and if that's not the greatest thing that can happen in a relationship

let’s be honest...

This is probably gonna come across as quite negative, but it’s really not intended to be. I’m going to be honest because thats what this blog is about, honesty and discussion. I would never usually do a post like this, but I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are feeling the exact same way as myself. This isn’t spreading “hate” so don’t attack me for it, it’s an opinion and it’s something that I feel should be addressed. Anyway, here we go:

I genuinely feel as a fandom, we are all so blinded by how we perceive Lauren to be, that we always attempt to justify the things she says/does when in reality, there’s a lot of things, we don’t actually agree with. I’m struggling to accept this image she’s playing out. It’s obvious their team is preparing her for her solo career next year. Out of the 4, only she and Ally so far have been given permission to release a song for profit in mainstream pop this year. Now, we’ve touched on the younger fanbase issue before. Lauren has always wanted to be older and more mature than who she is. Every stage in life happens for a reason, we accept that as we grow we learn what we need to know, when we need to know it.  L attempted to grow up so fast, that she’s now lost who she was. I look at L in 2015 then I look at her today. She was more mature and aware two years ago at 18/19 than she is now. Present day, her actions and behaviour contradict everything she stands for and preaches upon us. She selective, and addresses certain things on social media, leaving other major issues out. Her sexuality is now been questioned and undermined because of who she is been linked to and who she’s supposedly dating. That’s actually fucking sad, not just for L, but for LGBT fans across the fandom. She’s either drunk/high in nearly everything she uploads on Instagram. I understand thats a lifestyle choice, thats completely acceptable. There’s millions of people that do weed, I don’t personally but I don’t have an issue with people doing it, each to their own. However, what I do have a problem with is young fans cluelessly imitating Lauren’s behaviours because of her status and profile. If she wasn’t so public and blatant about what she was doing, I wouldn’t be writing this. None of the other girls are, and this is partly my issue.  L attempts to justify who she is and her lifestyle but all she’s doing is conforming to the stereotypes put in place by the music industry by publicising everything but not what’s important.

There’s been instances where Lauren has been so rude and impolite to respectful fans who nicely and respectfully ask for pictures or to talk with her. I understand theres a lot of fans who don’t respect the girls privacy, the airport incident was just one of many situations. But, 90% of the fandom are genuine fans who literally just want to take a picture or talk for a few minutes with their idols. These are the genuine fans that in reality elevated the girls to the level of success they currently sit at today. I’ve spoke to fans who have been left in tears at the Meet and Greets because Lauren couldn’t be bothered to interact with those who had spent hundreds of dollars to specifically meet her. I understand she’s human, she’s allowed to have off days we all have them. But, it’s important to remember, Lauren chose to audition back in 2012, she chose to sign a group contract and she chose fame. Nobody else chose this but herself. 

Fame can be the greatest thing in the world. You can do what you love, gain a platform and address issues you’re passionate about and have them taken seriously. However, it’s the most damaging thing to ever exist in humanity. What comes with fame is money and greed, and individuals loose who they perceive themselves to be. L’s confidence in herself often comes across as egotistical and arrogant. In any real life situation, no one should behave like that because no one is ever going to be the best. Why’s that? Because, there’s always going to be someone in life who comes along that’s better than you are and unfortunately, that’s just the way the world works.

I’m going to be completely honest with you all here, I genuinely fear L will lose herself in industry as a solo artist. There’s temptation, and people will try and craft her into a mould for the sole purpose of making money. We’re already seeing this happen. I fear her political and social activism will be degraded because of how she behaves and portrays who she is. There’s that added pressure to be the best vocally and if were being honest, theres always someone new that’s better. Her feminism and liberation as a woman will be taken away from her if she continues being linked to those known for their misogynistic and antifeminist behaviour. Her sexuality, something so empowering, brave and a huge part of who she is, will be degraded and mocked if she’s in relationships with certain people who think bisexuality is a joke. It’s not acceptable.

The healthiest and safest thing for Lauren to do, is to distance herself from social media and concentrate on what really matters. Spending time with family to reground herself of who she is and what she stands for. She’s got so much going for her and her potential is endless. But at the same time, she’s losing a lot of respect from fans who have been there from day one and those are the same fans that regardless of contract, can make or break a career.

more universe swap ideas:

Sidney and Geno are dating, but one day they have an argument. Maybe it’s over a dumb penalty one of them took, and Sidney is chewing Geno out for it, and that led to Geno accusing Sidney caring more about hockey than their relationship. Sidney is mad enough to be in tears (how could Geno ever think that of him?) as he storms off to their bedroom and slams the door shut, and Geno is still pissed so he sleeps on the couch.

Then Geno wakes up in a universe where not only does he still play for the Pens, he’s the captain. But Sidney is nowhere to be seen. In fact, no one’s ever heard of Sidney Crosby. He begins to panic.

“You just fuck with me now,” Geno says to Flower. Tanger and some of the rookies give him a nervous look. “No, really, where Sid. Not funny anymore.”

“We don’t know who that is, G,” Phil says. “Really.”

He’s about to have a panic attack when the Pens PR suddenly come up and ask if he’s ready to go deliver the season tickets. Geno, in a daze, lets him kind of guide him wherever, and soon he’s on his way, with the team and the Pens admin, to a little suburban house. 

Geno does not want to deliver tickets, but he knocks and he’s ready to kind of shove the tickets at them and leave. Then the door opens and–

“Oh my God,” Sidney says. He’s in jeans and a Malkin jersey, but it’s Sid, his Sidney, not missing or dead and oh God, he’s right here. “You’re Evgeni Malkin. You actually came.”

“Sid,” Geno whispers. 

He’s about to pull Sidney in for a kiss when a little boy peeks out from behind Sidney’s leg. “Dad, that’s Geno,” the boy says in wonder.

Geno watches, stunned, as Sidney picks up the boy and kisses his cheek. “This is my son,” Sidney says, smiling broadly. “Come in, come in–”

And Geno is led into this bizarro world where he meets Sidney’s fucking husband, the rest of the kids, Taylor, and Sidney’s parents, and he has to pretend that he isn’t losing it watching his boyfriend live a suburban life. Apparently, in this universe, Sidney had not played hockey after Shattuck. He went to university in Pittsburgh, married his college sweetheart (the football captain, to be exact. He’s handsome and tall and friendly, and it’s clear that he adores Sidney. Geno hates him immediately), has three kids with him who all adore the Penguins, and teaches at the local elementary school. And it’s breaking his heart watching Sidney live this perfect life, and knowing that he has no part in it.

anyways i want those angsty movie scenes where Geno keeps asking Sidney out on not-dates. It’s getting late, and Geno’s driving Sidney back home after yet another dinner.

“Sid, wait,” Geno says, as Sidney’s unbuckling his seat belt. Sidney looks at him in question. “Don’t go yet.”

“I still have some papers to grade–”

Geno covers Sidney’s hand with his, in one bold, sudden move. “Please don’t go.”

Sidney looks stunned, then pained. “Geno,” Sidney says softly. “Geno, I think I know what this is.”

“Sid, please–”

“I have a family,” Sidney says. “You’ve been–you’re an incredible hockey player–and–and a wonderful friend, I mean–you’re Evgeni Malkin–”

“I love you,” Geno says.

Sidney bristles. “I’m going home, Geno,” he says coldly. “Good night–”


“Let go–”

“I’m show–” Geno fumbles with his phone, which miraculously had all the photos from his world. Photos of his Sidney kissing his cheek, of them lazing around after workouts, Geno and Sidney’s happiest moments. 

He presses play on a random video, startling Sidney into freezing as in-video Sidney’s voice asks cheerily, “Geno, what should we do on your Cup day?” 

“You captain,” in-video Geno responds. “You decide.”

“But it’s your day,” in-video Sidney whines. “Really, we can do anything. I promise.”

“Okay. You be nice to me all day.”

“I’m always nice to you.”

“No nagging. More kisses.”

“I don’t nag!” in-video Sidney laughs, then kisses Geno’s nose. “I just want your day to be perfect.”

“Everyday perfect,” in-video Geno responds, stroking Sidney’s cheek, as the Sidney on the screen softens considerably. 

“How is this possible?” Sidney whispers, entranced by the video. “Wha–I don’t–”

“I told you,” Geno says tiredly. “I’m boyfriend in other world.”

What went down in Volpina
  • Thomas Astruc: are you ready for an epic season finale?
  • Everyone: yes pls
  • Thomas Astruc: with a new fox superheroine who teams up with the heroes to take down Hawkmoth?
  • Everyone: yes pls!
  • Thomas Astruc: PSYCH!!!!!!!!
  • Thomas Astruc: ALL WILL BE SUFFERING
  • Everyone: oh noes
  • Gabriel: *on phone* hey Hawkmoth! how's it going with you not being me and all that?
  • Adrien: whoa this must mean that he's not Hawkmoth bc this is defs not a staged thing
  • Gabriel: imma just leave the door to my secret safe open so that my son can peek in and see that the Moth Miraculous isn't in there
  • Adrien: oh cool let's look inside there
  • Gabriel: I should probs be careful bc if he steals that book he'll learn all my secrets
  • Adrien: hey Plagg let's steal this book!
  • Plagg: you know you're the most gullible person right?
  • Adrien: ye
  • *later*
  • Alya: so Marinette there's a new girl who's flirting with Adrien
  • Alya: wait wot
  • Alya: I thought you'd go into full-on Adrienette mode
  • Alya: do you not like Adrien anymore
  • Marinette: no I still like Adrien
  • Marinette: but this new person is such wow
  • Alya: you're not going into a fit of jealous rage?
  • Marinette: I'm totally fine with either of them dating other people as long as they're also up for dating me
  • Marinette: healthy polyamorous relationships are the greatest thing and solve so many problems
  • Alya: that's possibly the most reasonable thing I ever heard you say
  • Alya: who would have guessed you'd be able to have an unproblematic character arc
  • Marinette: imma activate the nanobots I snuck into Adrien's clothes so we can hear what they're talking about
  • Alya: dangit I jinxed it
  • Lila: so Adrien I'm a fox superhero
  • Adrien: oh cool!
  • Lila: also did you know that the Earth is flat?
  • Adrien: what really
  • Lila: yep and it's ruled by lizard people from the center of the planet
  • Adrien: it makes so much sense
  • Lila: also the moon landing never happened, climate change is a Chinese conspiracy, Shakespeare never existed, and Chloé is a nice person
  • Adrien: wow I'm learning so much!
  • Lila: and Season 2 will be out by December
  • Adrien: ok now you're defs f**king with me
  • Lila: dangit ya caught me
  • Lila: anyway imma go get akumatized now so I can help Hawkmoth
  • Adrien: why do you wanna do that
  • Lila: bc I'm just that chaotic neutral
  • Adrien: fair enough
  • Thomas Astruc: wait what about the straight people love triangle
  • Marinette: it wasn't necessary
  • Thomas Astruc: oh
  • *meteor happens*
  • Ladybug: imma stop it
  • Volpina: how do you expect to be able to do that WHEN I GOT TO IT FIRST
  • Ladybug: omg who are you you're beautiful
  • Volpina: I'm a person who is defs not an akumatized villain and is defs a new hero who's here to help you out
  • Chat Noir: sounds fair enough
  • Ladybug: are you actually just that hot girl who looks exactly like you who said she was a fox superheroine and then said she was gonna go get akumatized
  • Volpina: nope that's not me
  • Chat Noir: see, that's absolutely convincing!
  • Ladybug: no it isn't!
  • Ladybug: also Volpina are you doing anything Tuesday evening?
  • Volpina: I thought you were interrogating me?
  • Ladybug: yeah I'm multitasking
  • Volpina: coolio while you're doing that can you also chase Hawkmoth around?
  • Hawkmoth: I am here and defs not an illusion!
  • Ladybug: but what if he's an illusion
  • Chat Noir: he says he's not so we're fine
  • Ladybug: ok then let's do this
  • Volpina: PSYCH!!!!!!!!
  • Ladybug: you're not gonna fire those
  • Volpina: why not
  • Ladybug: bc you're within the blast radius
  • Volpina: I can survive a missile blast
  • Ladybug: you're no tougher than I am, so if they don't kill you then they also won't kill me
  • Volpina: oh f**k that's a good point
  • Jacques the Pigeon: HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY
  • Jacques the Pigeon: *rescues Ladybug and defeats Volpina*
  • Ladybug: ok Jacques let's not get carried away
  • Ladybug: all you did was show me where the illusions were and then I did the rest
  • Jacques the Pigeon: fine
  • Volpina: imma go to Adrien's house
  • Ladybug: and imma meet you there
  • Adrien: can you maybe not have a big fight scene in my bedroom
  • Volpina: ok that can be arranged
  • Volpina: *dangles Adrien off the top of the Eiffel Tower*
  • Volpina: so Ladybug give me your Miraculous!
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *ice cream bar happens*
  • Ladybug: hey Volpina I'll give you this ice cream bar if you save Adrien and don't take our Miraculouses
  • Volpina: deal
  • Hawkmoth: no wait you're supposed to be evil
  • Volpina: nope I'm just v chaotic neutral
  • Hawkmoth: dangit
  • Marinette: *walks into Master Fu's place*
  • Master Fu: hello Ladybug!
  • Master Fu: sorry I gotta go do something
  • Master Fu: wait right there and I'll be back in a minute
  • Marinette: *waits right there for twenty-one months*

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So y'all REALLY believe that destiel is gonna happen? I'm floored. No hate but just prepare yourself for when it doesn't because I know a lot of you will be heartbroken. Misha jokes around because it's funny to him that people think he and his coworker are in a relationship on and offscreen. & Jensen just tells it like it is cuz that's his personality. Just hope none of u get really sad when it doesn't happen so just prepare yourselves lol.


Thank you so much for caring about my well being I really appreciate it :) 

Given that I’ve just posted this and it is on no standard tags from myself or anyone else, I see that you must be scrolling my blog or following a mutual so kudos on being open to looking at things that are outside your own comprehension of the show!

My belief that it is likely is based zero percent on what the cast say or do but on what is written into the script and portrayed on screen. For example the romance tropes that are used repeatedly to the point that they have used most of the obvious ones up now and pretty much any romance in a movie or tv show is easily paralleled to their characters. Then the choices they make in production, direction and editing and the way they literally had an “I love you” death bed scene after setting them up as a mix of awkward crushes with mixtapes and posturing hey she’s into you and I’m not at all annoyed *pouts* and bickering husbands over the season… It’s the writers who decide what happens, not the actors. What the cast say is at best an interesting aside and as I’ve literally just said on the post you have read, it’s not even really relevant until they can actually say anything about a subject.

Thank you so much for your kind words however I will continue to use my own mind to decide what I see, the mind that has both a First Class Honours Masters Degree and a Bachelors Degree in two different analytical fields, was awarded the greatest contribution to the University the year I graduated and was right about pretty much everything I speculated about in season 12 having just started watching live in 12x01.

I’m sure this probably comes across as boasting but I ensure you I am fully prepared and mentally capable of making my own mind up and am not a poor dim sunflower you need to protect, so thank you so much but don’t you worry!

I’m sure those of us who see this and other themes will continue to enjoy seeing the pay off of those ones that have already been addressed (Dean no longer Sam’s mom, Mary as the catalyst for Dean’s emotional growth etc) and enjoy seeing if the others that we’ve also noticed as written into the script for over a decade also continue to build in the seasons to come.

But don’t worry I’m sure if it is the case they’ll give us some nice obvious exposition in the mean time so that the lovely people like yourself who don’t see it and worry about the well being of those that do can be gently eased into it :)

Take care my friend and I hope you enjoy season 13!

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do you read a lot of books? or what do you often read? do you happen to have any recommendations? :)

i haven’t read that many published books in the past few years because of school, but typically, i just… like things that subvert their genres, have interesting narrators, or… have good writing styles. thats it, thats all. here’s some books i’ve enjoyed*

  • the rest of us just live here by patrick ness: the indie kids are really weird, always running around fighting off zombies, or mysterious blue ghosts, or whatever the latest world-threatening danger is going on. the rest of the town, though, like mikey and his group of friends, are just trying to live their lives. a look at a typical “chosen one” story from the uninvolved bystanders’ point of view 
  • akata witch by nnedi okorafor: twelve year old sunny, born in new york but now living in aba, nigeria, is a little bit lost. then she makes new friends and is plunged into the world of the leopard people, where your greatest defect is also your greatest asset… 
  • chaos walking trilogy by patrick ness (#1: the knife of never letting go; #2: the ask and the answer; #3: monsters of men).  prentisstown isn’t like other towns. everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts in an overwhelming, never-ending stream of Noise. todd and his dog manchee stumble upon an area of complete silence and find a secret so awful that they have to run for their lives. 
  • raised by wolves series by jennifer lynn barnes: a human girl in a werewolf pack. i know this sounds cracky and terrible but this series also was good enough to make me cry so if you like heavy hitting narratives and anguish you should give this a try 
  • curse workers series by holly black: interesting narrative, really good world building, suspenseful plot akin to the tension you feel when watching a high-stakes chinese court political drama… similar in tone to the “raised by wolves” series. good stuff
  • welcome to night vale, the novel by joseph fink: a deeply weird story i’m not sure how to explain. has an absurdist sense of humor, as well as a thoughtful exploration of people’s struggles to find themselves. i loved the ending and would highly recommend it 
  • monster blood tattoo series by d.m. cornish: god, the worldbuilding, the language, just. everything about this series was so good!!! orphan boy rossamund, a boy with a girl’s name, is about to begin a dangerous life in service of the emperor. on his journey there, though, he runs into monsters – and people, who might be just as dangerous. i really loved this series when i was younger and if you like worldbuilding you WILL love it 
  • let’s pretend this never happened: a mostly true memoir by jenny lawson, which made me laugh and cry tears of laughter when nearly nothing else in the world could. 
  • graceling realm series by kristin cashore: i love this series. i will defend it to my dying breath. beautiful strong characters, beautiful plot, beautiful worldbuilding, everything is good and the character relationships are so wonderfully done. 

* disclaimer: i haven’t read some of these books in years so i don’t actually know if all of them live up to how i felt about them in memory. read at your own discretion 

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tbh I find it interesting how different people interpret the 'you're like a brother to me' line? like to some people, it's just a declaration of how much Shiro means to him, while others see it as a hurdle Keith needs to overcome to recognise his romantic feelings. and then there's those who think it sinks sh3ith entirely. what's ur take on the scene?

ha i feel like ive talked about this so much it would be hard to word it better than i already have, but ill try! 

ok so. thing is, this isn’t the only reference to family we see. keith says they’re all made of the same cosmic star stuff, that they’re “all related.” in episode 2 hunk claims the paladins are all “brothers” and allura tells keith she comes to think of voltron as her new family. so first off, i dont think the brother line automatically disqualifies it as a ship (as you wouldn’t be able to pair up any of the paladins or allura with each other if that was the case). i also think its important to note that while fake shiro keeps pressing this idea that all of team voltron is a family, keith’s focus is entirely on shiro. ive seen plenty of people put lance into this scene, so theres also the fact that, however you feel about the brother line or shiro and keith aside, lots of people can still interpret the situation itself–someone dying on the floor suddenly seeing their greatest hopes and dreams manifest in the form of someone they desperately want to see, someone whom they can’t bear to be abandoned by–as romantic. and again, whether you think its platonic or romantic, bom makes it clear keith still loves shiro.

but real quick, here’s something about it i wrote in one of my other meta, which i think kinda explains it better:

the thing is, shiro is the one who mentions family first. he tells keith “we’re your family” and we get the brother line in response to it. But, shiro said “we.” as in, all the paladins. and we know keith thinks of them all as a family, know that he said “we’re all related” at the end of the olkari episode. (hunk also says all the paladins are brothers, and later allura mentions them all being a family. team voltron is pretty Big on family.) So he could have definitely said, yeah, we’re all a family. But no, he puts all the focus on shiro, and goes “ you‘re like a brother to me.” That one exchange shows keith thinks of his relationship with shiro as being on a whole other level from the rest of team voltron—all of whom he’s already expressed a platonic, familial kind of love for.

Yes, he’s known shiro much longer, but i also think whatever happened back at the garrison, he managed to really click with shiro in a way that’s never quite happened before. Without their backstory, it’s kind of hard to tell. But shiro  must have made one hell of an impression on keith if he ended up being the only one this poor guy opened up to prekerberos. I mean, kollivan tells shiro that keith is desperate to have him at his side. I don’t typically see This Person “desperately wants to see you” used to describe siblings, that definitely has more of an unrequited love vibe to me. If it was strictly familial, i feel like they would have used a term that implies a More Mutual, healthy relationship rather than having this connotation of the person being in agony over their desire.

also, one of keith’s worst fears is apparently confronting his own feelings, something evidenced time and again by how he pushes others away and isolates himself during the whole galra thing

and after how much he’s been hurt and left behind over the years, i think its easy to understand why keith would be so guarded about what he feels and who he strays too close to. If at this point he has romantic feelings for anyone, i think he needs to sort out his fears of abandonment and intimacy first before he even dares to consider being vocal about those feelings. because the way he is now? he’s going to stay silent and just keep throwing up walls to protect himself. 

going back to the brother line in particular, im bi. and i can honestly tell you that saying “youre like a brother/sister to me” when youre scared of how someone of the same gender would react to feeling anything deeper is something people actually do. its a way to kind of backpedal out of the situation and avoid being hurt. its something ive done. so i can see keith throwing it out there as a kind of “safe” way to express how much shiro means to him without being worried that shiro won’t reciprocate his feelings or worse, risk irreparably damaging their friendship over it. especially since his goal here is to try and make shiro stop walking away, to do anything to make him stay. 

i mean honestly everything at this point is still up for interpretation, but thats just how i see it. also, if the staff was so deadset on shiro and keith being brotherly, i dont think they’d support sheith anywhere near as much as they do

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Why don't you like felicity? This isn't meant to be an attack btw, you're certainly entitled to your own opinion, but just a question from a curious felicity fan

this is gonna be long af so get ready:

ok so here’s the thing, i used to like felicity. i really liked her in season 1-2. i thought she was funny, and at first i was looking forward to her being a main character. i started to sour to her around the end of season 2. 

firstly there was the scene which pitted drunk!laurel against saintly!felicity but i brushed it aside. then there was the scene near the end of season 2 when felicity has that speech towards oliver “and you are not done fighting” and i was like, “wow. that was some baaaaaddd acting” but i was like, “hey its her first big dramatic scene maybe she can improve” 

and then season 3 happened. despite this being the season that laurel was to become the black canary, this was laurel season, finally she was gonna get her time to shine. aaaaaaand no. guggenheim never liked laurel (and/or katie cassidy) and he’d always taken measures to divorce her from her comic book counterpart. change her backstory to her being a lawyer, her mother wasn’t the original black canary, she wasn’t a meta, she didn’t even go by her first name dinah because “it was too old fashioned” (screaming internally) in season 2 he introduced sara. she was the Cool Girl™ to laurel’s Whiny Shrew. She had the martial arts skills, she had the canary cry sort of, and in the episode titled birds of prey, it was sara who fought huntress. and despite everyone from tommy to thea to moira saying how it had always been laurel and oliver, all of sudden they made it that evil bitch laurel had foiled sara and oliver’s tru luv because she wanted oliver all to herself. therefore it wasn’t sara who was the bad sister for sleeping with her sister’s long time boyfriend, but rather laurel for stealing oliver in the first place. but sara still wasn’t as popular as felicity and neither was her relationship with oliver. 

so then season 3 happens and they decide to fridge sara because thats the only way female characters can leave. and laurel finally gets to become the hero she was meant to become. the respected and badass hero who was oliver’s equal. except no. despite laurel managing to take on two security guards with ease in the pilot, she suddenly couldn’t take on a single untrained creeper without being defeated with ease. and while this was happening, felicity was gradually being given more and more screentime over laurel. and despite oliver and laurel being friends (and in love) since they were kids, when the news broke that oliver was “dead” it was laurel who had to comfort felicity. and whilst felicity had become an invaluable member to team arrow, laurel wasn’t even a sidekick for team arrow, she was a nuisance. but eventually she got some respect from the team and got to show up to swing a baton at whoever oliver had forgotten to shoot, who diggle had forgotten to punch, and who roy had forgotten to parkour over. but her screentime was given to felicity.

and then season 4 happened. laurel was officially the black canary. and despite her being considered an equal fighter, if not a better fighter than oliver in the comics, her and thea (who was trained by her league of assassin father) and diggle couldn’t keep up without oliver and felicity. so they came back. and as felicity and oliver tried to maintain a relationship, that became the focus of the show. felicity had unofficially become the lead female character. despite the dramatics of the season revealing emily’s weaknesses as an actress even more, she was the woman who had the most screentime. laurel was an afterthought. felicity who seemed like a replication of chloe sullivan who in turn was an expy of barbara gordon/oracle became the main character and when she was paralyzed, they toyed with her taking the name (oracle). 

this pissed me off. when i was 16 my mental health had become very fraught. and while most of the world tends to avoid talking about mental health, i lived in a country which was even less open about mental health. i didn’t know i could be disabled because it was never discussed. i got into comics around this time and when i saw barbara gordon as oracle i was enchanted and inspired. i told myself that if barbara gordon could fight crime while being in a wheelchair, i could graduate high school. and i did, with two diplomas. she really inspired me because when she could no longer physically fight crime after being paralyzed she turned to an alternative way of fighting crime and she became even more powerful than ever. it wasn’t her choice to be unable to physically fight crime but she adapted. felicity never went through that struggle of having to give up her old way of helping others and discover a new way and a new her. she always was a hacker. so when they hinted her being called oracle because she was paralysed it pissed me off. oracle isn’t some random person in a wheelchair. she’s barbara gordon who adapted to her circumstances.  

anyway so laurel’s been sidelined for felicity and her new dramatic storyline. and then the person in the grave is revealed to be laurel. and the thing is, guggenheim told emily that she wasn’t gonna be in the grave from the first place. instead of getting laurel like we had been told from day one, we got felicity. and remember how i mentioned that emily’s acting in the scene from season 2 was bad but i thought she could improve? she didn’t. so not only has an interesting and iconic character been fridged to make room for an oc, the actress can barely act her way through a single dramatic scene. a talented actress who worked hard to understand and properly show the character’s alcholism and physicality has been replaced by an actress who when she’s meant to be acting a struggle to not get shoved in a gas chamber, CLOSES THE DOOR TO THE GAS CHAMBER i think i have a right to feel that the wrong person is the lead actress. if it makes you feel better, i also think stephen amell is pretty awful too. 

but here’s the thing; if guggenheim (and the cw it seems) were capable of having more than one main female character and not promoting love interest of the season to the main character because the fans liked her despite her questionable acting skills, i wouldn’t hate felicity. but because felicity has become the greatest symptom of guggenheim’s poor writing and disrespect for laurel, i can’t help but hate her.

TL;DR: i don’t like felicity because her existence resulted in the fridging of laurel, the disrespect of laurel (and babs) and the actress is not very good at acting

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anonymous asked:

re Stiles biggest fear (spoilers for the episode): what works even better with your fic (and headcannon that Stiles lied) is that Derek gets turned into stone. He fights his fear (Jenifer bc why make sense now) and "looses" and gets turned into stone (he gets better). So if Stiles biggest fear is loosing Derek, that actually happens (and can be headcannoned that instead of Derek loosing another fight, we actually see Stiles fear manifest as stone!Derek).

Ah I really love this interpretation!! Derek facing Jennifer makes sense to me, because I’m just headcanoning that she’s physical representation of Derek’s actual fear –– being manipulated and betrayed yet again; trusting someone he shouldn’t and having his loved ones get hurt because of it again. It’s not literally Jennifer he fears, it’s what she represents in his life.

That said, I hate the idea of Derek losing to her, letting that fear overcome him. I hate the implication that Derek –– who’s spent years being afraid and traumatized and still waking up every day and fighting through it and doing what needs to be done anyway because it’s the right thing to do –– would be faced with a fear and just collapse under it. He faced down Kate in season one unflinchingly, faced Peter (someone he loved and trusted who became his sister’s killer), faced Jennifer the instant he realized she’d used him… Derek of all people, is literally the last character in the show who should fail when faced with his fears.

But, if losing Derek again is Stiles’ greatest fear then this all makes so much more sense. Derek’s fighting Jennifer, Derek’s a sure bet to succeed, honestly, but Stiles’ fear kicks in and forces Derek into stone. Derek can’t fight it when it’s literally someone else’s fear that he fail.

I have to admit, when I was writing the scene and Derek promised he’d always come back, I was thinking about him turning to stone and being restored at the end. It’s the fulfillment of his promise to Stiles in that scene, and so accurate to their whole relationship. Derek might leave, might be kidnapped, might be thought dead, but he will always come back for Stiles.

anonymous asked:

Hello. Yes, I would like to ask a question about Spideytorch. Or, actually about Johnny, if that's OK? In a previous post, you mention the sadness of 616 Johnny. Can you talk about that? I would like to hear all about Johnny's sadness, pls. Or, disregard if this is not concise enough a question, or not really an OTP question. Thank you.

It’s always okay to ask me Johnny questions! 

So like, here is a not-so-brief glance at 616 Johnny’s life, in honor of another New Comic Book Day where Johnny was in two pages and terrible things happened to him. Cut for length.

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Aggressive PSA About Dick Grayson

I’m going to address the two ton elephant in the fandom: the fan interpretation of Dick Grayson. So yeah, I’m basically going to say out loud what half of you are thinking and what the other half of you are unaware of.

Dick Grayson is not an eternally happy-go-lucky, trusting, or friendly guy. There, I said it. Dick has flaws. Bring on the pitchforks, fandom, I’ll fight you to the death. I’m glad that Dick Grayson is such a popular character, but the fact that so many people characterize him wrong drives me crazy. Yes. You should love Dick Grayson. You should also make sure you’re loving Dick Grayson for the right reasons.

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Appreciation post- TBBT Sheldon and Amy´s relationship

Although this may turn out to be merely a few lines and not a very long post, I feel like it still needs to be said, even if only in a couple of words. As the new episodes will soon start to air, I felt it the right time to say something at the matter of the last seasons cliffhanger and the sneak peek that appeared for the new season. Now I know not every body things The Big Bang Theory is a good show to begin with, and people have different thoughts about it, but I can only speak about my own thoughts sure, so I will only do so.
Yesterday I watched on TV the episode “The Prom Equivalency” of season 8. when it stuck me: this show is amazing. Its not like I did not think so for a while, but after watching that episode again- and especially the moment Amy and Sheldon have near the end- I was 100% sure of it. (Just to put down in a few words what happened: the girls plan a prom night for the group and everybody hints to Sheldon what happens on such nights, so when he sees Amy in her dress he panics only to later be comforted by her, after what he tells her he loves her)

Originally posted by tbbt-faves

From now on I may stumble with my words on the amount of my thoughts I have for that scene alone, but I hope somehow to be able to bring across just how unbelievable amazing the writing for this show is. Personally, I´ve never seen a couple on TV like theirs, and, personally, I´ve never felt so happy to see a couple like theirs on TV. What ever TV shows or movies you may have grown up with, no matter how bad or awesome they were, there was kinda always a vibe behind that- if you haven´t kissed someone or been intimate with someone at least at the age of 20- there is something wrong with you or you simply don´t exist. Yes, I know I´m putting things a bit up to an extreme, but basically thats how it is. And then these two dorks come across and you feel that, (yes, this “dumb and silly” comedy show) understands the world so much better than most other shows. I feel like- I don´t know- I feel like these two are something so rare and so important that it is a miracle they were able to see the light of network airing. I mean (now my words start to stumble) they don´t start of like most couples do. They have date nights but are not “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, especially form Sheldon´s point of view Amy is only a “girl” and a “friend”. They make a “relationship contract” where holding hands and cuddling are the only things allowed. Even when Amy starts to warm up more there is still nothing more then a few (two or three) kisses. The episode “The Opening Night Excitation” of season 9 is one of the greatest TBBT episodes (and maybe TV show episodes in general). The talk they share before they really become intimate for the first time is just so sincere and honest. It kinda makes you cry. I don´t say that being intimate with your partner is unneeded, its one of the most natural things in the world, but it is just as important showing that a romantic relationship can start of and go deep even before that. It just shows how important love is in all its ways. Both Sheldon and Amy are a bit like caricature characters, like all the characters in the show, I don´t say people just exactly like them exist, but they are still real and three dimensional characters with all their flaws. It is just so wonderful to see how they help each other to grow. We know that Sheldon wanted to propose to Amy a long time before “The Long Distance Dissonance” and yet the moment when he finally does was unexpected and a surprise how far both of them had come.
Before the end I must say that I actually really love all the character on the show, all of them, and all the couples. But for now it felt really important to focus just on these two.
I wish them all the best and may TV-show-fate be kind to them.

okay unpopular opinion rant here but

you can’t force or shame writers into giving a couple a happy ending just because they’re gay. I know in movie/television both lesbian and gay characters have gotten the short end of the stick for shock or initially homophobic reasons, but forcing every queer couple on TV from now on to live happily ever after to “make up for that” is not only soo not the point, but it’s also kind of boring.

I think the whole point of the movement we started was to get writers to stop writing in gay characters or gay ships *specifically* to kill them off for shock or try to pull that “tragic ending” bullshit. I think the point was that we wanted shows to write us in like regular human beings… which means: someone’s we don’t have a love interest, sometimes we do, sometimes we’re a main character sometimes we’re a supporting character, and when a wlw ship becomes canon, technically if we want the writers to treat us like they do their straight audience, that means the couple may not work out for like realistic, regular reasons.

Think of literally any show with straight couples in it. Does every single one of those couples work out every single time? fuck no, because that’s not how life works. Sometimes they last, and sometimes they part ways for whatever reason. Meredith and Derek from Greys Anatomy were like the greatest straight ship of all time and even they broke up for a period of time then got back together only for Derek to die (for shock value might i add)! I’m sure people were angry but i can almost guarantee you Shonda Rhimes didn’t get a bunch of emails saying “you killed him off cuz he’s straight, fuck you, straight couples are treated so unfairly” because literally no couple is treated “fairly” in that show- it’s a damn drama! I realize in that scenario, straight viewers have a multitude of other couples to look to if they want a happy ending, but if that’s what you’re angry about, demand more romantic comedies written about gay people. ask for more light fluffy stories about the gay community instead of vilifying drama writers for including drama in their shows, but only when the drama affects the gay ship *you* like… i mean come on, man. the show wasn’t hand crafted for you, it’s supposed to reach a wide audience.

And think about if every single writer was pressured into giving you want you want and every ship introduced just never broke up. How fucking boring would that be!! You wouldn’t even have to watch the show because you’d already know nothing was going to happen to them no matter what’s happening in the story. Thats flavorless and extremely poor writing. Life is heartbreak, life is the chase, life is falling in love then realizing a year later you’re not right for each other. life is growing out of friendships and relationships AND especially in the realities that a lot of our favorite wlw exist, life is loss, whether in the form of death or injury or someone being kidnapped-or whatever, so you have to expect that those things are going to be written into a show whether a gay couple is part of the plot or not, and i think that’s a better representation of equality than giving gays immunity

My point is you can’t demand equality and then get mad when you’re not given special treatment. Equality may mean more gay characters and less shock value kills, but they still have to deal with reality, and sometimes that means a ship having to sink so pleeeeeaasseee, just let it go and stop harassing show writers. if our requests for more representation are well received, we’ll have plenty of other shows to migrate to.

hydejackies-deactivated20170430  asked:

zenmasters ofc

Also asked by @queerafbucky ~

  • big spoon/little spoon: You know Jackie is the little spoon, who won’t be with a guy that loves to cuddle as much as Steven Hyde? Because that guy is a cuddler, man. Don’t let yourself be fooled, he enjoys that a lot.
  • favorite non-sexual activity: Aside from driving around and playing chess, they spend time letting the TV on and in mute, doing the dialogues of the characters into terrible plots with funny shit in between.
  • who uses all the hot water: JACKIE, and there’s a point in which Hyde has to talk to her because wOMAN, COME ON. But in general, he doesn’t mind it. He is kind of used to that. 

    When Jackie hears that, she decides maybe they should share the shower some times… most days.
  • most trivial thing they fight over: Jackie can’t decide for dear life what to eat and it can annoy Hyde some times. In general, they kinda fight for every trival thing but it’s never real, it’s never like… them being actually mad, most times they end up laughing. Or more, like, he ends up laughing.
  • who does most of the cleaning: Hyde, he even enjoys it. Jackie isn’t messy but man, she just doesn’t like housework.
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Jackie owes the netflix queue most times as long as Hyde can chose, most times, the music at the car and the afternoons as they read or try to nap.
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Jackie, she’s the only one who can get that man to listen to them.
  • who steals the blankets: None does that, but when it happens, It’s Jackie and it’s generally on purpose because Hyde made her supposely angry (aka it’s a joke).
  • who leaves their stuff around: None. But some times, when Jackie is especially not-cooperating, he would leave his crap all over the bathroom before she gets in to take a shower and he would smile after the high pitched “SteeeeevEEEEENNNNN”.
  • who remembers to buy the milk: Hyde, he’s always taking mental notes about what they need back at home.
  • who remembers anniversaries: Both, but just in case, Jackie puts notes on their fridge a few days before, so Hyde can see them. He thinks it’s cute, so thats why he has never told her he doesn’t need it.
  • Who cooks normally? Hyde. Jackie has learned some by now, but she isn’t especially good or something, so he keeps cooking. Although, her pancakes are really good. He only has to work the eggs for her.
  • How often do they fight? In reality, not as much as people think they do. There are very little things that actually makes them angry when it comes to their relationship or their house, and later the kids.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other? Well, if they aren’t working, they will probably go out with their friends. If one of them is, for some reason, in another city or something like that, they would call each other.
  • Nicknames for each other? Hyde still calls her ‘doll’ and ‘grasshopper’, she keeps calling him ‘puddin pop’ and ‘honey’. They both use ‘baby’ to call each other, too. 
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner? Hyde, because Jackie likes it that way. But when they have dinner at home and they call for food, she pays most times.
  • Who steals the covers at night? None, and they sleep so close to each other, it’s not needed.
  • What would they get each other for gifts? She will always buy him things she thinsk he needs, even when he may not like it. And she knows he doesn’t, but its like a joke between them. He ends up wearing the clothes she buys for him that he doesn’t like and if maybe their ruin it during sex, no one says anything. But she also always gets him something he does wants. Just, most times, not material ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    While he ignores the hell out of her the list she does for him every year and ends up buying her something he believes she may like. Even if she doesn’t like it, there’s a part of her that does because he did the effort of finding something for her.
  • Who kissed who first? They kissed at the same time in both times it was the ‘first kiss’. 
  • Who made the first move? Hyde, almost immeditaly after Jackie showed sing that she was seriously not playing with the ‘I broke up with Michael’ thing.
  • Who remembers things? Both, but Jackie has her system to remind Hyde stuff. 
  • Who started the relationship? Both? How can you… start a relationship… without the other knowing or what? What?
  • Who cusses more? WHAT IS CUSSES?
  • What would they do if the other was hurt? Well, if it’s physical hurt, I believe Steven Hyde is the cutest while nursing Jackie into healthiness. He would make her comfort food and put nice pillows around her, and keep her company and kiss her cheek and be alltogether damn cute. And as for Jackie, she may not be the best a cooking, but I believe she is the greatest at spoiling people while sick. And she does it so well with him, he almost enjoys being sick.

    Emotional hurt is another thing. He may get blank at first, becaus eholy shit, PANIC, but he gets it right away that she needs comfort and he will always try to cherish her up somehow. He knows now that sardonic jokes about the thing aren’t the answer, so those are out. But he listens if she wants and respects her silence when she isn’t ready.

    While Jacie seems to always know what’s wrong and when she doesn’t, she would lowkey make him talk with her sweet, sweet comfort and soft kisses. Once he has it out, she is Extra Cute™ and it always makes him feel better.

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Our poly trio is so nice and pleasing. But when they fight who's the silent one, the sorry one and who's the one who gets everyone back together?

it is isn’t it?? but anyway i think it’d depend on the fight, but i think maybe if they’re all arguing about peter’s well-being as spidey (bc that’s the first argument i thought of), peter is the silent one and the sorry one but he’s also defensive and mj is ranting at him about being more careful, and ned is emphatically agreeing with her but he’s also like “but guys,,,, let’s not yell about it,, can we just cuddle and talk about this please” and mj’s like “maybe when peter starts, i don’t know, trying harder not to get shot!!!” and peter feels bad for making them feel worried and then ned gets them to get some hot chocolate and they all sit down and peter says he’s sorry and mj says she’s sorry for yelling and then they all actually have a good conversation about it 

bioticbootii  asked:

So I have this headcanon that Bella reacted so badly to Edward leaving because she was addicted to him. Vampires are attractive- they look good, smell good, hell even sound good. When Bella kissed Edward, I wonder if perhaps maybe his venom had some sort of addictive property. Since it has to be injected to start the change, trace amounts injested could have a sort of drugging effect, meaning Bella could have been in withdrawal. Do you think that's plausible?

This is super interesting. You’re spinning my grip on the series out of control. I genuinely never thought of Edward’s venom having that sort of effect on Bella, and there certainly wouldn’t be any scientific evidence showing how vampires and humans in relationships grow addicted due to venom because, well, the only relationship most vampires have with humans is dinner. Here are my thoughts.

As far as I’m concerned, Bella was devastated emotionally when Edward left; she was robbed of eternal life, the greatest love she had ever known, and an entire family (which included friendships) at the drop of a hat with nearly imperceptible warning signs. I’m a firm believer that Bella’s depression was the result of her emotional attachment to Edward and the rest of the Cullens, but this venom theory is very intriguing. There’s no denying the vampire’s are meant to intoxicate their prey; Alice describes vampires as “venomous flowers” due to the allure their appearance, movement, scent, and voices have on humans. The venom is where the issue arises, as far as canon is concerned. When Edward and Bella share a slice of pizza in the Forks High cafeteria, Edward isn’t worried because the venom wasn’t potent enough to hurt Bella. I can’t remember if this was in Midnight Sun or somewhere else, but that’s for sure a thing that happened. Because the venom isn’t in the bloodstream, and is in fact carried to Bella through Edward’s saliva, I can see how the addiction could be plausible. I don’t think the venom acts as a drug, because it’s seen to be relatively harmless when ingested, but I think Bella was dealing with more emotional withdrawal than venom withdrawal. It’s definitely plausible. I feel like Carlisle would have spoken up if the venom was addictive; he thought he knew enough to tell Edward that babies weren’t a possibility with a human mate, so perhaps he had a grasp on the venom in the saliva. Esme was drawn to Carlisle, but they didn’t kiss when they first met, so there was no venom in her system. Hers seemed to be the typical pull vampires inflict upon humans, but Edward and Bella’s story differs too much from Esme and Carlisle’s to make any solid inferences on the whole human-to-vampire-venom-saliva-ratio study. Really, really impressive theory!

If any of you would like to share your thoughts, I’m always willing to hear your theories or feedback.

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who is maria de villota? I've heard from her before and heard she had something to do with carlos sainz career, thats why im asking you

Dear Anon, please sit down because I’m about to lecture you about one of the greatest woman in the world, and a real life heroine.

This amazing woman is María de Villota Comba, born in Madrid, Spain on 1980. In two days she would had been turning 37. She competed in multiple series including Spanish F3, the Daytona 24 Hours, and Superleague Formula Championship, won the 1000km Hyundai on 2005 and stayed on podium the years 2002 and 2006; she became the first woman to be part of WTCC, Superleague Formula, first woman to get a pole on Ferrari Challenge. She was breaking stereotypes and was set for greatness. 

Her relationship with Carlitos began in 2009, when Red Bull invited him to try a Formula car to test him for a sponsorship. He was led by Maria and her brother Emilio de Villota Jr. in a prior test, his first time driving a Formula car. Thanks to this, he got into the Red Bull Junior Team.

In mid 2011, she tested for Renault being the first woman the test an F1 car since 2005. On early 2012, María joined Marrusia as a test driver, her full ambition to get a F1 seat, and she almost did it. During the 2012 European Grand Prix (then hosted in her beloved Spain), on mid June 2012, Timo Glock got sick and couldn’t drive for qualification, but Maria couldn’t get his seat because she didn’t had a Superlicence. Then, something terrible happen. 

On July 3rd, 2012, María was testing for aero on a Marrusia at Duxford Aerodrome. It was her first time driving their new F1 car. Not many details are known but she crashed into a stationary truck, suffering head and facial injuries. While María was still fighting for her life, Marrusia pretty much just said “it wasn’t the car’s fault”, but nothing more was ever said over the accident itself, a few things here and there but I believe nothing official. She underwent many surgeries to fix everything, lost her right eye, the senses of smell and taste but she insisted that she wanted to get her hands behind the wheel and keep racing. She also wanted to be part of making motorsports a lot safer.

Even before her crash, she was ambassador of the Day of the Women in Madrid and fought against gender-based violence. On March 2013, she was named part of the FIA Drivers’ Commission for Single-Seaters, alongside Nigel Mansell and Karun Chandhok. She wrote a book “La vida es un regalo” (Life is a gift), and she gave speeches inspiring people to keep pushing forward no matter what. She never gave up, but the consequences of the crash never fully left.

On October 11th 2013, María de Villota passed away, age 33, by supposed side-effects of her injuries. She left such a legacy for motorsports in Spain and for women in motorsports.

To fully explain how much did María meant to Carlos, you can watch this video. While it’s on Spanish, the way Carlos speaks of her, his voice and behavior, the way he tried to keep himself together and not cry yet crying anyway… it’s beyond emotional; he quickly explains how she was the one who allowed him to first test a single-seater car, how she was before and after the crash and how he will always remember her. Truly fully emotional.

Spanish Motorsports Queen: Maria de Villota


EVERY(!!!) pynch moment in trc part 3: blue lily, lily blue

 alternatively titled: if you didn’t think adam was bi before,, well bud, u do now

part 1 // part 2


“Maybe I dreamt you,” [Ronan] said.

“Thanks for the straight teeth then,” Adam replied. (pg. 13)

ok, an anon asked me to explain the significance of this quote and i’m gonna try to do my best. this is the first textual example of ronan,, (hear me out),, actually, intentionally flirting. did he mean it in the ‘adam you’re so unreal, you’re like a dream, i love you so much’ way? maybe!!! maybe not!!! but regardless, ronan made a joke that he knew could be taken as a romantic advance, and he did it ANYWAY!! this just shows how far he’s come since the dream thieves. adam handles this statement well and honestly? this sets up the entire book in terms of their relationship

Blue’s voice warred with the engine and Ronan’s still abusive electronica. It seemed impossible that Adam could sleep through it. (pg. 33-34)

hmmm, adam is so used to his extremely loud music that he can sleep through it??? he must spend a lot of time around ronan, then …..hmmmm

For a moment, he watched Ronan and tried to imagine that he was a teacher instead of a Ronan. It was impossible. Adam couldn’t decide if it was how he’d shoved up his sleeves or the apocalyptic way he tied his tie. (pg. 78)

mostly I’m including this line to remind you all that adam thought of ronan as a teacher, a king, and a god all in one book (but we’ll get to the last two later ok)

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ghostbehere-deactivated20160226  asked:

i feel like to fully enjoy your blog i need to listen to the libertines... where do i start

The Band

Pete Doherty

  • Peter Dohety, aka Bilo
  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • a large boy (6′2″) and yet so very very smol
  • dont u just wanna boop all his freckles and moles and kiss his lil nose and pet his floofy hair and tuck him into bed and make sure no one disturbs him till the morning
  • probably a cat (large baby animal eyes, soft floofy hair, licks carl)
  • his dad was in the army so he grew up all over the place
  • very very smart and witty and literary
  • struggled a lot with heroin etc but! he is clean now and better than he’s been in years
  • has a son named astille who is an angelic child

Carl Barât

  • full name: CARL ASHLEY RAPHAEL BARAT, aka Biggles, aka Carlos
  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • THE TINIEST i bet pete can scoop him up
  • but so angry and fierce!
  • his mum was a hippy so he spent half his childhood on a commune
  • he had a twin brother who died when he was a baby and he says he feels thats why he’s always desperate to be with someone. also pete once said he feels like hes the reincarnation of carls brother or… something. thats kind of. messed up guys
  • studyed acting for a year and became friends with petes sister amy jo, which is how pete n carl met, before he dropped out
  • absolutely Terrible and Embarrassing in every way (cant swim, was never on a plane in his life until he was 22, acts in terrible films etc etc)
  • struggled with depression and suicide and cocaine and alcohol for a long time :( but! also much better now, partly due to his gf edie and their two kids (more angelic children)
  • we make fun of him a lot but he can be so sweet and lovely and vunerable so. also tremendously attractive in a ‘crawled out of a parisian garbage can’ way, despite his tiny nipples
  • Hippy’s Son is the most hashtag carl thing ever to exist

John Hassall

  • bassist
  • im not sure that john is… entirely human?? like he hasnt aged in 15 years??
  • does he ever like? speak? smile? laugh? emote?
  • nontheless a killer bass player, beautiful in the way that greek temples are, and a good guy to have around
  • lives in sweden or denmark or somewhere equally mysterious, appears when summoned
  • has a band called yeti, v mysterious altogether

Gary Powell

  • GARY!!!
  • the drummer
  • a tremendous strong and stylish friend
  • what a pal, what a guy
  • honestly what is there to say about gary? so nice and good and pure and always happy and good natured
  • a good friend and never stood for any malarkey

there’s so much to say about the band? have some highlights;

  • the band formed when petes sister, amy jo, introduced him to her flatmate carl. they started arguing straight away and then became eternal soul mates
  • pete and carl used to live together. a lot. like. they slept on the same mattress
  • they were always fighting and falling out but simultaeneously obsessed with each other it was amazing/terrible
  • sometimes they couldnt pay the rent so they would post invitations to gigs on the band forum and charge a tenner at the door of their flat
  • its all very romantic and wonderful tbh
  • thigs fell apart a bit in 2003, carl kicked pete out bc of the drugs etc and then pete got angry and robbed carls flat and then carl sent him to prison it was. it was really messed up
  • then when pete got out carl was waiting for him and they fell into each others arms and played the Freedom Gig (please read the whole thing) and it’s like this one shining incandescent moment of glory before everything started to go wrong again
  • they broke up properly in 2004 :( and then everything was up and down, will they wont they for years
  • and then in 2010 they reunited for reading and leeds!
  • and then in 2014 pete went to rehab again and he got so much better and they played hyde park and carl and john and gary went to thailand to be with pete and they recorded the new album and now the singles out and!!! ah!! its really happening!!

The Albums

Up The Bracket

  • what do i even say this album is amazing
  • its all ~ PUNK VIBES and sid vicious hair but the lyrics are so sweet and poetic and and arGH
  • i cant even say anything else its perfect
  • radio america :(((
  • the good old days :((((((((((

The Libertines

  • i cant even listen to the first track without crying bc its About Them the entire album is just About Them
  • agony and pain and heartbreak
  • im sorry its just all a bit Much
  • a few older songs from the early years worked their way back in
  • idek what to say its agony and fire and death
  • buts its good tho imma still listen

Anthems for Doomed Youth

  • the new album B)
  • out this september i believe 
  • the single is ‘gunga din’ and its breaking my heart

Other Projects


  • pete’s other band
  • just a shambles baby
  • actually extremely good like. like wow theyre really really good
  • three albums; Down in Albion, Shotter’s Nation and Sequel to the Prequel
  • some of petes best songs
  • oh yeah drew mcconnell is the most pure, most precious of all the cinnamon rolls

Dirty Pretty Things

  • carls other band (ft gary)
  • two albums; Waterloo to Anywhere and Romance at Short Notice
  • again, really really good by virtue of having carl in it
  • honsetly i cant believe we live in a world in which DPT era carl once walked truly we are blessed

Carl’s Solo Album

  • the picture is mostly irrelevant i just think he looks really beautiful here
  • i havent listened to it but alissa tells me its. not great and i trust her
  • however! it does contain ‘so long my lover’ which is like. the greatest thing carl ever achieved on his own so theres that


  • petes solo album
  • its all sweet acoustic folky little songs and its so good
  • also sweet by and by?? is definitley abt carl??
  • like its just SO GOOD
  • also pete was like. aesthetically at his peak i mean that hat

Carl Barat and the Jackals

  • in 2014 carl put together a new band called the jackals and they recorded an album called ‘let it reign’ and. its good its really really good
  • the video for glory days is incredible?
  • well worth a listen

More Fun Libertines Facts

  • do what i did and operate on the basic assumption that every song is about pete and carls relationship until proven otherwise
  • is an absolute goldmine for info and downloads
  • photographer andrew kendall has some great downloads on his website (shaking and withdrawn and untitled are essential pete acoustic sets)
  • although tbh most unreleased stuff is worth getting a hold of especially stuff like ‘you’re my waterloo’ bc. hoo boy
  • bilo-shambles has downloads for essential libs books (threepenny memoir and the books of albion are carl and petes own books, respectivley)
  • this is the most important libertines footage you will ever watch in your entire life
  • here is a very tiny pete getting interviewed while queing for be here now
  • here is a very out of it carlos staring at noel gallagher in abject adoration and making a fool of himself on tv
  • oh yeah pete has a song called ‘for lovers’ written by wolfman. uh. get someone else (like actualcarlbarat) to explain wolfman to u
  • im probably missing six million things this is only the beginning everyone make sure to correct me and add more as I’m only a baby libs fan m'self
  • honestly ur best bet is to do what i did less than six month ago and throw yourself in headfirst and everytime u learn something new yell THIS CANNOT BE but it is!! its all true!!

I’m writing out my feelings for this whole anon situation in this fanfiction. And thanks to comewhatanime for helping me with the ending c: It was suppose to be 10x longer and 10x more angsty, but I don’t have a lot of time to write with graduation coming up.

Setting: Long-distance relationship, AU

Italic: Skype Messages

Bold: Text messages

Bold + Italic: Tumblr message

Pairings: NaLu

Summary: “Lucy felt trapped in her own mind. The more hate that came, the more lonely she felt. With her only solace being one thousand miles away, she had no choice but to rely on mental help she was receiving, but words can only do so much to help a person… and Lucy learns that the hard way.”

“And… finished!” Lucy exclaimed,clasping her hands together and she typed the last word of her newly written fanfiction. The idea had been bothering her for the longest time, but she wasn’t sure if her fandom would enjoy the idea the same way she did. Finally, after late night conversations with Levy and occasionally Erza for the past week, Lucy had finally gotten the courage to put her idea into words.

A little beeping noise brought her out of her thoughts. Looking at her laptop, she seen she had gotten a notification from Skype. She clicked the little button and seen it was the group chat she had joined a little over two years ago.

Natsu: I’m sooooooo bored

Lucy giggled at his message, he was always the icebreaker to start a new conversation everyday between their group of eight. Hearing the alert noise again, she looked down at her computer seeing someone had replied to Natsu.

Gray: No one cares, go entertain yourself.

Now the blonde rolled her eyes, already knowing a fight was about to pursue. Not wanting to get in the middle of their little fit, she just decided to private message her beta to check for the errors in her story.

After sending the message, she went back to her little group seeing that there was already twenty messages she had missed in the two minutes she didn’t pay attention to the chat.

Natsu: I swear the day I meet you Ice Princess is the day you’re gonna regret fuckin’ with me.

Gray: Thats funny Flame Brain, I was thinking the same thing.

The insults came faster than Lucy could keep track of. Their only hope was that the red haired she devil would log on soon to stop the two idiots from their bickering. Lucy would stop them but the last time she tried to get in the middle of things resulted in an even bigger fight than what it was originally. So instead, she just sighed and tried to keep up with the spat waiting for Levy and Erza to log on.

Natsu: Porn star!

Gray: Ash for Brains!

Natsu: Stripper-

Erza: Natsu, Gray do I see fighting on the chat?

Natsu: No ma’am

Gray: What gave you that idea Erza?

Erza: It would be in your best interests to stop this harassment.

Natsu and Gray: Yes Erza…

Erza: Excellent. Are we the only three on currently?

Natsu: Yeah, Luce’s still asleep.

Lucy put a over her mouth, guilt rushing through her. She forgot to text Natsu this morning being too preoccupied with her fanficiton. She was about to type something on the chat when Erza beat her to it.

Erza: Strange, I talked to her earlier this morning.

“Erza…” Lucy groaned out, propping her elbow on her desk so she could rest her cheek in one of her hands.

Natsu: Really? She hasn’t texted me yet…

Gray: Looks like your own girlfriends tired of you now too.

Natsu: Shut up!!

Drowning in the guilt she felt, Lucy heard her phone vibrate already knowing who was texting her.

Natsu: Hey jerk! You didn’t text me this morning :(

Lucy sighed, fingers hurriedly typing a message.

Lucy: I know, I’m sorry!! My mind this morning was set on that fanfiction I was telling you about last night, I finally wrote it.

Natsu: Oh you wrote it? Did you publish it yet, I wanna read it!!

Lucy gave a breathless laugh at Natsu’s eagerness and already forgot anger. He sure was something else.

Lucy: No its not published yet, I’m waiting on Levy-chan to proof read it.

Natsu: Wahhh but Luce I wanna read it now!

Lucy: Oh don’t be such a baby Natsu, you’ll read it in a little bit I just sent Levy-chan the link.

Natsu: … Fine. I bet its perfect just the way it is, just like you are.

Lucy’s face heated up at Natsu’s compliment. That boy could be romantic when he wanted to be. Trying to calm down the butterflies in her stomach, she replied.

Lucy: Thank you Natsu, but I’m farthest from perfect. I’m getting on Skype now so we’ll just talk on there, okay?

Natsu: Well no matter what you say you’re perfect to me. And okay

A smile locked on her lips, Lucy set her phone to the side and decided to greet everyone in the chat.

Lucy: Morning guys!

Levy: Morning Lu-chan!! Just read your fanfiction, looks ready to publish to me! :)

Satisfaction rushed through her at the praise her best friend had just given her.

Lucy: Really?! Okay, posting it now then :)

She quickly went to her tumblr page, doing all the proper copy and pasting as well as putting in the right tags and finally with a shaky hand, she clicked post. She closed out of her tumblr, deciding she would check in a bit to see the feedback. She went back to Skype, deciding to tell everyone it was posted.

Lucy: Hey guys, its posted!!

Natsu: Awesome Luce! I’m going to read it now!

Erza: Same goes for me.

Gray: Reading it now.

Levy: I’ve already read it but it’s so great I’m going to read it again!!

Lucy: You guys are the greatest.

She sighed, a content feeling passing over her. Lucy didn’t know what she would do without the support of her internet friends, even with the distance between them. Its really hard to believe that everything started just by one simple comment on a drawing that Natsu had done two years ago. Now thanks to that comment she had a loving boyfriend and a great support system of friends, its crazy what can happen if you just take a chance.

Since it had been about ten minutes after she had posted her story, she decided to have a quick look to see what others in the fandom thought about her writing. Going to her tumblr page, she seen that she had ten notes on her fanfiction along with 3 new private messages.

Scrolling through the tags on her notes, it was just her Skype friends with the usual ‘Lucy this is so amazing!’ She smiled, instead of thanking them on here she was just going to do so on Skype. Clicking on her messages, she seen it was from three anons.

Anon: Your story was incredible!!!

Anon: You’re going to write a sequel right?!?! I need more of your writing in my life!!!

As she read the third anon message, it made her happy mood turn a bit somber.

Anon: You and your writing are terrible, just quit now before you embarrass yourself even more.

She reread the message over and over again, each time she did it brought her mood down a little more. Not wanting to give the rude anon the satisfaction of seeing her reply, she just deleted the message. Deciding to just reply to the other anons later when she cheered up a bit.

She heard the familiar alert sound from Skype, seeing that it was a private message from Natsu.

Natsu: Luce you know how much I hate reading, but I liked your fanfiction a lot! It was perfect :)

Even though she knew he couldn’t see her, that didn’t stop the blush that was beginning to form on her pale cheeks.

Lucy: Thank you Natsu.

Natsu: You’re welcome, ready for our daily video chat?

Lucy: I’m always ready to see your face.

Natsu: You’re such a weirdo, okay I’m calling now.

She didn’t bother to reply seeing as if Natsu was about to call. She searched all over her desk to find a pair of earbuds so she could hear Natsu better and so her father couldn’t hear the conversation either. The Skype calling sound nearly made her jump out of her skin as it began to play out loud on her laptop. Finally, she found her earbuds and plugged them in so she could begin to video chat with her boyfriend.

She pressed the answer button, and on her screen was the most beautiful man she had laid her eyes on. She saw the tangled mess of his shaggy salmon hair that complimented his tanned skin so perfectly. The black tank top he was wearing accented his toned muscles and matched the black jewelry that were currently in his ear. To top his all off, his onyx eyes were laced with pure happiness as he seen her pop up on the screen, his perfect canine teeth showing just how excited he truly was.

“Hey Luce.” He greeted in the voice she would never get tired of hearing. She loved that his deep and raggy voice was the first voice she heard in the morning and the last one she heard before she went to sleep at night.

“Hey Natsu, you look sleepy.” She commented noticing the bags under his eyes. He waved her off.

“Well, I do stay up until the crack of dawn talking to you miss I live all the way across the country and have a three hour time gap.” He replied with a yawn, adding emphasis to his statement. The blonde puffed out her cheeks.

“No one said you had to stay up all night to talk to me idiot.”

“I know, I just want too.” Lucy’s face heated up, there he goes being romantic again.

“Then stop complaining about it!”

“Who says I’m complaining about losing a little sleep to talk to the most beautiful girl in the world?”

“You sure are being romantic today, whats got you in such a good mood?” She grumbled out, trying to hide the redness adorning her cheeks but she knew she was failing quite miserably.

“Does everyone have to have a reason to be super happy?” Lucy raised a questioning eyebrow, giving the boy an inquiring look. She propped her elbows up on her desk and rested her chin in her hands, giving a more dramatic stare to her boyfriend. Hearing him sigh, she knew her glare had worked.

“I wanted to kind of surprise you but… I got my acceptance letter to Magnolia University today.” Lucy’s eyes widened without conscious thought, bringing one of her hands to cover her mouth trying to relieve the overwhelming sensation her body was going through right now.

“You… acceptance letter? You got in?!” She asked in a whisper, her excitement coursing through her veins the feelings getting stronger with each passing second. Seeing his breathtaking smile accompanied with a nod Lucy felt like crying.

“Yep Lucy, I got in.”

“T-Then that means…”

“We’ll be meeting in less than three months.”

Lucy felt the tears of joy burning the back of her eyes, not truly believing what she was hearing. After two long years of knowing each other and after a year and a half of a long distance relationship… they were finally going to meet.

“Oh my Mavis…” The blonde was so speechless, and Natsu could tell. So he decided to carry on the conversation for them.

“I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.” He said in such a gentle voice Lucy swore he was right now to her.

“I can’t wait for you to hold me Natsu.” She stated still in a stage of disbelief. “I just… wow. I know that we’ve been talking about this for over a year but now that it’s actually going to happen…” She trailed off not able to find the words to express the way she was feeling right now.

“Don’t worry Lucy, I feel the same way-” He was interrupting by a banging at his door.

“Natsu! Dinners ready!” They both heard Natsu’s adoptive mother shout. Lucy heard him curse under his breath.

“Okay mom I’ll be right down!” Lucy heard him say rather loudly, eyeing him as he returned his gaze back to her a sad look etched on his handsome features. “Sorry Luce, I gotta go.”

“So I heard.” She said with a soft smile. “Its okay Natsu, we can talk later tonight right?”

“Of course!” His expression turned soft. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She replied as softly as he said it, as he ended the call. She let out a breathy sigh, still not believing that in less than three months she would be meeting the love of her life in person and not just through a computer screen. A knocking at the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Lucy dear are you busy right now?”

“No daddy, you can come in.” She heard her door open signaling that he had heard her. Lucy was surprised when she seen her fathers eyes glued to her phone.

“So dear, I just got a text message from Natsu.”

Lucy’s face scrunched up, wondering why her boyfriend would text her father. “What did it say?”

“It says ‘yo pops-in-law I got accepted into Lucy’s college!’” Lucy felt like banging her head against the table at the way Natsu worded his message.

“He is such an idiot…” The blonde muttered to herself.

“Yes, well, did he tell you yet?” Lucy nodded, still unbelieving that it really was true. “Ahh, well the move in day is in less than three months.”

“I know… it’s so unbelievable.” A disbelieving tone was in her voice. “I’ve been waiting for this day for so long… and it’s finally coming up.”

“Both of you have been through hell and back trying to keep your relationship going.” Lucy knew what her father was talking about. All the days they couldn’t talk because of school, homework, sports, social life had almost broken the two up. But at the end of the day the two teen realized what they had was real, making them push past all the barriers.

Now all their hard work and sacrifices for each other was going to pay off.

“I’m happy to see you’re happy dear, but I just needed your help on how to reply back to Natsu.” Lucy sweatdropped, of course her socially awkward father needed help talking to her boyfriend.

Erza: Everyone. I was tagged in that twenty beautiful peoples challenge, and I decided to tag all of you. I expect to see your pictures up within an hour.

Levy: Erza! You know Lu-chan and I don’t like posting pictures.

Erza: I am sorry Levy, but you were tagged so you have to do it.

Gajeel: Oi Shrimp, just make sure you’re not wearing anything too revealing.

Natsu: You should be telling Gray that Lug-nut, not your girlfriend.

Gray: Are you talking shit again Natsu?

Natsu: So what if I am?

Lucy: Natsu, Gray please don’t fight. And Erza, I’ll post my picture right now.

Erza: Thank you Lucy. As for you Natsu and Gray, if I see you bicker once more today I will be forced to used dramatic measures.

Natsu: Aye sir…

Rolling her eyes at the conversation, Lucy decided to get her phone out to take a selfie before Erza’s patience wore thin with the group. She smiled, her brown eyes squinting a little bit as she took the picture. She looked at the end result, seeing that it was a decent enough picture to post on the internet. Uploading the photo and putting the proper tags on it she hit post, embarrassed that she posted a selfie on the tumblr since no one knew what she looked like besides her Skype friends.

Five minutes had passed and since the group chat was just Erza scolding Natsu and Gray for their constant fighting, Lucy decided to check her tumblr due to how bored she currently was.

Going through her dashboard, she seen that Natsu had already reblogged her selfie and added the tags wow, my girlfriend is drop dead beautiful and can you believe a girl like her would fall for a man like me? just damn, I’m one lucky bastard. Lucy couldn’t stop the wave of embarrassment that ran through her body. She looked at her private messaging icon to see she had two new messages.

Clicking on them, she noticed that she received two more anon messages.

Anon: Wow, you’re stunning!!! Can I be you please?

Lucy blushed at the compliment, the hotness is her body soon turning cold as she read the next message.

Anon: Wow, ugliest person ever. I don’t think anyone can be as ugly as you are.

Lucy frowned at the message, but tried hard not to let it get her down. Replying to the nice messages she received from her fanfiction and her selfie, deleting the anon hate.

“One more month Lucy!!!” Lucy heard Natsu excitedly say. She looked at her handsome boyfriend on her computer screen.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I can’t wait Natsu.” Lucy sounded tired, which she really was. Ever since that day with the anon telling her she sucked at writing and that she was ugly, they had been sending her constant hate messages telling her she was worthless and a waste of space. This brought down her self-esteem even more on top of her being depressed since it was the 10th anniversary of her mothers passing.

“Lucy, are you okay?” Natsu’s worried tone reached her ears. She looked up with tired eyes due to the crying she’s been doing for the past few weeks. She nodded meekly.

“Yeah Natsu, absolutely dandy.” She replied. She didn’t want to talk, she just wanted to be by herself. “Natsu, I think I’m gonna go. I don’t feel the best.” She could feel the concerned look Natsu was giving her without actually seeing it.

“Okay Lucy, just text me or call me when you’re feeling better alright?”

“I will.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” She answered before immediately ending the call and closing her laptop. She got up from the chair and walked over to her bed, burying herself underneath her warm pink comforter. She grabbed her cell phone, checking her tumblr one last time before she decided to sleep.

She seen she had a new message and casually opened it up, heart sinking as she read the hurtful message.

Anon: Kill yourself please. You’d be doing everyone a great favor. Thank you, goodbye, and good riddance.

Lucy’s mouth dropped open. Out of the numerous amounts of hate she had received over the past few months, she had never read anything this vulgar.

The tears began to rush from her eyes without her permission. Her body starting to shake with unpleasant sobs. Her own mind telling her ‘maybe you should listen, you’ll be with your mother if you do.’ Lucy thought of her mother, the one person who she missed more than anything in the world and knew she was in the afterlife waiting for her precious daughter with open arms. The thought of being with her mother again, made the temptation far too great, but the fear of dying would stop her like it has in the past.  

Lucy couldn’t help it anymore, she was going to reply to this anon hate. Which wasn’t a good idea since she didn’t have a level head.

Anon, I don’t know why you’ve been constantly degrading me for the past two months. When I thought your messages couldn’t get any lower, you send me this. Props to you, you’re actually making me contemplate it.

She replied and posted it without rereading it, she just chucked her phone across the room and turned her face into her pillow and started to cry.

After a few moments, she heard her cell phone start to make noises, alerting her she was receiving new messages. She didn’t have the energy to go walk and get her phone though, but she moved against her body’s will anyways. She walked over and picked the cellular device off the ground, seeing she had twenty missed text messages.

Natsu: Lucy are you okay? Call me right now.

Natsu: Lucy?!?! Please answer me.

Natsu: Don’t do anything stupid Lucy please.

Natsu: Lucy answer me right now! Please!

It was just an assortment of worried text messages from Natsu and the others. She knew she had to talk to someone, get the feelings off of her chest. So clicked on Natsu’s name, pressing the symbol that automatically dialed his number.

After the phone rang for a second, the other line picked up.

“Lucy are you okay?!” Natsu shouted into the phone, his voice hoarse like he had been crying. Lucy pushed the thought to the back of her mind though, her emotionless state getting the better of her.

“I’m fine.”

“Why did you tell me someone has been harassing you for the past few months?!? Igneel’s a cop we would’ve gotten it taken care of!”

“Its not that big of a deal.”

“Not that big of a deal?! Lucy, someone told you to go kill yourself, this is serious!”

“Then how come I don’t care Natsu?! How come I feel like I should do it!?”

“I dont ever wanna hear you say that again Lucy.” His voice was so deadly serious, it almost scared Lucy. “Why would you feel like you should do it?”

“I… I don’t know.” Her sobs starting to resurface. “I just have an image of my mom waiting for me with open arms… I want to see her so badly.”

“Yeah I want to see Zeref too Lucy, but I’m not going to end my life to go see him because he wants me to live my life to the fullest. And instead of being depressed over his death, I’m living my life to the fullest for him. So I know hes watching over me and that hes proud I’m sticking through the tough times.” Lucy froze as she heard the strongest person she knew breakdown talking about his deceased brother.

She had talked to Zeref once or twice, he was such an amazing person and a good influence on Natsu. Then one tragic night Zeref went drove to work and got into a head on collision that killed him instantly. She also remembered Natsu didn’t talk to anyone or leave his room for three weeks or at least that’s what Igneel had told her. He  never really mentioned his death because of how hard it impacted him, but seeing him break down over it now did something to Lucy.

Lucy got on her laptop, opening her Skype app seeing all the messages from her friends worrying about her. She went to her tumblr page, seeing she have twenty new messages from people she’s never even spoken to before giving her nothing but kind words and support. Natsu’s voice brought her back to reality.

“Please don’t kill yourself Lucy… I don’t know what I would do without you.” Natsu’s voice was so weak it tugged at her heart strings almost painfully. Sure she wanted to see her mom again, but seeing all these people not wanting to lose her… made Lucy realize that she did matter in this world. She did have a purpose, and just like Natsu said she needed to live life for the fullest for her, and her mom.

With tears still pouring down her cheeks, she smiled sadly. “I’m not going to Natsu, how would I live with myself knowing that I’m so close to meeting you?”

He gave a hearty chuckle. “Thats my girl.” His voice turned serious again. “We’re all extremely pissed though. Me and Gray are actually working together to find a way to hack this fucker. Thats how pissed we are Luce.”

“Their not worth the effort Natsu, they truly aren’t. They are just some lowlife who has to hide behind a mask, if anything I feel sorry for them.”

He growled trying to let go of some of his anger. “I know they’re not worth it, but no one messes with you and gets away with it.”

Lucy’s smile turned tender. How in the world did she get blessed with friends like them?

“Dad! Do you see him anywhere?” Lucy asked examining the crowd for any pink fluffs of hair. She seen her father shake his head.

“No not yet dear, but his plane just landed. Just be patient.”

“I’ve been waiting for almost two years, I don’t think I can be any more patient daddy.” She seen the smile on her dads face, confusing the girl.

What are you smiling about- eep!” She squealed felt two arms wrap around her waist from behind. She froze, seeing the pink hair from the corner of her eye as a face buried into her neck.

“You’re so much shorter than I thought you’d be.” Lucy couldn’t move, she felt frozen to her spot. After over two years, the man of her dreams was finally holding her in his arms.

“Natsu…” Lucy breathed out, looking in the direction of his face. She seen him unbury his face from her neck a sheepish smile on his face.

“Hey Luce.”

“Natsu!” Lucy shouted before turning in his arms and wrapping them around her neck. She could tell he was caught off guard by her sudden action, but he recollected himself as she felt his strong arms wrap around her tiny waist, burying his face within her golden locks.

This feeling was so surreal. Having someone she met on an internet site was now in her arms, never leaving her again. As he took his face out of her hair, he used his pointer finger and thumb to lift her chin up to look him in his beautiful onyx eyes.

“You don’t understand how long I’ve been wanting to do this Luce.” He said then suddenly dropped his face down, connecting their lips together uncaring if her dad was watching. It took a minute for Lucy to catch up to reality, but she eventually returned the kiss. Their lips molded together perfectly, everything was perfect.

Lucy had thought things would be awkward at first seeing as they had never met in person, but it just felt so natural, like every part of this was meant to happen.

As the two teens stood in the middle of the airport, their lips still locked together Lucy realized something else.

This is where she belonged. Alive, breathing and well living her life to the fullest for everyone that loved her.

The two of them pulled apart, trying to regain a normal breathing pattern. Lucy dropped her arms from his neck, putting her hands at her side as Natsu unwound his arms from her waist, instead intertwining their fingers together. Beginning to walk the direction that her father was leading them.

This wasn’t the end of her life, it was just the beginning.