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Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll:

Looks like could kill you and could actually kill you:

Sinnamon roll:

I wrote this directly after I left my first Harry Styles concert. My emotions were more elevated, and now that I’ve had some time to sit and reflect, I feel a little less raw. Keep that in mind.

I definitely got carried away, just needed to type it out, I guess. It seems a bit mad, and I’m slightly hesitant to post, but maybe someone else can resonate and understand.

Music does fucking weird things to you, man.

Warning: it’s pretty aggressive in terms of “I miss this fucking boyband so much, I cry about it,” but you all know.

It’s not just a boyband.

You get it.

I saw Harry Styles at the Chicago Theatre on September 26th.

Several people have asked me for an update.

First disclaimer: this is less of a concert play-by-play and more of a word vomit. About One Direction. About Harry. About the hiatus, the crazy shit it’s made me feel over the past two years, the future. All a bunch of nonsense - or maybe not - thoughts.

Honesty hour ensues.

Let me preface this by saying I’m grateful. So beyond grateful for all my experiences. I won’t take advantage of that. I never have. Never will.

One Direction holds an interesting pull over millions of people. Me included. I fell in love with them on a whim - it wasn’t intentional. I don’t understand it. I can’t make sense of it. I can’t explain to others why I’m so invested. But at this point, I don’t bother with an explanation. I love to love them.

“One Direction is broken up. You still listen to them?” The amount of times I’ve heard this. I’m homesick for people who don’t know I exist. Moderately crazy, but shows the extent of the soul this band put into their music and performances and relationships with each other. And us. I feel tied to it.

Is any other fandom like this? I don’t know. Nor will I ever know.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve had a very difficult time with the whole “solo” endeavor. One Direction is the biggest and most important part of my early 20’s, and for it to stop so abruptly and without any closure has taken an embarrassing toll on me. My best friend and I have become sickeningly close during our travels - we’ve experienced seven shows together, one of which was out the country - and to me, One Direction concerts became a place to make some of our deepest memories that no one else can replicate, or understand. I met friends - my Rita - through this band. I met you guys. It’s been two years of wondering and waiting if and when they would make a return into our lives, and then. Instead. We got solo Harry. Full force.

I understand the point of the break. I get it. Overworked. Shit management. I’ve exhausted the topic in my own mind, and with others. Doesn’t mean I’m jumping for joy over it. I’m a 1d stan at heart; I support them as individuals, but when it comes down to it, my loyalties lie with the band.

I’ll be candid and real, which I’m often not on this blog. I initially jumped on the “1d went on hiatus because of Harry” bandwagon. My original logic: he said he was the one who initiated it. He was the one who had solid plans. Louis said he fought it. Niall said he wasn’t ready for it. And after closely paying attention to hundreds of interviews since 2015, Harry has clearly showed his gratitude toward the band - don’t get me wrong - but he’s the only one who hasn’t talked about a return date. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to give false hope. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t know and doesn’t want anyone to read too much into his words. Maybe he’s moved on. Whatever the case, I shied away from his career at the beginning and couldn’t get excited like everyone else seemed to be. It hurt my heart to see him so happy and thriving away from the pieces that helped him with his start, his life. Honestly, I know I would have felt hesitant about whoever happened to go fully solo first (Zayn doesn’t count - that’s a very different situation). Sure, Niall and Louis had singles out last year, but it’s not the same as embracing a new album, a new identity. It just so happened to be Harry first.

Second disclaimer: I hate that the band isn’t together, but I could never hate any direct member for that. Ever. No one is specifically responsible. And I know that.

My vision is clouded. Selfishly, I didn’t want Harry (or any of them, really) to fall out of love with the past because I wasn’t ready to fall out of love with it. It’s brought me so much joy and love and laughter and experiences. It feels like I’m begging please don’t move on without me. I’ve found a major piece of myself because of this band, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I now feel a little lost. Being 25 is weird enough in itself, in terms of career and relationships and generally just being, and now take away the part that gave me stability and my independence, and I’m just. Wandering. Waiting for something to happen to make me feel as happy as One Direction did.

Reading that back sounds ridiculous. But I’m not the only one here.

I know what this looks like, what it sounds like. I know how skewed my perspective is. I’m doing my best to fix it.

I have Harry’s album memorized. I love a few songs, like a few, dislike a few. I guess that goes for every album. His style has changed from what we’re used to, as has some of his lyrics, but the quirkiness is still the same. The heart is still there. I knew it would be.

I was overwhelmed walking into the show. It’s been over two years since I’ve seen a member of 1d on stage in front of me. I had high expectations - expectations for his performance, expectations about how I wanted to feel once it was over. The venue was beautiful. It was the perfect place to listen to this album live for the first time. Echoey and full of charm and personality. Crystals. Velvet couches in the box seating area. Marbles floors and winding staircases. Pink hues across the stage. Simple, effective lighting. Harry. All Harry. No more crowds by the thousands, no more booming music, no more larger than life stage. Somehow, I felt more anxious.

He did not disappoint. But then again, I didn’t expect him to. For the past three years, he’s always done the best job at captivating my attention whilst performing. Nothing has changed in that sense.

It felt like the final nail in the coffin for 1d, kind of. My friend’s words. It’s too hard to imagine him doing this and then going back to a place where he doesn’t get to 100% put his whole self into what he’s doing, and has to share and compromise on ideas. I understand that. It would be counterproductive to work backwards. It wouldn’t be impossible, but it would definitely feel less organic.

Not just for Harry. For all of them.

Doesn’t mean I’ve lost faith, though.

“It’s been two years since we’ve last seen each other,” he said, “and in those two years, I missed you so much.”

I cried from the moment I sat down until I got back to my hotel room.

I like to be overwhelmed by music. But not like this.

I think part of it is because this was only the fourth night of his tour. It’s still brand new. I’m still not well acquainted with it. New territory, uncharted. I sound so ugly for being so conflicted about solo endeavors, especially when I know there were people who won’t get the chance to see him and I did. I’m grateful, I promise. I’m working meticulously to sort my brain from my heart.

I’m seeing Niall in a few weeks. God help me if I feel this royally fucked over from him, too.

Harry has not left behind his roots. That much was clear. I don’t think I was ever really worried about that part, because he’s pure and kind and appreciates everything in his life for what it is. He would never speak an ill word about 1d. Ever. I don’t think he has any ill words. I sobbed when he performed WMYB. I loathe that song. It felt like a small piece of home, anyway, him using their start as a part of his start. He looked gorgeous. He sounded like a dream. He doesn’t have as much room to prance, but he made do. No catwalk, no problem. I missed his voice. His speaking voice, preaching to the crowds about love and bravery. His terrible jokes. His gratitude. Christ, it felt so good to have him in front of me again.

Kiwi was exceptional. The crowd went off. SOTT was overbearing in a beautiful way. Hearing everyone scream “woman!” all at once was a Goddamn experience. The room was deafening for the entire show.

It wasn’t the same. I didn’t expect it to be, but I wanted it to be.

My friend kept saying, “One Direction is so dead and I couldn’t care less.” I care. I hate the division amongst the fans, amongst the media. “Pick a team.” I don’t want to. Right now, my friend loves Harry more than One Direction as a whole, so she doesn’t understand. I’m not going to try to make her. The crowd chanted “Harry” during the encore, and my heart hurt in the strangest way. I told Rita about it. “Ugh. Just Harry.” I knew she’d understand. She almost always does.

I love Harry Styles. With my entire heart. He was happy on that stage. Even while I stood in the back with my face in my hands, I could see that. I’m happy he’s happy. I love nothing more than a happy Harry. The world is a better place when he’s smiling.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t feel unsettled.

It’s out of my control. Accept the good that comes along with changes. Something I’m learning. Something I’m sure all five original members of One Direction are also learning.

I’m seeing him again on Saturday, in Boston. I’m hoping the initial shock will be mostly worn off and now that I know what solo 1d feels like, I’ll feel more ready for it. More ready for his sequined suit, his smile, his note changes, his band that isn’t the one we’re all used to, the harmonies that bleed together as if it was fate, the lack of three other boys who I miss terribly.

Maybe he misses them as much as I do.

I saw Harry Styles at the Chicago Theatre on September 26th. He was stunning. He moved me to tears. He ran with a rainbow flag, made us scream about pizza, looked beautiful in the neon pink lights. It wasn’t One Direction. It wasn’t better. It wasn’t worse. It was just different. And that’s what I’ll keep telling myself. Embrace being different. It’s what Harry does, after all.

I’m profound in the art of making five days worth of clothing fit into one carry on bag. I can memorize new albums in 48 hours if I have the right determination. I’m able to meticulously plan trips to new cities and venues like it’s nobody’s business. I’ve yet to master the ability, however, of separating love and music.

But I guess those are technically the same thing, anyway.

Thank you for a beautiful show, Styles. Thank you for allowing us into your life, for staying true. I’ve missed you, as a whole, as an individual. I’ll see you on Saturday.

Stay tuned for a second update this weekend. I’m sure it will be much different. I’ll be sure to post some photos, as there will “mainly be prancing.” And what a shame it would be to miss that.

xx Shelly

At a High Fashion Store
  • Harry: Eww, how can something this ugly be so expensive?
  • Draco: *looks him up and down* If all ugly things were cheap you'd be free of charge.
  • Harry: But...I was? It's not like you paid to get me lol
  • Draco: I pay every day.
  • Draco: With my nerves.
  • Allura: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.
  • Lance: You read minds?
  • Allura: No. Telepaths know thoughts. Empaths feel feelings. Emotions. May I?
  • Lance: Alright.
  • [Allura touches Lance's hand]
  • Allura: You feel... love.
  • Lance: Yeah, I guess I feel a general, unselfish love for...
  • Allura: No. Romantic, sexual love.
  • Lance: No, no. No, I don't.
  • Allura: *points to Keith* For him.
  • Lance: No! That is not...
  • Hunk: *laughing hysterically* She just told everyone your deepest, darkest secret!
  • Lance: Dude, come on! I think you're overreacting a little bit.
  • Hunk: *still laughing* You must be so embarrassed! Do me! Do me, do me!
  • [Allura touches Hunk and she starts laughing hysterically]
  • Allura: I've never felt such humor!
  • [Hunk and Allura are laughing and pointing at Lance]
  • Lance: So unbelievably uncool.
  • [Allura walks over to Keith to touch him]
  • Keith: Touch me, and the only thing you're gonna feel is a broken jaw.

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hellooo! if you're still doing the drabble challenge, a mix of 86/2 for reddie?? <3

Sorry about the wait. I just really wanted this one to be good. I hope you enjoy it! -

Eddie loved his friends, but he hated sleepovers. All the other losers managed to sleep soundly through the night, but not Eddie. He was always suddenly bolting upright. Head filled with twisting and turning thoughts and noises and faces. He hated it when one person inevitably awoke and saw him like that. He hated looking weak. He wasn’t a child anymore. He could take care of himself. Which is why he felt a bit of perverse delight along with reasonable concern when someone was injured. He would be able to help them, to take care of them, to prove he was capable. The delight simply wasn’t there the night he saw how broken Richie was.

He was torn out of sleep by muffled noises. He turned and looked next to him. The blankets were moving. Someone was crying.

“Richie?” Eddie rubbed his eyes and mumbled groggily. Richie’s best of blankets jerked in response.

“Richie? I’m going to move the covers so… if you’re jacking off… please don’t be jacking off.” Eddie pulled away the blankets.

Richie’s eyes were squeezed tight and fear was etched clearly onto his face. “Richie!” Eddie whispered and shook his shoulder. Richie’s eyes snapped open. “Eddie?“ he whispered in disbelief.
Eddie nodded. “Are you o-”
Richie yanked him into a hug. He was still shaking. Eddie was shocked at first, but quickly melted into the hug, trying to soothe his friend. He didn’t feel any of the excitement he usually felt when someone scraped their knee. As he rubbed Richie’s back silently he felt a completely different emotion. Something he couldn’t quite place.

“You’re okay, Rich.” Eddie muttered into the crook of Richie’s neck. He kissed his forehead. “You’re okay.” He felt his face heat up. Why had he done that? Why had it felt so natural?

Richie whimpered into Eddie’s shoulder. He was doubled over himself for the height difference to work but he didn’t care. It was helping.

“Lets go somewhere else.” Eddie whispered. He had no idea what he was saying. Eddie kaspbrak, was suggesting they sneak out. Since when did he ever do that? Eddie took one look at Richie’s face and decided. Eddie Kaspbrak suggested things like sneaking out since now.

They crept up another set of stairs and out a window, onto the roof. Richie staid uncharacteristically silent, staring at Eddie, clinging to him, as if he was worried he’d disappear. “Do you want to tell me why you woke up crying?” Eddie prompted after a while of silence.

This seemed to snap richie out of whatever trance he was in. He smiled sadly. “Nah, don’t worry yourself, eds.”

“Don’t call me that,” Eddie rolled his eyes fondly. “And I’m already worried so don’t start that shit, either.”

“You’re truly a peach, deeah. A geeorgeeah-”

“Beep beep, Asswipe.” Eddie chuckled.

The music of crickets filled the silence.

“It was a nightmare.” Richie whispered. Eddie turned to him. He was folding in on himself, hugging his knees to his chest. Eddie waited for him to say more.

He didn’t.

“I kind of figured that.” Eddie nodded slowly moving closer to Richie. Richie turned his eyes away.

“I- I was thinking about it.” He was trembling. “About all its faces. And the room. It-”
Richie seemed to choke on his own voice.

“Hey, hey. Calm down.” Eddie tried to coax Richie into looking at him. “Breathe.”
Eddie was glad he knew breathing exercises because Richie was a mess.
“They can’t hurt you anymore.” Eddie whispered into his hair. He pressed a kiss to Richie’s head again. “You’re safe.”

Richie just kept shaking his head. “No.” He muttered.

“What do you mean no?” Eddie asked pulling away. “You’re okay.”

Richie shook his head.

“Are you okay?” Eddie asked.

Richie nodded.

“Then everything’s fine.” Eddie moved in for a hug again, but Richie refused him. He shook his head again. “No.”

“Richie, what’s wrong?”

Richie didn’t answer.

“Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry. Let’s just go back inside.” Eddie opened the window. Richie grabbed his arm.

“It was you.”


“When it lured me into the clown room…” Richie trailed off. Eddie moved so that the bespectacled boy had no choice but to look at him.

“It was you. It knew I’d go after you.” Richie picked at the roof tiles. “It didn’t even bother trying to be convincing.” He laughed bitterly. “In the dream it-”

“I’d go after you too, Rich.” Eddie whispered. Richie froze. “What?”

“I’d walk into a room full of lepers if I thought you were in there.” Eddie said simply. Richie smiled. It was a gooey smile, spreading across his face like butter.

“Are you okay?”

Richie nodded. “Let’s not go inside just yet.”

Edie sat back on the roof and gazed at the sky. He glanced at Richie to find he was already looking. His face turned pink. Richie slowly intertwined their fingers.

Richie’s hands were probably filthy…. Eddie didn’t want him to let go.

“The stars… um.. they’re pretty.”
“Yeah. You know who’s prettier?”

Eddie felt warmth spread across his cheeks.

“Your mom.” Richie grinned.

Eddie shoved him. “I will push you off this roof, Tozier!”

- Send requests guys. I’m begging you.
Fake Chats #162
  • Taehyung: Kookie, guess what?
  • Jungkook: what?
  • Taehyung: I found out your deep, dark secret.
  • Jungkook: if you say I'm in love with Jimin-hyung, seriously..
  • Taehyung: you're in love with me, aren't you?
  • Jungkook:
  • Taehyung:
  • Jungkook: how do you still have a straight face right now?
  • Taehyung: I bit my tongue.
  • Jungkook: s'what you get for asking stupid questions.
  • Taehyung: can I ask another stupid question?
  • Jungkook: I doubt I can stop you.
  • Taehyung: can I sleep with you tonight?
  • Jungkook: that is a stupid question.
  • Taehyung:
  • Jungkook: of course you can.
the signs as summer
  • Aries: Heat waves and dried out fields filled with crickets and dragonflies. Trees whisper in the wind, gray clouds roll over, and birds fly over silently. There's enough static electricity in the air to feel it.
  • Taurus: The smell of flowers is heavy in the air and lightning bugs blink in the sky as it fades from orange and pink to purple to blue and finally black. The grass is cool and you sleep with the window open.
  • Gemini: Golden hour turns your surroundings to solid gold. Your eyes sparkle and you friend's hair glows in the setting sun. Hands still sticky with ice cream you can't help but to smile and laugh.
  • Cancer: Peaches, plums, and blueberries, bees buzz around you, but they mean no harm. Life seems just as sweet laying on a picnic blanket with your best friend staring at the clouds.
  • Leo: The smell of sunscreen and sun bleached hair, the salt spray from the ocean stings your eyes and the lull of ocean waves calms you. The sun rises from it's bed of clouds and embraces the earth for yet another day.
  • Virgo: Eyes squinting in the sun as it slowly sets and skin turned the slightest hint of red. The hollow sound of a wooden boardwalk and a sundress blown about in the breeze. The smell of good food and sounds of laughter fill the air.
  • Libra: Driving around town with the windows open; hair wind blown, cheeks flushed, music playing loud, and a smile to make your face hurt. The smell of fresh air and taste of ripe fruit, you hope you never reach your destination.
  • Scorpio: The view of a city from the hills above, the lights glow and motorcycle engines blare on unseen highways. The stars poke their holes in the fabric of the night sky and the earth beneath your feet is dry, you know things no one else does.
  • Sagittarius: The sky is forever twilight as a fire burns on the shore of a lake known only to you and your friends. You take turns jumping and pushing each other into the water. Laughing, screaming, yelling you hope the night never ends.
  • Capricorn: Empty soccer fields and deserted shopping centers. The world feels devoid of people under the lamps of parking lots and broken scoreboards. You drown yourself in the fluorescent lighting of the also empty grocery store.
  • Aquarius: Late night walks in quiet neighborhoods, the few illuminated houses give you glimpses into lives other than your own. Animals rustle in the bushes and you go home to stare at your ceiling fan and play music to fill your mind.
  • Pisces: Warm days still spent inside, you rest your head in your arms in the sill of an open window. You simply watch the earth as it moves in every way imaginable. Someone you love is laying in your bed, their breath barely audible as they sleep. You wouldn't dare disturb them and your heart aches for them.
  • Enchantress: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.
  • LeFou: You read minds?
  • Enchantress: No. Telepaths know thoughts. Empaths feel feelings. Emotions. May I?
  • LeFou: Alright.
  • [Enchantress touches LeFou's hand]
  • Enchantress: You feel... love.
  • LeFou: Yeah, I guess I feel a general, unselfish love for...
  • Enchantress: No. Romantic, sexual love.
  • LeFou: No, no. No, I don't.
  • Enchantress: *points to Gaston* For him.
  • LeFou: No! That is not...
  • Stanley: *laughing hysterically* She just told everyone you're deepest, darkest secret!
  • LeFou: Dude, come on! I think you're overreacting a little bit.
  • Stanley: *still laughing* You must be so embarrassed! Do me! Do me, do me!
  • [The Enchantress touches Stanley and she starts laughing hysterically]
  • Enchantress: I've never felt such humor!
  • [Stanley and the Enchantress are laughing and pointing at LeFou]
  • LeFou: So unbelievably uncool.
  • [The Enchantress walks over to Gaston to touch him]
  • Gaston: Touch me, and the only thing you're gonna feel is a broken jaw.
  • +
  • Source: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

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If you're still open to requests: Pines family wearing each other's outfits? Enjoy your trip!! ☺️

Lovely, patient anon…kept you waiting, huh? 

much better artists have tackled this, I remember @kiki-kit did a really great version with the Stans, and ofc @emmyc and @anirami84 basically made an outfit swap canon in the coloring book

so…hey, how about a bit of an unusual outfit swap since I can’t top those? I give you…Homeless!Ford and MulletPortal!Stan. there are some serious AUs at play here

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I know you said you're too busy for more right now but I would LOVE to see a how to ride a bee and can't resist suggesting it. As a beekeeper it's a daydream I've definitely had before. Obvs, if you don't get to it nbd - good luck on your paid work!

This one’s actually a bit tricky! The immediate thought would be to put the rider between the wings for the best balance, but you wouldn’t be able to strap a tight saddle to the thorax of a winged insect and still fly. This is because bees and most winged insects actually flap their wings by distending their thorax (indirect flight mechanism), rather than moving the wings by a direct muscle like birds and mammals. For reference, a diagram of bee flight muscles, and slow mo video of a dragonfly’s back as it flaps its wings (dragonflies do use direct flight mechanism, but you can still see how mobile the thorax of a winged insect is).

The best solution, I think, is to put the rider on the abdomen… bees hold their back pretty straight as they fly so it shouldn’t be too much of a visibility issue. The reins go on the antennae, of course.

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Hi! If you're still taking requests, can you do some protective!Shallura? I know that it's usually protective!Allura, lol because she's a bad-a princess but, can we have some protective!Shiro? Thank you~ I love your art so much, omg.

Sorry for this fast kind of painting/sketch/screen (???) idk but still I hope all of you can enjoy it a little bit! Today i didn’t feel like doing something big… but maybe I will try to do something from my list.

Dear Anon, thank u for your kind words ♥ I also think Allura is a total badass and I love it so much ♥ When I think about it… I would love to see Allura rescuing Shiro. Like… he would die without her in that situation. My memory is bad but I don’t think something like this happened before x’D 

PS. I will post a step-by-step for my next drawing if someone would like to see it

The Signs as Girls I've Fallen In Love With
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You were out with your friends. Your smile was so big and so gorgeous. You looked over at me twice, a smirk painted on your round face. You were so cute, you intimidated me a little bit. But you had a softness about you.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> My first girl crush. Your eyes were storms, and your cheeks always rosy. You always made my knees quiver and my heart beat. I miss you. I miss you more than I admit. I wished I kissed you. You're still in my dreams.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You taught me how to smoke weed in my car on a sunny September morning. The smoke danced through your golden hair and you laughed so hard. Your hands are very soft. I remember you coming into my room at 6 in the morning, wanting to go for a drive. I hope your head is clear. I hope you're still laughing.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Charming, magnetic, warm. You were always so warm. The time I saw the small of your back when you lifted your shirt is still alive in my memory. Your smile could stop the rotation of the Earth. I'm sure it has.<p/><b>Leo:</b> I saw you in a photograph. The brightest smile I've ever seen. So radiant that the sun should hang her head in shame. Glowing. Always glowing. I've only ever wanted to be in your arms. You are so alive in my imagination. I hope you're alive in reality.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> I caught your eye in a mirror. You were so beautiful and so eager. Your steely resolve melted my heart. I was standing against the wall, admiring your determination. I'm sure you saw me. I thought about saying hi, but you probably would have walked away, leaving me to imagine an intoxicating conversation.<p/><b>Libra:</b> I saw you at a concert. You smiled so much, and your eyes were so bright. I lost myself in them. Our eyes met a million times that night. You returned my smile and blushed a lot. I wanted to find you after the show, but you disappeared.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I've always wanted to kiss you. So passionate. So loud. So unique. Always moving. Always working to be a better you. I admire you so much and have wanted not only to be you, but to be with you. You would probably break my heart. I would love to be broken by you.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You were always running. You always sat a little too close to me. You always talked a little too loud. You were so electric. Sometimes I still picture you, you always looked like a painting. I hope he paints you.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Quiet. But there was something brewing there. You walked around like you owned the place, and I wanted to run with you. You wouldn't let anyone break through to you. I wanted to so bad. I hope you know that.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> I love you. I'm so in love with you. I haven't stopped thinking about you since the day we met. I trust you. So beautiful and so weird. I love the way you talk and the way your eyes shine whenever you smile. I'm so caught up in you. I love you more than any girl on this list.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You don't believe it but you are so very important to me. You have so much to offer this world. I want you to believe in yourself the way I do. So strong. You love more than anyone I know.<p/></p>

“You were the one time I let love weaken me, and I want you around as a constant reminder to never make that mistake again.”

“Remember how you accused me of being a slave to my emotions? No more. I’ve banished those feelings. And look how I have risen… But at what cost?”


Arin thought that if he didn’t kill this man his memory of his mother would fade. It already had, over time. Someday she would be as far away as a star.
But he couldn’t do it.
He had to do it.
Tell me what you did.
Arin dropped his sword, dropped to his knees, yanked the woven baldric from the fallen man’s shoulder, and used it to make a torniquet to save the person he hated most.


That night, alone in her tent, she thought about the cruel cold of the tundra. Sulfur crumbling in her grip. The panic when her memory had begun to slip. The nighttime drug: soft, dense. The fear of dying far from home. No one would have mourned her. Sorrow: like a marrow in the hollow of a bone. 
It had been real. It still was.
But it wasn’t the whole of who she was.
“You could do what the rest of us do.”
She would keep going.

FORGIVENESS, can you imagine?
 ⟡ part ii (part i)

Fake Chats #135
  • Jimin: Jungkook, I swear, if you flick my head one more time, I'm gonna hurt you.
  • Jungkook: what are you gonna do?
  • Jimin: I'm gonna punch your face.
  • Jungkook: don't you think that's a little harsh?
  • Jimin: I'm gonna hit your face.
  • Jungkook: still a bit harsh.
  • Jimin: I'm gonna flick your forehead.
  • Jungkook: you probably can't reach my forehead.
  • Jimin: *kicks him in the shin*
  • Jungkook: ow!
  • Jimin: Kookie, sweetheart, I love you, and if you mention my height again, I am definitely going to punch you in the face.
  • Jungkook: no you're not.
  • Jimin: no, I'm not. But I will ignore you and make sure somebody else always sits beside me in the car and not let you sleep in my room and hide half your t-shirts and-
  • Jungkook: okay, I got it! I got it! You win. My shin really hurts.
  • Jimin: I'll kiss it better.
  • Jungkook: it's fine!
  • Jimin:
  • Jungkook: why do you look so smug?
  • Taehyung: *appearing out of nowhere as per usual* because you're whipped.

anonymous asked:

Hey I dunno if you're still accepting requests for the palette thing, but if you are I'd sell one of my kidneys for Éponine in #23. Anyway love your art!! *^*

Still accepting, pal <3
Thanks for asking!!
The contrast’s a bit strong, but that was basically the bi palette and I couldn’t help myself
On the crop top: BI sexual/racial/lingual
(as in my mixed white/latina bisexual eponine hc)

anonymous asked:

I read through Steamquestria today - I loved it. I just want to ask why Luna needs her Batteries? I mean, Sombra's more Augmented than Luna is, and Celestia must be nearly as augmented, and neither of them were wired up.

watsonian answer: Celestia’s actually pretty light in comparison to them both! she’s just down an arm and a couple of legs, while Luna and Sombra both had almost their entire bodies replaced. the main difference between those two is that Sombra’s augmentation was done gradually, so he was able to chop bits off and replace them as it spread. whereas Luna’s had to be done all at once, not to mention after a couple decades of her being science-frozen and also covered in evil gak. I think one thing that got a bit lost in the drafts vs in practice was that I meant for Luna’s situation to be totally unprecedented – no one had ever been successful with someone in such bad shape, and they were basically winging it as they went. if it’d been anyone other than Celestia and Twilight working together, they wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. so…maybe it’s not as elegantly-done as it could’ve been if they’d had the luxury of more time and a better idea of what they were doing.

some of it can probably also be chalked up to the difference between the Nightmare and Sombra’s goop, that it just had different effects on their bodies and/or required different things to fix. had it continued, I had some ideas about how she still had some of the Nightmare in her system, and they were trying to make more Magic (Twilight still has not approved that name) in order to flush that out. maybe there might’ve been something involving Tantabus? 🤔

I did want to have her be a bit of a work in progress for a while, as they figured out more about Magic and how to improve her augments. ultimately she may have stopped needing the batteries, or at least nothing quite so dramatic (but Luna does love her theatrics, so maybe not).

doylist answer: …..honestly I just wanted the bats in there. :x and if I could stuff them in with a bonus terrible pun, all the better

imhereformysciencefriends  asked:

If you're still doing story prompts: sheith, meeting for the first time when it's rainy?

So this prompt has been sitting in my askbox for like two months. I loved the prompt but remained uninspired until Keith’s Vlog came out and this story popped into my head. I think maybe you were hoping for something a bit more romantic @imhereformysciencefriends but my head went straight to the angst instead. I hope you don’t mind.

Shiro’s mom is gonna kill him. She’d made him promise to be careful like a million times before she’d finally, FINALLY, agreed to let him take the car literally around the corner to his friend Matt’s house. He could’ve walked, in retrospect, he should’ve, but there’s no point in crying about that now. The damage is done.

He just sits there for a moment, staring at the wipers swaying back and forth across the windshield, making not one iota of difference to the river of water obstructing his view. Naturally the skies had opened up as soon as he’d gotten behind the wheel, reducing visibility to less than zero.

He’d looked down for a second, no less than a second, half a second, to adjust the wiper speed and when he’d looked up again it was just in time to see some crazy kid run out in front of him.

Shiro slammed on the brakes, his tires skidding in the flash flood of water covering the pavement, but it was too late. The kid bounced off the front of the car and went down in the street like a ton of bricks.

Shiro swallows, trying to force his heart to leave his throat and return to his chest where it belongs. There’s a bunch of kids standing on the curb staring at him. He turns his head and they immediately scatter. Hauling ass across the manicured lawns to disappear among the neighborhood houses.

“Punks,” he mutters, throwing the car into park. He’s ninety-nine percent positive that kid ran out in front of him on a dare from his dumbass friends.

He’s halfway through the car door when a small hand slides onto the hood of the car and the kid suddenly lurches to his feet right in front of him. He turns his head. Shiro can make out little more than a dark head of hair under the soaked red hoodie obscuring his face.

The kid momentarily leans against the hood of the car, then quickly limps away, one arm cradled awkwardly against his chest.

“What the fuck,” Shiro murmurs, watching him for a moment before he manages to gather his wits and run after him. “Hey!” he calls. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Leave me alone!” the kid yells back over his shoulder. “I didn’t do anything!”

“Whoah, whoah, whoah,” Shiro cries, easily overtaking the kid and gripping him by one bony shoulder. “You just got hit by a car. You shouldn’t be moving around. You need to wait here and I need to call 9-1-1.”

“NO!” the kid cries, flinching away from him. “No 9-1-1, if you tell them you hit somebody they’ll send the cops!”

He’s puny and really undernourished, painfully thin beneath his grubby clothes. Now that Shiro is close enough to see his face through the spilling rain he can see the remnants of a shiner bruising the skin around his left eye and a crusty scab covering his split bottom lip.

“So what?” Shiro frowns, crossing his arms over his chest. “You didn’t shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die did you?”

“What? No!” the kid snaps, “I just don’t like cops okay? They ask too many questions.” His eyes shift to the grassy curb over Shiro’s shoulder.

“If you’re looking for your friends,” Shiro says, following his gaze, “they all scattered like the pack of cowardly little rats they are.”

“They’re not my friends,” the kid says bitterly, “those guys are dicks!”

Shiro frowns suddenly, a sick feeling gnawing at his stomach. “Did one of those little assholes push you out in front of my car?”

The kid looks up sharply at that. “What do you care,” he mutters, “leave me alone!” He attempts to leave again, turning his back on Shiro and determinedly hobbling away.

“Hey!” Shiro yells, grabbing him before he can make it more than a few steps. The kid winces and Shiro guiltily drops his hands. “Look, I can’t let you leave okay?” he says, trying to keep his tone as reasonable as possible, “You’re obviously hurt. If you won’t let me call an ambulance, then at least let me drive you to the emergency room.”

“I don’t need to go to the emergency room,” the kid stubbornly insists, “I just need to go home.”

“Really,” Shiro says flatly. “So you always hold your arm like that do you?”

The kid’s eyes dart to the arm bent protectively over his chest. “My arm is fine,” he grumbles, barely managing to move it a quarter of an inch before wincing in pain. “See?” he says through clenched teeth.

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johnlocked-ianthony  asked:

Hi there! I was rewatching TLD (my fave ep in s4 so far) and I noticed that the three times they show a gun shooting (one at the beginning, one when Sherlock gives the "taking your life" speech and one at the end) they're all the same. Except the first and last have one difference: the sleeves. Can you link some meta on it? Thank you so much! (P.S. you're awesome!)

Hi Lovely!

I’ve ACTUALLY seen a meta about this a bit ago… But according to this meta and this meta, they’re all the same gun, which is why the Unreliable Narrator Theory is still standing firm. The sleeve differences are hard to see, but it’s there. The first one has a sleeve:

and the last on does not (Eurus’):

It’s the same gun but not the same arm, which is why people are questioning the opening gun. Now it may be John remembering the gunshot by Norbury:

Except… she’s wearing a white shirt under the blue sweater, which you can clearly see in the sleeve here, but not in the first one.

Many people have stated that the first one looks like John’s hand, which is why many of us believe that John actually shot Mary, and why it transitions from that into John:

People have speculated that it is John remembering shooting Mary.

As an aside, I find this transition interesting:

Where we NEVER see John’s left side. So we see a gunshot, John lying down and an odd cut off of his left side. This, for me, is the beginning of the Garridebs Theory of John being Shot in the Head, or at least supports the theory that most if not ALL of S4 is all John’s TAB.

ANYWAY that was totally off topic, but I thought of it while I was making that gif of the transition. The point I’m trying to make, is that the guns in TLD are NOT all being fired by the same people that we think they are (Norbury or Eurus). This is one of the things that twigged at me that the whole of S4 is Unreliable Narrator / John’s Alibi / John’s TAB.