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Is this week ten? Did we finally make it to week ten? Holy crow that’s awesome! I’ve added a few changed to Read It Wednesday. Nothing major, I promise. As of now, I won’t be adding gif drabbles/celebration drabbles to future RIW’s. (unless they’re over 1,000 words) I will still read them but I just won’t be adding them. What I will be doing instead is reblogging those drabbles and making sure they get the love they deserve. ALSO I’ve stated this before, but I won’t be reading fics that don’t come with warnings. Warnings can be in the tags, just make a reference that they’re there. Some things I’m not comfortable with and I just like to spare myself those uncomfortable feelings. I hope none of you hate me for that. Annnd again, if you don’t see a specific series here, please understand that I’m not caught up on it, but will do my best to catch up on it soon. Okay, sorry for my long spiel, now onto the fics I’ve been tagged in this week!

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That last gifset you reblogged... Just highlighted how misogynist miraculous can be to me... That is really poor treatment of female characters... I'm actually dumbfounded by it

yeah this hiatus is that it’s made me rewatch a lot of episodes and realize how weak and inconsistent the writing of this show is. i think people look at “copycat” and try to explain away chat noir’s behavior within the scope of his character. which isn’t a bad thing, but there’s a simpler explanation for why the episode went down the way it did: it was poorly written. 

adrien is our main character, he’s one of the main heroes of the show, and the show has not identified a single flaw in his character. i mean this literally. watch the show again. anything that you could potentially consider a “flaw” in his character, the show presents in a way that’s meant to make us pity him or find him endearing. we are at no point, as viewers, forced to criticize adrien’s behavior. 

“copycat” is about the only episode where we get anywhere close to that. but like i mentioned in this post i wrote about the episode, the show writers did not leave space for chat noir to apologize for his mistake. chat noir, out of jealousy, lied about his relationship with ladybug behind her back (which is objectively not cool) in order to make some other guy who liked her jealous. why would he do that? because he probably felt threatened that someone else liked her. he probably felt entitled to her feelings. he probably didn’t want this random dude ruining his chances with her. whatever the reason, it was wrong no matter how you cut it. it was so wrong he inadvertently caused an akuma. now in a perfect world, adrien should’ve done the right thing and apologized to ladybug and theo for his lie. 

instead, chat noir criticizes ladybug for disappointing theo and ladybug is the only character who dished out an apology to theo at the end of the episode. meanwhile, the show sets up the narrative in a way that asks us to feel sorry for chat noir because ladybug didn’t return his feelings. 

what makes this worse is that when marinette eventually acts out on her jealousy in “volpina” and chews out lila for lying to try and win over adrien, the show very clearly presents marinette as being in the wrong and she is forced to apologize at the end of the episode. when marinette’s jealousy causes an akuma, she has to apologize. when chat noir’s jealousy causes an akuma, he gets let off the hook. 

adrien is too perfect. the show had the opportunity to introduce an interesting character flaw for him, but by not making him apologize for his error and forcing us to sympathize with him after he made his error, we don’t get the sense that this was a character flaw at all. we get the sense that what chat noir did was understandable and perfectly okay. 

you’ve got a huge issue with your supposedly feminist children’s show when your female heroine is forced to apologize for her countless mistakes in literally every episode and your male hero is allowed to coast along like the poor, beautiful, perfect, can-do-no-wrong sunshine child that they pretend he is.  

Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 7)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2671

Warnings: Some profanity, what else is new

A/N: This is the longest chapter I’ve written yet, but many important things happen, so stick around! Also, just wanted thank you for your enthusiasm for this story, and for all the likes, reblogs, and lovely messages you send my way :) it really helps me stay motivated to keep writing!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]


It’s been about a week since it happened. Or, nine days, seven hours, and forty-six minutes to be exact. Not like you’re counting or anything.

You’re sitting on the edge of your bed in the cabin, watching Steph apply makeup. It’s Friday, and there’s some social event, movie night-type thing going on in less than an hour with everyone at the camp. It’s optional, however, so you’re definitely skipping out on this one.

Steph, on the other hand, has been freaking out about what she’s going to wear for the past two hours. Apparently Mitch said he would, “see her there”, and so she’s turned into a hectic mess, pulling out every bit of non-athletic clothing she brought with her, trying it on and twirling around in front of the mirror. Eventually, you convinced her that her olive green top and white tennis skirt were perfectly acceptable for a movie night.

She turns to you suddenly. “How does my eyeliner look?”

You glance up briefly. Her wings are perfectly even. “It looks great, Steph. Try not to stress too much.”

“Yeah, but I think my right wing isn’t as thick as my left. I’ve got to make them perfect.” She turns back to the mirror, sticking her tongue out as she drags the liquid liner across her eyelid.

“Steph, Mitch isn’t going to care about your eyeliner.”

“I know, but-”

“But nothing. He definitely already likes you, so he wouldn’t care if you showed up wearing a mismatched pajamas and eyeliner only on one eye.”

“Okay, you’re right” Steph agrees, putting down the liner. “Maybe I should just calm down. It’s just a movie night, not a date.”

“That’s only what I’ve been telling you for the past three hours.”

She rolls her eyes. “So, what are you wearing?”

You glance down at your go-to pj’s: grey sweats and a well-loved Maple Leafs t-shirt. “This?”

“To a movie night?”

“I’m not going.”

“What?” she cries. “Not happening, I am not going alone.”

“Steph,” you say firmly. “I can’t go.”

She narrows her eyes at you. “So what if Auston’s there? You don’t have to talk to him or look at him or anything.”

“Yeah, not like that will be hard or anything considering him and Mitch are attached at the hip,” you point out.

“If you really don’t care about Auston as much as you claim to, and truly are putting hockey first, then this shouldn’t be a problem. But obviously by the way you’ve been hiding from the boy all week, you have still have some feelings for h-”

You stand up. “I’ll go.”

Steph can barely conceal her smile. “I’m assuming you didn’t bring anything cute to wear with you.”

“Are we basing it off your definition of cute or mine?”

“What do you think?” Steph digs around in her pile of discarded clothes and chucks something white and lacy at you. “Put that on.”

Forty minutes later, you’re wearing Steph’s shirt, a white tank top that has a low cut v-neck lined with a tasteful amount of lace, your favourite comfy cardigan, and some jean shorts. Steph had curled the ends of your hair and you’d put on a touch of mascara and brow gel. You felt pretty and confident. So what if Auston was there? That didn’t mean you couldn’t have a good time.

“You ready?” Steph asks, sliding on her sandals. “I texted Alexis and told her we’d meet her and the other girls there.”

“Sounds good,” you say, taking one last glance at yourself in the mirror. Tonight would be fun.

As you and Steph make the short journey from the cabin to the rec hall, where the movie was being screened, you take in the peacefulness of the night. The moon hangs full and bright in the dark sky and crickets chirrup from the bushes surrounding the path you’re walking on. A warm breeze ruffles your hair. Sometimes you forget to stop and appreciate everything that life has to offer. You’re always in such a rush to leap from one goal to the next, that you tend to take the little things for granted - like taking a walk at night with your best friend and teammate, at the most elite hockey camp in the country. All the hours of hard work and dedication have brought you here, and will continue to carry you wherever you decide to go.

You sigh loudly, satisfied. Steph glances over at you quizzically. “What are you smiling about?”

“I’m just so glad we’re here.” You turn to look at her, and you see in her eyes that she understands the significance behind your statement.

“Yeah. Yeah, me too.” She reaches over and squeezes your hand.

You squeeze back before letting go and hooking your pinky with hers. “D’you want to run? For old time’s sake?”

She doesn’t answer but takes off, nearly yanking your arm from its socket. You sprint to keep up with her, the two of you looking like idiots as you make your way towards the hall, laughing and swinging your arms around like little girls.

The hall is already busy, most of the players already milling around, grabbing their seats on the set of wooden bleachers. You and Steph greet Alexis and your teammates before getting in line for snacks. You force yourself to not look around for him, and instead keep your eyes straight forward, trying to decide what you want to eat.

You’re lost in the long list of chocolate bars when someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn around to face Mitch and several other of his teammates you’ve seen around before, but never formally met. For a half second, your heart drops, disappointed that Auston’s not with them. But why do you care so much? You should be happy he isn’t here.

“Oh, hey Mitch,” you exclaim, nudging Steph with your elbow.

She whips around and blushes as Mitch grins widely at her. “Hi Mitch.”

“Hey Steph.” Mitch looks down at his feet, suddenly reserved. “You look um…you look great.”

“Thank-you,” Steph says, tucking a strand of her hair shyly behind her ear.

“So Mitch, are we going to get an introduction, or are you going to stand around all night embarrassing yourself trying to compliment a pretty girl?” one of the blond teammates teases.

Mitch’s face goes red and he scowls at the blond guy. “Shut-up.” Mitch jabs a finger towards him. “Steph, Y/N, this obnoxious Swedish prick is Willy-”

“That’s William to you.”

Mitch ignores him, pointing to the second guy, who’s also blond, but has thicker, slightly wavy hair. “This is Kasperi, or Kappy as we call him.” Kappy is quiet, but gives a little wave hello. 

“And Brownie.” Mitch throws his arm around the redhead standing beside him.

“My actual name’s Connor, for the record.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you all,” you say, smiling. You turn to Steph, “What do you want to eat? It’s on me.”

She glances over at the concession. “Oh, um, I’ll have-”

“No, Y/N, don’t worry, I got it.” Mitch pulls his wallet out of his shorts’ pocket.

“So, you’re paying for us as well?” Will asks, raising his eyebrows.

Mitch gives him a look. “I think you can answer your own question.”

Will walks up to the concession stand. “Hi there, could I have a large coke and some sour cherry blasters? Oh, and could you throw a twix bar in as well? It’s on the guy behind me with the hat.” He grins and points to Mitch, who is not impressed.

The rest of the guys order their snacks, all the while Mitch scowls at them.

“Are you sure, Mitch? I don’t mind paying for myself,” you whisper.

He smiles and shakes his head. “Thanks for the offer, Y/N, but it’s alright. I’ll get them back for this, trust me.”

Once you all have your food, you make your way over to the bleachers. There aren’t many seats left, so you let Mitch and Steph squeeze into the space for two people on the lower bench, while you, Kasperi, Will, and Connor sit on the bench above them.

“So,” Will says, rubbing his hands together. “Let’s make a bet on how long it will take for Mitch to get the balls to ask Steph out. Thirty bucks on the table. Losers pay ten each.”

“I’m going for two weeks,” Connor says, taking a sip of his drink. “He always delays.”

Kasperi nods in agreement. “Same, but I think not until camp is almost over. Mitch…he overthinks things. Sometimes you just gotta go for it.”

“Okay, solid guesses boys, but for myself I’m gonna go with a week and a half. What do you think Y/N?” Will turns to you.


“Ooh, damn,” Connor exclaims.

You roll your eyes and continue, “Steph will ask him out before he does. Boys can honestly be more indecisive than girls when it comes to dating.”

“True,” Kasperi agrees. “That’s probably why Auston took so long to make a move, right?”

You freeze. Kappy notices and appears slightly perplexed. “I mean, you are Auston’s girl, no?”

“Um, no. I’m not.” You feel like you’re about to cry.

“Oh, I’m sorry. He just talks about this girl, Y/N, all the time, so I just assumed-”

“Kappy, shut-up,” Connor interjects.

“No, it’s okay.”

An awkward silence falls over the four of you.

Will steps in and directs the conversation elsewhere: “So has anyone seen the prequel to this movie? I thought the acting was terrible.”

Immediately, Connor pipes up: “Are you insulting my man Chris Pratt?”


With that, Connor goes off on a tangent about how excellent Pratt is in a number of films. The conversation is relieved of its tense atmosphere and you feel yourself relax again.

You catch Will’s eye and shoot him a grateful smile. He nods and winks.

The movie isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either. Will’s sarcastic commentary makes up for the film’s lack of a plot line. You find yourself bursting out laughing one too many times, earning you glares from the other players seated around you. By the time the film ends, you’re both giggling at something stupid one of the characters said in a dramatic moment.

“Who even says that? His freaking cat just died!”

“I know. And he says it so seriously too. He’s all like…” You imitate the dumbfounded look on the actor’s face and Will cracks up.

“Whoever the casting director is, they should be fired, honestly. We could do a better job.”

“I really think we could. Screw hockey, Hollywood, here we come!”

You both laugh and then sigh. The hall is clearing out, and out of the corner of your eye, you catch Steph and Mitch walking out of the door, holding hands. You smile to yourself, happy for them.

“So, do you think I could get your number?”

“Huh?” You look up at Will, realizing he’s been talking to you.

“Your number. For casting purposes, of course.” He winks.

“Oh. Um, sure!” You dig your phone out from your back pocket, unlocking it and handing it to him. He does likewise, and you type your name into his phone, putting a little film emoji next to your name.

“There you go.” You hand his phone back. He grins at you, and places your phone in your hand. ‘Willy’ is his contact name, alongside a smiley face sticking its tongue out.

You’re about to say something else to Will when you see him. He’s standing near the exit, glaring furiously at Will’s back. The smile slides off your face.

“Hey, I gotta run. Steph just said she needs me to help her with something - girl emergency.”

He frowns. “I didn’t see any text on your-” Will starts, but you cut him off.

“See you later, bye!”

You speed walk around people standing and chatting in the hall and slip out the exit door, pointedly not looking in Auston’s direction.

You’re walking quickly towards the cabins, hoping you can avoid him, but you hear his footsteps crunching on the gravel as he breaks into a jog.

“Y/N!” he calls.

You ignore him and walk faster.

“Y/N, I know you can hear me!”

You stop and swing around to face him. “What do you want Auston?”

“I just want to talk.” He stands in front of you, his brown eyes so earnest and hopeful that you can’t say no.

“Okay, so talk.”

“Can we go somewhere else…like, a more private place?”


“Is by the beach area okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”

You both walk in silence. You can feel Auston glancing periodically over at you, trying to gauge your expression. However, you purposely keep your face blank of any emotion. You have to be strong.

When you reach the beach area, he stops by one of the benches facing the volleyball court. “D’you wanna sit down?”

You don’t answer but sit down on the bench, keeping your eyes forward and away from him. He does the same.

There’s a long pause. “Listen, Y/N, I just want some answers. You’ve made me very confused, and I’m not sure if it’s something I did or said that upset you, but I-”

“No - Auston, I already told you that you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But I had to,” he insists, looking at you very seriously. “Why else did you run away from me? I thought everything was going great and then all of a sudden you just went cold. Unless…” he pauses, putting it together in his mind. “Unless you like Willy. That’s it, isn’t it? It’s so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before. Oh man, I feel like a total idiot.”

He goes to stand up but you stop him. “Auston, no. I don’t like Willy that way. He’s nice, but I literally met him today.”

“So you don’t like me is what you’re saying.”

“No, Auston, I do. You’re a great guy, it’s just-”

“It’s just better if we’re friends, right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to give me the speech, I already know it by heart.” He starts to stand up again, but you grab his wrist.

“Auston!” you shout, more harshly than you intend. “Would you stop jumping to conclusions for one minute and just let me explain?”

He sits down, very quiet.

You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself. “Auston…I like you. More than a friend. I think you’re funny and incredibly talented and not to mention crazy hot. I don’t think I’ve ever been more attracted to someone in my life.” You drop his gaze, a sudden wave of shyness coming over you. “I can’t believe I just said that,” you laugh to yourself.

“So what’s the problem then?” Auston asks softly.

“The problem is…the problem is that I can’t be distracted. I’ve given up my entire life to hockey, and I’m finally on the verge of obtaining my goal, the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. I got into this camp, and I was so excited, because here was my big break. But then you came along, and everything changed. Suddenly, all I could think about was you, not hockey, and that scared me. It fucking terrified me. I thought to myself, what happens if I miss my one shot at my dream because I’m pining after some guy? And if that happens, I know I will regret that for the rest of my life. I will never be able to forgive myself.” You pause to take a breath. Auston’s face is unreadable, his eyes cast downwards as he takes everything in.

“So that’s why I ran away. That’s why this,” you say, gesturing between the two of you, “isn’t going to work.” You stand up, giving him one last apologetic look. “I’m sorry.”

And with that, you turn and walk away, leaving Auston alone on the bench.

[Part 8]

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nicoeli prompt!! stoll this from a list i reblogged but "I’m that dork that makes stupid puns and you’re the nerd that actually finds them funny"

School had ended, classes had let out, and Nico was still here. She didn’t need to be; last week her club had ended miserably with the resignation of her two members, and there was no point in moping around in her empty clubroom. She went up to the roof instead, her footsteps echoing loudly in the stairwell. Outside the air was painfully still, the muggy heat of early July suppressing all sound.

It left Nico alone with all the thoughts she wanted to avoid.

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Phan Songfic: Dancing On My Own

Summary: Phil gets a girlfriend. Dan is not okay. Or: the fic that was inspired by the Calum Scott song I heard on the radio just recently. 

Disclaimer: If anyone else has written a songfic to this song I promise I wasn’t stealing your idea. I just really love how the lyrics inspired Phan to me. And if you are inspired to write something too, then go right ahead :D

Listen to the song here: x

Trigger warnings: alcohol, mild drinking, mild depressing thoughts.

A/N: This is my first fic. Please reblog or like if you enjoyed it. Comments appreciated <3 

Words: 1686 - COMPLETE

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Sometimes I feel like theme makers have no rights.

Why? Let’s see, theme makers generally have to:

  • answer things in their inbox politely on a regular basis
  • fix bugs on their coding as soon as possible
  • post codes on a regular basis (before people start going into the inbox and demand that they do so)
  • do all of this, as well as juggling whatever commitments they have in real life, such as studying, or having a job, or actually having a life.

In addition, here is a general process that goes behind making a theme:

  1. Plan the theme. Draw inspiration from various places, make sure you’re original enough, or just whack it and sketch something out.
  2. Open the tumblr customiser, and start translating the idea into code.
  3. Fuck something up, then spend ages trying to fix it, only to then break something else and end up having to fix that, too.
  4. Debug the code and add your credits, trying to make sure that people can’t delete them too easily.
  5. Code meta options into the theme and painstakingly design a colour scheme that works, while making sure that your booleans are all properly coded, that your colour options all work, and that common add-ons (music player, updates tab, freehostedscripts, etc) don’t fuck up when you install them.
  6. Make previews. Find appropriate posts of each post type to reblog, look for suitable header/sidebar/background images, photoshop accordingly if needed, test dimensions.
  7. Write feature lists and options, customisation notes, theme documentation, etc.
  8. Post the theme, ensure that your screenshot shows off the best parts of the theme, tag it appropriately, submit it to relevant places, etc.

And yet, many theme makers also have to:

  • deal with things like people removing the credit and other people stealing their coding
  • deal with customisation questions that they don’t want to respond to, or questions about things that have been asked over and over again and are written on the FAQ
  • deal with rude people demanding that their answer their message and/or fix their bug right now, at once, immediately
  • deal with even ruder people telling them off for being rude when the question was on their FAQ or in the theme documentation
  • deal with people demanding that they re-publish ______ theme that has already been revamped/deleted

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Teninch Fic - Why You Should Be Involved

What is Teninch Fic?

A fic with any David Tennant character x any Billie Piper character. Note: this can include Rose Tyler but not the Doctor (see here for more info). The term comes from Billie Piper’s jokey nickname for David Tennant. 

I don’t know any of these characters and haven’t seen the shows/movies, so why should I be interested?

Because one of the reasons Ten/Rose works so well is David and Billie’s chemistry and ability to bring a lot of depth to their characters. 

Because let’s be real, you’ll never get enough of those two faces. 

And there are dozens of amazing combinations in the David and Billie character arsenal to work with. 

There’s a lot less fanon in Teninch Fic. It’s easier to pave your own path with it. And there are just as many AU opportunities here!

I only ship the Doctor with Rose, so again, why should I be interested? 

That’s perfectly fair and entirely understandable. I thought the same thing before I read Teninch Fic. The mere notion that Rose would be capable of loving someone other than the Doctor was a gross affront to my constitution. Speaking as a staunch timepetals shipper, I can promise you that there are Tennants out there 

such as this teddy bear 

Originally posted by moltobenebananas

that would actually be really good to Rose. It’s perfectly okay to love Teninch Fic involving Rose Tyler while also loving Ficandchips. 

And if you love Rose Tyler I can also promise you that you’d adore some of her other amazing characters, such as Betty, Hannah, or Holly (all of whom have lovely Teninch Fics written of them already by the way). 

That’s wonderful, but how can I really be interested without really knowing these characters? 

For some of the Tennant and Piper characters it was Teninch Fic that got me looking for those shows and movies to watch.  If you’re curious here’s a whole list sorted by character

@timepetalsprompts has got your back with the Lonely Hearts Club. They’re profiles of Tennant (and soon to be Piper) characters to get you started. 

I might be interested in writing some but that terrifies me, I don’t know where to start, how to write it, or where to find ideas so what can I do?

Prompts   |   Fics to Read   |   Character Profiles   |   How to Post Fic

Need help, beta services, guidance, ideas, really anything that will get you writing? Drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do to help. 

That being said, anyone who also loves Teninch Fic can feel free to reblog this post and add their name if you’re willing. :)

Okay, let’s say I want to write other combinations of characters like femslash or m/m fic, or the Doctor with Piper characters, does that count?

Yes, it does. It can be a bit confusing at times but you’re not alone. This post outlines dw and teninch fic tags/ships. Teninch Fic includes combinations of: Piper/Non-DW female, Piper/Piper, Tennant/Tennant/Piper, Tennant/Piper, Tennant/Tennant, Tennant/Non-DW male.

Any iterations of the Doctor with Rose (including the Doctor somehow portraying another Tennant) where the Doctor and Rose wind up together is ficandchips.

Any iterations of the Doctor with another Piper character is similar to Teninch Fic, but is called Doctor Piper. And we love those too! They can be platonic or romantic, your choice. You can also go the femslash route with this.

Do people actually read Teninch Fic though? Is it worth my time?

If they didn’t I would still be writing tons of Teninch Fic, I would just be hogging them all to myself rather than sharing them. ;) And the writers of all our favorite Teninch Fic ships might be doing the same. But yes, people do read them, and if you’re not you’re missing out on some fun, I can tell you that. 

Well… shoot, I don’t have any more excuses, how do I get out of this?

By saying no to this precious baby face, if you can. 

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