and if anything came close to love between them it would be something that neither of them understood or trusted

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Gaara when his s/o is jealous of his student, Matsuri

Woah, so this took me a while?? I don’t know why, but I struggled with it a little bit. I hope I didn’t get too OOC because I tend to do that when I “force” myself to write. Anyway, I loved the idea, just couldn’t make the most of it. I hope you still enjoy it, and thanks for being so patient!

Some extra love to my beta-reader @lilysflowershop for checking this scenario even though she is sick! ❤ Take care of yourself, dear!

Gaara’s reaction to his s/o being jealous of his student, Matsuri.

You knew Gaara loved you. You knew he was faithful, and that he didn’t want anyone else in his life beside you. He told you, and he showed you. You really shouldn’t feel this way. You shouldn’t be jealous.

But you couldn’t help it. Matsuri and Gaara were close, naturally. You had been close to your sensei, too. But, you hadn’t looked at your sensei the way Matsuri did. Her eyes sparkled with every word and advice Gaara gave her, and like an eager puppy, she obeyed him. And after watching this go on for a few weeks, you became frustrated. With Matsuri, with Gaara, and with yourself. Because Gaara was still just as loving to you, even if he still kept your relationship as private as possible. Did you really have a reason to be jealous when Gaara was this good to you?

But maybe that was why you were so upset about it. You understood that Gaara didn’t like PDA. You understood that he was in a position where he couldn’t be all lovey dovey with you all the time. You weren’t mad because he couldn’t show you affection in public. You were mad because he could show her affection.

Simple things like a hand on her head or shoulder began to be something you dreaded. And when the young girl smiled brightly and leaned in ever so slightly, you couldn’t help but be resentful.

And of course, Gaara picked up on it almost as quickly as you yourself did. He knew you in and out, and he noticed when you began to distance yourself. He had loved how you took the time out of your day to watch him train, especially with his student. It was the only way to see you, after all, when he was busy like this.

Gaara wanted to figure out what was wrong, and quickly, too - because just as it was to you, this relationship was everything to him. He couldn’t lose you. He really didn’t like not reacting to you being upset. But it took him a while to figure out exactly what was wrong.

Jealousy was never a big part of your relationship. Sure, Gaara made sure that any shady people kept their distance from you by sending them a warning glare, and you moved a little closer to Gaara when others swooned over him. But it had never been a big problem. So he didn’t even consider it at first.

It wasn’t until Matsuri practically invited herself in for dinner one night, that he finally realized what was bothering you.

He came home, his student right beside him as she chatted away. He listened, nodded now and then, but was more focused on the prospect of finally seeing you again. You hadn’t joined them for training for three days, and surprisingly when Gaara came home late, you were already in bed - something you had never really done before. Usually you had waited for him.

Tonight he was home as early as he could to catch you before you’d go to sleep. But in exchange for cancelling training, Matsuri had gotten him into promising that she could have dinner with him.

Gaara didn’t see a problem with that. You did, though.

You were sitting at the dining table when Gaara came home, but the bright, surprised smile you gave him vanished when Matsuri came into the room as well.

“Hello, (Y/N)-san.” She said with a grin on her face. “Gaara-sensei and I are having dinner together.”

Gaara could clearly see you bite your lip to swallow down the emotions he hadn’t understood until this very moment.

“Well, I’d hate to interrupt.” You said sharply, stood up and turned, leaving a delighted Matsuri and a very shocked Gaara behind, who looked back and forth between his student and his retreating significant other, his eyes wide in realization.

And thank God, Gaara followed you.

Calling out your name, he rushed after you, making it to your bedroom before you had the chance to slam the door shut.

“What are you doing here, you’re having a date.” You stated as Gaara grabbed your arm.

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding me? Why you’re not coming to the training grounds anymore?”

“Clearly, there was no need for me to be there.”

You couldn’t help but sound bitter and upset. Gaara pulled you a little closer, hurt and anxious because of how distant you sounded. Doubts swarmed his head. Were you going to leave him? Did you hate him? He rationally knew that there wasn’t a big chance of you actually leaving him, but he was always anxious about not being good enough for you.

Please, please don’t leave….

“Nonsense.” He stated firmly. “I missed you. I thought you were mad at me, so I tried to give you some space, but-”

“Please, just leave me alone for a moment. I need to calm down before we can talk about this, Gaara.” You told him, and Gaara froze.

“Okay…” He said slowly. “I’ll send Matsuri home and wait for you in the kitchen, alright?”

You simply nodded, your arms crossed in front of your chest. You heard how Gaara took a deep breath, but then he did as he’d said and quietly shuffled out of the room. You could hear how he talked to his student, and even though you couldn’t make out any words, you could hear that she was upset. But finally, you could hear the door open and close again.

With a deep sigh you sat down on the bed, staring down at the dark red covers.

You didn’t know how long you sat there, just calming down your heart and thoughts. But you didn’t hear anything from Gaara in this time. It almost made you worry that he had left with Matsuri, but you know that was just your jealousy getting the better of you again. He did care about you, didn’t he? He had shown again how much he loved you. You stood up quietly. You knew you couldn’t just avoid the topic. And you and Gaara both had to be adults for this to be solved.

So you quietly made your way to the kitchen, your heart heavy in your chest. And like he had promised, Gaara was sitting in the kitchen, a pot of tea and two cups on the table in front of him. As soon as you entered, his head shot up, and his clear eyes stared at you.

There was an awkward silence, something the two of you weren’t used to anymore. Usually, you didn’t need to speak. But know, neither of you knew what to say. Finally, Gaara spoke up.

“I didn’t realize you were this upset. I… apologize.”

Nodding quietly, you sat down in front of him, and he quickly moved to give both of you some tea. You were grateful that he took this seriously, but it still made you a little self conscious. Maybe you were really just too sensitive.

“I don’t want you to stop training her.” You quickly said, and Gaara looked over, studying you quietly. You knew he was waiting for you to explain yourself, now that you had started.

“I know it’s important for the both of you. But… the looks she gives you sometimes bother me. And you never say anything about it.

Gaara was quiet for another few seconds, making sure you were finished, before he gently took your hand.

“That’s because I don’t take it seriously. I have you. Why would I want her? She doesn’t have anything on you, and she’s still a child.”

He sounded so firm and convinced, and it made you shift in your seat. When he said it like this, your jealousy really seemed a little ridiculous.

“But if it bothers you…” Gaara went on, giving you an insecure smile. “Then I’ll tell her from now on. I’d much rather have her be mad at me than you.”

“You don’t think I’m childish?” You asked quietly, feeling a little ashamed of how little trust you had put in him. But Gaara just smiled gently, and shook his head.

“No. Your feelings are your feelings, and they’re valid. A lesson we both still have to learn, I think.”

You were quiet for a bit, and you looked down at your joined hands. Gaara’s thumb was gently stroking over the back of your hand, soothing your nerves.

“Why don’t we make some dinner and talk? We haven’t done that in a while. I’m sure I can take one day off. I want to…” He said, and you could see a blush on his face. Voicing his feelings was still hard for him. “I want to spend time with you again. Remind you that… I love you.”

“If you could, I’d appreciate that…” You agreed sheepishly, squeezing his hand. Gaara smiled softly at you, his cheeks still bright red.

“So we’re good?”

“Yes. I think we are. I’m sorry, Gaara, and… Thank you.”

Leaning over he kissed you, before pulling you up and into his arms.

“I love you. Let’s have dinner.”

Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 4.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

Demon AU. Featuring all BTS.

Genre: Romance / Drama. 

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

That night it was Namjoon going to your house, only that he didn’t come in and you didn’t invite him either, you were too tired, and after Yoongi’s attitude you were a bit annoyed at the world as well, you had too much to think of.

There was a duality on the way you felt about him and his ways that kept you turning and tossing in bed, as things went on with him everything seemed to be more complicated. On one hand you understood that the ruthless violence was part of his every day life, your weakness to those things as you were human,  the way he was so imposing and dominating, which you liked; but then on the other hand you thought he didn’t give you opportunity to prove your worth, he belonged to such violent world, always demanding of everyone around him major skill and brain and yet he tried really hard to keep you from it instead of showing what you could do. So you were basically useless aside from having sex with him and helping him calm down.

You bit your lip, trying to keep those thoughts away, you knew that if it you were to tell Yoongi about this he’d just say you just had to turn into a demon. But what about now?
You ran a hand through your face, feeling too frustrated. The anxiety was eating you alive, he loved you, Yoongi loved you, you knew that, you had been through a lot in the months you had known him, you had never had this much doubt since the beginning when you didn’t trust him and he scared the hell out of you. So why now?
You had thought you understood him and his world well, but you were starting to suspect you were terribly wrong, and if that was the case then in what else were you mistaken?

You had been out more less after noon with your friends, you only knew two people who you could call your friends and you had ditched them enough the past few weeks. The two knew you had a boyfriend although you refused on introducing them to him, but it was pretty obvious you had so they tried to be understanding, but they were starting to get worried that you were having too much time with him and that he was drawing you from your life, both of them saying he was way too absorbing, that you should be careful around him and that you should at least spill the details of the wonderful sex you must be having to get you so intensely invested in him. They were not wrong, although Yoongi never opposing of you doing any of your normal activities, it was hard to get away from him when you were together, and sooner or later you’d have to withdraw of your daily basis life, which you knew would be an impact for Anji and Yuri. You wondered if you’d have to let them go entirely.

When you arrived home the sun was starting to set, it was a rather breezy afternoon making the couple trees that were on your way to your building sway, you looked down to their shadows on instinct, now you couldn’t ignore the shadow that every object formed, even less your own. You lived in ground level, which made it convenient since you could get in pretty fast, but it didn’t have any of the views the high floors could offer, or a balcony. But you did have a little garden on its place, you could go to it through a door in the kitchen, which grabbed your attention right now, being that you always made sure to keep it closed and it was wide open at the moment.

Dread filled you, and you thought if it was possible you had left it open, but that wasn’t it. You didn’t have anything in hand to throw to the intruder if it was still around, maybe it had been a thief. It didn’t erase the fear you felt and how you wished you had something to defend yourself with, or Yoongi by your side.

You wanted to reach the broom that was by the kitchen but you had to approach the garden door too much, what if they were there? You only had your purse and a bag of Victoria Secret in your hands. You heard some rustling, the image of the lizard demon coming to your mind even if the floor didn’t shook like that time, you took a step back going to the main door again. You better got out of there, what if that one wasn’t the only one? What if the runaway demon had escaped?
You turned the knob feeling your hands shake but it was closed, like it was jammed.


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We Stick Together

Pairing: Gendry Waters Baratheon x Sibling!Reader

Request:   “I wasn’t more then four or five when the world started taking from me” w/ Baratheon reader and brother!Gendry. I’ve been dying for something like this, please???

A/N: I really love Gendry okay.

Wordcount: 939

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Jontlex And Telling Their Families

Request: Headcanons please for how monty x alex x justin tell their families about their relationship and how they react !!!!


A/N: I hope you like this, I kinda had to wing it with Monty’s family, and I just wanted to headcanon him a happy home life for once.


Warnings: Parents who suck at being parents


Jontlex And Telling Their Families…


  • So to start, he was absolutely terrified. Telling his Dad that he had not one but two boyfriends was likely the most nerve wracking thing he’d ever do. He wasn’t sure how his Dad would take it. He was a military man, so he was either just gonna see it how it was, or he was going to hate it entirely

  • His Mum, Dad and brother were all sat at the kitchen table when Alex brought the other two home one night. Alex decided that he should just get it done with, like ripping off a bandaid, and he blurted it right in the doorway
  • His heart raced as the room fell into silence. Monty gave his hand a little nudge just to remind Alex that he was there while they waited for someone to finally speak up. Alex just hoped no matter what that his Dad would just stop at words, and that this wasn’t going to escalate into something

  • His brother was the one to speak first, joking about how it wasn’t fair that he was single when Alex had two boyfriends. His Mum was next, and she simply asked if he was happy, and all he could do was nod. No one had actually given away how they felt, but he was happy with their reaction anyway
  • His Dad instantly questioned Monty, knowing he was the boy he’d gotten into the fight with. Alex was relieved Monty didn’t push it, he just calmly answered the questions and called him sir. As for Justin, his Dad already loved him, so they just exchanged a smile

  • Eventually his Dad invited them all to sit and eat. None of them had any idea if they were off the hook, but they just sat there and ate as they talked about Justin’s basketball
  • Things went on pretty much the same from that day forward. No one ever actually said what they thought of the relationship, though he was sure that his Mum and Dad had discussed it, but his family did ask about the boys and they often came to visit, though the bedroom door had to stay open

  • Alex’s extended family slowly started to learn about it, and his Dad actually did defend him if it came to it. He figured that his Dad just didn’t understand it, but he was grateful that he understood the only person who needed to get it was Alex



  • Well, it’s safe to say Meth Seth didn’t take this well. Maybe if Justin had just had one boyfriend it’d have gone a little better, but it didn’t

  • Justin, though he tried to hold them back, couldn’t help but shed a couple tears as he looked to his mum for support, but as usual all that filled the room was her silence
  • He’d made the decision not to have Monty and Alex with him on this, but he made plans to meet up with them right after, that way they’d know if anything bad happened to him

  • Justin didn’t wait for his instruction to leave, he just got up and walked out the door, crying his way down the stairs. He met Alex and Monty a few blocks away, throwing himself in Alex’s arms as Monty joined them
  • All he could do was cry, and although both his boyfriends were furious, neither of them could bring themselves to leave Justin like that to do something about it

  • Eventually Justin had stopped crying, and all he wanted was to go home with the boys and cuddle in bed and forget about the day, but of course Monty didn’t want that just yet
  • The afternoon turned into Alex and Justin having to talk Monty out of going to beat the shit out of Meth Seth and talk some sense into Justin’s mum

  • Justin really was flattered that Monty cared so much, but he was done focusing more on the toxic things in his life when he had two rays of sunshines in his arms that he’d rather focus on instead



  • Monty actually had a pretty great relationship with his family. Considering they were often away on business they were still quite close, and he’d honestly mentioned Alex and Justin heaps of times

  • When it actually came to telling them about the relationship though Monty got a bit nervous about it (but like hell he was gonna show it)
  • He wasn’t actually too sure where his parents stood on poly relationships, or even same-sex relationships really, but he trusted his family enough to know that he’d be okay coming out

  • Justin and Alex came over to his house one afternoon, and after they retreated to his room upstairs Monty decided to just be honest with his family. He was slightly nervous, and he tried to say it ten times before he finally just blurted it out
  • His parents were shocked for a minute, but when they saw Monty’s face fall they instantly rushed to comfort and support him. His dad questioned him on the need for two boys, making a lot of assumptions that Monty was sure to brush away, then everything was fine

  • Monty went up to his room where he met with the other two and told them that he’d come out to his parents. This ended in tons of affection and praise from the other two, and the usually dominant, show-no-emotion Monty crumbled underneath them and just enjoyed squished between them
  • Alex and Justin visited a lot after that. When Monty’s parents were home they’d all have dinner together, and even though it embarrassed the hell out of Monty, they’d play games afterward. He didn’t understand how Alex and Justin could find playing UNO with his parents fun, but he was grateful anyway

  • Monty’s parents never faltered in their support, always introducing the three of them as a trio to the extended family, and defending them whenever they had to

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Power of love


Confusion, mild angst, relief, light fluff

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “Can you do a divergent imagine where you are an initiate with tris and you love eric and you think he loves you but then he finds out you are divergent and then he has to choose whether to kill you or cover for you. He finds out you are divergent after all of the dauntless are under simulation but it doesn’t work on you. Pretty please, if you understood any of that! Thanks!”

Word count: 752

gif is not mine.

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The Pretty Bird (Suicide Squad Imagine)

[[I do have like 4 request to do but I’m a writer and I had this idea I fell in love with and I just felt like writing this and take advantage of the inspiration. Another lil serie like “Who is he?”! so yes, there will be more parts. Oh and I’ll take my time with the requests and I won’t apologise for it lol]]

She never understood the world nor the reason of her existence. She never understood why she was like she was, who had created her or what she had been created for. And sometimes… dark times, she would come to think whoever put her in planet Earth was the Devil, like literally… because putting a Fallen Archangel in a crazy world to live with even crazier humans was just… a curse.

Humans hated her. They were terrified by her just for her physical appearence. They didn’t know her but wouldn’t give her a chance. Whenever they saw her humans just tried everything at their hands to immobilize her and lock her before she could do something.

Thing is, she wasn’t mean. She didn’t want to hurt humans. She didn’t want anything to do with them actually. But they were a special specie… They loved some lil coloured papers and killed their equals for anything and everything, even a lot of them died because of those lifeless papers. Persons could love you one day and hate you the next. She didn’t understand them. They had created a lot of weird big machines and thought a lot of different ways to kill thousands and thousands of themselves but they were more scared of a simple girl with wings… A girl with a similar body actually. Ok maybe one than another magocal power but nothing bad.

Why? She wondered. It didn’t make sense to her. If she lived with similars to her she would be united and loyal to them, like a family. Or at least that’s what she liked to think. But reality was she didn’t know if there existed more like her. More winged “humans”. So apart of feeling threatened she felt lonely. Besides having to live hidding and escaping from those who wanted to hunt her (for many different reasons, one of them being the human ambition) she had to live alone.

Hundreds of years passed in the Earth and she learned how to survive better, how to trick people and get away. Not like she liked being around human specie, most of the time she would be flying around.

She absolutely loved flying. The freedom, the sky, the wind… Sometimes she would follow birds in attemps not to feel so lonely and abandoned. Her wings were everything left for her. She knew nothing from her origins, people hated her or wanted her dead and animals didn’t exactly indulge completely her need of company. So that’s why she flied all she could, mostly hanging in mountains, deserts or above the sea. Always away of troubles. Though, countrysides were her favourite places to fly… specially at night when the sky turned a dark violet and the lil white shining points decorated it giving the most beautiful picture to her eyes.


The night was a litlle fresh. But the sky was so enveloping with all it’s darkness and deep misterious beauty I forgot about the cold chills traveling in my pale skin. The moon was so big and it’s colour between greyish white and yellow made it somehow look even more real, closer. It made you want to touch it. I don’t understand why humans don’t stare at it everynight. They miss so much of the world…

A short breeze moved the long beige wheats from side to side, causing hundreds of fireflies to fly and enlight my surroudings. I closed my eyes as I opened my arms and gave a small jump staying in the air thanks to my big white wings. The fireflies moved around my wings and I felt graced, a smile appearing on my face.

I flied up higher and stared at the capturing sky again. Without realizing I began spinning in circles enjoying myself as lil giggles escaped my lips. Until in one of my twirls I saw something black staring at me. I suddenly stopped, a lil dizzy from all the movements, and a frightened breathe left my body. My eyes wide open I focused on the strange figure standing infront of me. “I can fly too” his voice was thick and rough. “I can show you if you want. You’re not the only one”. I followed him, intrigued. I was too curios. I had seen human’s ways to fly but he didn’t seem like having any of the requirements I knew they needed to. But he wasn’t like me neither. He was disguised as some kind of bat. That’s how he easily convinced me to go to the closest city and at the top of a very high building where he flew, or at least I thought he did. When he came back everything went to hell.

She remembered perfectly the night Batman took her. She had fallen like a dumb animal. So innocent. He had wheedled her and she had trusted him. He had made his way into her mind. What a fool she had been. Now she had been unfairly locked up for four months so far in a hole inside the hell, being vigilated by the Devil’s helpers… dressed with black army suits, helmets and holding machine guns as if she would massacre them. Everything she wanted was to be free again and fly her life away. Heaven how she missed flying, beeing in the air floating as everything else don’t matter. Not to her at least. Worst was they never gave her an explanation to why she was caged.


A black skinned woman walked in the room where she was locked between bars like a bird. Her look was though and intimidated her a little. The woman looked at her and her wings as if examinating her, checking if everything was okay. Like when you look at a new car you’re about to buy but you check if it’s not broken first.

Although she was kinda scared the curiosity and need made her dare to open her mouth.

—Why am I here?

The woman’s eyes traveled from her wings to her greyish eyes, remaining silent for seconds.

—My name is Amanda Waller and I work for the protection of the government of the United States and the nation itself. As you know you are not completely human and that is something in my eyes, makes you devote of being controlled and used for our good. So—the door to the room opened again and the responsible of her capture entered staying beside Waller.

Her grey eyes focused on him and his were waiting for hers already. Amanda turned her head to give him a look and then returned to her position ready to continue the talk.

—We want to know about you. Why don’t you tell us something?

The Brightest Light Before The Dark: The Climb Arrow 3x09 Review


I mean…sweet heaven people. I almost had a heart attack. Sometimes when I watch Arrow, especially on the big episodes, my brain is so shocked by what it just witnessed that it takes awhile for it to sink in. It happened when Tommy died. It happened when Sara died. I feel no emotions at first, almost hollow. I’m more stunned than anything else. And then…it sinks in. And the sorrow, my friends, is intense.

If writing was easy, we’d all do it. There are infinite stories, infinite characters, infinite roads to go down. Some stories are good, some are very bad and some fall in between.

Every now and then you find a great story. A story that touches your heart, captures your imagination and ignites your soul. You fall in love with the characters. Deep, intense, consuming love for these fictional people that connect you to life. It’s rare. Great stories are rare. It’s why it’s so magical when it happens. It’s why we love these characters so intensely when it does.

I love Oliver Queen. He is my favorite character on Arrow. Always has been. I love who he is and who he’s trying to be. I love selfless love stories. They come in many forms but Oliver…Oliver is the embodiment of selfless love. He is selfless love in thought and in action. He’s not perfect. He’s flawed as we all are, but the way Oliver Queen loves is devotion in its purest form. He may not be a perfect man, but Oliver Queen loves perfectly. It’s why he’s a hero.

And tonight…they drove a sword through his heart and shoved him off a mountain top. My beloved, brave, wonderful, kind, loyal, devoted, compassionate, beautiful Oliver Queen.

And why? Because he loves.

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magic in meetings
rated e for eternity is only in perspectives
word count: 2,085
for lorraine bc i promised her proper namjoon lmfao and this is honestly one of my favorite pieces i’ve done so far <3 creds to Cloud Atlas for… well. you’ll see. 

for what else are meetings other than a point at which two lives intersect, once or twine forever, that remains to be seen, but it is meeting and perhaps meeting again that gives those lives that choice, and oh what a choice it is to make—

You meet him in a coffee shop in Berlin, when the air is sharp with the last vestiges of winter still clinging to the sky, spring blooming fervently along the edges of the horizon, along the tips of branches finally free of their winter coats. You meet him with your eyes down, hair up, legs crossed on a chair clearly not meant for crossed legs but that’s never stopped you.

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My Daughter, Kim Novak, and Me: Or, Why I Won't Watch the Walking Dead if Beth and Daryl Hook Up
I started watching the Walking Dead a few seasons in, for many of the same reasons I watch anything…because a lot of other people liked it, and it was streaming on Netflix. Also, being a long time Stephen King fan, I’m interested in any Frank Darabont project.
I’m not overly into zombies (or werewolves or vampires or whatever the next supernatural craze will be) but what I do like and always have, are relationships. People, especially people in extreme situations (like, you know, a zombie apocalypse) have always fascinated me, how they change in order to survive, what keeps them human, the way they relate to others. And that is why I kept watching the Walking Dead, and why it became quite possibly my favorite show ever.
Sadly, it is now a relationship that’s causing me to rethink whether I’ll ever watch it again. 
Specifically, the as yet undefined relationship between Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene. I don’t know if it will become a romantic relationship or not, but if it does, TWD and I are parting ways. 
It would be simple to say that it’s because Daryl (the character) is in his 40’s and Beth (the character) is a teenager. I could leave it at that, and probably should, because God knows how long this will be and where it will go if I really get rambling.
But I won’t, because I feel more explanation is due. I think that, within the context of a real catastrophic event, relationships between teens and older people (both consensual and otherwise) would certainly happen, possibly even more frequently than they do in real life, as society and its rules would be gone.  So in that regard it makes sense, furthermore I don’t, as some do, feel the relationship would make Daryl a pedophile as Beth is clearly NOT a prepubescent child. 
What I do feel is that the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two highlights many things I don’t like about our society (this one, right now, not a supposed post-apocalyptic world.) I know many people are saying “but in the show” and acting as though our societal norms don’t matter, when clearly they do. (As the smallest of examples, if they didn’t, would Rosita be standing there in booty shorts and freshly waxed legs? In the zombie apocalypse? Come now.)
People who want to see the pair become a couple have started saying “well she could be at least 20”  or “well Daryl, the character, might be only in his thirties even if the actor is 45…”  Neither of these things are the case. Beth is at most 18. She was still 17 when Axel asked her how old she was at the prison. (Oh, remember that scene?  When Axel attempted to hit on Beth? That was supposedly creepy, you know, because Axel’s SO OLD.  The thing of it is, he is almost certainly the same age as Daryl.) Furthermore, there is no way Daryl is in his thirties, as his older brother Merle was at least 48. (The actor playing him is 58, and asking us to assume he’s any more than a decade younger is pushing the boundaries of belief.) Daryl tells a story of being lost in the woods as child (clues point to him being around ten at the time) and Merle was away in juvenile detention, meaning there is at most a 7-8 year age difference between brothers.  Sorry, folks, Daryl’s in his 40’s.
My other major issue is the relationship (also as yet undefined) between Daryl and abused housewife turned badass Carol. To say that I want Daryl and Carol to be a couple is like saying that the Grand Canyon is a modestly sized hole in the ground. To use terms fangirls everywhere would recognize: I ship them, baby. I ship ‘em HARD.
When I first started watching the show, I was touched by the growing relationship between the two of them.  I had no idea it was a “controversial” thing, and was confused when I realized that it was because the actors playing the two characters are three and half years apart in age. What’s the big deal, you ask?
It’s because Melissa McBride, playing Carol, is the older one. Not only is she older than Norman Reedus (playing Daryl) she actually dares to LOOK like a woman in her forties, short gray hair and all. (Although frankly, if we’re going to be upset about people with short gray hair being portrayed as the love interest of a younger partner, someone really ought to have a word with George Clooney.)
Carol has become something of a controversial figure as of late. She appears to have (as in admitted it) killed two people suffering from a fatal disease. Now whether she actually did it or it was little Norma Bates…excuse me, Lizzie, remains to be seen, but I’m going to work with the theory that she did, in fact, kill them.
I back Carol on this. I back her down to the ground, and I will explain why.  She is certainly nowhere near the first character on TWD to make a decision like this. Daryl himself came close to burying an ax in Jim’s head in season 1, after Jim was bitten by a walker.  No one suggested Daryl be banished (as was Carol’s fate) or that he’d “gone cold” or “couldn’t be trusted”.  They didn’t let him do it, but they understood why he did: because he was operating with the information he had at the time, which was that Jim would sicken and die and become dangerous to the group. Carol, too, did the same. From what she’d seen, the infected duo would “drown in their own blood”, reanimate, and kill.
Other characters and their questionable actions include Daryl and Rick deciding to turn an innocent woman over to be tortured to death (again, they didn’t, but it was close), Rick not stopping for a hitchhiker and thus sentencing him to death, and Merle attempting to murder Glenn via walker.  

None of the men above were punished for their actions, even Merle, who was allowed to stay at that prison (a choice denied Carol) and was not even kept in a cell; he was free to wander about “looking for a lil crystal meth.”
Now, what do the above characters have in common that Carol doesn’t? That’s right…penises.
I want to quickly say that I’m not what one might term a kneejerk feminist. I do not often think in terms of “the patriarchy” and what it controls or doesn’t, or immediately decry gender stereotyping, or anything of the sort. What I will do, though, is say what is or isn’t fair.
What has happened to the character of Carol is not fair, and to me it is also insidiously sexist. People talk about Carol in terms of being “remorseless”, “cold”, “calculating.”  And don’t we know that women are not supposed to be those things? It’s all very well for Rick or Merle or Daryl or even Shane to make the hard decisions, to make tough calls, to do things that are morally ambiguous at best, and still have people say “well…it’s a different world.”
But Carol, she’s different. She’s a woman, and a matriarchal figure at that. She’s supposed to be warm and nurturing and soft, and when she isn’t, she has clearly gone crazy and must be ousted.
So she was banished, and how Daryl truly feels about that remains to be seen, as the prison fell almost immediately after he found out and everyone in it is now separated and believes the others to be dead. 
Daryl, the wounded redneck turned heartthrob hero, is one of the most interesting characters to grace our television screens in quite awhile. He is arguably the fan favorite, and his romantic life (or lack thereof, so far) has been the subject of intense speculation.
I assumed, as did many, that given the nature of his scenes with Carol, they would eventually be a couple. I was shocked when I realized how vehemently against it some fans were, and that their proposed substitute was Beth, a girl who had had no scenes with Daryl at that point and who I best remember as singing and trying to kill herself. 
I found the reasons disturbing. “We love Daryl, we want him with a hot chick.” (Personally, when I love someone, I want them with a partner who understands and connects with them. Call me crazy.) “Daryl is an awesome guy, he deserves Beth!” (As though Beth, and young women like her, are not people with wants in their own right. They are instead trophies or toys for “deserving” men.)  "Carol is older, the age difference is too much, he should be with Beth!“ (We have established that Daryl and Carol are both in their 40’s. Beth is 17 or 18. It’s called math, people, you might have heard of it.)
One issue that complicates everything is that the actress playing Beth (Emily Kinney) is 28.  There have been scenes between Beth and Daryl now that could possibly be considered romantic (hand holding, etc) that I don’t think would have happened if an actress actually in her late teens had been cast instead. It’s entirely possible that the writers are doing it to stir up more or the Beth vs Carol sentiment for ratings, and again, I think if the actress were younger this would not be happening.
People have discussed Carl (who must be around 14) as a possible romantic partner for Beth. Norman Reedus has expressed incredulity at this, saying "they’re not the same age.”  No, they aren’t, but the case should be made that they are one hell of a lot closer in age than Daryl and Beth, a pairing Norman goes on to say “would be be cool." 
I like Norman Reedus, what I know of him. I think he seems like a genuinely sweet, albeit oblivious guy. Do I think he’d be touting a Daryl/Beth relationship as "cool” with an actual seventeen year old actress? Maybe, but I doubt it, and if he felt that way I doubt the powers that be would allow him to express it. 
I get that 14 and 18 is a big gap given the different stages one is at during those ages, and I personally shudder at the thought of Carl and Beth being a couple because, again, in the back of my mind I know Emily Kinney is almost 30, whereas Carl is played by an actual teenage boy.
I feel that in this respect, the show wants to have its cake and eat it too. They want us to believe that Emily Kinney as Beth is a teenager, yet they put the character in situations they would not if she actually were. 
The people who want Beth and Daryl as a couple sigh at the stereotypical nature of it all. Beth is blonde and bubbly and hopeful and pretty and very, very young.  Everything a princess in a fairytale ought to be, really.  And Daryl? Well, in a zombie apocalypse, a crossbow-toting redneck who’s easy on the eyes is as close to a Prince Charming as you’re going to find.
This is another reason it bothers me. This message. Sure, you can get the hero, girls. You can get the heartthrob, you can get the Prince Charming. Sure you can. All you have to do is be pretty. Be pretty and young and sweet, and most of all, need him to protect you. 
Because this is one instance where Carol falls short. She no longer needs Daryl’s protection. She didn’t look to him or any man when she made her decision (rightly or wrongly) to kill Karen and David.  She was a woman locked in a cocoon her entire “before” life, by her abusive husband and the life she led with him. It took the zombie apocalypse and the tragic death of her daughter to release her, but once it did she spread her wings and flew. She is strong, now. She knows exactly who she is and what she’s working with. She was the one with a workable plan to get rid of the Governor (and if Andrea had listened, Milton, Merle, Hershel, and Andrea herself in addition to countless others would still be alive).  She knew to (in a sadly deleted scene) threaten Merle with death while he slept, because she is smart enough to know that she could never take him any other way. For that matter, she knew to whip a grenade out of her purse at the CDC, thus insuring everyone’s survival.
She is a woman who will survive, and will protect the people she loves with everything she has. She is fiercely loyal, still good humored despite it all, and stronger than anyone could have imagined.
In other words, Daryl should be so lucky. 
But of course, she has short gray hair. How could I have forgotten?
This has thrown a lot of issues into the light for me. I wish it hadn’t, it makes me more upset and angry than I thought a TV show could. And maybe the Powers That Be like that. Maybe if they do romantically connect Daryl and Beth, and lose viewers, they’ll spout a lot of stuff about “controversy” and “going there” and “we lost some viewers over it, but creatively…” Blah, blah, blah. 
If they become a couple, I will no longer watch, plain and simple. It isn’t because I want Caryl together so much (I wouldn’t stop watching if Daryl never hooked up with anyone, or hooked up with Michonne, or even long shot Rick ;) ) but because I will not and can’t get behind something celebrating a romantic relationship between a man in his forties and a teenager.  When this is preferred over another coupling merely because the woman involved is a smidge older than we’re used to seeing our romantic heroines be, it indicates a problem.
And have a problem we do, as a society. One only needs to look at the recent Academy Awards broadcast to see that. Kim Novak appeared, age 81, to present an award. Social media immediately blew up, decrying her “terrible” plastic surgery, making puns and jokes and downright jabs at her expense. 
The next day a television host (who really should to look into glass houses and what happens to them when ones throws stones) said that Kim Novak “ought to have stayed home, so we could remember her the way she was.”
The way she was, which was young. Which was beautiful. Beautiful she was, very much so. After all she did everything right, didn’t she? She changed her name and her teeth and her hair and stayed very, very slim. She did everything society (and her abusive manager) told her to do. If it were a game, she certainly played by the rules. But there were no winners, because she couldn’t stay that way. She couldn’t stay young and lovely and fresh faced, so she did was almost all aging starlets do…got surgery. 
Honestly, do I blame her? No. I have never had to depend on my looks, personally. They are mostly “ish” looks…tall-ish, occasionaly slim-ish, blonde-ish. Just your average 31 year old mom with needs-to-be-touched-up hair in a ponytail, still wearing yesterday’s yoga pants. Quite frankly, I never had any real looks to lose.  But even still, even ordinary me looks in the mirror sometimes at the faint lines etching themselves into my forehead and thinks “hmm…Botox?”  If I’d depended on, banked on my looks, been a raving beauty like Kim Novak, I can say with certainty that surgery would probably have been the least of it. We’re talking voodoo sacrifices here, people! :)
What does this long, rambling detour have to do with the romantic relationships on the Walking Dead? Nothing, maybe. Or then again, maybe everything. I couldn’t really tell you; it’s quite late here and I’m tired and upset.
What I can tell you is this. Before (as in, about a year ago) things like this were a mild inconvenience. By “things like this” I mean sexism. I mean double standards. I mean things like graph after graph pointing out the age differences between actors and their romantic leads in Hollywood (hint: if you could have fathered the woman and not been on any “Teen Dad” reality shows for it, don’t. Just don’t.) I mean things like study after study telling us that women would trade IQ points for beauty, would rather die than be fat.
Before, I realized these things, and they were a small irritation, like a mosquito in a dark room. But now I have a reason to be more than irritated. I have a reason to be furious.
The reason is nine months old. As I write this, the reason is upstairs sleeping in footed fleece pajamas with pink and gray pigs on them, as lullabyes play from a stuffed turtle on a shelf.
The reason is my daughter, Maggie. And let me tell you, what I begrudgingly put up with all my life when it was just me, I will move heaven and earth to prevent from touching her.
She knows nothing about her body, other than that she can use it to get places. She knows nothing about her face, other than that she likes to smoosh it against mine. She certainly has no idea that when she grows up, being kind and smart and brave will be all well and good, but for many people, the most important thing she can be is pretty. The Walking Dead is just a TV show. I get that. I understand that. But it, and the possible relationship between Beth and Daryl (and the dislike for a possible relationship between Carol and Daryl) is for me a glaring example of wider issues in our society, that are harmful to women everywhere. Women like me. Like my baby daughter will someday be.
So, no, I won’t be watching if Beth and Daryl end up romantically involved. I’ll miss it, and I’ll probably be sad about it. But most of all I’ll be sad that the Powers the Be had a chance to not buy into the stereotypical nonsense, and they didn’t take it.

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Curious.. what do you think of the argument about CS promoting rape culture that says it's not about Killian's character & that they dont see him as a rapist but Emma's character being written as a woman who says no but her body language and stuff clearly says otherwise perpetuates the stereotype that women lie about what they want and thats how CS promotes rape culture? Not trying to start an argument, just wondering

If you don’t care about the why of things, haha, here’s your answer: the argument is absolute bullshit based in fantasy and not canon.

The reason why it’s bullshit: Emma was a person who was very wary of romantic relationships because of her past, and yet…she was still in a serious one with Walsh during the missing year. Why is that important? Because it tells us that Emma wants a romantic partner, even though much of the time she’s closed off to others. She wouldn’t have dated Walsh for 8 months if she wasn’t interested in the idea of a romantic partner. She was heartbroken when she found out it was a lie. She was interested in the life that he had to offer her - a life as a family with her and Henry, a life with him as a partner - which shows the viewer that Emma Swan is interested in a romantic partner, regardless of how closed off she is. She’s closed off because she’s scared to get hurt, not because she doesn’t want to find love.

So how is a woman who is scared to get hurt a woman perpetuating the idea that women don’t know what they want and they need a man to show them, or that women lie about what they want? Hint: IT’S NOT. Nobody EVER jumps on someone the minute they meet them and says, ‘hey I’m interested in you and would like to file you under potential romantic partner if that’s okay with you, so let’s just start up a relationship right now.’ NOBODY. What people are doing by calling Emma getting to know Killian, forming a friendship with him, and building a mutual sense of trust with him ‘lying about what she wants’ is absolutely straight up insulting her as a character, not to mention horrifically misunderstanding the reason why she’s a cautious, guarded person. It has nothing to do with the fact that she’s in any way lying about what she wants.

People get to know other people before they date them, and are sometimes friends with them FOR YEARS before they date. Just because you don’t know the moment you meet someone that you want them as a romantic partner doesn’t mean you are perpetuating an idea that you’re LYING about what you WANT. People meet and become friends and sometimes things change between them. That’s human interaction. Emma UNDERSTOOD Hook when she met him, but didn’t KNOW him. People suggesting that Emma fits into the perpetuation of the idea that women ‘lie’ about what they want make it seem like it’s unreasonable that she got to KNOW him first, especially since she doesn’t trust others easily, and that’s just straight up bullshit. 

Finally, this is all based on the idea that Emma “says no” to Killian. Find me a canon instance in which she has all her memories that she says “I do not want you.” THERE ISN’T ONE. In 3x05, she had EVERY CHOICE to laugh in his fucking face, tell him she’d never ever kiss him because she hates him, and walk away. Instead, SHE grabs HIM and kisses the SHIT OUT OF HIM. In 3x07 when she tells both him and Neal to back off, she’s saying that now isn’t the time to talk about this. Her son is in danger and that’s the priority. Hook backs off. In 3x10 he TELLS Neal he’s backing off. In 3x11 she does the OPPOSITE of saying no to him. She is GLAD he will think of her. In 3x12, despite him making references to the fact that he has feelings for her (“Perhaps there’s a man you love in a life you’ve lost”), he doesn’t say ANYTHING about it once her memories return, and neither does she. In 3x14 when they talk, he tells her she WILL be able to love again. Their conversation in that ep isn’t even ABOUT their relationship. Emma doesn’t say anything - she closes herself off and stays focused on the mission, just like she always has. Hook flirts with her in 3x17, and again she rebuffs because now isn’t the time. She needs him to help her watch Henry. In 3x18 she’s smiling and giggling in his presence and CONCERNED about why he’s not his usual flirty annoying self. SHE MISSED THE FLIRTY ANNOYINGNESS. Their relationship doesn’t come up again until Hook says it must run in the family for people to take a long time to accept their feelings, which, oh, happened after THIS:

You think he MAYBE figured out there was something there for her because of the fact that she LEANS INTO HIM, LEADING WITH HER LIPS AND LOOKING AT HIS? Or that he realized she really DOES care about him in some capacity because she gave up her magic to keep him alive? The fact is, Emma has NEVER said no to Hook because that isn’t how she’s ever felt. She has tried to hedge, as Adam and Eddy have said - but she does it because she’s scared to be hurt (and at the beginning because she doesn’t know him yet and she still needs the Neal closure). Adam and Eddy have said that Emma’s a tough nut to crack romantically. She builds up her walls out of fear, not out of not wanting a romantic partner. 

Oh, and they need to stop trying with the “not saying no doesn’t mean she said yes” shit, too, because YEAH. NO SHIT SHE DIDN’T SAY YES KILLIAN LET’S DATE AND MAKE OUT. But he NEVER ASKED HER. He was there as a support system and a friend for her, and NEVER TRIED to make it more. He NEVER tried to get her to do ANYTHING. He had feelings for her, and the viewer saw them, but he didn’t act on them.

I’ve seen a lot of things that are insulting to Emma’s character, so this doesn’t surprise me, but like I said, it’s based in utter fiction. Emma kissed Hook in 3x05, gave him romantic hope in 3x11, MADE a conversation that WASN’T about their relationship in 3x20 TO BE about their relationship, gave up her magic to revive him, and told him she cared about him (and her entire family, but the way it was written was MEANT to point the viewer to the fact that she’s talking about him, too) in 3x21. All evidence points to the fact that Emma cares about him and is interested in him from 3x05 forward.

She’s not saying no and she never has. The entire argument is based on fantasy and not canon, which makes it moot to begin with. There is nothing problematic about slowly getting to know someone, being afraid to let them in, and then doing so and realizing it’s worth it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a better man to be worthy of a great woman, or with wanting to be with her and having hope that she’ll choose you. He never forced himself on her and in 3B didn’t even ever bring up their relationship AT ALL (until the aforementioned conversation in 3x21). All he’s ever done is love her and try to keep her and her family safe. All she’s ever done is be afraid because of her experiences, and then overcome that fear because she realizes how deeply he truly does care through his ACTIONS rather than his words. Some people are never able to overcome that fear AT ALL. 

It’s a story of two people who came from equally hopeless and lonely places and found happiness and strength in one another. Anyone trying to say it perpetuates anything other than belief in love is twisting the canon, trying to find a reason to hate it other than that they’re bitter their ship isn’t happening, and worst of all, doesn’t truly care about the real issue they’re trying to preach for because they’re trivializing it by clinging to it as an excuse to hate a ship.

Captain Swan Secret Santa

Merry Christmas to @tehgreeneyes !!! I’m sorry this is late. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and that you enjoy this little story I cooked up! I generally do Christmas themed stories, but for some reason, my muse insisted this take place at Emma’s birthday ball, so without further ado:

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Title: Happiest Birthday

Rating: G

Summary: A frustrated Emma escapes her own party, and is immediately retrieved by her bodyguard…who just so happens to be the man she’s madly in love with.

Words: 3749

A special thank you to @ilovemesomekillianjones for being my beta!

“There you are, princess.” Lieutenant Killian Jones sat next to her on the forest ground, and flashed her a grin, “Your mother is going to lose her mind when she sees your dress.”

Emma sighed. Of course he’d found her, he always found her. (Not that she went far. She was still on the grounds, just in the far corner of the garden that served as her own personal forest, with plenty of places to hide.) “If I wanted company, I would have told you where I was going.”

“I think I’d like to keep my head on my shoulders,” he chuckled, “I’d wager your father would have me executed without a second thought, should he ever find me clueless when it comes to your whereabouts.”

“My father adores you,” she reminded him, “and your brother. I’m sure you could have made up some excuse until I was ready to return, and your head would be just fine.”

It was unusual for someone as young as Killian to be tasked to protect the princess. He was only a couple years older than she, and lacked the years of experience most guardianships required. But for some reason, one he’d never quite understand, the King trusted him with his daughter. His baby. The person he loved more than anything in all the realms.

To say it was a nerve wracking position was an understatement.

Killian couldn’t blame the King for leaving out how difficult his daughter could be. He didn’t have to even say it, because Killian already knew. Princess Emma had quite the reputation for being rebellious. Nothing that could be considered scandalous, but he had heard whispers over the years from plenty of the palace staff that they were at their wits end with her. Not that they’d tell the King and Queen, but when King David first brought up the job offer, Killian could see that the man was just as frustrated as his staff.

Liam laughed when Killian told him what happened. He worked much closer to the King and Queen than Killian ever had, so Liam had met Emma plenty of times, while Killian, only a handful. When his laughter finally died down, his tone became serious. “Don’t let her out of your sight.” He made a slicing motion with his finger across his neck, just to really drive the point home.

So, naturally, after a pep-talk like that, Killian had been terrified, but after he met Emma…truly met her…he realized she was not the terror people claimed she could be.

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