and ill be taking minor requests

Reading Requests!*

*Please read all details before sending me something. I do not want to have to delete readings! 

How to Request a Reading From Me: 

  • All of my readings are currently free of charge, you can reblog this post and/or follow me as payment ;).
  • Send me an ask OFF anon! 
  • Specify which deck or pendulum you want your reading done with.
  • Specify if you want a general reading or send me your other question/spread/whatever request. 


  • I do NOT do ANY type of love/relationship/crush readings. None.
  • I no longer do past life readings due to the energy it takes. 
  • I do not answer anonymous reading requests (as not to clog up my feed, but you can send me other questions on anon all you want.). 
  • I will NOT answer anything with sexual/NSFW content in it due to the minors who follow me. 
  • I will not read on anything pertaining to prediction of death, illness, or outcome of a deadly situation.
  • I will under no circumstance read for anyone besides the person asking, I am not going to channel non consenting people. Keep it to readings for yourself.
  • I would really prefer if you were following me.
  • Just be nice, honestly. 
  • Feedback is appreciated but not necessary!

Readings I Offer:

  • Tarot (general, spirits, questions, yes/no, past/pres/future, other spreads)
  • Oracle (general, spirits, questions, yes/no, past/pres/future, other spreads)
  • Pendlum (yes/no questions, general questions, spirits)
  • Shufflemancy (general, questions)

My Tarot Decks:

  • Cat’s Eye Tarot (Curious, works best with general readings.)
  • Victorian Steampunk (Harsh, tells you how it is no matter what.)
  • Gilded Tarot (Regal, ominous, and loves riddles.)
  • Tarot of a Moon Garden (Serene, calm, comforting.)
  • Un-named Deck #1 (Good for questions, very informative.)
  • Un-named Deck #2 (Very comforting, lets you down gently.)
  • Celestial Tarot (Classy, elegant, but straight to the point.) 
  • Hanson-Roberts Mini (Joking, loves general and question readings, childlike.)
  • The Wooden Tarot (Mysterious, tricky)

My Oracle Decks: 

  • Halloween (Best for spirit readings. Very harsh.)
  • Butterfly (Calm, sweet, good for informative/general readings about yourself and your future. The deck is based upon life changes.) 
  • Earth Magic (Motherly, full of advice.)

My Pendulums:*

  • Rainbow Moonstone (Intelligent and wise, cool and collected.)
  • Snowflake Obsidian (Can be sarcastic, but really hits the nail once it stops playing jokes.)
  • Rose Quartz (Very positive and loving.)
  • Amethyst (Happy, charming energy.)
  • Rainbow #1 (Smug but honest.)
  • Rainbow #2 (Eager to please, positive.) 

*Pendulum readings explained: 

I have a pendulum board that operates similarly to a Ouija board! A general reading is basically me asking if there is anything (the requester) needs to know.

Imagine Data taking care for you when you're sick.

Imagine Data taking care for you when you’re sick.

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: The common cold does get cured at some point in the series but for the sake of simplicity we’re going to say reader has a cold.

“A cold, I can’t believe I managed to get a cold” you groaned flopping onto your bed

You never had an easy time when sick you were pretty much out of it no matter how minor the illness. Your headache had been subdued but the pressure in your sinuses was still there.

“[______] are you in here?”

Data. Why did he have to show up now of all times.

Normally you would love him showing up out of the blue, right now though you weren’t in the mood for interaction, human or otherwise.

“Yes Data I’m here”

“Oh, that is good you should be resting.”

You looked up from your cocoon of blankets and tissues and saw Data looking through the replicator.

“Data what are you-”

You broke into a coughing fit. Perfect timing.

“Do not worry [_____], I have collected many remedies from around the ship for a cold. The captain recommended tea with lemon and honey, many of the crew members suggesting a chicken based soup. The one I found that would benefit you most also contains garlic and ginger.”

Data walked over varying the food on the tray then sat on your bed side handing you the tray.

“Thank you Data you’re a real sweetheart.” You sighed taking the soup and tea.

“It is no problem [______], I truly hope to see you recover as quickly as possible.”

You felt a smile form on your lips and you felt a bit better if not physically that at least emotionally.

“Then would you mind staying here? If you can.”

“I was planning to, I also heard it is often helpful to speed recovery if the person who is ill has someone to assist them.”

“Thank you Data.”

You were able to relax again and continue eating your soup. Data being there to help you would surely speed up your recovery time.

Sick | C. Sissons

Words: 808

Who: Colton Sissons

Warnings: Mentions of minor illness (cold)

Requested? No

Author’s Note: I wrote this the night the Preds won the WCF and then I completely forgot about it. Oops.

You had planned on going to the game that night - it was Game Six of the Western Conference Final, after all - but you had awoken that morning with the sniffles and a scratchy throat. It was obvious that you had managed to contract a cold, likely from looking after your little nephew the other night who himself had been sick with the same virus. You washed your hands, of course, after taking his temperature or snuggling with him in bed while you read his favorite book and you had even popped some vitamins when you got home but it seemed that you had been destined to get sick before the game.

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Hey! This is a support blog for all wlw–especially neurodivergent wlw. I decided to expand my horizons to include everyone, though, because I want to dedicate this blog to helping and encouraging sapphics with advice, positivity, and aesthetics. 

I really, really want to get a reputation for being an advice-giving blog, because I love to help people. I go by Diana (but you can call me Dee), I’m a lesbian minor, I’m neurodivergent (mentally ill + aspie & ADHD), I’ve been in sapphic relationships before (and am currently in one now!), and I’m very familiar on the subject of internalized homophobia and coercive heterosexuality. 

I also take requests for positivity posts for sapphics (e.g. trans/nb sapphics, disabled sapphics, fat/chubby sapphics, sapphic survivors, etc.), so if you’re feeling down and you want some positivity, don’t hesitate to ask!

The reason I made this blog was to help young sapphic girls struggling to come to terms with their identity, especially the ones going into and coming out of very difficult places, so that they don’t have to feel alone like I did. But no matter what age you are, every sapphic deserves to feel loved and supported.

So please, feel free to stop by and send me asks! Even though I’m an introvert, I promise I’ll get to them! 

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Beautiful And Radiant. [Sam Uley x Reader.]

Originally posted by melarlad

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Requested: Anonymous.

Based OnCould I get a Sam uley imagine where your feeling sick so Sam takes care of you and it’s full of cuddles and kisses? By the way you are a amazing girl

A/N: Of course you can, my lovely! Sorry for the long wait for your imagine to be posted. Thanks for being a patient, though! I love this idea, it’s super cute; however, I decided to make it a ficlet or fanfic instead of an imagine, is that okay? Please don’t be offended! Thank you sooo much for your request, I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, sweetheart. (:

Type of Piece: Ficlet.

Pairing(s): Sam Uley x Reader.

Word Count: 716.

Warning’s: A slightly sick reader and intense fluff! (Let me know if I’ve forgot anything.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Sam Uley, but Stephanie Meyer does!

Although your sick figure quivered under the colossal mountain of blankets; Sam still saw you in the highest light possible: Beautiful and radiant. Radiant? If sweaty sheen skin, a snuffled nose and gasping for breath like a fish suffocating out of water, counted as radiant… You would take it with gleeful open arms.

Your (e/c) of orbs traced over his perfect muscles as he fetched yet another blanket. “How you’re cold right now is beyond my comprehension!” He exclaimed, rummaging through the disordered small closet to the far left of your bedroom. “Any average human would be panting and ripping those covers off…” He trailed off with a twerked simper upon his lips.

“It isn’t my fault that my sweat is like a sheet of frost covering my freaking skin!” You croak out, a failed attempt at a mewled whimper of irritation. “Besides, i’m constantly surrounded by werewolves, shapeshifter’s, - whatever you wanna call yourselves-, I was bound to catch something from you all.” You groan out, curling up further into yourself, hoping the icy sweat would somehow evaporate and leave you feeling the hot summer air beyond your bedroom window.

A deep rumbled chortle fled from Sam’s mouth, tumbling chaotically into your ear drums, causing you to wince meekly at the noise. “We never get sick and i doubt you caught anything from us, (Y/N): Actually, I can’t say that confidently… Who knows where or what Paul’s been doing when he phases…”

“I don’t need to think of that!” You screech, voice hoarse, exhaustion peering out of your tone like a mischievous and inquisitive nimble child.

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hellohotnesshellyeah  asked:

If your still taking requests, could you possibly draw Komatsu and Zebra? B/c someone has to take care of that precious muffin and someone has to take care of the predator who has a crush. Cinnamon roll x tsuntsun all the way :)

of course ill draw more fanart of these two later but i couldn’t get this idea out of my head

but I feel like Komatsu is kinda in the minority with how much he likes Zebra XD its ok tho! No matter how grouchy zebra gets komatsu and warden love will always be on his side!

Minor request

For season 2 can we stop referring to Pilar McCawley as the bipolar woman. And call her by her name because don’t you think it is a little rude to refer to someone by their mental illness rather than their name. Honestly out of all the things that people get outraged about on this website I’m surprised this hasn’t been one of them.

Yes Pilar has a mental illness, she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. No she is not taking her medications but that is really by no fault of her own. She is living in a world where the medications she needs no longer exist. And unless the Indogene or one of the other votan races has found a cure to it. She is still bipolar.

Yes I selected the Indogene to be named out as the ones to find a cure for things such as mental illness. But think about what we know about Doc Yewll. She kind of likes to focus on the science bit of things.

But please try and use people first language this season when referring to Pilar, regardless of whether or not you like her. Because it isn’t about liking her, it’s not even about respecting her. It’s about respecting everyone who has been diagnosed with the illness. Because think about it if you just call her Bipolar, or whatever what kind of message is that sending to people who have the disorder. That you think of them as nothing more than their diagnosis.

Yes I know she is a fictional character but how you refer to fictional characters with mental illnesses says a lot about how you will react to people who have mental illnesses.