and if someone asks for it i will put it up

Orphan/Case 39 AU

I’m picturing a mix between Orphan and Case 39, where Graves is a social worker/police officer and finds out that this orphan boy is being abused by his foster mother, who claims he’s the devil incarnate. She locks him in an oven and tries to burn him to death, but Graves rescues him and has Mary Lou arrested and put in a mental institution. 

Credence goes on to live with Graves, who is a bit confused by the quiet, reserved little boy. He notices that Credence is exceptionally intelligent, seeming to have an understanding of the world most adults don’t get. 

Not to even mention the way the boy seems to take every opportunity to see Graves naked, or ask Graves for help bathing or dressing, things the average ten year old would have outgrown asking for. Graves chalks it up to Credence never having a loving, normative home and doesn’t argue too much. Not when he secretly enjoys feeling the soft, smooth skin and the feather-soft hair on the boy’s head. He especially never acknowledges just how much he likes seeing how big his palms are against Credence’s slender chest, easily able to feel his small rabbit-quick heartbeat through delicate skin.

And then one night he wakes up to Credence crawling over him, kissing his lips softly and shivering as he rocks against Graves’ cock. 

“Yes, Daddy?”
A twitch and groan from Graves. “Credence, that’s inappropriate.”
“But Daddy… You said so yourself, when two adults love each other very much they find ways to express that.” Credence flutters his lashes and grinds down. “They fuck." 

fcn 28.2 if i didn’t have you

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anonymous asked:

QAQ I LOVE YOUR CENTIPIDE KANEKI! ITS SO CUTE! Forgive me but I had an angst headcanon where in that AU tsukiyama is a beautiful butterfly and kaneki falls in love with him. Yet, he thinks he's too ugly for him so he just looks at him at the distance. One day, kaneki founds the corpse of another butterfly and takes the wings, puts them in his back to try to feel beautiful for tsukiyama. Yet, he still feels ugly.

What if he used leaves, since they’re close-ish looking, and he’s desperate. And if someone saw, he’d probably get picked on either way… which is even sadder :’D
Also, what if he met tsukiyama (who things he’s beautifully strong~) at some point who told him 2 hold his head up high and kanekis super shdjjdjd, but he’s still 2 insecure.

Kino’s Ecstasy Situation Parts have been translated♡ Gonna type them up now, and then I’ll move onto the Story Parts. Can’t wait~

After I finish Kino’s route, I might take a day or two to finish playing もし神 because I’d put it on hold to start this lol Then I’ll probably move onto another guy’s route—someone had asked me if I’d do Carla’s after Kino’s, so I might do his? I know absolutely nothing about him or Shin though. I’m gonna have to hunt down a wiki lol 

Not sure if I’ll be keeping the same twice a day schedule for Carla (not because of anything to do with his character though, I promise lol) because I’m getting the feeling that I may need those extra queued days up my sleeve a bit later. Plus I may wanna be lazy on some days and just play BDO lol I’m gonna have to set aside some time for that tonight, it’s been a while~

Anyway, I’m off to type these up and then start on the Story Parts :D A few more days and I may actually end up completing Kino’s route and endings. Wow, I didn’t really expect it all to end up like this lol I didn’t expect to start translating tbh, but oh well~ it’s fun♡

anonymous asked:

I completely agree with you on the coming out hysteria.i look up to Dan for not putting a label on himself. As a person who finds it difficult to label herself I decide just not to do so. Not everyone fits in box. I prefer not to come out bcoz if I ever were to come out what the hell would I come out as?! Sometimes it's very difficult to understand a person's sexuality if you don't know them up close and personal. I look

Your ask was truncated! I’m sure you had more interesting things to say, so send another ask or message me if you want!

As for what did come through in your ask, I feel like someone’s sexual orientation is very personal and for some people is also complicated in ways they should not feel obligated to explain. The decision whether to share any of it with others should be made by that person and not anyone else. When it comes to public figures (like Dan and Phil), I still respect their right to privacy and their right to choose what they share with the world.

TBH, Dan’s been talking about finding guys attractive so often lately (and not mentioning ladies much if at all) that I feel like he’s purposely hinting at non-straightness, but I still don’t feel like his sexuality (or his choice if/when to publicly define it) is mine to decide. In a way, I would sort of like it if he were straight, because I think it might be nice to normalize straight people expressing same gender attraction without it being used as “evidence” of their sexuality. It’s possible to think someone’s hot without wanting to actually have sex with them!

In short, I don’t see sexual orientation as a two-dimensional line, with gay on one end and straight on the other, with everyone falling neatly somewhere in between. I think of it as a lot more complicated than that, which makes labels really problematic for some people. And outside pressure to choose and declare a label isn’t helpful or respectful.

I support Dan as an individual, regardless of who he fucks, who he wants to fuck, and who he thinks is hot but doesn’t want to fuck. Because he’s a person, not a fanfic character, and he’s under no obligation to explain or defend his most private feelings to me just because I’m curious.

Why I'm An Atheist

I’ve discovered one part of my closet door that I like more than the rest of the door.
It’s smooth and calming and I can stare at it when I can’t breath,
I can stare at it when I can’t think.
When everything becomes too much and I’m diagnosing myself in my bed.
Can’t breath, check.
Self doubt, check.
Unmotivated to do anything, check.
Random crying, check.
When people ask why I don’t believe in god I can say,
Because who would make someone as fucked up as me.
Who would put more problems on this earth.

Questions for everyone about my crackship babies thing

Yesterday, I put up a posted about a raffle or whatever to celebrate passing 200 followers. You can see the original post here. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go there first.

I’ve only had one person express interest so far, so I’m wondering if “Is there a general disinterest in this?” “Does my alteration to it make it more annoying or unappealing?” or  is there something else I don’t know.

Maybe I’m just being impatient, but can someone offer some other perspectives please. You can send me a message or an anonymous ask if you don’t want to discuss it here.

I’d appreciate any input here. Thank you.

How Best To Harass Your Local Civil Servant

Since @beesmygod​​ has been posting a lot about bothering your local elected representative, I thought I should help a little as someone who understands government work. I live & work outside of the US, but I suspect this is applicable to many local & state/provincial governments.


  • If you want someone to actually look at your issue, to do more than write “Feedback noted” in a complaint system resolution field, ask for a callback. Demand a callback. You can ask for an email too, but I will be blunt: the effort that is put into returning an email is less than half of the effort you force me to put in when I call someone back.
  • Pick a phone number you will be reached at during 9-5 hours (b/c that’s when government workers do their callbacks). Calls are what I recommend simply because a call requires that person to put more effort into addressing your complaint even before they pick up the phone. They have to do more than send a pre-written email template to brush you off, and it allows you to actively engage back with them rather than starting from square one when you send a return email and end up in the system at the bottom of the queue again.
  • If you go with an email, pick an email address that you check regularly. You can even make a professional looking email address for your complaints, which is guaranteed to get better answers than if you ask someone to email
  • When you make your complaint, ask what the time you can expect to wait is, and if you don’t hear back by that length of time, call back and raise hell over it. If there is a ticket system of some kind for tracking complaints (and there usually is when we’re talking government work and accountability), ask for your ticket number. Keep it on hand. Keep all of your numbers on hand.
  • Be prepared for a callback. Have your feedback/goals already written down somewhere you can easily pull up on the fly so you don’t get caught flatfooted. Don’t get sidetracked. Stay on point and have a clear end goal - you want to see your local representative support a specific bill, you want them to issue a statement on a subject.
  • Get a name. Get a phone number you can call them back at. Make them accountable for anything they say or promise.
  • DO NOT USE ABUSIVE LANGUAGE. DO NOT MAKE THREATS OF VIOLENCE. If you use abusive language, I don’t have to engage with you. In fact, if what you write is vile enough, I can refuse to answer future complaints from you. So be passionate, be angry, be uncompromising, but keep that language clean and keep it clear of threats. I can’t do anything to get rid of someone who is pissed but does not cross the line.

I answer a lot of dumb complaints in my particular field. After a while, it gets easy to start tuning complaints out and assuming that people are just mad for no good reason. Callbacks force me to engage. They force me to look into a problem before I call someone back - to actually investigate instead of assuming. It’s harder to tune someone out when you’re holding me accountable.

  • update your game
  • set the in game time to 12 am - 4 am, i set mine to around 1 am (or just play at that time)
  • walk around your town for a bit until someone says “E-excuse me… You, over there!” (i think you have to be in an area where there is room on the ground, so nowhere filled with paths or flowers with no gaps on the ground)
  • a lamp will appear on the ground and ask you to pick it up, agree to and press Y to pick it up
  • take the lamp to your home, put it down on a surface and interact with it, then wisp will appear! 

i hope this helps anyone who wasnt sure how to get wisp, if you have any trouble or questions feel free to send me a message

On February 1st John wakes up to find that Sherlock’s half of the bed is empty, and on his pillow is a single lavender rose.  He smiles softly, picks it up, and presses his nose into the petals.

The following day John finds two of the same flower, their stems cut quite short, waiting for him in his favorite mug when he goes to make tea.  He doesn’t ask Sherlock about it yet, and Sherlock acts as if nothing is different.

On February 3rd there are three lavender roses waiting for John.  One is resting in his left shoe; another is tucked inside his jacket pocket; the third he finds on the doorknob when he’s on his way out.  He puts them on his desk at work and thinks about texting Sherlock for an explanation.  But he doesn’t.  Not yet.

Four roses find their way onto the mantlepiece.

Five are found nestled in John’s chair late in the evening on February 5th.

Six are discovered the following morning, wrapped neatly together with ribbon, in the refrigerator.  Still, neither of them say a word.

It isn’t until the 7th of February–when John finds seven lavender roses, cut from their stems, floating in a bowl of water on the kitchen table–that John’s curiosity gets the better of him.  He’s not much for computers, but he knows how to use google at least.  The results make his head feel light.

Eight roses decorate the sitting room in various spots.

Nine are placed into various beakers and tubes.

Ten litter the surface of the sofa all day on February 10th.  They avoid sitting there all day, but neither of them mentions it.

On February 11th there are eleven roses lining the doorframe of Baker Street.

The 12th brings a bouquet to John’s office where he switches them out for the three that have begun to wilt but that he was unwilling to remove.

Thirteen roses hang from the ceiling of their bedroom the following day.  John isn’t quite sure how Sherlock managed that without waking him, but he lays there for almost half an hour, just watching them sway back and forth.

John comes home from work on the 14th of February and finds lavender rose petals scattered up and down the seventeen steps of 221B.  If he had to guess he would say there were enough petals for fourteen roses.  His chest constricts, and he takes the steps slowly, a small smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

He expects to find Sherlock waiting for him, but when he reaches the top he finds the door to the sitting room closed, a note taped to it.  Sherlock’s untidy scrawl reads, You know where to find me.

And John does.  He’s back down the stairs and out the door in seconds, and for once it seems he’s got Sherlock’s luck on his side as a taxi rolls to a stop when he flings out his hand.

The lab at St. Bart’s hasn’t changed much since the day they met, and it’s a bit like walking into the past when John pushes the door open to find Sherlock waiting for him in the same exact spot he had been when John had first seen him.  Only this time John isn’t limping.  And this time Sherlock is holding a single lavender rose instead of a pipette, and his gaze is soft and warm as it settles on John.

“Knew you’d get it,” he says, his eyes crinkling with his smile.

John walks toward him, taking his time even though his heart is pounding.  It’s ridiculous, he thinks, because they’ve been together for months now.  “I’m smarter than I look,” he says, unable to keep from smiling in return.  He stops about a foot away, nodding toward the rose in Sherlock’s hand.  “Isn’t that cheating?”

Sherlock shakes his head.  “You see, but you do not observe,” he says, a mischievous glint in his eyes.  He steps closer, holding the flower up between them.  “There were only thirteen on the steps.  This is number fourteen.”

John steps closer and reaches out to touch the petals, letting his hand slip down until his fingers ghost over Sherlock’s.  “I looked it up, you know. Lavender rose.”

“I know,” Sherlock says, his smile widening.  “On the seventh.  I was surprised you held out for so long.”

John can’t help laughing.  “I’m not even going to ask how you knew.”  

He plucks the rose from Sherlock’s fingers and sets it gingerly on the counter beside them, removing the delicate barrier between them so that he can step into Sherlock’s space and draw him down for a soft, slow kiss.  Sherlock’s hands cup his face, his thumbs stroking along the sharp edges of his jaw, and John clings to fistfuls of Sherlock’s shirt at his waist.

When he pulls away it’s only enough so that he can speak, and his lips brush Sherlock’s with every word.  “Love at first sight,” he whispers, and he frees one hand to touch the petals of the lavender rose beside them.  “And you always said I was the romantic.”

Sherlock kisses him again, lingering for a long, sweet moment.  “I thought you should know the truth.  The whole of it.  How long I’ve loved you.”

Something in John’s chest aches, and he spends long, drawn-out moments pressing his lips to Sherlock’s, murmuring his I love yous into his mouth, hoping that it will be enough, that Sherlock will understand that he’s been loved since the moment John saw him in this very lab so many years ago.

Later that night–after Sherlock has led them home, after John has pressed him against the sheets, after countless kisses and touches and soft, pleading words–later, they sit together in front of the fire, half-clothed, legs tangled together, and press the single lavender rose in between the pages of a heavy book.  And when they’ve finished, John takes Sherlock by the hand and leads him back to bed.

Someone once asked me, “how do you get over someone the universe didn’t let you be with?”
And it took me awhile to be able to put the right words together to answer.
People have a tendency to want things they can’t have - that includes people too, so it’s no surprise when you end up falling for someone who you’re not supposed to be with and by not supposed to be with I mean you try everything you can to your best ability to make it work but it won’t because let’s face it, you can’t force fate and if it isn’t meant to be - it won’t be. But that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt like hell, I know. Having to accept the fact you can’t be with someone you’re completely in love with is one of the hardest things you’ll ever experience, however I’ll tell you one thing - you probably won’t listen because I mean, I didn’t listen when someone told it to me, but please for the love of god try your hardest to reframe from changing yourself in order to attempt to fit their idea of perfect. You are not the problem. Repeat that to yourself a million times if you have to. Reframe from dying your hair a different colour, don’t change your favourite make up routine because you think he’d like something different, don’t buy the dress you think he’d like more. Do not change yourself just because you don’t feel enough, it’ll only make you feel worse. There is someone out there who you will be more than enough for, wait for them. Do not change yourself to fit someone else because once the universe takes them away to keep you on your destined path - he won’t be there anymore, all you’ll have is you. And that’s a pretty lonely experience if you don’t even know who the hell you are.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
How SU studies

Pearl: 60 flashcards, five quizlet accounts, clothes with highlighter stains, is literally vibrating with nerves when the test is being handed out

Amethyst: motivates herself through rewards, ie treating herself with snacks or a break after a page or so. It doesn’t really work.

Garnet: organized, but only calm on the outside, listens to music the whole way through and will punch someone if they ask for a pen during the exam

Peridot: did the paper last week, studied for that thing a month ago, stays up all night watching netflix instead and is fueled by coffee and spite

Lapis: DOES NOT.

Jasper: will knock everything off her desk in frustration while working, easily distracted by wanting to redo own eyeliner or fight the neighborhood raccoon

Steven: PASTEL STUDYBLR. Tea, blankets and good lighting, but spends a lot of time making his notes look nice instead of reading the words. It’s a problem.

smh as things that people I know have done in college
  • Bitty: messaged entire class facebook group of several thousand students to ask if anyone had an egg they could borrow to bake a cake
  • Jack: had an anxiety attack, forgot the english language, had to explain the anxiety attack using only french
  • Lardo: got a job at the art museum on campus, had to sit next to an exhibit that contained 200,000 fortune cookies, watched as 200,000 fortune cookies became 199,999 as someone walked up to the pile and stepped on one
  • Holster: spent an hour stuffed under a twin sized bed with 3 other people to jump out and surprise roommate when they got home; roommate never came
  • Ransom: while stoned, planned a 4-year graduation plan that would allow them to complete 5 different majors and a minor; thought this was reasonable to do, probably could do it with a 4.0
  • Nursey: got very drunk and wrote a poem about space, taped the poem to a wall for everyone to see, realized the next morning that most of it was quotes from an Owl City song
  • Dex: was asked to fix the same person's laptop four times in one week; did it every time
  • Chowder: overdressed in an ironed button down and new sweater to go out with his entire squad to meet one guy's girlfriend because he wanted to make a good first impression
  • Tango: spent several entire lectures asking questions about information that is quite literally on the home page of the school's website
  • Whiskey: stolen fruit, several bags of bagels, a set of silverware, and an entire napkin dispenser from the dining hall
  • Shitty: dressed up as Jesus to go to a frat party, went around saying "whoever said 'fuck the gays' is dumb as SHIT"
  • Also Shitty: got alcohol poisoning before 9pm
  • Shitty again: had a foursome while the Hamilton soundtrack played
  • Listen, the next five dudes you're going to ask about? Were probably all Shitty: walked around the quad in a t-rex costume chasing people

I started drawing this before it got upgraded from an AU TO A HEADCANON ORIGIN STORY HEYYO

SO @saisai-chan was telling me about a cute idea she had that when Uraraka grew up, her parents always kissed her bandaids after putting them on a cut, because they were too poor to have like anaesthetic spray or anything? And then she applied it to a kacchako idea where Bakugou protects Uraraka from something and gets cuts and Uraraka bandages him while he’s out cold and kisses it and so on.

Anyway I kinda… did an alternate take on her idea and she asked me to post it BUT REALLY THE MAIN IDEA IS HERS SO IF YOU LIKE THIS THANK HER FOR IT.


So, what if the students were out doing like a training exercise, and same thing, Bakugou protects Uraraka without thinking with his super fast reflexes, and he gets banged up. And because they’re supposed to be self sufficient or something during the training and they’re just scratches, someone hands Uraraka some bandaids (maybe Momo makes them) and Uraraka applies them to Bakugou’s cuts.

He’s just sitting there, fuming because he’s having bandaids put on him for stupid cuts and he can’t believe he even got cut in the first place. But Uraraka just sees him sitting there sulking and has a lightbulb moment.

And she’s like “Oh! I forgot!” and she kisses the bandaid on his forehead (or cheek or something) and she’s so in the moment she’s just like “My parents always said that bandaids aren’t magic unless you kiss them!”

And everyone is just going ?????????? did Uraraka just do what we think she did?????

Bakugou starts literally steaming, speechless. And only then does Uraraka realize what she’s done.

EXO as things I've heard on the bus
  • Suho: With great power comes an even greater electricity bill.
  • Baekhyun: A cop pulled me over and told me "Papers", so I said "Scissors, I win!" and drove off.
  • Chanyeol: Wherever you go, there you are.
  • D.O: I wish that all of my enemies had three cars parked in front of their house. An ambulance, fire truck and police car.
  • Kai: I put my phone in airplane mode, but it's not flying!
  • Sehun: Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
  • Xiumin: Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant... So chocolate is a salad.
  • Lay: A day without sunshine is, like night.
  • Chen: You know you’re stupid when you wake someone up by asking if they’re asleep.

Ok, so Kara assembles team of hot women to hit on Alex in front of Maggie to make her jealous. Featuring, Lucy that returned from super classified mission just to make “this Maggie girl” jealous, Sara staying in their universe a little longer because it’s really gay and she’s having the time of her life getting under Detective Sawyers skin, Vasquez ‘the senior lesbian’ introducing Alex to the beautiful world of wlw, Lena getting flustered because girl she has a crush on asked Her to flirt with her sister and Lena couldn’t even put up a fight against Kara’s pout so she just gave in. Fast forward to the next week, Maggie’s fully healed after a breakup and now she was going to ask Alex on a date but every time she tries to she gets interrupted by different women trying to flirt with Alex and really “in what world would Alex choose her over a CEO, a Secret service agent, Supergirl, general or White Canary ?”

+Sanvers, Supercorp endgame.

Straight White Boy Problem #989

I’ve noticed that some dudes constantly put on a front due to their perception of masculinity and it hurts them in the long run because they are discouraged from being open about their feelings or getting emotionally close with other dudes for the fear that they will be perceived as “gay”….like i thought me and curtis were having a heart to heart and then curtis said “why do you have to be so gay about this man” DUDE you ASKED how I felt when stephanie didn’t show up for our “study date”….didn’t know having ANY emotion would make someone “gay”…..

Play loud music through your head set, well let me ask you some questions.

I take a train to work every day. About a 45 minute commute each way in a very comfortable train. Usually quiet and we all can take a nap before and after work. A new guy started taking the train that is a total jerk. He has these head phones that are super loud. Whenever someone asks him to turn down the music, he gets very confrontational. So one day he sits next to me and I am not about to ask him to turn it down! Oh no! I am about to become his best friend. I ask him what song is playing! I tell him I heard it once and want to buy it. He tells me only to put his music back on. Next song comes up. I ask him what that song is. He is clearly aggravated by now. I let the third song go by, but when I see him look at me I give him the ‘ahh not a fan’ . Fourth song I tap him again and ask him what it is. I then ask him if he could show me how to buy these songs on iTunes. He is clearly pissed because he has a Samsung, but I play the village idiot. I keep being nice to him entire ride but I disturbed like 7 songs.

Next day he sees me in the train car and moves on to the next one.