and if you don't like the song i just put it on shuffle and found one

In Case You Didn’t Know (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: Lin says I love you for the first time.

Word Count: 474

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol.  This is so short, I’m sorry

A/N: This is 100% dedicated to @l-nmanuel because it was her idea (go read her everything if you haven’t already). It’s based off of this song and sort of written in Lin’s perspective.

Lin watched as you tilted your head back to laugh at whatever Anthony and Jasmine were bickering about at the moment. You were seated comfortably in your living room with your legs curled under you looking so at ease. Lin was having a tough time paying attention to whatever everyone else around him was saying as he sat admiring you. He’d never noticed the way the corner of your mouth twitched when you were trying to fight back a smile so someone could finish their story. He’d never stop appreciating the way you got giggly and affectionate after that second glass of wine, or the lilt of your laugh, or the tone of your voice.

“I guess we should head out, it’s getting late.” Jasmine finally mused, interrupting Lin’s thoughts. She pulled Anthony up along with her.

“I’m out too.” Daveed agreed and soon enough everyone was slipping on their coats and shuffling out of the apartment. Lin watched as you flipped the deadbolt and put the chain in the door. Your eyes met his as you turned and the soft smile you gave him melted his heart. 

“What’s got you so caught up?” you asked amused, drifting over to him. He held his arms out and you settled into his lap.

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Ah, yay, I'm happy your requests are open! I love your writing so much, you're very talented! How would the RFA (+Saeran, if you don't mind, he's a cutie) react to MC being super into musical theater? Like, all of her music is Broadway and musical soundtracks, she sings show tunes all the time, follows theater groups and performers on social media, get super excited about news and merch, knows choreography of scenes by heart. Thank you! Hope you have a nice day!

wowie wow, thank you so much anon! /( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I’m glad you like what I write❤  and I hope you like this, too! 

especially because i lO VE MUSICALS HAHAH YE SSS

throwing v in too hehe. also im gonna focus on one musical for each of them, but mc is theater trash dw these are just the ones that popped in my head;; 

zen [in the heights]

  • ok so remember that time when he asks if mc’s into musicals and you say yes and jaehee says she’s never seen you talk about them?
  • well zen found out just how much mc likes them when she comes over to visit 
  • he’s cooking dinner in his cast and mc decides to put on some tunes
  • zen is honestly so curious about her taste in music so he asks to just put all her songs on shuffle 
  • guess what comes first. 
  • zen is so surprised and mc isn’t even phased she just breaks into character 
  • he joins in while as Kevin and Benny and Vanessa while she’s doing Sonny’s part 
  • both of them: “AND I CAN’T FIND USNAVI”
  • the kitchen turns into a stage and suddenly they’re moving everywhere
  • yes they do the Benny and Nina kiss at the end yes they do ‘Sunrise’ right after 
  • but even more musicals pop up on mc’s shuffle and dinner turns into a production
  • zen is so happy mc is theater trash, and that she’s his fan too! a few of his soundtracks are there!! 
  • they speak to each other in musical references, the rfa is sick of them
  • what a dork couple 

yoosung [fun home] 

  • it’s cleaning day! mc, put on some tunes! 
  • ‘welcome to our house on maple avenue’ starts
  • she starts there cause it’s a very in the mood cleaning song
  • and at first all yoosung could do was just watch her
  • like wowie wow his gf can sing!!!
  • totally gets interested in the story and such, especially when he hears the kids singing
  • so they stop cleaning and she tells him the story of the musical while they listen
  • he’s all ‘!!!’ and is so into it
  • when he looks through mc’s music, it’s literally all musicals and so is her lockscreen and such
  • now she got him into it
  • they like to sing ‘come to the fun home’ together the rfa is slightly concerned tbh
  • both of them cry over musicals too its a mess
  • you should’ve seen him on his first listen to ‘edges of the world’ 
  • and both of them cry at ‘days and days’ so do i
  • yoosung has a good voice too, it’s so cute

jaehee [rent]

  • yooooo jaehee is all about this
  • their music taste is literally identical
  • but mc has to introduce her to Rent
  • jaehee is so focused on the screen and the characters
  • she falls in love with it!!
  • imagine jaehee singing ‘over the moon’ god bless
  • they sing ‘tango: maureen’ together it’s amazing
  • zen is lowkey their biggest fan 
  • when the three of them are together, it’s non-stop ;))) 
  • there has to be a designated space in their apartment to dance
  • and there are numbers they always have to dance to no matter what 
  • guess who shares merch?? they do
  • they get matching coffee mugs and shirts and even socks
  • sometimes they serenade each other too!!!

jumin [les mis]

  • mc drags him to the movie first
  • and at the end of it, he’s very interested
  • the asks driver kim to play the soundtrack in the car 
  • literally swoons when mc sings ‘on my own’
  • he likes to sing ‘empty chairs at empty tables’
  • they’re both a mess when they watch it tbh 
  • now mc can get him into even more musicals
  • and he’s into it!
  • also he buys her a ton of merch
  • anything she wants, he’ll get it
  • one more thing!
  • one day, a birthday probably, he surprises her with plane tickets
  • “where are we going, honey?” “america”
  • thEY’RE GOING TO BROADWAY FOLKS wow juju take me with you
  • mc is so happy, super duper happy, and so is jumin!
  • he’s almost as excited as she is tbh

707 / luciel / saeyoung [merrily we roll along]

  • it was her latest obsession and she wanted to show saeyoung
  • and he listened, because he likes musicals
  • but he really likes this one, wow
  • it goes backwards?!!? woaah
  • his favorite is ‘now you know’, ‘opening doors’ is a close second 
  • they both of them cried at ‘not a day goes by(reprise)’ so did I
  • part of him identifies with Frank, to be honest
  • without, all the cheating and stuff 
  • when ‘that frank’ comes on, the bunker turns into a stage 
  • it’s amazing, really
  • let’s also get one thing straight here
  • saeyoung is the Bootleg King
  • he’s only partially ashamed of it 
  • he and mc can watch broadway from the comfort of home, if they wanted
  • mc thinks its cheating
  • he thinks that they’re on korea and Not America, so it’s fair

v [phantom of the opera]

  • v loves this one 
  • mc is so happy about that tbh 
  • it takes a while for him to learn the routines, but they love dancing to it more than singing 
  • he also loves all the emotion! 
  • when he gives it a listen for the first time, he does little gasps every now and then, it’s adorable 
  • but yes, they are more of a dancing couple
  • also, V is all about the aesthetic of this
  • takes pictures of mc and him sometimes in her favorite musicals’ styles
  • i know i said they don’t really sing it, but when they do
  • V has an amazing voice
  • mc could just listen to him tbh 
  • he sings so good
  • she persuaded him to cover a few songs
  • everyone is amazed
  • mc is proud
  • they do duets too! those make v even happier

saeran [heathers]

  • ohohohoho listen
  • his favorite song here is actually ‘seventeen’
  • ya’ll thought it was ‘freeze your brain’ but listen
  • he loves ‘seventeen’
  • he imagines doing everything veronica says with mc 
  • mc did persuade him to sing ‘freeze your brain’, though
  • and it was, amazing
  • ‘damaged’ really hurt, they both cried there
  • criticizes it, though. “veronica should have known jd was trouble, come on. at least at ‘our love is god’’ 
  • mc made him and saeyoung sing ‘candy store’ with her
  • saeran only agreed if saeyoung was heather duke
  • he would be chandler 
  • and mc was mcnamara 
  • they got it on video
  • it was, amazing 
  • one time he sang the line ‘i worship you, i’d trade my life for yours’ before they fell asleep
  • mc was so touched

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Hey, can I please have a Lysander imagine based on the song I Don't Wanna Live Forever? I love your writings so much. I hope that I can get to write as good as you do someday 💜

Aw you are way too sweet anon, I hope you like the drabble! I admit that it came out pretty angsty (with a sort of happy ending) so I hope that’s alright.

Lysander x Candy : I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn & Taylor Swift

Been sittin’ eyes wide open behind these four walls, hopin’ you’ll call
It’s just a cruel existence like it’s no point hopin’ at all

Lysander paced the floor for what had to be the twentieth time within in the past hour alone. His hands kept going to his head, running his fingers frantically through his hair before he brought them down to rest in his pockets before fiddling with his thumbs as he walked. He couldn’t make much sense of the whirlwind that kept swirling around in his head, his thoughts kept whipping by too fast for him to make sense of them. He sat back down on his bed, running his hands down his face with a heavy sigh before he stared up at the ceiling.

He didn’t know much right now – what he was thinking, what he was feeling. Nor did he know what she was thinking, what she was feeling. His heart felt a bit heavier and all he wanted to do was to use the phone that laid silently beside him.

Baby, baby, I feel crazy
Up all night, all night and every day
Give me somethin’, oh, but you say nothin’
What is happenin’ to me?

He grabbed the phone after some heavy thought. Still no new messages. No missed calls. He knew that Leigh and Rosayla would hate it if he caved, if he called her. They didn’t like the fact that he was still mulling over her as it was. But Candy’s old contact name in his phone glared brightly at him through the darkness of his room. Darling. His finger hovered over the delete contact before hovering over the call button.

He took a deep breath and closed the contact. His finger moved across the screen and he didn’t even know what he was doing, he acted on instinct. The next thing he knew, he was shuffling through the pictures on his camera roll.

I don’t wanna live forever
‘Cause I know I’ll be livin’ in vain

Picture after picture, each one he found Candy’s smiling face staring back at him. He started with the oldest photos, reminiscing in the memories they brought. The first one was a selfie – she had politely asked for his phone, but surprised him when she put her arm around him and posed for a selfie. Her eyes twinkled in the camera. In each picture, her eyes twinkled brightly. But as the pictures went on, he noticed, her eyes grew more distant. She stopped looking at him in their pictures together. She didn’t hug him as close or as tight. He rubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand and no matter how hard he swallowed, his heart was still stuck right in the back of his throat.

I’m sittin’ eyes wide open and I got one thing stuck in my mind
Wondering if I dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life

Candy buried herself with blankets and pillows on the floor. Mean Girls played on her laptop, with the intention of getting her mind off things, yet her eyes were focused directly on her phone. She never changed Lysander’s contact name. Lys-dear. She bit on her bottom lip, her finger hovering over the call button.

She had broken things off with him on Friday. She knew that to him it had came out of nowhere, but it was something she had been thinking over for a while now. It was now Sunday. She could either call or message him now or face him on Monday at school, but both choices made her stomach turn as she blinked back the tears in her eyes.

Baby, baby, I feel crazy
Up all night, all night and every day
I gave you something, but you gave me nothing
What is happening to me?

She wondered if she made the right choice.

She thought back to why she sent that chicken-shit breakup text to him and looked back at all their old pictures together – she knew Lysander had a good amount of pictures on his phone, but she swore hers held even more, likely due to how often Rosayla would steal her phone and sneak pictures. Each one, he seemed to not notice her presence. He hardly looked at her. He didn’t lean into her hugs like she thought he would. In all the candid pictures, it was always her sneaking glances at him, but never the other way around.

She wondered if he loved her, if he cared. But maybe it was all in her head and she let it sweep her away. Maybe she should have talked to him more about it. Maybe it was mistake.  

She didn’t like this. She felt wrong. Empty. Her heart hurt too much. This time, she couldn’t simply blink back the tears and reached for the tissue box that she was saving for A Dog’s Promise. 

They had always spent Sunday nights watching movies together.

I don’t wanna live forever
‘Cause I know I’ll be livin’ in vain

Lysander couldn’t take it anymore. He had to see her. He had to get an explanation for the text she sent him and he had to get it in person. He looked back through his phone to see the last message she had sent – timed late Friday night. She never answered any of his messages afterward, asking why, for them to meet, that they could talk it out. He stopped sending any when she didn’t reply and tried his best to not call due to Rosayla chewing him out about giving her space and to start to try to get over her.

I’ve been looking sad in all the nicest places
I see you around in all these empty faces
I’ve been looking sad in all the nicest places
Now I’m in a cab, I tell him where your place is
What is happenin’ to me

Lysander sat in the back of the cab he had waved down. He stared out the window toward her front door, trying to muster up the courage. He knew the taxi driver was getting impatient with him and that he wasn’t even fully dressed due to his hurry, but he didn’t care.

He had to see her.

He just got of the cab, his feet hitting the sidewalk, when his cell phone finally rang.

[[ Send me a song + a character or pairing ]]

Imagine.. Falling For Shannon Leto

“So I’m just standing there with this huge platter in my hands whilst this chef is trying to wrestle this crab out of the tank when it manages to catch his nose! I wish you had been there to see it!" 

You both erupted into laughter and didn’t stop for a good few minutes. You had been face timing Shannon for over an hour just generally talking about your week and what you had been doing. Whilst you had been meeting friends and going to university, he had been playing on stage and watching crabs and humans fight. Your laugh was so loud your room mate Mel came over, looked at your phone and smiled. His laugh was so loud it attracted  the attention of Tomo and Jared.

"Still just friends are we Shannon?” Jared spoke as Shannon’s face grew cold. Shannon angled his phone so that you could see Jared sat on the sofa with Emilia Clarke sat on his lap with his arms around her waist. They met at the SAG awards a few months ago and had recently gotten together. You had met her once in person and she was so lovely: you were so happy Jared had found someone like her. “Quit it!” Jared said as he pulled Emilia closer as to conceal both their faces as they both giggled together. 

Shannon shook his head. “You’d swear there were conjoined twins.. Eurgh!” He whispered as you both laughed a little. 

“Jared’s right!" Tomo pushed his chair with wheels backwards so he was just visible in the top left side of your iPhone screen. 

"Will you shut it?” Shannon hissed very seriously which made Tomo, as always, laugh. 

“Only if I get to be best man!" Tomo said as he pushed himself back out the screen.

"And I get to be maid of honour!” Shouted Jared from the other side. You couldn’t help but laugh at how they all were whilst Shannon took a bit of convincing. 

“I miss being with you guys a lot.” You whisper, not wanting anymore taunting to come Shannon’s way.

“I miss you more. Tomorrow morning we’ll be waiting at the airport for you, right? And I’ll be wanting the biggest hug in the world off of you, OK?” Shannon spoke, smiling.

“And more if you’re offering!" Tomo shouts in again. 

"Oh, Shannon.. Oh.. Oh Shannon.. Yes!” Jared taunted from the other side of the room which made Tomo and Emilia erupt into fits of laughter. You tried your best not to laugh yourself but eventually you became a mess of restrained giggles. 

“Before this gets any worse - I’ll see you tomorrow, shorty.” Shannon said with a smile. 

“See you tomorrow, muscles.” You replied.

For a while you did what you normally did at the end of a face time with Shannon. You’d both just sit there for a couple of seconds in silence just looking at each other. As if your minds spoke what your mouths did not. 


Your flight left at 2AM from London Heathrow Airport and you were to fly to LA for just over a week to spend sometime with Shannon and the others. You had been looking forward to this more than anything as you loved Los Angeles so much and you loved seeing them more. As your got into your seat for the 10 hour flight ahead of you, you reached into your pocket for your iPod. Shannon knew that you didn’t like flying much so he’d always make a play list for you to listen to and filled it with songs you loved, he loved and you both loved. He’d always title the play list differently, too. 

‘10 hours.. Then that hug.’ It read. This filled you with butterflies. 

You never got to see the songs before you listened to them as Shannon made sure you didn’t see them. You put the play list on shuffle and the first song that came on was one of both your favourites: A Daydream Away - All Time Low. 

you’re just a daydream away, I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you..


Half an hour before arriving, you got a text from Mel.

'Hey - Have a lovely time with the boyfriend, wont you? Don’t feel too guilty leaving me.. I give you enough teasing so this makes up for it ;-) Ring me when you arrive! I love you (as does Shan) <3’

You turned to face out of the plane window where all you could see were fluffy clouds and buildings scattered all below you. You’d met Jared on the set of Dallas Buyers Club as you’d done a training course helping out certain scenes of filming and you had just gotten talking and became good friends. Over the next few weeks you became very close with Jared and would spend weekends with the rest of 30 Seconds To Mars and a few of their friends. Nothing ever happened between you and Jared although it could have. For some reason, it never did, but there was always something. That was until you first saw Shannon one weekend that Jared had bought you home. He stood just over 5'9 (which towered over your 5'5 - hence the nickname 'shorty’ he gave to you the first time you ever met) with swept up hair and his deep hazel eyes that differed so much from Jared’s. Something instantly clicked between the two of you and between joking insults and fake fights: you realised that Shannon was different from any other guy you had ever met. You had only ever had one previous boyfriend about 2 years ago for just over 6 months but nothing could compare to this. You felt a brick in the walls you had made around yourself be removed and a smiling face with hazel eyes beaming at you through it. 

You loved the gentle flirting and the joking insults more than the real thing. 

Finally, you arrived in LA.


Walking through the doors of arrival - you saw five people awaiting you. Tomo - smiling and happy as always. Alice - a friend you’d made on the Dallas Buyers Club set and  friend of Tomo’s and yours. Jared - looking as good as always with the beautiful Emilia in his arms who was beaming at you already. And Shannon. He wore tight blue jeans with black boots and a red t-shirt with a leather jacket on top. He took off his sunglasses and raced over to you. 

"As promised.” You say but before you had time to wrap your arms around him, his was already around you and you were off the floor. He exhaled and you could feel him smiling into your hair. 

“Why do you have to live so far away?” Shannon said in a deep, husky voice. It was 12PM and it was obvious he hadn’t been up for long. 

“Well for the next week or so I won’t be - I’ll be right here.” You say as his grip tightens which starts to hurt as he is unaware of his own strength. 

“That’s exactly where I’ve needed you.” He spoke. 

“Muscles.. I need to breathe..” You chuckle as he quickly loosens his grip and places you on the floor. 

“Sorry shorty!” He said as he ruffled your hair. 

He put his hand on the bottom of your lower back and slowly guided you over to the others.

“Hey there kiddo - long time no see!" Tomo said as he gave you a quick embrace. 

"Nice to see you! It’s been weird not having you around! We’ve missed you.” Jared said as he gave you a kiss on the cheek and smiled.

“It’s so good to meet you again, you know, not including the face time chats..” Emilia winked at you and gave you a hug. 

“Hey!”, Alice said as she hugged you. “Can you just move to LA please? I’ve missed you!" 

It was so nice to feel accepted in this group of friends. It was so lovely to have friends both in the UK and LA although it is hard to keep both of the bonds as tight as they can be. 

"Let’s go then guys - Shannon’s driving!" Tomo shouted as everyone started laughing. Shannon always got so aggressive and angry when he was driving so since he nearly punched someone when they pulled out in front of him - he was not allowed anywhere near the steering wheel. Slowly everyone started to dissipate and go to the exit whereas Shannon held onto your arm so you were both at the back. He turned to you when everyone had left and put his arms around your waist as you put yours around his shoulders. 

Neither of you said anything for a few seconds as you both just looked at each other. Shannon slowly pressed his forehead against yours and then kissed it. 

"This is all I’ve wanted since the minute I said goodbye to you.” He spoke. Never one for sentimentality - you couldn’t help but get a bit choked up. 

“I’ve never missed anyone as much as you.” You whispered back. Your smile was evident in your voice as was his. Once again you both hugged and rocked gently. 

“Shannon I think she’ll want her lungs by the end of this visit.. Get a room!" Tomo shouted. Shannon’s muscles tensed as he stood up and returned his right hand to your back and guided you to them. 

"As if they get it..” Shannon whispered which made you both start chuckling. 


You got back to the house just after 12:30 and you hadn’t slept much on the flight and jet-lag had already starting to show it’s head. You had just over 4 hours before you had to start getting ready for a meal with Shannon’s Mum Constance and the everybody else. The next week was packed with visits to the beach and various places in LA to see various things however - today was dedicated to spending time with the people you hadn’t seen in months. Emilia had only arrived the day before so Jared was desperate to spend more time with her and equally with you and Shannon. The weather had started to cloud over somewhat anyway so you all decided to get some food and drink and sit in the huge living room together. 

“Catching Fire? I  need to go and see that movie! Number one was awesome!" Tomo spoke with enthusiasm with Alice. They were the ones mainly doing the talking with the group as Jared and Emilia sat on the sofa with her on his lap and them holding hands talking quietly and laughing every so often to the right of you. To the left, Tomo sat on a beanbag on the floor and Alice cross-legged on the sofa. Which left you and Shannon in the middle. Without saying anything: Shannon wrapped his huge arms around your waist and pulled you to the side of him as he told you to rest your head on his shoulder. The next 2 hours or so consisted of all 6 of you talking about everything that had happened recently and laughing a lot which made you feel like you’d never really been away at all. Jared and Emilia had been at a party until the late hours of the morning last night so they both fell asleep on the sofa they both lay on together. Tomo and Alice continued to talk about films until eventually Tomo took her to see the huge movie collection that he owned. Shannon turned your head to look up to his. 

"You can go to sleep you know - you look really tired.” He whispered.

“Oh thanks Muscles,” You laughed as you stretched. “I do want to be awake to meet Constance later.” Shannon instantly lay down across the sofa and pulled you on top of him so your head was on his chest and his arms were draped around your waist. You fell asleep to the sound of his steady breathing.

You heard the footsteps of Tomo and Alice returning. 

“Light weights." Tomo chuckled. 

"Lets watch Borat next door..” Alice said as she began going through the DVD’s. 

“Only if we get to watch Iron Man after!" Tomo spoke in a hushed tone if not to wake everyone. 


"Shannon,” You called, struggling in front of the mirror. “Can you help me with my zip please?” Shannon came in tightening the knot in his tie as he dropped his hands to help you pull up the zipper on your dark blue dress. You then turned to look at him. 

“Wow.. You look..” Shannon was transfixed by what you were wearing. 

“Put your eyes back in their sockets, Shan!” Jared taunted as he walked past the door. “You look beautiful.” Jared said slowly. 

“You honestly look amazing.” Shannon continued walking over and taking your hands as you smiled. 

“Do you think she’ll like me?” That’s what you had been worrying about for so long. You had never met Constance before and you were so nervous. 

“Like?!” Shannon began. “She'll love every last bit of you.” He pulled you in for a hug. “As do I..” He whispered. 

“What did you say?” You heard exactly what he had said and it had made you panic with the seriousness of what he had just said. 

“Nothing aha.. Let’s go, we don’t want to be late!" 

Tomo drove with Alice in the passenger seat and you and Shannon in the back whilst Jared drove Emilia to pick up Constance. The whole car ride consisted of Shannon’s hand feeling very heavy on your shoulder as worry and nervousness started to creep into you with the reality of what was about to happen and the sincerity of what he had just which started to become very real. 


"Mum!” Shannon called as Constance got out of the car with Jared and Shannon walked over to greet her. She wore a dark pink dress which she looked lovely in and she wore a smile and eyes that looked so similar to the boys that it was scary. She slowly started walking over to you. 

“It is so lovely to meet you..” You began saying before she threw her arms around you for a hug.

“Hello honey - you look so pretty. It’s lovely to meet you too.” She was so sweet and gentle that it made you smile so much. 

At the dinner table: Jared and Emilia sat to your left with Tomo and Alice in front of them. Constance sat next to Alice opposite you and Shannon sat beside you. You spoke for a good half an hour whilst drinking wine until Constance began talking about Jared and Emilia. 

“It’s so lovely to see you two so happy..” This made Emilia blush as Jared looked at her and smiled. “I’ve not seen Jared this happy in a long while..” Jared kissed Emilia which made her blush even more. “And you two!” Constance directed her look to you and Shannon. Fear and nervousness rushed into you and you felt completely out of your depth. “It’s so lovely to see you two are together.. You seemed to have been up in the air for so long!” Jared chuckled at this reference before it all went dead silent and everybody looked at you. You felt panicked. You didn’t think you were properly together and you didn’t know what to do. You could feel yourself getting hotter and more pressure pushing down on you before you said:

“No, we’re not together. Nothing’s going on. We’re just friends. We’re not interested in each other at all - are we Shan?" 

You looked at Shannon with a smile and as soon as the words had finished protruding from your mouth you instantly regretted them. Shannon’s face turned cold and he removed his hand from your arm immediately as Constance looked as confused as the rest of the table.

"Obviously not. Excuse me.” Shannon pushed his chair away and walked outside. Everyone’s eyes shot back to you. The only one who didn’t seem that phased was Jared. 

“Go and talk to him!” Constance snapped at Jared before looking back at you and smiling. “Don’t worry about this dear - maybe I said the wrong thing.” This made you feel even more guilty than before. 

“What? It’s how she feels! If she’s not interested - she’s not interested.” Jared spoke. Even Emilia looked at him with a shocked expression. “What?” He repeated. 

“I’ll go." Tomo said as he pushed away his chair and walked towards the door whilst giving the dirtiest look to Jared. 

"I don’t understand what I did wrong..” Jared looked genuinely confused and kept trying to meet everyone’s gaze as if waiting for an answer.

Deep down, you knew exactly what you should of said, which was the truth that you had only just realised. That he was the only one you wanted. The one of you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. The one you loved. 


As soon as the meal finished Jared and Emilia drove Constance home after exchanging kisses goodbye with you and wishing you the best until she sees you again which she insisted she would and saying she loved you lots. You all agreed you would go out to a bar for some drinks tonight and that plan was still to go ahead. 

In the bar, Jared and Emilia spoke a little more but laughed a little less. Tomo and Alice still spoke about movies in between drinks of wine and vodka. Shannon sat to your left silently. He was hurt: it was evident in his cold face as he repeatedly ran his finger over the side of his glass of whiskey. 

“Shannon..” You began. He looked up at you and smiled before looking back down and continuing to circle his glass. 

“What’s up - shorty..” He said in a deep, angry tone. This scared you more than anything.

“Can we talk?” You whispered. He didn’t as much as look up. “Please? Outside for 5 minutes?” He got up and placed some money into Tomo’s palm.

“Another round please - we’ll be two minutes.” Shannon said as he walked outside as you followed him. 

The air was bitterly cold as it was nearing 12AM and the wind started to bite at your bare arms. Shannon wore a suit with skinny black trousers which made him look amazing in the moonlight. 

“OK - what?” Shannon’s voice was harsh and short. 

You looked to the ground which made him exhale deeply.

He looked at you before saying: “Look, I just don’t understand. I thought I did get what was going on between us but obviously - I don’t. Please just explain to me what’s going on because I-" 

"Love you.” You finished for him. “I love you.” You felt the words wash out of your mouth. 

“I was just scared and panicked because I had never ever felt like this before.. but now I really do know. I love you, Shannon." 

The cold look in Shannon’s eyes vanished and they became wild and transfixed by yours once again.

"I love you too.” He said. 

He took one step towards you and placed his hands around your waist and lent down and slowly, you both kissed. He ran his hands up your arms and to your cheeks and pulled away and looked at you. Whereas before the words were only said in your minds, this time it was out loud. 

“I love you.” You both said simultaneously as Shannon pulled you in for a hug. As you rested your head on his shoulder, Shannon’s eyes previous to the kiss weren’t the only ones that looked cold and broken in the moonlight. 

A pair of eyes crumbled as he stood in the doorway watching you.


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i have a prompt after that last sneak peek lmao. basically a handful of times where the gang is on a mission and has to do something and alec is like "right so i'll call magnus" and everyone is like "alec we literally don't need him for this we know you just wanna see him"

Alec was not subtle with his affections towards Magnus, not that it bothered Jace. He actually found it pretty amusing how no matter what the situation, Alec constantly found a way to include Magnus. 

Just last week, they had been preparing for a mission, and Jace had been a little worried, which was already uncommon enough, but only because Clary wasn’t completely and utterly trained yet. 

“It’s a simple demon problem Jace,” Alec reminded him, “It’s nothing we can’t handle.”

“Well I know.” Jace muttered. “I’m just worried about Clary.”

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if u don't mind, can u make mark's scenario when he cheating on u with ur bestie?😍

Mark Tuan // untrue (ft Jackson)

Requested: yes. Request here

Genre: PG (warnings: infidelity/cheating, swearing, betrayal) /ANGST AND ANGST

Length: 1880 words


“Mark what are you doing?” you whined as your boyfriend began attempting to plait your hair.

“I’m gonna make your hair look so pretty!” He responded, using his aegyo to get away with it.

Rolling your eyes, you allowed him to do so. He always got away with things, knowing exactly how to make you give in.

After a few moments of ‘peaceful’ plaiting on Marks behalf, he began tugging on strands of your hair.
“Ouch! Mark my hair is attatched to my head, it’s not gonna come off, even if you tug it.” You groaned, preventing yourself from clutching your scalp in pain.

“Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He mumbled, clearly very focused, but a pout in his tone.

You already knew that.

“I have a meeting tonight, we’re discussing some plans for our first concert!” Mark spoke up after awhile more of tugging on your hair.

“Really! That’s amazing!” You piped up, taking a mental note to invite your best friend over for dinner.

“I’m so proud of you boys!” You continued, resisting the urge to spin around and kiss him. “Do you know what time you’ll be home?”

“Hmm, the meetings can get abit carried away sometimes but I-we should be done by about 9pm.” Mark spoke, tripping slightly on his words.

“Okay!” You smiled, missing the stumble of words completely.

Carried away.

Playing with your hands distractedly, you mumbled, “Are you finished?”

“Just about!” The blonde exclaimed excitedly.

You always liked seeing people’s faces when they spoke, it made it more real and you could also read their features well. It was something Mark had said he admired about you.

“Done babe.” Mark smiled, lightly tapping you on the shoulder.

As you turned around he quickly caught your lips in a kiss.

“Mm, I have to go get ready babe.” The blonde mumbled into the kiss, saying the comment more to himself than you.

“Okay.” You nod, pulling away but kissing his lips quickly once more.

Getting up from your cuddling spot on his lap, you state, “I’ll start making dinner.” Before stretching your limbs.

It was natural for you to make dinner and put it in the fridge for him to eat later, he loved your cooking.

Infact, Mark loved all of you.

After a long while of cooking and humming to a song that had gotten old about half an hour ago, Mark stepped out of your shared bedroom, hair slightly damp from a shower and body clothed tidily. He dressed so nicely and you admired how he always presented himself tidily to his company.

“I’m gonna leave abit early, okay? Jackson wants me to pick him up.” Mark mumbled, walking over to you and kissing your cheek while simultaneously giving you a back hug.

“Alright babe, have fun. Good luck for your meeting!” You cheered excitedly, pride bursting out of your body.

Mark froze for a moment, long enough for you to turn around and look at him curiously.

Quickly smiling and pecking your lips, he stepped away from you and grabbed his keys off the table.

“I’ll see you later baby!” He grinned.

He left too quickly for you to notice or even think about his little moment so you simply resumed cooking.

Just as you turned to stir the food, you noticed Mark had left his watch on the coffee table from your earlier cuddle session.

“Why does he forget everything.” You mumbled, knowing that without his watch he lost any sense of time that he ever had.

Perhaps he found it too easy to forget everything.

Turning down the cooked food, you strolled over to your phone and messaged Jackson.

Message to Jackson: Hey, can you tell Mark that he left his watch at home, he might panic otherwise.

It only took a few minutes for him to respond.

Jackson: Um… I’m not seeing him tonight, Y/N?

Message to Jackson: are you busy? Can you call me please?

Jackson was your best friend, despite his busy schedule and you almost always being dragged away by Mark on GOT7’s day off, you two were always close.

He called within seconds.

“Hey Y/N.” Jackson’s voice spoke clearly.

“Hey Jackson, Mark told me you guys had a meeting tonight, discussing your first concert, he said he had to leave early to pick you up.” You spoke hurriedly, panicked.

“I’m sorry Y/N but we don’t have a meeting tonight and Mark was never picking me up.” Jackson muttered, sadness seeping through his words.

“I’m sure he was just…” Jackson attempted to find some reason but came up with nothing.

“Jackson are you busy right now?” You asked for the second time, voice and tone indifferent to the situation. Cold.

“Nope, I’m on my way.” He spoke, shuffling about. “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

“Thanks Jackson.” You mumbled, attempting to put in the sincerity and appreciation you felt for him, but struggling as you attempted to keep any and every emotion hidden.

Hanging up, you hastily tossed the food into some plastic containers, the kind you recycled from old fast-food dates with Mark. You remember him laughing at you as you cleaned them in the sink after every date.

“Maybe you’ll come home to eat it, but I won’t.” You growled, throwing them in the fridge and jogging into the bedroom to messily throw some clothes and necessities into a large bag.

Once you were ready, Jackson had arrived and helped you get everything sorted.

“Let’s go to the company, I’d love to know what I’ll find there.” You spoke, attempting to calm down as Jackson tightly held your hand with the one he wasn’t driving with.

You thought about all the actions of tonight, all your thoughts.

“Mark what are you doing?” you whined as Mark began attempting to plait your hair.

“I’m gonna make your hair look so pretty!” He responded, using his aegyo to get away with it.

Rolling your eyes, you allowed him to do so. He always got away with things, knowing exactly how to make you give in.


“Ouch! Mark my hair is attatched to my head, it’s not gonna come off, even if you tug it.” You groaned, preventing yourself from clutching your scalp in pain.

“Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He mumbled, clearly very focused, but a pout in his tone.

You already knew that.


“I have a meeting tonight, we’re discussing some plans for our first concert!” Mark spoke up after awhile more of tugging on your hair.

“Really! That’s amazing!” You piped up, grinning excitedly, taking a mental note to invite your best friend over for dinner.

You never did invite her over.

“I’m so proud of you boys!” You continued, resisting the urge to spin around and kiss him. “Do you know what time you’ll be home?”

“Hmm, the meetings can get abit carried away sometimes but I-we should be done by about 9pm.” Mark spoke, tripping slightly on his words.

I-we. How didn’t you notice?

“Okay!” You smiled, missing the stumble of words completely.

Carried away.

Playing with your hands distractedly, you mumbled, “Are you finished?”

“Just about!” The blonde exclaimed excitedly.

You always liked seeing people’s faces when they spoke, it made it more real and you could also read their features well. It was something Mark had said he admired about you.

Mark knew that you could read people when you looked at their face.


He dressed so nicely and you admired how he always presented himself tidily to his company.

Right, for his company.

“I’m gonna leave abit early, okay? Jackson wants me to pick him up.” Mark mumbled, walking over to you and kissing your cheek while simultaneously giving you a back hug.

“Alright babe, have fun. Good luck for your meeting!” You cheered excitedly, pride bursting out of your body.

Mark froze for a moment, long enough for you to turn around and look at him curiously.

He froze, could it be, guilt?

“When we get home, you and I will eat pizza and ice cream and I promise I’ll be here to let you cry. I know you will eventually. Stay strong Y/N.” Jackson mumbled, awakening you from your flashback-like thoughts.

The signs were all there.

But you trusted him. And what did he do with that?

Fucking ground it into the dirt with his foot and kicked it until it hurt more than it should have.

You arrived at the company sooner than you expected, but you were fine with that.

“Let’s go.” You stated, not waiting for any hesitation to take over your body. You didn’t want to do this, you didn’t have to do this.

No, you did have to do this.

Jackson knew you had to do this, Jackson understood and cared. He was your best friend and you would never be able to show him how sorry you were for somewhat neglecting him. All because of this asshole.

At this point you were far too deep and heartbroken to stand up for Mark. Maybe he wasn’t cheating, maybe he was training or something. It was too late for that type of thought. There was absolutely no reason for him to leave all dressed up, claiming to need to go to a meeting.

You thought maybe he wouldn’t be here, maybe he would be somewhere else, but maybe in his own doubt he knew you would realise. Maybe that’s why you knew he was here the moment you noticed his jacket hanging on the hanger in the main office. You knew his jacket wasn’t the last thing he would take off tonight.

“Let’s start at the meeting room, maybe that half was true.” You glared at the floor, not wanting Jackson to feel your anger and pain.

Gripping your hand, Jackson lead the way.

Not bothering to knock, he threw open the nice glass door, it was black glass that you couldn’t see through.

“Well, look who we have here.” You laughed humourlessly, staring disgustedly at Mark, biting back your shock. Naked the two of them, and who might she be? Well, only your best girl friend.

“I should’ve guessed it, infact, I’m so stupid for not. But I really think maybe it’s you two who are stupid. You just lost the chance to have an amazing person in your life.” You continued, voice cold and broken smile attatched to your lips.

“Y/N I’m so sorry, I love you.” Mark’s broken voice called.

Infact, Mark loved all of you, right?

“Of course you do, babe.” You laughed coldly, leaning in as you said the pet name.

“I can’t stand to see you two. I’ll be around tomorrow to grab my things.” You locked eyes with Mark.

“And to you, I hope you’re happy with your actions. Never speak to me again.” You turned to your “best friend”.

“Goodbye baby. Goodbye hun.” You finished, digging the knife deeper by using your pet names for them.

And with that you left.

And with that you let go.

Jackson held his promise and so did you. Pizza and Ice cream was awaiting you. Ties were cut and love was broken. Tears were wasted but you were okay with that, after all, tears were your sign of moving on.

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Aaah, I loved the Jungkook one where you're insecure(I requested it) I was squealing it was so cute!!! How about a V scenario where he sees you singing one of his parts to a song somewhere random and he's happy because it's in America where they don't have as many fans? But of course his English isn't great so he has to be smart about flirting? Thank you <3

You smiled as you shuffled through the songs on your phone looking for the one that really made you jam out. As you walked down the busy street you noticed something strange about your surroundings….there was a lot more people then usual. 

You shrugged it off because you figured it was just a busy day, maybe there was a game you were unaware of. You pulled your phone out again unsatisfied with the song currently playing. You sighed in frustration because you could’ve sworn you actually had good music on it somewhere.

That’s when he saw you. You had long hair and were walking blindly down the sidewalk, your face stuffed in your phone. You looked frustrated but the language barrier kept him from saying anything…that is until he heard you sing.

Finally your jam found its way to your ears. It was ‘Let Me Know’ by a Korean boy band BTS aka Bangtan Boys. “I’m holding up by myself on top of this finished melody. Tell me now…tell me now that its over, let me know eh eh.”

Suddenly a hand tapped his shoulder. “Hey V, she’s singing your part in Let Me Know.” he stared at him baffled “Really? But that didn’t sound like my part hyung.” Rapmon shook his head and said “Well duh…it is in English.” The other boys stared at V making his cheeks flush.

“Yah! V go talk to her!” J-hope yelled as he shoved you out in front of the girl. 

You looked up from the ground to be face to face with none other then V from BTS. “H-Hello. How are you?” He asked in broken English. You couldn’t keep the smile from surfacing and you asked slowly, knowing his English obviously wasn’t to good. “Hi I’m good, you?”

He smiled and then looked back; suddenly you overwhelmed by the whole band and you almost squealed. You contained yourself and then V looked at you again, his chocolate eyes glimmering “I’m very good. I don’t speak English.”

You giggled and nodded, then he turned and muttered something in Korean to Rap Monster. Rapmon then stepped forward and bowed. He looked up at you and said “V here wanted me to tell you that you are very cool and have a wonderful voice." 

You smiled softly at the cute boy named V in front of you. He smiled and then looked at the ground. You stepped forward and lightly pressed your lips to his cheeks. You pulled back to see his eyes wide and a giant smile on his face "Thank you!” You said cheerfully.

He could feel his cheeks get hotter as he struggled to find the words that were correct in English. “I love you.” He said, his accent turning the 'v’ into a cute little 'b’ sound. You smiled and then his band mates hit him yelling at him for saying such straight forward things.

You laughed and then pulled out a piece of paper. You began to write your cell phone number on it and as soon as you finished you held it out for him. “Here,” you said pushing it closer to him. He cautiously grabbed the paper and you put your hand to your ear in the shape of a phone. “Callll meee.” you said slowly hoping he’d understand.

V smiled and shook his yes while yelling a happy “OKAY!" 

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Omo, thank you I’m happy you enjoyed my Jungkook one! I hope this one is just as good! Thank you so much for requesting! ~Admin Maknae