and if he breaks up with her he loses the dogs

FAHC get dogs
  • Micheal with like a teacup Yorkie named Honey Bee and when he’s keeping up appearances he goes on and on about his vicious guard dog and how it’s a big threatening monster of a thing and then he gets home and Honey Bee just rolls over and makes him pet her for hours, and he does cuz he loves her too much than he cares to admit
  • Whenever Gavin doesn’t want to go out with the lads he uses the excuse that he already made plans to go hang out with his new friend Brad and the longer it goes on the more Lil J and Micheal want to see who this guy is and Gav is always like, ‘no he really isn’t the best when it comes to new people’ and when they FINALLY break him down he takes them to his apartment and there’s a huge mutt waiting to jump up on everyone and Jeremy loses his shit
  • Jack takes in strays or dogs she finds who’s owners might have been killed and takes them to the shelter, which she keeps fully supplied and donates too a lot. Geoff has tried to get her to stop splurging on it but she won’t
  • Ryan has an emotional support dog. Like a real one. A big soft German Shepard that knows how to calm him down from dreams and bring him down from when he gets in too deep as the vagabond.
  • Geoff Ramsey has a Bichon Frise and he carries her around in a big flashy bag sometimes because ‘she’s a pretty lady and she deserves a sweet ride too.’ Sometime he dyes her fur different colors (all natural of course) He complains to her when no one else listens, especially when he gets home and he can just sit down next to her and say things like 'you wouldn’t believe how many cookies can be  burned when you put Micheal and Lil J together’
  • Lil J has the ugliest dog you’ve ever seen. He knows about the world’s ugliest dog competition and goes every year, the last 4 he’s come in second place 'I’m telling you Scooter it’s rigged! You’re the ugliest dog aren’t you boy?’ 'Arf’ 'I love you too’