and if he'll catch on

he’s my best friend best of all best friends


Alphys and Undyne promised to take Frisk trick or treating but everyone knew this is all they’d end up doing so sans tagged along to make sure Frisk would at least get SOME candy. also they all decided to match


a quick sketch for halloween with the babes! might color and fix it up later!

Seijoh 4 Week Day 3: position swap // coffee shop au

Where Iwaizumi is the manager of a local coffee shop who has to deal with three annoying regulars who wont. Leave. (They finished their drinks over an hour ago.)


trying to keep your feelings strictly platonic when you realize your bff is hot af, like… nice try, hawke.

but come on, we all know varric is the hottest dwarf in thedas.




Namjoon always chasing Jin around...


You did a good thing.

Safe (1/1)

So I should be sleeping.  Or editing the last of chapter 10 of The Darling Affair.  But I can’t get this little plot bunny out of my head, so it’s getting written.  It’s not beta’ed or even read through, but it’s out of my head now.  SPOILERS for the latest episode, so don’t read until you’ve watched.

~1000 words, spoiler heavy, Captain Swan, will probably posted on AO3 and FFN tomorrow when I’m updating The Darling Affair.

Summary: He knows what he promised her.  And he still has every intention of following through.  But the details on that plan may have gotten improved upon  a little bit.  Canon compliant missing scene.  SPOILERS for 6x05

tagging: @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable (don’t read it until you’ve watched the episode!), @bleebug, @lenfaz (because it mentions Liam BUT IT IS CANON COMPLIANT), @woofiefangirl, @xhookswenchx, @killian-whump (emotional whump, but it’s more than we’ve gotten in canon lately), @kiwistreetswan, @midnightswans


He sits in the bowels of the Jolly Roger, atop a barrel of rum that has aged almost as much as he has.  There is naught but a single candle to light the hold, and even its happy little flickers are almost enough to make him pinch out the flame.


He can’t stand the darkness.  Not the physical manifestation that comes with being below the water line, nor with the emotional and metaphorical darkness that has lurked in the very being of his heart for so long.

When Emma made that choice for him, it nearly broke him - being consumed by the Darkness he had fought against for so long was almost enough to make him cave.

But her light - even when she was under the same curse as he was - it saved him.

It is the only thing that can save him from himself.

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