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Upcoming AhKJ/PoM wood ornaments

Not in any order.
From ahkj: Maurice, Clover, Mort, Timo, Ted and Dorothy, Horst, Willy, Xixi, Pancho, Hector, Dr. S and Rob, Koto, Magic Steve, Sage, Becca and Abner, Rat King Joey, Karl and Chauncey, Masikura.

From PoM: the other three penguins, Marlene, Clemson, Hans, Dr. Blowhole, the ducklings, Savio.
There’s a lot more to this list, but this is my main goal for right now.

I totally forgot how therapeutic pencil sketches are, especially when you don’t have to ink or color it ✨

I rly just want black ppl to remember as I said before we have always made our biggest strides when the state is against us.
We have never had the state in on our side fully even wit a black president and black folks in other positions of power and thus we must remember cant rely on the state for liberation or even validation of our rights from birth, we never have and we don’t have to.

Its a daunting realization and quite sobering but knowing that we have gotten this far always pushing back and surviving oppressive retaliation makes me hopeful.

we still have a bright future bc we are still here we are always all we’ve had and that’s gotten us here at least, that’s enough to stay determined.

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oh my god.... so often in group pics when ym are next to each other they're right up in each other's space like that and are, like, easily the two that are the closest together (remember that kota kinabalu pic on the beach??? fmu) out of them all its like.. one of my most subtle but obvious things abt them istg

i mean,,,,,,,,,

quite interesting if u ask me

What Gender Dysphoria Feels Like, For Those Who Don't Experience It

(From my experience only. Not accurate for all trans people.)


At its best, it is a dull, mental tingling. You know something is not quite right. You know your own identity, and you notice the annoyances this body brings you, but you carry on.

At its usual, it’s an anxiety producer. You’re more aware of you’re own feminine features, and the things about your body you feel don’t fit you; You’re more aware of your voice, and dislike how it makes others view you. Mornings may see a little heavier, having to wake up and face your own body in the shower, or in the bathroom mirror. Hearing people refer to you as “she” is still an annoyance, but you brush it off. You don’t like looking at yourself, but you can. You’re able to see past the dysphoria and accept yourself.
At mid-day the limits you put on your body start to make you ache. You think maybe you should take your binder off for a bit, but doing so could potentially cause a panic attack. You let yourself be physically uncomfortable, so you can be more mentally comfortable.

At its worst, seeing your own body makes you want to cry. You do nothing but lay in a pile of heavy comforters - fully clothed so you don’t have to feel the curves of your own body. Hearing someone regard you as “she”, or your birth name, fills you with discomfort and unease, sometimes to the point of nausea. You can’t look in the mirror without wanting to cut your own skin off - remake your body into something more tolerable. This frustration towards ones own body may cause the urge for them to self-harm. Even slightly tight fitting, or feminine clothes cause anxiety to the point where you won’t leave your home.

Dysphoria is not simply the wish to be another gender. It is not a trend; it is not a fight against social standards. Gender dysphoria is a psychological battle between who you are on the inside, and how others perceive you on the outside. It can produce anger, anxiety, nausea, depression.
Dysphoria is painful. It isn’t something I’m happy to be going through, but I go through it, regardless.
I hope people get better educated about gender dysphoria, within the next few years, so we - as a society - can actually start treating trans people like people.
- Adrian Loya 🖤

Guys, seriously, watch this show.

Seriously. This show doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves. So I'ma do a full-fledged review right now. Y’all sit yo asses down and listen.

Ruby Gloom is a canadian kids’ cartoon about a young girl and her group of friends. It’s quite a unique show in many different ways. For one, it’s not your typical diabetes inducing show for toddlers. It’s actually in a very..well, gloomy setting. Nightime is dark as you would expect, and during the day its perpetually cloudy and overcast. Heck, in the one episode it was actually sunny, the characters were doing everything they could to bring the clouds back! The main characters all live together in a mansion on top of a large hill, where most of the episodes occur. 

Now. The Characters:

The eponymous Ruby Gloom. A young girl(Some fans have speculated she’s a living doll) who, according to the show’s tagline, is ‘the happiest girl in the world.’ However, shes not the typical happy-all-the-time, overly hyperactive and somewhat annoying character. She’s an optimist, through and through, and tries to see the bright side of everything. She’s also a pretty calm person. She doesn’t jump around and yell about how great everything is, but she’s happy. She also has a pet cat named Doom Kitty, who has quite the personality of her own.

Skull-Boy is the brains of the group. He’s just a teensy bit awkward and is trying to find out who he is, or more, who his family is. He’s a  jack-of-all-trades, probably because pretty much every episode he tries a new profession stating that “I must be related to a long line of ______!” Ruby also has a crush on him.

Iris is the wild child. She loves taking risks and going to extremes to have fun and is cheerful and hyperactive. Sometimes she can be unintentionally insensitive and a bit too wild, but she’s never purposely mean. She has a giant flying worm named Squig.

Misery is pretty much the opposite of Ruby. She’s a fan favorite and most fans have come to the conclusion that she is a banshee. She is a disaster magnet and has the worst luck, and constantly gets struck by lightning. Despite always having bad luck and a generally gloomy demeanor, she’s not depressed. She has a place to live and friends that love her, and is generally happy with what she has.

Frank and Len are brothers who love to create music. Frank is usually smarter one who often gets annoyed by his brother’s stupidity and antics, but sometimes can be just as dumb as his brother, depending on the writer. Len is the dimmer of the two and doesn’t always get things. They are actually incredibly talented musicians.

Poe is a very posh crow. He loves to hear himself talk and can be a bit arrogant at times, but he’s still a good person and a good friend. 

Boo-Boo is a mischievous little ghost that loves to pull pranks. He tries to be scary, but instead everyone finds him cute. He also can be stubborn at times.

Lastly, my personal favorite, is Scaredy Bat. Scaredy Bat is a shy little guy with an indian accent who’s afraid of everything. He gets nervous very easily and is also quite paranoid. Despite his timid personality, he’s the extremely talented drummer of Frank and Len’s band and forgets  his fear behind the kit. He is also the only one that Boo-Boo can scare.

Woah, that got longer than expected, but I got the point across. ‘You can find most episodes on YouTube. Seriously, give it a shot. 

Thank you

for all the sweet messages I’ve gotten. I’m sorry if I made any of you worry. I was in a really bad place after the episode, and to be quite honest I’m not feeling my best right now either, but I’m doing a lot better. I’m sorry if anyone thought I was rude to the anon, but I said I needed time because this episode was not good for me (and even if I hadn’t said I literally do this for free and I got home from school 30 minutes ago) so please don’t be rude or demanding?
I had to watch the episode 3 times over to add the subtitles, and with this one that wasn’t at all easy.. But it’s rendering right now and I’ll upload it as soon as it’s done ♥ 

quick will sketch


‘You got a lousy taste in men, kid. He’s not so bad…He’s got a temper, but deep down he’s all fluff. Fact is he’s not like anybody I’ve ever known…All my friends are fighters….And here comes this guy who spends his life avoiding the fight because he knows he’ll win. Sounds amazing. He’s also a huge dork…Chick’s dig that.’

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Intrusive Thoughts Witch Tip

So, if you’re like me, maybe you have trouble sleeping at night because right when you lay down your mind just starts rolling with conversations that aren’t important. I know that this is quite normal, but on my worse nights this becomes intrusive thoughts - those that are unpleasant, harmful or frightening. I have a specific phobia, and when I can’t sleep my mind directs all of its attention to this, which causes anxiety attacks and insomnia.

To help deal with this I’ve used a pretty simple visualization routine.

✨ Pick your fav fictional character

✨Imagine them in your mind’s eye fighting off/yelling at/etc. your intrusive thoughts

✨Choose or create a specific “powerful” attack to seal the thoughts away and imagine your character using it

✨When you start to feel thoughts creeping back in remind yourself they are gone and visualize your character fending them off.

For example, my personal choice is Arturia Pendragon from the Fate series.
Her signature move is to raise Excalibur to the heavens and rain down a white light of power that banishes all evil. When I start to feel my mind wandering I repeat to myself “it is gone” and keep the image of Arturia in my mind a little longer until I fall asleep.

You can think of this as a very minor summoning of a guardian as well, and I find that after a few times of doing this your thought form can act on its own as it knows the routine.

Perhaps this idea can help someone else :)

Champagne Raspberry Kit Kats

Truth be told, I have not been digging most of the fancy flavors the Kit Kat Chocolatories in Japan have been releasing recently. However, this month’s new Connoisseur concept, Champagne Raspberry, is a winner!

I love the clean, simply illustrated package design!

For this boozy berry flavor, Yasumasa Takagi, the patissier who creates these special Kit Kats for Nestle Japan, took his inspiration from Epernay, France, the capital of Champagne production…

Like other berry flavored Kit Kats of the past, I expected the actual candy bars to be pink…

Only I opened the package to discover they were made of dark chocolate…

Quite a surprise…

However, when you broke one open, the “raspberriness” was evident inside…

While I usually avoid dark chocolate at all costs, using it here was indeed the right decision, as its bitterness plays perfectly against the sweetness of the raspberry and champagne. It’s one of the most beautifully balanced Kit Kats I can recall eating in a long time.

Champagne Raspberry Kit Kats are currently available at all Kit Kat Chocolatory locations across Japan, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you for how long.

voldemort: we’re quite simmalr, hairy, both orphans, both dark hair, both misunder stood by your peers, both right handed-
harry: 90% of the population is right hand and the majority of the human race including muggles have dark hair as its a dominant gene in the chromosomes, and all teenagers feel misunderstood by society as a whole so we arent special you snaketurd remove that wand from up your ass

Role Reversal Voltron AU

Guess who got me into another fandom crais ty puppet. Anyway, gonna type this down before I forget it since its kind of interesting and who knows? Might find some time to write a fic for it.


Keith: Senior cadet at Galaxy Garrison, Iverson’s prized (and super troublesome; the commander has several new white hairs because of him) student and resident Golden Boy. Keith burst into the Garrision like a wrecking ball, smashing records left and right and especially topping the emo charts. Despite his tendency to talk back to his superiors, all the staff at the Garrison are quite fond of the prickly little hedgehog, and every student thinks of him as their hero. Keith is still a loner by nature, however, and before the new superstar student Takashi Shirogane started clinging to him like a particularly stubborn burr, Keith’s only friend was his best friend Katie Holt. Together with lovely but quite badass Colleen Holt, they are the three who gets selected to go on the Kerberos mission. 

Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane: Shiro is easily the best fighter pilot of his class, and he would have been the best pilot of the generation if it weren’t for the senior cadet Keith. Despite Keith’s success and personality, however, it soon became obvious that everyone adored the awkward senior. And before long, Shiro did as well. Keith was blunt and honest, but he was fair. Keith didn’t look at Shiro as if he was an adversity, or with jealousy. Being with Keith felt like he was taking a breath of fresh air, and for the first time since Shiro started at the Garrison, he finally felt as if he could breathe. When the news of the failure of the Kerberos mission was released, Shiro was devastated. Together with his accomplice Matt, or “Pidge”, Shiro sets out to find out the truth behind Kerberos (and maybe bring his friend back home). Fun Fact: Shiro’s nickname ‘Shiro’ was coined by Keith, because when he first met Shiro, ‘Shiro’ was the only part of Takashi’s name Keith remembered.

Katie Holt: Keith’s best friend and a total badass (she takes after her mother). Unlike canon, she needs no one to protect her from gladiator life. Because dang, all those spars with Keith since their first year really paid off. Katie is especially vicious in the ring so she wouldn’t be separated from her best friend like her mother was with them. And after one fight where the opponent used Katie’s beautiful long hair against her, she cut it all off mid battle via Sakura-style. After spending time as Galra prisoners, Katie becomes a bit overprotective of Keith, especially since the boy was experimented on by the Galra and became more prone to illnesses…And he also grew some fluffy and purple cat ears. You can’t forget the cat ears. Honestly, that might be the most surprising thing Katie’s seen, because wow. Keith was now a real-life nekomimi. Fun Fact: Katie and Keith are known as the K-duo in school, since both their names start with K. It’s also hard to find one of the K-duo members without the other nearby.

Matthew/Matt “Pidge” Holt: Shiro’s partner in crime in all Kerberos-related things, Matt was actually pretty close to Keith and knew Shiro before the mission. Kind of hard not to when Shiro came Attached™ with Keith and Keith was Katie’s best friend. After getting caught by Iverson trying to sneak out info from his office, Matt is banned from joining the Garrison and instead hacks himself in as ‘Pidge’. For his disguise, Matt got some contacts and grew out his hair. He makes a very pretty girl and Hunk is kind of dying because “Lance stop flirting with our engineer!” After Matt is reunited with Katie and Keith, the two siblings make a new plan to find their mother.

Lance: Well-loved student of the Garrison and Hunk’s smooth-talking communications officer, Lance talks his way out of almost everything in the simulations…unless, of course, the person on the other side has a feminine voice, because then Lance would be flirting instead. As it is, he flirts with ‘Pidge’ a lot, to Hunk’s utmost exasperation. Doesn’t help when ‘Pidge’ gamely flirts back. Lance has always secretly wanted to be a pilot, and he is still the first to find and pilot Blue. His ‘rivalry’ with Keith still happens, though this time its sprinkled with some awe as well. To Keith’s delight, however, that awe quickly dissipates.

Hunk: A cargo pilot who realizes a bit too late that his career choice might have not been the best, especially since he’s a pilot who’s afraid of heights. Why didn’t he try out for that culinary school instead again? Works quite well with his team, as long as he goes into the simulator on an empty stomach. Also, getting tips and tutoring from the legendary Shiro probably helped a lot as well.

Haggar: Prince Lotor’s mother and Queen of Altea, she turns into the head of the mice team to keep his son company. Her magic keeps her alive for ten thousand years, even if it has depleted to the point that she cannot turn back into a human anymore (Lotor and Coran loves her anyway). Was a very, very good shape-shifter and seems to be interested in Keith’s origins and ears, for some reason…

King Alfor: The former King of Altea and the former Red Paladin, Alfor betrays his whole kingdom to run after his best friend Zarkon. He isn’t magic like his wife, but he does build magic-like machines and monsters to go after the paladins. After all, the blueprints for Voltron was his creation.

Prince Lotor: Prince Lotor was the one who fell out of a cyro pod after sleeping for ten thousand years. He is the pseudo leader of Voltron, and viciously trains the paladins with the ‘tough love’ method. Is extremely glad his mother is still with him, and very bitter about the whole Galra taking over thing, since he has to now go against his father and his father’s best friend AKA his uncle. Finds a new family in the Paladins, as weird and out-of-character as it might seem, and maintains a snarky friendship with Keith. 


so i’m flipping through some screengrabs for a ref for somethin’ about ritsuko  and actually -

i’ve actually been wondering lately - now that there’s some major distance between me and nge, both time-wise and where i was mentally when i first started the series - what is it about nge that was so cohesive, that was the singular vibe you saw in each of the characters.  like, they all felt like they were part of a set, the same notes in a tone, even with fantastically written differences in stages of life, motivations, ways they held other people at a distance (or too close), etc.

contempt.  i’m pretty sure that’s what it was. 

you see it most in ritsuko (like, go look at the screenshots even on the first page of google; it’s ridiculously obvious in her eyes, not to mention how she views her mother, misato, gendo, herself), and asuka (gad damn that final shot of her in eoe isn’t iconic for nothing) - but it’s there in varying levels in all the others, even shinji, fuyutsuki, rei … (you could probably write an essay on each of the characters and how they echo that, that’d be fun, actually)

they say that contempt/disgust is one of the ….7(?) universal expressions in humanity and i dunno how much of that is b.s, but contempt is such a crucial part in viewing nge, i think - you have to start out with understanding that as a defense mechanism, and go from there.  you miss so much of the subtle bits in shinji’s story if you don’t see how tiny bits of that leak out in how he interacts with everyone (especially the girls holy shit); how asuka tries to use her contempt as literal fuel for her fire until she burns from the inside out, how kaji thought he had it under control and stuffed down too many layers of lies but it poisoned him in the end, too -

anyway, -waves a hand- one last thing; it’s there.  oh hell it’s there. but the pinnacle of nge is not just that exploration of contempt and what it takes to be truly loathe yourself and others (a light series it ain’t) - but, ultimately, how nge doesn’t give you (or the cast) a bullshit excuse to wave off every one of your issues with that, and instead sits you down and says ‘you can be better than this, you know.’

imo that’s something that needs to be said more.  with that honesty.