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You’ve been asking for it (over, and over, and over) so I guess it’s about time I deliver, eh? ;) Under the cut, you’ll find my very favorite Brian/Justin fics, organized by author. I’m a picky fic reader, so I’ve already done all the filtering for you. (Don’t worry - no fics where Brian unironically calls Justin ‘sweetheart’ will be found here.) I suggest you read every single one of them…five times each >:) And don’t forget to leave feedback for the wonderful writers who manage to get our favorite domestic club boys down on paper so beautifully. Last but not least, ENJOY! :)

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Okay quick thing: Y’all know “melk” and “pellow” is an Elise thing and not a Laura thing right?

And If Not? | Remus & Selina


Remus had been out Azkaban for a few weeks and though Selina had been present at his trial, had spoken for him with his friends, she had not been able to see him. Perhaps it was because she was still concerned with the awkward ending of their date. Perhaps it was because she was still struggling with who she was. Regardless, Selina knew that it was time for her to see the man. He had been nothing but a good friend to her.

And besides, she knew there was group fighting the Death Eaters and standing for Remus at his trial meant she’d chosen a side. The problem was that she wasn’t sure where to begin. She knew if there was a group fighting Voldemort that of course James would fight. She could assume Sirius was fighting, too, though she hadn’t asked him.

No, Remus would be a way she could test the waters, could see if this was something she wanted to do.

Someone was going to win. Someone was going to lose. It had taken Selina quite awhile to realize this, but she was finally ready to face the music. To choose a side. To not look back.

She stood on the stoop of the cottage, a basket of muffins in one hand while the other went up to knock on the door.

Okay so

I feel like absolute shit and I have no idea why.
I don’t know whether it’s because I’m back at the school I recently changed to and have only been at for 3 weeks so far.
Or that I feel pressured school-work wise because I have tonnes of work to get done but I’m not too stressed about getting a high ATAR because I know there are other ways into uni.
I’m getting normal amounts of sleep (always around the 8 hour mark).

I don’t know.

I have never really felt like this before, ever, but basically I feel like never leaving my house again or like, burrowing away in a corner somewhere underground and just sleeping and not waking up or like, just crying for ages and ages for no reason at all.

ARGH GUYS WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME. I don’t want to sound like some melodramatic idiot or anything but I just feel really apathetic and sad and hopeless and fuckkasdfghkjldjklgjkldguireiurnkfdnkfvkjfjksfufu.