and ikea rage

Regretfully sorry

Dear General Consortium Guy, 

When Ms. Ver’sarn introduced us, I was very hopeful that your teleporter device would be just what the Scions needed to start on our Azsuna Adventure so we could teleport from warded place to another without any difficulty. It would however come to my attention to our grounds is some unintended war zone. Regretfully your device came under fire with some rampaging Demon Hunter with bombs and it got burnt into fire and a million pieces some how. Please accept my apology and some advances from my salary to cover the costs. 

I know this comes at no consolidation to you, but I am deeply sorry this occurred. I have sent the pieces back as they were so hopefully you can salvage something from them. 

Deeply Sorry, 

Ilyea, Scholar of the Scions. 

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How the Teleporter Accident really happened

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