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Emma Connell as Anne Boleyn in Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History

I’m so tired, you guys. This year has been exhausting, and it’s made me completely change my perspective and prioritize and I consequently feel so disconnected from everything academic. Like I love reading and researching and writing, but does it even matter? I can’t work or write for days on end without succumbing to migraines anymore, like my body just wants me to stop. And it does want me to stop because who is our academic work even going to affect other than other academics working in our narrow little fields? If we teach, then fine, we teach students and make some sort of difference, but also, at least non-academic writing gets to other people. I’m tired, and I just want to focus on A and my family and my friends and building my own world. I want to stay home and make a home full of love and comfort and books, and I want to write things that aren’t just going to be graded and forgotten. I’m obsessed with diamond rings and bugaboos and chubby baby cheeks more than I am with the idea of research right now and all my training has me feeling like I’ve gone wrong somewhere, even though I know I haven’t and that I just want happy things. It’s never been either or for me – I’ve always known that a woman can have a career and a family, but I want the one more than I want the other. I want to focus on family and then write part time. I want home and babies and I know that it’s okay, but there’s still so much guilt. Like this isn’t what the world wanted me to be, but it is what I’ve always wanted. I should be charging forth into a PhD and a career, but I just want to slow down. And I have. But I want to stop feeling like I’ve disappointed everyone else and failed on the academic path. 

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oh the cast amazing.. it just hit me that Alan is probably not coming back and while valentine should stay dead forever i am going to miss alan and his acting

god me too!!!! like i’m not gonna miss valentine himself one bit, but alan is such a good actor and such a catch i’m gonna miss seeing him in bts videos/pics with the rest of the cast, just as much as i miss him and maxim teasing each other on set all the time :’( they all should have that goddamn werewolf game night again as a proper send off for alan ;););)

fun fact: i was ready to stop watching stranger things during season 1 when they had eleven hurt lucas. i sincerely thought they would kill or otherwise incapacitate their ONLY character of color. and that mattered enough to me that i would have stopped watching the show despite having gotten over halfway through the season at that point and being desperately invested in all the other characters. lucas was important to me, even if he was only the afterthought of diversity on the part of two white men.

i’m sharing this only to remind you that black people seeing black characters on screen is important. it matters. and it hurts to see characters of color treated like shit by either the writers or the fandom or both.

it hurts even more when the actor behind that poorly treated character is a literal child.

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K so u know two Anna's right ? But which one is ur girlfriend if I may ask? The lovely girl w brunette poofy hair ?

No the poofball head is the Cool Great Wonderful friend!! My girl is the one who used to have light/ginger hair for a while, however now she’s dyed her hair is the same colour as the other anna’s & she also got bangs and it’s :’-) so funny especially when they accidentally wear clothes that look almost exactly the same (which has happened a few times recently) My angels