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[request prompt: an imagine where the reader gets her wisdom teeth out and is super out of it and her bff Peter offers to take her home. So she is rambling on about stuff and peter offers to carry her and she’s Iike no way petey I love you but youre weak and he picks her up and then he takes care of her and she falls asleep and peter stays until her mom gets home and then her mom accidentally reveals she never stops talking about peter because she likes him and then he next day he asks her out and it’s fluff???]

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Imagine #2: ‘Right Side of the Right Bed’
(The Morning After (Your First Time))

He woke up before you, snuffling quietly into the pillow before flipping over on his back, hands coming up to clumsily paw at his sleepy eyes. He stretched his legs a bit, carefully as to not wake you, and yawned quietly.

That’s when he really remembered you were there, and the events from last night came rushing back to him, the breathy moans and keening whines and whispers of you coming apart beneath him painted on the backs of his eyelids.

A sleep-drunk smile spread across his lips, all too smug with himself as he turned to you, curled up in the blankets, leaving him absolutely none (not that he minded much) to cover himself with, clad only in his boxers and old shorts, his shirt having found its way on you.

He rolled over on his side again, smirking at the raw ache of scratches across his back, and the little marks he had pressed into your skin the night before.

Gentle fingertips came up to trace around one, the color blossoming out in the curve of your neck, his touch light and full of admiration.

He ran the backs of his knuckles gently down the marks, places of soft skin that he had taken so good care of the night before, the motion causing you to stir, flipping over to face him in your sleep.

He watched you for a moment, your face peaceful and at ease, safe and relaxed beside him, warmth budding in his chest over how fragile you looked.

His glassy, sleepy eyes trailed over your figure, down the easy slope of your shoulder where the blanket had slipped from around you, his breath catching as he tucked the corner of it back in place.

For someone with such poetic songs, he really wasn’t much of a talker in the morning, and he liked it better this way, just admiring you and forgetting about the world for a few moments.

He didn’t have to fumble over words, coming out in a barely coherent rasp, he could speak through his touch, a silent eloquence he had about him.

He pulled you to his chest, nearly automatically, his hand cupping the back of your head, holding it to rest against his collarbone, feeling your soft breaths fan out over the slope of it.

He felt you move closer, your legs slung over his, ‘mmph’ing into the softness of his bare chest as he held you protectively.

He looked at you with admiration reflecting in his eyes, ducking his head to kiss your forehead and move his other hand down your back.

You woke up at this kind gesture, nudging your nose up into the dip at the base of his neck, a contented sigh rolling off of your lips as he thumbed at the space between your shoulder blades, palm splayed out.

“Hi,” he said breathily, rasp apparent as you moved closer towards him.

He kissed the top of your head again, rousing you from sleep completely, but gently. He murmured nonsense at you as you scooted back a bit to blink up at him, a sleepy smile reflected off of his features onto yours.

You lay with him like that for quite a while, just enjoying each other’s warmth and quiet company, when your stomach began to grumble and he laughed at you.

“You okay?” He teased, eyes closed, holding you but napping slightly, dozing off, “A bit hungry I hear?”

You laughed, untangling yourself from him and moving backwards, to his whine of protest, ready to go get breakfast (though he’d made it earlier but your both forgotten) and do absolutely nothing all day.

However, as soon as you slung your legs over the side of the bed, you felt a twinge run up your spine, wincing slightly and hoping it would go away, not wanting to give Ed the satisfaction for last night.

Drawing a deep breath, you pushed off of the bed with flat palms, to his knowing smirk, one eye cracked open as he watched you in nothing but panties and his too-big teeshirt.

As soon as you stood up, you regretted the decision, stumbling sideways and catching yourself with the corner of the night table, nearly knocking the lamp and clock off, the ache spreading around your lower half.

“Edddd…” You whined, a mix of emotions, and he was at your side in record time, pulling your back to his chest, his arms around your waist and trying, bless his heart, to suppress the smirk he was fighting to no avail.

That got cut short as you stumbled backwards again with a whimper, your legs not feeling trustworthy and your cheeks being flushed by Ed making fun of you.

“Sh, I’m sorry,” he said, when he saw you were actually in pain, and he helped you to lay back down, offering to go get whatever you needed. “What do you need love, I’ll get it for you, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,”

You couldn’t help but smile at his apologies, asking modestly for a painkiller and some toast, which he brought back for both of you, completely burnt but still with good intentions.

He sat down beside you, with a quiet “What hurts, babe?” To which you flushed again and told him it was mainly your back, and he turned you gently towards him so he could rub at the sore muscles with inexperienced (at least in being a masseuse) hands, trying to knead out the pressure.

He finally stopped, his attempt at shiatsu being futile in the face of Advil, and you finished your toast in silence, laying back down as he joined you, collecting you up in his arms very carefully.

“Go ahead,” you said, the smile hidden because he was behind you but still audible in your voice.

“What?” He asked innocently, hand laying over your thigh.

“You know you’re proud of yourself, just go ahead and get it over with and say it,” you teased, folding your hand over his as he made goosebumps rise on your skin.

“Well, I am,” he said matter-of-factly, and you scoffed into your pillow, eyes slipping shut, “But it was your first time babe, you’re gonna be sore, it’s gonna hurt,”

You nodded, yawning, “mhm,” you agreed, “Was worth it though.”

He just wasn’t sure what to do with himself at that, dimple starting to play out, because he was beyond happy he could make your first time perfect.

You could feel his smile on the nape of your neck as he spoke, “I’d never ever want to hurt you though, yeah?” You nodded in understanding, feeling him press a close mouthed kiss to your shoulder.

“Well the next time it’ll be better,” he said, tapping his fingers in place on your leg.

“Oh so you’re already counting on more?” You said sarcastically, knowing there would be much more.

He made a happy humming sound against your neck, sending tingles over your skin. You could feel the heat from his undeniable blush as he hid his face in the crook of your neck, threading his fingers in your hair.

“I love you,” you said simply, meaning it. “It was perfect, you’re perfect.”

This elicited a sincere ‘I love you too’ from him, peppering kisses lightly along tender lovebites, “And there’s more where that came from.”

You slung your legs with his, entertaining them. “Love you,” you exchanged once more, feeling his arms tighten around you and your body go warm and pliant against his, a sleepy snore drifting from him.

And it was true—you wouldn’t mind waking up every morning with him.


look i understand that the age difference in call me by your name genuinely makes some people uncomfortable and i wanna respect those people but using words like p*dophilia and saying it plays into the “predatory gay” stereotype STILL when you don’t know jack shit other than a basic plot summary and this close to release and when it’s been praised by 96% of the people who’ve seen it is um how do i put this… really fucking dumb.

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Yayyy requests are open !:D May I request Hanzo with a close friend who he has feelings for but because Hanzo knows his friend has been heartbroken many times in the past and says they're closed off from love and are afraid of it. Hanzo eventually decides to confess and gives a sweet speech saying something Iike how he'll treat them the way the others failed to do. They confess as well after a long pause that leaves Hanzo thinking he messed up their friendship?

I did this in HC form, but if you wanted something different, please tell me! I hope you like it in any case though :)

- He would be very cautious while being around you, not wanting to make you feel upset on accident, as he knows you were in quite a vulnerable state at this moment. He would understand you very well though, as the archer was often wary of others as well, because of his stressful way of life and the dangers it brought with it. Hanzo figured that people continuously hurting you would put a strain your heart and for that matter, he would be a bit distant from you in the beginning after your poor relationship had just ended, thinking he would only push you around otherwise and did not think he deserved someone as loyal as you. You had already been through so much pain that he did not want to worsen it, even though it was his own mistake for thinking so, as he would never intentionally hurt your feelings in the slightest. It would not be easy for him to get closer to you though, as he could sense your uncertainty and closed-off nature, which was much like his own and it sometimes created an air of awkwardness between the both of you, even though you both wanted so desperately to get closer to each other. A lack of knowledge on how to pursue such feelings was unfortunately present.

- Hanzo would try to take down your walls little by little through comforting you with encouraging words to boost his own courage as well, telling you that you still had a whole life ahead of you with great opportunities and that you shouldn’t let yourself get defeated by these unworthy people. Even though you were still hurting from said people, you did really appreciate his help and often felt at peace in his presence, which you hadn’t felt in a long time. The archer just always seemed so calm and wise, such a big contrast to the others who had messed with your heart. Why had you not noticed it before? Slowly, his polite way of treating you while keeping a respective distance helped you recover from your broken state and over time, feelings seemed to blossom as well but you were hesitant to act out on them, fearing it would once again turn into a fruitless relationship with the same bad outcome.

- Much to your own unawareness, the Japanese warrior in turn was facing his own dilemma, as he struggled with the same type of problem. Through understanding your nature and the hardships you had faced while remaining a kindhearted and honest person, the archer developed a fondness for you that he did not have before when you were just acquainted with each other. The two of you were close comrades yes and which he was grateful for, neither were you unattractive either, but through all his time with you together, he had kept his own feelings at bay and brushed them off without ever considering giving them a thought. However, every day it became harder for Hanzo to ignore his attraction for you, as his mind tended to wander off to your being more so than not, even during his training hours. He honestly felt like you needed him as well, as the marksman felt a strong urge to protect you from any other people who dared to wound your heart further and it didn’t help that whenever a possible person of interest was near you, a seething anger would well up inside of him at the sight. It was with a difficult decision that Hanzo decided to approach you on the matter, if not for the confession itself, it was at least for making peace with his heart. He was convinced that he was in no way deserving of your love, but perhaps with your rejection, his own throbbing heart would stop pestering him.

- Even though his confession would be direct to say the least, it did not lack meaning in any way and was quite the philosophical speech to be honest. Hanzo wanted to make sure that you knew that if you were to choose him as your mate, he would never attempt at making the same mistakes those before him had made. Making sure to treat you like royalty, just as you deserved and the seriousness in his eyes and whole composure did not fail to convey that message to you. Your own expression would be a mixture of surprise and endearment at his words, never having heard such a strong conviction and verbalization of an act of love before. His promise did not fail to stir up a feeling deep inside of you that had been sleeping for some time now, hidden away after your last relationship ended so tragically. Perhaps, you could open your heart once again to this man before you and lay it in the safety of his embrace, as his eyes did not lie when they burned with the passion he held for you, not having witnessed it before with any other person who had once committed their love to you. Not that the archer’s unconditional loyalty through your friendship wasn’t enough proof of his attentiveness to you already.

- Although extremely touched by his speech, you were not quite sure what to answer him with, as you were still at war with the insecurity of your own feelings and the whole ordeal became a bit overwhelming for you. After you thanked him kindly and told him you needed some time, Hanzo became slightly agitated but quickly agreed to your proposition, not questioning you further out of respect and leaving you to think on the matter while he excused himself. He was certain now that he had befouled the friendship you both shared, as you seemed to tense up at his confession and were probably just too kind to turn him down on the spot, not wanting him to see your disappointing expression. With a shake of his head, the archer left for his own quarters, where he would brood over his earlier mistakes in silence, thinking of how foolish he had been and would stay out of your way for now, not bothering you further.

- He was surprised to say the least, once he saw you on his doorstep a week after his speech about his love for you. You were shyly looking up at him as he anxiously kept staring at you to await the words you were about to say. After apologizing for your long absence, you told him about the reason of taking your distance, assuring him that it was in no way his fault and that you actually harbored the same feelings for him, which only added up to the archer’s surprise. Of course, he should have known better than to directly punish himself for confessing to you instead of understanding that you needed time, feeling a little guilty for not considering the possibility that you could indeed share his feelings but genuinely just wanted to give it some more time. Rather, the marksman had brushed that thought off a long time ago as well and just assumed you were rejecting him the silent way. With a small smile, he told you that it was alright and that it was his mistake for not checking up on you and assuming the worst so easily. You in turn became confused at that, telling him that he shouldn’t be sorry at all, as it was you who was pushing him away for the most part and your conversation quickly became a back and forth rambling of apologies, until you both had nothing useful to say anymore and just chuckled at each other’s self-doubts.

- You both agreed to give this relationship a chance after you had caught your breath, elated expressions on each other’s face as the archer gently pulled you closer to him, making sure you could back away from him if you wished, but you only responded to his touch wholeheartedly, trusting him with your heart. Hanzo let out a sigh of relief at finally being able to have you in his hold like this and you could have sworn that his face resembled that of an apple once you gave him a soft peck on his cheek in response, giggling slightly at his charismatic reaction. You both had your reasons to take things slowly and you honestly had no problem with that and neither did Hanzo. He would wait as long as he had to for you, as you were worth every second of his time and had already given him so much to be grateful for. Without you in it, his life was so much duller and lacked purpose, which is why he need you with him, whether it was through friendship or love. He would care for you all the same.

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an imagine where the reader gets her wisdom teeth out and is super out of it and her bff Peter offers to take her home. So she is rambling on about stuff and peter offers to carry her and she's Iike no way petey I love you but youre weak and he picks her up and then he takes care of her and she falls asleep and peter stays until her mom gets home and then her mom accidentally reveals she never stops talking about peter because she likes him and then he next day he asks her out and it's fluff???



I think about him all the time. It’s awful. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Scrawny little mundane bastard. Except he isn’t. Scrawny, anymore. Or a mundane. And I Iike spending time with him. He makes me laugh. And I like the way he smiles. You know, one side of his mouth goes up before the other one. I miss him when he’s not around.”

In a series that is marinated in profanity, Carolina only seriously swears once.

For the most part, no matter how stressed or angry or emotional she gets, she keeps it fairly clean, though she can crack “hell” and “damn” Iike a whip, and make them sound way worse than they would from anyone else. But she only says “fuck” exactly once, unless she does in S13 and I don’t remember.

So…was that a deliberate decision by the writers? And if it was, how did that single “fuck” slip in? Who fucked up?

Maybe We Shouldn't

A/N: Requested. Luke is too insecure to let himself go completely when you decided it was the right time to go all the way together. Sorry it took so long, I’ve been too occupied and overwhelmed with the amount of work I had outside of tumblr. My inbox is still always open for new requests. Enjoy humans ✌️

You and Luke had never slept together. As shocking as it may be, it’s not that either of you were inexperienced but Luke just always tends to act wierd whenever you tried. You thought it was just you and started to feel a little insecure from it. But when you would ask Luke about it, he simply responded that he wasn’t ready; the only thing was, when he said it, you knew he was lying. There would be times where you’d noticed he’s starting to feel hard on and ready to go but nervously brushes it off and distracts himself.
Tonight was the night you weren’t going to tolerate anything. There was a fun awards show the boys were asked to attend, and you made more than sure to be dressed in a way that Luke wouldn’t resist and basically get down on his knees for you. Your dress came up even higher than mid thigh and you made sure to expose your cleavage at a risky level. What was even more convinent was the heels that made your legs look just fantastic. His cheeks tinted pink and he swallowed hard when he saw you. His eyes just followed on your chest and how perfectly lifted and accessible it was but he wouldn’t dare let his hands get anywhere near as he knew if he did, that he would be forced to go past his comfort zone. But that was your intentions, so you always tried to get him to brush any part of him accidentally across your chest.
The night dragged on and Luke only seemed to be getting worse. His thighs would not stop moving, and he shifted out of his seat quite a bit. The car ride he obliged to vanilla kiss as you two often did. His hand would twitch a little while on your waist. You could feel the need for him to feel more and that wasn’t where his hand truthfully wanted to be.
After the event had ended, you decided to fake let it go and make him think he was off the hook; but he was in for a rude awakening. You simply held his hand on the way back and told him such fluffy things, all innocent and such. Once you had gotten back, you pushed him against the wall. Immediately kissing him and roughly fumbling his pants button undone. All he did was pant with hooded eyes and looking straight at the wall across him with his arms awkwardly spread out. His hands were hesitantly reaching out to your body while you worked his blazor off. You let out a frustrated huff and put them on you. “Just fucking do it Luke. I want you to.” Your needy voice sent him over the edge and he held your butt, pulling you closer and signaling you to jump. He kissed you differently but better and bumped you into the opposite wall to adjust you better to his body. He almost tripped over his own feet on the stairs as you moved your hips against his hard on with your hands on his face, pulling him deeper. He placed you on the bed, still hovering over you but you took control and straddled him. You pulled his pants all the way off and he let out nervous chuckles mixed with moans. He gasped pretty loud when you went as quick as to trail your tongue over his length through his boxer briefs. “Holy shit.” He groaned as you continued to tease him out of his mind. You sat up to slowly strip off the top half of your dress, exposing what he’s painfully wanted to see all night. You smirked and bit your lip, lifting his neck and closer to your chest to let him do what he wanted with them. His breath broken down as he softly kissed each of them and nuzzled his head over them, placing even more feverish kisses over them. He was in pretty bad shape when he decided to use his hands and knead them. You moaned at how hard he was squeezing and surprised at how badly he needed it. You then gently pushed him off and proceeded to take his shirt off. And then that’s when his hand reached out to stop you. “W-wait Y/N… maybe we shouldn’t…” You barely rolled your eyes when you saw it was happening again. Luke’s face immediately went to regret mode. “Okay okay wait just hear me out okay? I just don’t want to get completely… You know?” You gave him a questioning look. “What do you mean?” He sighed and bit his lip. “I just don’t feel too alright about getting completely exposed.” “Why not?” “I don’t know. I’m just not comfortable with it. I’m not really too keen on showing you all of me just yet.” “Luke, it’s me. You know I’d never judge you. I’m sure I’ll love whatever’s underneath. I promise.” He made a face that said he was still unsure. “If you’re that worried then we’ll do it your way, but it can’t hurt to try. If after you show me, you still feel the same, I’ll never ask you again. I promise you.” He looked away and nodded slowly. You first decided to run your hands underneath his shirt from his waistline and up. As corny and weird as it sounded, his tummy felt pretty soft and smooth. You slowly peeled his shirt off and smiled when you saw how insecure he looked. You kept rubbing the newly exposed skin and reassuring how perfect he looked and that you loved every inch of him. It indeed almost sounded and felt Iike you were taking his virginity. You kissed his lips and worked your way down to his stomach, paying extra mind to how toned but soft he was. “Your body is just amazing.” You whispered. You finally shifted your attention to his elastic waistband and pulled off his underpants. “Show me how much you really love me and I’ll take your word for it.” You did nothing but wrap your arms around his torso and pull him as close as possible to you. You lowered all your weight on your elbows to get even closer as you lowered yourself onto him. This was wasn’t even just about wanting to destroy each other, you wanted him to feel loved and cherished. You slowly made love to him while you just softly whispered how much you loved him, running your hands down his chest, and stomach. You both moaned ‘I love yous’ back and forth, getting louder and needier as you both inched closer to your highs. The friction between your bodies added to the amazing sensation you were feeling as he now continued to penetrate you from underneath. “You’re so perfect Luke.” You breathed as you reached climax. Letting out whimpers and moving your hips faster as he touched you all over. Not too long after, he came and you both shuddered as he gave you a few tiny last thrusts into you. You laid on top of him, not even pulling out and burying your face into his neck. You moved his chin towards your face and slowly kissed his lips. “I love you so much.” “I know. I love you too. And I’ve never felt better. I only love me now that I know that you love me more.” “You’re so cute.” You smiled and kissed his cheek, hugging his body tightly and pulling the cool blanket over your two.