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intro thingy

hello, i will be your resident mushroom person in the shoebox from now on~ you guys can call me tabi and i would just like to say that i am insanely surprised that i got accepted so fast and so smoothly because honestly i didn’t think i was gonna get it but thank you admins! shout out for being amazing and letting me join your amazing group here~! my god, i am so excited! i may or may not have lurked almost all of the current tenants (hi, i’ll also be your resident lurker??) so yES i would LOVE plotting with all of you!!

I like angst the most, so if any of you really want to fxxk some shit up, come @ me, jiho is a lost boy™ and i am so ready to put him into trouble.

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The biggest thing Japan has taught me is to say “I love you” when I feel it because time and distance can’t stop you from feeling things, and it’s so important to maintain that connection when you’re far away. It’s so important to just feel that moment and relish it.


Hey everyone!! Pseu here. ✌️😊

I got a bunch of really nice asks about gender after some of my recent posts. I guess it’s pretty confusing for me to start posting dress pictures out of the blue. 😅 This has been a big change for me over the last year but I’m finally feeling comfortable enough to start talking about it publicly.

So: I’m genderfluid. I’m mostly still presenting as male from day to day, but I’m thinking things will balance out more evenly given time. I don’t really have a strong opinion about pronouns — he/him is still very comfortable but I like she & they too. Just go with whatever you think works. We’re all figuring this out one day at a time. 😊

That’s all for now, kids. Thanks for reading, have an excellent day!