and if not

you’re okay. it’s going to be okay. i know that it can feel hopeless. i know that the world can feel too big and you can feel too small but you are so much more than the minuscule thing that you think you are. you are an incredibly important fixture in this place that always seems to be changing. you are a necessary piece. despite what you may think, you are more than your flaws. you are more than your mistakes. you are more. you are more.

you are a world inside of a world and your meaning is larger than you can possibly fathom.


The evacuation of Dunkirk during World War II began on this date in 1940 after a controversial order from Hitler had delayed the annihilation of the British and Belgian troops a few days earlier, giving the Allies time to withdraw without the catastrophic losses that most likely would otherwise have occurred.  The evacuation was made possible largely because of the little private ships, making trip after trip across the Channel, eventually evacuating upwards of 338,000 troops in roughly 800 ships.  Churchill famously called it a “miracle of deliverance.”

Stamp details:
Stamps on top:
Issued on: May 13, 2010
From: London, England
MC #2958-2961

Stamps on bottom:
Issued on: June 4, 1990
From: Majuro, Marshall Islands
SC #252-253

Okay quick thing: Y’all know “melk” and “pellow” is an Elise thing and not a Laura thing right?