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Eco time / Small space: this one maybe wins the “Small Space” category. Ultra-ergonomic and full of resource -and energy-saving facilities. Designed by  Minim Micro Homes.

Grant’s process was amazing. This kid is going to win an Oscar one day, certainly not for playing The Flash, because it’s a TV show, but they’re lucky to have him and he’s lucky to have them as well. I hope it goes on forever, but one day he’s going to be off this show and he’s easily going to win an award. The dude’s true grit, he’s an amazing actor…” – Kevin Smith (x)

Dating James Potter Would Include...

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  • becoming his number one fan
  • “Did you see your boyfriend win the match?”
  • “Yes, James for the thousandth time, I did.”
  • constant teasing
  • becoming super close with all the Marauders, but especially Sirius
  • James getting mad about this
  • “Eyes off my girlfriend, Padfoot.”
  • getting him to leave Snape alone
  • he isn’t too keen on nicknames, he usually just calls you by your last name, but there’s the occasional “babe”
  • constantly trying to talk him out of his pranks
  • “Y/N stop it, I’ll be fine.”
  • eventually giving up and helping him plan them
  • meeting his parents, them loving you
  • laughing at his corny jokes
  • him wanting to cuddle after he loses a match
  • “please, I’ll die if we don’t, it’s been a hard day.”
  • sneaking into the kitchens for midnight snacks
  • lowkey he just loves attacking your face with kisses
  • “Are you still mad?” *kiss* “James get off!” *kiss* “What about now?” *kiss*
  • he acts like he hates when you play with his hair
  • but he loves it, really. 
  • getting worried when he leaves for full moons
  • “c’mon, you know I can handle a big bad wolf”
  • so much flirting
  • cheesy pick up lines
  • “We should date”
  • “James, it’s been 2 years???”
  • him teasing you when he takes off his shirt and you’re speechless
  • “they can cut glass, you know.”
  • discovering his invisibility cloak
  • “did you ever use this to spy on me?”
  • *smirks “no”
  • piggy back rides, everywhere
  • calling him dear and winking 
  • him rolling his eyes at you “nice”
  • covering for him when he gets caught pranking
  • “Professor! I uh, look Y/N! Isn’t she lovely?”
  • catching him staring at your during classes
  • he’s just a huge goofy cheese ball but when you really need it, he’d be serious.
  • “I can be serious”
  • “uh, no you can’t,  cause I am”
  • him kicking his friends out of the dorm when he wants to be alone with you
  • low-key him being the type of guy to tickle your nose with a feather when you’re sleeping just to watch your nose scrunch up

Paulie has swept the competition in terms on wins/social game and still no one sees him as a threat to win the entire game, and instead go after vulnerable davonne and bridgette? 



Navas’ interview with Adidas | July 28, 2016

The upcoming season
“I’m very excited heading into the new season. I’m eager to work hard and I know I’ll have to give my all. I’ve got the benefit of knowing what the club is all about, how to work with my team mates, things that were new for me before are now becoming familiar. You can always learn and get better”.

“He really understands us. He’s clear in his ideas and we all try to understand what he wants as quickly as possible so we can put it into practice on the pitch. One of the things that helped us to win the Champions League was that we learned very quickly and had the ideas clear in our minds. In the end we managed to achieve our goal”.

Unbeaten for 338 minutes in the Champions League
“It was a beautiful thing and a very intense experience. Nobody achieves anything without the help of their team mates. It’s an individual milestone but I always say that if they left me alone between the posts, I’d definitely concede a lot of goals. When they are there to help me out, I’m just a reflection of the team and I’ll always be thankful to my team mates”.

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Novak beat Tomas Berdych 7-6(6) 6-4 after saving three set points in the first set and reached the semi finals of the Rogers Cup on Friday.

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To be fair, these tracks are by the same composer. 

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nonono but what if Patryk goes completely numb afterwards and just loses all love and passion for life. he becomes a perfect puppet for Tord, doing exactly what is asked of him and performing with inhuman perfection on the battlefield. on the inside, though, he's dying, and every time he goes out on the field he prays that he makes just one mistake, so that he can see paul one more time.

now I’m the one who suffering. Good job, you win anon.

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Movie Synopsis
One year after outwitting the FBI and winning the publicâ&#128;&#153;s adulation with their mind-bending spectacles, the Four Horsemen resurface in Now You See Me: The Second Act only to find themselves face to face with a new enemy who enlists them to pull off their most dangerous heist yet.

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Novak at his press conference after his quarter final win over Tomas Berdych

Novak on his next opponent Gael Monfils: “Gael is — he’s playing great tennis at the moment. He won Washington. He’s been playing more or less every day for last couple of weeks. Played a lot of matches. So, you know, he’s feeling confident on the court. He made a lot of good wins. I think he saved some match points in finals of last week, faced a lot of break points in the last round, as well, and managed to come out in the tough moments as a better player, which is a characteristic of a champion and of somebody that knows how to cope with the pressure in deciding moments. So he’s been around for many years. I know Gaël for a long time, even before professional tennis. We haven’t played each other in a while. I’m going to look forward to that. I think couple years ago in Toronto we did play our first match here. It was 7-6 in the third set. So let’s see what happens tomorrow. […]

Well, he seems more focused, committed. That’s good to see, because he really does have a great athletic potential and he’s got a talent. He’s got an all-around game. He was top 10 of the world, so he has the experience. He has that confidence. You know, he’s got everything he needs in order to be on top of the game, you know, and to compete at a high level. It’s just that, you know, his oscillations are quite — they are occurring a lot in the last couple of years, but I think now he’s finding his groove. He’s finding his right, let’s say — he’s assembling the right team of people around him, and it’s good to see him back playing at such a high level.”

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Hey listen

if you end up on/against a team of one or two in competitive can we just like….agree to chill

like I’ll let you win or w/e I’m the only one here it’s not gonna happen but can we just hang and emote at each other