and if it is oh well

dear exclusionists,

i deeply apologize for bashing your redesigned pride flags, because you worked so hard to make them. after all, they really aren’t all that bad! in fact, i was so inspired by your astounding creativity, that i decided to make one myself in the spirit of yours.

without further ado, i present to you:

the new and improved exclusionist pride flag!

each color has their own separate meaning:

vomit green for the sickening feeling i get whenever you show up on my dash,

neon green for being judgmental of other people’s identities,

and cyan/turquoise for what the fuck ever, it’s a bright and happy color, so it means happiness, i guess.

also there’s a picture of a frog, because you tend to jump to conclusions.

i hope you like it! :)

I know emotions are running high right now, but I mean, I doubt Chyler would be okay with the writers just letting Sanvers die off out of nowhere. They spent a whole season building it up and everyone there knows how much Sanvers means to the fans. I think we’re all probably making this out to be worse than it is because let’s be real, it’s not as if Maggie actually got any real screentime this season anyway. 

 I know we all wanted Maggie to be her own character and to stand apart from Sanvers, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’re gonna get much of that. She’ll probably get a few minutes every other episode or so just like she does already so I’m not thinking much will change…sadly. But at the same time that’s also hope that Sanvers won’t change

I learned three things tonight while roaming AO3

1: I should really tag my fics properly

2: Other people need to tag their fics properly

3: If I have to spend 3 hours looking for it, I might as well write it myself


Maki and Eli wallpapers (synthwave and vaporwave style) for @evazerogoki

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aboutmikasa  asked:

May I please request Mikasa and Levi and 9? Thank you so much! :)

Ugh this one was hard to do and im not happy with how it came out :/ still, hope you like it, Love! The pair getting ready for bed… and Mikasa passing out almost immediately lol perfect time to secretly shower her in affection