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A new favorite: Seeing a little of Wonho’s purple hair underneath a cap…

Happy Thanksgiving AFOOD nation!!!

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We’re so thankful for all of you and for One Direction for bringing us tighter. We’re sending our love to everyone all around the world, whether you’re celebrating with sweet potatoes and marshmallows or not.

Thank you for being our friends.

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So I named my Mime Jr ‘Cavendish’ to reference how he’s a joke, but then I accidentally fucked myself over and made it so he didn’t learn mimic. Now Cavendish is stuck as a clown child. Congrats, you continue to fail at everything.

Meanwhile Dakota, my grimer, is carrying the whole team. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

FitzSimmons Appreciation Week
  ↳ Day 4: AU of your choice - The Good Place! 

Written for @accio-the-force, who requested FS + Stay Over. Alright, so, technically, this is FS + Stay bc I could not for the life of me figure out another Stay Over drabble (I’ve got another one here). BUT, I feel like you’ll like this one anyway. :) 

This is a super short FS + The Good Place AU that will probably not make as much sense if you don’t watch the show, but I hope you still enjoy!  Basically, FS are in the afterlife together, and well, angst and feels happen. Also, spoilers (kinda?) for season 1 and early season 2 if you haven’t watched the show. Rated T for implied sexual content. 

This is also written to fulfill the Fanwork Friday Prompt “Trust”. Enjoy!


“They’re gonna find out eventually, right? That we cracked it?”

Fitz nodded his head slowly as he placed his hands on his hips. “I mean, that’s the way it’s always gone, apparently.”

In a matter of hours, what would normally be weeks’ worth of research had spread across nearly every surface of Jemma and Fitz’s shared living space. But it seemed only natural that it would take them such a short amount of time. As they’d lived the same lives over and over again, the details were much easier to pin down. And now they stood side by side staring at the mountain of evidence – this wasn’t the Good Place, the oasis they were promised in the afterlife. And they were in trouble.

Jemma slowly exhaled as she lowered her gaze to the floor. “And then?” she asked weakly.

“And then they’ll do what they always do: reboot the Good Place, or whatever bloody place this is, and wipe our memories. So, we’re back to square one.”

“I feel like I should be more surprised, but I guess we’ve figured this out, what, 274 times before?”

Fitz bent over to retrieve the last of his calculations, the moment where they determined exactly how many lives they’d lived before discovering the truth. He chuckled lightly. “That would be correct.”

Jemma managed a weak laugh even though she truly wanted to burst into tears. She didn’t want to think about all the memories lost, all that time just gone from existence. She shook her head in disbelief. “Now I just feel hopeless. Because after all this time, after every reboot, we can’t figure out how to fix this. You’d think by now we would have figured out a way to—to escape this place or something.”

Fitz pressed his lips into a firm line. “I know. It’s obviously not that easy.”

Sinking down onto the small step that led to their bedroom, Jemma dropped her chin to her chest and ran her fingers through her hair. As Fitz took the place next to her, Jemma noticed how he was suddenly hesitant to even touch her, which made her heart sink.

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This one’s short, but it’s a little something that captures a pretty cute moment, I think. Hope it’s okay if I made it x reader! UNDER THE CUT!

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k so i just wanna say how grateful i am for jungkook (and the other members of bts) okay like im still replaying the memories from the ellen show in my head and like im so sad that the fan interactions during commercial breaks won’t get aired. during the commercial ‘i can’t feel my face’ came on and lemme just say.. ive seen jungkook sing along to songs plenTY of times on camera but like guys. witnessing it first hand.. wOW it was life changing. he is so cute and sOo precious and he is such a soft boi and all of the other members were singing along too and they all walked over to us and we were all singing and wow im just so emo and thankful for them like. i wish that was the shit that got aired. im so soft for jungkook and the rest of them let me livE ok bye

OMG you guys thank you for 400 followers!✨I only had this account for like… I dunno, five months (?) and I honestly thought it would flop. I don’t even know why you people follow me, I’m like so bad at posting stuff 😂

Also I’d like to tag @house-of-galathynius and thank her because she was my first fwend on this site and for being suuuuch an amazing person. ✨💕💕 aaaaand she listens to Fall Out Boy ahh (actually she’s my *only* friend here and the only person I’ve talked to for quite a long time but don’t judGe omg I’m a shy person) (welll I wasn’t until anxiety decided to pay me a visit, the little shit)

(sidenote: As I’m typing this, there’s some weird ice-cream truck music outside the house and I’m getting creeped out because it is not going away ahhhh) (wait nvm it’s gone now) (I’m)(using)(so)(much)(parentheses)

I’m going to be posting a few things throughout the day for thanksgiving so I just wanted to warn you in case you want to block the tag ^-^ they’ll be posted under ‘love for lovelies’ cause that sounds cool!! Ya ^-^ I dunno how much energy I’ll have or how many I can do but *hugs really warmly* I’ll try my best, okay? Love you ^-^
John Carpenter loves Sonic the Hedgehog: 'I even like the one where he turns into a werewolf'
This is not a story I ever expected to write.

John Carpenter is /ourguy/