and if you don't then i hope a cat pees on you

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"Don't. Move." OTAYURI GURL

There was only one thing Yuri loved more than Otabek: his cat. Potya had been with him since they were both too young to remember. She had been Yuri’s constant companion, almost like a diary, listening to Yuri excitedly go on about his first gold medal while lying on the window sill and nuzzling his leg when he came home crying after his first major loss. Yuri and his cat had been through so much together. Which is why it was so important to Yuri that Potya like Otabek. 

Beka had been staying with Yuri for two weeks now and there had been no progress in Yuri’s “Make Potya love Otabek” plans. Sure there had been some tentative sniffs and lots and lots of staring from a distance but that’s about it. 

Until movie night. Yuri and Beka were curled up on the couch together, Beka’s head basically in Yuri’s lap, blankets and pillows and bowls of snacks everywhere. The movie was just about over which was great timing because Otabek really had to pee. When the credits started playing he made a move to get up but was immediately stopped by Yuri who said, “Don’t. Move.” 

Otabek looked up at Yuri who seemed to be staring at his feet. He twisted his head to find a big, fluffy cat nestled between his legs. 

“She’s been sitting there for half the movie, I thought you noticed?”

Not that he would ever admit this to Yuri, but Otabek had fallen asleep during the movie and woke up just before the credits so, no, he did not notice. But now that he had, he didn’t have the heart to move. 

“I have to pee, Yura.” 

“Fucking hold it, Beka, this is the most blessed thing in the world and I will not have you ruin it just because you have a weak bladder.”

So they sat there, Yuri watching Potya twitch in her sleep and Otabek doing this damnedest not to pee himself. 

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I hope you don't mind my asking, but what are some common expressions used in French?

Hi !

First of all, I am SO sorry for the delay ! It took me a while to gather as much as I could cause I didn’t want to give you half of an anwser !

So here it goes :

French expression : litteral translation (english equivalent or meaning)

ça m’éclate ! : it blows me up ! (when something gives you a lot of fun)

Okay d’acc : Oki Doki

Idem : Ditto

Osef [On S’En Fou] : WDC [We Don’t Care] (I don’t care)

Hors de question : Out of the question (No way)

Au temps pour moi : Time on me (My bad)

Donner/Avoir la pêche : Giving/Having the peach (when you have a lot of energy)

Les doigts dans le nez : the fingers in the nose (Piece of cake)

Se tenir à carreaux : Keep yourself on tiles (Behaving)

Tête dans les nuages : Head in the clouds

Être lessivé : being washed-out (when you have no energy left)

Quoi de neuf : What of nine (??) (What’s up ?)

Il pleut des cordes : It is raining ropes (when it rains a LOT)

Coucou / Salut : Hi

ça va / ça gaz ? : it goes / it gazifies (????) (How is it goin’ ?)

Être au taquet : Being at the cleat (??) (when you excited, ready to do something)

Mec / meuf : dude / gurl

Raconter des salades : Telling salads (Telling lies)

Mettre sa main à couper/au feu : put your hand to cut/in the fire (when you believe something so strongly you’re willing to bet anything that you’re right)

Cucul la prâline : Bubutt (XD ???) the praline (to designate someone utterly naive and clueless, goody two shoes I guess)

Pisser dans un violon : Peeing in a violin (when someone keeps talking but nobody cares)

Prendre son pied : Take your foot (when you are having fun/pleasure, often use when talking about sex)

Coup de foudre : Lightning hit (Love at first sight)

Poser un lapin : Placing a rabbit (when someone ditches you on a date/appointment/meeting)

Un de ces quatres : One of these fours (referring to a moment in the future)

Un froid de canard : A duck’s cold (when it’s freeeeeezing)

Casser les pieds : Broking your feet (when someone really bothers/annoys you)

Pas con : Not dumb (when someone has a good idea, you can simply say that)

La forme ? : The form (??) (how you doin’ ?)

Bah tiens : Bah hold (??? wtf) (sarcastic, you don’t say or also yeah sure)

A fond : At bottom (thoroughly or when you’re totally on board with something)

à tes souhaits : at your wishes (Bless you when someone sneezes)

Tomber dans les pommes : Falling into the apples (Faint)

AAAAAAAAND !! I’m sure you will all like the following CAT-RELATED expressions :

Appeler un chat un chat : Calling a cat a cat (when someone keeps being vague about something, basically you’re telling him to be straight-forward)

Donner sa langue au chat : Giving your tongue to the cat (Giving up in a guessing game)

Deal of a Lifetime Fixer-Upper

For @spamanoweek2016 !

Day three : Unexpected laughs 

A day late ;A;

On AO3. On FFn

Lovino placed the box down, coughed, and swatted his hand through the air.

“Jesus,” he breathed. “They couldn’t clean this place up any before we came, could they?” he called to Antonio. “This is fucking horrific.”

Antonio came into the kitchen, placing his box next to Lovino’s. “Well, it has been abandoned for a couple of years.”

Lovino eyed the kitchen. “More than a couple. This place doesn’t even have a fucking microwave.” Lovino opened a couple of the cabinets, eyeing the layer of filth. “Let’s move the furniture into the basement. It’ll make it easier to figure out where everything is going.”

Antonio laughed. “We might not have enough furniture for this whole place!” He grabbed Lovino by the waist and swung him around. “A big improvement from the apartment, no?”

Lovino grinned. “It’s filthy.”

“It’s ours!”

“Uh huh. Come on, let’s get a move on. I want to have at least the living room looking presentable.”

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Four, Five Seconds (This Time is Ours)

 @sharingmyworld gave me a prompt for this scene (a ridiculously long time ago and I’m horribly ashamed at how long it has taken me to write it) with each person’s perspective. Keep in mind that at this point Iris doesn’t know the real identities of the Flash or the Arrow.

Four, Five, Seconds (This Time is Ours)


One second he was committing the name “Roy G. Bivalo” to his memory, thanks to Oliver’s “handy-work,” and the next he was awkwardly shuffling aside to allow Iris passage to the table that Oliver and Felicity were seated at.

He smiled softly, watching her place the mugs of coffee down. But then he heard Iris’ saccharine voice, the one she only used when she was distracted by “eye candy” of the male variety.

“…and one coffee, black…for Oliver. I brewed you a fresh pot, so…” she said sweetly, her hands coming together on the table as she leaned slightly forward.

Not again, he thought to himself as he internally groaned.

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Never Jump to Conclusions

hiba83 said: “Molly cutting onion … Sherlock visits unexpected to see tears in her eyes and he panicked … happy birthday dear :)”

Thanks for the prompt and birthday wish! (Btw I tried to tag you, but it’s not working! Hopefully you get to see this!)


Sherlock tapped lightly on Molly’s door and waited for her to answer. He allowed a minute to pass and then two, until finally five minutes have went by without her answering. Hmm.. he thought. He decided to press his ear against the door to listen for any sign of movement in the quaint little flat. After all, Molly should be home, it’s her day off. He didn’t recall her making any plans to do much else, other then to sit and watch telly with her devilish little cat Toby. Upon pressing his ear against the door he heard muffled sniffles. Is she crying? His eyes widened as he pressed his ear harder against the thick wooden door that was blocking his view to his pathologist who seems to be in distress. Once he was sure Molly was crying panic set in. What could she be upset about? Did he do something? Was there someone in there holding her captive? Sherlock really lost it at the last thought that ran through his head. That’s got to be it! Sherlock seemed to forget everything else except for one terrifying thought, Molly Hooper was in danger.

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