and if we take out the marvel aspect

I’ve had less and less of a desire to reblog and post marvel and bucky stuff as of late. I don’t want to say it’s completely due to the falling out I had with a friend back in June, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t affect me in that aspect. a lot of what we bonded over was marvel and bucky related so of course things are a bit… tarnished

I’ll come back to it fully some day, with fanart and fangirling and maybe even more convention visits to see Sebastian. but for now I think it’s best that I take a few steps back and let the smoldering embers die down before restarting the fire

I hope you guys understand and don’t mind. just bare with me for a bit. there’s been a lot changing in my life and I’m feeling good about it :)

To My fellow DC/DCEU fans

It’s no secret to anyone who had paid attention that the DCEU and it’s fandom has had to put up with a lot of shit: Bad reviews that got basic facts about the films wrong, vitriolic and disproportionate hatred for the films and Zack Snyder personally displayed seemingly any time he did anything, endless negative comparisons to Marvel and the MCU along with stupid insults from Their smug cast members, backhanded compliments and snide remarks from people who aren’t as clever as They think They are, endless negative rumors without a shred of proof to Their name and calls for a complete reboot or even for the rights to be given away completely to Marvel. Detractors tossed around buzzwords like ‘’gritty’’ and said the films lacked ‘’hope’’ and ‘’optimism’’ and went out of Their way to avoid saying anything nice about Them or anyone involved and acted like complete pricks to fans. Tags got clogged with moronic posts from people barely a step above trolls. Gifsets and positivity posts got hijacked, fans were out right insulted and told They were ‘’stupid’’ and had ‘’bad taste’’ and people couldn’t praise Marvel or another DC property without insulting the current films. I wrote a post around the time of BvS about how hard seeing it get ridiculed and insulted was for us after all the shit we’d been through and those feelings only increased as the year went on.

It seemed as though the films would never get the respect that They deserved, that we would either lose something we cared about deeply or keep it and have to spend all our time defending it from people who tried to make us feel ashamed of what we love, seemingly without consideration or empathy for what They mean to us. We never lost faith in the studio or Their abilities but it seemed hopeless that we would ever see the films get the love that They deserve.

Then Wonder Woman happened.

It’s difficult to overstate just how great it feels to see a DCEU film get this kind of respect and love from people in the mainstream. To see it get held up as equal and even superior to the rest of the genre. To see Gal Gadot who has gotten endless shit from the moment she was announced finally be respected. I don’t know what the future holds. JL will likely get torn to shreds but I have high hopes for Aquaman and every other film doing well. But that doesn’t really matter.

Wonder Woman showed the world that the DCEU can go the distance and that’s all I wanted.

Through it all, throughout all the insults and negative comparisons, throughout every bullshit rumor and half-assed criticism, through every article about Gal Gadot being too skinny or not having armpit hair and generally trying to dull our excitement for this film, through every idiot who suddenly gained a business degree and tried to say how the DCEU was a financial failure and everyone who hyperbolically treated the DCEU as a toxic entity that needed to be erased from existence and memory for the company and humanity as a whole to ever thrive.

Through it all, the fans were there, standing by the company and one another.

We never lost faith. We persevered. We called out bullshit rumors that anyone would half a brain could see were nonsense. We built our own community and supported one another. We fought back against everyone who refused to see a single positive aspect to the films, everyone who said how Marvel were always going to be superior and how They would do a real female led film if/when Captain Marvel comes out, everyone who said how the DCEU was over and done for and should just give up.

We fought back and our faith was rewarded. This is our moment of victory and we have earned the right to feel proud.

Don’t let anyone take that away from us. Not the people who still don’t and never will like anything from the DCEU, not the pricks who can’t praise the film without insulting what came before, not the people trying to rewrite history to make it seem like They were on the right side the whole time, not the seemingly endless stream of morons who will never let go of Their negativity or bitterness and don’t deserve our consideration or thought.

I don’t know what will come in the future but I’m proud to say that I never lost faith in this universe and I have never been happier to be in a fandom.

maggie is so beautiful. im trying not 2 get 2 invested. just taking things as they go but we have so much fun together i cant help but be excited. and the shallow part of me just cant help but marvel at how lovely she is and hopelessly charming. i feel like she brings those aspects out of me as well when im with her. i have felt just absolutely beautiful and invincible for many days now in a row. she’s like teaching me the ways of femme fatale and i luv it. the dude at the smoke shop next to my house literally tried 2 follow us home last nite he was so whipped it was weird. last nite she was hogging the bed and put her butt up against mine and i scooched over to the very corner to give her more room and she scooched up right against me again lol it was cute. but like whatever. imma just chill and not say 2 much but she does say she loves me and i hope she means it and i say it back

We need to talk about Rogue:

I really fucking hate what marvel has done to her.

She was never meant to spiral into THIS

Marvel took the very worst parts of her(shit we should have seen her grown out of by now as a fucking grown ass heroine), made them exponentially worse(as in: turned them from simply negative aspects of her character, to the entirerty of it), and have been running on that shit for years now, with only a few moments of apparent lucidity. The rest is an inconsistent mess of butchered characterisation, missed opportunities, and abysmally backwards character development. 

Worst part is that NONE of it makes sense when you take into consideration what her mutation is

Today she’s just: 

1) The token angry person to create discord and conflict.

2) The miserable, unreasonable, spiteful ex that doesn’t let the dude go. 


3) She’s badass for like three seconds, and kicks someone’s ass. 

Like, that’s it.

Best Rogue moments we can aspire for today are about her flying

And being strong. 








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(PS: I love her. Always will love her. I just hate what writers have done to her. Which I think was honestly accidental. Because for plotting purposes?, frankly, no one had a good, clear, concrete grasp on her(or specific direction to take her, for that matter), and just kept playing Hot Potato with her character from writer to writer, recycling the same tropes over, and over again(the whole losing control again/back to square one thing was U N R E A L. Not even touching the ‘I need to be alone’ one with a stick.), for so long, that it got to a point where you look back, at what the whole thing would wound up amounting to, and go like: …Shit. Yeah. Guess that’s who she is, guys. Whoops


She was never meant to be that. But well, it convenient to keep her that way, to have her as a prop for certain situations. You need conflict? Who can we count on to be the obstinate, ornery, and aggressive resistance? Rogue. Scorned GF? Rogue. Etc, Etc.

I’m just.



The first week of February 2015 will mark the one year anniversary of Ms. Marvel #1’s release. To celebrate, we will be holding #KamalaCon, a week long event (February 1st to February 7th) dedicated to our favorite polymorphing, butt-kicking, fanfiction-writing superhero, Kamala Khan!

Here are some guidelines for the week:

Sunday Feb. 1st: Kamala Con Begins! Post why Kamala Khan is important to you!
Monday Feb. 2nd: Post your original Kamala Khan art and crafts!
Tuesday Feb. 3rd: Post your own Kamala Khan fanfiction as well as your favorite Kamala stories!
Wednesday Feb 4th: Dress up as Kamala Khan! Whether it’s your full Ms. Marvel costume or a closet cosplay, dress up and post those selfies!
Thursday Feb. 5th: Anniversary Day! Take a selfie with your Ms. Marvel issues!
Friday Feb. 6th: Gift exchange deadline! Send your gifts out! More details on this can be found here!
Saturday Feb. 7th: Wrap up and fykamalakhan giveaway! More details on the giveaway soon!

Over the course of the week, be sure to post comic panels, graphics, and anything else Kamala related! While we have days scheduled for different aspects of the event, feel free to post even if you miss the day!

Throughout the week, be sure to tag your event-related posts as #KamalaCon so we’re able to see it and you’re able to track it! Follow kamala-con for all updates!

Get excited Kamala Korps – Kamala Con begins this weekend!

Agents of SHIELD: Name That Death God

“Hail Hydra.”

Agents of SHIELD is one of those shows that loves a good mystery. Hidden conspiracies, arcane artifacts, indecipherable codes… in general, stuff that makes viewers like me grapple with our television sets while shouting, “WHAT DOES IT MEEEEEAN!?” As the show entered its third season, I found myself worrying that the writers might try to overdo it–try to go for some grand, complex, mind-blowing plot twist, only to write themselves into a corner instead. Y’know, the LOST approach.

But luckily, the writers have decided, in their infinite wisdom, to keep it simple–or at least, as simple as you can get with lost alien civilizations in the mix. Their latest salvo on this front was short, sweet, and elegant. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… a shadowy figure in a black cloak.

This fellow appeared midway through the show’s most recent run on ABC, in the episode “4,722 Hours”, and he’s been driving me crazy ever since. In true SHIELD fashion, they kept our first encounter tantalizingly vague. He didn’t share his powers or costume with any of the villains from the comic, and all we really knew about him was that he’s

A. Inhuman,

B. Powerful enough to terraform an entire planet, and

C. Very, very, veeeeery evil

Trapped as he was on B-List Tatooine, we didn’t see much of him after that… though we did find out just a teensy bit more. Turns out Hydra worships this guy, and they’ve decided that things would turn out swell if they opened a portal to the mysterious death planet and brought him to Earth. I’m very eager to see how this plan goes horribly wrong.

In the midseason finale, “Maveth”, Hydra made their move, and their god crawled out of the woodwork for the first time. In addition to the weather manipulation we saw earlier, we found out he has the power to bodysurf as well–if you die, he can possess your body and use you as a meat-costume (even accessing the memories of his host), kinda like the smoke monster from LOST. He spent most of the episode in Will’s body, but at the last second he managed to hitch a ride back to Earth in the body of our deceased frenemy, Grant Ward. Yep; when the show comes back in March, Coulson and his team will have to face down a malevolent, bodysurfing demigod whose hobbies include human sacrifice and cosplaying as the Grim Reaper.

But at least there’s some good news. Even though SHIELD is all kinds of screwed right now, they won’t be screwed in vain. In his bid to cross through the portal, our mystery villain played his hand, giving us just enough information to put a name to that (stolen) face. The founder of Hydra–the big bad of the entire show–is called…

The Hive

Before I go into my explanation, just bear in mind that Diet Cthulhu here isn’t a totally perfect fit. He’s not Inhuman, he’s not older than civilization, he’s not nearly as powerful as his TV counterpart, and he’s a much snappier dresser. But there are so many other aspects of his character that fit so perfectly, I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be him.

Like his Inhuman pals, the comic book version of the Hive was created by a bunch of mad scientists. Difference is, these mad scientists were human, and card-carrying Hydra members. Hydra’s best, brightest, and craziest wanted to create a living being that perfectly embodied Hydra’s founding principals–domination, totalitarianism, and generally being a gigantic asshole to just about everyone. They ended up with a bodysurfing parasite, a creature that can infect a host, take over its body from within, and puppet it around like the most disturbing action figure ever. Its power to do this was limited–it could only possess the weakened or the dead–and if infected for an extended period of time, the host body would end up covered in mucus, tentacles, and other unpleasant things.

It wasn’t long before Hydra got curious and wondered what would happen if it got its hands on a human host. One very unfortunate intern later, the Hive was born.

Scarily cunning (as well as just plain scary), the Hive was welcomed into Hydra with open arms, ultimately becoming one of their top leaders. Alongside Hydra legends like Daniel Whitehall and Baron von Strucker, he was behind some of SHIELD’s nastiest setbacks. But things started going dramatically south for him after an attack from one of their enemies–a rival terrorist group named Leviathan. One of his fellow leaders, Viper, died in the attack, and the Hive used that as a chance to take possession of her body and learn all of her dirty secrets.

But the Viper wouldn’t let any of that go so easily. She managed to regain control of her body, and underwent surgery to purge the Hive from her system. The other Hydra leaders, disgusted by the Hive’s display, didn’t try to stop her. As far as we know, the Hive didn’t survive the procedure, but we never got any real confirmation that he’s gone for good. He could be biding his time, waiting for the perfect moment to take revenge. Immortals are patient that way.

So, down to business: why do I think we’re dealing with the Hive? Well, for starters, the possession aspect. Marvel has plenty of characters with that ability–Sublime, Malice, Ogun, the Shadow King–but none of them really fit the bill, and most of the best candidates belong to Fox right now. The Hive won out because his powers come with a unique limit–he can’t possess anyone, only the dead and dying. Every other bodysurfer in Marvel canon would have had nothing to stop them from just jumping into Fitz or Coulson when nobody was looking, then skipping merrily off back to Earth without a fight. Why stay with Will, the guy with no influence on Earth whatsoever, when you can make your grand return as the Director of SHIELD? And why risk a physical fight with Fitz in the final showdown? Most of Marvel’s bodysurfers can be fought by their hosts (the Hive’s downfall in the comics), but that usually only works out if the host actually knows how to do it. SHIELD has never encountered anyone with these abilities before, much less learned how to fight them off. If they’d been dealing with anyone but the Hive, they would have been nothing more than a free lunch.

This limit doesn’t just explain the Hive’s behavior; it’s also Hydra’s excuse for sending chumps through the portal as sacrifices. The show heavily implied that, because the host body is dead, any physical damage the body sustains will be permanent–hence Will’s limp. This means that, even if the Hive’s powers can stave off decomposition, the body will eventually break down to the point of uselessness. Hydra’s sacrifices were meant to provide him with fresh bodies, to keep him happy and healthy until they found a way to extract him.

Now, let’s talk tentacles. Tentacles are the Hive’s calling card, growing within (and eventually out of) the body of an infected host. In the very last scene of “Maveth”, we saw something moving under Ward’s skin–something that looked long, slippery, and vaguely tentaclish. We saw something similar happening to Will during the showdown at the portal. Yes, there are a few other explanations (the creature could be a Wrath of Khan-style “brain worm”, for instance), but the tentacle theory has one other thing going for it: the Hydra logo.

Is this just a picture of a really angry octopus? Possibly. I mean, it is missing two of its legs, so I can see why it would be pissed. But if the shrine we saw in “Maveth” is anything to go, that image isn’t just a purely aesthetic choice. Their god, whoever he may be, clearly has some kind of connection to the slimy appendages I’ve been prattling on about. And, well… if that’s supposed to be a depiction of the Hive, it isn’t really that far off.

That would explain his desire to play dress-up in “4,722 Hours”, approaching Simmons under a thick hood and later a spacesuit. He’d been using that host for well over a decade; by that point, it would have barely looked human. Any potential victim would take one look at the evil octopus monster and bolt before he could strike. The cloak wasn’t a fashion choice–it was camouflage.

And finally… of all the characters I’ve considered, not only is Hive the only one with a solid Hydra connection, he’s also the only one to have shown up in the Secret Warriors comic–the series that this show has morphed into an adaptation of. Daisy Johnson has encountered this guy in canon. The Secret Warriors are the only team of superheroes that he’s ever actually fought. There are very few places in the MCU where he even could appear. To me, that makes him a leading candidate by default.

In the interest of honesty, I should probably point out that, uh… I’m kind of terrible at this. I’ve been theorizing about the Monolith and the planet since the end of Season 2, and I’ve had an astonishing success rate of about 0%.

But this time? I dunno. Today, I’m feeling lucky.

‘Agents of SHIELD’: A cellist and a villian take center stage in latest art

“The cellist” — it was meant to be a throwaway line, a small piece of insight into Agent Phil Coulson as he took more of a center-stage role in Marvel’s The Avengers. Instead, viewers latched onto the idea that their fan favorite might have a bit of a mysterious love life…and ever since, speculation has swirled over if we would ever hear more.

With the idea becoming a reality in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s 19th episode “The Only Light In The Darkness” (airing April 22 at 8pm ET), it’s no surprise that the third piece of art in Marvel’s groundbreaking initiative, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Art of Level Seven,” focuses on S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s protagonist and his famed lady love. This week’s gorgeous rendering was designed by Pascal Campion, an accomplished artist and animator. In addition to teasing the introduction of Audrey (Amy Acker), it also subtly hints at the villain in next week’s outing — none other than Marcus Daniels, aka “Blackout.”

See what executive producer Jeff Bell has to say about this week’s art and its tie in to next week’s episode in EW’s weekly conversation below. As a reminder, this art — as well as all future art in the series — will be available for purchase as a limited edition high quality print exclusively through starting at 1am PST tomorrow.

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Captain America gets 3 thumbs up in my opinion. Wow what an awesome movie. I’ll try to make my recommendation as spoiler-free as possible. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, get out there to see it ASAP. The plot was solid, and Marvel does not disappoint with the humor. And seeing Tony Stark’s children in their own little Iron Man suits was worth the price of admission! And all you mothers out there will love black widow in this one. I won’t say why, but it’s because she’s having a green baby. I wasn’t prepared for the Civil War aspect of the movie, seeing Captain America on the confederate side taking orders from Robert E. Lee… A lot of studios have done the time travel thing right, I’d give Marvel an 8/10 on that aspect. And only because we got to witness Abraham Lincoln try to pick up Thor’s hammer. (His arm seemed a little thor afterwards if you know what I mean…) Seriously, take your mothers to see this one. And remember to stay afterwards for the clip at the end of the credits! Looks like the Green Lantern will be in the next one!