and if my heart should somehow stop


After some time without “talking” to each other, they did a housou playing Splatoon, and…

Lon: Somehow, my heart is beating really fast…

Soraru: Why?

Lon: My hands are shaking too

Soraru: Should we stop playing?

Lon: No www that’s not it…

Soraru: Eh? What is it?

Lon: I’m telling you that it’s not that kind of thing

Soraru: What are you talking about…?

Lon: I don’t know, my body is strange

Soraru: “Could it be ‘love’?” There are a lot of comments saying that it’s “Love”. If you fall in love, your body and your hands start shaking? Isn’t that dangerous?

Lon: -laughs-

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop
  • And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop
  • James Vincent McMorrow
  • Early In The Morning

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop - James Vincent McMorrow

“And there are times I know when I will have to chase you. The further from my side you go, the longing grows. And though I hate this, I’ll still want you…I will hate this, but I’ll still want you”.

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"You’re scared of that, aren’t you?" >:/

( x )

         Such an innocent thing, a stretch of rope. Not something to strike fear into the hearts of men or monsters, or the personification of strength. For Winston, it represented something much more than simple containment.

         The dog stared at Harlan and the length of natty, grey-brown twist that he held as one entity, somehow still human in some way but at the same time terribly GRADUATED. As though he’d undergone a mutation and should be treated with levels upon levels of suspicion atop the norm. He did not LIKE Harlan to begin with. He liked him less with rope.

         Yet, still, there was no real aggression to be found on the dog’s body beyond the slightly lowered head and wary eyes. If potato chips had been a game, this most certainly wasn’t.



The One That I Want // Lo-Fang

Gooey // Glass Animals 

Falling Short // Låpsley

begin again // Purity Ring

How Could You Babe // Tobias Jesso Jr.

Hey Mami // Sylvan Esso

Sedona // Houndmouth

Talk Is Cheap // Chet Faker

Night Drive // Twiceyoung

Open // Rhye

Hope For Now // City and Colour

Still Sane // Lorde

Giving Up // HAERTS

Medicine // The 1975

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop // James Vincent McMorrow

You’re The One For Me // Great Good Fine Ok

Body Gold // Oh Wonder
Sweet Nightingale - YouTube
Sweet Nightingale Soundtrack

Once there was a soldier - My Lady’s House/Iron & Wine . Char’s childhood - Flume/Coeur de Pirate . What do you want? - Keep Breathing/Ingrid Michaelson . The blossoms - Strange and Beautiful/Aqualung . First ball - Your Fonder Heart/Anais Mitchell . The balcony - Can’t Live With The World/Laura Mvula . Day fair - One Day Like This/Elbow . Second ball - Noble Heart/PHOX . Night Fair - Verseau/Coeur de Pirate . First kiss - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square/Nat King Cole . Last morning - And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop/James Vincent McMorrow . Third ball - C’est ca l’amour/Cendrillon . Escape - Moonrise Kingdom/Angel Haze . Char alone - Thistle & Weeds/Mumford and Sons . The rain - Elijah/Matthew and the Atlas . Elaine - Sing to the Moon/Laura Mvula . Lucille on the stand - A Burning Hill/Mitski . The letter - Please Don’t Go/Barcelona . The last midnight - Place de la Republique/Coeur de Pirate . Epilogue - Feeling Good/Nina Simone

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I don't want to get into Riverdale because it seems so cliche and unoriginal but part of me's like "Archie keeps taking his shirt off... do it..."


But in all seriousness, that show is SO CLICHE and literally filled to the top in tropes…but it somehow works for it? Idk how but it works! I just can’t stop watching it. Also, Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica have stolen my heart. And now so has Joaquin. So I watch it for them. You should definitely give it a try, anon!


“The God’s honest truth is that I ain’t ever gonna love again. She’s your true north. I know what that means, because you’re mine.”

A mix for Steve and Bucky. Based off of the Not Easily Conquered series.

you and me - penny & the quarters / work song - hozier / slow it down - the lumineers / burn - ray lamontagne / georgia - vance joy / and if my heart should somehow stop - james vincent mcmorrow / pendulum - fka twigs / c’est la mort - the civil wars / the scientist - coldplay / us against the world - coldplay / i’ll never smile again - frank sinatra & tommy dorsey / here with me - susie such & robot koch

{listen here}

/ i'd rather be sad with you, than anywhere away from you

wake me//bleachers / cheap hotel//leon else / call your girlfriend//barcelona / incomplete//james bay / and if my heart should somehow stop//james vincent mcmorrow / this is gospel (piano version)//panic! at the disco / i love you//alex & sierra / pictures//benjamin francis leftwich / ghost//halsey / gold in the air//jesse woods / chasing cars//sleeping at last / i won’t mind (hounded remix)//zayn malik / northern lights//james young / memo//years and years / roses//james arthur

LISTEN; hope you like it !!

For all of you wondering, this is Lauren’s “playlist” that I referred to earlier. It’s a collection of songs she gave us in her personalized note that came with her journal bundle. Here are the songs she suggested (: A lot of them are so chill and totally emulate the little flower child she is haha ((: I appreciate this so much.

1. After the Storm - Mumford and Sons

2. And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop - James Vincent McMorrow (THIS ONE IS SO GOOD FAM)

3. Edge of Desire - John Mayer

4. Aquemini - Outkast

5. Satin Doll - Stevie Wonder (I hope this is the right hyper link lol I haven’t been able to find this one)

6. To Love and Die - Jhene Aiko (Gold tbh just pure gold)

7. Fourth of July - Sufjan Stevens 

8. Diana - Paolo Nutini

In just 10-seconds, my heart shook while staring down at a picture of you and her even though it should’ve never shook in the first place.

Why can’t I be happy for you? Why can’t I bring myself to forget everything? Why do you still somehow manage to find ways back into my life? 

Why can’t I turn my back on you even though I should have already?

—  H.C

Fairytale Love // a mix of dreamy love songs for Ella and Kit.

i. Ours - The Honey Trees | ii. Like Real People Do - Hozier | iii. Love - Nancy Adams | iv. Turning Page - Sleeping At Last | v. Pull Me Down - Mikky Ekko | vi. Listen (Listen, Listen) - Wintersleep | vii. Birds - Emiliana Torrini | viii. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri | ix. Your Song - Ellie Goulding | x. Kiss Me Slowly - Parachute | xi. Stars - The XX | xii. Oblivion - Bastille | xiii. Light Me Up - Birdy | xiv. You And Me - Lifehouse | xv. If My Heart Should Somehow Stop - James Vincent Mcmorrow | xvi. Paperweight - Joshua Radin

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop
  • And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop
  • James Vincent McMorrow
  • Early In the Morning (Bonus Version)

James Vincent Morrow ~ And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop

The wind changed the first day that you came through…