and if you don't think this was the best part you're wrong

wanna one as things i've heard at my school
  • Daniel: i had a dream where i let a bunch of cats out in ikea and everything kinda broke lose. it was catastrophic
  • Jihoon: looking forward to summer so i don't have to deal with you guys and your ugly lives.
  • Daehwi: i went on vacation for two weeks and the only part i remember is seeing a dog eat a corn on the cob.
  • Jaehwan: i'm not saying that you should all date me because i'm a sweetie pie but you should all date me because i am a fucking sweetie pie.
  • Seongwoo: you aren't born with a perfect face. i mean unless you're me.
  • Woojin: sometimes i think about what it would be like if everyone just like... stopped.
  • Guanlin: i have eaten nothing but hot pockets and red bull for 24 hours i have reached god level, i am unstoppable.
  • Jisung: it costs so much money to die man, like i can't even get a job how am i gonna pay 30000 dollars to die?
  • Minhyun: i live through my sims. like can i cook? fuck no! but you bet that my sim is the best fucking cook you've ever seen.
  • Jinyoung: did you know that pigeons delivered the results for olympic games? like imagine if they got the winner wrong and they have to send another pigeon and it flies in like "squawk squawk bitch you thought."
  • Sungwoon: when it's raining i just think about who hurt the cloud. why are you crying sweetie?
Hamilton  songs explained by my friend
  • Alexander Hamilton: "did they just rhyme father with father and farther?"
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: "this antisocial man is so done with this overeager puppy and this random ass boyband"
  • My Shot: the overeager puppy joins the boyband. somehow becomes the front man of the band. they gain lots of fans.
  • The Story of Tonight: The boyband covers a song from les mis???
  • The Schuyler Sisters: WHERES YOUR GOD NOW @ boyband.
  • Farmer Refuted: boyband has a hater. Front man puppy roasts hater before he can he even start to talk.
  • You'll be back: to be sung draped over a piano with with champagne fake crying into a handkerchief
  • Right Hand Man: "there's a moment you know... you're fucked. aND THATS RN PEOPLE I SWEAR TO GOD.
  • A Winters Ball: "20 year old males who drink are gross and do gross 20 year old drunk male things"
  • Helpless: "this could be the start of something new it feels so right being here with you"
  • Satisfied: "I've done fucked up"
  • The Story of Tonight reprise: the boyband gets drunk and harass the antisocial man (again)
  • wait for it: the song that could get away with going on the radio
  • Stay Alive: tfw ur dad doesn't trust you to lead an army #relatable
  • Ten Duel Commandments: "Revolutionary men have fragile pride and I don't know why they were trusted with guns"
  • Meet Me Inside: "the puppy gets fired because he got mad that his father figure acknowledges the fact that he's a father figure"
  • That Would Be Enough: "you're not even a father figure you're a legit father"
  • Guns and Ships: "surprise bitch, tis I le baguette here to win the war"
  • history has it's eyes on you: I fucked up once. and now it's your turn to.
  • Yorktown (the world turned upside down): surprise BITch (part 2) herCULES MULLIGAN-
  • What comes next?: I'm petty as shit.
  • Dear Theodosia: "Burr imma let you finish but, loOk AT MY SON
  • Non-Stop: the puppy and boyband have been separated since the war so the puppy decides to go into law then government
  • What'd I miss: the war??? wtf???
  • Cabinet Battle #1: "I know more than you" -Ron Swanson
  • Take A Break: use your fucking commas and don't use child actors to play your children
  • Say No to This: ... you are singing the word "no" you should be able to say it
  • The Room Where it Happens: the banjo turn up of the century
  • Schuyler Defeated: antisocial man and the puppy have a falling out
  • Cabinet Battle #2: (sips tea) (slowly puts it down and turns)..... you must be out of yoUR GODDAMN MIND IF YOU THINK-
  • Washington on your side: I am ready to throw punches
  • One Last Time: I'm tired... I think I'm gonna go home now.
  • I Know Him: The John Adams Roast begins
  • The Adams Administration: The Roast continues
  • We Know: well fuck,we actually didn't know
  • Hurricane: I will roast myself and save everyone else the trouble of doing it.
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: "YOU MUsT BE OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMN MIND" -Angelica, and literally the whole cast
  • Burn: I have no words, only tears.
  • Blow us all away: you thought it would be okay... you were wrong.
  • Stay Alive (reprise): tears intensify
  • It's Quiet Uptown: full fledged sobbing 2 minutes into the song
  • The Election of 1800: ham and jefferson roast burr to the point of no return
  • Your Obedient Servant: the slightly bitchy passive aggressive anthem
  • Best Of Wives, Best of Women: a single tear because we all know what's gonna happen next
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "most disputes die and no one shoots" is the biggest goddamn lie in the show
  • Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story: hello death I welcome thee.
Nightmares | J.A

Prompt: #83 - “You better have a reason for waking me up at the crack of dawn.” and #84 “I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

Warnings: Not really, this is literally 150% fluff ???

A/N: I was supposed to be writing Zach angst but I can’t help myself when it comes to Jack fluff oops?

Having a boyfriend in a band, that was becoming more successful by the minute had its downsides, like having to sleep alone while he was on tour after being so used to cuddling into his side. Sure, you could smell his scent on his clothes that you stole or his pillow that you hugged when you missed him a little too much but nothing compared to Jack’s physical presence. 

Nothing compared to his hugs, his hair tickling your skin when he nuzzled his face into your neck, getting to wake up next to him or the butterflies you felt when he stared into your eyes. 

What was particularly distressing, was waking up covered in sweat because you had the worst possible nightmare you could ever imagine.

It was Jack. You heard his screams piercing your ears at an agonizing pitch, but it was too dark. Everywhere you looked was clouded in darkness and grey smoke. You could smell fire and then you heard the sirens. They were getting louder by the second, making your panic worsen. You spun around once more, hoping for some answers when you saw him. 

Lying on the road, his body completely lifeless. His screams had stopped but you wished they hadn’t because then he’d still be alive. Your legs drag you forward, despite the fact that you felt numb and they kept moving until you reached him. There was blood surrounding him, his face covered in cuts. You dropped to your knees, screaming with everything you had. Why did he have to leave you?

You sat there in his bed, clutching his hoodie you slept in close to your face. His scent always calmed you down but not now. It was just a nightmare wasn’t it? Jack’s on a tour bus somewhere, he’s sleeping peacefully before he wakes up to perform to his fans again. Everything was okay, but no part of your thinking was rational. You had to know he was okay, to hear his voice. 

In a rush, you grabbed your phone from the bedside table and clicked your boyfriend’s contact name on Facetime. With every second it took him to answer your heartbeat sped up.

“Babe?” There he was, his eyes barely open due to not being fully awake. His freckles lit up by his phone screen in his dark bunk, fluffy curls all over the place. 

That one word was all you needed but the tears had already formed in your eyes, you simply couldn’t help yourself. You loved this boy with your entire being and you couldn’t bear to ever lose him. 

“You know I love you but you better have a reason for waking me up at the crack of dawn.” His voice was raspy and slightly muffled by his bed sheets. He finally opened his eyes and his whole demeanour changed in an instant. “Wait, baby, you’re crying. What’s wrong?”

“I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.” You took a deep breath, trying your best to talk without hiccuping from your tears. “I-I had to Jack. I need you to always be okay.” 

Jack rubbed his eye with the hand that wasn’t holding a death grip on his phone. He was sitting up in his bunk now, his chest was half covered by the sheets but you could see his bare shoulders. 

“Please stop crying baby girl, I’m here, I’m okay and so are you.” He sighed. “Do you want to tell me what happened in your nightmare?” 

You told him everything from hearing him scream, the darkness that surrounded you both, the sirens, finding him dead in a pool of blood and even waking up drenched in sweat and fear. He listened to you intently, his heart breaking for you with every word you spoke. 

“I love you so much Jack, I can’t explain how seeing you like that felt. Even if it was only a dream.” You screwed your eyes shut in an attempt to block out the awful image that was still fresh in your mind.

“Shh, baby. We’re alright now.” Jack cooed, his voice soothing you almost immediately. “And I’ll be home soon, just turn the TV on and distract yourself for an hour or two.”

You sat upright, your head tilted in confusion. “What do you mean? Don’t you guys have more shows?” 

Jack laughed that adorable half-laugh he often does, “Did you lose track of the days baby? We just did the second last show, and then we play LA in two days.” 

A grin broke out onto your face, you’d have him in your arms soon and you wouldn’t be letting go for a good while. “Now I’m gonna cry for a different reason.” 

“You’re too beautiful to cry, I love you.” He spoke matter of factly like it was the most obvious statement in the world “I have to go but I promise I’ll be there soon, you don’t need to worry okay?” 

You exchanged several variations of ‘goodbye’ and ‘I love you’ before he finally hung up and you snuggled back into his bed, watching reruns of your favorite show.

The warmth of both his bed and his clothes made you tired, you tried to fight it but sleep eventually washed over you once again. 

You don’t remember exactly when you fell asleep but when you opened your eyes again later that day, you felt Jack’s arms tightly around your waist and his chest against your back. 

“Hi, baby.” Jack giggled into your shoulder.

You turned around in his arms and started to trace his freckles with your finger. “Hey, my love.” 

Jack removed a hand from your waist and placed it on the side of your face, rubbing circles on your cheek. 

“I missed you so much.” He sighed, as a tired smile graced his lips. 

“Believe me when I say I missed you more, Jack.” You smiled back at him before grabbing his face and kissing him for the first time in a month.

He was finally home and so were you because home was wherever he was. 

BTS reaction: Hearing their best friend confess~
  • ~ Kim Seokjin/Jin:
  • You were almost half asleep in the morning when you kept complaining about how you'd never find anyone who liked you or that you were absolute trash.
  • Jin: You are gorgeous what's wrong with you.
  • You: You can find me in a bathroom. Either in the toilet or the trash can.
  • Jin: My god, why do you so firmly believe no one would like you? Ask someone out. You never know.
  • You: Because you're too handsome, sweet, and caring to like anyone like me. I have no chance with you that's why I don't ask.
  • Jin: So.. You like me?
  • You: Oh shit what'd I say?
  • Jin: In short: That you like me.
  • You: Well secrets out, I'm moving to Antarctica.
  • You: Why are we arguing? Just give me love already.
  • Jin: -Rolls eyes- That's what I'm trying to do, but you wanted be in Antarctica.
  • Jin: But let's go eat; My cooking so that's it's free.
  • You: I feel special.
  • Jin: You are.
  • ~ Suga/ Min Yoongi:
  • Yoongi had come over to talk about nothing. He just likes your couch to take naps but you always let him since he was your best friend and you- without being weird- liked watching his adorable face go to sleep.
  • You: I really don't know why I even like you.
  • You: But I wish I could cuddle you right now, what is this?
  • Yoongi: You could. You just needa ask.
  • You: Were you awake throughout my short shitty I love you speech??
  • Yoongi: Yeah, I don't actually fall asleep I've heard you a couple times but never wanted to believe it.
  • Yoongi: I guess now I believe it because.. You said it right in front of my face.
  • You: Give me a moment. Go back to sleep you fuckin duck.
  • Yoongi: Wow. K. I see how it is. liking you back has been canceled.
  • You: Wait no, return to the pokeball.
  • Yoongi: Now I'm a Pokemon.
  • You: You're a cute one though.
  • ~ J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • You flat out told him when you had the chance which was during you guys' movie night.
  • You: Hey you.
  • Hobi: Hey you.
  • You: Hey you, I like you.
  • Hobi: I like you too.
  • You: But I mean I like you like go on dates, kiss, and call you da -cough- baby/mine.
  • Hobi:
  • You:
  • Hobi: Were you going to say daddy?
  • You: That's not important. What's important is if you like me back or not.
  • Hobi: Yes I like you back now tell me–
  • You: Gotta blast but hey a date tomorrow, here at my house? Yeah? Cool? Bye now. -Running into the door to your room-
  • You: That never happened.
  • ~ Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:
  • You were patiently waiting for Blackpinks new music video that was coming out in three hours since you were so concentrated on the time, anything came out of your mouth.
  • Nams: BTS or Blackpink More?
  • You: both.
  • Nams: Who's your bias in BlackPink?
  • You: Lisa
  • Nams: Who is your bias in BTS?
  • You: Rap Monster.
  • Nams: Why?
  • You: Cuz I like him but he don't like me back.
  • Nams: How do you know that?
  • You: We talked about this Taehyung.
  • Nams: Not Taehyung.
  • You: -You turn to look at who you were talking to but then immediately look away with a red face-
  • You: Who's Rap Monster? Never heard of Him.
  • Nams: Ah too bad, he was thinking about asking you but now he's not too sure.
  • You: I know that guy. Tell him I'd say yes.
  • Nams: You're so cute and I don't know what to do about it. Just to take you on a date.
  • ~ Park Jimin/Chimin:
  • Jimin and you were just talking on the couch. Talking about your days, things that happened, told jokes, but you were getting tired. So now you were answering questions half asleep.
  • Jimin: Who do you like at the moment?
  • You: A guy. He's adorable, sweet, handsome and I don't know what do.
  • Jimin: I say confess.
  • You: Maybe I should but he don't like me back.
  • Jimin: What's his name?
  • You: Name starts with a J.
  • Jimin: Jungkook? or Jung Hoseok is what you mean?
  • You: You skipped the guy I like.
  • You: It's Jimin neutron.
  • Jimin: That's not me.
  • You: Yeah it is well the Jimin part is.
  • You: You like me back? Ye or yes?
  • Jimin: Not too many options. I'll pass.
  • You: I see how i-
  • Jimin: I choose both. I like you in every perspective.
  • You: You saved yourself Park Jimin.
  • ~ V/Kim Taehyung:
  • (Just dialogue)
  • You: Taehyung you can't rap.
  • Tae: I can. I know I Can.
  • You: I am the better rapper. Come at me you puppy.
  • Tae: Puppy???
  • You: I can't insult you. You're too cute to be insulted.
  • Tae: INSULT ME.
  • You: NO
  • Tae: You like me?
  • You: Do I? Did I? What'd I say?
  • Tae: That you like me.
  • You: Say it as if you were me.
  • Tae: I refuse to insult you. I LIKE YOU. emphasis on I LIKE YOU-, I can't.
  • Tae: That's what you said.
  • You:
  • Tae:
  • You: Well now you know, so.. Would you like to go on a date with me soon????
  • Tae: Aw so cute so cute. -Squishing your cheeks- of course I'll go on a date with you. I've always wanted to date someone who's an angel.
  • ~ Jeon Jungkook:
  • You were trying to find a way to confess but also embarrass him. So you bought a rose and went to where he was with all the members at the moment.
  • You: Will you, Jeon Jungkook, let me have the honor to date you. -Kneeling-
  • Members: -Snickering-
  • JK: Of all times.. -Nervously laughing and patting your head-
  • JK: Sure but just know I will get you back for this.
  • You: You can try.
  • JK: It's a war.
  • You: Hey. I'm eating you.
  • JK: What??????
  • You: -pulls out the gum called 'Extra'- very minty.
  • JK: Why did I agree to be with you??

anonymous asked:

Would you be up for Bughead angst? Like maybe the two of them get into a fight over something huge, like he gets jealous of another boy who likes her or Betty feels like they're growing apart because they don't hang out as much/he's not very affectionate anymore and she confronts him about it only for him to argue? That's only if you're up for it! If you are, thank you!

I’m always down to write anything, I have to warn you though, usually all of my stories end in happy endings. I’m a sucker for a good fairytale ending!


People moved on, it happened, it was a natural way of life.

Betty just never thought jughead would move on, from her.

It was obvious what was happening, he had fallen out of love with her. He was distant. Cancelling dates, pulling away when she tried to kiss him in public, and almost never returning her texts.

She racked her brain for hours last night , trying to figure out where it all went wrong. She knew she was difficult, and she could be selfish, lord knows her temper wasn’t as it should be, but jughead always understood, whenever they had a problem, they talked about it.

The last four weeks had been horrible, school had been getting in the way, jughead had been working on rebuilding his relationship with his father , while Betty’s relationship with her parents was falling apart in front of her eyes.

She was tired.

Jughead deserved the world, and if she couldn’t be that for him, it was time to move on.

She still loved him, god she still loved him, no matter how bad he had been treating her this past month, and because she loved him so much she had to let him go.

He would find someone else.

Someone with less baggage, someone who could make him happy.

Weighing the red and grey flannel in her hands she watched as a tear fell on the familiar shirt.

He had given her this flannel after he caught her shivering at the drive in. He had walked all the way home in just a black tshirt. She wore that flannel to bed every night.

One day he caught her all cuddled up in his flannel and smiled

“That’s my favorite shirt”

She had tried to give it back, but he shook his head

“Looks better on you”

She would give it back today, kind of a sign of closure.

She had texted jughead and told him to meet her at Riverdale park, it was an emergency.

Sitting on the cold bench, the sun setting in front of her she couldn’t believe what a beautiful night it was.

She almost wished for rain, something more fitting.

Suddenly the beanie wearing boy came into her vision, his frown now a permanent feature on his face.

“Betty, what’s the matter, what’s the emergency?”

She patted the seat next to her and smiled sadly

“Sit down, we have to talk.”

Taking a hesitant seat, Jughead glanced down at the shirt folded in her hands

“That’s my shirt, what’s going on?”

Taking a deep breath, Betty began

“I’m sorry I can’t make you happy anymore, I’m sorry you’re so angry all the time, and I know it’s partially my fault. I wish that I could make this better but I can’t.”

Jughead went to interrupt her, his eyes wide

“Let me finish, what we had was amazing, I’m never going to forget this. I love you. So much. And I know you’re gonna find some gorgeous girl out there, who was meant for you and who makes you happy all the time. I want you to have that, you deserve that. So I’m letting you off the hook.” She placed the folded up shirt in his lap and smiled softly

“Goodbye Jughead.”

Suddenly he was standing directly in front of her the shirt wrinkling under his clenched fists.

“You’re breaking up with me.”

She took a shaky breathe, she couldn’t remember the last time they were this close

“It’s for the best, for both of us, you need someone who can make you happy, and I need someone who loves me.”

He was angry now, she wasn’t sure at what though. Her? Himself? The situation?

“You think I don’t love you?” He said in a raspy whisper

She stepped back one step, but he stepped forward keeping her close


“I love you more than anything in this world. You think I’m not happy? You’re the only thing that makes me happy. Im not losing you. ”

Betty was taken back by the intensity in his eyes for a second, before she got angry.

“No. no, you don’t get to act like this, you haven’t been around in a month jughead, I’ve been on my own, you have your own life I get that, but I thought that maybe I was part of that life.”

His eyes widened at her sharp voice before he exclaimed

“You are! I’ve been so busy trying to fix everything, trying to make things okay, trying to be better”

“That you forgot about me” she interrupted
“I never asked you to fix anything, I love you just the way you are.”

“You don’t get it Betty! I don’t want to be some loser, gang members son, you deserve more than that for a boyfriend!” He was yelling now

And she was crying, tears streaming down her face

“I never asked for more! if the person that you’ve been this last month, is you being “more” I don’t even want it!“

“It doesn’t matter, I have to change, for you, for my family. It’s my responsibility to be the man you deserve. That’s just how it is.”

“I DONT WANT THE MAN YOU THINK I DESERVE, I WANT MY BOYFRIEND BACK” Betty screamed into the quiet park silencing jughead instantly.

Taking a watery breathe, Betty wiped at her tears

“If this, new person, is who you want to be, then be him. But, the jughead I fell in love with was never afraid to tell me he loved me, or lay around all day watching movies and eating popcorn. Your dad will love that jughead just as much as I do, you don’t have to change who you are, for anyone.”

Jughead looked at her, taking in her shaking hands and her red rimmed eyes.

“I ruined this didn’t I?”

Betty looked up at him, connecting their eyes

“I don’t know jughead, it can’t go on like this.”

“It won’t.” He assured her “I’ll fix this.”

She looked at him as he held out the flannel to her

She took a deep breathe, weighing her options

“Please” jughead said softly, his eyes pleading

She finally reached out and grabbed the flannel, their fingers brushing, she silently thanked what ever god was up there for the fact that the spark was still there.

Apparently jughead had felt it too because before she knew it she was flat against his chest, the flannel squished between the two.

She allowed herself to relax in the familiarity of her boyfriends body

“This is gonna take work”

She felt jughead nod from above her, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

“I know.”

a-crafty-lass  asked:

I absolutely adore your Greyling AU! I know you've already touched on this a bit, but I'd love to hear more about the kwami in this AU-if their personalities are any different, their relationships with their holders, etc. Thanks for all the art and headcanon posts you've done so far!

Absolutely, friend!! And thank you!


Of the three key Kwami, Tikki’s personality changes the least since she’s got the same holder, but their relationship is still a little different. Tikki cares a lot about Marinette. She’s one of her younger holders and though the situation they find themselves in is not without precedent, Marinette is definitely the youngest hero to find herself pitted against Plagg’s powers. Tikki sees why Master Fu made the decision he did and did not approve of it. Nevertheless she feels a great amount of guilt at not being able to do more for Mari. She does her best to remain a source of positivity for Marinette and offers her unconditional support and advice to the girl, but some of it gets lost along the way since Mari’s job is so much harder in this au. 

Marinette, as anyone might, often took out her frustrations on Tikki in the beginning, but as she came to accept her duty she warmed up to her and apologized for her behavior. Tikki’s pretty hard not to love, especially after a long conversation about regrets and secrets that mean your life to keep as close to yourself as you can.


We haven’t seen much of Nooroo in canon, so a lot of what I can say about him is mostly just me speculating on how his personality might be.

Nooroo comes out of the box with the behavior one might expect from a secretary trying to do damage control after their boss says something incomprehensibly stupid and bigoted on twitter. He’s urgent and stressed. He has so much to teach adrien with so little time! Of the main miraculouses, I think that the butterfly might be the one with the steepest learning curve. Nooroo has often run into the trouble of having too much to teach and it has ended tragically more than once. He takes Adrien’s confinement as a great blessing and is extraordinarily hesitant to allow Greyling out, even when he is quite well prepared. Nooroo is doting and motherly, like a comical helicopter parent. It suits Adrien well to have this kind of attention considering his previous circumstances. Adrien relishes in the fact that there is someone who is always looking out for him, even if a person with a healthy parental relationship would definitely think it was too much.

Nooroo is very proud of Adrien, who is a quick learner and has a natural talent for being the sunshine in the room.

Despite his “mother knows best” attitude, he can actually be pretty submissive and takes time to warm up to people. At first, he calls Adrien “young master”, which upsets Adrien to no end. He doesn’t like being reminded of his status in a very “Please, Mister Agreste is my father” type of way. Adrien’s want for lack of formality throws Nooroo, who is used to finding himself in the hands of people far more interested in flaunting their titles. Nooroo finds it is a welcome change of pace.


Poor dear sweet Plagg. I’m sorry to all you Plagg lovers out there because he really gets the short end of the stick in this au more than anyone else.

Plagg, as I’ve mentioned, has found himself being misused by bad guys before. This isn’t new to him. But Gabriel provides a very strange and unfortunate case because of his exceeding cruelty. Plagg gets it. This guy wants his wife back. But Plagg also is the first to recognize his behavior as completely inexcusable and irredeemable. Gabe, in Plagg’s eyes, passed the point of redemption almost as soon as he put on the ring for the first time. 

At first, Plagg is willing to roll with it. The bad guys mess with some shit, get out their anger, get what they want, and then they’re done. They either get killed or it catches up to them otherwise or they get bored. They recognize his power for the most part and are considerate. Plagg figures that Gabe just really needs some good ol’ destruction therapy and then he’ll be okay. If Plagg gets his cheese, which Gabe can easily provide, then they’re friends by Plagg’s esteem.

Boy, is he wrong. 

Plagg could handle the double duty. He could handle the knowledge of the innumerable sums of money in damages his powers have been used to rack up. He’s even willing to let the hostages slide and maybe a murder or two if the people deserved it.

But Tuxedo Cat steps over the line when he attempts to Cataclysm another person. Especially when that other person is Ladybug, who is merged with his other half. Murder is one thing. Cataclysm is a completely separate thing. Plagg can feel people’s existence dissolving at the hands of his powers. He can’t feel Tuxedo Cat slit an innocent’s throat.

Plagg tries reasoning with Gabriel, to quickly find he is not being listened to. He takes matters into his own paws and makes some modifications to Tux’s tux. 

Plagg makes Tuxedo Cat weak to his own Cataclysm. 

Plagg doesn’t consider himself much of a hero, more of a chaotic neutral, but allowing Gabe to be weak to cataclysm makes him pretty ill, since Plagg is basically allowing himself to be partially destroyed by his own powers. Plagg takes several days to recover, and Gabe usually takes no less than a week. In this way, at great personal cost (because Gabe is not happy to find he can’t transform for a bit, not just the illness thing), Plagg buys Tikki enough time to come up with a plan. (He really is a hero, after all.)

Plagg is a lot less cocky in this au. He’s tired and worn out pretty much all the time and generally doesn’t have enough energy or willpower to sass Gabe. Sassing Gabe generally doesn’t help matters anyway.

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(part 1/2) For the recent anon requesting feral Bucky. I hope these fit the bill and are to their liking > Bound by yellow_crayon; all they see is scars by yellow_crayon; The Madman by fannishliss; To You I Belong by Anath_Tsurugi; So you're telling me bros usually don't fuck together? by Masamiya; Steve Care for Beginners/Dummies by yvngp; Situation: Normal by redcigar; Original Programming by zetsubonna;You Just Had To Make It Weird by IamShadow21; I've Always Been Yours by Taste_is_Sweet

(part 2/2) For the recent anon requesting feral Bucky. I hope these fit the bill and are to their liking > Ask Me Again by XxAngelicMurderxX; wilted by macabre; Safe From Harm by Odsbodkins; Hot as Blood, Cold as Steel by marlowe_tops; Blood by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

Thank you for writing in!

Bound by yellow_crayon

You become responsible for what you’ve tamed.

(Bucky comes back to him slowly. Steve is with him every step of the way. The Avengers help out as best as they can.)

all they see is scars by yellow_crayon

A mysterious weapon makes Pre-serum Steve appear in the present day.

The rogue Winter Soldier mistakes him for his one true handler.

The Madman (sex work and related slurs) by fannishliss

Steve is hired by Zola to document his lab experiments. When the experiments extend to a human “volunteer” Steve decides enough is enough.

To You I Belong by Anath_Tsurugi

The first time the Winter Soldier sees Captain America, he can’t help but think ‘mine’, even though he has no idea why.

So you’re telling me bros usually don’t fuck together? by Masamiya

Bucky doesn’t remember exactly what is acceptable or not in society, and just does whatever he wants, like the asshole cat he seemed to become. It appears quickly that what he wants is to end all forms of personal space, and make all of the Avengers coming near Steve’s appartment very, very uncomfortable.

Steve Care for Beginners/Dummies by yvngp

Bucky learns how to take care of Steve.

Situation: Normal by redcigar

AU wherein Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers never met, Steve somehow manages to rescue the Winter Soldier anyway, and Avengers Tower ends up with the world’s angriest duckling and a whole new brand of entertainment.


(“He was dragging him out of the river,” Natasha argues later.

“Nat, be honest, he was going for the Full Monty.” Says Clint.

“I’m pretty sure we interrupted him in the middle of giving ‘emergency CPR’,” Tony agrees, “Or the stage after emergency CPR. Emergency Dick? Is that a thing?”

“That’s not a thing,” Natasha and Clint reply.)

Original Programming by zetsubonna

The Winter Soldier has gone off the grid. Sometimes he’s in his own head, sometimes he isn’t. He can’t remember the mission. He can’t remember what he was thinking at the museum. Everything comes in and out.

The Man on the Bridge wasn’t right. Something about him was wrong.

He took a break to wreak havoc on his former masters, and when he returned, The Man on the Bridge was the way he was supposed to be:


You Just Had To Make It Weird by IamShadow21

Steve and Sam are in the middle of nowhere, the absolute opposite of civilisation, just following a lead on Hydra and checking in to a cheap hotel and finding an awesome diner with great food and even better looking pie.

Then Bucky Barnes turns up and ruins everything.

I’ve Always Been Yours by Taste_is_Sweet

Bucky’s in Steve’s apartment when he comes home.

(It warms him, though, to think of Bucky using his apartment, that he might feel comfortable there regardless of how he got in. It makes Steve happy to know that Bucky’s been able to eat decent food and get clean, hopefully feel safe enough to sleep. And the fact that Bucky went to Steve’s apartment, out of all the thousands he could have chosen anywhere in New York City…

Well, Steve doesn’t want to think too hard about that part, because he doesn’t want to hope.)

Ask Me Again by XxAngelicMurderxX

“I took back what they stole from me, Steve. Now it’s your turn to take back what they stole from you. So I’ll say it one more time. Ask me again.”

wilted by macabre

The Winter Soldier’s new mission is to guard and protect. It’s a command that is not understood well; the asset has always been unleashed to kill, torture, kidnap. Not to guard anything. They don’t directly tell him what it is he’s guarding until they take him to it the next morning.

It is a man. A very small man. Delicate in a way that makes him uncomfortable because he knows how easily he could kill him, without trying, without looking.

AU: Steve is taken by HYDRA to be a guinea pig, and the Winter Soldier is assigned to guard him.

Safe From Harm (rape/noncon) by Odsbodkins

After the supervillains have won, they auction off the Avengers. Even though the Winter Soldier does not have the money to bid, he knows that Captain America belongs to him.

Please heed the warnings: this fic features graphic depictions of violence and sexual assault, a physically and sexually abusive relationship, and mentions of suicide.

Hot as Blood, Cold as Steel by marlowe_tops

Conversations in an abandoned bunker. The asset isn’t sure of many things, but he knows that the man from the helicarrier is valuable and needs to be protected. And until he gets some answers, he’s not letting the man from the helicarrier out of his sight.


The subject lies back down, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. “My head’s pounding.” He lifts his hands, presses them to the bridge of his nose and sighs before placing them back over his belly. “So, what now?”

“Now I keep you,” the asset responds, the words escaping him involuntarily.

There’s a line between the subject’s brows as he looks over. “What’s that mean to you, Buck?”

“It means you belong to me.”

Blood by leveragehunters

In a world where magic is as commonplace as electricity, HYDRA worships a god who craves order through death. They used His blood to create fierce Soldiers then enslaved them by chaining their souls.

The man who was James Barnes is the last Soldier, the rest having been put down after succumbing to the call of the Blood. One night, out of control after a mission, the increasingly unstable Soldier runs into Steve Rogers. Instead of being turned into a red smear on the ground, Steve successfully talks him down. HYDRA decides to keep him. The Soldier’s the last one they’ve got; if Steve can keep him calm he’s going to do it whether he likes it or not.

Like fractious racehorses have companion goats, they hand Steve off to the Soldier as a kind of pet. But studies have shown pets can ease depression, despair and loneliness, lead to an increased sense of safety and well-being, and provide a source of protection and unconditional love. HYDRA really should have reviewed the literature before they decided to give Steve to the Soldier. Especially since, once Steve Rogers is involved, protectiveness can get slightly out of hand.

The 100 ways to say 'I love you' OTH edition
  • 1. "Always and forever."
  • 2. "I wanted you to fight for me."
  • 3. "Don't say I never gave you anything."
  • 4. "Hey, pretty girl."
  • 5. "I don't know what I'd do without you."
  • 6. "This is how I spent my summer, wanting you."
  • 7. "You are not allowed to quote from my letters."
  • 8. "You are not an idiot, not even close."
  • 9. "I needed to hear your voice."
  • 10. "Didn't you miss me while you were away?"
  • 11. "This is gonna work, right?"
  • 12. "When are we gonna get to that kissing part?"
  • 13. "I am the guy for you, ____."
  • 14. "You told me to fight for you and I did."
  • 15. "Please stay."
  • 16. "It means a lot to me to know you are here."
  • 17. "Why won't you ever just let me all the way in?"
  • 18. "I’ve given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches in my entire life, and they’ve both been with you."
  • 19. "I miss this, you know? Talking to you."
  • 20. "I need you to need me back."
  • 21. "Can I help you?"
  • 22. "I’m here for you forever."
  • 23. "You always make everything better for me."
  • 24. "Hoes over bros?"
  • 25. "You have me no matter what."
  • 26. "I wish you would've told me."
  • 27. "We made it, didn’t we?"
  • 28. “You think I need to see you with my eyes to know what’s going on with you.”
  • 29. "You're always saving me."
  • 30. "I can't live without you."
  • 31. "When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me... It's you."
  • 32. "Nothing will happen to you, I promise."
  • 33. "It’s always gonna be there, isn’t it? Me and you?"
  • 34. "I sort of like you, you know that?"
  • 35. "I want all the same things you want."
  • 36. "I don't hate you."
  • 37. "Your art matters. It’s what got me here."
  • 38. "Or I can stay if you want."
  • 39. "I wanna have everything with you."
  • 40. "It didn’t mean anything."
  • 41. "It won't happen again."
  • 42. "That girl has been nearly impossible to find but worth every second of the wait."
  • 43. "Maybe I can wish something for you."
  • 44. "You look skinny as ever."
  • 45. "You deserve this."
  • 46. "You’ve taught me to trust."
  • 47. "You see the world in a way that no one else does."
  • 48. "You appreciate everything."
  • 49. "There’s no one in the world like you."
  • 50. "I like it when you get me."
  • 51. "I’m happy to be gotten."
  • 52. "You make sad look beautiful."
  • 53. "I realized how empty my world was without you in it."
  • 54. "Hey, gorgeous."
  • 55. "You don't know me well enough to judge me."
  • 56. "Actually, I feel like I do know you."
  • 57. "We’re us, _____."
  • 58. "You’re sexy when you play football."
  • 59. "You look even more beautiful than in my dreams."
  • 60. "You should know I plan on making every one of your dreams come true."
  • 61. "I could have held you in my arms forever and it still wouldn’t have been long enough."
  • 62. "I need you to get past this."
  • 63. "You are too amazing to carry this around."
  • 64. "Every song ends, is that any reason not to enjoy the music?"
  • 65. "Everything was so much simpler when it was just you and me."
  • 66. "I gotta be honest with you, I could never officially give you away."
  • 67. "Because my world is better with you in it."
  • 68. "I will always be there for you."
  • 69. "I will always protect you."
  • 70. "Can I stay with you tonight?"
  • 71. "I just don’t want to do anything to drive you away."
  • 72. "I don’t want to be that guy anymore."
  • 73. "I wanna be somebody that’s good enough to be seen with you."
  • 74. "We made it."
  • 75. "Thank you for believing in me."
  • 76. "I am not going anywhere."
  • 77. "I don’t ever want to lose you."
  • 78. "Till kingdom come."
  • 79. "But everything is better with you."
  • 80. "I miss you in forever ways."
  • 81. "I like you, more than you know."
  • 82. "You are the devil, aren't you?"
  • 83. "I do like waking up to you."
  • 84. "It's unbelievable how much I hate you."
  • 85. "They are great. So are you."
  • 86. "I promise you I’ll still feel the same way about you that I do right now."
  • 87. "I’m voting for her because of her heart and her spirit."
  • 88. "Do you know how terrible it is to be disconnected from your best friend?"
  • 89. "I could’ve loved the girl in this picture."
  • 90. "I'm gonna miss you most of all."
  • 91. "How can you not see that?"
  • 92. "I remember looking in that mirror and telling you how special you are."
  • 93. "Girls just want somebody to want them back."
  • 94. "What's underneath all the clothes?"
  • 95. "I wanted to come see you because I knew something was wrong."
  • 96. "Forgiveness is love, you know?"
  • 97. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."
  • 98. "It's absolutely your business."
  • 99. "My home is your home now."
  • And...
  • 100. "I love you, you know that?"

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If you're doing the sappy prompts, then could you do 4 and 16 together for Saeyoung please? If you don't want to do them together, you can choose one, whatever you want ^^ Thank you~

I had no intention but I’m currently dead smack in the middle of Saeyoung’s To Promise- literally in a juicy part- and I need to keep my energy and inspiration up. So quick write it is!

4. Shut up and kiss me
16. Why haven’t you kissed me yet?

He was doing it again. 

Talking and talking and rambling on about god knows what- and all she could do was stare at those plump red lips and that clever pink tongue as he spoke to her… well.. “taught” her would be the best description of what he was trying to do. MC, high school senior and front runner to become class Valedictorian, was getting tutored by her best friend, Saeyoung Choi, 2nd year college student  (accepted early, you see).

And normally, she would have been all ears and super attentive to whatever it was he was talking about at any given time… but he had come in looking particularly handsome- and god did he smell good. Did he always smell this good? Why did he smell this good? 

She couldn’t think, she couldn’t concentrate she could barely remember to blink once in a while so she didn’t look hypnotised. This was all his fault anyways, him and his damn perfect mouth. 

The week before he had taken to whispering “correct” or “incorrect” to her, the tips of his lips barely grazing across the sensitive shell of her ears as he did so; shivers coursing through her body every time he did. That study session went on for five hours. She had never felt so infuriated and frustrated in her entire life. 

Until today. 

He was her best friend; she had never once thought him to be the kind of person she would ever want to kiss but for the last week all she could think about was her mouth on his, tongues dancing and hands weaved into each other’s hair… her legs around his waist… his mouth reaching up to her ears to whisper, “What a good student you are…” 

“Shut up.” 

“Say what?” Saeyoung asked, his brow furrowed with confusion as he halted mid sentence. 

“Shut. Up.” she repeated her eyes narrowing on him. 

“I’m not sure what I did wrong-”

“Shut up… and kiss me,” she replied as she moved the books that were in front of him on the dining table and replaced them with herself, her feet perched on either side of him on the chair. Saeyoung stared up at her in disbelief- what had brought this on? This sudden shift in power-

“MC- i don’t really think that this is-” he began only to be interrupted by MC leaning forward, mere inches from his face, eyes wild with want and passion. He guided audibly at the forwardness of his best friend, never in a million years did he think she would have had the guts to do something like this. 

“Why- haven’t- you- kissed- me-yet?” she articulated word for word as if she were trying to communicate to a child. Saeyoung sighed and took off his glasses, shaking his head as he wiped at the fingerprints with the hem of his shirt. Standing up he pushed back his chair and set the glasses back on the ridge of his nose, his face set in an expression of resignation. Deftly he took MC by the chin, his grip firm but not painful, a bright glint of something that MC could not place shining his eyes. 

He looked magnificent. 

“MC. Shut up. I am the tutor here so you will listen to me and you will learn.” 

His mouth descended upon hers quicker than she knew he could move, his kiss biting and exciting, the feeling like he wanted to devour her, ravish her, savour her… 

“Are we learning yet, MC?”

She shook her head, her eyes still closed, world spinning madly about her. 

“N-No… teach me again.”

Safe Haven sentence starters
  • "I don't know what we're heading towards, but I know my heart is all yours."
  • "All my friends tell me I'd be better off on my own, and sometimes I believe 'em."
  • "I can never leave him."
  • "Mixed signals, they're killing me."
  • "You knock and I let you in."
  • "Loving you is my greatest sin."
  • "I see it in your eyes, you wanna run."
  • "I don't know why I love you."
  • "I don't know why I stay."
  • "I don't know if its worth the pain."
  • "Even when you slam the door and drive away, I still set the table for two."
  • "Babe, you know I'm waiting on you."
  • "I believe you every time."
  • "I've never known anybody like you."
  • "I've never dreamed of nobody like you."
  • "I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime, and I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine."
  • "I'm in a field of dandelions, wishing on every one that you'll be mine."
  • "I see forever in your eyes."
  • "I feel okay when I see you smile."
  • "I think that you are the one for me."
  • "It gets so hard to breathe when you're looking at me."
  • "I've never felt so alive and free."
  • "When you're looking at me, I've never felt so happy."
  • "I feel bad inside knowing this is all built on lies."
  • "I feel like an awful person."
  • "We're forcing love that don't exist."
  • "This is so unrighteous."
  • "This is so not like us."
  • "Love at first sight that was gone at the end of night."
  • "We both know that this is going to end."
  • "No chance we're going to make it."
  • "Can we fake it?"
  • "Even though I know you're not the one, this has really been a lot of fun."
  • "I don't really like you, but I still choose to stay."
  • "You still play the part so well."
  • "You're really cute, I must admit."
  • "I need something deeper than this."
  • "I wanna know when I'm looking at you that you don't only see the things you want to."
  • "I'm not perfect, I'm flawed, and if you don't like that, get lost."
  • "I don't want it if it's fake, I don't want it if it's just for show."
  • "I just want it if it's real."
  • "This superficial love thing got me going crazy."
  • "Baby if you want me, then you better need me."
  • "I'm so done not being your number one."
  • "If you wanna keep me, then you better treat me like a damn princess, make that an empress."
  • "Fun at first, I won't deny, but I want more than just what meets the eye."
  • "I want authentic, not just for fun."
  • "If this love is plastic, it'll break on us."
  • "I can feel you on my lips all the time."
  • "I just wanna feel you in my heart and on my mind."
  • "This ain't right."
  • "I feel broken, shattered, and blue, and it's all because of you."
  • "If this is love, why does it break me down?"
  • "It's been a long time since I felt the way that I do now."
  • "I need you, but I don't know how."
  • "It's been a while since I smiled and I meant it from my heart."
  • "The idea of leaving this behind, it tears me apart."
  • "Kiss me now and remind me why I ever wanted to make you mine."
  • "If this is love, why do you break me down?"
  • "You're the other half of my broken heart."
  • "There was a time when I was alone, nowhere to go and no place to call home."
  • "My only friend was the man in the moon, and even sometimes he would go away, too."
  • "He came to me with the sweetest smile, told me he wanted to talk for awhile."
  • "I promise that you'll never be lonely."
  • "Lost boys like me are free."
  • "I realized I finally had a family."
  • "You are my perfect story book."
  • "You are now my home sweet home."
  • "Tonight hope fills our lungs and I can see it in everyone."
  • "The songs use to make us sad, tonight they don't sound so bad."
  • "It feels so good to be young."
  • "I think I'll stay awhile."
  • "I am obsessed with being a mess."
  • "I am in love with being young."
  • "I don't know what the future holds."
  • "I can't believe its been all these years."
  • "My friends tell me I should've moved on a long long time ago, but what do they know?"
  • "I don't mean to be selfish, but my heart breaks every time that I see you smile 'cause I know that it's not me
  • Who brings it out of you anymore."
  • "You found somebody new, you put me in the past."
  • "I don't know if our memories will last."
  • "If by chance it doesn't work out with her, you'll always have a chance with me."
  • "I wonder what happens when you hear our song, do you brush it away or do you sing along?"
  • "Do you talk about the future the way we did?"
  • "You'll always have a chance with me in my world."
  • "Is it so wrong of me to hope she breaks your heart?"
  • "Is it so wrong of me to pray she tears you apart?"
  • "I know in the darkest part of you, you pray and hope and wish for it, too."
  • "You don't mean to be selfish, but your heart breaks every time that you see me smile 'cause you know its not you who brings it out of me anymore."
  • "So casually you walked into my universe."
  • "Hey, you got some pretty brown eyes."
  • "I couldn't help but smile and I think that's the moment it all happened."
  • "Love turned into games, and games turned into heartbreak, and heartbreak turned into war."
  • "Darling, all is fair in love and war."
  • "You meant the world to me."
  • "I'll be your fighter if you say so."
  • "I don't get why we're meant to fall in love, then say goodbye."
  • "Gave you all my heart and all my precious time."
  • "I can picture you in your blue jeans, looking right at me with that gorgeous smile."
  • "I couldn't see the lies and the things that you would hide."
  • "You love so mercilessly."
  • "Here's to everything we ever were."
  • "I got the greatest weapon of all - a broken heart."
  • "Let me hold you for the day and let you know that its okay, give you all the love and peace that you usually send my way."
  • "When its dark for you, don't know what to do, just know you're my light."
  • "When the world is caving, baby you're my safe haven."
  • "On my darkest day I know you'll be my shine."
  • "You're my safe haven."
  • "Love at first sight, it exists."
  • "I've had my heart broken so many times before."
  • "I'll call you in the morning if I see you in my dreams tonight."
  • "I don't even know your name."
  • "I vowed not to let anyone enter my heart."
  • "I know love at first sight can't exist."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension and you can tell me all the things you didn't mention."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension."
  • "I saw you in my dreams."
  • "I guess that I was scared of what I was before us."
  • "Guess you were my only blemish."
  • "For the first time I don't mind that you found somebody else."
  • "For the first time I'm totally fine being by myself."
  • "I was my best when I was with you."
  • "Would you believe me if I told you that I'm over it?"

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Hi! Your writing is, as usual, absolutely amazing and you post so much and you're absolutely amazing for it! If it's not too much to ask, could you do something where Bokuto, Nishinoya, Kenma and Tendou are reassuring their s/o who is very self conscious about their own appearance and have little confidence? It can be headcanons or scenarios I don't mind, whichever you prefer, dear~ thanks a bunch!!

I’ve come to discover through these that headcanons are, like, the best thing to do ever. Lol, but this was cute, Anon!

Hope you enjoy!

P.s. I just freaking figured out that other people add their own tags when they reblog my stuff and I literally spent about an hour and a half going through my notifications to see what those tags were. I love them. And I don’t know whether to be embarrassed by how much time I spent on it considering I have so many finals to work on! LOL.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • While this boy explodes with confidence, he does know what it’s like to fall into pits of insecurity, so he’d very much make sure to approach the situation very carefully.
  • He’d tell them the way they were feeling was valid - in the sense that society puts these insecurities on everyone - but that they should know that they’re better than anything society can produce.
    • And he’d be sure to tell them everything he loves that society perhaps wouldn’t - the birthmark on their cheek, their head to toe freckles, the beautiful dark kinks in their hair, their curvy figure that he looooves cuddling. And boy won’t stop until he names everything he loves: EVERYTHING.
  • They’ll probably laugh, tell him that they get it and that he has to say that because he’s dating them. Oh no, mistake.
  • It goes from 0 to 100 real fast, because he’s not finished.
    • Their laugh - like, the one where there is no control, where they’re crying and possibly snorting - is his favorite sound, their ability to take on the world so bravely, the way they love so fully, not holding anything back. There is so much about them that is so unique and grand and it kills him that they would even consider he didn’t mean every single word of it.
  • Cuddles, snuggles, and delicate kisses are to be expected afterward. And you better believe he’s spend HOURS just admiring every single part of their body - he’ll kiss every freckle, even the ones you didn’t know you had! - before he takes his time making love to the soul he cherishes to dearly.

Nishinoya Yuu

  • I actually think insecurity is something that might be a little hard for Noya to grasp right away. This kid has almost never been self-conscious about anything, it’s a very foreign concept to him, so catching on to the fact that something is wrong might take some time.
  • And he probably wouldn’t realize how much he’s not helping the situation when they come to him with these insecurities and he brushes them off initially with a, “you shouldn’t feel that way.”
  • That would start the trend of them just keeping things to themselves, because if he’s just gonna blow it off then what’s the point in telling him?
    • I can see it getting kinda bad. They’re fighting for no reason now and they finally snap one day saying how he can just go date someone who’s perfect then.
    • Oh. That’s when it hits him square across the face. And boy, does he feel like the worst boyfriend in the world.
  • From that moment on, this precious bean would try his best to understand what they were going through and be more aware of what they need from him when those moments come on. And he’s a quick learner, taking initiative in snuggle time and providing them with whatever will make them feel loved and wanted - words, physical contact, acts of service - they name it and he’ll do it because he never wants them for feel that way ever again.

Kozume Kenma

  • Really, just really, this kid would know that they’re insecure before they can even figure it out themselves. He had spent so much of his life trying to hide from the insecurities he faced while in middle school, there’s just no way that he wouldn’t see it as clear as day within his significant other.
  • But he wouldn’t bring it up directly, he’d wait for them to come to him when they really needed him. He’d watch them closely though, the last thing he’d want is for them to get too far deep into their own negative thoughts.
    • He’d probably be so wrapped up with making sure they were okay that he would just leave his PSP at home. Everyone is concerned for Kenma’s health - even them - but there are more important things to worry about.
  • Despite his subtle efforts to keep them from falling back into their insecurities, it’s bound to happen - sometimes you just in those moods, ya know? - and they’re breaking down in the middle of their dinner or homework or something just as random.
    • The first time in happened, Kenma panicked. He didn’t know how to handle such an outburst of intense emotion, but he figured it out slowly - and with a LITTLE help from Kuroo?
  • Now it’s just second nature, this boy will let it happen - because you can’t stop the inevitable - and gather up as many blankets he can find to wrap around the both of them where they’re stay burrowed for the rest of the night with Kenma whispered small reassurances and reasons why he loves them that are only heard by them and their surrounding covers.

Tendou Satori

  • I think that with Tendou he might actually be a little oblivious. The kids called ‘Guess Monster’, there are some things that he’s aware of and some that he misses and I feel like this is one of them.
    • Maybe it has something to do with his own past? Like, he knows what it’s like to be self-conscious about who he is and that he holds his significant other up so high that they could never feel that way because they’re amazing, there’s no one out there like them.
  • So when it does end up coming up that their self-conscious of their appearance he is totally floored. Because how can they say that? Don’t they know and see how pretty, no beautiful, no GORGEOUS they are?
  • For a couple days he’s not exactly sure what to do. He knew suggesting besting their enemies as he did when he was younger is not the way to go when the enemy is your own brain, right? But despite not knowing exactly what to do, he never left their side, choosing to console them with his presence at the very least.
    • Tons of forehead kisses and verbalization of his love is how they spend that time. He may not know exactly how to help them gain confidence in themselves, but he can give them all his love - which ends up being one of the main contributing factors to their attitude towards themselves becoming better.
  • Omg, I can just see this tol bean spending a morning in bed with his significant other just covering their face with kisses, smile wide, and every time they try to protest against something he says he just lays another kiss on their lips. Sweet thing will stop them with all his love from thinking less of themselves!
pjo / hoo characters as things i've done pt. uno
  • Percy Jackson : When I was ten, my family went on a road trip down the east coast. We went to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and since I'm fucking five inches tall, the waves tossed and turned me so much that I drank like five liters of salt water and had sand literally everywhere on me. I proclaimed, "I HATE THIS BEACH!" and sulked for five minutes before I got in the water again.
  • Annabeth Chase : In science class, eight grade, I was assigned, with two other people, to fold paper to support the weight of books. The group wasn't listening to me, so I shouted "yOU FUCKTARDS" moderately loud so they would listen. I'm glad the teacher didn't hear me lmao.
  • Grover Underwood : In the summer of 2016 I had a graduation party from middle school, so I invited all my friends over. As soon as it got dark, we started playing Manhunt, and I'm not the athletic type, but as soon as my friend started chasing me, I ran full force down the street, mind you I'm pretty fast, into the woods, straight into thorny bushes to hide. I have the scars on my legs to prove it.
  • Thalia Grace : I'm a liar, so when I was like eleven, my step-dad took me to go on Bizzaro, the roller coaster at Six Flags near where I live. I fronted heavily, saying that I wasn't scared and that it was going to be fun. As soon as I was strapped in, I was having a panic attack, and nearly pissed my pants when I was at the top of the first drop.
  • Jason Grace : Back when I was like two or three, when my parents didn't split, we lived in a house where the rooms were on the second floor. I, being clumsy, always either fell down the stairs, or threw myself down them, so much so that I have a scar in between my eyebrows.
  • Piper McLean : In the span of two days, two guys confessed their love to me over Snapchat. In two days, I declined the attempts of a relationship from two guys, knowing others more like me. No, I don't feel bad.
  • Leo Valdez : I was working on a car in my school shop, Auto Collision, when my teacher comes up and tells me that I did something wrong two hours ago. I looked him straight in the eye and said 'Are you fucking with me Mister?' He laughed and shook his head no. I then proceeded to lay my head on the car, proclaiming 'I fucking am ready to eND IT!!'
  • Nico di Angelo : When Jc and I went over our best friend's, Kian's, house, we ended up laying on the ground, and I laid on Kian's bed, and Kian (or Jc I can't remember) said 'It's time to blast the depressing music!' and I shot up, almost hitting my head, screamed 'FUCK YEAH' and almost fell getting off the bed.
  • Will Solace : One time in shop this girl and I were working on a car, and she ended up fucking up and cutting her finger on a rusted part, and ended up bleeding. She proclaimed 'oh my god what do I do?!' so naturally I looked at her and said 'wash it off, get a paper towel, wrap dat shit up real nice with that blue tape and you'll be all set. this ain't allied health but it's the best we got.' She was fine afterwards.
  • Clarisse La Rue : so, apparently I'm intimidating to a lot of people, so one time in History class I went around asking if I was scary, and a lot of people said yes. My friend Anysia goes 'I don't know you're just crazy and jittery and shit like it's terrifying.' And I instinctively replied, 'bitch if you don't shut the fuck up i s2g i will throw you out the fourth story window.' and right after I laughed at her expression. They still think I'm scary.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I am absolutely in love with your Designation: Miracle series. They are the best stories I've ever read for KnB. I kind of have this headcanon for them, though, that while we know the Miracles are super protective of their own human partners, they are also protective of *each others* human partners. So I was wondering if you could do something like that maybe please? If you don't want to, that's fine, you're still amazing and I love you :)

Kasamatsu has never spent a great deal of time with the other Miracles, despite the fact that he’s known them all the longest. He understands now that had been entirely Kise’s intent, and he thinks it’s a good sign when Kise suggests they go shopping with Aomine and Momoi. It means that the other boy has finally accepted that Kasamatsu isn’t going anywhere, that he doesn’t need to be so possessive of Kasamatsu’s time, that he doesn’t have to view everyone as a potential threat who might take Kasamatsu’s attention away from him. Kasamatsu definitely approves of all the implications of the progress Kise has made over the years.

He just wishes Aomine wasn’t so damn weird.


‘Weird’ might be the wrong word, he thinks. Unsettling is probably the more accurate description. Kasamatsu has often thought Aomine is like a wild animal on the court—all instinct and agility and fierce power. Aomine is loud on the court—not vocally, but his presence shouts at everyone who watches. He’s someone you pay attention to, whether you want to or not.

Now they’re not on the court, they’re hanging out in a shopping mall plaza. Momoi and Kise are cooing over some magazine and Aomine is just staring. Watching, silently, the people who are around them, watching anyone who approaches, watching Kasamatsu.

It’s like he’s on the alert. Quiet, and stealthy, like a hunter.

And it’s very unsettling.


He gets up to buy a drink, mostly to catch his breath more than anything else. He likes all the Miracles, but they can be intense, even when they’re just out having fun.

When he turns to head back someone bumps into his shoulder and says, “Watch it.”

“Sorry,” Kasamatsu says immediately.

“Oh, you’re sorry?” the guy says, and his two buddies snicker. “If apologies were enough we wouldn’t need the cops.”

Kasamatsu blinks because it’s just so stereotypical it’s absurd. He’s never had much use for overt displays of machismo, and has no desire whatsoever to engage. “I am very sorry,” he says, mildly. “I’ll be more careful next time.”

“Hey, you think—”

Something slams on the table next to them, causing everyone to jump. It’s Aomine, suddenly there, bristling and so obviously ready to fight. “He said he was sorry. You have a problem?”

And Kasamatsu will say this for the guys, they clearly recognize the bigger threat.

Kasamatsu would laugh at how quickly they exit, if he wasn’t so thoroughly confused.


“Are you protecting me?” Kasamatsu exclaims.

Aomine’s scowl is more petulant than threatening. “Yeah, so?”

So you’re my junior, Kasamatsu thinks, so you don’t even go to my school, so I barely know you, so I don’t need protecting and definitely not from you. All of those things seem a bit too harsh to say. He does say, “Why?”

“Do you even understand what would happen to him?” Aomine says, his whole manner shifting and the anger in his voice gives Kasamatsu goosebumps. He is once again reminded of a predator. “If anything happened to you, that would be it for him, you get that, right?”

Sometimes, it still makes him uncomfortable. How much he means to Kise. It scares him sometimes. Not because he doesn’t reciprocate, but because it’s slightly terrifying being that important to anyone. He is, perhaps, a bit wary against being someone’s all. And. Well. He does know. He saw a bit of what Kise would be like, when they went to Iwatobi.

“I do get it,” he says, his voice gruff. “But you don’t have to treat me like glass.”

Aomine narrows his eyes. “I don’t think you do. You have too much power over him. I wish I could have stopped it before it got this far. If you ever hurt him…”

“Wait,” Kasamatsu frowns, “Are you protecting me or threatening me?”

“I can do both,” Aomine says. “You’ve always been Kise’s biggest weakness and his biggest threat.”

Those are, Kasamatsu thinks, both roles he very much does not want to have in Kise’s life and he scowls at the Miracle for saying it. It also distinctly chafes to hear this from Aomine. He pulls himself up straight and raises his chin (not that it makes much of a difference, since Aomine is taller than him) and he refuses to show any kind of submission to a kid two years his junior. “I would never hurt Kise,” he growls, and if Aomine were anyone else Kasamatsu might be holding him by his collar. “And I don’t need to you to keep me in line or protect me.”

Aomine, to his surprise, just smirks and slings an arm around his shoulder in a friendly manner. “Sure, sure, senpai, whatever you say.”

“Hey!” Kise says when they get closer to the table. “No touching Senpai, Aominecchi! Only I get to touch Senpai, those are the rules—ow!”

“Shut up, brat,” Kasamatsu says. The tap against Kise’s head is barely a flick. He thinks Kise’s “ow” is mostly reactive, part for show, just like Kasamatsu’s tapping is a show. (He could never actually hurt Kise.) When he sits down again, he takes Kise’s hand in his under the table, and his skin grows warmer when Kise looks at him in that intensely-focused Kise way.

Even though he’s not looking in their direction, he feels Aomine and Momoi’s gaze, and thinks probably all the Miracles are watching him and watching out for him, and it’s a strange feeling, but not a bad one.

A/N: That is so kind of you to say, thank you, anon-friend! Headcanon 100% accepted!!! I absolutely feel like the Miracles would also be protective of each other’s significant others. (I picked one in particular, and it got longer than intended, but I do think all the Miracles would feel the same way about the other’s significant others). I decided I wanted to focus on Kasamatsu and Aomine, and then also remembered it would work well with a request by @angelsdontflytheysoar who wanted to see someone warn Kasamatsu about hurting Kise. So thank you, friend, anon-friend, hope you enjoyed!! =D

lumoslames  asked:

Imagine you're dating James Potter (or any of the other marauders I don't mind) and you were sleeping or napping (on your period) in his bed in the dorm and you bleed onto the sheets. What do you think their reactions would be? xx

Request #2: I need more Marauders and your period headcanons! I absolutely loved one of your posts from a while back and thought it was so accurate. I completely agree that they wouldn’t be perfect caretakers or angles. If you could do another one similar to it that would be fantastic! (Preferably something where you’re sitting or napping on their bed and bleed through) xx

Seeing as I’ve gotten multiple requests for this I figured why not?? Part 1 to this is HERE.

Also, like the anon who sent that second request mentioned, I highly doubt they’d drop everything to take care of you lol as great as it would be for 4 teenage boys to be period experts and to want to do nothing but help you for a week that’s just not realistic, nor would I ever expect that from someone, even a boyfriend?? So here’s my *more realistic* take on the Marauders and periods! Hope y’all like it :)


  • Tbh I do think James would know when your periods are just because he’s observant and does The Most™ 
  • He’s not overbearing about it though, he just knows and can pick up on when you feel like shit and therefore knows not to push your buttons as much on those days :P
  • You’d come back from your last class and he’d be in the common room with the other Marauders and you’d come over and chat for a bit
  • And you’d be feeling pretty shitty because of your cramps so you ask him if you can go nap in his bed because you know it’ll be empty up there
  • And James squeezes your knee comfortingly and says “yeah of course, I’ll be up in a bit love” (james potter should teach how to be a great boyfriend 101)
  • So you go up and sleep on and off for about an hour but it wouldn’t be the best nap ever because you just feel so gross
  • James finally comes up and he pulls back the covers to get in too
  • You’d groggily move over for him and then you feel that feeling (all my pals with periods you know the one!!!) and you’re suddenly wide awake like oh my god no not now are you kidding me
  • And James just kind of stands there awkwardly blushing and looking away because there’s big stain right where you were just laying down 
  • But even though he’s lowkey a little grossed out he’d reassure you that it’s totally fine because he doesn’t want you to feel bad
  • And as you get up he’s like. “uh…should I get Madame Pomfrey?”
  • You’d laugh because he just looks so concerned and you’re like “no, I’ve got it” and then you’d clean his sheets with magic and sigh and go get a tampon like it’s nothing
  • And he’s left there staring at the suddenly clean sheets thinking “damn, girls are badass" 


  • Sirius is definitely the “don’t ask don’t tell” type when it comes to periods…it’s not that he thinks it’s some horrible taboo topic, he’s fine talking about it if it comes up but he doesn’t really get how it all works
  • You’d be on the couch studying or reading or something in a cold winter day and he’d come flying down the dormitory stairs
  • He’s all excited for the Hogsmeade trip that everyone else has already left for and he’s like “come on, I’ve been waiting for you!“ 
  • And you’re like "uh no, I was waiting for you!" 
  • He pulls you to your feet and you turn to go out the door and he sees that you bled through your jeans 
  • And mid sentence he goes "So when we get there where do you want to go for–HOLY SHIT" 
  • Because subtlety was never his strong suit
  • And you’re like what?! And he just kind of points to your butt and you’re like ah fuck
  • And you’d mumble something about going to change and he’d be like "I’ll just wait here!” and he’d sit down and just wait and kind of glance up at the stairs pityingly because damn, periods really are the devil
  • When you come back you just roll your eyes and kind of laugh it off with him because you’re both like “did that actually just happen”
  • He’d be like “damn, I didn’t know it could get that bad…like, literally ‘bloody hell’” (hardy har har) and he’d ask if you still want to go to Hogsmeade
  • And you’d be like duh I still want to go??? Why wouldn’t we still go?? 
  • And he’s like “because you have your period!" 
  • You’d stare at him until he realizes how dumb that reasoning sounded and then when you get to Hogsmeade he’d buy you some Honeydukes chocolate because he’s heard it helps with periods or something??
  • Basically Sirius is a bit clueless but he tries ok???  


  • Out of all of them he’d be the one who would understand periods the most
  • I mean
  • The boy has his own time of the month
  • And he gets that it’s just some shit you have to live with and that you know how to handle it
  • He would do anything to help if you asked him to though and sometimes admittedly you get a little needy when it’s that time
  • One day he’d be studying in his bed and you’d be flopped on it on your back, sometimes groaning dramatically and trying to get his attention
  • Finally he sighs and looks at you kind of smiling and asks in this mock-formal voice, "what’s wrong dearest?” or something cheesy like that
  • And you just make a hmph noise and say “my fucking uterus fucking hates me.  Fuck.”
  • And he’d just shrug and be like “you know Muggles have pills that help with that?”
  • And then you throw a pillow at him because now is not the time to act knowledgeable Remus just feel sorry for me! which makes him laugh because you’re cute when you’re flustered
  • And you roll over and that’s when he sees that you bled onto the pair of his old boxers you were wearing and he coughs awkwardly and subtley lets you know you might want to go to the bathroom
  • He’d be really comforting though because honestly it’s no big deal and he’s seen way worse
  • But you’d still feel bad because of it and he’d just be like “hey!!!! It’s totally okay!!! No biggie, here, look!” and he’d do a cleaning spell because he’s the best and he’s really good at them, then toss you some fresh clothes to wear :’)


  • Idk peter would probably clean up the mess without magic because he seems to like having other people’s blood on his hands *sips tea*

Cait :) 

anonymous asked:

Hey sorry if it's weird to ask you this but, I think I'm probably bisexual but I think I'd prefer to label myself as queer. Is that okay to do? It's all so confusing for me but for some reason I don't feel 100% comfortable saying I'm bisexual. Yet queer feels right? Is that something a lot of people say or is it weird to just say you're queer? Ahh sorry this ask is a mess

i don’t think it’s weird at all. ‘queer’ as a label is liberating for me personally bc it challenges straight people’s expectations for me to define to them in exactly which ways my sexuality is other or different from the norm. it also feels nice bc it is so general, it leaves room for movement and growth, room for my decision to mostly be with women/women-identifying ppl/gnc ppl even though i can be attracted to cis men, disinvites questions about my romantic history w mostly dudes, etc. it also just frees me from thinking more deeply about what my sexuality actually is exactly, bc tbh the question doesnt rly hold a lot of importance to me. there’re so many details that factor into that equation (i’ve had great loving relationships w dudes, but i only get off to the thought of women. i would be v open to dating ppl outside of the gender binary. idk if i experience romantic attraction the same way with dudes as i do with not dudes. i pretty much never feel physically attracted to men just by looking at them but i do with women. i dont even rly believe in the concept of defining attraction by the categories of ‘men’ and ‘women’ bc the way most people perceive that feels very genital-centric but it also feels weird to define my attraction to ppl by gender presentations like femme/masc bc it still perpetuates a socially contrived binary and also why would someone’s choices of, like, clothing and hairstyle, or their socially conditioned gendered behaviors and traits inform whether i can and can’t fuck or fall in love with them????? wtf even is sexuality tbh??? and the questions go on and on from there.) the reality is that there’s a lot of nuance and complexity to the way attraction, both sexual and romantic, manifests and i mostly just don’t care to dig too deep into that question, nor do i think it would be possible to actually land upon any firm answers to it. i’d rather just leave it at queer and i feel very content with that. more specific labels like bi or pan are rly helpful for some ppl bc specificity can be comforting, and it can feel rly nice to know that there’s a word to encompass your experiences, but i’ve just never felt a strong pull towards those words, and that’s why i tend to use queer mostly if i need a label (but at the same time i won’t be mad if ppl use bi or pan bc they’re technically accurate too i guess.) 

ah, i’m sorry i didn’t mean to go into so much detail about my own experiences but i wanted to show you that i very genuinely feel drawn to ‘queer’ as a label too and that you’re not alone in that by any stretch of the imagination. all of this is to say that there’s nothing weird about preferring a more general term to define yourself, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to define yourself at all. it’s definitely a label i’ve heard many people use, especially people who are a bit older (a good number of my peers in their 20s and even older). sexuality is just one small part of who you are, something that can be fluid, something that doesn’t need to (and inherently can’t) conform to any rules or expectations or norms outside of yourself and what your brain/body choose to do/feel w any given person. the words you want to use to discuss it as a general concept or as part of your identity are purely up to you and your choice and whatever resonates with you the most <3 wishing you all the best!!! xx

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I love the idea that the security is doing their damn best and that smaller infractions have been completely reduced or erased completely but there's still a bunch of murders and mayhem. And each time someone dies they pour over their digital files to see what went wrong. Eventually the school district decides to 'help' and gets them a part timer, that they scare. 'you think you're just gonna patrol? You don't know anything about patrolling' they say with a thousand yard stare.

Haha, these poor guys. They go in to get recertified with all these other school security guards, who are exchanging stories about kids hiding pot in weird places and a freshman bringing a knife or something, and Stan and Mark have no patience for any of them.

“You had a kid sneak in an airsoft gun?” Stan laughs. “We had the CDC lock the place down. A convicted murderer hid in the basement. We’ve had six students turn up dead this semester alone.”

Mark nods solemnly, a haunted look in his eye. 

And that poor newbie wouldn’t last one day.

“You’re new, we’ll give you Stilinski Detail to see how you hold up. Just keep an eye on him, write down what he does, go stop him if he tries to break into anything.”

Newbie shrugs, agrees, how hard can it be? These guys have got cameras everywhere that they definitely aren’t supposed to have. It’ll be easy keeping track of one stupid kid.

And by lunchtime he’d be scrambling to find this stupid kid who somehow managed to disappear completely from every camera after choking on a Skittle.

Newbie quits at 2:30pm.

anonymous asked:

wow you drew your rules that's so cool! (your art is v v pretty!!) anyways, i'm here because i'd like to request a RFA reaction to a MC with avoidant personality disorder, tho you don't have to if you're not comfortable with it, i wish you the best with your blog!

I actually have this, hahahhaaha/ -Green 


-once you tell him, he actually launches out of his bed that the two of you were sitting on and holds you really tight

-he thinks you’re telling him because he did something wrong and he starts apologizing and saying he never meant to hurt you or anything and he loves you so much pl l ea se don’t leave h i m no o

-you have to calm him down for like 10 minutes and reassure him that no you aren’t leaving and you just want to warn him that this is a part of you

-for awhile, he’ll tend to always encourage you and say you are never doing anything wrong and you’re perfect!! but that isn’t the best way to handle it

-he’ll get you two couples therapy so he can learn more from a professional what to do for you and what you can do for yourself


-he’s super understanding

-after you tell him, he is a little scared to give you any kind of judgement on what you’re doing

-he researches what he should do, and kind of adds a little bit of what he thinks is right to the mix

-if you’re cooking, and maybe it’s a little too salty, he’ll tell you all the good things about the meal before lightly adding in maybe don’t use as much salt, and he does it so fucking smooth you don’t even realize 

-the next time you cook it, it’s perfect and he’s praising you like he never has before!! and you’re kind of like “what” but you take it anyway

-he’s really good at cheering you on and getting you to stick with your decisions, and good at listening to your struggles and giving you advice 

-doesn’t get you a therapist right away, but eventually he will suggest the idea, and if you need it, he’ll go with you. 


-right away he’s getting you the best therapist 

-and coming home early just so he can see what you’re doing and to help you with it and tell you you’re amazing and doing a good job

-he really out-does himself. but what do you expect? it’s Jumin

-you don’t have time to quit or be depressed with him because Jumin is like a bad-mood radar for you.

-As soon as he sees you struggling and getting anxious with someone, he’s zooming over to you and making you feel comfortable and reassuring you that you’re doing great


-Jaehee herself has grown numb to all the things that you are sensitive to, so at first it’s a little rocky 

-especially after she finishes her job as assistant with Jumin, she has some habits she needs to forget because some of them aren’t healthy for her, and some of them really aren’t good for you

-so couples therapy at the beginning is a must and she’s quick to get it

-she’s usually the one handling the criticism in the newspapers or from customers with the Coffee Shop because she knows it isn’t good for your anxiety, and Jaehee is usually the one making the changes to satisfy customers 

-she’ll offer you to help her out, and if you ask why you’re making a sudden change in the shop, she’ll sugar coat it in honey and sugar and make it seem like it’s nothing 


-how could u even worry about criticism with Zen

-he’s always telling you how great you are, how pretty you are, and just how you literally do nothing wrong ever and you are an a n g e l 

-but when he sees that it is a problem you face and an actual disorder, he doesn’t understand it completely at first so he’ll research it on his own time a little

-I don’t think he’d be very involved in your therapy, but will always cheer you on even if he doesn’t really get it 

Eren's Blessing Part 1
  • Jean: So... Eren, you know that Armin and I have been together for a while now-
  • Eren: Wait, what? This is news to me.
  • Jean: -and I've been thinking, since we're both really happy-
  • Eren: I didn't even know you were gay! I mean, honestly, that explains a LOT about Marco, but-
  • Jean: -I'm going to ask Armin to marry me.
  • Eren: WHAT?!
  • Jean: And I know your opinion means a lot to him, and since I can't ask his parents, I think having your blessing would mean a lot to him.
  • Eren: You... YOU want my blessing? To propose to my best friend?
  • Jean:
  • Jean: Yes.
  • Eren: No.
  • Jean: Why not?
  • Eren: It's just wrong. It's not normal.
  • Jean: Are you fucking kidding me? You're a homophobe, Eren? I don't even know why I'm surprised, you little shit, I guess I just thought that you'd be supportive of Armin, I mean he's your best friend-
  • Eren: NO. No, no, no. You've got it all wrong. I'm not homophobic at all. I'm actually... kind of going on a date with Captain Levi tomorrow-
  • Jean: Wait, what the fuck? And if you're not then what did you mean?
  • Eren: I meant that BESTIALITY is wrong.
  • Jean:
  • Eren: Get it?
  • Jean:
  • Eren: Because you're a horse?
  • Jean:
  • Eren: BESTIALITY! You know, humans being with animals. Although, technically Armin isn't human, but still- hey wait, Jean, where are you going?!
  • Eren:
  • Eren:
  • Jean: *from far away* I'M DONE WITH THIS SHIT!
  • Part 2:

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if you're taking prompts not from lists or something but I really love your jerejean and I was wondering if you could write somr protective Jeremy? It could in front of ravens fans or Ichirou or whatever. Just Jeremy stepping up to defend Jean. Thank you! Your fics are the best ❤

Ahh thank you so much!!!! Protective Jeremy is my fave and I hope you enjoy!

All summer long Jean had felt as though he was living in a haze, somewhere not quite a dream but not a nightmare either. Whatever it was, he was convinced that any minute, he would wake up and be back at the Nest and while things would be bad, they would at least make sense. Even after three months, he could not make sense of the USC Trojans.

Training with them was like stepping into an alternate universe, where Exy meant something other than pain, and where teammates picked you up when you fell instead of kicking you and telling you to get up. It was all very strange.

Jean was abruptly thrown into the reality of his situation, however, when he learned that he would have to give his first interview as a Trojan soon. The team sent Jeremy as the messenger, probably because they assumed that if Jean reacted badly, Jeremy would be the least likely to get punched. Jean didn’t have the energy to assure them he didn’t have the willpower to hurt any of them. If they wanted to see him as dangerous, it worked out all the better for him when they left him alone.

Jean looked up and Jeremy was still talking. “I’ll be there the whole time, and if you want to stop the interview at any point, just signal to me and I’ll call it off. We just can’t hide you forever. The season’s starting soon and they want proof that you’re ready.”

“I don’t need a babysitter,” Jean mumbled, trying to sound more angry than petulant. He didn’t think he succeeded.

Jeremy clearly still didn’t know what to make of Jean, because he approached him the way you would an animal you didn’t want to spook. “I know you don’t. I just want you to be comfortable. Whatever you need.”

In the end, Jean consented to Jeremy being there. He had been told asking for help was a sign of recovery, not weakness, but he couldn’t help the pit in his stomach.

He arrived at the interview dressed in a suit for the first time since Riko’s funeral. He didn’t feel right in his own skin and the flash of the cameras made him feel sick to his stomach. He had dealt with the press before, obviously, but he had usually been shoved to the background, less interesting than Riko or Kevin. A shadow.

Now, all eyes were on him. He felt Jeremy’s hand on his arm and looked down, trying to draw strength from the other man nodding at him in encouragement. He took a deep breath and walked up to the podium.

The questions started the way Jean expected them to, asking about his recovery and expressing their joy at his return to the court. ‘How lovely for them,’ Jean thought to himself.

He was almost done when one reporter asked, “Is there anything you want to say to the Ravens’ fans who may feel hurt or betrayed by you leaving the team that essentially made you?”

Jean didn’t know how to respond to that. In truth, he had nothing to say to the fans that stood around and watched, uncaring of how their favorite players were treated as long as they won. Not trusting himself to speak, he turned to Jeremy, only to find he had already hopped up to take the mic.

“Sorry to intrude, but I can’t really stand around and not respond to that borderline insulting question. Jean is a Trojan now, and with all due respect, he made himself. The Ravens were lucky to have him for as long as they did, but he’s part of our team. We wanted him for his performance, not his name, and we’re lucky to be able to work with him as well. If anything, I would say Jean is here in spite of his time with the Ravens.”

Jeremy didn’t respond to any of the follow up questions and Jean headed after him, whirling to face him once they were out of sight of the cameras.

Jeremy was beaming from ear to ear. “Is that what Josten feels like when he tells off the press? What a rush!”

Jean glowered at him. “You are going to get yourself killed.”

Jeremy sighed and looked at him seriously. “I meant what I said. You’re one of us now. Which means no one gets to talk crap about you. Okay?”

“You are crazy.”

Jeremy grinned. “I’ve been told.”

Jean shook his head and tried to keep up with Jeremy. Jean had been been wrong. He couldn’t have made Jeremy Knox up if he tried.

Lucas/Maya One Shot...Kinda
  • Setting: Outside Topanga's. Lucas enters store, sees Josh with mystery girl in booth, talking close and laughing together, backs to the door. Lucas turns around and stops Maya short in her tracks:
  • Lucas(dodging and blocking her as she tries to look/get past him): Hey! Hey. Hey Hi. How are you?
  • Maya (Confused, annoyed): I’m…fine? I’ll be better once I get my smoothie though, so if you’ll just kindly move out of my way-
  • Lucas (Physically blocking her again, coaxing her like a child): -Orrrr maybe we could go get ice cream. You like ice cream, right? Yea? Come on, you know you do….mint chip? Chocolate? Strawberry with fudge? Isn't that your favorite? Great so let’s go then-
  • Maya(Increasingly annoyed): No-get off me Huckleberry I don’t want ice cream, I want a smoothie. “Lets go get a smoothie” means let’s get a smoothie not let’s get to the place where they sell the smoothies then decide to go get ice cream.
  • : Gives him strange look as she passes:
  • You are SUCH a freak sometimes…
  • Lucas(to himself): Nobody ever listens to the freak.
  • : Lucas follows Maya inside
  • Maya (Has spotted Josh, stopped short): Oh. So that’s why you didn’t want me to come in.
  • : Maya turns and walks back outside, Lucas follows:
  • Lucas: Maya, I…
  • Maya (Shaking her head): You know what? It’s fine.. We said the long game, didn’t we? We never said right now. If he want’s to…talk with someone else then that’s just part of the deal we made. It doesn’t mean anything changes between us, right?
  • Lucas: I-I don't know...
  • Maya (tearing up, desperately): No I’m right Lucas, say I’m right... You’re Mr. Moral Compass you know the difference between right and wrong, tell me that it’s fine he’s in there with some other girl and that it doesn’t change anything.
  • Lucas (Beat): …Okay. It doesn’t change anything then.
  • Maya (Wiping tears, fake chuckling): Great. So…How about ice cream?
  • Lucas (Looking back into Topanga's): Sure. Good idea. Just… give me a sec, OK?
  • Maya: You’re not gonna try and be a hero are you, cowboy? Because he’s obviously…busy and I don’t need to go bothering him-
  • Lucas: -I just need to use the little boys room, is that allowed?
  • Maya: …Oh. Ok. Gross.
  • : Maya exits up stairs:
  • : Lucas enters, taps shoulder of Josh:
  • Josh: …Lucas? Uh, hi, whats up man, how’s it going-
  • Lucas: -How could you do this?
  • Josh: Do what?
  • Lucas(gesturing at Josh and girl): This, how could you possibly do this to Maya?
  • Josh(Gesturing towards girl): Dude!
  • : Josh gets up and pulls Lucas aside:
  • Maya and I had an understanding-
  • Lucas: Yea? Did your understanding include her coming in here to see you sitting with another girl, again, and then go running out of here crying...AGAIN?
  • Josh: I...I didn’t know she would be here-
  • Lucas: -You didn’t know she would show up at a place she goes almost every day after school?
  • Josh: Well I didn’t think-
  • Lucas: -You didn't think.
  • Josh: Ok hey, wait a second, that's not very fair. I TOLD Maya she should focus on the now, that we both needed to live our lives.
  • Lucas: Do you think that makes any kind of difference when she walks in here and sees something like this?
  • Josh: It wasn’t like I was trying to hurt her. It was an honest mistake-but you know, Mr. Western Hero, you sure are getting pretty heated about something that isn't really your concern.
  • : Maya enters, standing watching, Lucas and Josh don't notice:
  • Lucas: Except it does concern me. Because I care about Maya…a LOT. She's one of my best friends and the most selfless person I know. She would do anything to make the people she loves happy and she deserves someone who can give that back to her.
  • Josh: I want to see her happy.
  • Lucas: Do you? Cause if I were you I would-
  • Josh: But you're not me.
  • Lucas: Nope. I'm not.
  • : Stares at ground, long beat, thinking/hesitating, launches into speech:
  • Do you even see the real her? Or really know her at all? How unbelievably beautiful, creative, and funny she is? Not to mention brave? Do you? Because if you don’t Josh? Walk away. Walk away now. Maya doesn’t need any more reasons to feel broken. And she definitely doesn’t need to get caught up in waiting around for some guy who isn’t going to take her feelings seriously. She needs someone who is going to appreciate how special she is.
  • Josh: And who is that someone supposed to be? You, Lucas? That person is supposed to be you?
  • Lucas: I didn’t say that-
  • Josh: -You CHOSE Riley. Not Maya. Riley. Or do you not remember that?
  • Lucas: Of course I remember, but that doesn’t mean-
  • Josh: -That you don’t like her?
  • Lucas: This isn’t about me this is about Maya-
  • Josh: -Oh no I think this is definitely about you too, man. You still like her…You still like her a lot.
  • : Lucas stares at Josh, they don’t break gaze:
  • Lucas (Gets serious, close to Joshs face, quietly and fiercely): All I know, is that if I see her cry over you one more time, I might have to ruin the reputation I’ve worked so hard to get around here. And I’d rather not do that. So how about you just do whatever it takes to fix this and save us all the trouble.
  • : Josh looks past Lucas, sees Maya. Lucas catches his gaze, turns around to see Maya there:
  • Maya: Lucas…I-
  • : Lucas gives one last glare at Josh, storms out past Maya. Maya stares in disbelief for a second, then follows him out:
  • Maya: Lucas!
  • : Lucas turns around on the stairs:
  • Maya: ….Thank you? What you said, I mean, I didn't think you-
  • Lucas(Shrugging): Don't mention it. It was nothing.
  • : Lucas exits:
  • Maya(to herself, confused): It was definitely something.