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Home Before Midnight

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Donatello x Reader

Home Before Midnight

Prompt: Donatello x reader where it’s like a backwards Cinderella? Don finds a way to turn himself human until midnight so he can go partying like what he assumes normal people do. He ends up meeting the reader and having a good time but runs away before his watch hits midnight. Reader tries to follow him, but loses him in an alley. All that was left behind of him was his glasses that got knocked away in his frenzy to leave.

Note: Aaaaaaaaaaah! This is like the cutest thing ever.

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1158

It was 8 pm. Donnie had four hours as a human, if his calculations were correct. As long as he was home by midnight, he was home free. It was foolproof.

“So what are you going to do tonight?” April asked. She looked over the boys as they took in their new human form. It was unbelievable. Just because it was temporary didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun while it lasted.

“I have no idea,” Donatello stated. “We have until midnight.”

“My nieces are throwing a party.” Casey shrugged. “You should drop by. Tell them Casey sent you.”

“Aw yeah, bro! Party time!” Mikey certainly seemed excited. Donatello on the other hand…Parties weren’t exactly his scene. Or at least, judging by all of the movies and shows he had seen, parties probably weren’t for him.

“I-I’m not so sure…”

“Oh come on, Don, how many times are we gonna get the opportunity to go to a human party?” Raph asked. “Even Leo is down for it. Right, Leo?”

“Raph and Mikey have a point. It’s once in a lifetime.” Leo smiled a little, secretly excited. But of course, he couldn’t let his brothers know that.

“Alright, fine.” Donnie gave in. “Let’s go to a party.”


The music in your apartment was so loud you could barely hear yourself think. You weren’t much of a party animal, but your sister sure was. You sat in the middle of the living room, book in hand as you tried to drown out the noise. It was an impossible task to say the very least.

There was a knock at the door. A very loud one at that. You got up and opened it, revealing four guys you had never seen. And by the looks of them, none of them had ever been to a party, or at least, not one like this. Their faces were full of awe and wonder as they looked around.

“Can I help you?”

“We’re here for the party, brah!” A short blond boy wearing an orange shirt exclaimed.

“We’re friends of your Uncle Casey.” Explained a brunette in a blue shirt. “I hope it’s not too much trouble. We can always-”

“Come on in. We’ve already got fifty kids here, four more aren’t going to hurt.” You jabbed a thumb behind you. “Pizza and drinks are in the kitchen, the bathroom is down the hall.”

“Thank you.” Said the one in the blue shirt.

“Don’t mention it.”

You returned to your spot by the window and cracked open your book once again. It was a few minutes later that you noticed you weren’t alone anymore. The boy in the purple shirt had taken a seat beside you.

“A kindred spirit?” You asked, slipping your bookmark into the pages.

“Yeah. Not much for parties.” He smiled shyly and pushed his glasses up his nose.

“Me either, but my sister is a party animal.”

“I think she’s over there dancing with my brother.”

“Yeah, looks like it.” You looked over to the dance floor, where the boy in the orange shirt was dancing with your party-girl sister. “Why my parents ever leave us home alone is a mystery to me.”

“But your uncle knew about the party.”

“Who do you think buys the pizza?” You laughed. “God, and he calls himself a cop…”

The two of you chatted most of the night, talking about your favorite books and movies, and it turned out that the two of you had a lot more in common than you would have thought. You told him about the book club you belonged to and the writing club you had found at the library. He was kind and funny and the look in his brown eyes sent your heart racing.

Four hours seemed to fly by.

At 11:55, his watch beeped, and he looked down at it, eyes wide.

“I-I have to go.” He fumbled to get up.

“Really? It’s only-”

“Help me find my brothers.” Donnie looked around the room. Leo was already on his way over with Raph in tow. “Where’s Mikey?”

“MIKEY!” Leo shouted. The short blond jogged over to the group.

“Do we have to leave? The party’s just getting started!” He whined.

“Let’s go. Now, Mikey.” Leo ordered. You watched Donnie with sad eyes. He waved apologetically before making his way out the door with the others. Once they were gone, you went back to your spot. It was then that you noticed the glasses sitting on the chair. He had left them here. You grabbed them and ran to the door and then to the end of the hallway, but it appeared the boys were already long gone.

Now you had an excuse to find him…


Donnie was scrolling through social media the next day, monitoring as he usually did when he came across a picture of glasses that looked just like his…the ones he had lost last night.

It read: Seeking My Dork in Shining Armor. He left his glasses at my house last night. He’s got brown eyes, super tall, has legs for days, and he’s the smartest guy you’ll ever meet. If found, please contact me. Thanks!

Donnie’s heart did a back flip. And then a front flip. And then he slammed his laptop shut, earning a look from Mikey across the couch.

“What’s the matter, bro?”

“I need to call Casey.”

Casey came over within the hour.

“What’s the matter, Donnie? What’s wrong?”

“Look.” He showed Casey the post, waiting for him to finish reading with wide eyes.

“What’s the problem? Sounds like (Y/N) likes you.”

“I’m a TURTLE, Casey! That’s the problem!”

“Is it a problem? Is it really?”

“YES! I can’t just go get my glasses back. I can’t just be her boyfriend! She’d see me and run for the hills!”

“I don’t think so.”

“How do you know?”

“Because she’s right there and she hasn’t screamed yet.” Casey pointed to where you were standing in the doorway of Donnie’s lab. “Saw her little ad this morning and decided to bring her by to return them.”

Donnie looked at you. And then at Casey. And then back at you. How had this happened?

“Oh my God,” you took a few steps closer and looked up at the tall terrapin. “You’re even taller like this.”

“W-well, yes, I suppose I…am…That’s all you have to say about all of this?”

“Oh, my bad, here are your glasses.” You held them out to him. He was shocked. You hadn’t screamed, you hadn’t run, and the only thing that seemed to faze you was his height. He could get used to this. “If you’re waiting for some big reaction, it isn’t coming. The whole turtle thing doesn’t bug me.”

“It doesn’t.”

“No, it doesn’t. I still like you.”

“Y-you like me.”

“I thought that much was obvious.” You smiled.

“I-I like you too. A lot.”

“Perfect. Do you have anything planned this afternoon?”

“Not anymore.”

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I wonder where Selmers fits into all of this.

Oh my gosh okay but in all seriousness…. I was a HUGE MaexSelmers fan before Mae and Bea… No it doesnt matter because I love both pairings SO MUCH! (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

As for Selmers in this predicament… She’s like a neighbor and a babysitter too (I mean Angus and Greg would love to babysit Mae and Bea’s kid, but during this time they are actually living in a different city an hour away with their own kid). 

Also Mae and Bea may need Selmers to keep a quick eye on Casey while they run out to pay bills or when one parent is going to work and the other is just coming out but is a few minutes late…. Selmers doesn’t mind because it’s Mae’s kid after all. 

Plus, Casey loves poetry. She loves to listen to Selmer’s poetry and she loves to make her own.


so, ginger texted me while i was in the ladies room. it seems that crazy bitch, polly cooper, escaped from some loony bin! the same night jason’s car was torched. so, let me do the math for you. polly escaping plus polly torching jason’s car equals she’s jason’s killer! covering her tracks? trying to go underground? like the vicious cold hearted murdering mean girl that she is! oh, and i just tweeted this out to all of my minions, so … the pressure’s on sheriff keller.

Emotional Algebra: The Formulas of Television and What It Means for Daria’s Sick, Sad World

By H. Hernon

Human beings can be broken down into a series of patterns. The same can be said for our media. For as much as we complain about tropes, stereotypes and formulas there’s a reason they’re so prevalent: they work. They work really well. As a self-declared semi-creative, this can be frustrating. There’s no need to innovate. There’s no need to try something new. We’ve wasted our time on English classes, social science classes, and the dreaded media classes when we could’ve been doing math and science because that’s all you need. Grab the formula, plug in Chris Pratt and Anna Kendrick and you’ve got yourself a hit. No thinking necessary in this sick, sad world.

Or perhaps I’m just in a nihilistic mood because I’ve been binge watching MTV’s Daria. The show works incredibly well as a slice-of-life for late 90’s culture- it captures a certain early internet pessimism and necessary disdain for everything through the lens of high school apathy. But I would argue the show works on a level beyond that. It’s one thing to synthesize and satirize culture. It’s another to try and do that while maintaining a level of emotional connection, and Daria is able to make this all work using an extremely effective formula for television.

Let’s pull back a sec. When it comes to television comedy I’ve always preferred some sort of emotional core. I’ve taken a Community or a Party Down over a Always Sunny or Arrested Development time and time again. Not to say that those latter shows aren’t good or anything like that, they’re very funny. But a lot of narrative shows are funny. It takes a bit more spice to get a viewer invested. Community and Party Down do it through pop culture reliability and capitalist dread respectively, but it’s Daria that does it in a way that shows why TV is so damn good at getting people emotionally involved.

Daria Morgendorfer, the character, has been somewhat caricatured over the years. (Known blogmate Eli Schoop compared her to Tina from Bob’s Burgers in one drunken conversation, one of the most horrific atrocities in our friendship.) The stigma seems to be that she isn’t a character as much of ball of sarcasm, one liners, and edgy-cool disdain for everything. (Hi Tumblr!) But that perception of her as a character is paper thin. Daria’s character can be surprisingly complex for the world she exists in, but we’ll just use the important things. She has unrealistically high standards for everyone and everything, including herself. She has disdain for “the system” but no real drive to change it. She’s emotionally distant because she feels like that’s the only way she won’t be taken advantage of by anyone or anything. Non participation is a big theme. This doesn’t account much for her interests or even personality (the caricature gets some things right, sarcastic and a little bit too edgy at times), but for the basis of outlining this TV formula we can stop here.

And this is where the common critiques of Daria get things wrong. The show isn’t about how everyone is shitty and the only way to get through life is to be a sarcastic asshole to everyone and involve yourself in nothing. It’s most profound moments are about exploring the times when that clearly isn’t the case. The formula the show uses is this: set up a character that has a strict moral view on what they will and won’t do (Daria), establish this for several episodes so the audience knows what to expect from them, then in a moment of true emotional dilemma have them act out of there own understood set of morals and have them do something they wouldn’t normally do for someone else to show that they really do care. This can be seen in a lot of my favorite shows on a monumental scale. Rick and Morty season two ends with Rick getting himself arrested against his own socio-political views, Party Down as a series ends with Henry doing the one thing he said he’d never do, go back into acting, as a grand gesture to his faith in love interest Casey. The Office (UK) series two end with David Brent swallowing his pride for the first and only time and begging for his job back. These are all huge, one time moments, but Daria is able to do this by constantly questioning our main character’s morals.

And in slice-of-life fashion, this isn’t always a dramatic moment. Sometimes it ultimately means nothing, despite being internally huge for Daria (deleting embarrassing tape of Quinn in “Monster”), sometimes she grows as a person despite being right in the end, (attempting to accept that Jane can be participating in a corrupt school sport system in “See Jane Run”) sometimes she tries to change for someone else and feels shitty about it, (literally any Trent/Daria episode) and sometimes she legitimately is just in the wrong, and we see the faults of her rigid world view (“Jane’s Addiction”, “Partner’s Complaint”).

A lot of these episodes come later in the series because time is needed to set up these crescendo moments. That’s why TV is so fucking good. You can go a few episodes without giving the characters any moral dilemmas to work with or you can go years. Media doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the amount of time we spend with the stories we watch is key here. Daria starts to realize these things late in season two and way more in seasons three and four because the audience has seen who she is for an entire six hours of content by then. There’s something to be said about following someone for that amount of time.

This doesn’t just apply to comedy, although I think it works better because I find it easier to connect to people I think are funny. This is why people loved Breaking Bad, it’s why everyone I know won’t stop watching Vanderpump Rules. (Reality TV, although unscripted, is a breeding ground for this sort of stuff, if you’re patient enough [I’m not]). This is something mostly bound to TV as a medium, and it’s so satisfying to be a part of.

So many shows try this formula, and not all succeed. Daria does it really damn well, and at a rate that is really impressive, especially for what it is. I’m still not done with the show, and I’m already anticipating that single tear slowly rolling down the cheek at the end of the last episode. I’m not saying every show has to do this emotional-moral marshmallow fluff, or that Daria is for everyone. It’s really not. But for as cliché, trope ridden, and stigmatized TV in general is, it’s a goldmine of emotion and growth over time, largely thanks to the patterns and rules that we know work.

So yeah, I overreacted a bit earlier. Knowing what works isn’t always a bad thing. As a self-declared semi-creative it’s always more fun to dump a can of beer on “the system” and give it a stone-cold stunner, but perhaps, just like Daria, we self-declared semi-creatives need to learn that sometimes dipping a participatory toe in “the system” isn’t always a bad thing.  


If you had to choose between faction loyalty and your family, which one would it be? Which one becomes your undoing?

Chapter 1

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                    He says, “Oh, baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges

                    I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon

                   There’s a light in the crack that’s separating your thighs
                   And if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight.”

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If you're still doing headcanons can you do fitzsimmons+wearing each other's clothes ?

Hey Casey, remember how you told me you were sending me an ask, but you wanted me to wait eight months to answer it? You didn’t? DARN IT!!

  • Okay, they get ACCUSED of sharing clothes all the time while in SciOps, but it isn’t true in the slightest
  • I mean, they have some cardigans that look SIMILAR, but that’s basically it
  • And then there’s the jumper Fitz accidentally left at Jemma’s apartment when he was able to talk her into going swimming
  • And maybe she wears that on occasion
  • But that’s not sharing. That’s finder’s keepers
  • (And really, she’s not sure why he was wearing one in the summer, anyway)
  • But when she gets back from Maveth?
  • She looks into her closet and starts to cry
  • It’s an irrational response, really, but her clothes wrinkle too easily and remind her too much of the person she used to be
  • So when Fitz offers to lend her his hoodie, she’s more than grateful
  • He also gives her a few shirts that are just the right kind of too big
  • She spent so long dreaming of Fitz that being in his clothes is the more comforting than she can say
  • She never gives them back
  • (He never asks)
  • And Fitz wearing Jemma’s clothes? That doesn’t really happen 
  • But when they’ve been married for a little under a year, and Fitz has been going through a bit of a hard time
  • He’s got some projects so big and important that he’s been stress eating
  • So when he can barely squeeze his trousers on, he starts to panic
  • Is he getting fat? Is he letting himself go? Will Jemma stop being attracted to him?  
  • And he’s about to really freak out when Jemm walks into the room, still brushing her teeth
  • “Fitz, why are you wearing my trousers?”
  • Fitz breathes a sigh of relief
Lost Lover

Summary: You and John are reunited and you have to face some difficult truths about your lives.

Pairings: John x Reader

Warnings: angst, language, smut, cliffhanger ending?

Word count: 1106

A/N: This was originally just a smutty piece, but I edited it to add a lil’ angst. I know, I’m a terrible person🙊 As always, feedback is super duper appreciated!

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Title: My Not-So Little Girl

Character(s): Negan and Casey (daughter)
Prompt: Driving Lesson
Summary: Negan gives his daughter, Casey, advice on how to drive and it gets out of hand.
Word Count: 3,612
Warning: This is also a bit AU – especially since Negan doesn’t have any children.
Author’s Note: Thank you to @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash​​ for doing this writing challenge! It was very much out of my comfort zone (especially with the prompt I chose lol), but I enjoyed writing it nonetheless! Besides, I love a domestic Negan. I also got a bit distracted with this prompt and wrote more than I planned and also took a different route than I expected. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy! :)


(GIF Source: @kendaspntwd)


“Dad, I finished the hours I needed with my driving instructor. Can you please bring me out for a drive? I can show you how ready I am for the test!” Casey begged, sitting at the table with her father. He was looking over a few sheets of paper before he removed his glasses, setting it down onto the stack.

“I’m not saying that you aren’t ready, Casey, but I’m busy right now, okay?”

“That’s what you fucking said last time,” she mumbled.

“Hey! Watch your mouth. We talked about this shit already.”

“Says the one who curses every chance he gets. Fine, dad. Whatever,” Casey said, standing from her seat. She ascended the stairs, walking down the hall into her room and slamming the door shut behind her.

Lucille giggled from the kitchen, stirring the sauce she was making for their weekly dinner of spaghetti.

Negan narrowed his eyes, standing from the table to walk over to her. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed along her neck.

“What’s so fucking funny?” He mumbled, his hands tightly wrapped around her frame.

“You’re getting angry at our daughter for using that type of language, yet here you are… Doing the same exact thing.”

“I can’t fucking help it. It’s in my genetic code. I came out of the womb crying out a string of curse words,” Negan joked.

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One thing that really touched me about ‘Like Morning Follows Night’ is the chorus. 

Go where you need to

Know  won’t leave you

I’ll follow you like morning follows night

You can run til your pains through

One thing I won’t do

Is let you go alone to face the fight

Now by lyrics alone it sounds like this is Sun telling Blake that no matter where she goes he will always be there to support her, but I think an important detail to note is that the chorus is sung by BOTH the male singer (Sun) and Casey (Blake). 

Which means its potential Blake is also telling Sun that she won’t abandon him either and that she’ll always be by his side no matter what comes their way.

commutingtoreality  asked:

Thanks for taking prompts! Should I not be too late for this meme and if it please you, could I ask for a 16 RaphxCasey? I love when you make those two work hard, and nothing says "self-conscious turtle & boyfriend" more than quiet sweetness. Alternately, Apritello 17? If you already have your fill of requests, don't worry: I'll take my popcorn and enjoy with gusto the other prompts you choose to write! :)

16. when one person’s face is scrunched up, and the other one kisses their lips/nose/forehead 


Raph’s known Casey for ten years, and in that time, Casey’s had twenty-seven jobs. They all start the same way: Casey comes slamming into the lair or April’s apartment, wherever everyone’s hanging out that night, and yells “My dudes! Guess who’s gainfully employed!”. Then he flexes for a while, invades someone’s personal space – usually Donnie’s, sometimes Leo’s – till someone bites the bullet and asks for the full story. 

Twenty-seven times Raph’s done this rodeo, and he knows exactly where it’s going to end. Maybe in three days, maybe in six months, but there’s only one place Casey ever ends up: fired. 

(”Does it ever bug you?” Raph asked him once, right after Casey was very politely asked to get the hell out of PetSmart and to please never come back. “Like, when April got fired from Trader Joe’s, she punched a hole in the wall.” 

Casey just shrugged. “I mean, yeah, it sucks, but I get it. Not many places are gonna be pumped about a cashier comin’ in with bruises all the time. Kinda scares the customers.” 

Both of them knew there was no way Casey was gonna stop what gave him the bruises, because Casey Jones is Lawful Stupid and would be till the day he died.) 

It’s different this time. Raph swings through the living room window, six pack under his arm and ready to huddle under a blanket to watch the game, just to find the living room empty. 

“Case?” he calls. “You there?” 

Something rattles in the kitchen. Raph heads in that direction, after a backwards look to make sure April’s door is good and closed. Not that he minds having April around, but he’d just rather not have her around being a turd about how the Rangers are going to crap out, again. Casey’s already enough of a headcase about them as it is. 

But April’s door is closed, and the only light in the apartment is coming from the kitchen. Raph walks inside to find Casey at the stove, glaring into a pot of boiling water, tapping a metal spoon against the side. 

“I’m here.” Raph drops the beers on the table and sits down in his usual seat. “What’s for dinner?” 

Casey ignores him to keep tapping the spoon against the pot. From what Raph can see through the heavy sweep of his hair, Casey’s scowling, face all creased up, like Donnie’s when some experiment dares to betray him by not succeeding immediately. 

“Hey,” says Raph, kicking Casey in the leg. “Anybody home?” 

“Jesus, Raph, I’m right here.” Casey shifts away. “And pasta, we’re doin’ pasta.” 

“Whoa, what crawled up your ass and died?” Raph reaches for a beer, because it’s obviously going to be that kind of night, and he might as well get started now. “I was just asking –” 

“Yeah, I know, and I answered.” Casey glares at him, brows low and mouth tugged down in a hard curve. “Or did you want me to read you the ingredients while I was at it?” 

Raph avoids feelings, talking about feelings, thinking about feelings, and having feelings as much as possible; that kind of stuff slows you down in a fight, when all you should be thinking about is how to take the bad guys down hard enough so that they don’t get up again. Do your job, do your best, and things will work out. 

He’s got feelings, he just doesn’t deal with them. But sometimes he makes an exception for Casey, because there’s a soft gooey center under all that hair gel and ego, and something in Raph – something just as soft, that he’s never going to admit to having – wants to make sure that nothing keeps Casey down for good. 

“You okay?” he asks, popping the cap off another beer and holding it out to Casey. “Because if you’re not, you should…talk to April.” 

Critical miss! yells Donnie inside Raph’s head. 

“Yeah, because talking to Little Miss Perfect’s gonna make everything all better. Thanks for that, Raph.” Casey takes the beer and drains half of it in a gulp. 

“Or you could talk to me,” Raph says in a rush, before he can stop himself. He scratches the back of his neck, not looking at Casey, and silently sighs in relief when Casey drops into the seat across from him. 

“I got fired,” Casey says, once he’s finished his beer. “Go ahead, I think it’s your turn for the I told you so.” 

Normally, Raph would be all over that, but Casey’s usually the one to start making fun of himself once the inevitable hits. He doesn’t try to boil spaghetti water with his brain, and he doesn’t shit on April. And this job had meant something to Casey. Raph’s a dick, but he’s not an asshole. “I’ll pass,” he says. “What happened?” 

Casey’s scowl deepens, hard lines on either side of his mouth and at his eyes. “Came in late and beat up one too many times, same as always,” he says. “Can’t have the kiddos seeing their coach all beat to hell. Bad example. Or that’s what the school board said.” 

There’s a beat of quiet, then Casey drops his forehead to the table. “Fuck,” he says, muffled by the wood. “Just this once, I thought I was doin’ something good.”

Raph squirms in his seat. It sucks for Casey, more than anyone can say, but he’s got no idea how to handle this. How pathetic is this, that Casey’s his boyfriend but even Donnie could handle this better? 

Casey stays facedown on the table, his hands clenched in his hair, till Raph feels the irresistible impulse to stand up, lean over the table, and lift Casey up by the shoulders. 

“You were doing something good,” he says, the words nearly choking him. “They’re assholes. I’m sorry.” 

And then, because Casey’s still scowling and Raph has no idea what to do next, he kisses Casey on the forehead, like he’s seen April do whenever Donnie gets into a funk. 

There’s another beat, and then Casey snickers. “Oh my god,” he says. “That’s so sweet. You been takin’ lessons?” 

Raph pulls away so he won’t strangle Casey with his own bandanna, and grabs the beer. “You’re the worst,” he says, stalking back toward the living room. “I try to do one thing –” 

“It was just really heterosexual!” Casey yells, following him and grinning like an asshole now. “I’m not used to –” 

Raph tackles him to the floor and starts punching for his kidneys, but Casey is laughing, and hey, at least now he’s dealt with feelings for the next year or so, right? 


iridley  asked:

if Hyde and Jackie would had been in character, how do you think the whole *growing up is scary* arc of season 7 would had gone?

Nowhere? I always thought that Hyde suddenly being worried about not doing too much childish stuff was incredible out of character. He has never had a problem with that, probably because he had to grow up quickly due to his home situation. And even with that, he always found a way to enjoy his teen days.

Really. I think people is not seeing that most this group of teenagers has done a lot of the cliché stuff that made teen days “awesome” to most people. From stealing to smoking, to love and sex drama, being wasted with your friends, all that jazz. It’s a sitcom, it tries to show many of the usual stuff someone can live in their own time.

In this kind of shows is easy to make story lines about being afraid of growing up and leave those teen days behind. But when you have a character that spends most his key points of characterization supporting other people’s growth, showing a level of maturity his friends doesn’t have and being pretty self-aware, you fucked up by giving that one character such story line.

This is what happened with Hyde. He has been supporting Jackie’s growth since season 2, once he gets to know her better and notice she seriously needs the pushing. And Jackie is not the only one he is shown to support in that matter, he tries to help Donna in many ocasions, like when her parents start having problems and when she gets all crazy-over-Casey, and Eric when he doesn’t want to go on after his break up, and when he is not sure of what to do with his life and gets engaged at fucking 18 years old. 

So honestly, this arc? Bullshit.

Anyway, let’s pretend somehow it becomes an item. 

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My Thoughts On When Worlds Collide

Sorry this is late, I didn’t get a chance to do this because of family visits, work and the very hot weather (In the UK,It was the hottest week in June since the 1970s and I can’t think straight in hot weather).


Mikey was awesome in this special, he does seem to have the best season and I hope it continues in other story arcs, I wish there was a season 6 now, oh well.

I really enjoyed this special, It had lots of action and had some very unexpected moments in it, like Mikey’s temporary death, his electric powers, his mini sacrifice and Mona Lisa staying on earth.

When I saw the preview, I thought Mikey’s spiritual powers were showing but it turned out he had electrical powers.

I liked that the others showed a bit of emotion when they thought Mikey died and his sacrifice.

Aww Raph was so happy to see Mona Lisa again and I liked there hugs.

Loved the little moments between April and Donnie

Karai and April first time in Dimension X and I also noticed that Mikey didn’t change into Savage Mikey.

When Mikey disintegrated away, I thought he just got transported to Dreggs ship because of the gifs and previews that come out before the episode aired.

I sort of expected to Dregg to turn up, at first I thought it was going to be Armaggon.

Nice to see the Turtle Mech again but it was a shame that Leo wasn’t in it.

Mikey and Sal Commander team up was great and I did like Sal Commander little emotional outburst when Mikey was going to stay behind.

I laughed so hard when Mikey accidentally electrocuted Raph and when Raph punched Bishop when he said that Mona Lisa couldn’t stay on earth.

Aww Mikey is mask less and gear less, that is so adorable.

So Mona Lisa is staying on earth and probably is going to join the Mutanimals, I hope we see her again and see how she gets on.

I assume the reason Salamandrians are forbidden on Earth because they are more hostile and have different customs because remember shaking hands means attack to them.

So where was Casey? On holiday or a sleep in bed with his phone turned off.

So we got a month till the Usagi arc, I can’t wait. I expect it will be intense too.

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Marliza modern AU headcanons please???? Thank you😁

oh shit boy be prepared.

- everyone thinks maria is the fiery one in the relationship but she has deadass lost count of the amount of times she has had to hold eliza back from a fight
- eliza is usually trying to fight someone who talks shit about maria or maria and eliza being together
- maria takes her coffee with loads of sugar and cream and eliza takes hers black with one sugar and they have gotten into numerous debates about how coffee should or shouldnt be drank
- eliza finds out maria used to play guitar in college and begs maria to serenade her
- maria picks up the guitar and sings that vine thats like “i love you bitch” *strums guitar* “i aint ever gonna stop lovin you” *strums guitar* “bitch”?
- after she actually plays a song for her and sings and eliza thinks its the most beatiful thing shes ever heard and maria doesnt even get to finish the song because eliza is kissing her and oh wow eliza please be careful ive had this guitar since college and no okay never mind fuck the guitar i mean me fuck me
- maria is usually the top/dom/whatever but if eliza wants to be top then she can make maria melt in seconds and maria lowkey loves whenever eliza is top and is so sub its not even funny
- their first dance song at their wedding is night go slow by casey shaw (seriously listen to this and what ever you do dont think about marliza)
- eliza is the type of person that will tag maria in posts on facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc even tho shes sat next to her
- “eliza just show me on your phone!” “no ive tagged you just look okay” *ping* “really another one?” “last one i promise”.
- its not the last one

hey! im taking writing requests! drop me a ship and prompt, request, kink, etc and ill write something for it!

Dave banged the Mini-Zillyhammer down.

“This court will now come to order for the case of Egbert vs Lalonde, for custody of the salamander known as Casey and also known as Viceroy Bubble von Salamancer.”

Dave sat back in the makeshift Judge’s seat.  John and Rose stood besuited, ready to present their cases.  Jade was sitting in the back of “courtroom”, which was really just an open Earth C field, playing with the salamander that was subject to such a serious case.

Dave rubbed his temples. “This is stupid.”

Rose waved a finger, tut-tuting. “Dave, you don’t understand the importance of the court in the decision. The viceroy must complete his training under my tutelage.  He is key to the future protection of the realm, and I can be the one to give him the magical prowess he must possess. In addition, my gorgeous, radiant, darling, wonderful wife can aid me using her own knowledge of the supernatural.  For the good of all, The Viceroy must be released to my care.”

John slammed his hand into his fist. “Objection, your honor!  Casey can’t spend all her time just in training!  She needs to see the world!  Go adventuring!  Learn to bake! I have a ton of movies I want to show her too!  She’s still growing, she has to live as much of her life as she can! I mean, I don’t even think Salamanders live that long!  You have to let me take her!”

“John, you can’t let sentimentality blind you here.  Think of the realm.”

“We’re here to protect the world!  Let her go free, she’s just a kid!”

Rose and John continued to argue, as Dave lazily pounded the gavel. Jade suddenly shouted dramatically!


Rose, John and Dave looked over in surprise.  Jade held the salamander in her arms.  

“Hasn’t anyone asked them what THEY want?”

All eyes turned to the little yellow reptile.  It paused briefly, then opened its mouth to reveal a single bubble that slowly popped with a glub.

Jade cheered.  Rose nodded sagely.  John wiped a tear away. Dave shrugged.  “The court decrees that the salamander can do whatever the fuck it wants.”

Court adjourned.

@roseweek Day 3: Beta Kids

arg this is late and crappy but I got it out so there

@oct2pus i hope you like it

Title: One Long Night (pt.1)

Words: 3,923
Rating: T for Teen (death mention, swearing)
Pairing: Bea x Mae, Gregg x Angus
Summery: Life had seemed to change in the quiet little town of Possum Springs. To Mae Borowski, the changes in the town seemed to have been for the better, especially after that one night in the woods. She had just gotten a job over at Taco Buck, and her two friends Angus and Gregg seemed to have also move to settle down over in Bright Harbor as well. The only thing that hasn’t changed was her friend Bea, who still continued to work at the Ol’ Pickax. One visit however, would ultimately give Mae the impression that perhaps change was going through to her childhood friend as well…

Author’s comments: Gosh dang, it took me long enough to get back into writing… I’m going through an artist block anyway, so I thought I’d continue this story from where it was… I hope I can continue this one as well cause that would be really amazing, but lets see how it goes shall we?

Enjoy my friends~!!

[no secondary parts as of yet]

Honorable mentions: @j4m-ch4n​ (Who was my editor for the most part… Thank sis~!). @cryssalia​ (who is still an inspiration to me, and also I think that perhaps she would maybe like to read my stuff too ). And also @werelupewoods , cause like… I haven’t wrote in a while and I thought that maybe you could read this little thing im doing that is totally different from my neo stuff lol. (>w<)b

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What if Lucille was one of the original TB pilots in TAG!

I mean the boys were young, Alan doesn’t even remember IR’s conception.

What if she was gung ho about it! Test piloted all the rockets! What if she died on a rescue and that’s why the family will never give it up, no matter how much they want, because both parents gave their lives working to make IR a reality.

What if there were 5 original pilots. Jeff, Lucy, Kyrano, Lee Taylor, and Colonel Casey.

If we gage Brains at 30, that would make him around 15 in the early designs, a child prodigy.

It would also explain Kayo moving in with the boys as a little girl.

I’m guessing Lucy piloted 2 or 3. Jeff would be 1, Lee was probably 5, And I’m guessing Kyrano was 4. Kayo sure drove it well for never driving it before. That leaves Casey and Lucy. And I feel Casey’s broad shoulders and sturdy base match 2 we’ll.

I also am probably totally wrong but enjoy these chats.

Anyone have other thoughts or counter measures????

Okay, so, I’ve been working on a multi-chapter Dasey fan fiction and while it’s still in rough draft form I thought I might post a bit of what I have from the beginning and the blurb of the whole thing and feedback is appreciated and welcome.

Blurb: The summer before University, Casey was offered an exclusive audition to dance in New York and to everyone’s surprise she left behind her full scholarship for ballet shoes and a shot. Everything fell into place, she got a lead in her dance troupe, was living in the flat of her dreams, and the cherry to top it all off, Andrew, her Prince Charming. But when he proposes it sends Casey into a klutzilla relapse and a hasty returning home to the full house. While Casey tries to sort through her sudden unsure feelings for Andrew, she also finds herself in a complete time reversal as she moves back home for the summer. With the overcrowded house being put up for sale, a crying baby that never shuts up, and Der-ek, Casey thinks she might lose her mind before she even has a chance to figure out what the hell is wrong with her. (Also there’s Emily who she hasn’t spoke to in a year, a fight with the biggest asshole she’s ever met, a disturbing innocent from unlocked doors, and if one more thing goes to shit she’s going to march down to see Paul, and she means it.)

Chapter One (Incomplete):

It’s complicated because with Casey it always is. But Derek doesn’t get the memo until he opens his door to find Casey standing there in full panic mode at three am on a Wednesday.

“What’re you doing here? It’s,” Derek glances over at his watch, “three in the morning.”

“Something’s wrong with me!” Casey shrieks as she makes her way into Derek’s dorm room with suitcase in tow, successfully running over Derek’s foot in the process, he winces.

He manages a smirk, even though is foot is throbbing, as he turns and says, “Yeah I could’ve told you that.” Derek throws the door shut to find Casey sitting on his bed. “Still doesn’t explain what you’re doing here.”

When she doesn’t say anything, oblivious to him, he sighs and walks over to where Casey is sitting and leans down in front of her. His hands rest on her shoulders and she looks at him likes she’s just seeing him, like it’s just sinking in where she is. And with Casey being, well, Casey, she panics more. Before he can get a word out, Casey stands too quick without warning and slams her head against Derek’s in the process. He curses loudly and falls to the floor, she groans while falling back m on the bed and they just stay like that. Silent and staring at the ceiling from their landing spots via the impact.

He breaks silence and his voice is gentle as he asks, “What’s wrong?”

“To put it simply? I don’t want to discuss it right now.”

He rolls his eyes. “Okay, sure. Then why did you come all the way down here? And of all the places you could go to not discuss something why my dorm room?”

She’s quiet for a moment and hesitates before saying, “You were the shortest drive from the airport.” She sits up with a small smile, though she still has semi-crazy eyes.

He nods and sits up, his elbows resting on his knees. “Fair enough.”

“I should go. You’re probably not allowed to have girls in the dorms past a certain time, no matter the relation.”

He shrugs, stands up, “We aren’t. But that hasn’t stopped me before, so… I guess you can stay.” She grins ear to ear at that. He just rolls his eyes. “You do realize that you’ll have to sleep on the floor though.”

Now she’s frowning. “What? Why?”

“Because my bed is well mine and I’m definitely not giving up my beauty sleep just because you showed up.”

“Well can’t I sleep in your roommates bed? Obviously he isn’t here.”

He tries to think of an excuse but he’s not as quick with the quips as he used to be. Time can do that to you.

She smirks and stands up to face off with him. “That’s what I thought.”

He returns the smirk and it’s just like old times as he shoves his hands in his pockets and shrugs at her. “Fine. Take my roommates bed. Just try not to think about all the times he’s jacked off in it.”

“Ew, Der-ek!” She slaps his shoulder. “You’re so sick!”

“No what’s sick is he hasn’t washed those sheets since Christmas Break.” Her face is thoroughly disgusted and he knows he won the stand off.

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Heyo, I don't know if you remember me but hi? My friend just started watching voltron and she asked me if I knew any YouTubers who shipped Shiro and Keith and I immediately screamed "MY HOME BOI ALASTAIR CASEY IS THE ONE GO TO FOR ALL YOUR SHEITH NEEDS!" Are you proud?


LMAO I’m glad people know me as a Sheith person?? I mean, I’m sort of glad, but then it sort of makes me nervous, since this fandom… isn’t… the nicest…. hah.

For real, though. You guys are more than welcome to discuss Sheith stuff with me. Tbh I’m like… really chill with VLD ships.

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I kinda wanna know what Mae's mom's reaction was after learning Mae was finally pregnant. She seemed pretty excited in game when she assumed Mae was pregnant when she (Mae) really wasn't.

I know omgg that was one of the funniest parts in the game (and I mean adorable too). 

Mae’s mom was super happy to find out… It took her dinner that night that the feeling finally sunk in that she was going to be a grandmom and she literally flipped her tacos. 

Funny enough, when Mae went into labor with bby Casey, Mae’s mom had actually called Aunt Molly so she can drive in front of them so they can reach the hospital in time for Mae to have Casey there… Go grandma! (owo)9′’

Lol but thank you for stopping by Anon~!! 

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yo i noticed something - leo likes karai, and shes rebellious like raph, and raph likes mona whose honorable like leo. you like april, who has blue eyes and freckles like mikey and mikey likes renet whos tall, Brown eyes and gap like you - Some kind of psychology behind that?

I think you are picking and choosing common traits looking for a comparison that isn’t there.

For instance, Mona is honorable, but so is Mikey, Raph himself, April, me, Leo. Are you saying that the rest of us don’t also have the same trait? Karai is honorable. 

Are you saying that I like April because she has freckles and blue eyes? Because I thought I liked her for her independence, courage, sass,empathy and the way she giggles when we get into popcorn fights. 

Are you sure that Leo likes Karai because she’s rebellious? Because she certainly wasn’t rebelling against Shredder for the longest time. Or is it more because Karai is an independent, brave, honorable fighter who has qualities that are unlike anyone else? Karai is nothing like the “fight first ask questions later” type Raphael is.

Renet is also a ditzy, often makes mistakes, silly person, which is absolutely nothing like me. Brown eyes is most of the population of the world and a gap tooth is far more common than one would think. I mean, if you are going on that, Mikey should go for Casey too. 

So, you see, I believe you are reaching for comparisons that fit what you want to believe and not looking at the more important traits that draw someone to someone else. Many people and mutants have the same traits. It’s how they are all put together that’s the draw.