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Ink : Yes, i know. That’s why i said i would sell my soul for him :D

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I don’t know if someone already made this before. But i want to make it so bad, ‘cause is so hilarious XD

and i don’t know how to Fresh’s talking ;w;

I keep seeing classrooms where the teacher has a QR code posted by the door. And in order to use the bathroom, students have to scan the QR code on their school-assigned iPad or one of the classroom iPads and take a survey (answering what, I don’t know).

And that, hands down, has got to be the most inane, pointless use of technology I have ever seen in a classroom (and there is a lot of ridiculous technology thrown in so teachers can look tech savvy).

It takes kids twice as long to go to the bathroom because they’re standing there fiddling with an iPad and answering questions, and what are teachers even doing with this data, if they keep records of it at all?? Why do you need to be able to compile a spreadsheet on how much your students use the bathroom?? If a problem is using the bathroom too much, you’ll be able to tell. If you need a graph to tell you how much a student is using the bathroom, they’re not using it too often.

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Girl spill the beans about Andy in this tux?? Like was he filming in it? 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀.....👀..............……👀

I’m not sure, but I kinda doubt it since Norman is dressed up, too. He posted this on Instagram back in June, but I believe he deleted it. 

I initially thought it was some kind of event they were attending, but since Andy has the bandage, it could be some weird alternate TWD universe they were filming, but I thought it was more likely it’s for some fancy episode 100 promo and/or photoshoot for the cast. 


The man at the back speaks not a word
when he asks me if it’s settling in.
Settle like ice underfoot. Shards.

Silver sickness- where are those sharp songs?
Lay of silence pierced pathology-
Stillness sought for surgery by scythe-

The hollow boy led me to the ship,
Bade me not press till the language dried.
The drowning man looks taut and wired.

I say, you’re sick, and so am I.

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why do u think jojis birthday was 2 days ago? just wondering

because awhile back I got an anon telling me that a few years ago joji tweeted out something like “yesterday was my birthday” on september 17th, so I tried to find a screenshot of the tweet but couldn’t but found replies to it (there’s a bunch more than just these but I chose a few) 

and these are just fans but then I also saw old tweets from a few close friends of his wishing him a happy birthday on the 16th, so I concluded from that his birthday is the 16th

Send me a NUMBER for your muse to : 

001. Backhand my muse.
002. Stab my muse. 
003. Put out a cigarette on my muse’s skin.
004. Hit my muse with a blunt object. 
005. Throw something large at my muse. 
006. Kick my muse.
007. Punch my muse.
008. Break one of my muse’s bones.
009. Scratch my muse.
010. Headbutt my muse.
011. Shoot my muse.
012. Knock my muse out.
013. Strangle my muse.
014. Push my muse roughly.
015. Grab my muse by the hair.
016. Bruise my muse.
017. Threathen my muse with an object of harm. 
018. Go to harm my muse’s eyes.
019. Bite my muse.
020. Tear away parts of my muse’s skin.
021. — Force my muse’s head under water.
022. Throw something scalding at my muse.
023. Burn my muse.
024. Step on my muse’s fingers.
025. Rip one of my muse’s teeth out.
026. — Slash my muse’s achilles tendon ( s ).
027. — Clothesline my muse.
028. — Harm my muse enough for them to cough up blood. 
029. — Drive into my muse with a vehicle.
030. — Electrocute my muse.
031. — Slam my muse against a wall.
032. — Force my muse’s arm behind their back.
033. — Kick my muse’s crotch.
034. — Trip my muse.
035. — Put my muse in a headlock.
036. — Break my muse’s nose.
037. — Force their fingers down my muse’s throat.
038. — Crack my muse’s head against a wall.
039. — Attempt to kill my muse.
040. — Attempt to kill my muse creatively.

At first, I thought I hated seeing PDA plastered all over my social media accounts. Turns out that’s not true and I’m not bitterly single. 

I just hate seeing hetero PDA and I’m bitterly gay.


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