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Kool-aid Vase Incident | 17.08.17
  • Someone in chat: Talk about the vase thing.
  • Dan: Yeah, Phil what the hell is up with your kool-aid vase incident?
  • Phil: Right, let me explain...
  • Dan: Have you explained this?
  • Phil: NO! It was a...
  • Dan: Seriously, what is wrong with this guy? Explain it.
  • Phil: The kool-aid it said...
  • Dan: No, go back. Context.
  • Phil: In my video...
  • Dan: Which video?
  • Phil: My Sleepless Night With Phil...
  • Dan: This is why I interrupt Phil.
  • Phil: Yeah.
  • Dan: He leaves out... look, I let him start things 'cause I'm nice like that but if he just goes "the kool-aid went in this!" It's like look... they don't know what you're...
  • Phil: Let's rewind, sit by the fire, open the book and tell you a tale about the glass of the vase. Basically, in my Sleepless Night With Phil video, I was making kool-aid and the kool-aid said to prepare it in a large drink receptacle, so I thought what's large? None of these glasses, I'm going to use this massive glass.
  • Dan: It's... it wasn't a glass! It was a flower vase.
  • Phil: It was in the cupboard with all the glasses!
  • Dan: Was it?
  • Phil: Yes!
  • Dan: Why?
  • Phil: I don't know! I didn't put it there.
  • Dan: Didn't you?
  • Phil: I just thought it was a massive glass but it turns out it is a flower vase but it makes a really good drink. Do you know when you have a massive mug for a big hot chocolate if you're having one of those nights? You know?
  • Dan: *hesitant* Yeah... *laughs*
  • Phil: Yeah, well if you're going to have an eight hour session on the laptop, just pour one drink into a vase and you don't have to get up again.
  • Dan: I guess? Sure.
  • Phil: Just make sure it's got no flower bits in it.
  • Dan: But there are big drinks receptacles that are like cylinders...
  • Phil: There can be like three pints in that!
  • Dan: Wouldn't you like cut your lip on it because it's not what it's supposed to be?
  • Phil: No, just think outside of the box, Dan. That's what you need to do.
  • Jisung: I’m a bad bitch! i don’t take shit from anyone! i’m not nice!
  • Jisung: Well i can’t just leave this cart in the middle of the parking lot i have to take it to the cart return i’m not an animal those employees work hard-

baby, go home. he’s seen somebody else’s eyes and fallen into them. 

i know it hurts in places you can’t touch, i know the sky feels darker for it. but he’s loved somebody else, baby, and so should you.

don’t stay. you’ll spend your time worrying what you did wrong, whether tomorrow you’ll wake up and he’ll be gone. you’ll try to become better for him when you’re already somebody’s impossible dream. you’ll try to be her when you’re already exactly who you need to be.

people make mistakes, but nobody accidentally winds up naked. either he loves you enough to keep his clothes on, or he doesn’t love you enough for you to waste your time on him.

go home. cry. take long showers. tell yourself you deserve better than a future spent worrying about him.

relationships are built on trust. find somebody who won’t mess it up.

—  In answer to someone who asked me: “Do you think it’s possible to be with someone who cheated on you/Is it possible to work through that at all?” // r.i.d
Cas meeting a dog for the first time
  • Dog: *bork bark*
  • Cas: Dean?!?!
  • Dean: Cas what's wrong?!
  • Cas: *pointing at the dog* What is it?!
  • Dean: Awe Cas don't tell me you're afraid of a dog.
  • Cas: it's making loud noise maybe if I make a louder noise back he'll stop...? I AM AN ANGEL OF THE LORD YOU ASS!!!
  • *Cas kept yelling this. Dean shook his head*
  • Dean: Alright, enough outside time for you *he threw Cas over his shoulder like a small child as he continued to yell and brought him into the bunker*
Shawn's Pittsburgh Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn writes a lot about love because he says he finds it easier and natural to write about
  • Shawn would never get tattooed one of his own lyrics
  • "Do you like Jacob Sartorius?
  • -Idk much about him to be honest with you"
  • Shawn said cereal goes in before milk and you're doing it wrong if you put the milk in first
  • Shawn would love to play drums
  • If Shawn was invisible, he would go out into the streets completely naked
  • "If I could wish for one thing right now it would be for a certain political climate to die down" -Shawn Mendes
  • "How many points were taken off during your road test?
  • -I don't remember but, I know I was very close to failing"
  • "How's your mom doing?
  • -she's doing good probably missing me a little"
  • "We've seen signs that the fans are being recorded, what for?
  • - A documentary"
  • "pet peeve?
  • -I dont like when people don't understand personal space"
  • "Best Year of your life?
  • -This year has been the best"
  • Shawn would love to collab with John Mayer for his upcoming album
  • A fan asked Shawn if he would mind supporting her foundation for children and he said that it would be awesome!
  • Fan: If I ever become a famous singer, can we collab?
  • Shawn: Sure, you dont even have to be that famous, just send me some songs.
  • Fan: If I ever become a famous singer, can we collab?
  • Shawn: Sure, you dont even have to be that famous, just send me some songs.
  • After Grey's Anatomy, Shawn doesn't know what TV show he should watch next, but his sister is obsessed with Riverdale
  • Shawn said one of his best memories was the Nashville show. Hunter Hayes came to the show and he's always been a huge fan of him
  • Shawn said the best part of being famous is when companies like Toblerone send him free chocolate
  • There was a little boy that started crying during the Q&A so he had to leave and Shawn goes "bye little baby"
should you fight them: clone wars edition
  • anakin: if you value your life, do not fight anakin. he probably deserves it, but you might die, so i wouldn't recommend.
  • obi-wan: he's gone through enough shit, why do you even want to fight him? i guess if you really need to, just know that there's no way you will ever win, but he won't kill you unless you're an immediate threat. just don't hurt him, please, he does not deserve any more hardships.
  • ahsoka: why would you fight ahsoka? do you like beating up innocent padawan ladies who have never done you any wrong? plus, anakin will probably gut you.
  • rex: literally do not fight rex. he is completely innocent and has experienced too much sadness for one very short clone lifetime, please do not fight him. plus he will fuck you up, i mean have you seen this boy??? like anakin probably won't come after you but it's because he knows he doesn't need to.
  • barriss offee: please fight barriss. you know exactly why. just do it! fight her! she deserves to have her ass kicked immediately.
  • asajj ventress: she'll hand you your ass and probably kill you, but if you want to fight her, then i guess?? sure???
  • satine: DO NOT FIGHT SATINE. you will win, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST???? plus, obi-wan will kick your ass.
  • lux bonteri: he's a great politician, but he's also as useful in a fight as a tie-dye handbag, so you probably shouldn't fight him. i mean, you'd win, but it wouldn't be satisfying.
  • padme: she might seem weak and easy to defeat, but she's had like 10 assassination attempts and she's not even thirty yet, nor is she dead. do not fight her. PLUS, anakin would try to kill you if you even looked at her wrong, so like. there's that.
  • hondo ohnaka: you should probably fight him, but you also really don't want to get on his bad side, but he's also strangely likeable, despite being a literal kidnapping, thieving, smuggling pirate? i dunno, dude. i guess you can fight him, but you should be careful.
  • palpatine: i cannot stress how much you should fight palpatine. you'll probably die, but it will be worth it.
Random Starters [ send me one maybe? ]
  • "Do you believe in the tooth fairy?"
  • "I think I'm pregnant. And it's not yours."
  • "I feel like I'm going to puke."
  • "Are you seriously wearing that to the party tonight?"
  • "You need to change that attitude before we leave this house."
  • "Stop staring at me like I grew a second head."
  • "Are you drunk or do you just act like that all the time?"
  • "I forgot where I parked my car."
  • "I'm not going to lie to you anymore. I do love you, but I..."
  • "It's only a slice of pie."
  • "I just want to be loved again. Is that so wrong?"
  • "The cat is looking at me funny."
  • "I think you're the prettiest thing I've ever seen."
  • "Care to join me?"
  • "I would rather not eat dinner alone."
  • "Did you remember to lock the door?"
  • "How do you live with yourself everyday, doing what you do?"
  • "I don't feel pretty enough for him."
  • "You can do anything you set your mind to."
  • "People say ignorance is bliss, but... I just want to know the truth."
  • "People are stupid today."
  • "I'm in the hospital. Can you come?"
  • "You're act liking I'm in love with you or something."
  • "Go ahead and leave. I'm not going to stop you."
  • "I'm tired of fighting."
  • "I think you need help."
  • "Do whatever you believe in, and I'll support you."
  • "What is it like being you?"
  • What the Admins say: i'm fine
  • What the Admins mean: J-hope. Jung Hoseok. Hobi. Your hope. Your Angel. The Eternal Sunshine of the fucking earth. IS LITERALLY such a talented and beautiful person, he works so hard and loves ARMY so much and for him to finally grace us with the blessing of his presence in the vlive bts+ chat after such a long period of us not seeing him on vlive for reasons that SHOULD NOT EVEN HAVE BEEN A THING IN THE FIRST PLACE, and be met with some people commenting for other members AGAIN or flat out saying "why are you here?" or that he should leave BTS is SO FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL, UNCALLED FOR, DISGUSTING, and full offense those people are not fans. I don't care about the bullshit arguments of "i'm allowed to not like every member" cuz fine sure, you're entitled to your wrong opinion and I say it's wrong because literally how does one not enjoy all 7 of them i will never understand, BUT EVEN IF THAT IS THE CASE and you for some reason don't like a member as much, what you don't do is tell them to leave their group??? Who raised you??? Why are you so full of hate and nastiness??? BTS would not be BTS without ALL of the members, no group would be without ALL of their members, they are there for a fucking reason, they have made their work their entire life for a fucking reason and I'm so tired of this bullying. What do you even get out of it? literally what is the point of being so heartless and rude? This should not happen, This is terrible and when cypher pt 5 ends up being about ARMY nobody say nothing to me I s2g.
  • Jimin: I don't really like mango
  • Jungkook: why is that
  • Jimin: not that I don't like it, I just don't enjoy eating it
  • Jin: you look like a mango
  • Jungkook: That's why hes manggae?
  • Jimin: *stares*
  • Jin: *stares*
  • Jungkook: *stares*
  • Jimin: 'let it go..'
  • Jimin: 'nope'
  • Jimin: *hits Jungkook playfully*
  • Jin: yah don't only hit him you're so biased
  • Jungkook: what's wrong with that
  • Jimin: *giggling*
Carry On and Recreation
  • Penny: How long have you been sleeping with Baz?
  • Simon: What? That's disgusting. And wrong.
  • Simon: I don't even get— why would I— I've never had sex with anyone anywhere.
  • Simon: It's none of your— You have h— the nerve, the audacity.
  • Simon: Baz is my nemesis, technically. And he is terrible, facewise.
  • Simon: And how— how do I know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with him? Maybe you are.
  • Simon: Maybe you're trying to throw me off. Hm, check and mate.
  • Penny:
  • I found this on my phone... I like it. Have it.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • Thane: Commander, you may wish to rethink your strategy.
  • Shepard: Huh?
  • Thane: This... *waves a vague hand*
  • Shepard: You are super not helping here.
  • Thane: The flirting thing is futile.
  • Shepard: Oh.
  • Thane: Don't get me wrong, it's you.
  • Shepard: Well that certainly makes things better...
  • Thane: *laughs* It is you. Not me. You are bonded.
  • Shepard: I am really not. Jacob is just... a distraction.
  • Thane: The Cerberus man would not have posed an obstacle even if I was referring to him.
  • Shepard: Oh god is this going to be the "you're married to the job" thing?!
  • Thane: Whilst true, I can assure you that's not what I was referring to.
  • Shepard: Are the riddles really necessary?
  • Thane: You keep interrupting.
  • Shepard: Commander's prerogative.
  • Thane: Sure. I was referring to your turian. Whilst the Cerberus officer may pose no danger, your Archangel does. His reputation traveled far beyond Omega, I've seen his skill first hand and I would rather not end up on the wrong end of his scope.
  • Shepard: We aren't together.
  • Thane: Of course. Still, I have not lasted this long in the job by taking stupid risks, no matter how supposedly fictitious...
hey. reminder. if your batfamily/robin post doesn’t have duke in it. it ain’t shit.

anonymous asked:

here's a thought. scream. at this ask at the wall. just scream. kick it, punch it, get all your anger and sadness out. cuz from what I can see, you're bottling it up. and if you do that, you could get even worse. I could be wrong, but I don't think Boris would have wanted you to live the rest of your like moping and mourning him. Do you?

It was almost like he was screaming, yet there was not a sound.

Me: Understands that Johnny Depp is problematic and everyone on this website hates him.
Also Me: Has seen the new POTC movie twice in five days and really wants to talk about how even though the Willabeth moments were very short how they were everything and that Jack called Henry by his name and was the most uncle-y person so quickly after meeting him and my heart is so full because it’s been ten damn years. TEN! I used to role play as Elizabeth on Neopets people! So you can all boycott pirates because y'all hate Depp, but mean while I’ll be throwing my trash money at the screen repeatedly because that final scene!!!

anonymous asked:

Okay but a concept: Harry thinks you're mad at him one night when you don't wear his shirt to bed. you always wear Harry's clothes to bed. Like a t shirt and your own undies and that's it. Sweatpants if you're cold. He loves that you do but he doesn't really voice it. One night you don't. You've got your own shirt on and some shorts and when Harry sees you walk out of the bathroom in your own clothes, he gets upset like "Are you mad at me, petal? Did I do something wrong? Tell me, baby, please."

Oh my GOD

And you’re so confused like “Baby what are you talking about?”

“Just…. you usually wear my clothes to sleep…. and y'not tonight.”

And you laugh. You burst out in giggles so hard that his cheeks turn red and he gets embarrassed. “What?!?”

“You just… you’re so adorable. Of course I’m not mad.” You craw into bed and kiss his cheeks. “Will it make you feel better if I put on your shirt from earlier?”

And now he’s pouting. “Well not if y'gonna bloody make fun of me!”

And you giggle and kiss his nose. “Oh baby. I’m sorry. Here….” You start kissing him, reaching down to tug at his t-shirt and pull it up over his head. “How abouuuuut……. neither of us sleep with clothes tonight?”

  • Guren: "So, you're Mika, huh?"
  • Mika: "I already said, don't call me like that! And don't try to act all friendly towards me! I don't want to have anything to do with you!"
  • Guren: "Whatever. I already heard enough about you from Yuu anyway in those four past years*clears throat and then quotes in a pitch-high voice* 'Mika's was the coolest I've ever known. And the strongest and the kindest. I wish I could be like him one day.'"
  • Mika: "Oh, come on, drop that act. If you think you can bring me to like you with that, you're wrong!"
  • Guren: "As if. If I had intended that, I would have shown you the pictures I've taken of Yuu when he was still little."
  • Mika: "What?! Show them to m- Wait a sec. I know what you're trying to do and let me tell you, it won't work!"
  • Guren*sighing*: "I see it's no use talking to you. I guess it can't be helped then."*walks away*
  • Mika: "Hey, wait!"
  • Guren: "What is it now?"
  • Mika: "Hand me over those pictures! I bet they were taken without his consent, so give them to me!"
  • Guren*thinking*: "Yeah...Sure thing that's the only reason why you want to have them..."

dwarf-scum  asked:

Hey sorry to be that guy but like I really want to understand this because I don't think I have a good enough frame of reference. It seems to me like he's said that he didn't intend to write Reyna as anything but straight, but if you're a lesbian and you identify with her you're free to imagine her as a lesbian, but that he wouldn't write her falling in love with a woman because to him it would feel like her sexuality was a consolation prize. Could you help me understand what's wrong with that?

he’s ignoring lesbians and bi girls who are actually telling him that this is wrong. when challenged on it, he then went on to condescendingly say that he has talked with lesbians and bi women about this. i’m mad for a number of reasons, but the most hurtful one is how he acts like he has authority to speak on the issue when he so obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about.

lesbians do fail at heterosexual relationships, all the time. it is why we’re lesbians! we can’t do hetero, it never works out. the trope that we really need to be wary of isn’t that lesbians are lesbians because they fail at heterosexual relationships (which is literally true like you literally cannot be a lesbian if you do not fail at heterosexual relationships), it’s that “lesbians don’t need to have their sexuality respected bc they’re really just straight girls who’ve been hurt by guys, and if you hit on them in the right way they’ll eventually change their mind and have sex with you.”

like, this is what was, at first, frustrating to me—that he would try and attempt to invoke something that is much larger and more complicated than he understands, obviously, while literally speaking to someone who was almost certainly a lesbian or a bi girl. what makes it worse is that when called in this behavior, instead of just saying “whoops sorry i’ll do better” he said “sorry you got your feelings hurt, but i wrote emmie and jo based on personal experience and reyna is supposed to be straight.” which is just…cheap as fuck. it’s irrelevant. what does emmie and jo have to do with reyna being straight?

so instead it just comes across as “oh my god i already included a lesbian couple, what more do you want????” which…well, yeah, he can fuck right off with that attitude, mr stonewall award “i promise i won’t stop listening.”

sounds like he stopped listening! couldn’t even take like, twelve hours of criticism, instead he’s literally blocking people.

here, i can give what rick should have said, that would have still ultimately made me annoyed, but not nearly as absolutely livid and disgusted and…frankly, hurt, as i am right now: “i never planned on giving reyna a love interest, but as always, you guys are more than welcome to your interpretations and ships!”

he didn’t have to write a bunch of boiling hot nonsense about stereotypes (of which his writing is CHOCKED FULL off) and being your own better half and how reyna is supposed to be straight. he didn’t have to write a pathetic disclaimer about how he knew he was running the risk of having things “thrown” at him.

that’s why i’m really mad. he knew it would be controversial, and he didn’t care. he knew it hurt people, and he made no attempt to understand why we were hurt. he didn’t even consider that these “harmful lesbian stereotypes” literally are fabricated on the idea that bisexuality doesn’t even exist. i mean, really. i can debunk this oh so terrible stereotype in one sentence: “i didn’t turn lesbian, i’ve been bi the whole time!” -reyna. an alternative sentence: “i didn’t turn lesbian, i just never realized it before.” -reyna

see how easy?

calling a lesbian’s identity or life partner a consolation prize if they’ve been with men, before? yeah i know what people will say lmao “he didn’t say that he said he was trying to avoid that stereotype”….to which i say, right, how? how was he trying to avoid that stereotype? by not giving her a girlfriend. and so what, then, would be the logical conclusion? that this stereotype is true, and by giving a character a girlfriend, you’re invoking it. what does that mean for lesbians who have actually been with men? what does that mean for bi girls who have been with men? what kind of a fucking monstrosity of an answer is that?

more importantly: AS IF NONE OF THE LOVE INTERESTS IN HIS STORIES ARE ACTUAL CONSOLATION PRIZES? as if calypso wasn’t brought back for the sole purpose of giving leo a woman as a prize?

no, nope, the only way this awful stereotype could possibly show up is if you give a lesbian a girlfriend. but i show absolutely no self awareness of the awful tropes i’ve already enacted in my books.

and, as shell pointed out, and i echoed….the very fact that he knows giving reyna a girlfriend would invoke lesbian stereotypes is living proof of the fact that he knows reyna’s experiences and life story are consistent with that of many lesbians.

but he doesn’t care. because he’s lazy, and it takes too much effort, and at the end of the day he’s not listening to us at all, he’s just trying to make us shut up.

Late-Night Texts from B.A.P
  • Yong Guk: [1:14 AM] In the end we're all just used cars.
  • Him Chan: [00:27 AM] I spent the last two hours watching infomercials... do you want to go halfsies on a Nutribullet with me?
  • Dae Hyun: [3:56 AM] do you k now the name of the song that goes ayaiyaiyaiyaiyai??.... I ONLY KNOW THAT ONE PART
  • Young Jae: [2:37 AM] ^^you're^^ I just noticed you used the wrong one earlier.
  • Jong Up: [2:08 AM] there's no t in pizza why are they all wrong
  • Jun Hong: [11:42 PM] i don't even like jello im more of a pudding man....... i can't take it back though
Who To Fight - Choices Stories You Play Edition - Part I
  • Kaitlyn Liao: If she's a vampire, you're dead.
  • Chris Powell: Wanna fight him? Do it. Unless you're gonna get hit by a football.
  • James Ashton: Seriously, do it. Or not. Idk. Depends.
  • Madison: Why would you want to fight this cinnamon roll?
  • Tyler: Fight in video games.
  • Zack: Same as Tyler.
  • Abbie: She looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you y'know.
  • Tripp: Have a Pokemon battle with him.
  • Darren Taylor: Uh hello? He'll beat you in a game of football.
  • Logan: Same as Darren.
  • Becca: You can fight her but she can fight back. Dare to do it?
  • Edgar: Imagine you're in The Crown & The Flame. Edgar is King Luther Nevrakis. Made one wrong move and Edgar kills you.
  • Sebastian Delacroix: Fight him. Fight Sebastian.
  • Sam Massey: You sure you wanna fight her? You'd be dead for sure. Plus, she knows how to handle a gun.
  • Dave Reyes: He's got strategy so if you're not aware of his strategy, he can take you down. Also don't fight him because HE'S A DETECTIVE FGS. HE'S GOT A GUN. HE KNOWS HOW TO FIGHT. HE'S MUSCULAR ENOUGH TO TAKE YOU DOWN.
  • Nikhil Mantha: Maybe you can fight him and he surely gonna post the fight on social media.
  • Mirasol Bautista: She'll kill you so don't.
  • Hayley Rose: You can fight her if you don't fall for her cutesy pop star act.
  • Val Greaves: You're dead in a matter of seconds.
  • Annelyse Adair: You sure you wanna fight her? Bad idea.
  • Raydan Lykel: He may be mysterious but he knows how to fight so...
  • Rowan Thorn: Fires an arrow through your heart. Still wanna fight?
  • King Luther Nevrakis: Got strategy, got a strong army, got deadly weapons, you'll win the battle against him. If not, RIP Kenna's army
  • Sei Rhuka: DUDE YOU WANNA DIE?!
  • Whitlock: Why in the name of The Crown & The Flame would you wanna fight this cinnamon roll? Whitlock fangirls will tear you up into pieces if you dare to fight Whitlock.
  • Ex-fiance in Rules of Engagement: You can kill him for being a fucking douchebag. -cues Die In A Fire by The Living Tombstone when you fight him-
  • Evil cousin in Rules of Engagement: We don't know if she's good or bad but now she's bad so fight her.