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First Date with Zach Includes

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  • Your first date would 100% be at an aquarium
  • He gets all excited over the different creatures and tells you all these facts
  • “Did you know catfish have over 100,00 taste buds?”
  • Him dragging you to and from all the different tanks telling you about all the different fishes
  • Standing in front of the shark tank with his arms wrapped around you as he stares in awe at the sharks
  • Watching him run around like a little kid
  • Being in awe of how cute and nerdy he is
  • He would probably pay more attention to the fish than you
  • But you’d just kinda laugh and love how cute he can be
  • Afterwards instead of going out to dinner you go to his place and eat pizza
  • The two of you curl up on his couch watching some movie neither of you are paying attention
  • Him really nervously kissing you for the first time and smiling into the kiss
  • “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”
You're All I Need To Find - Chapter 11 - Crazyloststar - 終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter Summary: it’s easier not to be wise

“Tell me.” Yuu rested back on the grass, staring up at the clouds as they passed. He was exhausted and angry and sad, he could hardly hold himself up anymore. “Tell me what happened, to make me ask that of you.”

“I don’t think…”


“I don’t think words are enough.”

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What are your top 5 favorite AUs you've written about with transformers or any other fandom?

Oh, gosh!  XD  Hmm, let’s see…

Merformers/Faeformers:  I can’t pick!  I love them both!  There’s just so many different things you can do with them!  And I’ve already started coming up with some designs in my head.

Yandere Family Au:  For some reason, I just really want Knock Out and Breakdown to adopt Jack.  Lmfao!  XD

Lost Light Yandere Au:  So many bots, so little time.  Though Chessmaster Rung and Creeps McGee Getaway will always be my favorites.  

Human Songbird Au:  It’s got frilly dresses, scary robots, and human birdcages.  Need I say more?  

Swindle’s Human Pet Business Au:  I just love Swindle to pieces!  ^___^  Especially if Lockdown is involved.

Bonus: The Disney/Fairytale Au’s I’ve been working on, but haven’t shared yet.  (I’ll get them posted on here one day, I promise!  XD)


I watched the s4 trailer of the flash on YouTube and GOOD LORD these mofos whine abt Iris all the damn time for no good reason like have we watched the same show??? Iris is nowhere near useless or “whiney.” it’s so upsetting how much anger people have towards Iris yet these same people wanna eat Ketlinz ass??? They think Iris can’t be a leader because she’s not a “scientist” like kettle or a genius/techy like Cisco. all they did was show Carly (lookin like spoiled milk) for 5 mins and that’s all the comments were flooded with and then the fake concern for HR 🙄 like did u not see Cisco or Iris??? Do you not care abt the people CLOSEST to Barry (cause not once have I seen Catherine care for Barry like Cisco or Iris hell even cap cold cares more abt Barry than her 💀) You must not really care about plot cause I’m excited as fuck to see how this dynamic without Barry will play out and how his loved ones are dealing (esp Iris ) with him being gone. So Keep your hating racist ass comments to yourself cause we all know if the roles were reversed y'all would be saying “"Caitlin”“ is the annoying one and u wish "she were dead” instead of “your beloved” HR Who u all of a sudden care about 🐸🍵

Also one last thing: just because Iris west may not be “representation” for you doesn’t mean she’s not representation for other people
And I see most of you Iris haters/Caitlin stans worship Barry as if he’s some “smol bean” he’s a grown ass man who most of the time, fucks everything up but in your eyes he “does no wrong uwu”

robb named jon his heir so like YEAH i GUESS i support jon as kitn but i would have appreciated it if like one (1) of the lords had even bothered to say like….yeah u a bastard but our last king wanted this and we actually respect his wishes and didnt just…happen to pick the same guy he did out of coincidence…

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“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters



She’s so in love ❤️

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You know what sucks?

Falling in love with a character that gets BARELY ANY SCREEN TIME WHATSOEVER.

damien is amazing and i needed to draw him with some dogs goodnight

(also MC dad probably gave him that shirt. and took this photo who knows)

OK but this panel says so much about Bokuto!

Saying that he’s aware of his moodiness and how he is on court shows that he’s so much more clever than most people give him credit for. he’s clever and he’s observant and he’s aware of his surroundings even if no one thinks he does (his teammates probably don’t know considering the one who knoWs him best, Akaashi, was SHOCKED): Bokuto is aware of what he’s like on and off court, and probably of his teammates’ annoyance. But he’s also aware of their trust in him. And trust is the reason why, being aware of his behavior and habits, he still lets himself be himself, thanks to his team!

I will never say this enough but Bokuto Koutarou is NOT the happy-go-lucky, moody and dork Ace. He’s the fourth top spiker of the country, Ace and Captain of a powerhouse of Tokyo, and he didn’t get there thanks to some muscles and a positive attitude. You need intelligence to get there - perhaps not the best scholar results or the most brilliant mind; he doesn’t have the cunningness of Kuroo, the wit of Oikawa or the intelligence of Akaashi but he’s still clever and observant and should not be underestimated!