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Now you guys know with complete certainty that I’m trash

Uhh, so this is when they first meet and fuse, it’s kinda like with garnet? But Ryan is a crystal gem and he and some others were on a mission to save some gems designated for shattering, that’s where Shane comes in. Shane is a defective jasper, he presents as male for one but he’s also super lanky and tall as well, so off he goes to be shattered. But luckily Ryan saves him just in the nick of time and they go back to earth together.

I am confusion!

Who thought it was a decent idea to cross the Lucian Line with the Nox Fleuret? 

It makes no sense! Say that Noct and Luna had a kid, should it be male it would be King, as we have never seen a male Oracle. While if it was female it could be either, King or Oracle, and this kid would be powerful. Too powerful and more than likely would not be able to live through either a childhood or at best late 20s as it was shown that both sets of parents family tree have ties of their powers killing their wielder quickly due to the strain.

It would have been a set up for the Lucian Line to fall to ruins! The Oracle line would be fine, as Ravus, who still carries the Oracle blood, could provide an heir to pass down the Oracle line.

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Sorry guys, but I’m staying out of the game for a while, and only doing it silently with myself and the people who actually enjoy it, and aren’t bothered with it. Some of the fans have taken a simple, innocent game Mark created and turned it into hell. Mark is not at fault for ANY of it, and it’s not his fault about the whole hospital thing, even if it’s true or not true. {My opinion, I dont know if its true, or if it isnt, sorry.} The fans, the ones that took it too far, are to blame. Not Mark, not anyone else. Ya’ll have officially ruined the game and took it TOO FAR however, with your nonstop complaining, and tagging Mark, even going as far as tagging JACK and ETHAN, who have NOTHING to do with it. Please, leave them out of it, and RELAX. Go off of tumblr for a while if it’s that badly. Mark doesn’t have to address it, and even if he does, it wont change ANYTHING, but you shouldn’t be BOTHERING 24/7  him either about it, even going as far as saying you can’t support his channel for a simple game us fans took out of control. It’s not Mark’s fault and never will be. Please learn to use the block button or log out button and go relax. Sorry guys, but the more I’m in the tag, the more ya’ll piss me off. I’ll still be following the game, but yeeee.

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Isn't it quite ironic that there're not so many idols who have their moon in Capricorn (if there are even any??)

There’s a few actually. Shownu from Monsta X, Bom from 2ne1, Minho from Shinee, Chanyeol from Exo, etc. Why would it be ironic? I don’t get what you meant and it got me curious. Always nice to see how one placement alone means nothing though, as all of these idols that I’ve mentioned are very different people. Welp I really don’t get what you meant here, please come back when my inbox is open again because you got me curious af.


honestly this sounds angelic


rogue one + last words


Happy Birthday Chanyeol-ah~ 171127 | Reasons to love Park Chanyeol ❤

last night I dreamed I found these sweaters buried in my wardrobe, and when I woke up I really wanted to own them, but also consider: Shane

yes, I confess I stole the chicken sprites, but the sweaters definitely had the ingame sprites knitted in and I was lazy ¯\_(:/)_/¯

Jeremy: *waking up in Michael’s basement, lights off, Mario kart music coming from the TV*

Jeremy: Michael, what are you doing?

Michael: *in the corner, hood up, holding a stuffed animal that’s bound with string, holding a plastic knife to it’s throat*

Michael: The gays demand a blood sacrifice.

Jeremy: What the fuck.

Michael: Nah, just kidding. Rich threw this at me and now it’s my hostage until he apologizes.

Rich, from the other side of the room, aiming a Nerf gun at Michael: Never going to happen.

Jeremy: That doesn’t make it any less weird.