and if he's not his father he acts like one

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"You can't just hand me a baby and leave!"

“You can’t just hand me a baby and leave!” Calum screamed as he ran after you down the stairs of his apartment building.

“Yes I can, Calum! He’s your son too, and it’s time you start acting like a real father instead of a deadbeat!” You shouted back, angrily ripping open the door of your car.

He ran up to you and slammed your car door shut before you could get inside. “I have a world tour starting this week! I can’t take him with me!” He glanced at the one year old resting on his hip before looking back at you with pleading eyes.

You pinched the bridge of your nose. “Calum, I told you I have an audition in France this week, and you agreed you’d take him until I got back.”

“But that was before our tour was scheduled!” He shrieked.

Your son whimpered softly at the loudness of Calum’s voice, and when he looked at the frightened child his eyes softened slightly before he looked back at you and lowered his voice.

“I can’t take him, Y/N. You’ll just have to figure something out. I’m sure the dance studio will have a day care set up for mother’s with children.”

You scoffed and shook your head. “It amazes me that we ever worked. He is your son too, Calum, and you already only see him maybe twice a year if the kid is lucky. You have a whole fleet of people who will help you watch after him while you’re touring.”

He opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off.

“Don’t do this for me, Calum. Do this for your son.”

Calum looked at the small boy who had nuzzled his head into his father’s neck and was snoring softly, just like his father he could fall asleep anytime anywhere no matter the circumstances.

“He’s a really good kid, Cal, but he needs his dad.”

Calum moved away from your car door and nodded his head.

The guilt from your words weighed heavily on his heart as he watched you get into your car and roll the window down. His heart clenched when he saw you take a deep breath and wipe a tear before looking into his deep brown eyes, those eyes that you used to spend hours staring into while the two of you talked about your future until the sun came up.

“Please don’t disappoint him, Cal.” You swallowed thickly and your voice went to a whisper. “Don’t disappoint him like you did me.”

like father, like son

Little Travis Clifford was a hyperactive monster. He loved to run and scream, to push things over and get dirty, but most of all he loved to act just like his dad. One day you came home after a grocery run to find your little tyke in his bedroom, coloring his hair firetruck red with one of his washable markers, shouting excitedly, “Look, mumma! I’m just like daddy!” 

Michael loved Travis with all his heart. He found the bath stained with red later that night, and asked you about it after you put your son down for bed. “He wanted to be like me?” Michael repeated, tears springing to his eyes after you told him the story. He swiped at his eyes with a watery chuckle. “Fuck, we’re in trouble, aren’t we?” 

Travis made it his mission to be just like his daddy, begging for his own little guitar for his birthday, using a sharpie to doodle his own little tattoos on his bare skin (the two of you constantly argued about this, and finally you came to an agreement for him to use washable markers) and even getting interested in the music his father listened to and played. Michael always had the happiest grin on his face when Travis showed interest in Michael’s interests, so you and your little boy devised a little plan for his daddy’s birthday. 

When November finally rolled around, Travis was old enough to begin learning how to play real songs on his guitar. For the past couple of months, you helped him learn the chords and words to his favorite song of his father’s- which happened to be Jet Black Heart. For Michael’s birthday, Travis was going to preform it for him. 

He was too shy to play it in front of the crowd that showed up for Michael’s party, so you gathered your little family in your living room that night, before helping your son set up his things. “Travis has a surprise for you,” You told Michael, sitting on the couch next to him, your son sat across from you with his guitar on his lap. 

Michael’s body went tense when your baby boy’s soft voice began singing the words he had sung, written, years back. He looked over at you, eyes wide in disbelief. You nodded at your husband, smiling as tears came to both of your eyes. Your son continued playing, focused on the chords written in front of him and his hand placement to notice how choked up his parents were becoming. “Oh my god,” Michael whispered when Travis started up the chorus. His hand found yours and gripped it tightly as tears continued to fall down his cheeks. “I can’t- did you do this?” 

“This was his idea,” You replied quietly, not wanting to interrupt your little performer in front of you. “Aw, baby,” You cried softly, letting out a laugh as Michael’s free hand covered his mouth like he was going to cry to hard. You let him pull you into a kiss, a hard, passionate one before he pulled away to watch his son again. 

By the time Travis finished the song, Michael had mostly begun to control his emotions. When his baby looked up, a look of concern crossed his face. “What’s wrong, daddy? Wasn’t this your favorite song?” 

“It was, buddy,” Michael smiled, beckoning his son over. “I can’t believe you learned it, Travis, you have no idea how happy that made me. That’s the best birthday present I ever got.” 

“Better than the guitar Uncle Calum got you?” Travis questioned, climbing up onto his dad’s lap. Michael laughed, before burying his face into his son’s hair. 

“Yeah, better than that,” He assured. You leaned your head on your husband’s shoulder, your hand petting the back of your son’s head as he hugged his dad. You couldn’t be more lucky, and Michael had all he wanted for his birthday. 

A very long blurb for @malumshighlight and @wivesosluke ‘s domestic blurb night! 

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hi could you please find the fanfic where phil has a colouring book(highschool au)??and dan dosent know why. the description of the fic mention the colouring book if that helps at all

Absolutely Lovely (ao3) - (tw) His friends and family think he’s acting strange, they’re worried that he’s depressed again, but Dan doesn’t see it. The only thing he sees is the new guy at school, the quirky one with the black hair and stunning blue eyes, and that’s bad. So bad… because he likes him, and Dan can’t like him. Dan can’t be gay. He’ll lose his family, he’ll lose his friends… he’ll become just like his father, and that’s the last thing that he wants in the entire world. It’s a scary thought that he doesn’t think will ever go away and if there’s the possibility of that happening, of him becoming the disgusting monster that his father was, or is, then maybe the world is better off without him, regardless of what PJ’s dad, his mum’s new husband, has to say.

Maybe this?

- Sam

honestly I don’t think we appreciate the fact that tae’s first official acting gig is a historical drama and that he’s one of the leading characters enough

first off, let’s just start with how taehyung never studied acting or film besides for the basic idol training. So far, all of his experience with acting has been with music videos and the hyyh prologue. (and while doing the laundry but anyways)

in complete honesty the hyyh series really puts a spot light on taehyung’s natural-born acting skills. like the fact he had to play the complex character of a young man who kills his father and had to portray the internal conflicts his character faces while submerged in ice cold water is phenomenal, especially since everything taehyung did could be interpreted as some level of symbolism. he did so well and really, it was not awkward at all considering the fact that again- this is an idol who has had no previous experience in acting besides for the usual kpop music videos.

I am so proud of him.

But to act in a historical drama is seriously on a different level. Like one, you have to literally learn a different language since korean developed differently throughout the time periods. two, you have to be willing to act while wearing thick layers of traditional clothing under the scorching sun or cold night (plus there’s the hair extensions to suffer from). and three (if the drama calls for it, which hwarang is as it is about a group of elite swordsman), you have to learn how to ride horses and perform basic stunts.

and because of how difficult historical dramas can be, most idols start off by acting in modern time sitcoms or rom-coms. But no, taehyung just went straight to it despite his crazy schedule with bts!! and I completely have faith in him! I’m so proud, he’s going to do so so so well in this!

We saw how tired taehyung was each time he came back from filming. But he still managed to give us a smiling face at each of the concerts without falling ill.

So guys, let’s respect taehyung’s upcoming performance in hwarang and let’s respect his talent in acting :)

(ps: if he has a kiss scene, please be professional. Taehyung is no longer bts’s v when he’s an actor, he is Kim Taehyung. So let’s just appreciate that)

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You are crazy. Louis is not mine I dont judge the baby or him as a dad. How do i judge when i believe he was forced into being a dad of a hired baby? You still think you know everything as you fail to interpret things and only look on the surface.

“Fail to interpret things and only look on the surface”

Wow, yes, I am actually only looking at the reality of what their lives are instead of fantasizing incredibly convoluted AU scenarios based on perceived micro expressions in pap shots or what you believe Harry and Louis’s fursona’s are telling you through Colgate toothpastes or being posed sitting on toilets.

Amazingly enough I think the reality of someone having a baby speaks for itself and I don’t have some list written up where I act like Louis has to perform his life in specific ways purely for my benefit before I can accept he is the father he says he is.

You are the one who thinks they know absolutely everything about his life to the degree that if he exists in public in a way that you dislike or that doesn’t make sense to you because Larries insist it’s weird, that you imagine entire scenarios going on behind the scenes and then claim those scenarios as facts to the point you’re legitimately acting like it’s some type of fact that Louis has hired fake baby children to pose as his own.

Explain to me who forced Louis to have a hired actor baby child. Explain how Louis agreed to this. Explain who is currently enforcing these contracts. Explain how Louis will get out of having defrauded the government over a baby existing. Explain when these contracts end. Explain any other celebrity who has ever faked a child. Explain how his family members became involved. Explain why it’s gone on 7 months. Explain why any of this had to happen at all. Explain why neither Louis or any of the others has attempted to sue or call the police about a hostage situation. Explain why someone’s parents have abandoned their baby to Louis and Briana in this way. Explain why Louis is either using a baby with a medical condition requiring a helmet or is pretending he is. Explain why Louis faked receiving death threats over this baby. Explain why Briana is a slut whore bitch for only going along with a contract and narrative that Louis is instigating. Explain why TMZ has not done the thing. Explain why TMZ has not mentioned paternity at all in the custody disputes. Explain why it’s been 6 weeks since TMZ’s custody story about them broke. Explain when you think this will end. Explain why you can’t let go of Larrie in the year of our Lord 2016 and why you think this has nothing to do with why you need to believe a baby is being faked.

i thought this was too long for an ask aaaaa

anon kiddo

I came up with this sort of AU thing for case one where Frances’s and Nancy’s roles are reversed and everyone suffers ;) Frances is Henry’s super sweet and supportive mom who fears that one day Henry will abandon her like his father did. When he gets married to Nancy she tries to act happy for him but is actually heartbroken.

Nancy becomes incredibly emotionally manipulative and abusive towards Henry. She manipulates him into believing that his mother wants to ruin the marriage, and Henry stops talking to Frances. This causes Frances to believe Henry hates her. Henry decides to escape one night, but when Nancy tries to stop him he panics and kills her.

Then, Henry goes into denial about Nancy’s death and the fact that she was ever abusive to him, but when he realizes the truth he kills himself.
When Frances finds out about this she’s utterly despondent and blames it on herself, even though she never knew anything was wrong in Henry’s marriage. She lives the rest of her life in guilt, a shell of her former self.

Paisley stares at him, the way he’s acting is going a long way towards restoring her faith in him.  

Dante looks down at her and then slowly, very slowly so she can push him away if she doesn’t want it or isn’t ready, lowers his head towards her till finally his lips are touching hers.

They both sigh, it’s been so long since either one of them has been with another person.  Not since they were torn apart by her father and misunderstandings.

Pulling away, he picks her up and carries her back towards the beach house….

If you’d like to read the Chaisson Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

vincent stefano headcanons

i decided to go ahead and post this before i go to sleep bc im a jealous bitch and if i wake up to someone else’s headcanons about him i will cry so here they are!! i hope you like them!!

vincent matthew stefano was born on april 14, 1949, making him 18 years old. he has a younger sister, michelle, and a miscarried brother, who was to be named joseph. his father left them when vincent was 13 and michelle was 8, which made it very hard for the family.

the siblings grew up as a middle class family, but after the miscarriage, the medical bills knocked them down to low class. with all his anger and frustration that he was afraid to act on around his family, 13 year old vincent joined one of the local gangs to allow himself to show his feelings by participating in rumbles and stealing from gas stations.

he doesnt have a problem with anyone calling him vinny, but prefers vincent unless it’s a close friend or family member.

after seeing what alcohol did to his father, he refuses to drink it, but he smokes a shitload of weed.

vincent is very good at cooking, but baking is his specialty. he can bake anything from macarons to biscotti, you name it.

don’t let him stay up late, or he’ll contemplate the meaning of life and tell you all about it.

his favorite flower is baby’s breath, he has it growing all over his yard and in planters throughout his house. he has lots of good memories of dried baby’s breath all over the house; on his mom’s nightstand, as a centerpiece on the dining room table, etc.

his mother is very ill, and vincent knows she has a slim chance of making it, but that doesn’t stop him from trying his best to try and help heal her.

vinny’s favorite present he’s ever received is his mother’s art journal from when she was about his age. he loves all her drawings and notes, but his favorite thing about it is getting a look into what kind of a person she was before she met vincent’s father.

he is very allergic to dogs.

vincent grew up having a cat named chess, and he didn’t leave his room for nearly three days straight after he died.

What might just kill me the most about 1x09 is that all Brian has to do is show up at Michael’s and say “hey, sonny boy,” and Michael knows exactly what happened and exactly how to deal with it. 

How many times has this happened? How many times has Brian come over to Michael’s, his heart broken yet again by realizing his father doesn’t give a shit about him? 

Can you see a teenager Brian sneaking over to the Novotny house, a bruise on his face, trying to act like everything’s fine, but in desperate need of someone to hold him and make him feel safe?

Can you imagine how many times Brian has hated himself for being like this, for being reduced to tears by an asshole as low as Jack Kinney, because he can’t quite give up hope that maybe one day things will change? But he still goes to where he knows he’ll find comfort, because he can’t stand being alone like this?

And each time, Michael just lets him in, hating seeing his best friend in so much pain yet again, and just gently takes care of him, listens to his stories and says “Good for Tony,” tucks him into bed, and holds him, giving him the kind of familial love and support Brian has always craved and has always deserved.

All I’m saying is if you ever see me wailing incoherently, chances are it’s because of this scene.

And fuck Jack Kinney.

im jst gonna post my lance family hcs Right here Right now

  • his stepdad is trans
  • i say his stepdad because lance’s birth father and his mother hav divorced but theyre still really good friends: this also means that lance has a buncha half brothers and sisters because his birth father has been married twice since he and lances mother divorced
  • a lot of his siblings are adopted! his stepdad hates seeing kids who cant have a loving family around them at all times so his parents went out of their way to make the house bigger and take in more kids
  • lance is the best older brother ever and probably acts a lot like this with his younger siblings
  • lances first few binders were made by his birth father who works in a textile factory a few hours from lance’s old house! they were makeshift ones until lance felt comfortable enough with how he looked with a flat chest to splash out and get a proper binder because at this point he didnt know if he was a boy or just genderfluid
  • lance has a great great grandmother who is also trans and an incredible woman she could destroy you??? but she wont because she loves getting new children
  • lances family are catholic but theyre not practising?? they slowly moved away from the whole super religious side of it (apart from lances grandparents who also live in the house with them) but none of them are homophobic bc thats a bad stereotype :) im lookin @ u fans of a certain piece of fan made media
  • lance has a huge collection of novelty sunglasses which he inherited from his older brother and intends to pass down onto his future child
  • lance loves helping his sisters out with their makeup! his eldest sisters used to practice on him all the time as a kid and he picked up a lot of skills so he will happy do his little sisters and brothers makeup

these r all the ones i can think about rn but i lov thinkin about lances happy family..

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Hi Eliza! I'm looking for info on the symbology of the upside down cross in witchcraft, but all I'm getting when trying to research it online is Christian sites warning of satanism. Can you point me in the direction of some viable info?

Well, I’m not sure how much help I can be here, but the research I’ve done in the past point to the upside-down cross having originally been a Christian symbol rather than one associated with Satanism or witchcraft. 

As I understand it, the early Church father St. Peter (Simon) was martyred by the Romans, or is at least many Catholics and other Christians traditionally believe him to have been. He was going to be crucified, much like Christ, but the traditional story suggests he felt unworthy of dying in the same manner as Jesus and instead requested that his persecutors crucify him upside down on an inverted cross. This story appears in an early Christian apocryphal writing known as Acts of Peter, and isn’t actually in the Bible, but was nevertheless an important document. I confess I hadn’t read it myself, but I looked it up here and gave it a read. It does, indeed, describe Peter being hung on an inverted Cross. Interestingly, he says,

This thought, therefore, have I declared unto you; and the figure wherein ye now see me hanging is the representation of that man that first came unto birth. Ye therefore, my beloved, and ye that hear me and that shall hear, ought to cease from your former error and return back again. For it is right to mount upon the cross of Christ, who is the word stretched out, the one and only, of whom the spirit saith: For what else is Christ, but the word, the sound of God? So that the word is the upright beam whereon I am crucified. And the sound is that which crosseth it, the nature of man. And the nail which holdeth the cross-tree unto the upright in the midst thereof is the conversion and repentance of man.

Now, I’m not Christian and have less exposure, probably, to Christian thought and symbolism than most people because I was raised by secular humanists and retain that particular belief system, so it’s not like I’m going to do a great job puzzling out what this text means and the symbolism of St. Peter’s inverted cross therein. 

That said, this is really interesting. It seems to be saying that the author viewed the Christian Cross’s shape itself represents the reception of the Word of God by humanity, with the upright beam representing the Word itself, while the cross-beam represents humanity’s nature. Since in the doctrine of the author of the text, humanity is considered to have a fallen and sinful nature, it makes sense that a cross where the horizontal beam is close to the ground would be seen as a more fitting symbol for an earthly Church father rather than the upright Cross already associated with the Godform of Christ.

Following St. Peter’s martyrdom, later Church leaders (the Pope, namely) were considered to be his direct successors. Thus, the inverted cross is, according to some sources, an old symbol of the Papacy. All the references I’m seeing online and in print point to this being a popular use of the symbol throughout the history of Christianity, and actually suggest that the use of the inverted cross as a symbol of Satanism or anti-Christian sentiment is rather new and mostly developed in Hollywood, popular fiction, and music. 

I’m honestly not seeing any references to it being used by witches outside of Satanic witches who, having seen it used thusly in popular culture, appear to have taken it up as a religious symbol of their rejection of Christianity. What I’m really getting is that it’s primarily been used as a religious symbol related to Christianity (either positively or in rejection of it), not in magick or witchcraft, for the most part, but I could be missing something here.

 I must say though that ultimately the whole thing puzzles me and I’m out of my depth. As I’ve said, I’ve never really been Christian and lack exposure to the faith outside of an academic context. So please, do take all of this with a grain of salt, and perhaps some Christians, Catholic or otherwise, who are following my blog would be kind enough to chime in with more information and perspectives regarding this complicated issue.

Beyond all this, I do apologize for not having a better answer. I’ve been researching Catholicism a bit lately but still, it’s really not my area and I know that, so I try to be respectful and admit that there’s a ton someone like me just plain isn’t going to understand about Christianity in its various forms, an actually, kind of ditto for Satanism, which I know comparatively little about as well. So, maybe someone else can provide more information for us? 

Fire Emblem Challenge Day #25

A character/moment/game that is grossly underrated?

Moulder, the Boulder [FE8]

The Boulder is a priest from Frelia, he is very trusted by the king and is sent to acompany Eirika in her quest to rescue her brother from the Grado Empire

Moulder is a senior member of the army, as such he acts like a father figure to some of the younger members, he cares much more about others than himself, seeing how he even forgets his own birthday on one of his supports conversation, he is also super bros with Gilliam, who’s arguably the coolest character in the game so…

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other parts of the summers sitcom

-scott has so many kids from alternate universes and timelines and even tho only one is *truly* his he tries to spend equal amounts of time with each of them

-he gets in a lot of trouble when the daughter he (apparently) had with Emma Frost shows up

-the only time Logan is in the show is when their kids are having a playdate in the park and scott and logan are sitting on the bench and scott’s like ‘how do you manage with all 37+ kids u have’ and logans like ‘i dont’

-please. I just need an endless supply of scott trying to act like a normal father with his elderly son. 

-same with madelyne . give me both of them sitting their ridiculously large son nathan down for talks. maybe even The Talk. He’s older than them but they gotta make sure he knows.

-none of the women are shown to be flawless mothers either (down with the clueless dad and perfect mom trope !! They are all clueless !! )

-if scott and maddie do end up splitting, its on good terms and she is not dropped from the show

- no cheating. no sex scenes.

-the more the audience complains about a particular female character the more she is featured. (I predict this happening a lot with jean if they make her a lesbian )

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How would the Nordics handle a crying baby (or just baby care in general)?

Heh… I’ve already answered this question. Sorry.

but still:

Iceland: asdfghjkl always crying to give the baby to someone else but no one takes the baby so ends up bouncing the baby in misery.

Norway: Rocks the baby, trying to calmly calm the baby down

Denmark: Father switch: on. Suddenly acts like he’s known the baby since the day it was born and does anything to make it happy, whether it’s smiling and makes silly faces or hums.

Finland: Lullaby. Lullabys all the way. He has a soft singing voice and takes it to his advantage, make any baby fall asleep to his singing.

Sweden: Pretty much a mix of Iceland and Norway. Rocks the baby for as long as he can then just tries to give it to someone else.

To summarize why the ending to Hannibal is so fucking batshit

-Clarice is high as balls on painkillers
-Hannibal uses light therapy and mind altering drugs to plant false memories
-This causes Clarice to mentally regress to when she was a small child/toddler and acts/talks like one
-this was all done so Hannibal could convince Clarice her real identity was that of his long dead baby sister, complete with false memories of shared childhood
-Clarice later reveals none of this worked

Gangrel x F!Robin Headcanon…
“Oh… What a turn of events we have here…”
Gangrel wasn’t expecting a child, nor did he plan to raise one any time soon, but he would certainly enjoy the idea of one when it did happen… or would he? Robin becoming pregnant with his child would leave Gangrel in a flurry of mixed emotions and thoughts on the matter. He might even wonder if he’s father-material. Nevertheless, he’d keep his thoughts a secret and act like he’s 100% supportive of the idea, if only to bother a certain blue-haired prince.

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Send me a ▲ for an unpopular opinion

@ginnosaya​ :: accepting

Papi Winchester isn’t a bad father. It’s like you place someone in a difficult situations– of course your options won’t be the best. He did his best as a father and people really underestimate him for some reason? Could he had done better as a dad, yes, but given the situation I would be devastated and probably act the same way. John is one big character flaw but I think people unnecessarily attack it.

The relationship wasn’t toxic in my opinion even though you can say he was neglectful and cold. He was never given the time to release his sorrow because Mary’s death was caused by something supernatural. I would be concerned if it attacked my sons in the future so yes, I’ll seek revenge because it’s HUMAN

Realistically if it weren’t for Dean bringing him back to reality, Sam would be just like John. But you know hypocrisy–