and if anything should cause people to join tumblr!!

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is 15/16 too young to be on tumblr? im 16 and i don't think anything of age when it comes to tumblr but some people be making me feel bad when it comes to my age saying im "too young" to be on Tumblr 😕

I ain’t even gonna stunt I’m 19 but I joined Tumblr when I was like… What… 13? it influenced me in positive and negative ways. Majority of us grew up on this. I can’t say delete your account cause I know you won’t. This isn’t even a blog you should be following but like I said I was following blogs that I shouldn’t of followed too. You gon do what you want so forger it. Just don’t be out here getting influenced by things on here you shouldn’t be doing at your age. You know exactly what I’m talking about too.

Smol confession.

So, this is just gonna be something I wanna throw out there just so people know and that I kind of feel bad of doing it but it’s nothing too extreme, there are some people who are on this site believe cause I have said it, that I am 21 years old and that I was born on April 20th, when in fact, I lied about that, I actually just turned 19 yesterday, on June 27th, I was born in 1997. 

I just wanted to say this cause I’ve always played up that I was born on April 20th as part of a meme but also cause it was a new community I was in, I didn’t know anybody when I came onto Tumblr, I didn’t know Tumblr would be accepting regardless of age, race or gender.

I always thought being “older” per say would be the most accepted and cooler part of being amongst others, cause I was 17 when I joined Tumblr in 2014, I guess a little part in me was scared of being apart of being a huge community of people since I was young at that time, so I thought being older would help rid that as everyone else would think of being older. 

i thought changing who I was would be suited well for me, but I was fairly wrong, I come to realize that you should be you, for you and not lie about anything about yourself for others, cause then you won’t truly believe in yourself if you do that, so I think it was about time I said it. it’s okay to do it to protect yourself, don’t take this as “you should never lie” just as a precaution and thought to live by :)

But because being in this community and on this site surely changed my thoughts about it when I first joined, cause this place is the most accepting community I’ve ever been apart of, I feel safe, welcomed and happy among other people who feel the same. So I just wanted to say that I am sorry for lying that I was older/21 and born on a “Meme Day” (April 20th), when in fact I was born on the 27th of June. 

tl:dr: Lied about being 21 and born on “4/20″ (April 20th) I am sorry, but I actually turned 19 on June 27th! (Which is also Markiplier’s birthday!) I love you all, and stay you, for you. <3