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Jeff x annie gifset per episode: Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking
I figured out your test. Crowns, presents, punishments, favorites. You’re trying to show me the dangers of my own elitism. My constant striving to be the best. So I’m re-queathing this tiara. If I become the person who thinks it’s their place to pick favorites and torture the rest, ill die sad and alone.

I am actually so freaking annoyed right now. There are people who are bashing Chris’ I Don’t Mind campaign, all because they don’t like the character he plays on a crappy CW tv show. Like if you are doing that, that is absolutely pathetic and you need to get a life and grow up. His campaign is super important, for him, because he’s been working on it for a while and he lost his father due to untreated mental illness, and also it’s important for anyone who has a mental illness because he is trying to remove the stigma and make it easier for people to talk about their mental health and be able to ask for help! So again, if you are bashing this all because of a FICTIONAL character on a FICTIONAL TV show, then that is absolutely ridiculous and you should be ashamed.

Lucifer Imagines - The Devil’s all around you part 2

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Go check out the first part (here)

Summary: When there’s a way to transfer Lucifer’s damage from Sam to Cas. Surely, there’s a way to transfer that same damage from Cas to you. When you take the damage from Castiel and Lucifer wriggles his way through your mind, can you handle it? What if things get too personal or just simply go wrong? You knew the risks but you didn’t care. If it will help the boys, you’ll just about do anything.

LuciferXreader fic. AU: Lucifer is actually in your head, he isn’t a hallucination. 

Italics is Luci speaking inside your head

Word count: 1,816

Warnings: Angst, very little Dean x reader, make out scene, just Luci being a general shit.

It’d been a couple weeks since you took Lucifer from Cas. Dean and Sam had been furious that you had done it but at least Sam understood the reason why. Not that it mattered, Cas was still in a coma and you were running around with hallucinations of the devil. 

He hadn’t been as active as you initially thought he would, ignoring him would soon send him away. He found you boring and often tried to get your attention but failed. He thought of new ways every few days such as stabbing Sam and Dean, making everyone around you suicidal, even turning your food and showers into insect writhing horror shows. However you refused to crack, you’d been through a lot and a few magic tricks wouldn’t break you that easily. 

Speaking of magic tricks, something happened on your last hunt. Bobby revealed himself in his ghostly state and that really shook you, over the past few days you hadn’t really seen Lucifer at all and you wondered if it was because you had seen Bobby. You and Bobby had had a close relationship, you were almost like his daughter and you always relied on Bobby to be there when no one else was until Sam and Dean showed up. 

When Bobby died, it had impacted you the most and the boys knew it, so when you found out Bobby was a ghost it really twisted your stomach but actually seeing him was a whole other story. 

You opened the whiskey bottle that you had recently purchased from the nearby gas station, and take a swig straight from the bottle. 

Dean shot a sideways glance towards you, he noticed the shake in your hands as you gripped hold of the bottle. 

“(Y/N).” Dean called your name, catching your attention. Your head shot round and you raised your eyebrows in question. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.” You lied, Dean could see right through you as he neared you. He took the bottle from your hand, taking note on how you didn’t want to let it go but did anyway. 

“No, you’re not.” Dean said absentmindedly. You scoffed at that and leaned against the motel room kitchen counter. 

“I’ll survive, Dean. We’ve been through worst. This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with ghosts.” You try to sound sure but Dean wasn’t having any of it.

“Yeah, but this is the first time you’ve dealt with a ghost with the devil riding your ass.” Dean argues with you, folding his arms across his chest. You heard the shower turn off as Sam finished in the bathroom and contemplated hiding in there to escape this conversation. 

“I’ve haven’t seen him in days, Dean. Maybe Cas took all of his juice and he’s no longer in my head.” You suggest, not expecting Dean to believe that especially since you didn’t. 

“There’s a fat chance. I’ve seen you stare in thin air, I know when he’s around (Y/N).” Dean scoffs at you. His comments sparks something inside you. 

“You don’t know anything about this, Dean. I thought I was helping, but Cas is still in a coma. Lucifer is still tormenting us and we aren’t any closer to getting rid of the Leviathans. He’s stuck in my head and I’m playing it off for now. So don’t tell me you understand this when you don’t!” You snap, and Dean retaliates before he can stop himself. 

“You’re right, I don’t understand (Y/N). I don’t understand because you won’t let me! You, Sammy, you’re both so sure that you can deal with this but look what happened! Sam ended up in the luny bin, Cas is there now and you have just bought your ticket there too! And I can’t lose you! I can’t.” You watch the expression in Dean’s eyes change. Your heart squeezing at the sight. 

Aw, Does wittle Dean have feelings for (Y/N)?” Lucifer randomly appears after days of nothing, casually sitting on the bed beside Dean. Looking between you two with mischief in his eyes. 

Your eyes drift towards him and Dean notices. 

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I’m sorry, did I interrupt something?” Lucifer’s smirk drops but you can still see the amusement in his eyes. You scoop up your jacket and head towards the door. 

“Hey, where you going?” Sam walks out, rubbing his hair dry with a towel. You mumble that you’re going to get a drink before slamming the door shut. 

Sam notices the new and full bottle of whiskey on the side by Dean. Shooting a look to his brother. 

It only took you a few minutes to find a small bar far away enough from the motel, you needed to be alone for a while. Let off some steam. 

You ordered the drink you originally wanted to drown in before the argument with Dean. You go to pull out a couple notes for it when the bartender tells you that a rather attractive guy at the other end of the bar already got it for you. 

You raise the glass in his direction as a thanks before downing it and ordering another in which you pay for this time. 

The man excuses himself from a woman who looked desperate for his attention, and then approaches you. 

“Do you mind?” He gestures to the stool beside you, you shrug and take a mouthful of the drink. 

“Free country.” You mutter as the liquor burns your throat. The man sits beside you and you take a moment to observe him from the corner of your eye. 

He seemed wealthy, emphasis the ‘seemed’. Dean had worn this get up before to pick up women, a nice suit, fresh cologne. This man came out to get laid. 

He wasn’t displeasing to the eye either. This could be the release you need.

“Henry.” The man offers his hand to you, you shake it with a sigh. 

“(Y/N).” You introduce yourself. 

“Rough night?” The man raised his eyebrows as you ordered your third drink. 

He has no idea. Rough night. Rough week Rough life.

“Something like that.” You murmur, now turning to give the man your attention. “So are we going to continue small talk or should we get to the punch line?” You ask, cocking your brow slightly. 

The man chuckles awkwardly and sips on his own drink. 

“I’m that obvious? Can’t I just make conversation with a beautiful woman, that is drinking alone? ” He asks, you smirk and shake your head. “Maybe next time I won’t pity you and just let you drink by yourself.” The man teases.

“What, a knockout like you? I’m sure I’m lucky to have your attention, I mean, desperado over there seems to think so.” You nod subtly towards the jealous woman which Henry left to speak to you. He laughs at that.

Can we move this along? He’s making me feel nauseous.” Lucifer literally popped in, standing beside your suitor. You try not to look over at him but you feel your whole body tense up.

“So, we getting out of here cause if not, you can buy the rest of my drinks tonight for wasting my strength.” You don’t bother sugar coating it. The man still seemed to find you amusing, this attitude of yours was hilarious to him. 

“Sure. My place or yours?” He asks. 

You’re not serious, are you?” Lucifer groans, to which you ignore again. 

“Yours.” You say, standing up after finishing your drink. 

Really, (Y/N)? This guy?” Lucifer follows you out of the bar with Henry. You bit your tongue, you so desperately wanted to tell Lucifer to shove off but then you’d lose your ‘date’ instead.

It took about ten minutes to arrive at the strangers apartment. It was big, fancy and even had a doorman. This guy wasn’t like Dean, he was genuinely rich and successful. 

“Nice place.” You remove your jacket and your shirt. Henry looks at your with a slight surprised expression. He didn’t you to be so forward and casual once you were at his. 

He licks his lower lip as his eyes absorb your torso. When his eyes find yours again, you soon find yourself wrapped up in the man. His tongue fighting with your own as you tear off each others clothes. 

This guys a little wet, don’t you think?” Lucifer wiggles his fingers as he grimaces at the sight, he had used an illusion so that Henry’s face was bleeding everywhere. You have a sudden feeling that something is wrong. You open your eyes and leap back from the gory sight. 

Henry then opens his own eyes and stands there, very confused by the sudden loss of contact.

The blood pours from every pore and you can’t help but feel ill by the vivid and realness about it. You try to get past it by pulling down the mans pants and boxer shorts, but Lucifer had made his member look like it was covered in STD’s to you but in reality it was fine. 

You felt bile rise in your throat, and you quickly turn to start gathering your clothes.

“What’s wrong?” The man asks. 

“Nothing, it’s just…You remind me of my boyfriend and I broke up with him today so I don’t want to do this anymore.” You are swift to make up an crappy excuse, rushing towards the front door.

That’s a low blow.” Lucifer can’t help but feel proud for winning this war. It was the first time he had any affect on you at all for a while.

You exit the apartment and redress in the elevator down to the ground floor. 

“Well, that was entertaining. We should do it again sometime. You know, maybe even make it into a regular thing.” Lucifer smiles as he leans against the elevator wall. 

“No. We are not making this a regular thing. I have human needs, Lucifer, and sometimes I have to have some fun!” You snap, finally growing tired with the devil.

“We can have fun.” Lucifer whines, you shoot daggers at him and grunt openly. 

“So with Sam it was sleep deprivation but with me, it’s sex deprivation. What am I supposed to do when I’m…” You let your words trail off as you mumble to yourself. 

Lucifer watches you bury your hands in your hair out of frustration and smirks to himself. 

When the elevator stops, you run from it but it’s no use because you know you can’t escape Lucifer. He will always be there.

I am going to have fun with you.” Lucifer presses his index finger against his lips as his eyes darken. You knew he was planning something, you just didn’t know what.

“Well, give me all you got, Luci, cause I’m not breaking.” You snarl at the archangel as you flag down an oncoming taxi to take you back to the motel. 

Oh, little one, I will.” 

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(Part 3)

Sick x Day


A kiss on the forehead - erases misery.

I kiss your forehead.

—       Maria Tsvetaeva, “A kiss on the Forehead” (via thelovejournals)

For @sketchxhunter ^-^ I hope you have a wonderful birthday bc you are a wonderful person and you deserve it! I hope you like this!

This is on ao3!

Word count: 1765

Aged up au

His cell vibrates and Killua snatches it before it can make a sound.

“Hello?” Killua mumbles into the phone.


He pauses, a gentle smile spreading across his face. “Alluka. It’s good to hear your voice.”

She giggles and Killua’s chest swells at the simple sound. She says happily, “You too! I haven’t heard from you in a while, so I was worried. How are you doing?”

“Well, I’m fine.” He squints in the dim light. There’s a tea pot on the stove filled with water. It’s not boiling yet, but it should get there soon.

“Why did you say it like that?”

He runs his free hand through his bangs. “Gon’s sick.”

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@ uk people

ok so it’s me. mama bear. i’ve lived in the uk my whole life but i spent last summer in nepal doing community work so i know about the heat. here are my top tips for heat and how to cool urself down when u are too hot to handle. 

  •  dampen a t-shirt or buff or flannel or something and put it on ur body. do this periodically. u can put the wet stuff in the fridge/freezer to cool it down too!
  • eat fruit and veg n healthy stuff, don’t eat things that contain a load of heat like potatoes or chilli or anything with spice in it. 
  • the night is cooler. have ur window open but shut it as soon as u wake up or it will get hot/damp in ur room 
  • if u have a fan, use it!!! similar thing with a/c. also invite ur friends around so u can lie in front of the fan together and complain about the heat
  • drink at least 4 litres of water per 24 hour period. it sounds like a lot but you’d rather be hydrated than have heatstroke ?? i suppose
  • if u don’t like plain water drink cold herbal tea or lemon water or something. moderate ur intake of fizzy drinks, squash, alcohol and caffeine as all of these will dehydrate u.
  • ice lollies! either make ur own using a cheap tray and cheap lolly sticks (we make ours with v v dilute squash in the summer to save money) or buy crappy £1 ones from co-op or something, they do the trick
  • keep ur salt intake up especially if ur doing exercise/physical work - u lose a lot of salt when u sweat and it’s going to make u ill if you’re not careful, i know it’s the last thing u want to be doing in the heat but try and take in some form of salt during the day even if it’s like a cereal bar 
  • the best way to do this is to buy isotonic tablets to put in ur water (sports players use them!!) but a cheaper solution is to dilute lucozade (NOT RED BULL) with 1 part lucozade to 5/6 parts water and chug it throughout the day
  • if someone u know (especially elderly/very young/existing medical condition) is irritable, feverish, feeling sick or dizzy etc. they may have some form of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. basically do all the above at 10x effort, but get them to drink SLOWLY. it might make them feel really sick to drink fast (think like a hangover)
  • if u have a condition that lessens the functioning of the bowels (kidney disease etc) then DRINK LOADS. not kidding. cut the salt and drink loads.
  • for the love of god put suncream on and don’t go out between 11-3 if u can help it
  • watch the tennis on the tv it’s safer than going to murray mound or whatever
  • if ur in london don’t take the tube unless u are armed with plenty of water and are feeling strong
  • same applies to all public transport but especially trains
  • same applies to children and spouses
  • pee often. 
  • take as many cold showers as u can. u will feel so much better for it and it will make u fresher and colder. let urself dry naturally rather than towelling if possible
  • wear light and airy clothes, pale colours, sensible shoes (NOT boots!) 
  • last and most importantly - be a buddy to others. if someone is feeling unwell, help them and pass on the info. don’t be scared to ring 111 if u need help deciding what to do with someone who is ill from the heat, and especially don’t be scared to ring 999 if it is needed. 

cloudy-coffee-cuties  asked:

YOURE ART IS AMAZING IM SORRY YOURE DEALING WITH ART BLOCK here are some tips I’ve picked up from experience :D -Try doing studies like drawings things you’re bad at (for me I draw a lot of school supplies and like people carrying instruments and cases) -Find drawing promps and just make them really crappy because you can ok art doesn’t have to perfect -Try drawing things you do normally like a face only using shapes like a triangle and just have fun with it -Still lifes? Draw from life!


Companions react to the Sole Survivor having a chronic illness.

(So I apologize if it is fairly vague, but I wanted to let people kind of choose whatever illness they would want to put in there. I hope you enjoy!)

Codsworth: Obviously he knows exactly what it is, he dealt with it before the war. He constantly frets and worries about them, especially because there isn’t the medicine that they used to take before. So whenever the Sole is back home, he will try and force them to lay down and rest, to drink plenty and eat plenty. If he had the gumption to physically force Sole to take it easy, he would, but as it is he just whirs his motors and follows them around fretfully.

Codsworth (Romance): Frets even more, although there still isn’t too much he can do to help. But he does force them more often to eat and drink, and he will stay in the same room as them when they sleep to keep an eye on them, his gentle fans lulling Sole to sleep.

Preston: It takes him off guard when he first finds out. Sole seems so courageous and tough, how is it he didn’t even notice? But once he does, he starts subtly taking the load off. Instead of flooding Sole with settlements that need help, he actually gets some of the other Minutemen to take care of things. Not enough so that the Sole notices immediately, but enough so that they can actually take the time to rest and relax.

Preston (Romance): Now he really tries to take the load off, and more often then not he will actually take missions away from Sole and give them to someone else. They protest but he always argues that “They need to make sure their General is at their best.” He will smoosh next to them on the couch and help Sole make mission plans to keep their mind off of things.

Piper: She immediately delves into all of her paper records, and any record she can find ANYWHERE to get more info on what exactly the illness is. When she finally coerces the Sole to open up about it, she does a whole paper based on it and other chronic illness that the people of the wasteland might have but includes helpful hints and tips for dealing with them. It makes her beam to bring awareness, and she hopes that in some small way it helps the Sole feel better.

Piper (Romance:) After she publishes her story, she goes around all of diamond city asking everyone their best ways of dealing with pain and illness. When she has a whole stack of options, she brings them back to the Sole and makes them pick out a few that they think will help. Piper will sit down and give Sole back massages (even though she isn’t that good at them) to try and make Sole feel better.

Deacon: Is very blunt about it. “Woah man, I didn’t even know! You hide it well!” Proceeds to ask every questions he can think of about the illness, going on about how it would work great with his next disguise. He asks the Sole how they’ve done with hiding it so far, and gives them kudos for being “such a badass”.

Deacon (romance): Immediately adopts and pretends to have the illness himself so that he can tell exactly how the Sole is feeling. More often than not it leads to the Sole falling over with laughter since Deacon can never get it right, but he is always there to hold them at night when the lights go out and the illness kicks in. He knows there isn’t much he can do, but at least he can try and bring some laughter to their world.

Curie: Actually knows quite a bit about illnesses, but not this particular illness itself. However she still begs the Sole to let her take blood samples and bombards her with all sorts different remedies and treatments that she thinks might help. Sole actually laughs at how excited Curie seems about it, how interested and unabashedly curious she is. She doesn’t shirk away or feel shy about asking anything.

Curie (Romance):She actually starts to fret a bit about how little she knows of the condition, and constantly apologizes for her lack of knowledge. The Sole ends up feeling so bad for causing Curie distress that they go through steps with her about how exactly they handle the illness, and what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Curie memorizes everything and every time the Sole has off time, she gets better and better at finding ways to help the Sole feel better.

Cait: Well, damn! She doesnt understand it completely, but she knows it probably hurts like a bitch! Instead of giving the Sole as much crap as she usually does(although lovingly), she lays off it a little. She doesn’t arm punch or try to wrestle around with the Sole as much. When she does she makes sure to watch how hard she is so she doesnt hurt the Sole too badly. But the two do tend to go out for drinks a bit more often.

Cait (Romance): She is closer to the Sole and can catch on when the Sole is hurting more, or having an episode. So she will drag the Sole back to bed damnit, and bring her crappy health food and something Hancock mixed up (It’s supposed to help?) and makes sure the Sole eats and drinks every last bite. And she will physically throw out anyone that comes to try and bug Sole with anything, because Sole is HERS.

Nick: He tries not to treat the Sole any different, but he does take Ellie aside and tries to get her to dug up any info on the illness that she can. There isn’t much to find, but he makes sure to keep an extra eye on her from now on. He doesn’t stay up so late himself with his cases, claiming that his old body needs some extra hibernating time, and he makes sure they take more breaks  The Sole knows exactly what he is doing, but they smile every time anyway.

Nick (Romace): He tries to put off a lot of his cases for time when the Sole isn’t around, mostly because he knows the Sole will run themselves ragged trying to help every last one, but they still insist. So late at night when they are poring over old case files, he will pull Sole down into his lap and rock them, letting his fans eventually lull Sole off to sleep. He carries Sole a lot as well, claiming that the Sole walks to slow for him, and the Sole will laugh and grudgingly let him, cherishing his touch the whole way.

Danse: It takes him a little off guard at first, but it doesn’t really change too much for him. He was used to dealing with other Brotherhood members (like Proctor Ingram who doesn’t have legs) having to work around physical issues. He does try to get them to use their power armor more often, as it helps Sole take less damage and helps her get around easier. There are even a few times he will carry her when things get too bad; his face may flush, but he really doesn’t mind.

Danse (Romance):He INSISTS that they let him upgrade their armor and power armor, and tries to force them to wear the power armor all the time.Obviously they cant ALL the time, so Danse makes sure that he takes point pretty much everywhere they go, and he makes sure that Sole takes a lot of breaks. He is able to barter some specialty cream from Proctor Ingram that helps with aches and pains, and at night he lovingly (with a blushing red face) helps smooth it out across their body.

Hancock: He could always sense something was just a little off, but shit! That sucks. Ghouls don’t have to worry about that kind of thing, so it wasn’t anything he really ever thought about. He knows that the Sole doesn’t like to use drugs as much as he does, so he is constantly putting together other random remedies for Sole to try, and if that doesn’t work, some alcohol to try and take the edge off.He is always on the look out to see when Sole is getting too worn down.

Hancock (Romance): He delves deep into his chemist abilities, constantly coming up with new and improved remedies to try and help. More often than not they flop, but the Sole always feels so warm whenever she sees Hancock at the chemist table making things that AREN’T Chems. Hancock makes sure that everyone leaves Sole the hell alone when they are having a bad time, and he will tug them into their chest and rock them, letting his warmth seep into her.

MacCready: He is slightly uncomfortable at first, because it reminds him of his son and how there was nothing he could to do help. But he warms up to them after a while, asking them hesitant questions about the illness. He opens up more and more about his son and exactly what illness his son has, and they have long conversations taking about different therapies and treatments that the Sole went through back in the days before the war.

MacCrady (Romance): He turns into an almost literal mother hen, smothering them with his care. He had a lot of time taking care of Lucy and Duncan, so he is an expert at tucking them in and rubbing out sore spots. He even rushes out every now and then and fills a tub with hot water, letting them have a nice long soak in a warm tub to relax all the kinks and aches away (With his help, of course.)

X6-88: Frowns at the news. None of the scientists at the facility have these kinds of problems, and it cements what he has been taught about the surface being beyond redemption. He does express his concern about the Sole’s condition and recommends meeting with some of the doctor’s of the institute.

X6-88 (Romance): He still acts fairly stand off-ish, but he actually goes to the Institute doctors himself and comes back with a box full of their own medicines and concoctions that he insists the Sole tries, and he stands over them all night after they try every single one to make sure there is no bad reaction. He helps them with anything that looks like they could need help with.

Strong: Puny humans, always something wrong! But he doesn’t complain as much as he usually does when he noticed the Sole having a harder time. He ends up taking more hits than usual, pushing it off as a “good fight!”

Strong (Romance): He is always carrying his sick human, always, no matter if they want it or night. And he tries to push some kind of nasty paste type medicine on them, but the Sole finds creative ways of “losing” it, pretending that it they use it and that it helps because they enjoy seeing that big baby look all proud of himself for helping.

Dogmeat: He is always licking them, but he doesn’t jump up on them too hard like he used too. He cuddles up next to them and lays his head in their lap, huffing softly. He always seems to know when they are running too low and will drag them by their sleeve until they give in and rest.

Really I just hate how much my mental illness and my circumstances have infantilised me because like I feel I know nothing of how to exist in the real world or properly takecare of myself regarding money and finances and it’s so depressing because here I am at 32 still living at home and I’ll likely never move out because I have a crappy job and make next to nothing with unreliable hours and tbh I probably couldn’t even handle a better paying job because I never have energy and I’m terrified of everything so now I’m trying to fall asleep but I’ve just been lying in bed for an hour thinking about how my life is doomed.


aah i miss these two!

still remember how i almost wrote/drew the sam&max fanfic where they’d appear hahah thats never going to happen now but hey maybe one of these days ill write the crappy ideas i had for it and what it was about for the one or two people who might be interested heh

Phil finally managing to get a fix on where Clint’s been all this time (made especially more difficult when Clint burned all of his aliases in the wake of the Hydra mess and built a new identity from the ground up to hunt down the traitors) and showing up unannounced, just lounging on Clint’s crappy motel bed one night when Clint gets back.

Clint just stands there gaping, in shock and trying to determine if it’s a dream or a hallucination or some kind of robot, and he says, “But…you’re dead.”

Phil grins the dorkiest grin ever since that’s all the set-up he needs and quips, “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”

And there’s Clint, his face all contorted as he can’t make it choose between scowling at Phil’s ill-timed attempts to lighten the mood and smiling like a loon because his boyfriend’s back and Hydra’s gonna be in trouble.

Reasons to learn to make your arguments without resorting to insulting your opponent or any members of their extended family
  1. Insulting your opponent is a logical fallacy known as ‘ad hominem’. Committing any logical fallacy when you’re debating or arguing will likely undermine your entire argument, especially if your opponent has knowledge of the logical fallacies. You’re just giving them ammunition to attack your argument based on your tendency towards fallacies. Even if your character attack is not fallacious, you run the risk of derailing your argument and turning it into a petty shit-slinging match.
  2. To attack the character of your opponent rather than their argument suggests that you’ve run out of things to say about their opinion and have had to resort to personal attacks. It makes it look like you don’t know what you’re talking about; as though you’ve got such little knowledge that you’ve had no choice but to distract them with character attacks instead of your badass wisdom and informed opinions.
  3. If someone makes a reasoned point, no matter how much you may disagree or find fault with their reasoning, if you can’t respond with anything other than 'eat a dick, shitlord’ then it suggests that you are unable to form a reasoned and logical response of your own. Congratulations, your opponent now has good reason to believe that you’re an idiot. Good luck winning that argument now.
  4. Insulting people is shitty and easy to do. It’s a lot easier to say 'I hope you die and your mother spits on your grave’ than it is to form a rational and coherent argument. Don’t take the easy way out. That’s not how debating works, and you’re not going to convince anyone to agree with you or to see your viewpoint if you can’t be bothered to try.
  5. Insulting people is like #18 on the list of things that you shouldn’t do. Even if your only reason to act civilly is to keep the moral high-ground, that’s still a reason not to act like a petulant child. A better reason would be the fact that you’re a nice person and don’t like making people feel like shit, even if their opinions are ill-informed and offensive, but most of us aren’t that benevolently minded. Still, don’t be that guy. Be cool.
  6. Winning an argument is not, contrary to popular belief, down to how crappy you can make your opponent feel. It’s about expressing your side clearly and coherently, and getting your opponent to understand, if not share, your perspective. You know a bad way of achieving that? Calling your opponent a fuckface. You know a good way of achieving it? Articulating your viewpoint. Also, the satisfaction that you get from winning an argument without resorting to a slanging match is honestly the greatest feeling ever.

I can’t think of any more reasons because I have eaten too much marmalade and I think my blood is congealing and turning sickly sweet and orange, but yeah. Don’t do the thing. Do the other thing instead, and win. 

HEY EVERYONE [get ready for some rambling!]

hi. i am shrew. and my blog url is taekmetoeat. except now it’s taek-or-treat because HALLOWEEN! but that’s besides the point. anyway. i revamped this mess into a kpop blog earlier this year (im not really sure when) and im actually surprised i have followers! i mean, half the time i forget to tag things for organization because im too caught up in tag rambling! thank you for keeping up with my mess of a multifandom blog! (it was supposed to be an even amount of beast, vixx, and btob, but look what happened /shot) throughout my time on here (im saying it like ive been here for years LOL)…i’ve met many nice people…became deeper kpop trash…and passed follower goals i set…and irl i’m a really socially awkward person and i wasnt sure about how i’d do with a blog…because online social interaction !! but i needed somewhere to fit in as someone who’s into kpop/kdramas & i’ve talked to so many really great people on here and everyone makes me so happy so i decided to make this because i feel extra thankful today ❤ ❤ thank you to both my followers and follo…wees? people i follow for making life fun-er :^^^)

anyway, i was trying to make some kind of birthday edit for ilhoon….but then i got really stressed out and gave up so i just made a really simple, crappy ilhoon follow forever YEAHHHH !!! (my sincere apologies to ilhoon)

italics=favorite blogs

bolded=my v cool mutuals

(if i’m missing someone my already bad reading skills have failed me even more :p)

((how do i alphabetize this the struggle is real))

(((yeah im not alphabetizing this im sorry ill just do it in order of follow :333)))

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that’s right. everyone’s blog is my favorite and i am ur biggest fan. if anyone says otherwisE FITE ME :^) i f i forgot anyone excuse m e im a sinner. awesome. a lot of urls are halloween ones. this can be the halloween edition ff because halloween has already started !!!

and shoutout to everyone i’ve talked to on here!

and shoutout to all the fy blogs i follow because YOU GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL

i should stop talking now. okay.

thank you and bye ~! 

Chanel Oberlin Starters

I’ll have a Trenta, no foam, five-shot half-caf, no foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees.

I’m sorry, did I enter a wormhole to a universe where this coffeehouse does not possess the technology to heat my favorite autumnal tradition to 210 degrees? I like my pumpkin spice lattes extra hot, so please comply with my request.

I’m sorry, did I ask you to pull down my panties and blow a compliment up my butt?

Someone is screwing with us. This blood oath will insure solidarity among us. We are all related now. Let’s all touch bloody fingers as I read this oath. “Hail Odin, wise warrior, one-eyed wanderer. Tell the scenes your missing eye sees.”

I don’t know. The internet. I just googled “blood oath” and this is what came up.

I’m sorry, _____ doesn’t participate in the Make a Wish Foundation.

Idiot, you don’t get STD’s from blood oaths. You get STDs from dirty toilet seats and drinking the water in Mexico.

First of all, I’m an American. I don’t have to understand anything.

No one in all of human history has ever said that.

I guess it’s like daddy always says: If you want something done right, pay someone a lot of money to do it for you.

What am I supposed to do, apologize?

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to the mall to exercise our patriotic right to join hundreds of thousands of our fellow, out of breath Americans in sweatpants as they make frenzied, ill thought out purchases of cheap, crappy garbage they can’t afford and don’t need. To deny us of that right would be unAmerican.

Black Friday is about buying deliberately cheap, totally forgettable Christmas gifts for friends. The obvious cheapness of the gift makes them question our friendship and makes them way easier to manipulate as they try desperately to get back on my good side.

I didn’t turn on the deep-fryer, b*tch!

Halloween is the most important day of the year. It’s the one on the Gregorian calendar where you’re allowed to go around terrifying children and not be branded a psychopath.