and if i change it what will i be then

[Submission by @louistif] Hey ! i’m a little blog so i thought i would send you this so you could spread it. (i think if he didnt want to he wouldnt have answered). i’ve sent this yesterday and he answered this morning. i’d like to think its pretty legit and ‘official’ seeing that he’s a member of steve’s team and he’s currently doing promo with them. So yay we’re gonna get a music video !!
Now i cant help but wonder what changed and why in march but i guess we’ll figure it out soon enough. :)

Whoa, thanks for submitting! Grain of salt and all I guess but this is really interesting…looking forward to seeing it.

this time I know it’s for reeeeee-eeeal

I think I’m to the point where, even if there isn’t a miracle and there’s a secret fourth episode, I might be able to re-watch TFP and even, dare I say, enjoy it. I’m still too nervous to try yet, but soon. BECAUSE now that I’m over my initial emotional gut punch reaction, I am pretty firm in reading it as either John’s garridebs nightmare hallucination (which gives us great insight into his mind/psyche to pick through), or Sherlock’s coma addled brain trying to land the plane of his consciousness. I’d really rather NOT have to wait for season 5 to have it be more plainly obvious what’s going on (coughlovestorycough) but if I have to, I think I will be able to deal with it. I think so. We’ll see. Maybe.

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honestly, i really like this blog due to the freshness of your views. before it, i sort of agreed with the entire tumblr's hypocrisy of most situations lol me, a bi poc, thought they were "woke" but most of it is hatred towards specific groups of people who can't change who they are (white, straight, etc) idk i just want to thank you for this blog because i feel like these are real views i could state in real like, unlike saying i bluntly hate straight white people

Thank you! I’m glad you realized what you were doing wrong, and changed it. Hopefully you’ll be better off for it. Blindly hating any demographic is gross no matter if its people who are gay, straight, black, white, or anything else. Hate and bigotry don’t end hate and bigotry.

daily reminder: create things for jack and the community but mostly for yourself bc you want to and you enjoy it. i love jack but i dont make things for him, i make them for us and if he likes it then thats cool too! this helps get rid of the idea that if jack doesnt notice the thing you’ve created, its worthless. because its not. you have enjoyed it and the community has enjoyed it. 

never stop creating.


                                there’s only one thing we all know for certain and that is …

this is a good time to remember that i love misha collins and that i am incredibly proud of him for doing what he thought was the right thing to do

if you’re gonna shit on ginny because she was a mary sue / “overrated” at least acknowledge that we saw her from the perspective of an incredibly biased person (aka the inventor of denial), of course she’s not actually perfect but there’s a reason she goes from ~ron’s little sister that i do like but isn’t rly relevant to my life i’m sorry also i’m actively ignoring her crush on me so it’s a tiny bit awkward~ to !!! good god what an angel?? like ginny’s beautiful?? and plays quidditch!!! and she’s popular and so funny holy fuck ron would KILL me but.. worth it tbh is this.. … what some people call love??? and that reason is called harry potter who spent a good portion of the final books internally combusting whenever ginny did anything what a nerd