and if he'll catch on

SpockFact #111

Along with chess, Spock enjoys a number of board games that test skill and strategy such as Backgammon, chess, and holographic Mahjong, and has invited a number of crewmembers to play with and against him. After several games, however, Uhura is no longer invited to play Vulcan Scrabble because she’s probably cheating. I mean, nobody’s that good.

Some of our women folk don’t understand that we have Gheerah over them. When they walk out without covering up that which is obligated upon them or you see a strange man staring at them, they genuinely don’t understand the effect it has on us.

Our heart lights up as if it’s been put on fire, but they remain heedless. It’s a sad reality for many of us.

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wHere does this discreditation for keith as leader come from anyway ? tbh space dad fanon is so gross .

I dunno, if some people out there are able to see Shiro as a fatherly figure or even a “daddy”, then that’s cool, everyone has their own interpretation. (I might be even a bit jealous haha) 

I personally see too much of Shiro’s vulnerabilities so its very hard for me to see him as any kind of parental figure when my reaction to his character is mostly “omg what the hell is he doing?? is he ok? is he eating right? is he sleeping enough? does he need a hug? a good back rub?” most of the time I just wanna wrap him in a blanket and kiss his forehead and tell him he dun have to go lead voltron if he dun wanna, and I like get super proud of him whenever he makes any kind of progress. Shiro is totally my space bby.

And even though I agree that Shiro has these strong parental feelings towards the paladins, he’s definitely more like the older brother that has to take care of his younger siblings after their parents die and has to sacrifice his youth for that… not that I think he actually has too, but more like he feels like he does. And hopefully one day he will get over it and will allow himself to be a little more carefree. (Cuz I think you can see Shiro wants to have fun and be young and also be more who he really is, but doesn’t really allows himself to (with a few exceptions ofcourse), because he can’t, cause you kno, he lived through shit, he’s not as innocent and clueless as the rest of them, he knows what they’re facing.

Tho I have to admit sometimes it’s a bit funny to me, because I watch the show with kids sometimes (I love introducing kids to voltron) and you got all these kids who are like 5-10 year old and they mostly just kinda see Shiro as one of the guys. Atleast from my experience they don’t really perceive him as a father figure or even see any kind of age gap between him and the rest of the paladins. He’s just “the leader guy” and he looks all muscular and serious cuz he’s “the leader guy” and therefore obviously has to be the strongest or something (and some of them are young enough to probably see a 20+ guy as a dad) And then I go on tumblr and there’s all these teens and twenty year olds who call Shiro dad and are convinced Shiro is like an actual father to the paladins and has like 10 year old age gap with them. But again every interpretation is valid as long as you remember not to force your own on someone elses and insist that it’s the only way to see things. Not all interpretations make sense.. but they’re all valid.

And I kinda blame the mullet for Keith’s discrediation haha, cause like he definitely acts like a leader (not a very nice one, but still a leader), but he just dun look the leader part. Like ofcourse the square jawed, hero looking, dorito build Garrison golden boy with the marines haircut is a good leader! But that guy with the dirty mullet who wears his collar up, lives in a murder shack in the dessert and sleeps with a knife under his pillow, he’s trouble! 

People are just being mullet prejudice

And Keith and Shiro always seemed kinda like a duo of leaders anyway. Like Keith is basically Shiro’s second in command. I dunno, to me atleast it always seemed that Keith is not at the same place Hunk, Lance and Pidge are. He’s a bit more where Shiro is.  even if it’s just him trying to be more where Shiro is. (they kinda have this thing of you know how like the sargent will always be a dick and his role will be discipline and the officer would be this very calm friendly angel.) Like if Lance didn’t say he and Keith were in the same class, id think Keith was closer in age to Shiro than to the other paladins just from the way he acts. I think I had this discussion before how LHK have a very highschool mentality, while Keith and Shiro have a military one. (He does get super childish and immature with Lance tho, Lance is like his weakness haha, thats like the only thing that gives him away)

So I think Keith being leader is like the natural choice, i’m not sure why it even had to be mentioned by Shiro. or why Keith is surprised by that… ofcourse the person that’s been basically acting like second in command all this time gonna take over. Who else?

Keith’s so funny with his “but why would you make me leader, Shiro?” as if he didn’t probably freaking put his everything into getting where Shiro is until now…

Like you can see him being all “good job, Lance! good to have you back on the team, Pidge!” and just giving orders and encouragements and taking control of situations left and right, and then he has the nerve to pretend he didn’t TRY and doesn’t actually aspire to be a leader. I dunno if it’s all just natural talent he never noticed he had and only Shiro can see… Or if Keith just really thinks that even tho he tries really hard he still sucks…  Probably the last one.

And I think that maybe “Keith, I want you to lead Voltron” is something he wanted to hear Shiro say someday and was working hard for it, but definitely not under these particular circumstances. Not because Shiro is dying or might die in the future, but because Shiro will see him as a capable leader and as an equal, because I think that’s where Keith has been trying to get. (although to me he’s still clearly the better choice for voltron leader) So I dunno, I think that Shiro’s request might have been a little bittersweet to him. Shiro should have left the “death” part out haha. (it should have been “Keith, im getting tired of this bullshit and occasionally need a break, and you’re an amazing leader so how about you take over for me for awhile sometime” but no he just had to be all morbid and dramatic about it..)

But yeah I blame the Mullet for people missing Leader Keith. The mullet got all of you fooled! 

he’s my best friend best of all best friends

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Awe I just saw your Valentine's Comic and it's so cute ✨ I can just imagine Sasuke eating the fish one by one being a blushy little dork while he walks to class. If Naruto catches up to him he'll try to snag one but Sasuke just holds it out of reach/threatens him with a "boi don't even" look ( ー`дー´). Thanks for being a cute bean artist 🌷

omg /// thank-you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it haha! Also yess, for some reason Sasuke being a blushy dork and a doofus while having a secret crush on Sakura has been a favorite idea. I’m sure he kept the fishies to himself and maybe shared with a cat on the roof. 

  • Magnus: One more thing, I need Alexander.
  • Jace: uh, why do you need Alec?
  • Magnus: I need something pretty to look at to motivate me to get this done
  • Jace:
  • Magnus: plus his virgin shadowhunter energy would be useful too
  • Simon: huh, that explains so much
  • Jace: ...right, we'll be right back
  • Magnus: Wait. Do you think he'll catch me if I fall back towards him afterwards?
  • Jace:
  • Magnus: Lack of energy afterwards could cause that anyway...maybe I should just lean back into him subtly so I don't startle him
  • Jace:
  • Magnus: Or if I pretend to faint he might carry me to bed
  • Jace:
  • Magnus: You could even suggest he does exactly that
  • Luke: Guys? I'm dying here? Can we sort your love life later, Magnus?

Just decided that wizarding Britain had legal marriage equality after the Battle of Hogwarts, thanks to a strong push by their new trans guy Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Which isn’t to say that this suddenly reversed course and created some sort of queer wizard utopia. A lot of people probably didn’t even notice it happened. But for those that cared, they noticed.