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Doctor, I think I’m dying.

I was originally not gonna write something for this day and I was gonna combine this day with the mafia day, but I decided to write a drabble anyways.

This is for the ereri summer week day 1- medical au

Eren rubbed his tired eyes as he stared down at his phone and slowly blinked, trying to process what his roommate was trying to ask of him. As Eren slowly progressed through his medical residency, the exhaustion and stress was starting to quickly creep up on him. His life used to be a fairly even balance of social life, work, and leisure. But after multiple twenty-four-hour shifts, Eren had grown to cut leisure and most of his social life out of the equation.

He had barely talked to Mikasa, Armin, and the rest of his friends from college in the last few months. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to keep in touch with them, he just simply couldn’t juggle work and maintaining his friendly and sociable personality. Mikasa had reached out to him multiple times and even threatened to get a plane ticket to fly across the country and see him. He appreciated her concern, but it just stressed him out even more. Thankfully, Mikasa had backed down when Eren explained just how grueling residency work was.

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Button Pusher

AJ Styles/OC. For Anon: Making fun of AJ and his theme and his everything backstage is all fun and games until he overhears and decides you need to be taught a long hard lesson. What starts innocently enough has their sexual tension and feelings reaching its breaking point. Cue spanking, orgasm denial, begging, name calling (by both), and whatever other sinful goodness you can think of, with some sweetness afterwards.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon in a Nutshell Part 2

Hala: These sandals are a symbol of my power!

Olivia: God dammit why am I single?

Nanu: *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Okay. Whatever.

Hapu: Talk shit get run over by a fucking horse boi.

Ilima: I’m so fucking pretty. <flips hair>

Lana: I like fishing. Btw there is a Kyogre in here. LOL JUST KIDDING LOLOLOLOLOL GET REKT

Kiawe: I am much more serious than expected NOW WATCH MY POKEMON DANCE

Mallow: Finish your food or your ass is grass AND ILL MOW THAT SHIT!

Sophocles: I will only feel comfortable talking to you if you turn off the lights, cover yourself up with a bag, and go all the way into the corner where I can’t see you.

Acerola: Lets go into that abandoned mall! It’ll be so m u c h F U N : D

Mina: I represent love and peace maaaaaan.

Samson Oak: I’m Professor Oak except Alola Form! GET IT?!

Professor Burnet: I’m married to Kukui. Haha.

Mohn: Bean Daddy is actually a BEAN DADDY

Undeniable Heat Chapter 20: Unfocused

Jensen Ackles X Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost 

Gasping for air, you found yourself awake in an instant, every fiber of your being burning in pain. There wasn’t an inch on your body that didn’t hurt, and you felt like you were breathing underwater, each breath painful and forced. “Hold her down!” You heard someone yell, their words mangled and hard to understand.

The pain had your body contorting on the small cot, and at one point you thought you might fall off. With huge eyes, you watched men with blue masks over their faces, and gloves on their hands, blood on their white clothes place their hands on you, holding you down. But as soon as one of those hands touched your arm, you let out a moan, the pain too much to bear.

“Y/N!” You thought you heard Jensen’s voice yell, but you weren’t sure if you were dreaming it as the pain pulled you back under, and you gratefully accepted the lack of pain the darkness would bring.

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Choke - Part 2

Previously: Part one

Note: Here it is! I got some really nice comments about part one, so I’m absolutely stoked to give you guys a part two. The way it looks right now, there may even be a part three, eventually. I hope you guys like! xx 

Pairing: Sandor Clegane x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Strong language, basically just Sandor’s filthy mouth ><

Summary: Sandor takes the reader back to her chambers and they have a bit of a heart-to-heart.

By the time you arrived at your chambers, your breathing had returned to normal but a deep aching pain riveted your body. Sandor kicked open your door and you heard it bang against the wall before he laid you down on your bed. 

He positioned you carefully with your head on the pillows and pulled your duvet over your body. Looking at him now, you were reminded of all of the times he’d saved you, back when you were nothing but a new arrival to King’s Landing. Back when you were too naive to know that the walls have ears, the birds tell tales, and very few of the locals weren’t snakes in disguise. 

 The only reason you’d even ‘moved in’, essentially, was your nobility and hitherto unwed status. Your father was a knight, arguably more prickly around the personality than even Sandor, and your mother was a highborn lady who taught you nothing except how to be desirable to noblemen. When you’d decided to make a place for yourself in the Red Keep alongside other eligible noble bachelorettes, you had been foolish, a glaring red target for anyone willing to take advantage. Yet, Sandor Clegane, of all people, protected you. Even when the messes you got into didn’t affect anyone but yourself, he had been there, always, towering over each ill-willed guard to back you into a dark corner, and scaring off every silver tongued palace snake to try and put you in a bind. Sandor was always there, and now was no different. 

He was just turning to leave when you grabbed his arm. 

“Stay” beseeched your hoarse whisper, “please, Sandor.“ 

 You were well aware of how catastrophic his anger could be. After all, anger and violence was what house Clegane was known for, no? So you pleaded, because maybe if he was here with you, he couldn’t quite hate himself as much or beat himself up as bad as he could alone. No telling what he’d get himself into that you probably wouldn’t be able to get him out of whole if he were to leave. 

He didn’t look at you, but he didn’t pull away from your grasp either. He simply stood, tall as a mountain above you, his breathing harsh. 

 "That little cunt…” He hissed after a few moments. The muscles in his arm flexed. “That little cunt will pay for yer pain.“ 

 Gods, he was furious. And sounding much too hasty. Many a man had lost their life to a much less livid Sandor Clegane. 

"But he doesn’t have to pay today,” Your grip tightened. You tugged him weakly, “Stay with me, Sandor, I need you." 

His eyes found yours and you could once again see all the pain that lay there. In the time you’d known him, you found that he held all of his emotions there, behind his eyes where most people were to scared to even look. 

Your chest panged and you tugged on him again but he was already pulling away. Just like him to be so stubborn. You huffed. You were sure he was leaving, unable to let anyone, even you, in to help him, as always. He may be a protective partner, but a cuddly emotional one, he certainly was not. He’d never opened up to you before, never let you in to help heal old wounds you knew were still there, and in that way, you felt like your relationship was severely lopsided. He could save you many a time but he’d never let you save him. 

You found a nice dent in the wooden beam above you to focus on instead of the hurt in your chest and the sting in your eye. You lay there, listening to his footsteps, waiting for the silence to come after the clanging of his armor drifted off down the hall. Yet, it never did. 

 Instead, his clanging never drifted away, even after your heavy door swung shut. Your eyes bore into the dent above as you felt massive weight shift onto the mattress. When you turned to look at him, Sandor’s broad shoulders were slumped down over his lap where he sat on the edge of your bed. 

"I told ya, lass, I’m a monster.” That he had,many times, and each time you denied it.  

“No you’re not." 

 "I hurt you." 

 "You had to." 

Aching as you were, you wanted to comfort him so your arms started grappling to help you up. Sandor turned immediately and pushed your shoulders gently back down. "Stop yer fumbling, woman, yer hurt." 

Your eyes flickered and you grabbed the cool metal armor on his bicep again.

"You’re no good blaming yourself for something you couldn’t have prevented” his face was unreadable as you spoke, “there was no way you could have refused the king’s orders, he’d have tortured you too if you-" 

"Fuck the king.” Sandor growled darkly, his fuming anger taking you off guard for a moment, especially when he was so close to you like that. “Fuck him sideways halfway to Essos, and damn him down through the seven hells." 

You lay in silence, just taking in the angry contortion of Sandor’s face until it softened and his thumb brushed your jaw. A very rare act of affection, and one much appreciated. 

"One day I’m gonna take ya away from here.” Sandor vowed in a voice more soft and gentle than you’d ever heard from him before. 

 Your lips slid into a slight smile. "I’ll hold you to that promise, my hound.“

Sandor’s gentility was surprising to you but when he smiled, a real smile that touched his eyes if even only a small bit, your heart skipped. He was a good man, that was a fact you knew to be true, even if you were the only one in Westeros who could see it. He was a good man deep down under his rough exterior, behind all the things he’d had to do in his life. He was yours, and he was good, even if only to you. 

"I’ve got to leave now, little dove, but I’ll see to it that you’re taken care of.” Your began to protest again but he wouldn’t hear it. “Hush, lass, I have to return to court or I’ll be suspect, but I promise I won’t gut anyone…today, at least." 

You relented then and he tugged your coverlet back over you again, fussing with your pillow a bit to fluff it, and you found yourself pondering that if Ser Sandor Clegane had ever looked like a mother hen, now was it. You couldn’t help but chuckle then wince at the subsequent ache and sink tiredly into your bed. 

“Go on then, stop your fussing and guard your brat.” You groaned in jest. Sandor only smiled and leaned down to do something you would never have expected of him. He placed a kiss on your head. your smile was as beaming as it could be, drooping eyes and all.

It wasn’t but a few seconds later that you found yourself drifting off, your last waking vision being that of Sandor as he quietly stepped out of your chambers, and shut the door behind him. You could still faintly hear his heavy footsteps getting quieter down the hall when you fell into a deep sleep and dreamt only of leaving King’s Landing for good, your hound at your side.

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Everything Backwards  (Chapter 4/?)

Summary: When you make-out with a ‘James’ on a night out, you don’t expect to see him again, so imagine your surprise the next day when it turns out he’ll be your new sort-off-flat-mate. As Nanny for Peggy & Steve’s three children, you’ve lucked out, but now the guy across the corridor is threatening to ruin it. This is the story of how it all works out.

Chapter 4 summary: Two week in, things go a little wrong…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral) Slow Burn

Word count: 2003

Warnings: Bucky’s a bit awful, but only because Y/N is! Mention of illness?? People being rude to each other.

Catch up: Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3 

Next: Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

Everything Backwards Masterlist


With the horrendous aftermath of the last time you drank very fresh in your mind, you decide that this time when you meet your friends a late lunch is probably safer than anything involving alcohol. Yesterday was the last day of term for the children so their parent have taken them out to the cinema as a treat, giving you a free afternoon to do as you please with, and when you leave the house the sun is shining brightly. 

Today marks two weeks since you first met Bucky. Things have improved a little since that short exchange of words in the car after swimming; you two haven’t actually talked yet, mainly because he stays in his room most of the time, but he doesn’t look at you with so much contempt any more, and there was that incidence earlier in the week when he held the door for you as you struggled with shopping bags. A small start but one nonetheless. 

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so i did play a game on the new map and looked over general ptr changes but bc im not feeling very well i didnt stay for long. some thoughts–

>new map is really cool but a bit complicated. its going to take time to learn. theres a ton of flanking routes and hidden corners which is super cool… this is gonna be a good sym map i can tell.

>open spaces over the point(s) means pharahs gonna be big here as well.

>zero-g is cute but doesnt contribute much right now.

>gabe is powerful. nano-visor is dead, long live the beyblade.

>deadeye is fuckin scary ill never make fun of it again im sorry kaplan

>the career profile changes are kinda weird. on one hand, just hovering over someones name in the communication menu (p on pc) will show you their rank and eventually their most-played heroes. this is v useful. 

on the other, this “all modes” way of looking at stats is… weird. i guess a win is a win but a win in arcade is different than a win in qp etc etc etc. bunching all the info together isnt super helpful. youre better off looking at individual comp seasons or qp stats. im just gonna stick to overbuff tbh.

viperofsand  asked:

The idea of the HP world thinking THE CHOSE ONE may be a squib is SO HILARIOUS thank you for this.

the thing is, no one can figure it out if it’s true or not!! 

FIRST OF ALL: saiki made it into hogwarts. he got sorted by the sorting hat. and you can’t get sorted unless you’re magic; it’s common sense. saiki has got to have magic. but – there is the story of a squib who managed to make their way into hogwarts, all the way to the great hall, before they were found out. who’s to say that a squib couldn’t fool them all entirely? 

SECOND: saiki has a wand. granted, a wand that no one has ever seen him use, but a wand nonetheless. students bring up the possibility that it was just stolen off someone else, or it’s just an elaborate fake, and it isn’t really his – but some of the pureblood kids did some snooping with all their old connections, and that wand was sold to saiki by ollivander. no one can say exactly what happened in the shop that day, but the facts are: ollivander’s wands choose the wizard, and if saiki isn’t a wizard, then how could he have gotten a wand? 

maybe ollivander took pity on him, someone suggests. maybe ollivander gave him a wand that wasn’t his. or maybe what ollivander gave him wasn’t a wand at all. if they can just steal saiki’s wand and test it out, maybe it will give them some answers. 

but no one can ever find saiki outside of class. no one can find where he keeps his belongings, either, and every time they come close, some incident mysteriously crops up to distract them away. 

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why did i do this

^not a serious title

I actually just cooked this up in the past two hours out of sheer writer’s block and boredom. SO HERE. UNEDITED. NAKED ALMOST.

Assassin AU x Prince AU x Bodyguard AU
Word Count: Too much
Genre: “why did I do this”
Summary: There’s an assassin, she’s an assassin with a name I laughed too much at. Jumin’s involved, he’s the prince, he tries to do prince things. Jaehee’s involved too, but she’s given a hard time (like always :c )

Should I make this into an actual fleshed out series LOL

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July 31st - Temperature

I couldn’t resist getting involved somewhere, so meet my original boys Alex and Jack! I’m sorry it’s so long and I hope you enjoy :) 

The truth was Alex felt miserable, the weeks of revising for his end of term exams had really taken it’s toll on his already rubbish immune system. He’d come down with a nasty flu bug and he was left coughing, sneezing with a fever and a headache bad enough to rival a bullet through the brain. He was stood in his small apartment kitchen, trying to find some more medicine. He’d taken the end of a bottle of Dyquil nearing three hours and was in need of some more but the cupboards were coming up bare.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he muttered, turning to cough into his hoodie sleeve.

The last thing Alex wanted to do was go shopping but there was no one else who could go out for him, everyone he knew was either down with the same bug he was or revising their butts off. He sniffed and pressed his fingers to throbbing head, without medicine he was only going to feel worse so that only really left him with one option.


Alex pulled on as many layers as he could to try and keep his shivers at bay, he pulled his favourite beanie on over his messy hair and didn’t bother looking in the mirror as he passed. He knew his eyes would be bloodshot and puffy, his nose red and chapped, he looked just about as bad as he felt. The outside of his apartment was cold, the hallways not having any heat and the walls thin. It was only a cheap place but Alex couldn’t afford much better as a student, the government had really done a number on them. He pressed the button for the elevator and waited, trying to smother a cough into his sleeve. The quicker he got the whole trip over with the better and he got go back to dying at his desk.

The elevator arrived a moment later and Alex walked in, pressing the button for the ground floor. Even the sound of the doors closing was enough to make Alex’s head pound again, he brought his fingers to his forehead to try and ease it but it did nothing. It didn’t help that the annoying itch in his sinus was back, the one that had been plaguing him all day.

“Hissshooo, hischhooo, hisschoooo.”

“Bless you!”

Alex jumped at the sound of a voice behind him, he hadn’t noticed someone else in the elevator when he’d got in. He recognised the person, he was one of Alex’s neighbours from the floor above.

“Thanks,” Alex muttered, his voice cracking and horse.

The guy just smiled and Alex tried to remember his name as he pushed the button for the ground floor, he was pretty sure it started with J, John, James, Jason, Jack, that was it Jack Ness.

Alex had forgotten just how slow the elevator in their building was, most of the time it was faster just to go down the stairs but Alex hadn’t exactly felt up to walking down five flights. He stood back against the wall, leaning heavily to keep himself upright, despite the normally hot, stuffiness of the confined space Alex was shivering, stupid fever.

He’d just closed his eyes and was halfway to dozing off standing up when everything went silent. Normally there was a sound of mechanics working, moving the elevator but everything had got silent. Alex peeled his tired eyes open only for it to be dark, the only bit of light coming from the panel of buttons.

“What happened?” Alex asked, rubbing his nose.

“I think the elevator may have stopped,” Jack said.

Alex heard movement beside him and watched as Jack moved into the light, he was tall, maybe a few inches taller than Alex himself, he had dark hair sticking up in a messy fashion, dark eyes and a rather large nose that looked as though it been broken at least once. Despite all that he seemed gentle, almost clumsy with his long limbs. Alex sighed and leant back against the wall, there were worse people he could be stuck in a elevator with.

“Hello, can I help you?”

A voice crackled out of the speakers and Alex realised his neighbour had pressed the help button.    

“Yes, the elevator on the east side of the building has stopped, we haven’t moved in nearly ten minutes.”

“We appear to be experiencing some technical problems but we’ll try to get you out as soon as possi…”

There crackling voice got cut off and they were plunged into silence once again.

“Well shit,” Jack sighed.

Alex just groaned and slid down the wall until he was sat on the floor, he no longer had the energy to hold himself upright. He pulled his knees to his chest and coughed, aching, cold and downright miserable, just right to be stuck in a elevator.   

“You alright? You don’t sound good.”

Alex had almost forgotten the person beside him, he looked up to see Jack looking at him with concern.

“Not really,” Alex replied, trying to clear his throat as his voice cracked.

Alex felt Jack sit down beside him, sitting only a few inches apart.

“You’re sick?” Jack asked.

Alex nodded and coughed weakly into his fist.

“Not a good time to be stuck in a elevator,” Jack said.

“Tell me about it,” Alex mumbled.

They sat in silence for awhile, the only sound coming from the wheeze of Alex’s breathing. He was feeling worse, his medicine now fully worn off and with no more in sight it was not going to get any better.

“HIsshhhooo, hiSHHoooo, hishcooooo.”

Alex sneezed and shivered, his chills were back making him feel like cold was seeping into his bones.

“Bless you.”

Alex mumbled a thanks and shivered again, pulling his jacket tighter around him.

“Are you cold?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, I think I have a fever,” Alex replied, wincing at his sore throat.

Jack shuffled closer, brushing against Alex’s arm.

“My dad’s a Doctor and my mom a Nurse, would you mind if I…”

Jack held out his hand and Alex just shrugged, letting Jack place his palm against his forehead. Alex couldn’t help letting out a small sigh as Jack’s cool hand touched his overheated skin.

“Fuck, you’re burning up…”

“Great,” he mumbled, pulling his jacket tighter as he shivered.  

Jack frowned and began taking off his own jacket, with the ventilation shut off he was beginning to fit it rather hot and stuffy inside the metal box, just proving how ill Alex was.  

“Here, take mine,” Jack said, placing his jacket around Alex’s shaking shoulders.

“Are you sure?” Alex asked, sniffling.

“You need it more than I do,” Jack replied.

Alex smiled and pulled the extra layer around him, he was grateful for something to help combat the chills, he was afraid his teeth might start chattering. In the dim light Alex couldn’t keep fighting his tired eyes open any longer and he curled up in the corner, coughing weakly into his fist and hoping when he woke up the whole thing would be over.

Jack couldn’t help but worry as he watched Alex try to sleep, shivering and coughing curled up against the wall. He didn’t really know the boy well, they only really passed in the corridors on occasion but he did feel bad for him. He struggled to imagine how awful he must be feeling, stuck in a mental box with the flu and no idea when he’d be getting out. Jack shuffled a closer and put his hand on Alex’s shoulder, making him jump.

“Hey, come here, I’ll be your personal heater,” Jack offered, opening his arms.

Alex who felt too cold and sick to argue let himself lean against Jack’s chest and letting him wrap his arms around his waist. Jack bit his lip as he felt the heat coming off the smaller man, his hair was sticking to his clammy skin and his breathing sounded heavy like he was struggling to get enough air.

“When was the last time you had any medicine?” Jack asked, trying to mask his concern.

“Hours ago, ran out, was going out to buy more,” Alex replied, his voice was getting worse and he’d lose it soon if he wasn’t careful.

Jack sighed and put his hand on Alex’s neck, who relaxed into his cool touch. He was absolutely burning up and it was only going to get worse if help didn’t arrive soon. Jack tried to relax, leaning up against the wall with Alex trying to sleep on his chest. As much as he wanted to be able to be do something he didn’t know what he could, the one day he walked out of his apartment without his phone was the one day he got stuck in an elevator.

In the end he dozed off, Alex pressed up against him no doubt still feeling horrible but at least he was sleeping. Jack had no idea how long he slept for, it could have been minutes or hours there was no way to tell. At first he thought it was the heat that had woken him, he was beginning to get unbearably warm trapped inside the metal box and he could feel his shirt sticking to his sweaty skin.  It was then he realised what had woken him, it wasn’t the heat at all but a boy struggling to breath. Alex was huddled in the corner coughing his heart out, Jack quickly moved over to him and began rubbing his back in an effort to help calm. It took a moment but Alex was finally able to get air in his lungs again, even if it still sounded painful.

“You’re okay, you’re okay,” Jack tried to reassure him, his arm wrapped around Alex’s shoulders.

Alex just buried his face in his hands and tried to focus on his breathing.

“Do you feel worse?” Jack asked, his fingers touching Alex’s fiery skin.

“Yeah,” Alex replied weakly, his voice barely above a whisper.

Jack pulled himself away from Alex and stood up, this had gotten out of hand. They’d been stuck for god knows how long and Alex getting sicker and sicker by the minute, Jack was beginning to think he might have pneumonia and that he really needed to get to hospital. He went over to the help button and held it down till a voice answered.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“Yes, you can get me the hell out of this elevator!”

“We’re working as fast…”

Jack cut them off “That’s not good enough! My friends with me and he’s really, really sick. You have to get us out of here right now or something terrible might happen!” Jack snapped.

The man on the other hand stumbled over his words before Jack hung up, hoping he’d got his point across. He sunk back down next to Alex, the heat in the elevator didn’t seem to be helping the sick boy who was back to shivering. Jack shuffled up next to him and let the boy put his head on his shoulder, Jack himself was beginning to feel dehydrated and dizzy he couldn’t imagine how Alex must be feeling.

“We’re going to get out of here soon, I promise you’re going to be okay.”

“Thank you,” Alex whispered, so quietly it was nearly inaudible.

Jack gave a small smile and kissed the top of Alex’s head, he wasn’t even sure if he was awake until he felt a pair of hot lips on his neck.


Ten minutes after Jack made the call and the lights were back on, bathing everything in a bright light. It was the first time Jack got a good look at Alex and just how sick he looked, pale to the point he could be a ghost if he weren’t for his deep red cheeks. The second they got out of there he was getting Alex to a hospital, no questions asked.

It took another half an hour before they were out, by the time they got the doors open Alex was too weak to stand on his own. Jack carried him out, holding him close to his chest as he breathed the cool fresh air.


Alex woke up in a bed, somewhere warm and comfortable. He no longer felt like he was dying, his head wasn’t pounding, his chest didn’t feel like it was being ripped apart and body temperature felt somewhat normal. He managed to open his eyes, blinking up at the white ceiling, a hospital ceiling.

“Hey, you’re awake.”      

Pushing himself up slightly Alex saw Jack sat at the side of his bed, he saw the tubes going into his arm pulling him full of liquid and medicine.

“What happened?” Alex asked, surprised at how uncroaky his voice sounded.

Jack explained about escaping the elevator, about taking him straight to ER and finding how he had a bad case of bronchitis.

“You’re going to be okay, once you’re all hydrated you’re free to go home though I’d avoid elevators for the time being,” Jack laughed.

Despite himself Alex found himself smiling before moving to one side of the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m tired and I can’t sleep without my personal heater,” Alex replied, patting the empty side of the bed.

Jack gave a huge smiled before giving a quick check to make sure no nurses were around, the coast was clear and kicking off his shoes he climbed into the bed beside Alex.  

“Better?” Jack asked, his arm wrapped around Alex once again.

“Everything’s better with you,” Alex mumbled, his eyes already closing.

Jack kissed the top of Alex’s head and close his eyes too, who knew so much could happen from getting stuck in a elevator.     


au prompts:
• you work at the car wash and you’re so cute so I decide to embarrass you by playing that car wash song from shark tale but I didn’t realise my window was open and oh you just splashed me
• I accidentally poked you in the face when I was pointing to a product I wanted on the shelf and now you are tending to your sore face I’m sorry are you okay
• it’s your first day as a pharmacist and we’re best friends so naturally I come in to watch you mess up but you’re actually doing really well and wow you look great in that uniform go you
• you came back to your car and realised your ticket ran out just as I’m about to leave so I give you my ticket and save you from the ticket inspector
• I’m ur landlord and ever since u moved here I’ve been visiting more often
• (cont) also you’re not allowed dogs but I’m letting you break the rules I swear I don’t fancy you
• I work in a charity shop and every few weeks you bring in massive bags of stuff you no longer want and while I stack them on the shelf I see that you’re giving away loads of cool items and are you crazy I love these! so I keep them for myself and hound you about them the next time I see you
• I work at Ann Summers and you accidentally walked in here thinking it was Topman which is actually next door and now you can’t stop blushing because you knocked over a lingerie stand you’re so cu t e
• I go bowling sometimes and accidentally shut down a lane by myself and you work here and reset it and now you’re ‘checking it works’ by playing a game w me but I’m so gonna win I’m bowling queen
• (cont) ok I lost but you should’ve seen how good their back looks in that shirt that’s cheating!!
• I found this band top I really want so I move it to a different clothes rack for when I come back bUT two hours later I see you buying the shirt and telling the shopkeeper how long you’ve been looking for smth like that and it was just there on a random shelf but you’re cute so I guess you can keep it but this is nOT over
• (cont) I’m in the same shop a few days later and you’re there in that damn t shirt and I want to rip it off you in like more way than one (so I confront you and we somehow start something special)
• at a friend’s wedding you tried out some magic trick and used me as the ‘beautiful assistant’ and you took off my expensive watch aND CANT GET IT BACK but you have a great sense of humour n I kinda want to search with u forever but I’m still pretending to be mad
• you’re one of those annoying callers so I try to confuse you on the phone with ‘Jim’s whore house, we got the hoe you got the dough’ but you aCtually play along and you’re probably gonna get fired but at least you have my number wanna meet up sometime?
• there’s this funfair and we both go on the bumper cars and idk how to work it oOPS I just bumped into you and now you’re cornered and idk how to reverse should we just scream at each other until the ride’s over?
• OR I keep going in reverse in this stupid bumper car and you work here so you try to help me but instead I run into you and I’m sorry you hurt your foot can I get out and you can drive us both
• we live by the seaside and every month there is this film club we go to but this time everyone else is ill or doesn’t like romantic films so we sit together and you end up crying on my shoulder at some soppy part and later, at like 9pm, we go in the arcades where you win a minion and we go for a walk along the beach where you throw it in the sea and you just polluted the sea with a minion but anyway I think I like you
• I’m staging a political protest and you just join me and like thanks no one has ever done that before wanna make out
• I hate reading but my friend signed me up to this reading club. This week it’s Shakespeare and I could write sonnets about how powerful your voice is when you read
• we’ve both entered a photography competition and every year you’ve won so this time I’m fed up and drop out only to find out you do too. turns out we like each other
• we’re sat next to each other on the same train for three hours and you can’t speak English too well so I teach you slang and when you stand up to go the train jolts and u fall on me and suddenly you mumble “bollocks” and everyone in first class looks at you in disgust it’s hilarious
• I work at one of those service stations and you are looking at condoms and ask me which ones are best and I think that’s the strangest thing ever but I’m slightly jealous.,,come back
• we work at the same place and you were supposed to take notes at the meeting but you’re accusing me and now we’re in the staff room whispering heatedly about how we’ll get fired and should we just both take the blame and take the argument to my place?
• you left hickeys all over my neck and I have church tomorrow…u do the math(s)
• you don’t have a palette so you’re literally using your tshirt as one I mean I’m impressed but idk if that’s about your rippling pectorals or your artistic ability
• I just heard some idiots screaming apple bottom jeans boots with the fur while skating down my road so I go outside n see you trailing behind because one wheel has fallen off, I have screwdrivers if you want (based on a real life event that happened to me but w kids)

The Best One for the Job

WHy do I keep going to write other things and coming out with little sappy kagehinas

I was thinking very extensively yesterday about who of the first years would be the best captain because what a hard decision?? And so there was this. It’s more of a pre-relationship fic that focuses on team things but it’s still super fluffy and gross and I hope u like it.


“Good job today everyone. Second years! Please stay after practice today!”

Hinata froze in surprise at Ukai’s words, halfway through a race with Kageyama to see who could put away the most balls first. He stared at his coach, wide-eyed, wondering what he could possibly want to talk to only the second years about. In his distraction he took a step forward, only to land with his foot on a volleyball and go crashing to the hard gymnasium floor.

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specspectacle  asked:

Congrats on your finals being done! For a prompt or two, how about the Mystery Skulls end up with a litter of kittens and their mamma who adopts Mystery as co-parent. Or the Mystery Skulls investigate a haunted dude-ranch, now who's up for some horseback riding?

Hnggg I wanna do both of them. Here’s the kitten one for now.


The dog had paused in their dash home, making Vivi cringe. It was pouring down rain and usually Mystery hated getting wet. At least she had her umbrella but even that was proving useless in this wind. Curse her need to stay late at the bookstore! “What’s the matter? Come on, we gotta go!”

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He had planned on at least having a shower first. He’d planned on having tried to tidy his hair, and on wearing a suit – or even just a clean shirt and a neat pair of trousers. He’d asked her mum first, and with a tearful nod she’d hugged him so tight that he’d almost struggled to breath. He’d planned on taking her out for dinner; he’d planned to take her to her favourite restaurant down the street. It was cheap and the tables wobbled with any discernable weight, and they’d gotten food poisoning there once, but Lily had insisted that they keep returning, because the old woman that ran the place always had such lovely things to say about Lily’s hair and cheekbones.

“She likes my hair, and my face!” Lily would argue with a grin, as she’d drag James by the hand into the dingy restaurant.

“So? I like your hair and your face. We can sit in a diner down the road that won’t make me ill, and I can tell you how pretty you are.”

She would roll her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest and stubbornly she’d say, “I like it here.”

And that would be it. James would lose that argument, and they’d end up eating a dangerous (albeit delicious) meal together at the rickety table in the back corner. Only this time he would have a ring in his pocket, and he’d asked her that question that had been burning his tongue for months. He’d had it planned down to just about every detail.

Except for the Death Eaters. He had to admit; he hadn’t counted on the Death Eaters. Just as they’d been getting ready, Sirius had aparated with a loud crack into their living room. James had narrowed his eyes at first; ready to threaten Sirius with his entire arsenal of spells to leave when he caught the look in his eyes. It was urgent, frantic almost.

“I’m sorry, Prongs,” He’d said sincerely and quickly, “But they’re trying to take over the Ministry. We need you, the both of you.”

That had been around 6pm, and now as James checked his watch, it was only a few minutes before 5 in the morning as they weakly pushed the door of their small flat open, dropping their cloaks to the ground and dragging their feet to the sofa. He should have already asked her by now. He considered just shouting it at her while she blocked curses from the masked figures, considered pulling her aside in the middle of it all and just asking her – he’d been afraid throughout it all that he might not ever get to ask her. But he realised that they had made it through together as always and that itself was a sign that the timing was finally right. Though it wasn’t ideal; he smelt of singed clothing and of the rum Mad-Eye had given them once the conflict was over,

 “To calm the nerves.” Moody had told them. 

He sat down on the couch as he watched her close the curtains slowly, guarding them from the soft morning light beginning to spill into the living room and remind them of the night they were leaving behind them. James had his fingers laced with Lily’s as they closed their eyes and rested weakly against each other and into the comfort of the sofa, and before he knew it - the words were tumbling from his lips,

 “Marry me, Evans?”

 “Yes, of course you prat,” She whispered softly, curling against him before murmuring, “Now shut up and let me sleep.”

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Mavinseg "Falling for my target" assassin AU. Gavin is out to get Lindsay who's out to get Meg who's out to get Michael who's out to get Gavin.


gavin’s hacked into all the cctv cameras around the areas he knows lindsay frequents and justis like “yeah this’ll be easy.” and then ‘accidentally’ sends the next four days watching lindsay go about stalking meg and killing various other targets and after admirably watching her kill one small gang with nothing but garrote wire, a stiletto heel that is most definitely not hers -and gav doesn’t know where the fuck she got it from too she didn’t have it going in and the gang members are all guys-, and a pack of hubba bubba gavin realizes two things, 

1) he’s never chewing hubba bubba ever again as long as he lives and 

2) he can never tell burnie about this ever, he’ll just have to lie. “what burnie i do not remember standing right next to you as you told me in explicit detail about my target you must be on something you dont have video evidence of that meeting i deleted everything what do you mean”

and lindsay gets pictures of meg. is like, no, no it’ll be fine, and then stumbles across meg’s mimp shoots which still exist here fight me, and 

the gay truck comes outta nowhere and runs her ass the fuck over. 

but shes like “no its fine. ill just ignore it. her, and her gorgeous ass,. itll be fine.” but she corners meg once, ends up pinning her, knives out and ready to cut into shit,and just, Meg’s lithe body under her trying to squirm out of her hold and her hair is splayed out every which way and just, whiskey eyes staring lindsay square in the soul, and Meg’s not scared oh no Meg is like “hah this is lit.”
and then Meg smirks and yeah lindsay did not kill her that day lindsay got tossed on her ass and gavin saw the WHOLE thing and barring the fact that that bird she tried to kill is absolutely fit gavin still laughed his ass of so hard he fell out of his desk chair

meg is initially the best outta all of them i mean dollface gotta keep up appearances but DAMN that chick that tried to kill her was hot. but anyway, unfortunately her target is also hot. thankfully its like staring into a really sexy mirror, which is well, just a mirror actually. this dude, he’s a loud shouty asshole with a penchant for explosives i mean meg watched from her hiding perch as he cleaned ammu-nation out of sticky bombs and this literal loser actually started giggling as he dragged his bombs back to his adder and oh god are those dimples?? really? but after watching him blow up a warehouse full of coke for seemingly absolutely no reason other than to pick a fight, sit on the hood of his car playing the legend of zelda theme song while waiting for the irate gang to arrive and watch him kill them all and then blow up their corpses i mean, meg’s heart melts a little, and then a lot when he stops in the middle of a police chase to coo over this random strangers dog

and then michael, michael has the shittest time of his life trying to fucking FIND this bastard he’s supposed to be killing i mean god michael might not be the best tracker but this guy is just an asshole making michael’s life harder and christ michael was given a packet and a flash drive of info on this target of his, pictures, sound clips and he’s english?? thats fucking stupid whatever and his nose is the biggest thing michael has ever seen in his life, michael could camp under it it’s fucking ridiculous, and his eyes????? a stupid forest green color or the bay on a clear day and his laugh, he fucking sQUEAKS michael hates this dudes guts and then the cunt actually starts contacting michael, apparently he found the bugs michael laid out and he’s an asshole and hes a pompous annoying piece of shit who thinks he’s so clever and funny not that michael laughs at everything he says on the inside and he doesn’t even speak english!! he speaks made up words and he cant pronounce michaels goddamn name right, “mi-cool.” however adorable it might sound, is not his name!! and like the more he talks to this bastard the more he, and this free dude starts face-timing michael, this pompous jackass is so confident that michael wont find him that he actually facetimes him and hes REALLY FUCKING CUTE OH GODDDD 

and then they all meet up trying for one last “we’re competent killers gdi we can DO this,” and then they get there and then stare awkwardly at each other and gavin goes “so you wanna go get bevs?” and they all agree and then its gay poly history