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(Yes, this is idea is TOTALLY stolen from the Klaroline fandom, BUT… it deserves it!)

From November 23rd to November 30th @uglygreenjacket and I, @floraone are hosting a review event for our fandom.

It’s meant to encourage ALL the Sailor Moon fanfiction authors out there – The writers of all ships, the canon ones and the ones who’ve never met. The new writers and the old. The relatively unknown, and the popular. Those who are just finding their voice in writing, and those who have been around so long that people have started taken them for granted. Those that post regularly, and those that update only sparingly. Those that have written that ONE story EVER which you cherish, and those that have written tons over the past 20 years. The ones with only one review, and those with 400. And those that put out new content weekly, and those that struggle to find inspiration.

Our goal is to encourage you all to give ALL those authors a little spike in motivation, tell them that you’re there and appreciate them, and promote the authors of all those thousands of works of fanfiction that we all love. All the selfless and tireless work of people who give us a constant supply of free fandom content!

So, our main goal, of course, is that over the week you review as much as possible, in any format you prefer (A03/FFnet/tumblr, wherever you can reach your authors!).

Even  - or ESPECIALLY - if you’ve never reviewed before (and remember, allows Guest reviews, no account needed!). Reviews are the lifeblood of any fanfiction author. Remember that your fanfic authors will ONLY ever be compensated for their work in praise and in thank you’s– and that means reviews. Vloggers and AMVlers can sometimes get the chance to monetize their videos, for some lucky fanartists you get the chance to buy commissions from them, or prints of their work, or buy them coffee - but for the authors of those fan works that keep you entertained, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days, and sometimes for the past 20 years, all they  EVER can get is a thank you. So please – this is what this Event is about. Go and let them know what you loved about their story, and thank them for their time.  

Let’s face it - mostly we don’t take the time to review thoroughly, or every chapter, and this is because we have hectic lives and it’s easy to forget, and sometimes daunting to find the right words, but this week, we want you to give your favorite authors some of your love and time. So, every chapter of every story that is worth to be finished reading by you, putting a smile on your face, during that week (and actually always, let’s be real!) deserves that you stop by and let the author know. And on top of that, if you take time out of your day for it – go back to your all-time favs, even if the story has been posted 7 years ago, and drop them a line, too!

And if your appreciation is not easily shown in words – anything goes, really. Are you into drawing fanart? Make something for your favorite author and let them know (they will love you forever!). Was there a song you know that fit their story perfectly? Send it to them! Are you a person who’s able to make awesome AMVs? Make one about your favorite fic!

To help you along, we’ve selected a few themes for the days, and we will reblog all posts that used the hashtag #SM REVIEW EVENT  on this blog that was created for it.

Day One - Nov 23rd | Rec Lists!

Review any story(or author!) you choose, and make a list out of it to share on your tumblr, and to recommend to others. What is the story about? What’s the ship? What captivated you about the story/made it memorable? Is there something in the author’s writing style that you find to be unique, or especially great? This can be your all time-favorites, and it can be newfound treasures, and it doesn’t need to be only one list!

On top of that, it gives us, and all your followers, the opportunity to discover new, beloved works! And to dive right into new stories to read and love and review!

And, please consider to let the authors know that you’ve included them in your list (even just by adding them as @’s in your post, or by mentioning it in a review on their story!)

Day Two - Nov 24th | Write a review for that one story you keep remembering, that doesn’t let you go.

It doesn’t even matter if you’ve reviewed it before (remember, you can leave Guest reviews!) or if you’ve never reviewed it. We all have read that one story that we keep going back to, that resonated so much with us that it doesn’t leave us alone. And that, for a fanfic author, is one of the biggest compliments you could ever give them! So let them know, and if you want to share which story that is, and why, post it on your tumblr with a link, as well!

Day Three - Nov 25th | Motivate Authors of WiPs

I know it’s tiresome for some, reading works that are still in progress, where you can’t just click on the ‘next’ button and hope for more, instant content … but… Multichapter stories, especially the long ones, require constant motivation, and time out of their author’s schedule. And while reviews are more often posted in the beginning and the end of the story, the middle part, which is coincidently the one most authors struggle with the most, is where motivation ends, when it feels that there’s just barely anyone reading anymore.

So, if there’s the story you’ve been waiting to read until you know it’s finished – go back to it, and give it a go, and cheer that author on as much as you can! You might be surprised how fast the next chapter is out, if you do!

In fact, many abandoned stories are abandoned for exactly that reason – and if enough people go back to that story that you loved and was never finished – who knows, one author out of all the abandoned works just might come back to finish what they started!

Day Four - Nov 26th | Celebrate New Authors

In a fandom that has existed for as long as the Sailor Moon one, it can be daunting to start writing 20 years in. Especially because so many people sort the lists on FFnet and A03 by reviews, or just read the works of authors they’ve been following for years, new authors can struggle to find readers.

So, take your time and go through the new, unfiltered updates. Maybe you stumble upon someone who may be new in the fandom, but who’s definitely worth your time.

Or maybe you already recently found some new authors that have blown you away, and want to write and post and share a short profile about them, and what makes their work worth reading. And if you post it with the hashtag #SM Review Event, we will be sure to reblog it!

Day Five - Nov 27th  | Celebrate Old Authors

If they are still around or not, celebrate all those authors that have started your love with fanfiction, or those that kept the flame going for as long as you can remember! What is the first fanfiction that you remember really, really loving? Who is the author that has written the most amazing stories over all these years? Who is the author or what is the story you’ve “lost” over the years and then been so excited to have found again, years later? Share them with us, please!

Day Six - Nov 28th | Celebrate Unknown Authors and Stories

FFnet has filter functions, as we all know! Set it to Sort by Reviews, and Time Range: Updated within 6 months, or 1 month (or whatever you decide), plus your usual ship and language filters, Apply, and then GO TO THE LAST PAGE! What you get will be all the works with none or one review. Sort through it backwards a little, maybe you stumble upon a little gem that would have been lost forever, and then: Review, and share!

Day Seven - Nov 29th | 18+ readers: Review a lemon you loved!

Here I’ll remind you, again, that FFnet especially allows you to leave guest reviews – no signed reviews necessary! Lemons are some of the most sought-after content in fanfiction, and some of the most sparingly reviewed. We all know why this is; it’s incredibly weird to review a lemon. But – it’s also pretty weird to write it, and INCREDIBLY daunting and scary to POST it. And if you want that content to exist, please cheer it on! After all, no one wants to undress to utter silence.

Day Eight - Nov 30th | Reviewer Appreciation!

Finally, it’s time for the authors to give some love and thanks back to their reviewers! Be it from the Event, or from all your time of writing – reach out to those reviewers that made your day, the ones that made you cry, the ones that inspired and motivated you to work on your story, and let them know they were able to do that for you!

This, like the reviews, can of course also be done in various ways – be it PMs/messages directly to the reviewers in question, or sharing that one review that made your life (or the ten that did) on your tumblr, or even writing a short drabble for them!

For all of these: If you post about it on tumblr, please use the hashtag #SM REVIEW EVENT, and we will collect and reblog all posts here on the Sailor Moon Review Event Blog.

Now, go and spread the word! And review, review, review!

Everyone, I am pleading with you, PLEASE buy Power Rangers! We have a chance at a superhero franchise centered around not only 4 superheroes of color, but an autistic superhero and a lesbian superhero, but it needs support in order to get any sequels. I’ve seen the movie, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen. Please please please buy it on home release.

Magi DJ - てのひらにやわらかなとげ by 次の角を左/ なかお

Yeah, again, I have no idea what the title is and, this time, not even the doujinka OTL so really sorry about that… If anyone knows, just give me a shout and I’ll amend this post accordingly… (Managed to find out thanks to eternity-love :D Thank you so much ^^)

Yeah, sorry about the lack of posts but been really busy the past couple of months ^^; To be honest, I shouldn’t have even scanned this since I have loads of scanlation projects that I need to work on but hey ho…

Anyway, hope you’re all having a lovely weekend ^^ See you next time :) And please support the doujinka by buying their works if you ever get the chance :)

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A memo about bootlegs

I don’t see why some people (including actors) get so angry about bootlegs.  If I could afford to fly across the country to NYC to see shows in person, I 100% would.  Who wouldn’t?  It’s a way better experience, and you get to financially support something you love.  Unfortunately, there are about a bazillion Broadway and theatre fans in general who live too far and/or who simply don’t have the funds to go see shows.  Theatre was made for the masses, not for the elite, but Broadway has become something only the wealthy can reach.  Do people not understand that for so so so many of us, the only way to see shows is through bootlegs?  I would be willing to bet that a fair amount of those actors only have such large fanbases because of freaking bootlegs.  It means everyone has a chance to hear and see something they love, everyone has the chance to see the show even if they can’t afford it.  And since when have ticket sales ever been affected by bootlegs?  If anything, if I see a show and love it, I will be WAYYYYY more likely to buy a ticket if I ever get the chance to!  So please, quit your whining.  Why should you be offended by bootlegs?

I’ve made up my mind and I am able to do lucky bags!! As you can see in this photo, there are a mixture of Amuse products, pokemon plush, and many other random plush.

If I can at least get 7 people who would like to purchase a lucky bad from me, I will definitely be happy to do lucky bags.

Here are your options:

Small Lucky bag: $25.00 plus shipping.

A. Must have at least TWO 8cm Alpacasso with or without paper tags; plus other random goodies.

B. Must have one amuse product and one 8cm Alpacasso (both will have paper tags) Plus random goodies.

C. Random non-amuse plush, includes 2 or 3 plush and random goodies.

Large lucky bag: $30.00 plus shipping.

A. Must have 3 or 4 8cm, possible other amuse product might be included, and random goodies.

B. Chance at Alpacasso plush, could have 16cm, 12cm, and 8cm. Will have at least 2 or 3 plush; will include random goodies.

C. Non-Amuse products but cute plush that will be worth up to $30 or more. Will have 1-2 plush in lucky bag and includes random goodies.

I will always make sure that which ever option you chose, you will get your money’s worth or possibly more c: So take a chance and email me at if you are interested in purchasing a lucky bag ^^

ALSO, If maybe you would like to buy something individually; let me know asap, I might be able to take your request.
Please note that shipping will vary depending on your location and I will only accept payments via paypal. Reblog for your friends/followers & good luck!
Secret Santa


words: 3 927

Warnings: Rough sex, oral sex, kind of orgasm denial I guess? dirty talk, alcohol, drunken sex, top!cas, bottom!Dean

Dean’s boss, Mrs. Harvelle loves Christmas. She is crazy about it. So every year they do the Secret Santa thing at the office. Pretty much everyone participates in it, and so does Dean. It is the boss herself who goes around the offices and cubicles with the hat filled with small pieces of paper, each one having one name written on it.

“Dean, pick one up! If you get yourself put it back and take another one!” She says happily, so excited about the game. Dean picks up a piece of paper from the hat held in front of him and folds it open. Castiel Novak. Dean’s face goes white as he stares at the paper.

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