and if you caaaare


Silly Error, thats not how you hold a crayon

This makes no sense but i dont caaaare at this point cause i also drew this in under 10 minutessssss

Hope you liiiiike

Galli’s response: Holy crap dude this is so adorable!!!! I love how bug-eyed the both of them are at the end it’s so cute and Lust is just like ‘wHAAAAAAAAAAT’ and then Error’s just like ‘sHIT’

I love this it’s adorable aaaaaaAAAAAA

Something MitJo I wrote while I was sick as a dog on vacation

Jonas figured there was nothing as unnerving as that sly sneer.

He thought that, at least, until he witnessed the abject absence of it.

And that was much worse.

Of course, he couldn’t just ask “what’s wrong,” because Mitch would probably retort some stupid and unfunny joke in response. But Jonas did wonder.

He stood out in the water much farther than usual, the surf at the middle of his chest. His t-shirt, stained and likely older than Jonas wanted to guess, clung to his skin in the places where the waves had soaked it. Mitch was basically drenched.

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Hoshidan Festival: Takumi and Kiragi Parent-Child Convo

I find Kiragi to be one of the stupider dub names. What’s wrong with “Kisaragi”?! Was it too Japanese-sounding?! I accepted the majority of the other ones for the parent generation because at least the names were still actual Japanese names (though I still think that taking the T off of “Tsubaki” is weird). And I was okay with most of the children names (I really liked Shiro’s original Japanese name “Shinonome” though T_T).

I have to say that Asugi really lucked out, though. They managed to make it an anagram of Gaius’s name AND make it sound vaguely Japanese. Too bad it doesn’t actually mean anything in Japanese though. 

I also find it kind of funny, the way Kiragi talks in Japanese. He talks pretty casually, not disrespectful or respectful. Just… casual. But he calls his parents 父上 (chichiue) and 母上 (hahaue), the most respectful title you could possibly call them (same as Siegbert), and he himself uses 僕 (boku) which is considered a formal pronoun for boys. Probably because unlike Shiro, he grew up knowing his heritage, but he hated being a prince. Mix and match?

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anonymous asked:

U didnt pass level 3 gurl stop deluding urself ur nt much better than the ppl u mock

Omg, who are you and why do you have such a hard on for TOPIK?

I took it once two(?) years ago without ever properly studying or preparing for it. I didn’t even know you were supposed to use a marker pen/correction tape to take it or how to space out an essay correctly. I took it completely on a whim and arrogantly assumed it tested general Korean ability and I’d be fine. I glanced at some unrelated grammar textbooks and distractedly took some practice tests a few days before the test.

I have no reason right now to take it again, but I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes if I do.

Jesus, why do you caaaare??? You want to have a chat with me in Korean and you’re afraid we won’t be compatible??

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Lololol I was wondering who was you in my notifications(aways let it on for u) and then I saw the post 😂😂

Omgg you cutiepie ❤❤❤ 

but ye akhjfkjd it’s so weird even for me!! and it only just started, I think i’ll get to confuse more people in the following days ahaha ❤

but it’s nice you connected the dots quickly ily ❤❤❤

Take caaaare ahhh

They don't teach basic child psych in business school

(A mid-30’s businessman sits down on one of the lobby couches with his 8-month-old baby. He plops the baby next to him, then turns away and pulls out his phone. The baby crawls around a bit, then attempts to crawl over the back of the couch. The dad eventually realizes, picks him up, and holds him close to his face.)

DAD: Hey! Listen. Careful. Caaarrrefullll. Okay? Careful. Got that? Carrrefulll. 

(The man goes back to his phone. The baby starts to crawl away again. He picks the baby back up.)

DAD: Hey! Careful. I need you to be careful, okay? Careful. Carrrefullll.

(Back to the phone. More crawling. More picking up.)

DAD: Hey! I need you to be careful! Caaaareful! Caaaareful!
BABY: LOOK. Guy. I can’t learn vocab or be reasoned with. I’m a fucking baby. Okay?
DAD: Oh my god, you’re totally right.
BABY: Yeah.
DAD: I feel like a dumbass.
BABY: It’s okay.
DAD: I should probably spend more time with you, huh.
BABY: I mean yeah.
DAD: Yeah.


BABY: I mean I still kinda want to fracture my skull off the back off this couch.
DAD: Nope. Sorry.
BABY: But like-
DAD: Nope.
BABY: Ughhhh. You’re the worst.
DAD: Yeah, I know.

(Dad picks baby up, walks away. Baby is a baby.)

anonymous asked:

okay, so i have a question. i've seen a lot of different things over the last couple of days and i'm just confused?? people are now saying that jungkook can't have jimin and his love because he spent too much time pushing him away and that it's too late and that jimin is over it by now. and i'm just??? where is he over it? because i don't see it? are people not seeing the mutual shit that's going on with jikook lately or? what do you think about this? you seem really nice so i wanted to ask ^^

are people not seeing the mutual shit that’s going on with jikook lately or?”


(can you see the mutual in those eyes :3)

Gurl, I’m just as confused as you are (refer to this post if you wish). I don’t get why people are wishing more pain on themselves, like hasn’t every day for the last few days been enough heart pains for everyone?  Cause think about it, what more can they do?

I have this theory, that people aren’t going to be satisfied until Jimin literally grinds on Jungkook on stage or something which *cough* I totally didn’t come up with by myself c’mon people let’s stay civil here ._.

I know some saltiness was coming from the whole 21st Century Girls thing which had a head touch the first time and not the second but… ??? It’s just a stage performance dough >.> Plus evidence shows that the head touch accidentally did happen, just on rehearsal or something but WHO CAAAARES. Why are you worried about something that’s just fanservice when there are so many more “real” moments to be questioning reality about? Besides, there’s a lot going on in their lives right now, so perhaps we shouldn’t really be emphasizing the romance at all…yet somehow we’re able to so that says enough on it’s own doesn’t it?

And for the people who think Jimin is pushing Jungkook away, well…

…I think you should stop before you accidentally insult the literal President of the Jikook fandom ;)