and if he's not his father he acts like one


He was always a pacifist. His act of defiance in sabotaging [the first Death Star] makes him a Rebel for sure. He risked his life to do it. In the writing it was always intended as an act of defiance and also a way to unmake what he was forced to help make… I personally love the poetry that in a way it falls to the daughter to absolve the sins of the father. That feels like Star Wars to me.
― Gary Whitta 

Post-BatB headcanons

- Adam gets Belle anything she wants. Literally. Anything. One time she offhandedly mentioned she liked art and he bought her the fucking Louvre.

- When Belle tells Adam she’s going to have a baby he acts all calm and collected for about five seconds. He then starts sweating profusely and runs away screaming. 

- Belle and the servants are very quick to convince him that he’ll be a great father, despite his own. In the end it only takes them half an hour to convince him to come out from under the dining table.

- The first time Adam holds his newborn daughter in his arms he cries. He never thought he could love someone more than Belle. They name her after their mothers (no, none of that weird Twilight combo name shit).

- LeFou and Stanley come over to the castle every Sunday for dinner. 

- Anytime Adam sees the Enchantress he hides behind Belle. It’s somewhat ineffective. 

- Mrs. Potts tells Belle horribly embarrassing stories about Adam from when he was younger. Whenever Belle laughs at him he calmly reminds her that she fell in love with a giant, talking buffalo.

- Maurice teaches his granddaughter how to ride a horse, just as he taught Belle. Adam fallows behind, arms out, just in case she falls. She, of course, never does.

- The second time Belle tells Adam she’s going to have a baby it only takes them twenty minutes to get him out from under the table.

The Curse of Limbo: Age

When I was 1, my mother and father got into their first argument. When I was two, my first baby brother was born– he looks just like mother. Still does. When I was 3, my last baby brother was born– he acts so strange and he’s the luckiest one too. He almost died twice, but an angel is always there to save him. When I was 4, my father moved out and my mother was finally free from his tyranny. When I was 5, my grandmother smiled because she caught me in my first lie. When I was 6, my grandfather passed away– I cried for a whole week… or maybe for the whole day… time is an illusion, yeah? When I was 7, I burned my grandmother’s kitchen down. She covered for me. When I was 8, I made a best friend at school. The next day he was another kid’s best friend, so I cried about it. When I was 9, my grandmother from Vietnam passed away. My mom cried that whole month. Time is still an illusion. When I was 10, my mother still hit us. When I was 11, I questioned my existence. Why am I here? When I was 12, I told her to stop hitting us. She called the cops on me. They said I didn’t do anything wrong. Case closed. When I was 13, I got my first heartbreak. When I was 14, I smoked my first blunt. When I was 15, I popped my first pill. When I was 16, I was single for a whole year. When I was 17, I met a smile with poetry written all over it. When I was 18, she broke my heart. When I was 19, I started to smoke a lot more. When I was 20, I was so damn lost. When I was 21, all we did was fuck. When I was 22, she said that this was enough. When I was 23, I dropped the razor. I’m 24 now. I wonder about 25. I chase after 26. I’m in love with 27. It gets better.


Superstar Justin Timberlake finally reveals why he left *NSYNC, in the February issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Two of the main reasons the Sexyback singer states are that he cared more about music then some of his band members and that he was growing out of the boy band lifestyle. Timberlake further explains his feelings, 

“I felt like I had other music I wanted to make and that I needed to follow my heart.”

When it comes to his love of acting and singing, the father of one had this to say,

“I want to do both things. I really do idolize the golden era of Hollywood, when actors were required to sing and move.”

Justin Timberlake’s full interview hits newstands February 17th.

all the wonderful things that have happened to Carl Grimes
  • father in a coma
  • people dying all around him
  • leaving his father
  • thinking his father was dead
  • seeing zombies
  • friend is lost
  • is shot
  • has seizure
  • almost dies
  • dad goes missing
  • mum goes missing looking for dad
  • sees best friend as a zombie
  • sees dad shoot his best friend in the head
  • blames himself for death of a member of the group
  • sees friend gutted to death
  • finds his friend/father figure dead
  • shoots friend/father figure
  • new home over run by walkers
  • separated from mother and tries to go back to save her
  • finds out his dad killed his friend/father figure
  • dad starts going crazy
  • kills his own mother
  • dad goes crazy
  • is left to take charge with glenn
  • not treated like a memeber of the group
  • saves group of new people by himself
  • blames himself for mothers death
  • hates himself for the way he acted before Lori’s death and its all he thinks about
  • gets yelled at for saving new people
  • dad goes craZY
  • some fucked up guy comes and attacks his home
  • has to shoot morgan
  • not trusted or respected in the group
  • his home has burnt down
  • instead of killing said fucked up man, he get away with it
  • carl says to kill him and no one does, and later the fucked up man kills a lot of the group (SERIOUSLY JUST LISTEN TO CARL)
  • murders a child because that’s what he thinks is right
  •              lol nope hes dead
  • not treated as a respected member of the group (wow what a surprise)
  • home attacked by the guy he said to kill
  • friend murdered in front of him
  • thinks sister is dead
  • thinks whole group is dead
  • father injured
  • protects and saves father
  • has to fend for himself (almost dying three times in the process)
  • thinks father is dead
  • wants to die
  • “I’m scared”
  • is captured by murdering rapists
  • is sexually assualted
  • watches father bite out a mans throat
  • is held at knife point
  • watches father gut out a man
  • thinks hes a monster
  • is captured by cannibals
  • provides for his sister while starving and being without shelter
  • finds a nice little church to be safe!! (then the cannibals come back and try to kill him)
  • tries to survive as church is overrun
  • friend dies
  • another friend dies
  • hey he’s safe in a new place!! where he doesnt fit in and is paranoid
  • father attacks a guy and he is almost thrown out
  • new home overrun
  • has to kill a man
  • friend leaves him
  • his only other friend hates him now
  • home overrun by zombies
  • ron tries to kill him
  • the last thing he sees before getting shot in the head is a ten year old getting torn apart and his mother screaming as she is torn apart as well, then getting her hand chopped off because he thinks he is gonna die
  • almost dies
  • memory loss
  • aggressive and feels like no one understands him now
  • hates himself
  • thinks that is anyone were to see him, they would turn the group away
  • faces saviors
  • mom is kidnapped
  • captured by saviors
  • sees dad brake completely
  • sees one of his own murdered in front of him
Edward Elric vs. his male role models

lmao spoiler warning; this is going off of Brotherhood, btw

I was thinking today how it’s really interesting how Edward’s relationship with his father and his feelings toward his father are reflected in the way he acts toward male figures of authority in the military, at least outwardly. See, look at these three main ones:

Roy Mustang: Ed acts very defiant and stubborn around him. He openly mocks him and defies him, even though he’s outranked. He does respect Mustang, but he rarely expresses this.

Alex Louis Armstrong: Ed rebuffs Armstrong’s enthusiasm and affection with apparent aggravation at being shown such sentiments. He often tells him to get out, or put his shirt back on. Like his feelings toward Mustang, he also respects the Major, but doesn’t tend to display it openly.

Maes Hughes: Ed was often frustrated and exasperated by Hughes’ obsession with his family. After his death though, Ed was genuinely rocked to his core, and it’s obvious that he had respected Hughes the whole time, but he hadn’t really ever shown it. (In Hughes he also saw a father devoted wholeheartedly to his family, quite unlike the father Ed knew.)

So it’s clear by the way he acts around these three that he does respect his male role models, but he just finds it incredibly difficult to actually express this. However, look at his change in attitude around female role models:

Riza Hawkeye: Ed shows a clear respect for her, talking to her civilly and seriously (look at the conversation the two have about Ishval). I can’t recall a time when he was rude or mocking to her.

Maria Ross: When he and Al sneaked away to the Fifth Laboratory, they were disobeying Armstrong, not Ross. But when Ed was slapped by Ross and she scolded him, he accepted it and knew that he deserved it. Not only that, but when Ross was accused of Hughes’ murder and “killed” by Mustang, Ed was furious, and actually attacked the Colonel on Ross’ behalf.

Olivier Mira Armstrong: Ed is cut down to size immediately by General Armstrong, but instead of lashing out like he would to Mustang, he is cowed and doesn’t attempt to fight back. He’s afraid of her and respects her.

Izumi Curtis: It’s true that she’s not a part of the military, but I would argue that Izumi is one of the most major role models that Ed has. He respects her values and opinions, which is why he was afraid to tell her that he and Al had committed a taboo. She’s his and Al’s number one teacher, and therefore number one role model. 

So, judging by this, Ed has a problem outwardly showing respect to his male role models, whereas to female role models and figures of authority, he willingly expresses his respect for them. This seems to me like a direct reflection of his relationship with his parents. 

His relationship with an absentee Hohenheim is full of resentment and bitterness, and his relationship with his mother is one of love and respect. I think it’s these core relationships that shape Edward’s relations with others in positions of power. I also think it’s really cool that something so psychological and subtle can be woven throughout this show.

Do let me know if I missed anything, or analyzed it wrong, or anything like that.

You’re My Family

Pairing: Jonathan x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of death, Loss of loved one, Misguided reader, Father abandonment.

Words: 2,783

A/n: I have no idea what inspired me to write this… But oh well. SO nothing actually happens but it’s fluff galore and slight angst so I hope it suffices :)

Summary: You and Jonathan used to be friends, but after a rough spot in your life, you go running back to him.

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I just had a horrible thought and now I’m sad.  Like…Killian literally saw how upset David was about his father’s death, how absolutely distraught he was when he thought George had killed him.  

He saw first hand what impact such an evil act had on one of the people left behind to deal with the aftermath.

And now Killian knows he’s actually the one that hurt David like that.  His actions are the reason David was sobbing in his arms.  

Killian caused this:

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And that whole scene takes on a whole new meaning.

Now…imagine Killian sitting in that booth at Granny’s, his thoughts moving between the memory of David crying on his shoulder and the potential for Emma being hurt like that when she finds out what he did to her family (well, she didn’t know the guy, so maybe not - but still, Killian would’ve gone there in his head).



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Being betrothed to Viserys would include

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✦ him being incredibly charming to get your affection 

✧ you trying to hold your feelings back

✦ because you’ve heard enough to know he’s a monster

✧ although he doesn’t act that way when it comes to you

✦ ,,Dollface.“ 

✧ him caring if you have everything needed

✦ Viserys telling you stories about his father - Mad King

✧ you genuinely listening to him, excited with bated breath

✦  you changing opinion on him

✧ ,,I couldn’t have more loyal wife.”

✦ him liking to flaunt that you belong to him, enjoying people’s envious stares

✧ having passionate and rough sex

✦ him putting your needs before his

✧ you being jealous whenever some girl surrounds your future husband

✦ which is something you’d never admit

✧ Viserys catching himself staring at you all the time, admiring your beauty 

Imagine Loki has to raise his two children alone because their mother is dead. He tries to be as good father as he can, always spending time with his children. The older in just like his father; gifted in wielding seidr, but the younger one can’t use magic at all. Loki doesn’t notice how he starts to always spend time with the older one, training him to become even better than himself. The younger one feels left out, and that Loki is favouring the older one, making him angry and jealous (like young Loki). He starts acting out to get attention from his father, but Loki just gets angry too. Eventually, it goes so bad the younger one doesn’t feel loved and he runs away from home, leaving a note behind where he says Loki doesn’t have to deal with a disappointment anymore and can just be happily with the older child. Loki realises what he has done and goes after him.

okay but imagine this. dean being an heir to the throne and cas being just an ordinary peasant. dean being the high and mighty prince does not pay too much attention to him until cas saves his life at some expedition. dean is kinda stuck-up and lordly and cas is more humble and honest and he always tells dean when he’s acting like a dick. dean likes him because of his honesty since no one ever tells him the truth. they become friends and u know…sparks start to fly. but the problem is that dean’s father, the king, hates gay people and he’s locking them up and torturing them so they have to keep their love in a secret blablablah

Little Bean

Part of my Baby Winchester series this is part 2. Read Part 1 here.

Pairing - Dean X Reader. 

Summary - This is part 2 for my new series of baby winchester. I hope you like it! Part 3 will be coming soon!

About - A one night stand with Dean leads to pregnancy for the reader.  

Warnings - Fluff, Swearing. 

Hours after you told Dean he was going to be a father he was already acting different around you, more careful, caring. This put you on edge, thinking of everything he could be worrying and stressing about.
Finding him sat on his laptop looking at an ebook of baby facts and pregnancy how to books made you smile a little.

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Headcannons for Being Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan.

>You are literally the only sane, rational person on missions.

> He brings out your more daring side, he inspires you and brings out the mightier side of you, as any master should.

> He’s quite patient with you, and vice versa because sometimes he acts like the Padawan.

> When he’s in one of his ‘moods’ You let your chill and calm force energy wash over him, it agitates him that you’ve learned this skill and thinks it’s manipulative, but realizes your intentions are pure.

>He rarely sees you cry, you don’t see it as a sign of weakness, but Jedi are supposed to keep their emotions in check, he monitors you very closely. It’s a wonderful feeling:
“What’s wrong?”
“Dont lie, come here..”

>You’re very kind to everyone you meet, showing them respect due to your eagerness to fulfill the entire role of 'Jedi’ and he always feels proud.

> He playfully tugs on your braid by your right ear to get your attention, —–
“Why can’t you tap me on the shoulder, Like a NORMAL human??”

> When he’s upset, you’re upset, and when you’re upset, he’s upset; It’s a vicious cycle that inevitability comes around every so often.

> You suspect he has PTSD and always make sure he knows you’re there to help when he needs it

> Obi wan Kenobi absolutely cherishes your company, sass, and intelligent, rational input.

> After a few years of studying under him, You discover his and Senator Amidala’s secret; of course you vow to keep it.

> You never really knew your parents, the Jedi take force sensitives away from family at a young age to avoid attachment, fear and longing. You bring up the subject of adoption to Padme a while after you accidentally called her mom.


>After long missions you always nap in the garden of a thousand fountains together, basically tradition.

> actually you both fall asleep all around the Jedi temple and it’s quite amazing the positions you can doze off in.

> The day of the Jedi Trials was a big day filled with anxiety and trepidation, but he reassured you that you would do great, and you did.


>He helped you build your own lightsaber; he was surprised when you’re force energy matched you up with a yellow 'Sentinel’ crystal.

> The day he cut your padawan braid at the ceremony was riveting, filled with tears, smiles and hugs.

Wingman Ozpin

OMG, guys! Can you imagine if Oscar meets Team RNJR on his way to Haven, and he immediately starts crushing on Ruby and Ozpin is tries to help Oscar out?

Or maybe Ozpin won’t even be a wingman. Maybe he’ll get all overprotective and act like a really strict father-figure, when it comes to Oscar liking one of his students.

Either or, I think that would be hilarious, and adorable. Yes, I think Ruby and Oscar would be really cute together. Not sure they’d be OTP, but they’d be really cute :)

Christmas with Father!Yoongi

And now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal, a smol ball of talent with such amazing music like can we just take a moment to applaud him for all that he’s done like ble S S,  Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Yoongi post, he has one daughter, his teeny tiny princess
  • This lil munchkin runs his entire world like if she says look left, he’s looking left he doesn’t care why he’s just so wrapped around her lil finger
  • Saying she’s spoiled is an understatement, her feet have basically never touched the ground bc he’s forever carrying her but at least you never have to worry about her getting lost
  • Just like Jin’s child, she stays just as down-to-earth and never actually acts spoiled but at the same time, she knows that if she ever wants something that you say no to, there’s a 99.9% chance that Yoongi will get it for her, unless it’s something dangerous or bad
  • She gets so much love and attention from him that when he isn’t there it’s kinda ?? like um excuse me it’s noon and I’ve only been kissed twiCe what is this
  • But it’s all good bc the second Yoongi gets home, he hugs for a solid ten minutes and gives her so many kisses she loses count and turns into a giggly ball of cuddles
  • Their Christmas tradition is walking around and looking at all of the lights
  • During her first Christmas, Yoongi gets curious to see her reaction so he puts her in her lil tiny stroller that he let her decorate with stickers
  • He pushes the stroller all around and lets her see all of the lights and she’s just in awe bc we all know how much bbys like lights
  • He buys her a Rudolph plushy that she still has to this day and the entire experience is just really adorable to him bc she loved the lights so much and seeing her happy is his favorite sight in the world like he would do anything to make her smile
  • The next year, they go again and then it kinda just becomes their tradition like spoiler but when bby Min is in her 20s, she still walks around and looks at all of the lights with Yoongi
  • Even when she’s the one pushing the stroller of her own lil one, she and Yoongi are walking with their arms linked and Yoongi’s still just as happy seeing her smile
  • But back to bby Min being an actual bby even though in Yoongi’s eyes, she will forever be a bby
  • Yoongi loves dressing her up in these lil leggings with a tiny bby coat and a bow in her hair and she loves every second of it bc she loves being called adorable by literally everyone that passes by her and she has these gloves on and tiny boots and everything’s just tiny on her she’s so smol and precious she’s a mini Yoongi
  • That adorable gummy smile she inherited from Yoongi is on her face the entire time and she’s so excited about everything and Yoongi lets her have a candy cane
  • He’s :D the entire time and she’s :D!!!!! and it’s just one of their favorite things to do together bc it’s nothing fancy, it’s not like they’re going to an expensive restaurant or a zoo or something big and grand, it’s just them spending some time together and enjoying the lil moments and they take so many pictures together to remember it and it’s just something they both really treasure 
  • Yoongi would film a lil snippet of her dancing around to the Christmas music that was playing, which was pretty much just a ten second video of her bobbing from side to side and wiggling her Rudolph plushy and everyone loses their shiT
  • Bc Yoongi’s a private man, he likes to keep his family life out of the spotlight but every now and then, he’ll put up a video of his lil bby doing something cute (which can range from doing a puzzle and having the cutest concentrated pout to literally just sleeping)
  • And you can pretty much guarantee in any video Yoongi is in, she’s gonna be heard in the background but he just doesn’t like the thought of her being in the limelight so early on he wants her to go be a kid without having to worry about anything
  • If she later on decides she wants to be an idol or anything like that, he’ll of course support her 100% he’d always support his bub but for rn, he’s gonna keep her life private but when he talks about her in interviews or videos, his entire face just softens and he gets this smile on his face and you can tell he just ad o r e s her
  • Side note before I start the actual Christmas Day stuff, just wanna mention that he’d write a song for her and you for Christmas and it’d be really sweet and it’d be about how he’s so thankful for the two of you and how much he loves every moment you’re together and it kinda makes him tear up when he’s writing it tbh
  • Christmas Day starts off with her screaming at the top of her lungs bc “it’s ChRISTMAS HOW CAN YOU BE ASLEEP”
  • He does get her to have breakfast first bc he promises he’ll make mickey mouse shaped pancakes and that always gets her to sit still for at least ten minutes so the two of you can actually wake up
  • He lets her open the presents before the others get there bc he wants to be able to sit down with her and explain everything and have it be personal, just between you three
  • He gets her a bunch of stuff like lil toys she wanted and hair accessories bc she loves hats and bows and pins and all the things for her hair and of course some coloring books bc whenever he’s working in the studio, she sits on the couch or his lap and colors
  • But her big present is a bby kitten
  • She’s been asking for a cat ever since Taehyung’s family got a cat bc she fell in love and she just really wants one but Yoongi always said she had to wait until she was older but actually he was just planning thiS
  • He wanted to wait for the perfect kitten to come along and when she does, Yoongi knows immediately that that’s the cat that’s the newest Min
  • Bby Min literally screams when Yoongi carries the kitten in and she’s so happy and she won’t stop hugging her and Yoongi’s heaRT IS MELTING
  • It’s so pure and sweet bc bby Min told Yoongi that she wouldn’t care if she didn’t get any other present, she just wanted a kitten, she didn’t care what the other options were so to get the presents AND the kitten is a big deal to her
  • Her present to Yoongi is actually a song, she does a “cover” of one of the more upbeat BTS songs like Fun Boys
  • She can’t really rap yet bc she’s a toddler she can barely figure out how to talk so half of the time she’s just mumbling but Yoongi is doing that silent laugh he does where his shoulders shake and sometimes he’ll be clapping his hands and he’s just so fucking happy
  • Christmas with Yoongi is all about spending time with his family and not worrying about work or writing the next song or doing anything but cuddling you and his bby girl (and now the kitten too)

I just realized why Kaz treats Wylan so kindly compared to the rest of the Dregs. 

Wylan, like Kaz, has suffered familial abuse and no one was there to support him from his emotionally abusive father. 

So Kaz, around Wylan, behaves as close to what he remembers Jordie acting around him as a child. Kaz does this because he wants Wylan to know the feeling of somebody looking out for him and never feel helpless again. They’re both all too familiar with the sensation, after all. 

Psychic!Feli’s childhood must’ve been so hard like…up to age 8 or so he’d been possessed at random times of the day by some demonic entities…and he’d teleport by accident when he feels stressed…or make things float when he’s daydreaming…probably he’d also get easily scared by the ghosts he can see…or talk to the friendly ones when he feels lonely.
And all of this happening when you have some strict rich patriarch for a father.
Like Feli is just being a kid and he can’t control his powers yet and his father’s hatred for psychic abilities just puts him under so much pressure.
And his family is constantly wary of him when he acts weird because they think he’s possessed again even though after some time he gathered enough strenght to not let that happen but whenever Feli just behaves a little unconventional they lock him up until they can be sure it’s really him.
I have definitely too much backstory for this AU

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Right?!?!?! I thought so too! It’s literally so Busan mafia i’m crying! 

Center we have the boss himself Mr. Jeon Jungkook. He’s the leader and the heart of the Bangtan.

The two behind him: Namjoon and Seokjin, who have been in his life since his birth and served under his father. They are the “retired” members who stand behind him and guide him as mentors. His back is facing them because they literally have his back in anything he needs like parents almost. 

The two in front him: Taehyung and Jimin. Taehyung has been his right hand man, his best friend, his terror twin since they were kids. He’s like his brother and sticks to his side like one while Jimin is his husband and the person he trust most. They both act like shields with their pose kind of covering him because they constantly act like his protector that want to keep him out of any danger, even if he doesn’t really need anyone too. 

The two kind of on the sidelines: Hoseok, who never really wanted to join a gang but ended up doing so in exchange for help. Yoongi, his son, who Jungkook tries to keep out of the mafia life as much as possible. They are still involved regardless but try to keep out of it as much as they can so they are constantly on the “sidelines” helping just enough to smooth things out before moving back to their spots.