and if that means she's going to be with casey

When I say I like Noah Casey...

I mean I LOVE Ginny. So I like Noah.

We all know Ginny has had a rough go of it since even before we met her on our screens. There are very few instances where we’ve been able to see a side of Ginny where she’s carefree and truly happy. The first was with Mike before all of the drama started, and the second was with Cara before the breakdown. Otherwise, this beautiful woman keeps getting hammered with bullshit.

When we meet Noah, the CEO of his company, he is doing the tech work for this video game. Obviously not usually something a CEO does but Ginny is still instantly amused by him, revealing a small tidbit about her liking Mario, and the banter is short but sweet. Even Will and Amelia notice the connection (and Ev was on board for it too). Noah asks her out and she is genuinely surprised. She hesitates but her smile never falters and not once does she look uncomfortable. And we’ve seen her shoot guys down on the spot. He gets pulled away but Eliot steps in to tell her who he really is, and Ginny only seems more interested.

When Noah steps back in, she is intrigued about why a CEO is doing the grunt work, he asks her out again, and Ginny gives this rant about it being hard to go on a date in public BUT SHE DOESN’T EXACTLY SAY NO. Noah’s immediate response was “When can I pick you up?”, and again Ginny is surprised but not in a bad way. Noah doesn’t ask her in an arrogant way, but because he wants her to know that that isn’t going to bother him.

Ginny says she can’t and he doesn’t push her but later, when Ginny is once again sitting all by herself, she gets a Mario like video that Noah sends to her to ask her out again. HE MAKES A VIDEO JUST FOR HER IN THE STYLE OF A GAME SHE SAID SHE LIKED, and she loves it. Go back and look at her face. Our Ginny is happy. Yes, I said “Our Ginny” because that’s who we’re all here for. She deserves to be treated like the queen she is. She deserves to have someone fawn over her, and take her out to dinner, and make video games for her, and just help her have fun and relax. This man clears out an entire restaurant for her and, before Mike calls her away, she is actually enjoying herself.

That’s what I want for her. Yes, I live in the Bawson dumpster and my throats still hurts from screaming at my television, but I’m in this for the long haul and those two idiots needs to see other people to realize how much they love each other. I’m okay with Noah being that other person for now (not that I think he’ll stay that long) as long as Ginny stays smiling and happy.

And let’s get real y'all! Blip wasn’t lying when he said Ginny needs to get her some. My girl needs to let loose a little and release some of that tension. A little wax on, wax off from Noah might help with that.

Appreciation post for my lovely friend Casey!

Thank you so much for helping me with my town it truly means a lot to me that you helped me create something I can be proud of! I’m always online and I see so many towns that look amazing on tumblr, and I never thought I could have the confidence in my town that I do now, and its all thanks to you! Everyone who reads this should go follow casey @mayorchibi because she is amazing and I’m proud to have as my friend and I love her. She is totally amazing and she goes out of her way to help people and I’m glad that I’ve became friends with her ❤

Karai kissing Casey

So, I was browsing the tags and everyone is flipping their shit over this. I didn’t see the leak, just the promo and…

Am I the only one that’s not surprised or really affected by this? Maybe because I’m not a rabid shipper, or because I see it in a different way.

I don’t understand why people are so upset or flustered about the kiss. Because it ruins the other ships?

Well, Karai is probably brainwashed and she has ALWAYS been kind of flirty (Especially with Leo and Raph). So that’s not surprising that she would be flirtatious. She has gotten in Leo’s face like she was going to kiss him to throw him off guard before….. so her doing that to Casey (only going all the way) isn’t surprising. She did it to poison him, not because she was interested.

Casey is a teen boy who thinks he’s a super stud star, of course he’s gonna bite the flirt apple. It doesn’t mean he don’t like April anymore if he flirts with Karai back or even enjoys the kiss. I think it would be more of an ego stroke than an actual romantic interest for him. I’m pretty sure his reaction was a mix of ‘score/whoa/dudeifeelpoisonednow.‘

Nothing about that screams ‘‘ROMANTIC SHIP’‘

I think it was an extremely clever move and she is really strategic. (Unless Shredder commanded her to kiss Casey…then we’d get into awkward town)

I think the writers are also using it as a shock tactic and it’s working.

I’m kind of surprised no one is flipping out over that dirty dialog between Mikey and Raph.

I’m just hoping they do more Dark Raph or even Dark Leo now that they have perfected the mind control…worm things…?

Casey threw herself down in a chair, an annoyed look on her already tired face. “I need a drink.” she muttered. She’d had a long day and although gotten everything she’d wanted done, her trip home hadn’t been great. There had been a lot of traffic and she was generally just in a heightened state of anxiety. When she’d parked and was riding up in the elevator there had been a baby with their mom. It had been staring at the girl for a while, before bursting into tears. As Casey recounted the story her eyebrows knitted together. “I mean i didn’t even do anything to it! It just started screaming it’s head off. Like I was going to eat it or something.”