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hi there! i'm so sorry to bother you but i'm kind of going through an episode right now and i love your imagines so much that i thought you could help me out. i had an emotionally and mentally abusive ex and recently them and their friend contacted me and are harassing me but i blocked them but i still can't help but feel shit. i was wondering if you could write a prompto x reader imagine where his s/o is dealing with the same thing and he comforts her and leads to smut too? xo.

Heey A-le-lone-wolf! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And I’m so sorry you have to go through this. If you ever need an ear to listen to you can always shoot me a message. And I also hope that things will get better for you! And you’re not bothering me at all!!! :o
Last but not least, thank you for your kind words and for sending that request. 

It took quite long to finish because I didn’t want to make mistakes. The actual NSFW scene will be uploaded in a different post - but I promise you’ll get your smut! I’ll have to re-touch that part again but it should be up tomorrow. But I wanted you to know that I’m not ignoring your request and didn’t want to keep you waiting much longer! ^^

Anyway, I hope you like it <3

(P.S: I’m not ignoring any requests, I’m working on all of them).

Part: 1 out of 2

Words: 3000+

Genre: Eeeh, fluff but kind of angst too?

TW: Mentions & depictions of harassment, abuse, bullying and smut begins at the end - the actual scene is in a separate post.

They’re doing it again!” Prompto’s S/O shouted, messages of her abusive ex and the army of “friends” they had spamming the notifications on her phone. 

Over the past few days, they had been sending numerous messages over all kinds of social media harassing her, sending mean messages or even photos and video snippets. Prompto knew. He was there when it all began, when his S/O’s ex first tried to sneak his way back into her life. His first reaction was to take her phone - of course, after asking - and blocking them and deleting all messages for her. That didn’t stop them, though. Only hours later they created new accounts.
More hurtful words were sent. Unfortunately, Prompto wasn’t there to stop them. She read through all of the messages, tried to come up with smart remarks but simply couldn’t. 

Pick up the phone, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.
You dare to be with that stupid blonde guy again?!
Why waste your time. Just come back already.
No one will ever love you as much as I did.
We both know you need me. You’d be nothing without me. You should be grateful I’m willing to take you back after such a ridiculous attempt at breaking up.
I’m the best thing that ever happened to you. 
Okay you know what, fuck you and your sorry ass.
All my friends hate your worthless ass as well.
I’m sure your boy is cheating on you. Think I’ve seen him with some blonde, busty mechanic.
You should be thankful I’m trying to help you.
This is all your fault! 
Such an ugly mess, probably crying like a baby. Get yourself together.

Those were just some of the texts she received. With each message, she heard their ex’ voice, saw their face scrunching up before they yelled at her. She could practically hear their voice in her head, haunting her all over again.
They broke up over a year ago, yet they still tried to get her back. Before their final break up, she came back - multiple times. They always managed to guilt trip and manipulate her into believing she had to go back. Right after they put her down, slowly tore her self-esteem off, they comforted her, whispered sweet nothings into her ear. 

It was a never-ending cycle of abuse. But eventually, she found the strength within herself to break it off. For good. Back then, they harassed her for a few months, made sure she knew about all their new relationships and how much better they were. They were obsessed with her, still trying to control her even from afar. She moved, bought a new phone and deleted all memories associated with them - including her old social media accounts. 

And it helped. For some time at least.

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the manor

this is just for one time, Drarry in HP Universe, because @cruelladeville22-blog asked for it as a gift, so here goes nothing

Harry didn’t know why he said yes when Draco asked him to come to the Manor with him. He remembered the entrance, the idiotic white peacocks and the iron gates. He remembered how he was dragged through the gravel road with Ron and Hermione on his side and a good hex on his face. He remembered every excruciating detail, so why did he say yes when Draco asked for him if it was alright for at least ten times? Why did he bother being brave still?

He let go of Draco’s hand unintentionally as they apparated right in front of the Malfoy Manor, it looked gloomier than usual since Lucius Malfoy was locked up it was only Narcissa staying in the house and Harry thought, she was never one to care for the garden or the prestige. Harry stepped forward to enter the manor through it’s ridiculously huge door but felt a cold hand brush his before he could do so.

“Are you sure, love?”

“Yes,” replied Harry as he tried to smile as warmly as he can while he stared at Draco’s pale grey eyes. Why did he keep saying yes?

Harry put a foot forward and it was all coming back like a hurricane. Harry could swear he heard Bellatrix Lestrange’s laugh coming from the inside and Fenrir Greyback’s growls. It was like he was 17 again being dragged into the one place he thought he’d never end up at. This house was the place Voldemort made his battle plans just a few years ago and he was gone but the memory of him was still haunting Harry every day. Why was it so hard to let go of the memory of this place and just be happy that he was there, he was alive and he was with Draco? Why did the things he went through had to ruin every good moment in his life?

“Harry?” said Draco as softly as he can, his finger was now stroking his jawline and it was different, as long as he was with Draco nothing could hurt him on these grounds but it was so hard to tell his mind that he was safe for once. Harry winced without meaning to and took a step back from the door and Draco, there was no way he could go through with this. Why did he think he could do it?

The place where Hermione was tortured, the place where Dobby was killed, the place where he was so close to be handed to Voldemort but he was looking at the from all the wrong angles.

The place where he found Luna, the place where he saved Mr. Ollivander, the place where Draco saved him.

“Why did you lie to me?” hissed Draco between his teeth, he was angry at him for making himself sad. Draco had a weird habit of getting mad at you when you hurt yourself emotionally or physically because he cared too much. Harry remembered the fight they had when he accidentally cut his finger while cooking, they laughed about it afterwards. 

“I thought I could do it,” murmured Harry because he was right. Draco was trying so hard to mend the broken pieces of Harry and Harry was so reckless all the time. “I thought maybe if I had you by my side, I could go through with it.”

“I asked you countless times Harry. When will you learn you can say no to people?” he scolded, and Harry just stared at the gravel road like a small child who was being told off. “Why don’t you learn from your mistakes, love?”

There was desperation in his voice and Harry could feel it in his veins, he was desperate for Harry to heal and Harry was so determined to remain broken. He had done the same thing when he went back to Hogwarts, he insisted that he would be fine and Draco knew but he also knew it was no use to fight. When Harry was broken down, he never failed to pick the pieces up, maybe that was why he fell so hard when he did. Harry never understood how it happened but he could understand why.

“Take my hand, we are going home,” ordered Draco and Harry obeyed without a word. “I’ll write to mother and she’ll come visit. Honestly you are so daft sometimes Potter.”

The familiar feeling of apparation came and went quickly as Harry let go of the breath he had been holding in for too long. 



“I said sit, Potter,” repeated Draco as he went and got a blanket from their bedroom to put over him and then he slowly settled next to Harry. “Now tell me what happened.”

It was so easy, like riding a broomstick, it was like Draco was gravity and Harry’s words were drawn to him. Everything he had kept hidden, things he couldn’t even tell himself, they were pouring like rain. Draco never talked when Harry told him about the things that were going on in his head, he nodded every now and then, played with his hair or stroked his scar on his hand absentmindedly. It was so easy. He would occasionally summon them something to drink because Harry’s mouth would go dry from talking and he wouldn’t even interrupt. 

“Why won’t you let me fix you?” He was so close Harry could feel his warm breath on his own lips, he had no answer to that. “Is it maybe because you are so used to look after people that you don’t know what it feels like to be looked after? Harry you must let me take care of you, love–”

“And what about you?” interrupted Harry, with a lump in his throat, Draco deserved healing as much as he did. They were still so close but he could see the look in Draco’s eyes, he knew that look, he had seen it so many times before. “If you tell me you don’t deserve it we are going to fight.”

Draco smiled a little before he withdrew himself.

“Okay, Potter, how do you suppose you can heal me?” he challenged with a broken smile on his face.

“I didn’t think I would get this far, really,” laughed Harry as he reached forward and softly kissed him. “The important thing is you should let me, too.”

“Potter, the world will continue turning the day you stop playing the hero,” teased Draco as he got up and made his way to the kitchen. “Just a friendly reminder.”

“I saved the wizarding world Malfoy, I’m sorry if it bothers you,” laughed Harry as he pulled the blanket tighter around him. He could hear the water running in the kitchen and the stifled laughter of Draco as he tried to come up with a good reply.

Harry felt warmth on his skin and a smile on his face despite how he felt and hour ago. After all, there were some good things that came out of the war, too. Pale blond hair, grey eyes and a heart he didn’t know existed. It was funny how fate played a game on him making him fall for someone he was convinced couldn’t be a good person. Healing didn’t seem so impossible as Draco came out of the kitchen with a smile on his face.

“You win this round.”