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@thelostmoongazer I may not have access to a computer right now but you inspired me and so I tried traditional for the first time since 2013. My name on another site is Starbits and I follow people who have posted art of their objecthead ocs I am amazed I didn’t think of this sooner.

I was just about to post and then I remembered your friend had a sun head persona and it was like “I gotta.”

“Aro-ace people are straight people”

  • Yeah, because straight people feel they’re broken or there’s something wrong with them because they don’t feel the same as other people
  • Because straight people don’t know about their sexuality until they’re old (unless they are lucky) because straightness* is barely visible
  • Because straightness* is seen as symptom of a mentally illness and/or as the result of a mentally illness
  • [tw sexual abuse] Because straight people are told they’re that way because of (usually sexual) trauma
  • [tw sexual abuse] Because sexually abused straight people have their straightness* invalidated because of the trauma-> “you have been sexually abused? Oh that explains why you say/think you are straight”
  • Because straight people lose friendships because friends can’t accept their straightness*
  • Because straight people only know one or two straight people irl, if they know any
  • [tw sexual abuse] Because straight people are afraid of coming out, not only due to fear of rejection but also of being sexually abused because of people who think their straightness* can be fixed with sex
  • Because straight people are told that “straightness*” isn’t a thing"
  • Because straight people are told ^^^ and mocked even in supposed safe-spaces for them (ltgb+ community)
  • Because being straight makes you unhappy because of all the romantic and sexual ideals society tells you you must pursue
  • Because straight people are invisible
  • Because straight people are told they haven’t found the right person

Yeah, you have convinced me, aro-ace and straight people are obviously the same

tl;dr: saying that aro-ace people are straight people is bs since the experiences of aro-ace people and straight people are vastly different.

Post data: most of the examples have been experienced by me, an ace gray-aro person, but ace-spec or aro-spec people can also experience these things, regardless of their other orientation, so hetero-romantic aces and hetero-sexual aros are also affected by these things.

straightness*: word used to meant heterosexuality+heteroromanticity, since I also use straight only to refer to heterosexual+heteroromantic people. 

When I saw this post, I couldn’t help myself.

Their friendship is just too damn adorable, it makes me so happy ;w;

  • me @ Julian: wow stop flirting with Barry
  • Julian: I was the odd duck.
  • me: okay so you're gay!! tragic backstory unlocked!! but like honestly with the flirting
  • Julian: You can stay.
  • Barry: Do you want to maybe get a drink?
20 followers I’d like to know better

I was tagged by @crewmanjeeter: thanks! (except this took me way longer to do than it probably should have, whoops) 

1) Name/nickname: Jessica but I go by Jess (fun fact: I used to hate going by Jess and actively corrected people. But then I got to high school and everyone ignored me when I corrected them. Now I prefer it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

2) Gender: 

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3) Star sign: Aquarius 

4) Height: 5′6″, I believe! 

5) Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff! 

6) Favourite animal: MOTHERFUCKING SHEEP 

7) Hours of sleep: Uhh…. Usually about 7? 

8) Dogs or cats: Cats. I was really scared of dogs when I was little and they still make me pretty uncomfortable, especially big ones. And barking ones. Dog owners love me 😂 

9) Number of blankets: I sleep with one comforter and just cocoon myself. 

10) Dream trip: Uh… I’m not sure anymore. Iceland maybe? I don’t know. 

11) Dream job: I want to either be an editor at a publishing company or an agent! I just really wanna help people get their books published ^.^ 

12) Time: 8:58 PM 

13) Birthday: January 24th! I’m going to be 21 in just a few months, wtf O.O 

14) Favorite Bands: FOB, and I’ve been listening to a lot of Bleachers and Of Monsters and Men lately too. 

15) Favorite Solo Artists: I really like Lorde? But idk if there’s anyone else? I’m terrible at music asks cause I usually just listen to whatever my friends tell me is good. And FOB. 

16) Song Stuck In My Head: Eliza introduced me to the Hamilton soundtrack this weekend (I KNOW I’M SUPER LATE TO THE PARTY, SHHHHH) so various songs from that have been playing on repeat in my brain all week. 

17) Last Movie I Watched: Pride and Prejudice! 

18) Last Show I Watched: The Good Place! 

19) When Did I Create My Blog: I created it back in 2013? I think? But I was looking at stuff on here earlier than that. So I experienced a lot of That Hell™ 

20) What Do I Post/Reblog: I honestly don’t even fucking know anymore. I’m just multifandom hell and force my followers to deal with it all. Oh, and lots of Bridge content. 

21) Last Thing I Googled: “what do florists do in the winter” My research for my nano fic is going great. 

22) Other Blogs: I run @incorrectbridgequotes I also have a studyblr and a stimblog, as well as a couple of others. 

23) Do I Get Asks: Sometimes, yeah! I love getting asks and talking to people, even though I’m incredibly socially awkward and will probably be p anxious the entire time ^.^ (the only person that I’m not anxious messaging rn is Kate. I message a few people a day usually. I’m just an anxious mess, okay?) 

24) Why I Chose My URL: I wanted to make it pillowcreek like my AO3, but that’s already taken, so I added an s. My AO3′s pillowcreek because that’s what my picarto is and I wanted to begin using the same username across all accounts. And my picarto is pillowcreek because I wanted something that no one else would have. Whoops. 

25) Following: 434 

26) Followers: 659 

27) Lucky Number: 4 and/or 5! This is the number I usually go to when my OCD acts up too :/ 

28) Favorite Instrument: Trombone, I guess? That’s what I used to play, so… (Please do not send me messages about band though, omg) 

29) What Am I Wearing: PJ bottoms and an old t-shirt because I’m not feeling great. The PJs are hand-me-downs from my sister that I got them for their birthday and they have cows on them :3 

30) Favorite Food: Spaghetti! Or pasta in general. 

31) Nationality: Canadian! 

32) Favorite Song: Probably either The Last of the Real Ones by FOB or Ophelia by The Lumineers 

33) Last Book Read: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. Come talk to me about Scipio (and about how apparently writers like putting knives to my faves’ throats???) 

34) Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Join: Okay so OBVIOUSLY I would want to be in The Bridge’s universe. I mean. Duh. I would also really like to be in the Shadowhunter world, but not during the time period of the books (fun fact: I’m technically the same age as the twins and Kit, because they were also born in 1997). And then for a third one… I guess I’m gonna be cliched and say Hogwarts? Idk. 

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gonarutome  asked:

Hello) Give some facts about Morikawa Toshiyuki, please. I'am his fan, but I know a little about him I will be very glad, if you give some facts about him) I really like your blog, your blog is AWESOME! I will be waiting for your reply, and Good luck

Hello~ First of all, thank you for liking my blog haha I’ll try my best to keep it interesting to all Morikawa fans (?) :P

What can I say of Morikawa that hasn’t been said in this awesome post by my friend paranoid-rhythm ? LOOK HERE  (PS u should also follow her she is cool and is his fan too, also u should follow theori-theori and her awesome seiyuu facts blog seiyuuslittleforest

 Well he is a 48 year old seiyuu but he is a kid at heart :P 

  • He is best friends with Hiyama Noboyuki with who he hosts a very fun seiyuu event called “Omaera no tame daro”, in which they….basically do dorky stuff with a lot of crossdress and seiyuu guests XD
  • He is a big Gun’s n roses fan, seriously the amount of photographs u can find of him wearing different gun’s n roses tshirts is ridiculous
  • As an Axl Rose fan, he named his beloved golden labrador pet dog Axl, full name, Axl William Morikawa XD
  • Axl kun was a very beloved dog, he still is, when Morikawa started his own agency he named it after his late pet ;A; “Axl One”

Look at his agency logo I mean…

  • As Carli said, Tom Cruise himself decided for Morikawa to be his official japanese dubber, as his fan, Morikawa was thrilled, here is a photo with him
  • He sometimes too introduces himself as Tom Cruise as he did in his acceptance speech of the latest seiyuu awards >_>

He also dubs Adam Sandler, Ewan McGregor, Owen Wilson, Keanu Reeves, Mark Walberg, Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Martin Freeman (check out the BBC Sherlock Holmes series) Jude Law, Paul Walker, sometimes Brad Pitt and a big etcetera.

  • He is also very loved by warner lol, they asked him specifically to voice Bilbo Baggings in the hobbit saga and let me tell you, his acting in those movies is impressive, also check out the lego movie is fun XD
  • He also has roles in a lot of american tv series, such as glee, drop dead diva, game of thrones, ncis los angeles
  • Aside of that….he has a very active participation in videogames such as his very famous character….Sephiroth of the Final Fantasy saga, Leon from Resident Evil, and a really long list of etceteras.
  • In conclusion, he rawks XD speaking of rock…he also has a musical career
  • When he was younger he had a solo career with 3 albums I totally recommend, hahaha the music is on synch with his personality, I think XD he also sings in 2HEARTS alongside Fumihiko Tachiki and guess who else? XD e-Zuka from GRANRODEO (totally recomend their music)
  • And his rock band (which style is inspired by of course, Gun’s n roses and Mötley crue) Balck Velvet is also pretty cool here aaaaaaand the bandmembers are called JUST who also were part of “Saiga Mitsuki Feat.JUST” who is just as cool here
  • That being said….Saiga Mitsuki is Morikawa’s numer one fan XD she is a member of his official fanclub and let me tell you a few things:
  • they were co cast in the kyo kara maou anime, Saiga has said she accepted the role of Wolfram when she knew Morikawa was going to be in the cast
  • She bought an alarm clock with Morikawa’s character
  • She sometimes calls him oniichan (cause morikawa’s character was his older brother on that series)
  • She once ordered a black velvet cd online cause she was sad she couldnt go buy it herself the day of its release
  • she owns a lot of his dramas, his date cds included
  • she is also a haru wo daiteita fan XDDD
  • In the marine super wave, where both Morikawa’s and Saiga’s bands played, she always stated to be upset she couldn’t go with a black velvet tshirt (when she cleary had her own merch made for her lololol) 

Anyway I can go on and on with these, but this is a small part, I can only say it’s very fun and entertaining to be a fan of this amazing actor that never grew up XDDDDD if u have any more questions u can always ask me hahaha u should check out all his stuff (Specially BL since there are a wide range of different characters he plays) and his events, which are super fun, and tv show, happy bo lucky XDDD lol. Have fun~

Kuro Fes! Profile - Mayuzumi Chihiro

Sorry it took me a while to get to this even though you requested it first, anon. It’s just that I was so sure someone must have already done it (being that it’s Mayuzumi) but then I still have yet to come across his profile so I decided to just go ahead and translate it. Apologies if someone did indeed already do this.

(Sidenote: new stuff is being added to the masterpost a couple of times a day. Please check it first before asking me if something has been translated. Thank you!)

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Wait… In those most likely fake spoilers there is this interview part stating Levi has never had a relationship, so he’s single. Why people are jumping to the conclusion that he’s a virgin? He could’ve had sex without being in a relationship, right????
pls correct me if I’m wrong, maybe this word relationship has another meaning