and if not

you’re okay. it’s going to be okay. i know that it can feel hopeless. i know that the world can feel too big and you can feel too small but you are so much more than the minuscule thing that you think you are. you are an incredibly important fixture in this place that always seems to be changing. you are a necessary piece. despite what you may think, you are more than your flaws. you are more than your mistakes. you are more. you are more.

you are a world inside of a world and your meaning is larger than you can possibly fathom.

Today, I tried.
That’s enough.

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Being an aro frustrates me sometimes because you're never done 'coming out'. Often you have to remember your parents or people next to you that you're not seeing anyone and WHY.

I feel you buddy. 

Honestly, for me, romantic and sexual orientation, though important and should never be pushed aside, are private things. At least for me. I know how frustrating it is because people don’t get it, but as someone who was once on that receiving end of people coming out to me, sometimes you don’t know what to do with the information. Not defending them, but sometimes that is the case. 

For you, don’t be frustrated! You’re aro. You just don’t feel the romo that a lot of others feel. If you don’t want to be consistently coming out to people, just use deflecting sentences. Here are some I use. 

Person: You gonna get a boyfriend? 

Me: Ich gehör nur mir. 

Person: You gonna date someone? 

Me: Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of me loving dogs over boys.

Person: You ever have a crush? 

Me: Only the crushing weight of responsibility and existence in my mortal flesh prison thanks Karen.

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【ϟ】“—Here. Normally, Chazz wasn’t the type to just offer gifts without expecting something in return, but this time was different. After learning just how much Cherish had been struggling last time they’d met up, he’d decided she could use something special. And that ‘something special’, was one of the two ‘Catnipped Kitty’ cards he’d had stuffed away in his dorm room. 

Just consider this pay back for you giving me that card from last time. 


The evacuation of Dunkirk during World War II began on this date in 1940 after a controversial order from Hitler had delayed the annihilation of the British and Belgian troops a few days earlier, giving the Allies time to withdraw without the catastrophic losses that most likely would otherwise have occurred.  The evacuation was made possible largely because of the little private ships, making trip after trip across the Channel, eventually evacuating upwards of 338,000 troops in roughly 800 ships.  Churchill famously called it a “miracle of deliverance.”

Stamp details:
Stamps on top:
Issued on: May 13, 2010
From: London, England
MC #2958-2961

Stamps on bottom:
Issued on: June 4, 1990
From: Majuro, Marshall Islands
SC #252-253

Exams are over (for me at least!)

I actually think some of them went well, too! I’m slightly worried about Sociology and maybe Computer Science (but my coursework is good so I can avoid a displeasing result, hopefully), and maybe English Lit because you really don’t know if you wrote a master piece or utter rubbish with it I feel. I said Lady Macbeth was Machiavellian so I mean if that doesn’t get me an A* (or level eight as the government wants me say ;_;) I don’t have any hope loool.

The long wait for results day drags on.
Good luck to anyone who still has a exams! 💛

whispers i’ve been a bit slow here because i’m actually working on a choose your own adventure game where you play as hux during an epidemic on one of his early commands !! it’s really cool ( i hope it’ll be really cool ) but SUPER time consuming. so if you wanna plot, chat, or listen to me ramble about NCBI articles on the ethics of pandemic containment procedures and how the First Order would implement them, catch me on sk/ype at tolkienandmore or on dis/cord at admirial7327

all mutuals are welcome <3 <3