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browniej126  asked:

Look I try not to do this but life is sucking right now, so um if you've got any gency fluff planned? Idk what I'm trying to ask for sorry...

Hey, doll. Everything’s going to be okay, honestly. All bad things will past and you’ll get through it, you just have to endure until then. Stay strong, doll. <3


Gency. Oneshot. Fluff.

The heavy clouds rolled in, and got excited at the thought of rain. Tracer got bothered because that meant the sunshine was gone. Mercy loved the smell the water left on the ground afterwards. Genji found peace in its sound.

Until the lightning started, and the power flickered out. Tracer and both let loose screams as Lucio shouts. There are heavy footsteps as it can only be Soldier 76 rushing into the main living room to check on his screaming teammates.

Mercy lets out a small gasp of fear, instinctively reaching out in the pitch blackness. Immediately, cool fingers slipped through hers and she’s pressed against him in a matter of seconds. His arms slip around her protectively, and she clings to him.

“Genji,” she breathes out softly.

“I am here,” his cool voice answers back.

She’s not afraid of darkness, or of lightning. Yet, being completely blind puts Mercy on edge. Just as her eyes begin adjusting, a bolt of lightning roars into her ears and leaves imprints of its brightness.

“Genji, you need to get flashlights out here now,” Soldier 76 instructs, knowing full well that Genji’s visor allows him sight even in pitch blackness.

“One moment,” He speaks, before gently placing his helm on top of Mercy’s hair. She breathes in his musk and steel scent, letting it soak her through before letting him go. He disappear without a sound in the darkness.

She blinks repeatedly, hoping to help her vision. She hears Lucio and nearby, and she softly imagines the two to be clinging onto each other in fright. Tracer probably located Soldier 76 through the soft noises of surprises as she bumps into furniture and then a sigh of relief as she finds him. She pictures the old soldier letting Tracer hold onto his arm, even though he’d never let that happen in the light.

Then several beams of light cut through and light up the dark room. Genji quickly approaches, and hands Mercy a bulky flashlight first, before giving and Lucio one to share, and then one to Tracer and Soldier 76 each.

“What do we do now?” Lucio asks, still clinging onto who does the same to him.

“We tell stories of course!” Tracer chirps, moving to the couches, “I’ll go get blankets, everyone get comfortable!”

She disappears in a blue flash, as Soldier 76 grumbles under his breath. and Lucio, now less fearful, move to the couches.

Mercy sweeps her flashlight through the room, about to call his name when Genji appears right beside her.

“There you are,” Mercy whispers, moving the flashlight to one hand and holding his hand with the other.

His soft laugh reassures her, then she pulls him towards a large loveseat. He complies, following even though his footsteps don’t make a sound while her walking creates a soft padding noise. As they get to the chair, Mercy knows that no one can really see Genji besides his visor. He’s turn off the lights on the rest of his body, and becomes almost completely invisible, and only a flashlight would illuminate his body.

She makes sure to keep the flashlight angled away from him, as she waits for him to climb into the seat first. Then when his smooth fingers brush against her hips gently, she allows him to pull her softly back into his lap, and press her back against him. He cool and smooth and she breathes a little easier resting against him. His hands still rest on her hips, and she loves the comfort that it brings.

Tracer returns and throws blankest on and Lucio who decide to share one, leaning against each other. She even throws on to Soldier 76, who grumpily accepts it while Tracer giggles. She then hands a very soft cream color blanket to Mercy and gives her a wink in the weak light as she swooshes away with a giggle. Mercy’s cheeks burn, but she just leans against Genji’s shoulder, and lets his body cool hers.

Tracer gets set in her own blue blanket besides and Lucio, and begins telling the tale of how she and Winston once had a peanut butter eating and speaking contest, and she wears to this day she still managed to say Pulchritudinous with an entire jaw of peanut butter stuck in her mouth and won the contest.

Mercy laughs softly at Tracer’s outrageous story, and Genji hums right along with her. His arms slowly wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer. The blanket draped over them, and the constant pounding of the rain, makes Mercy’s eyelids slowly drop. She finds the most relaxing sound though, is the steady rhythm of Genji’s heartbeat as she falls asleep.