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Monsta X Scenario: Meeting you at a fan signing

Hey guys! This is my first Monsta X Reaction/Scenario writing (I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while but was very hesitant about doing it but I did!). It might be very low quality because it is my first time writing but I hope you guys enjoy it anyways because I did try my best. Thank you so much ♡ - Iman 

PS: There are members that have reactions might a bit longer than the others and that might be because I got carried away towards the end (Remember I do love the members equally)… so my apologises in advance. 

Shownu: The second he sees you, he becomes very shy. He turns very hesitant as he’s unsure of what to say to you. However, it changes once you start talking to him as you try to break his shy shell by talking about the things you both love. His dad jokes are passed around the table, giggles and laughs are heard throughout the whole venue because of them. “Thank you so much for coming to the fan meeting today and thank you for sharing such good laughs with me. Hopefully, we can meet again because you are such a sweet and fun girl.”

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Wonho: This boy gets really cocky once he sees you. While you’re waiting in line, he tries to make eye contact with you and when you two do make eye contact, he tries to impress you in every way possible. You let out a few giggles here and there when you see Wonho trying you gain your attention (and he definitely gains you attention). He leaves the room for a quick bathroom break and when he returns, you expect him to return back to the stage and continue with the fan signings. However, he had other things on his mind. Instead of making his way to the stage, he makes his way to you. “Since your beauty and light attracted me, you’ve now got my undivided attention, my dear.”

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Minhyuk: Minhyuk, the ball of sunshine. Seeing you got him very hyped up. Once you got up to the stage and met up with him for the signing; he asked for your name, tried to be funny with you, sang his songs together, played around with the animal headbands and took pictures from every angle with every filter on Snapchat. He tried to make this meeting something memorable for the both of you, and it definitely did. Once the fan signing came to an end and when you were making your way home, a notification went off on your phone. You see a familiar picture from Minhyuk’s fan cafe, a selfie of you and Minhyuk with a dog filter with a caption; “I would like to thank Y/N for such an amazing time at the fan signing. She made such supportive and sweet comments that made me so motivated and excited for Monsta X’s future. Thank you so much, Y/N. ♡”

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Kihyun: Once he meets your eyes, he calls you up to the stage with a smile: “Ya! You in the back, come and make your way up here.” You look around you just to make sure if he was talking to you or someone else and then you look at him and point to yourself, he nods and gestures to make your way up to the stage. You walk up to the stage hesitantly but he reassures your nerves by sweet talking to you. He asks you about your day, if you’re going to the concert later that night, asks you if he’s your bias and grins when he sees you blushing while looking down at your feet. Cheesy pickup lines are stated by Kihyun which makes you blush and the other members cringe behind his back. The whole fan signing with Kihyun was such a great opportunity, you left the fan signing venue with a big smile on your face. While you were waiting outside of the concert venue, you looked through your album once more and a particular paper fell out. You read it with a smile; “Y/N, thank you for making your way up to fan meeting, it was such a pleasure meeting you. However since you were an hour late, you need to stay one more hour with me after the concert. - Kihyun” (The quote is similar to the ‘Who’s the Best at Dating’ video, I bet you all know what I’m talking about)

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Hyungwon: Fan signings can get really tiring a while especially if they continue till the evening. You came in a bit late because of your tight schedule in the morning. Starbucks was your first stop before the fan signing venue. You had this feeling that your bias, Hyungwon, was worn out at this time of day so you decided to buy him a coffee to help energise his tiring day. Entering the venue you see a crowd of monbebes and the 7 boys at the top of the stage, on the far right of the stage you see Hyungwon slowly dozing off. You make your way up to the stage and lightly tap Hyungwon out of his unconscious state. He looks up to see you with a bright smile and a coffee in hand. “Here, I thought that you’d be a bit tired at this point of day so I decided to buy you something energising.” you say with a smile. He gladly accepts your kind gesture and asks you to take a seat. You guys talk for a while about various things on your minds, play with the bubbles that Wonho was blowing, drinking coffee, watching the boys trying to make a heart with their arms and so on. Before you leave, you give him another gift to show your love and support for him. He takes your hands and says “Y/N, thank you for the small sweet gestures, they mean a lot to me. The next time we meet, I promise to pay you back the same way to did; returning sweet gestures and supporting you in every way possible.”

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Jooheon: Aegyo, aegyo and aegyo ♡ Did I mention aegyo? You’d expect the boy have that rapper vibe the second you met up with him but you thought wrong. Jooheon showed you the new version of his Kuku Kaka song and it warmed your heart to the point you squealed in front of him (fangirl instincts kicking in). You two decided to go full on aegyo; conversation were now no longer spoken in a normal manner. All the other members and monbebes found the action as something very cute as they got to see Jooheon lighten up from his usual cool, laid back rapper figure. Towards the end after the aegyo meltdown came to an end, Jooheon signs the album you brought to the meeting and adds a little extra information… “To Y/N, thank you so much for bonding with me through aegyo. It was really nice to bond with someone who accepts my aegyo without cringing or leaving the room ㅋㅋㅋ. Maybe next time for my mixtape instead of rapping, I could invite you to the studio show that we can create a new aegyo song! From Jooheon (his phone number)”

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IM: Changkyun tries to make the fan meeting/signing as professional as possible however when you make your way up to the stage and take a sit right in front of him, he gets really awkward and flustered. However, you had the same feelings/emotions as him which slowly calmed him down. You shyly talk about his new mixtape, Who Am I, and tell him how much you are in love with his skills and talent. The whole fan meeting with Changkyun started off nerve-wrecking however after you two warmed up to each other it basically became a place where you two talked about your favourite rappers and his mixtapes. “It’s nice to know that there is someone who has the same personality as me and has the same musically interests” he thought to himself. Before you left, he made you listen to his new mixtape and asked you for your opinions. In the end, you left the venue a sweet note from Changkyun in your signed album and a link to his mixtape album on SoundCloud. 

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God I do love your Gellert so much I don't think you know how amazing your and Arins acting and cosplay skills are, I truly feel you embody the characters and I am so obsessed with this ship now I need your help is the ship name Gelbus or Allert or Dumblewald or what?? I must know you guys have made it my new favourite thing to obsess and feel about!!! 😘😍❤️

when me and arin were discussing where we wanted to go with those two characters auto-correct always seemed to change their names so we have a variety of ship names for them like “albums and girdles” or “almond and grindr” or we just stick to the 1899 boyfriends :^)

So idk if you all know imma tiny late to this wonderful kpop world (I’m talking the last year..exactly the day BTS- Fire was released BUT THATS A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY ILL WRITE OUT SOME OTHER TIME) but hearing about Beast rebranding as Highlight and having such a huge success with it made me happy. I honestly watched the MVs not knowing they were formally Beast… which I guess made it special because I fell in love without knowing their past. But, as I got filled in by my friends I got really saddened hearing their story. It’s unfortunate I entered this world as eras were shifting. I was lucky enough to see CL in concert before 2NE1 broke up and but that was just the first thing to happen. 10 years with Bigbang happened and TOP went off to the military, I fell in love with Winner before learning Taehyun left, I was so enthralled to find the Wonder Girls.. a badass girl band! But they disbanded as well. I’m currently watching Produce 101 and hearing the members of Nu'est admit they were close to disbanding shattered my heart. Learning about the whole BAP-TS battle I learned while watching their One Fine Day and I cried so much. The tragedy that happened with Ladies Code and the members leaving EXO I learned quickly getting into the kpop world, I’m sad it ended the way it did. I’m sure there’s a shit ton more I don’t even know about, but the purpose of this post is to acknowledge that, to the kpop fans who’ve been through it all, I can’t imagine being through that with the people you love the most and I really hope this new generation of kpop brings so much good. I may never know about how legendary TVXQ or H.O.T really was, or ever quite understand why everyone thinks SM is a bully to their idols, or even learn to love some groups before they leave, but I promise you, im going to try my best to learn it and appreciate what I have. Dang right I’m going to watch Shinwhas 18th anniversary special on vlive, and fuck yeah I’m gonna vote the shit out of Atom from Topp Dogg on produce 101, because they’re an underrated group who’s been around much longer than I have and they deserve that much.

Anyways. Now my little rant is over and I’m sharing this song because I just had a little cry over learning Beast’s last album was called Highlight and I think it really represents what I’m trying to say. I never loved Beast. I learned about them today. But I’m gonna support this new era called Highlight with my whole kpop heart and I hope you guys can do the same with me.

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it's like "guys make sure to not hate on the album uwu" like it's okay if they change music styles. they're 4 grown men we don't need to coddle them. we haven't heard a note of new music and we're making paragraph long posts about not sending the band hate?

Yeah because it’s of the last album hate, and the concept of hate with folie that made them go on hiatus in the first place. I know they’re grown men but it’s folie hate that led to them breaking apart. Also, you have to think Pete has anxiety / depression…comments like “I hate u” and “I’ll fight you” put him down even though he knows they’re jokes, so if he’s worked really hard on something and is proud of it, and all his fans go off it on twitter (bc that’s what twitter fans are like), he’s gonna feel like shit. It happened with folie, it happened with soul punk (remember Patrick’s heart-felt letter on his site in 2012?? Yeah). THATS why we’re posting this. They may be grown men but they can get hurt still, and after last era and all the shit said about them by “fans”, we’re trying to stop that happening again and spread positivity only, because there’s been rumours that it’s very different to previous work, and that’s where hate comes from bc certain fans don’t like change. But if you don’t like me trying to prevent that then feel free to unfollow, because I can post whatever I like

When someone says something about Shawny
  • Me: you guys hear Shawn's new album yet?
  • Girl: I don't like him, he is pretty much yelling the words to his lyrics.
  • Me: say that again I will tackle you. And you will die.
  • Girl: SHAWN MENDES is bad at singing.
  • Me: *tackles her to the ground* then she dies.😊
  • True story btw. I cut a bitch. No one says something about my Shawny.💕

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Hi c: could you please explain what's going on with people on twitter and Blurryface? I've seen some posts about it but I don't know what's happening. Thank u.

in december a ‘blurryface’ twitter was created(before the release of the album name or anything)

its been posting cryptic pictures and and about 5 days- a week ago it started gaining traction

it was favoriting all tweets that contained “stressed out” (a hint to the new single, stressed out most likely)

it posted a couple of backwards videos of never before seen footage of the guys and when reversed, you heard a clip of a beat 

when people shazamed the reversed videos, they were recognized as “Stressed Out” by twenty one pilots

tyler had this zoomed in tricycle picture as his header and blurryface changed its header to a slightly zoomed out version before tyler changed his to the same

tyler commented on his instagram photo “sunday night |-/” and a couple of days later blurryface tweeted something along the lines of “not sunday night, monday night i made them change it”

blurryface did a live stream that contained writing something about monday night(tonight)

blurryface also hacked the twenty one pilots header on twitter and facebook saying “monday nih t” 

blurryface hacked davidthedad’s twitter, changed his icon to blurryface, and posted another backwards video

i think the skeleton clique twitter got hacked too?

blurryface also DM’d a lot of fans and blocked them

unfortunately, a lot of fake blurryface accounts surfaced and were posting a lot of things that made some clique members have a lot of anxiety and caused many panic attacks 

blurryface then changed it’s description to something along the lines of “you will only find me on twitter the rest are liars”

How everything is most likely gonna go down
  • PTX:
  • PTX:
  • PTX:
  • PTX: Happy Tuesday! Here's some music videos. Also we have a documentary coming out! Don't worry, we're not gonna give you any time to breathe! Also our new album is going on sale today and we're going to call 30 of you guys! Still alive? Of course you aren't. We have a m&g happening in LA . Oh, and we have a book coming out. Don't forget to come to our patreon spreecast!
  • Pentaholics: ..
  • Pentaholics: ......
  • Pentaholics: ..every. fXCKING TUESDAY!!

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I'm not a 1D fan (tbh their music makes me want to choke myself with a pillow...) but even I can see that they are really nice guys and there is no fucking way one of them is homophobic. They've been on public display for such a long time& none of them has gone justin bieber yet(y'know, taking hardcore drugs, being a dick towards fans od being a dick at all) their fans really mean the world to them. There's no fucking way s/o's sexual orientation would matter to them.

I’m publishing this, if that’s okay, because I feel like it’s important to see someone outside of the fandom’s perspective of this. The boys in One Direction are nice guys and they’re not assholes. This wasn’t Louis. For a million reasons, it wasn’t Louis. 

It doesn’t mean it’s not really confusing and hurtful and awful though. 

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Why don't you just put like 3 more songs on it and make it an actual album?

at this point, it was either these 7 songs that are mix, mastered, and ready to go NOW or make everyone wait who knows how much longer for an extra 3 songs… we decided you guys deserved new music NOW.

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Can you write a smut where you ( A girl~) and J-hope end up getting "together" *clears throat* even though you don't even know each other that well/just met :) like you're helping them with a new album or something and its just lust at first sight XD I feel that j-hope doesn't get enough requests in the general whole :((

I’m thinking sex in the sound booth B) Also I agree with you; Hobi and Jin don’t get enough requests and that’s evident from our masterlist /cries/ Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
- Devi :D

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[Warning: Explicit Content]

in the studio

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How Tyler and Josh Met
  • Interviewer: With Josh Dunn, you're part of the group Twenty One Pilots, and you have a new album, Vessel. How did you guys get together?
  • Tyler: There was a guy I was playing with that I met through high school, and he ended up introducing me to Josh. They had worked together at Guitar Center. It was just one of those really organic type of friendships, where you just meet somebody at a job. He introduced me to Josh, and when you meet someone, you're like, "Hey, yeah, let's hang out sometime." I don't know how many times I say that and it never happens. Well, this one actually did happen, we actually did hang out once. I'm glad that we did because the first time we did, we stayed up until all hours of the night talking about our dreams and our goals when it comes to music. When I got to that conversation, I was like, "This is a guy I want to play music with." So, we just met through mutual friends and a good talk, and we're still going strong.

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Can you please write a 4/4 where you're their girlfriend and act in their new music video (and can you please do it with a song that don't have a mv like english love affair or heartache on the big screen or smth? like how do you imagine the mv) 🙏🙏

I seriously love this request because I’m always making up my own music videos in my head. I’m going to have a different song for each guy btw (Including Heartbreak Girl, these are my favorite songs on the album (: ) This is probably my favorite request!


Luke: Beside You

The director had you change into a simple sun dress after you got out of hair and make up. You didn’t think Luke would actually get you in their next music video when you told him ‘it seemed fun.’ But there you were, some people putting make up on you and others playing with your hair. When everyone stepped away, you were amazed at the girl who stared back at you.

The sun had nearly set, the view of the city looking magnificent from the hill where the shoot was taking place. You had been instructed to lie down on the grass and simple look up. There were stars scattered here and there and you finally felt grateful that Luke had gotten you in the music video. The director was shouting some commands at the staff and Luke was standing directly above you.

“You look even taller like this.” You patted the spot next to you. “Join me. The sky is amazing.”

Luke chuckled.“I only do as the director says. I don’t need him yelling at me.” You shrugged, not minding his addition to the view. Luke was looking around and finally filming started.

When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky, to the beat of our hearts at the same time, so close but so far away.

Luke was lying next to you, propped up on his elbow. As the music started, you and Luke were suppose to stare at each other. You could talk and do whatever, just as long as you looked happy together on the ground.

“What are you smiling at?” you asked him.

“As beautiful as you look now, I think you look better without all the make up.”

“I think I look nice.”

“It’s not that you don’t look nice. I guess I’m so use to seeing you without it that I prefer it more.”

“Look!” You pointed to the sky. A shooting star just went by. Luke looked up to see some more meteors fly by.

“A meteor shower.” He looked at you and smiled. “Make a wish.” The director panned the camera to the sky, capturing the falling stars, wrapping up the last scene for the day.

Calum: Everything I Didn’t Say

You were excited to finally be in a music video with Calum. You had been nagging your manager to work something out and it finally paid off. Even though it was suppose to be a sad song, you couldn’t help but smile- a smile that you couldn’t get rid of. It was hard for you to get into character so when the director told you that you and Calum would be shot during the happy moment in your relationship, your smile got bigger.

“Keep smiling like that and your face might break.” You punch Calum in the arm.

“Don’t kill my vibe son!” You put your fists in front of your face, pretending like you were a kick boxer. “C'mon, I can take you.”

Calum laughed as you pretended to punch him in the stomach over and over again. He was about to hit back when you wrapped your arms around his waist. The hug surprised him, but he placed his arms around you, smiling.

“That was great. It saved a lot of time too,” the director said. Both you and Calm looked at him and realized he had been filming the whole thing. Now you knew that you would be filming the 'sad’ part.

You watched as Calum lip sang the first lines of the song, while sitting on the couch in a replicated tour bus. It was constructed so that the camera crew had as much space as they wanted to film, instead of being crammed into the small space on the actual bus. It awed you how hurt he actually looked. He changed his view from outside the 'window’ to looking at a picture of you two that he was holding. You stood in front of him while the camera moved. He placed the picture down, slowly stood up, and started singing the second verse to you. He grabbed your hand, interlocking his fingers with yours. You knew your cue to walk away from him. ’While you were slipping through my fingertips' You removed his hand from yours as you slowly backed away. You looked Calum straight in the eyes while walking backwards, the fear looked so real. When the director yelled cut, you walked back to him.

“You okay?” you asked him casually.

“For a minute….it seemed so real,” he said quietly,looking down.

Michael: Rejects

You were at a school getting ready to film 5 Seconds of Summer’s next music video. You were playing Michael’s girlfriend, which only happened after the director saw you and thought that you would look great on camera. You didn’t have a huge role, after all, Mickey’s part was being filmed inside a classroom.

You watched as the guys filmed different parts of the song, a 'concert’ during lunch, walking out of class to graffiti the school walls, Luke’s 'girlfriend’ walking away from him while he walked to the band. You liked it. It showed the guys as who they really were, the director literally told them to do whatever they wanted.

They got a little carried away with the spray paint and Michael had to film with it on his arms and shirt.You were told to sit down next to him. When the camera started rolling, Michael stood up on his desk while the teacher yelled at him and the students threw crumpled up pieces of paper and silly string at each other. You can talk at me but I’m not listening. Michael grabbed your hand and both of you ran out of the classroom to find the rest of the guys. The next scene was all the extras running outside to watch them preform. Some of the kids came on the stage including you and Michael pulled you in for a kiss even thought the camera was still rolling.

“I don’t think my parents will be okay with me kissing you in a video that’s going to be all over the internet.”

“I’ll deal with them.You are getting paid after all.” Michael winked.

“Are you indirectly calling me a prostitute?” You placed your hand on your hip and glared at him. 

“No, that would be sex. This is just a kiss.” He smiled and kissed you again right before the director yelled cut.

Ashton: Never Be

You didn’t understand why Ashton told you to pack a couple day’s worth of clothes, but everything clicked when you got to set of the next music video. Your and Ashton’s shoots where on the road. The director had the idea of you two running away together and you were thrilled for filming now.

Ashton was driving and you were in the passengers seat. The road that you two were filming on seemed familiar and then it hit you- it was the road to Las Vegas. The sun was setting, you and the crew were in the middle of no where, and if the shoot didn’t come out right the first time, you were going to freeze because the top of the car was down.

“Nervous?” Ashton asked as the director fixed the camera position.

You shook your head. “Excited. Maybe after filming, we could go on a real road trip.”

Ashton smiled and pretended he was casually driving. You looked out into the distance at the setting sun, thankful that your glass prevented the camera from capturing you squinting. After filming several scenes, you watched all of them in the bus that drove you and Ashton to a hotel.

Some scene looked like movie scenes of a couple on a road trip to an unknown destination. Some were you two cuddled up out side of the car, watching the sunset, taking in the beautiful view.

“We should,” Ashton said sitting next to you.


“We should go on our own road trip. No cameras, no band, just us and the road.”

You threw your head back and laughed. “How long did it take you to come up with that?”

“Five seconds.” He acted like a little boy who went to the bathroom for the first time on his own and didn’t fall in the toilet.

~Aashna (: