and if you don't like her you're wrong

Me: Understands that Johnny Depp is problematic and everyone on this website hates him.
Also Me: Has seen the new POTC movie twice in five days and really wants to talk about how even though the Willabeth moments were very short how they were everything and that Jack called Henry by his name and was the most uncle-y person so quickly after meeting him and my heart is so full because it’s been ten damn years. TEN! I used to role play as Elizabeth on Neopets people! So you can all boycott pirates because y'all hate Depp, but mean while I’ll be throwing my trash money at the screen repeatedly because that final scene!!!

  • Chaeyoung: 9:01! Myoui Mina is officially late for the first time ever
  • Chaeyoung: All right let's do this, who's got theories?
  • Jihyo: Uh... alarm didn't go off
  • Chaeyoung: All three alarms? All with battery back up? Come on, who wants to take this seriously
  • Momo: Ooh, she was taken in her sleep
  • Chaeyoung: That's what I'm talking about. Super dark, Momo, but way more plausible than Jihyo's idiotic alarm clock theory
  • Tzuyu: I bet she tucked herself into bed too tight and got stuck
  • Nayeon: Hmm, maybe she fell into another dimension where she's interesting.
  • {Jeongyeon sees the group huddled around the practice room door}
  • Jeongyeon: It's 9:00 AM why is no one practicing?
  • Chaeyoung: Myoui Mina is a few minutes late, and we're all trying to guess why
  • Jeongyeon: I'd like to play. I'd say she's... in line at the bank
  • Jeongyeon: This is fun
  • Chaeyoung: It is fun. But you're all wrong. She clearly slipped through a subway grate and is having terrible sex with a mole man
  • {Mina runs into the room}
  • Chaeyoung: There she is, Mina! Where have you been! We've been worried sick, do you care to explain yourself
  • Mina: I'm just 70 seconds late it's not a big deal, don't worry about it
  • Jeongyeon: Mina, you will tell us, and you will tell us now
  • Mina: [Quietly] There was a problem at the bank
  • Jeongyeon: [Claps her hands together] HOT DAMN!
  • Willow: How long have you been sleeping with Candela?
  • Blanche: That's disgusting and wrong.
  • Blanche: I don't even get- Why would I- I've never had sex with anyone anywhere.
  • Blanche: it's none of your- You have h-
  • Blanche: The nerve, the audacity.
  • Blanche: Candela is my competition, technically.
  • Blanche: And she is terrible, facewise.
  • Blanche: And how- How do. I know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with her? Maybe you are.
  • Blanche: Maybe You're trying to throw me. Hm, check and mate.
  • Willow: [stares into the camera like he's on The Office]
diego luna films i've seen rated by his moments in them
  • Y Tu Mama Tambien: He is a main character and in almost every scene. Wow. You see so much, possibly TOO much of Diego, so watch out if you're a minor or just don't like sexual scenes in films. Definite gay vibes with co-star played by childhood best friend Gael García Bernal. There's a wonderful and powerful confrontation scene between the two men around an hour in, Diego's acting is WOAH. And everyone thought he was the ugly one, we were so wrong. AND SO MUCH SPANISH. The phrase 'no mames' is uttered approximately 178 times. 9/10
  • Frida: Salma Hayek plays artist Frida Kahlo in this unique film. Diego plays her young lover Alex in the beginning of the movie; they have sex in a closet at some point, wild. Their relationship is cut short after a tragic bus accident which leaves Frida crippled. He brings her flowers and they break up, and Diego's role is finished. But I just had to keep watching because of how special the cinematography of this film is! The bus accident is so well directed it blew my mind. I don't know enough about Frida Kahlo to know how accurate this film was, but it was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But since this is a list about Diego, low points ought to be given. He really isn't in this movie a lot. Let's see, 2/10.
  • Havana Nights: A true cinematic treasure. Also known as the worst movie you will ever see and you will love every second of it. Bad script, zero plot - but Diego does his best and fucking nails every moment in this film, carries it on his back. Apparently no one told him that he was supposed to act robotic, so everything he does is sweet and natural and he makes it look easy. All the while dancing himself into Castro-era Cuba, which he does SO well that Jonathan Jackson, who is supposed to be his romantic rival, actually seems TURNED ON whenever he sees Diego dance. Nice. Sweaty group-dance sequences, cutish one-liners. Actually makes out with dance partner Romola Garai in front of her PARENTS, after a very erotic dance routine, like how savage. 10/10
  • The Terminal: Diego plays airport employee who befriends Tom Hanks, and probably charms the pants off him, because he is wonderful in this secondary role. During the 2 hours of this film, all he wears is a jumpsuit/uniform and makes it look like a fashion statement. Has quite a lot of one-on-one scenes with The Tom Hanks himself, and is in love with Zoe Saldana, which is sweet, if not a bit generic chasing the girl type of thing. There's a scene where he absent-mindedly starts speaking Spanish to Tom Hanks who of course doesn't understand him, and Diego's very very cute about it. LO AND BEHOLD: one hour in, he changes into a suit while pouring Catherine Zeta-Jones too much wine. A breathtaking moment. 6/10
  • Mister Lonely: A very strange film about celebrity imitators. Diego plays a Michael Jackson impersonator in the film, his voice and looks imitating the singer and dancer. The movie introduces us to a surreal world of people living the lives of the famous people they dress up as, blurring the line between impersonating and becoming. He's rather in the center in the first and last bit of the movie, but the focus shifts in the middle with the story of "Marilyn" and "Charlie Chaplin". This film is a true risk-taker, which means it's not for the masses. Very thought-provoking though! 7/10
  • Milk: Diego plays Sean Penn's gay lover, and he's only in this movie for a short period of time. Kind of mentally unstable in this role, he tells Sean Penn he loves him without actually knowing what his name is. The movie deals with gay rights and is set in the 1970s, resulting in everyone having funny hair. This is an important LGBT film, but I hate Sean Penn, so there you have it. He is admittedly a skilled actor though. However, the lack of Diego in the majority of this film has to mean low points. 3/10
  • Rudo y Cursi: Another Diego-Gael movie. This time, it's about football. This is an excellent and very sad film set in Mexico that discusses the world of professional football playing. Diego is very different both in looks and in character from how he is in his other films - it's like he's a different person! That says a lot about his acting skills really. This film is also in Spanish, Diego shouts a lot (and very well too) and calls everyone 'chinga' and 'güey'. 8/10
  • The Book of Life: What a film! This animated feature has Diego portray main character Manolo Sanchez and makes you swoon basically. Since he's present in voice-acting only, you don't get to see his pretty face, BUT his voice is gorgeous both in speaking and in singing. A lot of songs are sung by Diego in this movie, and it's so so good. The Apology Song made me cry. Fun fact: Zoe Saldana is once again a love interest to Diego in this film, and their duet No Matter Where You Are is short but earth-shattering. 9/10
  • Casanova: Yep, Diego plays Giacomo Casanova in this TV movie, so you get the idea. It's about Casanova starting over in Paris, but things do not go well. Diego is very charming and rather authentic as Casanova. He makes out with women and climbs on rooftops in heels. Lots of close-ups to his face, I approve. However, this film confuses me. It's set in France, yet people speak with a British accent, except for Diego of course, who speaks with a Mexican accent BOTH in English and in Italian. The latter bothered me a bit, seeing as he is supposed to be a native Italian. All that aside, his performance is overall lovely. This film also has nice cinematography and a pretty solid script. Lots and lots of Diego seducing not-so-innocent maidens. 10/10
  • Rogue One: The greatest movie you will ever see. Diego has the role he deserves as he steals all our hearts as Captain Cassian Andor. You guys know the scene he gets all wet in the rain and then loads his gun on the ship? Sign me up. Warning: you WILL cry. 100/10
  • Coco: Hey babe! We're ho-VELVET!
  • Velvet: DAH! Sweetie! Y-You're home early. Hehehe.
  • Coco: Don't you sweetie me! What did I tell you yesterday!?
  • Velvet: N-Not to buy eggs.
  • Coco: And what did you do?
  • Velvet: I bought a few eggs?
  • Coco: A few!? YOU BOUGHT AN ENTIRE ROOM FULL OF EGGS! *Coco Yelled as she waved her hands towards the mountains of egg filling their livingroom.*
  • Coco: WHEN YOU DRAIN OUR BANK ACCOUNT AND DON'T EVEN BOTHER EATING THE EGGS, YES! YES IT IS! *Inhale and sigh as she pulls out her scroll.* Babe, You have a problem and I'm going to get you some help but first we are getting rid of all these eggs.
  • Velvet: Sigh, You're right Coco. I'm sorry.
  • Coco: It's okay Bunny. It's ok-*Suddenly Velvet shuts the door shut and locks it.* Oh HELL NO! VELVET! YOU STOP PAINTING THOSE EGGS RIGHT NOW!
  • Velvet: *Furiously painting eggs* NEVER! THEY ARE MY BABIES!
  • ~~~
  • Ruby: Wow. It was so next of team CFVY to give us these easter eggs. *ruby said holding a large basket of colored eggs.*
  • Weiss: Yeah but why does Velvet always make so many?
  • Blake: It's a Rabbit Faunus thing. It passes once they have kids.
  • Yang: Wait. So when we have kids Are you going to be trying to drink my milk? *She asked her girlfriend.
  • Ruby/Weiss: YANG! THAT'S GROSS!
  • Blake: *Shadily looks away.* ... Maybe.

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my favourite quote from Nesta to Feyre "you stink like a pig covered in its own filth. Can't you at least try to pretend that you're not an ignorant peasant?" and its something that I will not forgive her for.... And others beside...

That’s fine, that’s your right. You don’t have to forgive her. You don’t have to like her. I never said you did. I just said that throwing the word abuse around to describe characters you don’t like is not okay. 

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So it's been 100 days since this lady bought towels that were final sale. She didn't have the receipt but I found this out when I looked it up. Our return period is 30 days. She was so mad that she was stuck with these towels she didn't need. She kept protesting and asking me why I couldn't help her. Like it was a final sale, we don't carry that product anymore, there's nothing wrong with them & you're 70 days over the return period! I can't do anything!! YOU waited 100 days to bring them back.

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It's been 2 years since I had proposed to her. It's been 1 year since she got married. I attended her wedding. I remember it raining heavily at the end of the day. I walked home in the rain. Don't get me wrong... I was truly happy for her. I just miss my best friend, and I don't want to forget her (and all that was) as painful as it is to remember sometimes. I just needed to write this somewhere. I hope you're happy, you beautiful soul ❤

drake & josh;; starter sentences
  • "There's a NEW Jersey?"
  • "Are you calling me a liar?"
  • "I ain't calling you a truther!"
  • "I don't care. I like it on my face."
  • "Pip pip da doodly do!"
  • "Maybe 'E' means 'extra fuel'!"
  • "That is not my job."
  • "I have dreams. And sometimes, in those dreams, things happen to you."
  • "Dude, when life hands you free nachos, you don't question it!"
  • "Hang on, I'm doing something really important!"
  • "I love this album more than I love myself."
  • "Whoa, just take it easy, man."
  • "So my foot's totally stuck in there, right, I'm freaking out, the dog's having a seizure and I still got half a pie left."
  • "You should date whoever you want to date."
  • "So I don't like her, big deal."
  • "If you make fun of me one more time, I'm gonna tell everyone we know that you named your favorite pillow Mr. Puff Puff."
  • "I don't like half the girls I date."
  • "Nice going, you ran over your sister!"
  • "I hope you go bald!"
  • "I hope they cancel Oprah!"
  • "I'm really glad someone invented pizza."
  • "Well, sorry doesn't sweeten my tea!"
  • "Whoa, that cat IS fancy."
  • "Don't you have a rib to nibble?"
  • "You sicken me."
  • "You're the worst!"
  • "Look, I was wrong, okay?"
  • "I need you, I need you way more than you need me."
  • Ruby, kicking her feet back and forth off the edge of her bunk, waiting for everyone (Weiss) to get ready to leave: Oh! So I was talking to a friend from Signal the other day, and they said they didn't like eggrolls so I just immediately hung up on them.
  • Yang, playing a game on her scroll, but looks up and laughs: You didn't? Oh man that's too funny.
  • Weiss, sitting in front of her desk fitted with a mirror, combing through her hair: Well why'd you do that? I'm not much a fan of eggrolls either.
  • Ruby: .....
  • Yang: .....
  • Weiss, turning from her reflection, only to be greeted by an empty room: Wh-what!?! Did you seriously just LEAVE ME HERE BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE EGGROLLS.
  • Blake, opening up the door and drags Ruby and Yang back in after a few minutes: We are not abandoning Weiss over opinions on food.
  • Ruby, struggling against Blake's grip: BUT HER OPINION IS /WRONG/!
  • Weiss, angrily: And you're a terrible person!
The Gang Buys A Boat
  • Kurt: We got to pop by the department store, pick up the mattress. I want to get a nice one too. You know?
  • Ram: The what? The mattress? What do we need a mattress for? Kurt: What do you mean what do we need a mattress for? Why do you think we just spent all that money on a boat? The whole purpose of buying the boat was to get the ladies nice and tipsy topside so we can take them to a nice comfortable place below deck and, you know, they can't refuse - because of the implication.
  • Ram:
  • Ram: Oh. Uh, okay. You had me going there for the first part. The second half kind of threw me...
  • Kurt: Well, dude, think about it. She's out in the middle of nowhere with some dude she barely knows. She looks around, and what does she see? Nothing but open ocean. "Ah, there's nowhere for me to run. What am I going to do, say no?"
  • Ram: Okay. That, that seems really dark.
  • Kurt: No, it's not dark. You're misunderstanding me, bro.
  • Ram: I think I am.
  • Kurt: Yeah, you are. Because if the girl said no, then the answer obviously is no. The thing is, she's not gonna say no.
  • She would never say no, because of the implication...
  • Ram: Now, you've said that word "implication" a couple of times. Wh-what implication?
  • Kurt: The implication that things might go wrong for her if she refuses to sleep with me. Now, not that things are gonna go wrong for her but she's thinking that they will.
  • Ram: But it sounds like she doesn't want to have sex with you.
  • Kurt: Why aren't you understanding this? She doesn't know whether she wants to have sex with me. That's not the issue.
  • Ram: Are you gonna hurt women?
  • Kurt: I'M NOT GOING TO HURT THESE WOMEN! Why would I ever hurt these women?
  • Ram: I don't know!
  • Kurt: I feel like you're not getting this.
  • Ram: I'm not getting it.
  • Kurt: Goddamn. Don't you look at me like that. You certainly wouldn't be in any danger.
  • Ram: So they are in danger?!
  • Kurt: No one's in any danger! How can I make that any more clear to you? Okay, it's an implication of danger. You know what? Just drop it. Let's drop it.
  • Ram:
Who To Fight - Choices Stories You Play Edition - Part I
  • Kaitlyn Liao: If she's a vampire, you're dead.
  • Chris Powell: Wanna fight him? Do it. Unless you're gonna get hit by a football.
  • James Ashton: Seriously, do it. Or not. Idk. Depends.
  • Madison: Why would you want to fight this cinnamon roll?
  • Tyler: Fight in video games.
  • Zack: Same as Tyler.
  • Abbie: She looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you y'know.
  • Tripp: Have a Pokemon battle with him.
  • Darren Taylor: Uh hello? He'll beat you in a game of football.
  • Logan: Same as Darren.
  • Becca: You can fight her but she can fight back. Dare to do it?
  • Edgar: Imagine you're in The Crown & The Flame. Edgar is King Luther Nevrakis. Made one wrong move and Edgar kills you.
  • Sebastian Delacroix: Fight him. Fight Sebastian.
  • Sam Massey: You sure you wanna fight her? You'd be dead for sure. Plus, she knows how to handle a gun.
  • Dave Reyes: He's got strategy so if you're not aware of his strategy, he can take you down. Also don't fight him because HE'S A DETECTIVE FGS. HE'S GOT A GUN. HE KNOWS HOW TO FIGHT. HE'S MUSCULAR ENOUGH TO TAKE YOU DOWN.
  • Nikhil Mantha: Maybe you can fight him and he surely gonna post the fight on social media.
  • Mirasol Bautista: She'll kill you so don't.
  • Hayley Rose: You can fight her if you don't fall for her cutesy pop star act.
  • Val Greaves: You're dead in a matter of seconds.
  • Annelyse Adair: You sure you wanna fight her? Bad idea.
  • Raydan Lykel: He may be mysterious but he knows how to fight so...
  • Rowan Thorn: Fires an arrow through your heart. Still wanna fight?
  • King Luther Nevrakis: Got strategy, got a strong army, got deadly weapons, you'll win the battle against him. If not, RIP Kenna's army
  • Sei Rhuka: DUDE YOU WANNA DIE?!
  • Whitlock: Why in the name of The Crown & The Flame would you wanna fight this cinnamon roll? Whitlock fangirls will tear you up into pieces if you dare to fight Whitlock.
  • Ex-fiance in Rules of Engagement: You can kill him for being a fucking douchebag. -cues Die In A Fire by The Living Tombstone when you fight him-
  • Evil cousin in Rules of Engagement: We don't know if she's good or bad but now she's bad so fight her.
  • Ozpin: We are gathered here today to witness the union of two... people in the holy... bla bla, words I don't remember.
  • Ozpin: Anyway. Do you, Bartholomew Oobleck, take this thermos weapon thing to be your—
  • Glynda: *barges in, pissed look on her face* What is going on here?
  • Everyone: *gasp*
  • Oobleck: It's not what it looks like!
  • Glynda: It's exactly what it looks like! You're marrying COFFEE and a WEAPON!
  • Ruby: What's so wrong with marrying a weapon? *holds close Crescent Rose*
who you should fight: mystic messenger edition
  • zen: is that a joke? lol he'll kick your ass and look sexy doing it. then he'll take a selfie next to your bruised and battered body so you can feel even worse. if you were looking for humiliation go ahead.
  • yoosung: you can fight yoosung. you'll win. boy can't win shit, he's not even number one on the shooting star server in lolol. but are you gonna feel good about it?? probably not. too easy.
  • jaehee: no. literally do not fight jaehee kang unless you have a fucking death wish. she earned a black belt in judo "for funsies" and is strong enough to withstand the daily abuse of an evil corporate man. do. not. fight. jaehee.
  • jumin: yes, fight jumin. he'll call security on you but you can get in a few good hits before they arrive. then you can always brag about that time you beat up the c&r chairman's son.
  • 707: lololol why would you though?? but i mean i guess. he's actually a better fighter than he looks because he has to be prepared to escape if he's caught breaking in somewhere, but since his only nourishment comes from chips and soda his body might just stop and you'll luck out. you have a chance.
  • unknown: listen he's the type to bring a gun to a fistfight just don't fucking do it.
  • rika: no. you could easily kick her ass, but she's got an occult following and they'll destroy you and spread your entrails on a shrine before her.
  • v: you're gonna fight a blind guy?? really?? like, you'd win, obviously. but really???
  • elizabeth 3rd: what the FUCK is wrong with you she is a CAT. and you know what, you look at her the wrong way and jumin's already hired a hitman to take you out. think again mother fucker.
  • Natsu: >.> Sooo... explain to me again why I can't date Juvia.
  • Juvia: Juvia would like to know as well. >.>
  • Erza: Because it messes up the whole chart, don't you see?! -_-* Juvia is smitten with Gray, who is obviously just playing hard to get. Then you have Lucy, who is CRAZY for you, Natsu! You're best friends, so you'll have a really good relationship when you come to grips with your feelings for her. *nods sagely*
  • Natsu: ... Erza, don't take it the wrong way, but that chart is crap. I don't even know where half the pairings on there come from. >.>
  • Juvia: And you're clearly leaving some things out... like Lyon's infatuation with me (where did he suddenly pick up an interest in Meldy, anyway?), Loke-san's flirtatious attitude with Lucy, Ichiya-san's obsession with you...
  • Erza: Don't even GO there. >.> Look, this is the final product, alright? Yes, all those people MIGHT have complicated the chart in the past, but everything's settled now, and we are ALL. HAPPY.
  • Natsu: Yeah, I'm happy with Juvia. >.> Look, Erza, you can't just go choosin' who's gonna be paired up with who. I don't like ya lockin' lips with Blueberry, but you don't see me whippin' up some weird-ass chart to break you two up.
  • Erza: o.o Wh-What?
  • Juvia: Juvia will always be grateful to Gray-sama for showing her the beauty of a cloudless sky, but Juvia has moved on because Gray-sama will not give Juvia the time of day. But Natsu-sama gives Juvia... everything... @.@
  • Natsu: And you'll always be important to me, Erza, but I can't take bein' in the friendzone anymore. So go on 'n keep your Blueberry, and I'll keep mine. Fair? ^__^
  • Erza: But... But... But...
  • Natsu: C'mon, Ju! Let's go have some... fun... ^_____^
  • Juvia: Punishment Game?! *__*
  • Natsu: Eh, why not? You been a bad girl, Ju-chan?
  • Juvia: *pout* Very, very bad, Natsu-sama. Juvia must be punished. Punish Juvia 'til she cums...? *puppy dog eyes*
  • Natsu: *wraps an arm around her shoulders* Alright, alright... C'mon, you naughty girl... ^__^ *leads her away from the redhead*
  • Juvia: ^__^
  • Erza: *watches the two leave with a wounded look; sniffles*
  • Jellal: *shuffles up to her guiltily* Erza...? I need... comfort...
  • Erza: -_- Of course. What did you do this time...?
  • Jellal: I... I stepped on a tadpole...
  • Erza: ...
  • Jellal: It... It wiggled under my foot, and I killed it...! Oh, why?!
  • Erza: ... **What have I done...? Natsu, come back!!!** T_T

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mahiru, i understand that you are questioning your sexuality? i can understand that feeling. is there any thoughts you wouldn't mind sharing with us? (also hi mod lili! i love you and your blog, and as a homosexual i don't think you're doing anything wrong. i love soudam AND mahiyoko!! and kuzupeko, ishimondo, etc...)

(Hi ! Thank you very much, that means a lot ! :D)

Oh hum…

It’s true that I don’t know…I just…I never really thought about IT because as bad as it may sound I always thought that I had to be straight? Like, I didn’t even ask myself if it was possible that I wasn’t. But then…I was confessed to…By a girl…And I couldn’t give her a clear answer.

I’ve never been with a boy or a girl so I don’t know how I could really know. Is it something I am supposed to feel deep inside me? Am I supposed to try and see how it goes? I just…Don’t know.

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it's so annoying how you're all reducing Sana to her faith when she's so much more than that?? she embodies so much and it's like you're just waiting for her to break stereotypes and that's it. I'm sure it's a big part of her identity but don't expect every single episode to be 'yeah! shut down islamophobia!!' like no pls stop.

oh my god where do i even begin to tell you how wrong on every level you are with this ask like???????????


it was ALL ABOUT the indirect little islamophobic behaviour we have to put up with from people simply because they are not willing to learn.

of COURSE we are waiting for her to break stereotypes - THAT IS WHAT SKAM IS ABOUT????

i’m ………………… ???????