act like a new couple though, and often get really childish and playful, but it’s all cute so!!
  • but being married to him means you automatically become the parent of nct too
  • which is why the other members always drop by your house
  • and asks y'all for help
  • “i’m hungry y/n!!”
  • “doyoung the fridge’s just there, you can just take anything you want”
  • “hyung! can i sleep here for today?”
  • “why?”
  • “yuta keeps clinging onto me”
  • “aw winwin come here”
  • “yay thanks y/n!!”
  • the dream members probably have your contact names set as mom and dad in their phones
  • while the hyung line’s ones are
  • “annoying but cute married couple”
  • but when both of you are alone and at home though
  • most of the time y'all spend time cuddling and watching shows and movies together
  • he still brings you out on small dates and trips
  • but other days you would just spend the day making out and feeling each other
  • he loves you and your body so much he always has his hands on you
  • and he becomes a total different person in bed, you love it
  • im a smol child i don’t write smut im sorry :-(
  • loves to show you off in public
  • “is she your girlfriend? shs’s beautiful!”
  • “actually, we’re married haha”
  • “really? how young!”
  • “thank you! and yes, isn’t she just beautiful?”
  • he’s your counsellor, your best friend, your partner and everything you could ever as for
  • because he’s always taking care of you and not complaining at all you love it so much
  • plus he gets super excited and becomes a small child at times it’s so cute
  • like that one time you told him you wanted to go to the carnival
  • he kept jumping around and hugged you excitedly
  • how pure™
  • he wears your wedding ring everyday and probably has your wedding photo kept in his wallet
  • so he can stare at it everyday
  • i’ll stop here and im sorry if it’s too short or bad im sorry ahh
  • i love taeyong

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okay so before i begin,
holY HECKIN SHit!! i hit 200 !! wowza! yall are so amazing and i cri evritim :’) you’re all so supportive and nice although i’ve been on here for like three weeks wOT okay here

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extra notes!
@nutellalester :
daniel,, holy shite. you’re so amazing and supportive and funny, and you help me find All The Good Fics. you’re so nice to me and tell me i can do it!! ily :D

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callie!!! you’re so sweet i’m,, you’re also so frickin pretty and talented?? like, your pieces are so good?? you’re so supportive and nice, so tysm & ily!!

@princessdan :
we have never talked really outside of me being a snake on anon, but holy heck,, you were my first dnp blog i found (also my literal tumblr senpai i cried a bit when you followed me)!! you’re so pretty and nice,, ily!

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thank you! you supported me and helped when i made a net! i’d probably never be where i am without you. you’re so sweet and kind. ily!!

and thank you to everyone who’s followed me and to everyone who’s been able to tolerate me enough for a conversation lmao ,, tysm & ily!!!!

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hey i hope i'm not spamming your notifications too much, haha, but i wanted to say that i'm so in love with your art. i saw some rick and morty art and loved it and went to your blog and it was full of amazing art and queer headcanons and just everything here makes me so happy! i never see cute R+M art let alone queer stuff so thank you so much, also all your art in general is really lovely

Your message just made my entire day! Thank you so much!! 8u8 The tags you left on my drawings made me scream the highest pitch ever. 

Here’s Rick saying thank you because ily *strokes face* 

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I can’t believe I have hit 2k! To celebrate that I decided to make my second follow forever that includes some beautiful blogs y’all should follow (also bc I started following some more amazing blogs). I’m really amazed by how many people follow me. I joined this fandom at Christmas eve and I don’t regret it! What an amazing time! Thank you so much! ♡


I also want to do some blogrates again! :) format:

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I recently hit 700 which is amazing and ily all a lot so for the first time ever I’m gonna do blogrates/Harry Potter aesthetics! Woo! 

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Hello, everyone! So its been a little over a month of me creating this blog and starting to share my writing. I am so honestly thankful for the support I’ve been given by so many lovely people I’ve talked with since signing up. But to make this short and not too sappy ~ thank you so much to everyone who has followed me, those that’ve shared my works, and others who have shared their creations and inspired me immensely <3. As a little celebration I would like to give back to everyone with the four options below and a shout out to blogs I love and people I think are genuinely talented, kind people I hope the best for. 

- Celebration: Gifts to you -
☽ Rules: mbf me please <3 + reblog this post
☽ Check out my writing, maybe? I appreciate any tips/advice/comments
☽ Gift Options (depending on how many I get please know it may take time <3)
    ☆ Name Aesthetic + Concept
    ☆ Personal Mini poem (sizes will change w/ inspiration I feel that day)
    ☆ Visual Poem (mood board and poem)
    ☆ Moodboard 

☼ Send me a season, emotion, theme, color, character/figure, OC, anything 
     you might like + I will try my best to center the writing/edit about it.

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rapmonbaiby  asked:


Omg, thank you! I love you too 💜💜💜

This really made me smile, you’re so lovely and sweet, thank you again!