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notes on sylvia plath's copy of hamlet from her undergrad years

-wrote intellectual next to “horatio says ’‘tis but our fantasy”
-wrote architectural balance next to claudius’ first speech
-“how is it that the clouds still hang on you”: wrote ambiguous over “clouds”
-underlined “unmanly grief”
-underlined “you speak like a green girl / unsifted in such perilous circumstance”
-underlined everything from “so often it chances in particular men…from that particular fault” and wrote tragic flaw
-underlined ophelia’s entire “my lord as I was sewing in my closet” speech
-wrote growth of madness next to “fell into a sadness”; old age & decay next to “old men have grey beards”; and death-wish next to “except my life”
-wrote world a prison next to “denmark’s a prison”
-wrote depressive above what a piece of work is man speech
-underlined polonius’ “ecstasy of love” and “still on my daughter”
-wrote decay next to “fatted all the region kites with this slaves offal”
-wrote uncertain of nature of the ghost next to “my weakness and my melancholy”
-underlined all of to be or not to be
-next to “why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners” she wrote all is corruption
-next to “marry this is miching mallecho it means mischief” she wrote furious
-she underlined “I’ll take the ghosts word for a thousand pound” and wrote wretched like spies, popinjays
-she underlines every instance of the word “revenge”
-underlined “mother mother mother”
-wrote stichomythia on “now mother what’s the matter”
-ophelia’s mad scene: she underlined “lord we know what we are but know not what we may be,” “quoth she” song, “come my coach…good night,” rosemary, pansies, violets, wrote references to her father next to “and will he not come again”
-underlined everything from “there is a willow” through “our cold maids do dead men’s fingers call them”
-seems generally to underline lines abt corpses and decay
-underlined “there is no ancient gentleman but gardeners, ditchers and gravemakers; they hold up adam’s profession” and above it she wrote “when adam delved and eve span / who was then the gentleman?”
-underlined and starred “absent thee from felicity a while and in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain to tell my story”

Chris. You’re Flash like from the crossover episode.  A start.  

This is the beginning of what I think is crucial in making a plan for moving forward. And while I know no one asked my opinion.  I think I have watched this mess long enough to have a pretty informed opinion.  

I completely understand the avoidance strategy.  By actively avoiding each other completely for 2 years, you were highlighting the obvious.  But it hasn’t really worked. This fandom is really the only group that saw through it.  And everyone else believes you hate each other   

As we move towards what I hope is the exit of Mia.  Regardless of whether a new beard is hired or not.  You and Darren have to show the world that you don’t hate each other.  That you are friends.  Lay the foundation for the truth.  

So I say this was good.  There are 22(?) episodes of the Flash.  And yes. I know you have liked other things associated with the show.  But you chose to like a still from the one episode Darren was in. And you knew that would cause a reaction.

Maybe next time Darren is in he picture?  Baby steps.  But in my opinion.  Key.  


***I tried to switch it up a bit and do something different with the story line so it wouldn’t get repetitive. I hit a bit of writers block for this request plus I’m running out of ways to write threesomes 😂 ***

Warning: Semi smut, not much

A giggle left your lips as Jax continued to kiss along the side of your neck. His beard tickled and you laughed again, reflexively pulling away from him as he smirked.

“I thought you said you liked my beard.”

“I do, just not on my neck. I rather you give me beard burn somewhere else.”

Jax’s baby blues sparkled as he watched you coyly smile at him. he knew exactly where you liked to have his beard chafe you. his hand was settled on your thigh and he gave it a squeeze, ready to lead you back to the dorms. That was until Opie appeared out of the blue, a shy smile on his lips.

“Hey Ope.”

You smiled at him in return, his large stature looking not nearly as intimidating as he stood with his hands in his pockets.

“I hope i’m not interrupting anything here.”

Both you and Jax answered at the same time, though with opposite answers.

“Yes you are.”
You gave a chastising look Jax’s way, a way of you telling him to be nice.

“You gotta learn how to share Jax.”

It had been a good 6 months since you had come to Charming. Six months since you had met the club. Six months since you had became a Croweater. The people in town had made it seem as if it was the lowest of the low, the dirtiest job to have in Charming but it really wasn’t. You were able to work as a bartender at the parties, pulling enough to keep yourself comfortable. The club gave you protection, fun and a place to feel like you belonged. You loved all of the guys, enjoyed being around them, and over time you had picked up little things about them. their favorite foods, how they liked their coffee or tea, what they liked in bed or what little things you could do to help. You had learned about their personalities and one thing you had learned for sure was that Jax didn’t like to share.

He wasn’t necessarily attached to you, you were just friends, but he was always a very possessive person and that didn’t change when it came to you or any of the other girls. He knew that you were with other Sons and he didn’t have a problem with that, but what he didn’t like was to have to share any of your attention when it was ‘his’ time. Opie didn’t really like it either but annoying Jax and getting you was a win-win.
Jax scoffed at your recommendation and grabbed your hand, gentle pulling you to stand as he looked at Opie.

“You can tag along if you want.”

With that and a smile, Jax started walking with you to the back, his hands on you before you had even made it to the room to make sure he got to you first.


“God Jax.”

You reached behind your head with one hand, placing it on the back of his head and holding him to you as he thrusted into you from behind. He kissed along the back of your neck while Opie had his mouth and hands on your breasts. Your senses were in overload as the two men ravaged you. Opie kept you upright, in front of Jax, your neck and chest sporting hickies from the both of them. Opie reached down and slid on hand down the front of your body, stopping at your lips and beginning to massage you, adding that little bit of extra stimulation that you needed. Jax groaned as he felt you tighten around him and reached around your body only to find Opie’s hand already there. He shoved his hand away, earing a growl from Opie and a pout from you. Opie replaced his hand quickly though, his other arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you from Jax, taking you into his own arms before laying you down.


Opie ignored Jax and leaned down to kiss you, Jax making a move to push him out of the way again. A shoving match ensued and you rolled your eyes, letting your own hand travel down to pleasure yourself while you waited for them to finish their little spat. It was going to be along night.

Tears and fears (Part 1)

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Okay everyone, I’m on my laptop now so I’ve decided to get to writing ;) This is another Negan story for you all but this time, its gonna be a fluffy one.. maybe some smut later on if I decide to ;) :D


“Get these motherfuckers in a line and get some guns to the back of their fuckin’ heads!” Negan ordered, running his rough hand over his beard after having just received a hell of a right hook.

“Now… Didn’t I fuckin’ tell you all that that shit doesn’t fuckin’ fly” He glared at the groups leader, Michael, 

“I need you to fuckin’ know me, asshole” Negan growled, he looked at each person in the line, strutting up and down waving a bloodied Lucille in everyones face until suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes focusing on who he thought was one of the prettiest women he had ever seen.

“Hoooolllyyy shit, Michael…. who the fuck is this little angel?”

She looked down at the ground, her heart pounding at what she had just witnessed this man do a few moments ago. Negan began walking over to her swinging Lucille around playfully and whistling a happy tune as he did so, he could not believe his eyes. Her long, shiny hair covered the side of her face, she couldn’t bring herself to lift her head as she felt like she was going to faint from pure fear. His large boots stopped right infront of her,

“You got a name sweet thing? I gotta say darlin’ you are fuckin beautiful” Negan crouched infront of her and with a leather clad hand, placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face gently till her eyes met his. She couldn’t deny, he was seriously good looking but the fact he had just killed her fiance’ right infront of her, was something she just couldn’t let go of.

“Gena…. my name is Gena” She whimpered, tears still spilling from her sparkling green eyes and rolling down her cheeks.

Negan sucked in a breath through his teeth and ran his thumb across her cheek, wiping a tear away softly. He started to feel incredibly guilty as he realised what the guy had meant to Gena and this wasn’t like him at all, he wasn’t to know that Gena and the guy he just bashed with Lucille were actually a couple,

“Darlin, I am truly sorry about what has happened… but your fearless leader needs to fuckin’ pay for what he did to my men… capturing and torturing my fuckin’ people does not fuckin’ fly around here” He said softly but with a firm tone behind his words. 

Gena looked into his dark eyes, she truly hated this man but the fact he actually just apologised blew her away,Negan began thinking of what he could possibly do now. After Negan and Gena not breaking eye contact for what felt like minutes, he decided what he wanted to do,

“Michael.. I tell you fucking what, I have a solution to this fuckin’ problem” Negan said whilst standing back up and propping Lucille over one shoudler,

“I am going to ask this pretty little thing a question and I DO NOT want anybody to butt in or so fuckin’ help me I will kill you infront of everyone of your fuckin’ people” Negan bellowed across the line, pointing a bloody Lucille right at Michaels face,

“Darlin, I want to take you back with us, you will never need to worry about where the fuck your next meal comes from, you’ll always have a fuckin roof over your pretty little head and you’ll be treated like a fuckin’ queen….” He smiled a dimpled smile at her whilst holding out his hand to her, offering to help her get up off of her knee’s.

Gena was overwhelmed by everything… this guy had just killed the love of her life and now all because he was attracted to her and felt sorry, he was asking her to go back with him… What the fuck?

“Ne- Negan I… I don’t know what to say…” She stuttered, fumbling her hands clumsily, not knowing were to look or what to do… she looked back at Michael, he looked completely terrified, was this some kind of sick test? Would Negan kill someone else if she refused to join him back to the sanctuary? She just didn’t want to take that risk and cause another person to lose their life over something so stupid…

“Yes… okay I will come back with you, just please don’t hurt anybody else… We’ve lost so many along the way already” Gena could barely talk, her voice just coming out in a small whisper.

Negan couldn’t help but grin, he swaggered back over to Gena and placed his arm around her, pulling her in close. He gestured to Simon and he ordered the others to start packing up to leave, Negan lead Gena to his truck and held open the door for her to get in.

She took one last look at Michael and the others, then her eyes went back to the pool of blood and parts of broken skull on the floor. Tears began to flood her eyes once again as she looked back at Negan and then climbed into the truck, Negan getting in next to her and closing the door,

“Simon, come on now! This lady needs some warm fuckin’ clothes and a good meal” Negan angrily shouted to Simon who very quickly got in the drivers side and started the engine. Negan took off his jacket and gave it to Gena,

“Now I don’t just let any-fuckin’-body wear this but you look cold as fuck, doll! Put this on” Gena didn’t hesitate, she really was freezing cold. She slipped it on and leaned back in her seat, staring out over the dashboard as they slowly pulled away. She felt sick with anxiety, was this the right decision?










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Gender nonconforming implies that you are visibly nonconforming (which is an important distinction due to issues such as gaybashing) I'm not saying that's the absolute definition, just that its the implication and that anon could have followed a different line of concepts than you.

Sorry I did not have the energy to further deal with this last night. So, I understand where the anon was coming from and what they meant. However, it’s also dangerous to assume that expression equals gender. People present a certain way all the time but feel another and all of those varieties of presentation and expression for nonbinary people are valid. The anon sending me that message assumes that my clothes, body hair, beard, etc. are inherently gendered which isn’t real. I dress the way I do cause I like the very poor and lazy style I’ve acquired over the years. Unfortunately, the things I want to do lately with my style that I guess could be considered as nonconforming are currently out of my grasp due to lack of money. (Can’t believe I feel like I have to bring that up to validate my point.) My body hair and beard are natural and I hate the idea of having to shave at all. It’s taken me YEARS to love my body in its natural state. I actively choose not to change that. So I know where that anon was coming from and implying, but I don’t feel the same. Now, I’ll never not claim privilege that I’m aware of. My whiteness, that I’ve grown up with male privilege, that I still hold much of that privilege cause I do present in a way that would be considered “masculine.” But anything I wear and do are not inherently gendered as I don’t feel like I fit any gender. Gender nonbinary and nonconforming folks do not have to fit an expected standard to be validated as who they are and how they exist. And that’s how I feel and know to be right.

I should be editing a script but then the procastination set in.

I thought I’d explain why Denton NPCs struck me so much. I don’t actually think they’re plot-relevant in any way, but I do think that their design is a happy collection of coincidences. If there was a MD-quality Denton model, this would be it. And that makes me very happy!

It’s not just the glowy blue eyes and beard, it’s the actual design of the model’s face. The DX1 Dentons were textured and modeled by a dude called Nghia Lam. He has a very particular way of drawing eyebrows, which I call the Nghia Eyebrow™. It looks the same in most of his art:

You can tell when a game texture is his because the character will have these very angular eyebrows. The artist actually looks like that irl, too.

But the overall face design in HR and MD is a lot softer. Even Adam Jensen, who has more angles on his face than a whole bag of doritos, has softer and more “caterpillar-like” brows. Here’s a chart:

If you look closely, particularly with the ARC Denton NPC, he has the same features as a DX1 character would.

I’m not sure if this particular model was made by Eugene Fokin or Jacque Choi (MD NPC artists), but he’s not very similar to their usual stuff either - fuller face, strong brows.

TL;DR this is a very pretty NPC and would make an excellent Denton model for modding / art use.

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hi, im pre-t transboy(15), and i get alot of dreams where i have beard, muscular shoulders, things like that, and it makes me so dysphoric when i wake up, because i dont have alot of muscle definition and its so upsetting cuz it gets worse w time tbh? do you have any tips on how to figure out what would make u the most happy (whetever to go on T or not) sorry if this has been asked before agshdh my therapist doesnt 100% understand dysphoria and i have depression agsjdgdkf

Yeah, I know the feeling - having something in a dream and not having it when you wake up is a terrible feeling of loss. It hurts. Especially when it is linked with dysphoria like this.

I always suggest making pros and cons lists - the pros of going on T, and the pros of not going on T + the cons of going on T, and the cons of not going on T. This can help you visualize your thoughts better and weigh the goods and the bads against each other.

So if you haven’t already, look up the effects of T in as much detail as you can. Both from general information websites and similar, as well as from reading and/or listening to what trans people who have been on T for a while has to say about their experiences. A lot of people document their transition online, both though blogs and vlogs. So just as one example, searching for “[x amount of months/years] on testosterone” or similar should bring up plenty of results.

It’s always good to do research before making a decision, especially such a big one as starting or not starting hrt.

If any of my followers have any other advice or suggestions for anon, please feel free to add to this post.

  • <p> <b>Some queer theorist:</b> So you would REALLY have sex with someone who had a vagina but a full beard, no breasts, who'd been on testosterone and looked like a professional body builder before you'd have sex with a beautiful, dainty, feminine, curvaceous lady with a penis?<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes.<p/></p>

This will probably always be one of my favorite pages about Adam from the Ex art book. For one: I love that the designers were aware that while trying to get his look down, it’d become really obvious that trying to keep his arms exposed all the time made him look like a douche bag when coupled with his shades and beard. I mean, he still looks like a douchebag but whatever.

Also every time I see these it makes me wish they’d kept the exposed augmented legs/ gone with some very odd design. For one, as we have it now they’re entirely covered so you can’t even see them and tbh, sometimes I forget they’re augmented.

Not to mention it interesting having them exposed/ their weird design prohibits them from being hidden behind clothes. Because it’d be like a sort of very obvious visual reminder: he’s an amputee, someone who was horribly injured and without the aid of these prosthetics he would be disabled.

Granted you can still get this sense when he’s out sans coat and his arms ( or just having his hands shown at all ) are exposed but I feel the impact isn’t as strong. After all his black armor and coat kinda melds in with his black arms. So in an almost subconscious manner your mind would look at him and assume he’s wearing a long sleeve with gloves on. 

Either way, I do sometimes like writing in when Adam’s out in public with his coat on that people would do double takes once realizing his hands aren’t wearing gloves, that the black things actually are his hands. It’s always why sometimes I like writing/imagining him in a white button up with his sleeves rolled up too. The stark contrast really makes his prosthetics stand out. 

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Relationship status: Married to a guy who was a legit lumbersexual before it became an Instagram aesthetic. You know - the beard, the flannel, the tatts, the boots, Tough Duck, etc. [Do you hear that? That’s Martin shrieking that he’s not a lumbersexual.]

Favorite color: All shades of green. When we redo our kitchen, I want to paint it retro green.

Lipstick or chapstick: I have chapstick stashed all over the house, in every coat, every bag, the truck, etc. I think Alberta is the driest place in Canada.

Last song I listened to: The Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers. The only song to listen to when you have to wash pretty much every dish in the house. The song is about people struggling to raise a sunken ship.

Last movie I watched: Logan at the movie theater - it was terrific! Run out and see it on the big screen. It was the first movie I watched after IP Man 2 gave me a movie hangover. I have never been as emotionally invested in a movie as I was in IP Man 2. I also rececntly enjoyed William Kaufman‘s Daylight’s End (Netflix).

Top three tv shows: Shows that are currently airing: Good Behavior, Into the Badlands, and Dark Matter (swoon for Anthony Lemke). 
Shows that are cancelled: Leverage, The Unit, and Firefly

Top three characters: Eliot Spencer (Leverage), Three (Dark Matter), and Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)

Top three ships: I really wanted Buffy & Angel to work things out. How sad is that?

Books I’m currently reading: I’m reading the third book in Eve Silver’s Northern Waste series (which is set in Northern Alberta).

Name: Laura
Nickname(s): Vee
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5′9"

Orientation: Heterosexual

Favorite Animal: Czechline German Shepherd Dog. But I love the Snowy Owl that lives in our back pasture. Her hooting enrages Bosco and it’s hilarious.

Average Sleep Hours: Eight solid hours in the winter. In the summer, the sun is always shining here in Alberta so I struggle to sleep because it’s never dark.

Cat or Dog Person: Definitely, dogs.

Favorite Fictional Character: David Gemmell’s Waylander, Lindsay Buroker’s Sicarius, Isabel Jordan’s  Noah Riddick, Eve Silver’s Wizard, etc.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 5 because Alberta is cold.

Dream Trip: We’re going to Waterton Lakes National Park and Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park (both in Alberta) this summer. They are two places I have always wanted to visit since I was a kid.

Blog Created: I created my first blog, A Three Germans Production, in 2013. Shot in the Kidney is my third one. I always get exasperated by classic Tumblr shenanigans, hit delete, and take a break for a few months. It’ll happen again.

Number of Followers – 258. I had 12 followers on this blog (shotinthekidney) until February. ;)

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Name? riley!

Nicknames? riles, rylo kenjamin/rylo, wahwee, (deadbeat) dad.

Zodiac? taurus (technically an aries-taurus cusp but shh).

Sexual Orientation? lesbian grey-aroace.

Ethnicity? caucasian.

Favorite Fruit? peaches, bananas, kiwis, and nectarines. c:

Favorite Season? autumn fo sho!

Favorite Flower? i honestly don’t have one. :x i want to start looking into botany though!

Favorite Scent? lavender, petrichor, the smell of burning wood, wildberry’s queen of the nile incense.

Favorite Animal? either red pandas or bearded vultures tbh.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate? this really depends for me! if i want something hot, or if i want a pick-me-up, coffee, but if i just want a drink or if i want to relax, tea is usually the way i go!

Cat or dog? cats but both are gr8.

Dream Trip? italy and japan. i also would love to visit scandinavia and iceland.

Number of Followers? 125 bc i am a smol fry.

What do I post about? video games, typically of the survival horror variety. final fantasy and resident evil. also musicals, television, film.

Do I get asks on a regular basis? nah.

Favorite Band? hm… if we’re talking bands then in this moment, ghost (ghost b.c.), iamx, depeche mode… several others i’m definitely forgetting.

Aesthetic? abandoned malls, liminal spaces, neon demons, existentialism, dandyism, rococo/baroque, city lights, flickering street lights, lonely commutes home on the highway, the long stretch of power lines lining the roads of nowhere, wheat fields, facelessness.

Fictional Character I’d Date? i joke about dating fictional characters all of the time but i don’t know who i would legitimately want to be with, hm. maybe ashley graham or lunafreya nox fleuret? any of the re girls tbh.

Hogwarts House? i think i’m a hufflepuff, pottermore keeps putting me into slytherin, so i’m going to say slytherpuff.

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yknow you can draw trans people who look like human beings right??

like you know that we’re people, not just wild exaggerations of individual physical qualities that are known to cause the most dysphoria???

like, for example, you can draw a trans guy without warping the parameters of physical possibility to make him the most hyper feminine person ever even though you never focus on breast and hip size even close to that much when you draw women????

and you can draw a trans girl without making extra special care to add in every single little detail of her not passing even though you have never in your art career drawn a guy with a beard or broad shoulders or a noticeable bulge or whatever?????

like we’re just humans…… we look like other humans….. like you can just draw a human… why are you making things that look like you modded oblivion too much just because the word trans is involved

I’d like to briefly interrupt fandom-related blogging to briefly get on a soapbox about one of my favorite ideas of all time: feathery dragons.

Imagine dragons whose plumage is coated in an iridescent, oily material that fireproofs their skin, and as a result it’s so bright and colorful that people catching glimpses of dragon nests littered with shed feathers insisted that they were guarding piles of jewels.

Dragons based on bearded vultures with magnificent scarlet crests who live in high mountains. 

Dragons based on peafowl with huge, slightly cumbersome tail feathers that they use in absolutely incredible pyrotechnic displays.

Seafaring dragons based on pelicans and albatrosses.

Arctic dragons coming in super-fluffy snowy owl and sleek, aquatic, penguin versions.

Because listen, if dinosaurs have feathers, so should dragons. Pick a bird? Now make a dragon. Make a chicken dragon. do it. No one can stop you. Potoo? Potoo dragon. Corvid dragons. Pigeon dragons? Parrot and cockatiel dragons. 

feathery dragons

Most iconic moments from Beauty and the Beast (2017)
  • Le Fou trying to spell Gaston - G-A-S-T-i think there’s another T but it’s occurred to me I’m illiterate and have never attempted to spell it before wow this is hard 
  • Belle turning down Gaston’s dinner invite and he’s like “Oh, you’re busy” and Belle just says “No” like bitch apply cold water to your burn.
  • Cogsworth’s wife turning up at the end and him wishing he could turn back into a clock
  • Beast’s “makeover” to impress Belle- that makeup though 
  • “Have you thought about growing a beard” and that grOWL AFTERWARDS
  • Ewan McGregor and his terrible French accent
  • Beast literally taking Belle doWN with that big ass snowball 
  • Those three women that keep pining over Gaston turn up and Le Fou leans in and stage whispers “Never gonna happen” 
  • Those three dudes getting Schuyler sister makeovers and the third one owning it
  • Everyone forgetting about Gaston at the end like did his corpse disappear or is it laying on the grounds somewhere and everyone just left him to rot
  • Le Fou trying to comfort Gaston by telling him to think back to the war where he killed all those dudes
  • Maurice: Hey look a nice meal thank you kind person. Maurice: A FUCKING TALKING CUP WHAT AM I HIGH I’M LEAVING GOODBYE
  • Le Fou being concerned that the castle has ghosts when a literal beast lives in it
  • The Beast giving Belle a library just to prove she has horrible taste in literature
  • “Have you read all of these books???” “No, some of them are in Greek” and Belle being all “Was that a joke are you trying to joke omg”
  • Gaston being French and having no clue what Je Ne Sais Quoi means
  • Gaston complimenting himself in the mirror like “you are the most beautiful I’m not done with you yet”
  • Disney actually acknowledging that not all relationships are between one white male and one white female like there’s love all over the place in this movie BLESS 

“Except when it’s no,” Andrew said.

Neil put a plastic-wrapped finger to Andrew’s chin, guiding his head up for another kiss. “If you have to keep asking because–I’ll answer it as many times as you ask. But this is always going to be yes.”

“Don’t ‘always’ me.”

“Don’t ask for the truth if you’re just going to dilute it.”